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Imprisoned Love

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Chapter Nine 


Later that day, the Queen was sitting on a lounge chair that resided near the balcony doors of her room. In her hand was a nightdress that had belonged to Emma. She sighed heavily as she missed the woman dearly. 


A knock came at the door of her chambers, she did not answer them, but they did not go away either as another knock came at the door shortly later. 


Regina rolled her eyes but continued to ignore the knocking at her chamber door as she knew that it was not Emma and so she had no interest in whoever it was that was knocking. If it was someone demanding that she go to the King’s chambers then she was not willing to entertain the concept. 


It was not long, however, before the person changed tactics and she heard the door to the chamber opening without inviting the person in. Very rude she thought to herself as she hid the material beside her, between her and the side of the chaise lounge. 


“Regina?” Came the voice from the uninvited guest to her chambers. 


Regina rolled her eyes with annoyance, “Not you,” she commented with a groan, “Have you not ruined my life enough?” 


Snow White looked confused as she approached the woman in front of her, “What do you mean? I thought you would be happy?” 


“Happy?” Regina questioned in anger, “Why on Earth would I be happy? You have ruined everything and taken away my only happiness.” 


“But Father will get me what I want for my birthday, he always does and then you can marry Emma,” Snow explained with tear-filled eyes and a worried expression on her face. 


“You truly are delusional, aren’t you?” Regina asked her rhetorically. 


“I don’t know what that means,” Came the child’s response. 


“You told your father about Emma and me after I asked you not to... after I begged you not to,” Regina highlighted, “He has taken Emma away from me and thrown her into the dungeons to face goodness knows what fate and it is all because you could not keep your mouth shut!” 


Snow White sobbed, “I didn’t realise, I didn’t know… he always gets me what I ask for. I thought he would get me this too.” 


“It doesn’t work like that, I told you before it is complicated,” Regina replied. 


“Isn’t there a way that you can get her out?” Snow questioned. 


“Get out!” Regina demanded angrily. 


Later that evening, Regina was making her way through the secret tunnels that were littering the castle walls and making her way down multiple hidden staircases until she reached near the dungeons. She knew that she could not openly visit her lover in the dungeons because the guards were sure to tell the King. As they always tended to do when she went somewhere. 


The guards that were in charge of guarding the dungeons were never actually near the cells themselves and always spent their time in the hallway outside of the cells themselves so that meant that she could sneak around them through the hidden hallways and staircases. 


“Emma,” Regina whispered to her as she entered the room with the cells, thankful that the majority of the cells were empty so that she could have some privacy with the blonde woman. 


The woman was sitting on straw on the floor, facing the wall and leaning against the side of the cell. She was still wearing what she had left the library in but her hair was a little messier than it had been and she had a bruise appearing on her upper arm that had not been there before. 


“Emma!” Regina attempted again to try and get the younger woman’s attention. 


This time, the blonde maid turned around to face where the voice was coming from, it took a moment as she was so distracted by her thoughts of what had happened that day and her thoughts concerning the woman she had fallen in love with. “Regina?” Emma questioned as if she was seeing a ghost or a hallucination, “What are you doing here?” 


“I came to see you, my dear,” Regina said softly in response, “I missed you.” 


“I missed you too,” Emma replied with a sigh as she moved closer to the bars of the cell that she was locked in. 


Regina knelt down in front of the other woman and put her hands on the bar for stability as it was rather hard in her dress and shoes. 


Emma moved even closer and put her hands on top of Regina’s hands as a way of comforting them both and providing them with that physical connection that they both craved so much. “Won’t you get in trouble for being down here?” Emma asked her with worry in her voice. 


Regina shook her head, “No,” she replied before adding, “Nobody knows I’m doing here, I used the servant tunnels to get down here so I did not have to pass by the guards.” 


“I love you, Regina,” Emma said softly as she reached a hand through the bars of the cell door to cup the other woman’s cheek, “Remember that. No matter what happens, please remember that.” 


“I love you too, Emma,” Regina said softly as she leaned her cheek more firmly against the soft skin of the other woman’s hand, “Don’t… don’t talk like that, please my dear.” 


“Please, just promise me that you will remember that I love you and that I will always love you no matter what,” Emma insisted passionately. 


Regina nodded, “And I you, my love.” 


Emma tugged the other woman closer so that she could press a soft kiss to the woman’s lips through the bars of the dungeon cell. 


“I will find a way to get you out, my dear, I promise you that,” Regina stated firmly, “I believe that I have a plan.” 


Emma sighed, “The guards were talking, they were discussing the King’s demands, Regina,” she revealed quietly, “The King has demanded that I be hung at sunset tomorrow.” 


Regina looked mortified, tears filled her eyes and were quickly cascading down her cheeks as she sobbed, “No, I will not let that happen.” She leaned in again and kissed Emma through the bars once more, “I will get you out and I will put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.” 


Emma was unsure as to what exactly that involved but before she could ask any questions, the Queen was closing the door to the secret hallway behind her and she had left the dungeons. All she could do was hope that whatever the Queen was planning to do would not harm the woman in any way as she could not forgive herself if Regina was harmed in the attempt to save her.