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Indecent Proposal

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"May I?" Andy asked, her hands hovering at the waistband of her panties but still feeling a little insecure.

"Yes, but only if I can too," Miranda replied.

They both pulled down their panties at the same time and Andy settled in the middle of the bed as Miranda straddled her sensually and bent down to kiss her. She kissed her way to her ear while Andy caressed her back and ass.

"I don't know how you feel but I'm extremely horny and when you finally touch me I might just climax straight away," Miranda whispered delicately in her ear. "But I would like to come with you so, with that in mind, may I rub my pussy against your gorgeous pussy?"

Andy was already on fire hearing her sexy voice. "Yes, oh god, please, I'm so close already. You're right, I wouldn't last long either." She admitted, chuckling nervously

"That's why we need to come together quickly. Once we get it out of the way, we can then make love slowly," Miranda said.

Andy suddenly snapped. She turned Miranda around and spread her legs so she fit between them and their pussy's touched. She started to grind down slowly at first but quickly picked up the pace.

Miranda's back arched like a bow and moaned when she felt Andy, her wet, warm and delicious heat pressing against hers. "Ahhh! Oh god, are so wet."

"You like how I fuck you, baby? Mhhhh...God, your pussy feels so good against mine." Andy ground the words out between clenched teeth as she slowed down, rolling her hips slowly but passionately a couple of times before starting to ride Miranda's pussy faster, almost grinding her into the mattress.

Miranda grabbed Andys hips, trying to process the idea that the beautiful young woman was fucking her like a goddess and actually seemed to be enjoying it. A lot. Miranda didn't have a lot of time to think about it because she was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. "I...oh...AHN-DRE-AAHHH…." Miranda came, shaking with desire.

"Oh fuck! You look hot when you come! Miranda-AAHH!" Andy climaxed as she tried to finish her sentence, screaming out Miranda's name until her voice was hoarse. She slowed down and saw Miranda licking her lips. She took a shuddering breath. "God, Miranda, I wanna see you relaxed and filled with lust. I wanna make you come so many times." She continued to grind her pussy and when she moved the sound of their juices were audible. She noticed Miranda's blush of embarrassment and bent down slowly."Did I make a mess?" She whispered, pressing kisses against Miranda's jawline. She stopped moving her hips and started to make her way down Miranda's body. Peppering her with kisses and licks everywhere she could reach. Spreading Miranda's legs further, she made room for herself, tucking her shoulders under Miranda's thighs until her feet came to rest comfortably against her back.

Once Miranda realized what was about to happen she tried to stop Andy. "Oh darling, you don't have this." Miranda stuttered.

"You can't even imagine how much I want to though. I'm not experienced but I really want to devour your gorgeous pussy with my lips and tongue. May I? Please, Miranda?" Andy asked, ready to go down on the woman of her dreams.

"I don't know...I just don't want to pressure you into...oh...ohhhh my god." Miranda wasn't able to finish her sentence because Andy had bent her head started to kiss the inside of her thighs.

"Just lay back and enjoy it. Let me know if I do something you don't like." Andy's breath whispered against her skin as she spoke. " taste so damn good, Miranda." She moaned as she licked her for the first time.

"Oh, darling..oh! That's...oh God, that's glorious." Miranda moaned.

"Ahh...good. I'm so glad. By the way your pussy is perfect. So wet, swollen and so goddam delicious." Andy told her.

Miranda was growing impatient. "Darling for the love of God, shut up and fuck me, please." Miranda moaned.

Andy smirked. "Your wish is my command." She responded, leaning back into pleasure Miranda in the most delicious way. She started to slide her tongue up and down at a steady pace and Miranda rolled her hips while her hands found their way into her hair, holding her head. She let her tongue explore, listening as Miranda whimpered and moaned, the high pitched sounds bouncing through the room as waves of pleasure cascaded through her. She felt the juices pouring from her but Andy didn't stop, instead, she pushed her tongue deep inside the woman below.

That's when Miranda started to lose it and arched her back once more. "Oh my God...I'm...COMING..." The high-pitched keening moan was followed by a scream as another electrifying orgasm rushed through her.

Andy guided her through her orgasm and once Miranda came down from her high she threw her arm over her eyes in exhaustion. She crawled up next to the editor after wiping her mouth and jaw on the sheets and kissed her lightly.

Miranda's hands moved absentmindedly over her, drawing circular patterns on her chest. "Andrea..." She breathed, still totally out of breath.

"Yes, my love." Andy offered, feeling proud of herself and her handiwork.

Miranda took a deep breath. "Andrea, I'm sorry for being so bossy, but that was phenomenal. Your lips are so soft against my..." She paused. " know." She waved a hand over her pussy.

"First of all, thank you for trusting me and letting me do such intimate things to you, and secondly, you can boss me around all you like during sex. It makes me as horny as hell." Andy admitted.

They both turned and laid on their sides facing each other.

"I've never been able to talk about my sexual preferences with my partners before, it means a lot to me that I am free to do so," Miranda told her. They gazed at each other for a few moments in silence. Soo..." Miranda's voice was teasing. "...I make you horny?" She smirked at Andy's blush.

"You know, your voice alone would be enough to make me come right now," Andy admitted.

"Oh, would it now?" Miranda drawled. She spoke in her most sultry voice, knowing exactly what it would do to Andy.

Andy shook with desire and exhaled a ragged breath.

"Well, I suppose we can arrange that for another time. Right now I'd like to explore some more..." Miranda stated softly, brushing her hand down until it was between Andy's legs.

"Ohhhh..." Andy exhaled. "Okay...oh, boy." She couldn't think straight with Miranda's fingers playing in her wetness.

"But while I play and explore, I could absolutely encourage you with my voice," Miranda whispered next to Andys ear.

Andy was putty in Miranda's hands.

"You're so wet, darling. May I go inside?" Miranda asked.

"Fuck, yes!" Andy agreed. "Please." She moaned, spreading her legs further in response.

Miranda carefully pushed one finger slowly inside. "Oh Andrea, you feel divine." She pumped the finger in and out slowly a couple of times just enjoying the feeling. Without any warning, she added another finger and when she pushed them all the way in Andy arched her back.

"Faster, please," Andy begged.

Miranda complied even as she leaned closer and bit her earlobe. She pumped faster and faster into her new lover. She heard Andys wetness and was proud she was the reason for that. "It's time, Andrea. Come for me." She demanded. "Now." She commanded.

That was it for Andy, she wailed Miranda's name and her inner walls clenched around her fingers as she screamed her way through the most powerful orgasm of her life.

"That was magnificent, darling," Miranda whispered as Andy stopped trembling and finally came down from her high. She kissed Andy's temple while she continued to catch her breath.

"Hell yeah, it was." Andy finally got herself under control and smiled at the woman next to her.

"Somehow I have the feeling I should definitely give you a million dollars. You made me feel so fucking good it was almost unreal." Miranda sighed happily. Andy chuckled and had a smug look on her face. "Although I think what we have is absolutely priceless," She told the brunette.

"Yes, I agree. God, I'm falling for hard." Andy admitted shyly, wondering if maybe it was too soon for such declarations.

Miranda caressed Andy's cheek and smiled, but a tear rolled down her face. "That's amazing since I am falling in love with you too, my darling." She said, her voice breaking.

Her breath hitched when Andy kissed her fiercely.