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Imprisoned Love

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Chapter One 


“I wish I didn’t have to marry him,” Regina whispered quietly, it was obvious from her body language and the sound of her voice that she was worried about admitting to that fact out loud where someone may overhear her. 


Emma nodded, “I know,” she replied softly as she continued to gently brush the woman’s hair whilst standing behind her. 


Regina looked up at the mirror in front of her and tilted her head as she looked at her personal maid, “I wish things could be different.” 


“Different?” Came the question from her blonde maid.  


The dark-haired woman nodded, “Yes… different.” She said as she looked down a little to the right with her eyes closed briefly. 


“Different how?” Emma asked her softly, wanting to know what she meant. 


Regina smiled slightly before she looked back up in the direction of the mirror, “Happy… I wish I could be happy. To find my happy ending, of which I know it could not possibly be with the King for he does not make me feel that way in the slightest.” 


“I wish that too,” Emma revealed. 


“You wish for my happiness? Or you wish for yours?” Regina asked in return. 


Emma smiled, that huge bright smile that she always did, “Both.” 


Regina smiled in return and nodded. 


“Maybe we should run away to a little cottage in the forest like we used to talk about when we were younger?” Emma suggested with a smile as she started to style the woman’s hair. 


A sad smile came across Regina’s face and she shook her head, “I’m afraid that it is too late for that and I believe that we have grown since then. I think you were only eight when you first came to the castle and became my maid,” again she shook her head, “I still can not believe how young you were when my mother decided that you would be my new maid.” 


“It is all I remember now, I barely remember anything from before I came here,” Emma admitted, “Everything before seems like a strange dream, I am not sure that my memories are even real. One moment I was on a mattress in a dark room and crying then I appeared in front of the castle. I’m not sure what happened to me to make me hallucinate to such an extent.” 


“One day we will understand,” Regina promised her before placing her hand gently on top of Emma’s which was resting on her shoulder, “But for now, you are where you belong, I believe.” 


Emma nodded as she finished doing Regina’s hair and began to thread flowers through her dark, soft locks. 


“What will your first act as Queen be?” Emma asked her, changing the topic from herself back to the Queen-to-be. 


Regina sighed heavily, “I am not sure that I will have such freedoms when I become Queen of the Kingdom.” 


“Whyever not?” The blonde asked her with confusion on her face. 


Regina smiled sadly, “I believe that the King is looking for a wife to simply give him a male heir so that he can pass the crown down to a son like he so wishes to do so.” 


“What?!” Emma exclaimed in shock, “That’s insane!” 


“Shh!” Regina said in an attempt to quieten her maid so that the guards outside would not hear her, “They’ll hear you.” 


Emma’s eyes were wide but Regina’s hand was now over her mouth preventing her from talking.  


“You have to be quiet, I don’t want them telling the King anything and I definitely do not want them charging in here as they did before,” Regina highlighted quietly as she stood in front of her young maid with her hand over her mouth still, “If I move my hand, will you promise to be quieter?” 


Emma nodded again, agreeing to be quieter for the sake of the woman in front of her as she did not want the King coming and nor did she want the guards to come into Regina’s quarters. She remembered the last time that the guards had burst into the room unannounced and uninvited. It had been only a couple of weeks previously and she had been trying to make Regina smile and laugh but she had tickled the woman and made her screech as well. The sound of the woman made the guards burst through the large double doors and into her chambers which put a rather abrupt stop to it and resulted in a rather annoyed King although Emma was unsure as to why exactly the King was in such a foul mood about it and Regina would not tell her exactly what had been said about it. She had a suspicion that the woman was attempting to protect her from something but it was still unclear as to what exactly that something was. 


Gradually, Regina moved her hand away from the woman’s mouth, she moved it so slowly as if expecting to have to put it back in its previous place rather soon. However, the maid remained quiet so she withdrew her hand completely and smiled sadly at her, “Unfortunately, I have no choice.” 


“What do you mean? Of course, you have a choice,” Emma whisper yelled at her, “The idea of not having a choice in your own body is ridiculous and you know it. What did you tell me when the King’s stable boy tried to kiss me?” 


“I told you that you have a choice and that nobody can take control of your body with your consent,” Regina replied with a sigh. 


“Exactly,” Emma stated as if she had won the argument. 


“But Emma… this is different. This is the King and the King?” Regina sighed heavily and shook her head, “He does not take no for an answer and I do not have the power to overrule him nor the power to say no. I don’t even have the power to marry for love instead of this… arrangement.” 


“This is ridiculous,” Emma pointed out with annoyance in her voice, “How dare they dictate who you marry and what you do with your body. I still think the running away idea is a good one by the way.” 


Regina shook her head with a smile, “I wish running away would be as simple as you make it sound,” she said softly before turning back to the mirror and sitting back down, “And as you know from experience, my mother has been dictating exactly that since before you came to the castle, my dear.”