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Dream likes Boys (V2)

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The next few days, Dream acted as though nothing had happened. It was starting to piss George off. All the shorter man knew was that at some point between when he first left the room and his returning, Dream had been fucked unconscious, and Wilbur had managed to be given more land for L’manburg’s expanding territory. Dream refused to talk about it- he never even brought it up. George wasn’t sure if he should. His tinted glasses prevented the blond from noticing his stares, but it sure didn’t stop the shorter of the two from noticing the way Dream actively avoided Wilbur. Wilbur attempted to visit Dream twice within the following week, but each time Dream asked Sapnap and George to make him leave.

The commander died both times he came into their territory, and George didn’t apologize either time for losing his temper.

Once, even during the heat of battle, Dream went straight for Fundy instead of the commander. George took care of it that time, too. He felt pure rage at the idea of Wilbur touching Dream again, even in their regular border disputes.

However, the SMP leader couldn’t get Wilbur out of his head. He couldn’t shake away the feeling of powerful hands holding him down, the desire to please. Dream would try to forget it, he’d talk to Sapnap or George, try to distract himself, but it never worked. He began to crave the taller man’s touch- it was embarrassing, but he wanted Wilbur’s hands on him again, wanted to feel the commander pressed against him. He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face under his mask, staring blankly as he reminisced.

Remembering the admiring look in Wilbur’s eye made heat pool inside of him. As pathetic as it was, he wondered the likelihood of Wilbur’s willingness to continue where they left off. With Sapnap yet again off to another SMP and George asleep, he left his quarters.

The walk to L’manburg’s newly expanded territory was short, given his brisk pace. Only when he saw the towering walls of blackstone did he slow. His face was red, and he absolutely contemplated turning back, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to focus like this anymore. He unsheathed his blade and stepped within L’manburg’s walls.

He saw his target almost immediately. Wilbur had his back turned as he talked to Fundy, and Dream let out a shuddering breath as he puffed his chest and began to march over to the man. He could feel Tommy and Tubbo stare, but he didn’t spare them a glance. Fundy’s eyes noticeably widened and he pointed for Wilbur to turn around, which the man did rather quickly. The taller man stared at Dream for a moment, and the blond immediately felt like he could die. When the commander stepped towards him, he could feel L’manburg’s citizens stare. It made his skin itch, but he stood his ground and he lifted his chin. Wilbur stopped directly in front of him, eyeing him up and down.

“Dream, it’s lovely to see you again.” Always so polite, Dream mused as Wilbur held out his hand. The speedrunner hesitantly took it, giving Wilbur a curt nod before immediately letting go. Dream adjusted his mask self-consciously.

“I’ve come to negotiate, Wilbur.” Dream’s voice was stronger than he felt. Wilbur’s pupils dilated, and Dream noticed the corners of his mouth twitch upwards, but he gave no other response that would imply anything out of the usual. He couldn’t help but be grateful for Wilbur’s sense of modesty.

“Of course. Let us go somewhere a little more private, away from any prying eyes.” He murmured, low enough that only Dream could hear. Shuddering only slightly, the man nodded. Wilbur turned to Tommy, raising his voice.

“If any of Dream’s men come to retrieve him, inform them that he is here on his own free will, and he will gladly confirm.” Tommy, though looking thoroughly confused, nodded.

Dream could feel their stares as Wilbur led him into his quarters- could feel the unspoken confusion.

When Wilbur closed the door behind them, his entire demeanor changed.

“What can I do for you, Dream?” He asked, voice wistful. Dream looked around the room- anywhere but Wilbur, really- and bit his lip.

“Like I said- I came to negotiate.” He repeated, side-eyeing Wilbur cautiously. The taller man stepped closer, and Dream had to fight away the feeling of being prey. Wilbur’s eyes were too bright in the dim light the redstone torches offered.

“Oh?” He purred, causing a chill to climb up the speedrunner’s spine, “And what are we negotiating?” Wilbur’s tone was knowing, but Dream wasn’t going to cower out.

“I’m willing to offer more land for L’manchildburg, in exchange for… uh-” Apparently he was wrong, because Dream swallowed, unable to continue his sentence. Wilbur’s eyebrow twitched at the insult of his nation, but his newly sparked interest overcame him. The commander watched with wide eyes as Dream put a hand to his face, gently removing his mask. Willingly.

“I- I literally can’t say it.” He chuckled self consciously.

When he looked back, there was that look again- where Wilbur looked at Dream like he was the most beautiful thing in the world. It made his head fuzzy- he’d never seen anyone look at him like that before. He cleared his throat,

“Well? What’s your choice, Wilbur? You know my intentions.” He resigned, unsure. The commander kicked into action, taking long strides forward before cupping Dream's face and kissing him hard. He backed Dream into the wall farthest from the door, pushing a knee between his legs. The blond grabbed his arms, trying to hold the taller man close as Wilbur pulled away and kissed at his jaw. Dream let out a stifled moan as the other man sucked a hickey onto his throat.

Wilbur couldn’t believe it. Dream came to him for this- Dream came back to him. He was the same stubborn, shy thing like before. He pulled away to look at the SMP leader’s face, and his heart fluttered, pressing his knee against Dream’s half-hard prick. The blond bit his lip and closed his eyes- those beautiful green eyes that Wilbur utterly adored. He let one of his hands slide down the other man’s torso, cupping him through his pants. He took notice of the full-body shiver that overcame him and smirked. Dream was very responsive last time, there was no reason he wouldn’t be this time too.

Dream let out a quivering moan, the brunet massaging him through his pants. He looked up at Wilbur, unable to stop his hips from bucking further into his skilled hand. The commander let out a low chuckle, leaning forward to yet again nuzzle at Dream’s neck.

Hnngh- Wilbur-” The blond huffed, pushing into his touch desperately. The brunet finally pulled away fully, causing a whine to slip from Dream’s lips. Wilbur’s stare was intense.

“Undress, Dream.” He said, voice low. He lifted his own shirt over his head as his rival practically fell over himself kicking his boots off. Wilbur knew that Dream was defined- he’d noticed the first time they’d done this. But now, with the blond standing nude in front of him, he could finally see just how much muscle the man was made of. Wilbur supposed it made sense- he'd need to be in order to pull off all of those flamboyant, yet undeniably impressive tricks he did. Dream was always one for giving a show.

“Now turn around.” He purred, the blond’s body shuddering at the tone. Dream did as he was told, Wilbur thanking the Gods for the obedience. He pressed himself against Dream’s back, pressing his fingers against his slightly parted lips. The younger man let his jaw drop open, letting the digits slip inside to play with his mouth. The brunet let out a groan, his cock twitching as he felt Dream’s skilled tongue trail along the pads of his fingers.

He’d need to try out his mouth soon.

When Wilbur removed his fingers from Dream’s mouth, they pulled away with a string of drool connecting them.

“Good boy…” He breathed, the blond whining in response. The taller man lowered his hand, pressing his finger’s against the SMP leader's ass. He could feel the way Dream tensed, his body shaking in anticipation. Wilbur kissed the back of his neck softly, cooing at him.

"It's okay. I'll be gentle at first." He joked. He smiled at the wheeze that left the blond’s lungs.

"You sound like a bad porno, you're so dumb." Dream laughed, bracing his hands against the wall. The soft laughter turned into a strangled moan as Wilbur pushed his finger in, the older man reveling in the way Dream arched his back to press against him.

"And you're so annoying." He teased back, thrusting his finger in rhythmically. His cock strained at the sounds that fell from the blond’s lips. Working in his middle finger, he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to where Dream's shoulder met his neck. The speedrunner leaned into his touch, and Wilbur felt his heart flutter. Dream was so much more willing to reciprocate his advances now. He moved with him more, obeyed his commands with little hesitation. It's because of the lack of risk, Wilbur realized.

He really set himself up for failure by threatening to expose Dream last time, he thought bitterly. He wouldn't do it again though, not if he could keep Dream so pliant for him.

When Wilbur steadily pushed in his ring finger, he went lightheaded, blood rushing south as Dream keened at the stretch.

"O-oh god-" he gasped, pushing back against the brunet desperately. The older man’s gut stirred, and he struggled to keep the rhythm of his fingers steady. He nipped at the back of Dream’s neck, hot breath causing the speedrunner to shudder. He scissored his fingers gently, and the blond let out a pathetic whine that had a full-body shock run through the brunet. Wilbur groaned, removing his fingers and wrapping his hand around his cock. He hissed at the friction on his sensitive skin, giving himself a single, barely-relieving stroke before grabbing Dream by the shoulders and flipping the blond around to face him.
“Wilbur-? Oh-!” Dream gasped in surprise as Wilbur hooked his arms under his legs, lifting him up and supporting him against the wall. The SMP leader’s hands shot out to hold onto Wilbur’s arms, taking a moment to ground himself. The taller man situated himself against Dream’s ass, barely pressing in. The blond gave a shaky smile, and the commander pushed forward. The freckled man let out a choked moan, his hand immediately coming up to cover his mouth.

Wilbur wasted no time intercepting said hand, a stern expression on his face.

“No holding back this time, Clay. Nobody can hear us, no reason to be so shy…” He murmured, eyes watching hungrily as the younger man bit his lip before responding,

“I’m not shy.” Dream’s voice was almost pouty, and the commander could feel his chest go tight with adoration. He huffed exasperatedly and adjusted his hold on the blond’s thighs. Dream flinched, feeling Wilbur inside him as he was moved. When the brunet thrust forward, a shaky breath was forced out of him and he closed his eyes. His muscles felt tense as he focused on the feeling of the other man inside of him. Wilbur was holding his thighs so that his knees were almost touching his chest, back pressed forcefully against the wall with every thrust of his hips.

The commander rut himself against the blond’s ass and Dream let out a frustrated whine at the slow pace. Wilbur audibly chuckled but didn’t change up his movements other than leaning forward to kiss at the younger man’s neck. Suddenly, Wilbur pressed his hips upward, grinding almost directly against Dream’s prostate with vigor. Dream gasped, body trembling violently at the merciless stimulation. A quivering, pitiful moan was pulled out of him, and Wilbur grinned in satisfaction.

“I love it when you’re like this, Clay.” Wilbur said breathlessly, face one of pure admiration as he watched the speedrunner let out soft whines and moans. Dream suddenly made a noise in the back of his throat, frustrated and broken, and Wilbur felt the man’s arms raise and felt shock as Dream pushed himself off the wall, causing Wilbur to fall back.
The brunet let out a strangled gasp of surprise, head hitting the floor before he could catch himself. He could hear Dream’s laugh and see the blurry shape of him landing in a crouch before moving on top of him. Wilbur bit his lip and let out a giggle, vaguely reminded of how he’d started their last encounter.

“You were going too slow.” Dream’s voice was music to the commander’s ears, and he sucked in a breath when he felt the blond sink onto him smoothly, the speedrunner’s body accepting his cock easily. A low groan escaped the two, and Dream immediately began to grind down onto the other man. The commander let out a breathy huff, letting his head fall back as he grabbed onto the blond’s thighs. He could feel the powerful muscle shifting beneath the skin- could feel the effort Dream used to fuck himself down onto Wilbur’s prick.

A shaky sigh passed Dream’s lips as he ground his hips against the commander’s, and he closed his eyes and leaned back, hands splayed out on Wilbur’s calves for support.

Oh-” The blond breathed, Wilbur managing to focus enough to buck his hips into the heat surrounding him. He watched Dream’s eyelids flutter, watched the way he bit at his peach-coloured lips in an attempt to silence himself, the way his face was splotched red and pink in the most adorable, endearing way. The blond threw his head back, a particularly loud whimper forcing its way from his chest.

“Ugh! Oh, God-” He moaned thoughtlessly, eyes clenched shut as he shifted his hips. Wilbur, spurred on by the reaction, tightened his grip on the other’s thighs, fucking up into him. Dream leaned forward, instead placing his hands on the older man’s chest as he moved against him. Wilbur mercifully lifted his hand, wrapping it around the other man’s leaking, neglected cock. Dream hissed, and let out a desperate whine.

“Oh my god, Clay-” Wilbur started, unable to stop himself. “You look wonderful.” Dream lowered his head, embarrassment mixing with his arousal. “Fuck- you feel so good around me. Let me- stay with me?” The brunet moaned, and Dream’s eyes opened wide. Wilbur seemed unphased by the offer, seemingly lost in the way Dream’s hips moved with his.

“Will- Wilbur-” Dream panted, disbelief clear.

“Please, Clay- you’ll never want for anything- oh god- just let me keep you?” The commander begged, head falling against the floor of his quarters as he closed his eyes and bit his lip, thrusts becoming erratic and desperate. A loud moan was forced out of the blond. It was too much- the way Wilbur filled him perfectly, the hand around his cock, the pure desperation in the man's voice- Dream couldn’t focus.

“I- Wilbur!” Dream was cut off, liquid pleasure filling his veins as he came, coating Wilbur’s hand. The brunet, feeling the way his bed partner clenched around him- the sounds he made- came with a shout. He held Dream’s hips against him, filling him deliberately. His chest felt light at the way Dream didn’t protest nor try to move away.
Dream lifted himself from Wilbur’s softening prick, feeling the way his seed dripped out of him and down his shaking thighs. He shuddered, letting himself flop over onto his side and off of the larger man. He leaned into the way Wilbur gently touched his face, if only slightly. He let his eyes close, and he took a deep breath.

“Wilbur, I-” A loud knock interrupted Dream, startling the two men. Wilbur eyed the blond for a moment before raising his voice.

“Yes? What do you need?” His voice was even and put together, the exact opposite of how it had been just a few minutes ago. The urgent knocking continued.

“Wilbur, you need to come out here! Sapnap and George are here, and they’re wicked angry!” Fundy’s voice came through the door. Wilbur scowled, and Dream sat up and reached for his shirt. “They said that if Dream isn’t out in 5 minutes, they’re going to destroy the walls!” Wilbur side-eyed the man beside him, face softening as he watched him put his clothes back on with a nervous expression. The brunet sighed.

“Tell them we will be out in a moment, Fundy.”