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Imprisoned Love

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Chapter Eight 


A few days later, the King had not long got back from another of his trips to carry out his royal duties. Regina was rarely ever informed as to where he was going and quite honestly she did not care as long as it was somewhere that she was not. 


Regina was in the library with Emma. The sun was shining through the large open doors that led to a balcony and the sound of nature outside flowed through the air. The Queen was listening to Emma read the latest choice in books. To anyone else it was simply a maid reading to her Queen, however, in reality, she was just listening to the voice of the woman she loved and also helping her with her reading by encouraging her to read out loud to her. 


The King smiled at his Princess, he did not spend a lot of time with her, however, he saw it as him doing what was best for his daughter by providing for her and getting the kingdom ready for the son that Regina would give him. 


“How are your lessons going?” He asked her as she sat with him. 


“Very well, father,” Snow replied politely with a smile, “I am rather enjoying my horse riding lessons.” 


“And your other lessons? In the classroom?” He questioned. 


Snow shrugged, “I do enjoy reading, but I am not keen on my maths lessons.” 


“Why is that?” The King asked with curiosity. 


“They are most boring, father,” Came the child’s reply. 


The King smiled, “I am sure that they are, I always thought the same as a child but they are necessary,” he said before adding, “It is only now that I am an adult that I see how important it is to understand mathematics.” 


“I guess,” Snow replied very quietly with a sigh, she had hoped her father would say that she did not have to do any more maths lessons with her tutor. 


“What would you like for your birthday?” The King asked his daughter with a smile, turning the topic to something a little more cheerful for the moment. 


“Oh, father!” Snow White exclaimed, “I have thought of the most perfect gift for my birthday.” 


“Oh?” King White asked her with an encouraging smile, “And what is that? You must tell me so that I can arrange to have it brought here for you or made.” 


“Oh, it isn’t something that you could bring here or have made,” Snow revealed with a smile. 


“Then how am I to get it for you?” the King asked her. 


Snow White bit her lip for a moment in a rather nervous gesture, “Well, it is… complicated.” She said, using the word that Regina had used with her previously without even realising it. 


“Oh, really?” King White questioned. 


Snow nodded. 


“Well, if you tell me what it is then I can make sure that you can have it for your birthday but if you do not tell me then how am I supposed to get it for you?” the King asked her in return. 


“For my birthday,” Snow said, pausing for a moment before stating her request, “I would like for you to let Regina marry Emma instead.” 


The King looked confused, “What? What do you mean?” 


“She loves her, father, she really loves her,” Snow said passionately in response, “I know that you love Regina father, but Emma loves her more and Regina loves her too.” Snow replied with passion in her voice. 


King White was silent, shocked by what he was hearing but also furious. 


Snow White took her father’s silence to mean that he was listening carefully to her so she pleaded with him, “Please father, I heard the other servants talking about how Regina was forced to marry you so please if you let her free then she can marry Emma. Don’t you want her to be happy?” 


When King White stood up and abruptly left the room, Snow smiled happily and when her governess entered the room to collect her, the woman asked, “Why are you smiling?” 


“Father is going to get me the best birthday present that I ever asked for and Regina will be happy,” Snow revealed. 


The Governess looked a little unsure as she had seen how angry the man had been when he stormed up the stairs of the castle. 


As King White entered the library, he slammed the doors open with force making them hit the walls either side. The doors were heavy so the force of the doors caused the handles to hit and crack the brick behind it. 


Regina jumped, instinctively moving in front of Emma in a way that would protect the woman from the fierce anger of the King because who else would be storming around the castle without the guards going crazy? 


“What is the meaning of this?” The King demanded. 


“Whatever do you mean? I am listening to a story, I wanted to hear one but did not wish to read myself,” Regina replied calmly and politely to the King. 


“I know, Regina!” The King bellowed at her. 


“I don’t know what you mean,” The Queen insisted. 


“I know about you and your servant girl!” The King replied angrily, “It is not acceptable, I will not have her touching my property!” He turned to the guards before pointing towards Emma, “Take her to the dungeons! I will decide what to do with her later!” 


The guards moved forward and despite Regina’s attempt, they took her away, dragging her from the room by her arms. 


Regina was frozen in fear as she watched the woman she loved being dragged away from her and the look in the blonde woman’s eyes stayed in her mind. 


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Regina insisted. 


“Snow told me,” the King replied, cutting off any further excuses, “She told me that she wants you to marry Emma for her birthday.” 


“Oh, it is just a child’s fantasy,” Regina said, attempting to brush it off.


“She says you're in love, where else would she get such a silly notion?” the King questioned with fury in his eyes and his face reddened with anger.