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The Virgin

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Apparently and according to a certain someone, Team Confidence needed to take a vacation, something away from the chaos and stress of conning, somewhere tropical and relaxing. Which was why they were on this island (in all the chaos he hadn’t even noticed that it was his island, the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind) an island that Laurent has purchased using the money they conned from that asshole hotel owner in Russia.

On one hand, Makoto was glad the money was being spent on such a ridiculous whim, because the guy who previously ‘earned’ this money was a living piece of garbage so it stands to reason that his stolen money would be used so carelessly by the same people that ruined his life, it was petty and childish and, in Makoto’s opinion, The best way they could have wasted such great amounts of money that that Russian asshole earned by being well... an asshole, was on Laurent’s childish whims. 

And oh boy was Makoto not ready for the harsh weather over in Russia, but it had been worth it in the end, one less scumbag with way too much power and influence.

Good riddance.

He hopes that guy has fun rotting in jail. Makoto doubts that he would be treated as nicely as he was during his previous imprisonments.

Because as much as he loathes what had happened to him in jail, as much as it, to this day, left him with scars that he cannot even begin to heal from (especially when he went back there for a second time) Makoto knows it could have been much much worse and a part of him (a very small part of him) is thankful it hadn’t gone that far.

Why couldn’t Laurent just donate that blood money to charities like Makoto does. Or maybe take a page out of Cynthia’s books and make a homeless shelter or something. Hell, he could even spend the money on himself like Abby’s doing and finish school. But no, why would the asshole ever do anything decent?

But on the other hand, well, Laurent spent the money they worked so damn hard to scam and just spent it all on a whim, and because of that, he was giving him and the team a ‘much needed vacation’.

Makoto doesn’t buy it. Not when the con man said those words in such a condescending manner whilst making eye contact with him, as if to say ‘what’re you gonna do about it?’. 

Makoto wasn’t an idiot, he knows that the team must have noticed something off with him. Which was probably why they weren’t leaving him alone. 

So of course, he tried to escape.

Emphasis on the word tried. 

There was no better way to put it. Makoto really 

“...Really suck at this.” Finishes the girl from above.


It looks like attempt number IlostCount#8 was indeed yet another failure. He continues to stare up at Abby, this time not even minding the fact that he was drenched from head to toe in sea water, nor did he mind the sand that was undoubtedly sticking to his hair right at this very moment.

“You really should call it quits, I’m getting tired of tracking down your ass. You know that Laurent’s not gonna let you leave.” 

And yeah. She was right of course.

He really should give up but. Well, he can’t very well give Laurent the satisfaction now can he?

Because honestly? “Fuck Laurent.” 

Abigail snorts but doesn't disagree. “Yeah. Fuck Laurent.” 

“Well now, that’s not very nice.” Ah. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. 

What does he want now?