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Imprisoned Love

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Chapter Two 


Regina was ready, prepared in her dress and it would not be long before she was escorted from her chambers towards the great hall where she would be marrying the King. Growing up she never imagined marrying a King, despite what her mother continuously told her and she definitely never imagined marrying a man who was so much older than her. Especially a man of which she knew that her mother had previously been courted by. The man had been courting a number of different women before Regina was even born and one of them was Cora but eventually, he had chosen another woman to marry and so Cora was tossed to the side. The idea of ruling the Kingdom and having a title within it, however, never left her and as soon as she had a daughter she decided that she would marry her off to royalty so that she too could gain more status than that of which she already had. 


Her dress was beautiful but it was not her, it was not a dress that Regina had chosen herself but instead, it had been chosen for her. It was far too big for her liking and far too fluffy too, but she remained silent and said nothing about the dress as she knew that she did not have a choice in the matter. She knew that she would have to bide her time and behave until the King died because let's face it, at his age? That wouldn’t be too long away. Especially considering his lifestyle and diet as he hardly took care of himself. A fact that was highlighted by the size of his waist. 


“There’s still time,” Emma whispered to her softly. 


“Time for what, my dear?” Regina asked her quietly, she only ever called her that when in private as she had been informed by her mother that it was not appropriate so she made sure not to say it ever again in the woman’s presence or in the presence of anyone else either. Just in case. 


“Time to run away,” Emma answered with a small smile, “We can find a cottage in the woods just like we dreamed off when we were younger.” 


Regina smiled sadly and cupped the younger woman’s cheek, “You do not know how much I wish we could,” she admitted quietly, “But it is too late… I am to marry the King and I am to carry his heir.” 


“But you don’t want to,” Emma pointed out with a shake of her head. 


The dark-haired woman turned away and sighed heavily, “Of course I don’t want to,” she revealed. 


“You have magic, can’t you use it to stop it?” Emma questioned as she watched the other woman through the mirror that was on the wall in front of them. 


“So does my mother, remember?” Regina reminded her as she looked up at her through the mirror. 


Emma groaned, “Is there nothing that you could do to save yourself?” She asked as she knew that there was nothing that she herself could do as a simple maid to save Regina from this manufactured fate. 


Regina shook her head, “No… it’s too late.” 


“I refuse to believe that, I refuse to believe that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop this from happening,” Emma said, standing her ground firmly, “There has to be something that will stop you from having to marry that disgusting man or something that would stop you having to carry his precious heir… anything Regina… think… please!” 


The dark-haired woman turned around at the passionate plea from her younger maid and took that moment to fully look at her and take her in. She observed the woman’s body language and facial expressions before she sighed heavily. Regina turned her head to the side to look downwards for a moment and then she saw it. A magic book that had belonged to her mother, the book of which she had been made to study recently, “There may be something…” she said softly before she rushed over to the book that was sat on the wooden chest at the bottom of her bed. 


“What?” Emma asked her straight away as she followed her over to it and watched over her shoulder as the woman flicked through the pages of the old, worn book. 


“There it is!” Regina exclaimed, although a little quieter than she usually would do if she had the freedom of making as much noise as she wanted to whenever she wanted to. 


Emma tried to get closer so that she could see it, Regina had been secretly teaching the young maid how to read ever since she had arrived at the castle but attempting to read the book was another matter because it was not the language that she had been taught. Not yet anyway. “What does it say?” She asked her impatiently. 


“I can prevent the pregnancy,” Regina revealed as she looked up at Emma with a smile, “I won’t ever have to carry the King’s heir no matter what.” 


“Oh,” Emma said with a little disappointment, “I thought you’d found a spell to stop the wedding completely.” 


Regina smiled sadly, “I wish I could stop it but it’s too late for that now, all I can do is prevent myself from being able to carry his heir and maybe he’ll let me free when he realises that I’m of no use to him.” 


Emma sighed and nodded. 


The dark-haired woman smiled softly and cupped the other woman’s cheek before speaking softly, “Then we can run away, just like we dreamed about… a cute little cottage in the middle of the forest where we can be whatever we want to be and do whatever we want to do.” 


The young maid smiled in return, “What do you need me to do to help?” 


Regina grinned and soon they were both busy creating the spell that they needed from the ingredients that she had in her closet.