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The Virgin

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Makoto Edamura was born to a happy family of three.

He had a dependable father that worked as a lawyer and a loving mother that looked after him. 

The early years of his life were happy and looking back on those memories, Makoto believes it’s probably the happiest he’ll ever be.

His father was someone he’d idolized so much, someone he wanted to be like one day. Well, he certainly got his wish, he’s more like his father than ever before.

Sure, he may not be selling minors to child predators. But a criminal was a criminal no matter how you look at it.

And well, he unknowingly turned out to be just like his father in the end regardless of what he did. All because Laurent had to drag him into it, of course. And all of that happened because his father dragged Laurent into it also. It was a vicious cycle that Makoto was now being forced to take a part in.

His mother, whom he had loved so much and still does, to this day. Was the only thing keeping him from truly giving up, because she had so much faith in him, her son, she wanted him to live as a good person, and so Makoto tries.

He knew that once a criminal always one. There was no escape from this con artist life he built up. But working alongside Laurent showed Makoto that even people like him, could make someone smile at the end of the day.

And for that, Makoto Edamura was glad. No matter how much he whines and drags his feet, deep down, he was truly glad to have met Laurent Theirry that day. Something he was determined to never reveal to the man, god knows his ego was large enough as it was.



His life had become a series of Befores and Afters. 

Before his father. After his father.

Before prison. After prison. 

Before Laurent. After Laurent.

And most recently, before Oz. After Oz.

All were significant point in the timeline that was Makoto Edamura’s life. 

It was like reading a book, flipping through its pages, and those were bookmarks. Before and After.

thats all his life boiled down to in the end. All of it’s defining moments, merely became another bookmark. 

Before and After.



Makoto Edamura was not a virgin, he wasn’t one for all the wrong reasons. He doesn’t know if he should tell anyone about this, if anything to get the jokes to stop. He opts to keep it a secret, one of the very few secrets he should have living amongst people like Laurent Theirry. 

But there were some moments, close calls. When Makoto would be on the brink of snapping at Abby for her jokes, yell at Cynthia for anything remotely sexual that would come out of her mouth and punch Laurent’s perfect teeth in when he would so much as look Makoto. 

He keeps quiet about it.

But he knows, his well kept secret won’t remain that way. His mask will begin to crack, signs will begin to show. Here and there, and Laurent Theirry will undoubtably take notice, piece things together and reach a conclusion.

Makoto only hopes that once that day comes, he won’t be confronted with it. 

He has long since learned that nothing ever goes to plan when dealing with a man named Laurent Theirry.