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Hope in the Darkness

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Chapter Three 


It was a week later and everything seemed to be carrying on as normal except for the huge grin that was permanently pasted on the blonde’s face (despite Regina telling her that there was no guarantee that she was indeed pregnant). 


Emma was over the moon with the possibility that her girlfriend could be pregnant with their child. She had always wanted a child but she had always imagined that she would adopt a child, especially after her experience in the foster system. Emma definitely did not ever imagine that she would be able to get her own girlfriend pregnant. 


Regina attempted many times to explain to Emma that the pregnancy was not confirmed yet as it was too early, however, that did not stop the woman downloading books to her kindle on pregnancy and what to expect. A fact that made Regina smile as it showed how much Emma cared and how much the woman wanted this with her but it also made her roll her eyes because of the fact that it showed that Emma had not listened when she said there was no guarantee of her pregnancy yet. 


She was expecting her sister to come over shortly so she was not surprised when she heard a voice in the entrance hall to the mansion but what she was surprised by was what she said. 


Zelena used magic to transport herself to the townhouse with her daughter Robyn who was only six-months-old and shook her head as she felt the magical presence of both Emma and Regina. She had thought that Emma was working that day or at least that was what Regina had told her a couple of days previously. “I hope you’re not having sex in there!” Zelena called out, “There are innocent little eyes around now, you know.” She was, of course, referring to the baby in her arms. 


Regina frowned and stepped into the doorway of the entrance hall, “Zelena? Is your magic senses on the glitch? Emma isn’t here.” 


Zelena looked confused, “Then why can I feel her magic?” 


The dark haired woman shrugged slightly, “Because there is something wrong with your senses? Emma hasn’t been here since this morning, she left for her shift at about six this morning and won’t be back until tonight.” 


The red-headed sorceress frowned even more but stepped forward with Robyn in her arms, moving closer to her sister, “I definitely detect her magic although it is rather… mild?” 


“Maybe because she lives here?” Regina suggested. 


Zelena shook her head, “Nope, not that… stronger than that.” 


“Well… I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She commented before putting her arms out to her niece. 


Robyn happily grinned and almost launched herself out of her mother’s arms in order to get to her aunt. 


Her eagerness made Regina smile brightly as she quite happily took the little girl into her arms and bounced her softly on the spot, “Hello, Princess,” she greeted the child joyfully. 


Zelena’s eyes went wider and her jaw dropped ever so slightly in shock before she exclaimed rather enthusiastically, “That’s it!” 


Regina jumped slightly, not having expected such an outburst from her sister, especially as she had been so focused on the baby in her arms, “What on Earth are you talking about, Zelena?” 


“Baby!” Zelena replied but still the look of confusion remained on her sister’s face so she opted to expand on her answer, “You’re pregnant, aren’t you? That’s why I can feel Emma’s magic!” 


Regina’s jaw dropped but she quickly recovered, “Nothing has been confirmed yet.” Came the simple response. 


“What?” Zelena questioned in confusion. 


“It’s only been a week since Emma and I accidentally broke the spell, although I still have no clue as to how that even happened in the first place,” Regina revealed with a roll of her eyes. “I haven’t confirmed the pregnancy yet because it takes at least a week before the spell will work and as Emma is working today I was going to do it with her either tonight or tomorrow.” 


“Trust me when I say that you do not need a spell to be able to know,” Zelena said confidently before adding, “You definitely have a mix of both your own and Emma’s magic within you.” 


Regina smiled, “Truly?” She questioned as she hugged Robyn closer to her and kissed her cheek affectionately. 


Zelena nodded, “Yes, you reek of it!” She exclaimed with a grin to show she was jesting before she made her way into the kitchen, “So, are we having lunch or what? I’m starving!” 


“Of course.” Regina answered with a roll of her eyes at her sister’s antics, “It’s already prepared and laid out for us.” 


As the two women stepped into the kitchen, Zelena saw the food spread out on the table. Regina had gone all out and created a full afternoon tea set-up with mini cakes and sandwiches as well as salad and small finger snacks. She had even put a highchair up beside the table with some blended food for the infant too and a drink.