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Mista, Soup, and a Very Perceptive Mother

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The moment Giorna woke up, she was greeted by a pounding headache. That paired off with the blinding sun coming from her window attributed to her unwillingness to get out of bed. She tried to sit up and was immediately dizzy. She groaned and buried her head under her pillow, hoping to drift back into sleep.

“Giorna, why aren’t you up?” Her door swung open dramatically and Giorna immediately knew that her mother would be standing there. She rolled over and sure enough her mother was there, towering and clad in an expensive pantsuit. “It is unacceptable for you to be late. I, Dio, do not need to be the laughingstock of the Joestars if you get kicked out of school for skipping and being late. That Kujo woman already has it out for me!”

“Mother, you’re over exaggerating,” sighed Giorna, covering her face with her hands. “I haven’t missed a day this semester and I’m always there on time. Besides, Jolyne doesn’t show up half the time. Plus my aunt doesn’t really care about that stuff. She’s fine with Jolyne doing her own thing.”

“Jolyne’s been skipping? I’ll be sure to bring it up to that Kujo tramp,” said Dio with a smug smile.

“I really don’t feel good. I’ll just let my teacher know that I won’t be able to make it. It’ll all be fine. Promise.”

Dio’s face softened and she walked over to Giorna worriedly. She placed her the back of her head on Giorna’s forehead and frowned. “I’m going to call you a doctor, you’re awfully warm.”

“I’ll be fine, just let me sleep!” groaned Giorna, rolling over and burying her face in her pillow.

“Well excuse me for trying to be helpful,” said Dio, annoyed. “Well if you need something and you won’t act like an absolute brat, let me know. I have to go to work. Your mom had to go run an errand but she’ll be back soon. I’ll tell her to check on you.” With that, Dio was off, which Giorna was grateful for. She felt a little bad for being rude to her mother but she was in too much pain to care. Much to her annoyance her phone began to ring loudly.

“Oh god,” she groaned, feeling around her nightstand for her phone. She smiled as she saw the call was from Mista, feeling a little better.

“Hey Giorna, why aren’t you at school?” She could immediately hear the worry in her girlfriend’s voice. “I’m not feeling very good. I decided to stay home and hopefully sleep off whatever this is.” she replied.

“You’re not pregnant are you?” joked Mista.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but I don’t think you can knock me up. No matter how many times you try.”

“Well you can’t blame a girl for trying. Seriously though, are you ok? I am prepared to start a fire in order to leave class if I need to.” Giorna giggled but knew that while Mista sounded like she was joking, she would definitely be the one to do it.

“I’ll be fine. It doesn’t seem too serious, just crappy enough to keep me away from school.”

“Fine, but-”

“Get off your phone Guida! Do I need to send you to the office again?” Giorna heard another voice on the phone. One she knew too well, Ms. Vinegar. She seemed nice but there was something about her that was off so Giorna tried her best to steer clear from her.

“Fine, fine Ms. Vinegar. I’ll see you later Blondie. Love ya!”

“Love you too,” blushed Giorna. No matter how many times Mista said it, it always made her heart flutter. She covered her face with her pillow and after a few more painful minutes, she fell asleep.

The next time Giorna woke up was to gentle knocking and her mom’s soft voice. “Giorna dear, are you doing okay?” Her absolute unit of a mom walked in with a bag she gently placed on Giorna’s nightstand.

“I’m feeling a little better. My headache is gone at least.” She sat up a little too quickly and felt dizzy.

“Well your mother told me you had a fever so I brought a cold compress which should help you at least a little.” Giorna sighed as she felt the cold on her burning skin. “I’m not sure how much of an appetite you have but you should at least stay hydrated. I got you a couple of Gatorades but if you want something warmer I can go make you some tea.”

“No, no, I’m fine with this. Thank you mom,” smiled Giorna. She heard a sound coming from her window where she saw Mista climbing through with a brown paper bag. Her mom turned to look towards the window as well.

“How lovely of you to join us Guida,” said Joanna. “Do you happen to use this entrance often?”

“M-mrs. Joestar. Hi,” stuttered Mista nervously. “I uh didn’t know if you were home and I didn’t want to make Giorna go downstairs to open up for me.”

“Well I appreciate you caring about my daughter but don’t you have school?”

“Oh um, there was an incident in the science lab, something about a fire, so we got let out early,” responded Mista. Giorna shot her a look, and Mista just gave her a sheepish smile.

“Well I’m going to go visit your mother for lunch, if you need anything, and I mean anything, call me. Ok?” Giorna nodded and smiled as Joanna gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. “Goodbye Guida.”

“See ya Mrs. Joestar!” grinned Mista. Joanna gently closed the door behind her and left.

“Did you really have to start the fire to come here?” hissed Giorna, whacking Mista with her pillow.

“It wasn’t me! Honest!” Mista crossed her heart and held her hand up. “Narancia is a real dumbass. We were doing a lab and she mixed something wrong. Next thing I know the alarms are going off and she and Fugo started arguing. So Ms. Vinegar dismissed class. But I got you some chicken noodle soup from Panera!” she exclaimed cheerfully, holding the bag up. 

“Thank you, amore ,” said Giorna with an adoring smile. She took the bag and put it next to the other bag her mom had brought. Mista leaned in to kiss her but Giorna quickly put her hand up between her. “I don’t want to get you sick.”

“That’s no fair,” pouted Mista. “Let me get sick, I don’t care.” She dramatically threw herself on Giorna’s bed sighing. Then she perked up and crawled over to Giorna and snuggled under the blanket with her, grinning. “I’ve got an idea.” She straddled Giorna and left a small kiss on her neck. “Since you’re worried about me getting sick, I'll just work around it,” said Mista with a smirk.

“F-fine,” mumbled Giorna. She felt herself getting hotter and it wasn’t the fever. Mista’s kisses went lower to her collarbone where she was gently nibbling. Giorna let out a small whimper and wrapped her arms around Mista.

Mista slipped her hand under Giorna’s shirt, giving her breast a gentle squeeze, running her thumb over her nipple. “I’m glad Narancia started that fire,” whispered Mista, biting Giorna’s ear. She could feel the blonde squirming under her. “Being in class without you was the worst.” Giorna felt Mista’s knee press against her and she moaned. Mista’s fingers curled under Giorna’s sweatpants and panties and she gently pulled them down. “How am I supposed to get through class with my gorgeous girlfriend beside me?” Giorna twitched as she felt Mista’s hot breath on her stomach.

“God, Mista. Just get on with it! Please!” moaned Giorna, exasperatedly. Mista shot her a toothy grin and ran her tongue down Giorna’s thighs, squeezing her hips. She watched as Giorna’s folds twitched, begging for her to do something.

“Anything for you, Blondie,” murmured Mista. She ran her tongue between Giorna’s folds, taking her time to savor her. She placed her hands on the inside of Giorna’s thighs, gently pushing them further apart. She then focused her mouth on her clit, eliciting moans from the blonde as she sucked. One of Mista’s hands snaked up to grab Giorna’s breast, giving a harder squeeze than before. Giorna’s hands tangled in Mista’s long, dark curls as she moved her hips against Mista’s tongue. 

“Fuck~!” she moaned. To her horror, she heard a knock on the door before it started opening. She quickly threw her blanket over her and Mista, pulling her shirt down. “Mom! Mother! Hello!” she said quickly. Mista looked up at her from under the blanket, terrified. 

“You seem… lively,” said Diane, arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

“Does this mean you’re feeling better?” smiled Joanna. Before Giorna could answer she felt Mista’s tongue pressed right against her clit. The color drained from her face and she tried her best to mask her moaning with a loud cough. Joanna walked over to her worriedly, placing her hand on Giorna’s cheek. “Oh dear. I think your fever’s getting worse.”

“N-no! I don’t want you catching what I have. I think if I rest a little more I’ll be fine!” Giorna gently pushed Joanna’s hand. She moaned as Mista’s tongue started moving faster between her folds. “I uh think my headache is just getting a little worse with everyone in here and all the talking.” 

“I don’t know. I think you should go see a doctor. You’re all sweaty and your face is red. And you said your headache is getting worse.” Giorna was too busy trying not to moan and politely tell her mom to fuck off to notice that Diane was glaring daggers at the lump on Giorna’s bed that was definitely too big to be her legs. 

“Maybe she wouldn’t be all hot and sweaty if she didn’t have so many blankets on her. Let me take off a few for you. Maybe you’ll feel better then,” said Diane icily. 

“No! I’ll get cold if you take them off. Please, just go.” whimpered Giorna.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything? I know Guida left you some soup but if it’s too cold I can go heat it up. Or maybe a different flavor of Gatorade or something?” said Jonna worriedly. 

“Nope,” groaned Giorna. “Please just go. I think it’s the talking that’s giving me a headache.” She stifled a moan as she felt Mista’s finger slip in between her folds. 

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry. I’ll let you sleep now,” said Joanna, still worried. “Let’s go darling,” she said to Diane, who Giorna noticed glaring. Before she said anything, Joanna pulled her out of the room, finally closing the door. Giorna let out a sigh of relief and waited before pulling the blankets off her, glaring at Mista. 

“What the hell Mista?!” she snapped. 

“Oh come on, it’s not like they noticed,” protested Mista.

“But they could have!”

“Well they will if you keep yelling. But fine, I guess I’ll just head out,” teased Mista, putting Giorna’s legs together and getting off the bed.

“W-wait. Come back,” whined Giorna. 

“I thought you said you didn’t want to get caught,” shrugged Mista.


“Don’t worry cara mia, I was only kidding. I’d never leave you hanging like this.” She went back to where Giorna was, running her fingers through Giorna’s golden hair. “All wet and flustered.” Her fingers slid up Giorna’s thighs making her shiver.

“You have no idea how much I wanna kiss you,” said Giorna breathily. 

“You know I have no problem getting sick for you,” said Mista, running her tongue up Giorna’s neck. Giorna held Mista’s face in her hand, gripping her chin. 

“If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you do whatever you want when I get better.” She hooked her thumb in Mista’s mouth giving her a sultry look.

“Fuck Giorna,” moaned Mista. She was flustered now, all the confidence from earlier gone in an instance. Giorna was on top of Mista now, grinding against her. 

“If you aren’t gonna make me cum, I guess I’ll have to do it myself,” shrugged Giorna, thrusting her hips against Mista’s thigh,

“Get up here.” Mista pulled Giorna up to her face and quickly started lapping up every last drop of Giorna.

“Fuck Mista!” She grasped her headboard for support as she lowered herself on Mista. “D-don’t stop!” Mista moaned and sucked harder on Giorna’s clit, making her squeeze her thighs together. If Giorna suffocated her right here and right now with her thighs, she’d die a happy woman. “M-mista I’m about to… mmph!” Mista quickly reached up to cover Giorna’s mouth to muffle her moans. Giorna continued to grind her hips against Mista’s tongue as she rode out her high.

“Holy shit,” she sighed, getting off of Mista. She snuggled up against her, enjoying the warmth of her body. “I should get sick more often,” she giggled.

“Are you two done in there?” shouted Diane, knocking loudly. “You’re mom needs to get her car out of the garage and Guida’s car is in the way!” Giorna and Mista looked at each other, horrified expressions on their faces.

“Just run,” said Giorna. “Don’t stop until you’re in the car and lock all the doors.”

“I’m gonna to die today aren’t I?”

“Not if you run.”

“I’m jumping out of the window.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! You’ll hurt yourself!” scolded Giorna.

“Anything is better than facing your mother’s wrath.” Mista gave Giorna a quick peck and was out of the window within seconds. A couple of minutes later, Diane walked into Giorna’s room.

“Who do you think you were fooling with that lumpy girlfriend of yours? Your genius of a girlfriend left her car parked out front but was somehow nowhere in sight when we came in. Honestly, I’m offended you thought I wouldn’t catch on. Your mom maybe, but me ?”

“Sorry,” mumbled Giorna.

“You’d better be sorry. You were rude to your mom earlier. How dare you say she was making your headache worse? Anyway, despite the fact that Guida has corrupted my darling daughter, I respect her. That was ballsy of her. However, it will not be happening again. Not with your mom and I in the house. Understood?”

“Yep.” Giorna buried herself under her blanket to hide her embarrassment.

“And I’m boarding up that window. I don’t need that Kujo cunt you call an aunt spreading rumors. Guida can use the front door like a normal person from now on.