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A Drop of Dew

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The mighty Chaos walked slowly along the gravel path. In his wake the morning dew settled on the grass.

Chaos was benevolent. He knew of people who worshipped him, called him a "god". He did not know what that was, despite all his wisdom, but accepted the title graciously from those who would be called his "followers". They sang praise about him and left gifts, and in return he'd bless them with abundance's of water or a good harvest. His lovely children, the Chao, had scattered upon the world, and his "followers" would take great care upon meeting each one. As water changes shape to fit it's container, so too would the Chao change depending who they met or saw.

Chaos was content.

As he glided through trees and let soft rain fall where it may, he noticed a small village. Chaos disliked being seen in public, as the "followers" liked to show loud adoration. He appreciated their sentiment, but they never seemed to understand what "quiet" meant. So he took to the shadows, watching them go about their daily lives like a guardian angel. He watched the small ones play, running in circles and singing rhymes that had his name in it.

Chaos knew of the "small ones". They were young, underdeveloped peoples, who slowly evolved into the "taller ones" he was more knowledgeable about. It was much like a Chao, really.

However, he spotted a tall one carrying the smallest one he had ever seen. Carefully and quietly, he dashed through puddles to get a closer look. She was holding the child so gently, as though it was made of porcelain and might break at the slightest touch. It wiggled, it's eyes not open, and quietly let out a yawn.

Chaos' heart was filled with joy upon seeing this. What an adorable little small one. He wondered if any of the other small ones started out so tiny. Oh, how sweet.

The caretaker sang soft songs to the smallest one. Their evolution seemed so stunted. At first, Chaos became worried. But it was at the next moment Chaos realized that this "smallest one" was completely fine. He could feel their heart beating, the blood pulsing through their veins, their little chest rising up and down as they took breaths. Chaos energy flowed through them, as powerful and bright as any other living creature. As time passed, Chaos learned there were many more "smallest ones", and every small one had been a smallest one at some point in their life.

And so, it was one day that two hedgehogs had their litter. There were four of them. One, a small cocoa brown hoglet, laid shivering and whimpering. His breathing was trembling, and his body stunted. Disgusted by his frail appearance in comparison with his siblings, they laid him on the grass several miles away from their home, hoping nature may claim him and free him from what would "surely be a hellish life".

In a way, they were right.

Just a few yards away laid a lake. Several Chao were frolicking, and one stopped suddenly when they hear a small whimper. The group of Chao flew over the bushes and found the little babe in the leaves, crying out softly for his mother. The Chao stayed with the child, wondering if his mother would be able to find him, before they realized solemnly that he had not been lost; but rather abandoned.

Thus, the Chao called for their maker, the great Chaos, and the being formed out of the little lake. He strode over, steps heavy in the dirt, and sighted the "smallest one".

Where is it's caretaker? The water god asked.

No parent. The Chao replied. Alone. Left behind. On purpose.

For the first time in centuries, Chaos wanted to roar, scream, set a thunderstorm upon those who would dare leave such an innocent being to fend for itself, but wavered when he heard the cries of the baby. Extending his hands, Chaos wrapped them around the child, letting a warm flow into his water so the babe would not freeze in his hold.

Chaos held the babe gently, it's small frame relaxing in his grip. He watched it wiggle silently for a few minutes, and hugged the child to his chest. Being a being of chaos, he could easily hold the little creature without soaking them.

In a flash, Chaos was at his mountain temple, carrying the child with him. Chao gathered around their maker, chittering at the mysterious visitor.

Years ago, an ancient race had constructed this temple for him, and laid down the purified gems of chaos energy to rest as well. Chaos had made this place his home, watching over the world with the miracle gems glittering beside him. Now, however, he would be joined by a smallest one.

Chaos pressed his face to the child, an act he had learned was called a "kiss". In a flash of power, the young hedgehog's injuries were healed. He sat up a little taller, his fur a shining blue as azure as the ocean itself. Blearily, he opened his eyes, revealing a bright emerald green. How perfect he was.

There were still a few things that needed work. His ears, for example, were small and folded against his head. His gaze was unfocused, and his face had begun to cry. Chaos would help him evolve in time. For now, he just needed to keep him alive.

A small strain of chaos energy began to flow from Chaos' chest into his little babe's heart. The child calmed down, opened and closing his fists with a sense of rhythm. Chaos recognized this as the child being alright and happy.

Chaos was, once more, content.