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Imprisoned Love

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Chapter Four 


The King had left Regina alone for a while after that, although the choice was not quite by his design but simply because of the fact that he was required to visit another kingdom on royal duty and opted not to take Regina with him. He had left her behind with the idea that she would take care of his precious daughter; Snow. 


Snow, however, already had a caretaker in the form of her governess, so she rarely bothered the Queen although she did seem to rather like spending time with the woman. 


Over time, Regina was starting to learn that if she was spending time with Snow White then the King would leave her alone as he did not want to upset his daughter by taking the woman away from her. 


Over time she learned that taking Snow on walks with her, although the child was rather annoying, meant that the King would not send guards to find her and bring her to him. They would leave her alone and that meant that she could spend more time with her maid. 


Each and every moment that she managed to have alone with Emma became more and more precious to her although she could not explain, even to herself, as to why it was that those moments were becoming so special to her. She seemed to crave them. Every moment that she could get, she grabbed with both hands. 


There had been many changes that had happened since the wedding. The King now summoned Regina on occasion to his personal quarters, however, she usually slept in her own bed in her own quarters. She spent only the time that she had to with him and every other moment she made sure that she was as far away from the man as she could possibly get. She hated the man and ever since she had been made to marry him, she seemed to find that hatred grew. Each and every day that she had to look at his face she hated him even more than she did the day before. Each and every day that she was summoned to his chambers, she detested him even more. 


One of the bigger changes was Emma’s move. Regina had had her moved to the room that was attached her own chambers so that she could have her closer to her, claiming that it would be much easier to carry out her royal duties if she was to have her maid at hand at all times rather than ringing down for her in the servant’s quarters. The King had agreed, although that was mostly due to the fact that he did not, in actual fact, care at all about where Regina kept her maid. He even pointed out that he could keep her in the stable for all he cared. Something that amused Regina, not that she openly admitted it, because she wondered if he would allow her to keep her maid in her bed with her for even easier… access. Of course, she did not dare to suggest such an inappropriate concept. 


Another change was the fact that Regina now spent much more time with Snow White in the grounds of the castle, especially in the maze that was located in the back of the property or beneath the long archway full of flowers that Regina found to be rather calming. She could pretend to herself that she was away from the castle and in the forest just like the two women had dreamed about. Of course in the dream, Snow would not be there but if she had to be there so that the King would leave her alone then so be it. 


Nights were Regina’s favourites or at least nights where she was not summoned to the King’s chambers because this was a time that she was able to be free of what was expected of her and free of the control of the King. 


Regina was able to call Emma into her chamber from the small room off of her own and spend some time with her. She often pulled back the covers and allowed the woman to lay with her as they talked about their day or about something random to take their mind off of everything. They could talk about their dream and about the cottage in the forest. Sometimes, Regina would even wander into her maid’s room and climb in with her during the night, especially if she suffered from one of her nightmares that night and did not want to be alone. Going to the King with a nightmare was definitely not an option and the only one that she could go to or even confide in was her blonde maid.