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Just Look, Don't Love

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Sometimes Mark dislikes his job. Today is such a day. Grumbling, he replies to the mail he received a few minutes ago and makes a call to see if he can’t resolve the issue without leaving his office. Leaving usually means he has to see some of the heroes he works with and he generally can’t stand them much.

But as it’s wont to happen, the call goes to voicemail after ringing a few times. One of those days, Mark will chug his phone against the wall, bin his laptop and resign without hesitation. Today is not such a day. So, he grabs his keys, opens the door, and makes excuses to leave the building without holding long conversations.

Mark’s job description is simple: oversee foreign heroes and make sure they are integrated without any discrimination. Since Mark is quick to report any discriminations against himself, his superiors know him to be very vocal. That’s also why most of the heroes can’t stand him: he exposes them for being conceited little shits.

But Katsuki Bakugou is not someone Mark had marked down as problematic yet. The man is refreshingly sincere in his abrasiveness and Mark enjoys honesty way more than the pretty little lies he faces every day.

He is quirkless, not stupid. He knows when someone looks down on him and makes it a point to write complaints to his superiors if they should let their views get in the way of their work. Using regulations to shit on heroes is his favourite pastime.

As Mark walks up the steps to Katsuki’s apartment, he frowns and wonders exactly why Katsuki didn’t appear to a meeting he had at 6am, when he’s never been late to anything else. He might be a little worried as well but that’s because Mark has only a handful of favourites and he would rather lose none, even if Katsuki is going to leave the state by the end of this week.

So, he doesn’t even hesitate to unlock Katsuki’s door and walk in as if he owns the apartment – which he does but that’s another matter altogether. But even as he enters, Katsuki’s name already halfway spoken, he halts with a shiver running down his spine.

He knows hostility when he feels it and right now, glaring at him from the arms of a sleeping Katsuki Bakugou, is a green haired boy who looks ready to kill him with two fingers. Mark loves shitting on heroes but he’s not suicidal, so he halts, holds his hands up and gives whoever it is a glare.

“If a flick of your fingers could kill me, I advise you against it. The paperwork would be horrible to deal with. For you, not for me, mind. I would be dead.”

The glare shifts to a frown and slowly entangling himself from Katsuki on the couch, the boy gets up and proves to be more man than a teen. Mark’s eyes only drop to his bare thighs for a second before his eyes flick back to the frown on his face.

“Who are you?” Katsuki’s companion asks in only a T-shit and a pair of boxers. The sight would be adorable if he wouldn’t threaten Mark.

Being rather pissed off and very much attracted to the man, Mark raises his voice and says, “Katsuki Bakugou, get the fuck up and hold your ma- “

A rush of air halts his words as it shoots past him before it collides with the wall in the hallway behind Mark.

“Shut up,” green hisses and Mark swallows hard.

His left ear sings because of the air pressure that barely missed him. “Fuck,” he whispers and takes a step back. “Fuck, that’s hot and all but care not to kill me.”

Before the man can say anything though, Katsuki smacks him on the head and pulls his hands down. “What the hell are you doing, Deku?”

“That’s something I would like to know as well,” Mark says, deeming it save enough to take his hands down and glare at Katsuki. “You had a meeting at six. It’s nine. What the fuck were you doing?”

“He came in shouting,” apparently Deku says with a pout, a hand on his head and sheepishly scratching his cheek. “I don’t know who he is, and I didn’t want him to wake you. You barely slept last night, and you already looked half dead when you picked me up from the airport. You need the rest!”

Totally ignoring Mark’s presence, Katsuki glares at Deku. “Did you shut down my alarm?”

“I didn’t!”

Having had enough of being ignored, Mark slams the door to Katsuki’s apartment shut behind him with a loud bang, in a way that demands attention. Both men turn to him, finally. “I don’t know who you are,” Mark says, pointing at Deku, “but you need to go get dressed before I see more I like. And you,” this time Mark points at Katsuki, “need to contact Firerrow and apologise for missing your meeting and remind him that I’m not your secretary.”

They both stare at him for a second before the words sink in and Deku flushes wonderfully, while Katsuki steps between them and states, barely holding back from clenching his teeth, “I will apologize for missing the meeting. Now get the fuck out.”

Behind Katsuki, Mark watches Deku disappear into the bedroom and he sighs and nods at Katsuki’s left hand, where a ring has been sitting ever since he came back from Japan three weeks ago. “That your fiancée?”

“Don’t even think about it,” Katsuki growls at him.

Instead of the probably desired effect though, Mark feels an immense amount of glee fill him. Oh, this is good. “Could you please break up with him?”

“We marry in spring.” Now there is a definite hostility in Katsuki’s posture, as he stands straighter, as ready to pick a fight in his equally undressed state as Deku. It reminds him of the time Johnny had made a snide comment about Mark’s quirklessness. That’s one of the reason Mark likes Katsuki.

“I won’t lie, he’s just my type. So do try to keep him away from me. I would hate to like his person as well as his looks.”

“Get the fuck out.”

“Get to work.”

“Liquidator will be waiting for you.”

Mark scowls offended just byhearing Johnny’s name. “Did I write a complain about him this month? I feel like I haven’t yet. I should get to that as soon as possible.”

Katsuki raises an eyebrow, pointedly looking at him. Mark’s scowl shifts as he composes himself. “You don’t want to make a bad impression before leaving. Make the apology properly. There is nothing I can do to excuse your behaviour so make up a story that’s better than ‘I slept in with my cute lover’.”

He turns to leave before Katsuki can reply and wonders at exactly what the hell happened just now.

And then he whistles because he saw some nice eye candy. Whoever Katsuki’s man is, he’s got one hell of a fine body and he’s freckled. Damn adorable.


Mark is in the middle of composing a mail to his superiors, stating the number of foreign heroes currently under their pay check and who and what they are working on, when there is a knock on the door to his office. He calls for whoever it is to enter as he continues his list. If it’s Johnny, he will throw him right out on his ass.

But instead he’s greeted with the wonderful view of Katsuki and his lover. Not that Katsuki is wonderful, mind. He can barely conceal the glare he’s giving Mark.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep him away from me?” Mark asks, resting his chin on his hand and putting on a show for Katsuki as he turns to the other man. “Did you break up with him yet? Or should I convince you?”

Deku, if Mark remembers correctly, scratches his cheeks, looking confused. He’s adorable, alright.

“I want to ask for a favour,” Deku says.

“Anything for a date,” Mark states and then turns towards the glare he’s receiving. “I need to know how your apology was received by Firerrow. In details. He’s not known to act up, but one can never be sure.”

“He gave me the nightshift and told me to buy him a drink before I leave,” Katsuki says, takes a deep breath and gives Mark a look he never saw before. “Are you just fooling around or are you serious?”

Mark appreciates Firerrow’s attitude for a second before he answers Katsuki’s question. There is never enough good attitude to appreciate. “I’m serious, of course.” He turns to Deku and gives him his best smile. Of course he’s teasing Katsuki but his attraction towards Deku is true as well. “I think you’re perfectly hot and adorable. I would love to continue flirting with you but if it puts you off, I’ll stop. So, talk now or go on a date with me tonight.”

Deku’s confusion turns to a frown and he looks at Katsuki, who shrugs, before he turns back to Mark. “I’m flattered, I think. But I’m engaged to Kacchan.”

“He calls you Kacchan,” Mark asks Katsuki. “Is that like a pet name?”

“We are childhood friends,” Deku answers.

Mark looks at them, then at the ring on Deku’s finger and then at Katsuki’s sudden nonchalant attitude. “What happened to your jealousy. I thought you wanted me to fuck off.”

“Look, I came to ask for a favour,” Deku jumps in but is halted by Katsuki’s hand on his shoulder.

“I wanted you to fuck off because I thought you were fooling around to make fun of me.” Then, his hand shifts away from Deku’s shoulder and settles on his nape; his fingers spread there just like his grin. “But if you are serious, I could care less. Deku is mine ‘cause he wants to be.”

Sometimes Mark is rather grateful for the fact that Katsuki is such a good hero and that he hasn’t made an enemy of Mark. That grin gives him the creeps and he’s faced many creepy assholes in his 32 years.

And the sudden intensity that spreads on Deku’s face as he turns to look at Katsuki is so consuming, that Mark must look away from them for a moment before he can risk looking without being pulled in. Obviously those two are too far up each other’s business for Mark to wheedle his way in.

When he finds himself composed enough to look at them again, Deku’s hand is on his neck, slowly pulling on the fingers there. “About the favour,” he starts.

“State your business and get out.” Mark has enough of them. He wants a boyfriend, too, damnit.

“I want to join Kacchan for his missions and meetings until we leave.”

“Are you even a hero?”

“Midoriya Izuku, hero name Deku.”

“Even his name is adorable,” Mark mutters to himself, and pulls up Deku’s profile from a database on foreign heroes. Perks of his job. “Katsuki will be working.”

“We are a great team, and I really want to see how you work here in the states.”

“Horribly,” Mark says and looks at them again. “You are okay with this?” Katsuki nods and retreats to the door, leaving Deku to continue his conversation. “We won’t pay you. If something happens to you while you two are out, we won’t cover any costs. If Katsuki is distracted because of you and something happens, you two can be prosecuted and I’ll lose my job.”

“So, it’s possible?” Deku asks, apparently ignoring everything Mark said.

“Connections are everything and I have all the right ones. Lucky for you, I can stand Katsuki and I want to see more of you around.”

This time, Deku finally blushes and stammers, “I would like you to stop that, actually.”

Mark nods, and sighs. “So much for love at first sight.”

“You will get over it,” Katsuki says and opens the door to leave.

Deku bows to him, gives his thanks and rushes to catch up with Katsuki.

Lucky asshole, Mark thinks. “I want a boyfriend,” he groans.

Johnny’s head peeks through his open door and he gives Mark a mean smile, “finally lost it, eh?”

Mark shows him the finger, but he’s already gone. So much for his good mood. Turning back to the list he was working on; Mark picks up the phone and makes a few calls while typing slowly. Deku and Kacchan, what a pair.

Too bad Katsuki doesn’t seem to react badly to the childhood name or Mark would tease him relentlessly for it.


The next time Mark meets them, he’s just a little pissed off. One thing about his job that he absolutely hates is playing babysitter but sometimes he must, and for good reasons. Redacto may be a good hero but he’s also full of racism and thinks way too highly of himself. He’s had a few very bad encounters with foreign interns who were rightly offended by the demeaning attitude.

So, Mark decided to tag along today, since it will be the last time Katsuki has to work with the man before Redacto is hopefully fired. Mark has made his complains very vocal and he’s always felt that he owed it to all past interns who had to put up with Redacto’s shit. He just needs one more offence to make his case.

So, he must try really hard not to squirm away in disgust when the hero approaches him. “Fancy seeing you here. Are you here to hand out drinks? Not much else you can do, is there?”

Fuck you, Mark thinks but outwardly he just smiles. “I’m afraid I got none for you,” he says, holding up empty hands. He doesn’t mention that he outranks Redacto and as such, the man should shut his mouth because that only brings forth aggression he’s tired of dealing with.

He feels eyes on him before he sees Katsuki a few streets ahead of them. He gives a grim smile and receives a curt nod in return. The last two years were enough to make Katsuki hostile towards Redacto, so he doesn’t want them anywhere near each other, if possible. Also, Deku is with him and he’s far too cute to have to deal with racism.

Besides him, Redacto suddenly shrugs a shoulder forward. “That’s Katsuki’s fiancé, did you know? Must be where all his aggressions come from if he gets a dick up his ass all the time. At least the green boy behaves like a proper Asian should, obedient and quit.”

There is just so much Mark can take, so he turns around to Johnny who has been following him on orders, “you heard that, I assume.”

“Every word.” Johnny nods and then, with an excited gleam in his eyes, he says, “Now is a good time.”

Mark agrees, so he turns to Redacto, smiles and says, “you are fired. You should receive the written confirmation in two days. Please start looking for another job, preferably one where no one has to deal with your racist and homophobic ass.”

The outrage that grows on Redacto’s face from the first word Mark spoke, reaches a spike and the man launches at Mark with such a force that Mark stumbles back. Luckily for him, there is a sudden black force holding Redacto immobile mid-air even as he shouts insult after insult.

Mark turns to the source of the black restraints and finds Deku holding tightly onto them as he moves over together with Katsuki. Johnny comes to his side and gives him a hand to help him up. “That went so well,” he says but shuts up when Mark sends him a glare.

The commotion Redacto made is enough to attract the other heroes that were at the scene and as they get the information from Mark, they take Redacto into custody and hopefully into jail. If need be, Mark will open a case against him.

When the situation calms down a little, he turns to Deku and says, “thank you. Did you perhaps fall in love with me yet?”

Deku gives him an awkward smile and Johnny shoves his shoulder. Mark hates him so he hits him with his elbow and makes the hero stumble.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. Only a few scratches on my hand from falling but that’s way better than being reduced to a puddle of fear. Thanks to you he wasn’t able to touch me.”

“That man has had me on edge since we met him, so I was prepared to fight, just in case.”

Mark raises an eyebrow and looks at Katsuki for explanations.

Katsuki, who had been silently observing the proceedings shrugs and says, “Deku usually acts before he thinks. Redacto is as good as a villain so he should be treated like one anyway.”

So much for being obedient and quit, Mark thinks. “You are right, but I can defend myself.”

“That’s true, you got sharp elbows,” Johnny agrees rubbing his side. Then, more sombre he adds, “your defence lies in bureaucracy, not combat. So, let the heroes take care of that part.”

Mark turns on him so fast, he feels a little lightheaded. “How am I supposed to trust a hero who discriminates against me for being quirkless? The first day on the job you told me I was useless and a deadweight and that I should stay out of your way.”

“I apologised for that.”

“Yet you still say it and act like you believe it,” Mark seethes. If there is one thing he hates more than outright confrontations, it’s those disgusting notions that lay behind certain actions people do towards him. He much rather be told he’s useless than be treated like nothing. But there is nothing Mark can do about that, so he gathers obvious offenses, writes them down and takes them up with his superiors. He’s good at that, which is why he’s good at his job.

Johnny looks satisfyingly admonished so Mark turns away from him just in time to catch Katsuki say, “yeah, sometimes I think it would have been great if you grew to act like him, before All Might. He doesn’t let anyone stomp on him. But then he opens his mouth and I'm fucking glad you didn't.”

Apparently, he is so glad, that he leans in to steal a kiss from Deku, who looks on wide-eyed, as if he didn’t expect the kiss. Or to be kissed in public. Katsuki doesn’t strike Mark like the type to do so.

The surprised expression on Deku’s face though, it’s freaking adorable. So, Mark has to ruin the moment. “I’m falling in love here, man. Maybe don’t make that expression in front of me?”

Deku stammers adorably as his hand finds its way to Katsuki’s belt and stays there. Another thing that Mark noticed: those two acts as if the whole touching business is new to them so they have to affirm that it’s welcome every chance they get. Case in point, Katsuki immediately reaching down and holding onto the fingers on his belt. Or Mark is just reading too much into it.

Deku is still trying to come up with ways to sensibly let Mark down, when Mark just decided to put him out of his misery. “It’s okay, I get it. No need to worry. My crush was meant to be short-lived anyway. You two are leaving tomorrow, right?”

“Yes,” Deku confirms, relieved. “I wanted to thank you again, for allowing me to tag along the last few days.”

“Am I invited to the wedding?”

“No,” Katsuki says, pulling Deku closer and taking a step back. The glee that had filled Mark the first day he saw them together comes back with vengeance. Oh, this is good. Look who acted as if he wasn’t bothered.

“See it as a way to repay me.”

“You aren’t welcome,” Katsuki glares. Deku stares at him, then at Katsuki so Mark takes his chance.

“I’m sure Deku would like to invite me, right?” He turns expectantly to Deku, waiting for a reply. No matter what the hero says, it will prove to be useful against Katsuki.

But instead of a verbal answer, Deku breaks out laughing and doesn’t stop until his eyes grow a little wet. Mark stares and thinks of all the ways he could grow to love him before he discards the notion entirely. From the way Deku is reaching out with his other hand and holding both of Katsuki's, his affections lie firmly with the blond. There is no reason to get his heart broken so he better bow out now, with grace.

And yet, the rings still mock him just a little.

Mark turns away from them and goes to give his account on Redacto’s behaviour. He feels like the explanation for Deku’s laughter might be rather private and he can give them that. Sometimes he can be an adult.

And yet he still hears the “you better never stop, Deku.”

Later Mark will look back fondly on this moment, when he receives their wedding invitation. Right now, he just feels a little dejected.

If he had only a little of that, he would be happy.