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The night was warm, warmer than what Keigo was used to despite working with Endeavor frequently.

The pro hero sat in his apartment, only some thin basketball shorts covering his legs while he let the rest of his body breathe after working a long day. He sat on his sofa with his legs up on the center table and crossed at the ankles, his phone in hand as he scrolled through HN, curious as to if anyone had any information on the League. His wings fluttered next to him every few moments, a soft breeze from the open window next to him causing them to react absentmindedly.

It wasn't long before the blonde set his phone aside and sighed, tired but not to the point where it was unavoidable; knowing if he went now, he'd end up lying awake for the next coming hour or so. With that, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, listening to the breeze that would pick up here and there, causing a soft whistle to filter through when it did.

A quiet rustle from a bit further away grabbed his attention, and Keigo found himself staring at his door - knowing very well it could've been the wind, but thought better of it and kept his ears sensitive anyway.

Only a few seconds passed before two weak knocks filtered through, causing him to quickly stand and his wings to lay around his sides on instinct. He waited for a few moments, seeing if he could hear anything unusual, but as another soft breeze swept through his open window, all he got was a faint whiff of blood.

His feet moved before his mind could fully process everything, his hero instinct kicking into gear as he quickly reached for the handle. Once he swung the door open, it was like he was frozen, shock taking control of his thought process.

His cloak was torn at his chest, the edges closely related to being burnt. His arm guards were gone, small holes filtering over the sleeves. A small trail of blood slipped down his right arm from his shoulder, ending at his fingertips as it dripped onto the concrete. About four or five rips littered his gray T-shirt from what the blonde could see, an additional on his right side covered by his left hand, a blood stain about two inches wide surrounding his hand while some slowly seeped between his fingers and dripped onto the floor as well. Finally building the strength to look up, blue eyes meet golden-brown, and Keigo couldn't help but notice the three staples missing beneath his left eye, a small trail of blood slipping from there as well, but quickly ending as Dabi licked his lips.

"I-I didn't know where else to go." The weakness of his voice snapped the winged hero out of his trance just in time to catch the taller male as he fell unconscious.

Keigo was quick to bring Dabi inside, shutting the door with his foot before slipping the raven-haired man from his cloak and T-shirt and laying him on the sofa with a throw underneath his wounds. He paid no mind to the stains that was bound to make, figuring he could just buy another if need be. He swiftly went to his bathroom and grabbed the towels he had, dampening some of the smaller cloths before grabbing his first-aid kit as well. It only took him a couple moments before returning to Dabi, setting everything on the center table.

First he grabs one of the damp cloths and gently lifts the taller male up at the shoulders, resting the cloth on the cut just above his shoulder blade before laying him back down, figuring his own body weight will be enough to slow the bleeding for the time being. With that, he grabs a larger towel and presses it against the wound on his side, his main goal to slow the bleeding before he goes and properly cleans it. With one hand there, he uses his free hand to grab another damp cloth and clean the area around the wound, softly wiping off the dry blood and dirt sticking to his skin. He does the same with his arm, cleaning the trail of blood that once flowed from his shoulder. Time goes by quickly as he does that, five minutes ticking by like two. Once he finishes, he sets that towel on the ground next to him before gently pulling the larger towel away from the villain's side, only to see a small stain rather than large like he thought. With that, the blonde fully sits next to the couch to get a better angle, crossing his legs as he opens his first-aid kit. He rips a bandage packet with his teeth and left hand, using his right to open the bottle of alcohol. He pours only a light amount onto the bandage, not wanting the sting to wake up Dabi in any sense. Setting the bottle down, Keigo sets his free hand on the taller's stomach to keep pressure if he does wake up; but before he lays the bandage on, he inspects the wound a bit more now that he can, noticing how about a third of the cut is sealed by a thick burn mark.

"Must've burned himself to stop the bleeding." His thoughts form into words spoken aloud, and he sighs softly before gently dabbing the bandage over the open areas, the raven-haired man not reacting in the slightest as the blonde cleans the wound over. Opening a new bandage with his teeth again, he replaces the old with the new before grabbing the roll of gauze.

Quickly standing, the winged hero gently lifts Dabi up by his shoulders again before sitting behind him, happy to see the bleeding on his shoulder has stopped as he stretches his leg out beside him, pulling Dabi's body to his so he can wrap the gauze around his torso without any trouble.

His wings wrap around the taller male's body instinctively, wanting to keep him warm with the now cooler breeze slipping through the forgotten window.

He finishes the wrap relatively quickly, keeping the gauze sealed with two strips of gauze tape. He does the same process with the smaller wound on his shoulder, cleaning it with an alcohol dampened cloth before wrapping it with a bandage and gauze - keeping it sealed with tape.

The blonde tilts himself a little bit to the side so he can see Dabi's face more clearly and grabs the last damp cloth he has before gently wiping away at the thin trail of blood that fell from his purple scar, paying closer mind to how gently he pressed or wiped. The bleeding stopped long ago while he was dressing the other wounds, so, knowing the villain well enough, Keigo only grabbed a bandaid and stuck it across the opening of his scar. He knew the raven-haired man would want to add the staples on himself, so he didn't want to mess up his aesthetic so to speak; but he knew the pink pattern on the bandaid would piss him off well enough.

He couldn't help but chuckle to himself thinking of his reaction before reaching down to his side and grabbing the damp towel he set on the floor earlier. He uses it to clean the taller's blood stained hand, gently getting between his fingers and the crevices in his knuckles.

Once he finishes, the winged hero finds himself running his fingers across Dabi's palm, his wings fluttering with the soft breeze, the position they're in way too comfortable to be legal. With that, he sighs and stands, gently picking the villain up with him - careful to not hurt the wound on his shoulder. The winged hero carries him to his own room and gently lays him on his bed, letting out another soft chuckle at the pink bandaid before he slips Dabi's combat boots off and sets them to the side of the bed. Remembering his clothes were torn, the blonde opens his closet for a moment, pulling out a gray T-shirt and a black leather jacket that seemed to fit the villain over anything else in his closet before hanging them on the door handle where he can see.

Leaving his room to Dabi, he closes the door behind him quietly before going back to his main room and starts cleaning everything up. Collecting the trash together, he notices a couple blood stains on his own body, so he grabs one of the gently used damp towels and wipes those off quickly, too lazy to take another shower at this point before gathering all the towels and the blood stained throw and tossing them into the washing machine. Grabbing the villain's clothes as well, he tosses his cloak in as well before throwing his gray T-shirt away with the trash, figuring it'd rip more if he tried to wash it.

He finishes everything rather quickly, putting everything back in their rightful place and folding Dabi's cloak and setting it on the nightstand once it's dried. He even sets a glass of water and a painkiller next to it, figuring he might be in pain once he wakes up.

Keigo plops back onto his sofa with a sigh, sleep flowing through his brain like a flood. Before he fell asleep, though, he couldn't help but think about the fact that Dabi knew exactly where he lived, yet never used it against the pro hero once.


Dabi woke to a room unfamiliar to him, but the reasoning he was there came to him almost instantaneously. He sat up slowly, the wound on his side keeping him from moving quickly like he wanted to. He looked down, inspecting his bandages before he looked more to his right. His cloak lay folded on the nightstand next to him along with a glass of water and a small white pill. He took the pill without a second thought, knowing the hero he was currently with wouldn't give him anything but a painkiller. He drinks the whole glass of water with it before slowly standing, spotting his boots resting at the side of the bed before carefully slipping them on.

He stands rather quickly, his legs easier to move than the rest of his body, and turns to leave before noticing the clothes hanging on the door handle. He grabs them gently and inspects them momentarily before deciding to slip them on, knowing its better than walking out without anything whether he liked it or not.

Dressing with mainly one hand was something he'd have to get used to, finally finishing after a few minutes that seemed longer than necessary.

Sighing softly, he finally opens the door and walks out of the room, cloak in hand as he almost immediately spots the bright red wings that lay on the sofa around the corner.

Keigo wakes to the sound of boots softly walking across the floor next to him, and his eyes open just as Dabi walks past him, his wings fluttering as he opens the door to the early morning breeze. The suns' rays were barely peaking over the mountains, the sky a light lavender as the raven-haired man glances back over his shoulder, noticing the blonde sit up slightly from his previously resting position.

"Don't expect a 'thank you' cause I'm not giving you one." His tone was softer than normal, no actual bite to his words, and Keigo couldn't help but smile as Dabi shut the door behind him.

"I know."