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[Art] Dulce and Ronnie: One Month In

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Photo Collage on a white digital paper background with 3D paper flowers titled One Month. There are five pictures overlaid. One Picture is LEGO Ronnie and LEGO Dulce in the florist's shop, titled First Meeting. Ronnie is standing on one side of the florist table, Dulce is on the other. She is wearing glasses and is holding a piece of paper. There is a picture of LEGO Ronnie and LEGO Dulce and Dulce is holding a green cup of ice cream, titled ice cream. There is a picture of LEGO Patrick with LEGO Dulce. Patrick is holding out a pickle to Dulce over a table. Ronnie is in the background frowning. There is a picture of LEGO Twyla standing on the table, in one hand she holds a watermellon, in the other she holds the Hackathon trophy, a jar on a piece of wood, titled Twyla wins the Hackathon. There is a picture of Dulce and Ronnie. Ronnie is holding a book with a bookmark sticking out. This picture is labeled Poem for My Love.