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Between Your Lips

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Autumn had hit Loveland City early this year, the trees losing their foliage quickly; making the ground appear to be a blazing wonderland. Ellie found herself working amongst this landscape for the most recent episode of Miracle Finder; the crisp air biting at her cheeks and nipping at her nose all the while. The shooting had started smoothly, it wasn’t until Minor came rushing towards her that she had been forced to remove herself from the process.

Minor was rather instant on the possibility of the fallen leaves blowing into the shot, so she had him start from the East end and her the West. She had half a mind to let him do this on his own, but he refused to- despite it being his own idea- and there was no one else she could spare to aid. So, here she was, kicking dead leaves down the hill in the hopes they wouldn’t disrupt any of the shooting.

Another gust of wind blows from ahead of her, causing her to turn her head and catch sight of a familiar face by the side of a tree. He was leaning his side against the trunk, watching her and smiling calmly.


Ellie begins the quick descent down the hill to reach him. The leaves cause her to slip a little right at the bottom, she manages to catch herself but Gavin still offers her his hand. She takes it without a second thought.

“You're back! Are you okay?” She gives him a once over. Ellie narrows her eyes. “You’re still in your uniform…”

The smile doesn’t leave his face, but he does have a mind to look abashed. “I am.”

“Meaning you didn’t go home.”

“I wanted to see you.”

Ellie tries not to smile at that. “You can see me anytime, that’s no excuse!”

She evidently fails as Gavin returns a smirk. “I beg to differ.”

She tries to maintain her composure, but she can’t help but laugh at his response. All the annoyance from earlier melts away with just a few words from him. “No excuse. You should go home and rest.”

He lets go of her hand and brings it to his neck. “Am I interrupting your work?”

Ellie shakes her head. “Hardly, I just mean you should take care of yourself. It can’t have been an easygoing couple of weeks.” Worry bleeds into her voice and his expression softens.

“I am taking care of myself, I promise. I just wanted to spend some time with you…” Gavin blanches at his own words and coughs into his fist. “Plus… I heard you bullied Minor into some rough work, I want to hear about it!”

“It’s hardly that interesting of a story.” Ellie giggles. “Besides, I’ll likely be here for a few more hours.”

“I could come over and you can tell me all about it then,” he suggests, “I still owe you a song, don’t I?”

Ellie can’t stop her smile. “You do.”

While Gavin can’t seem to hide his. “And I intend to deliver.”

“Sounds like a date,” she jests, heart full at the thought.

Gavin nods. “It could be.”

The comment knocks the breath out of her chest and her body feels languid in response. He tilts his head, asking the silent question: Are you okay?

I am...

Hands placed at his waist, she pulls herself up to him. Gavin stumbles back a step as she slips her lips in between his own; she was so close to him she could hear his intake of breath with such clarity. Their noses uncomfortably smushed next to each other, Ellie simply pulls back before adjusting her angle and placing another peck to his mouth. Their breath intermingles before she kisses him again, this time Gavin reacting with passion. Her head felt fuzzy as their lips slid across each other fervently. Shivers consume her as he places a hand to her waist. A hand to her cheek…

Suddenly, it feels as though ice water has been poured on her and she jolts away from Gavin’s now scorching lips.

Oh god… Oh god.

Ellie looks back up the hill where her crew still are. “I… I’m working. I shouldn’t be-” Letting go of his waist, Gavin follows in retracting his hands.

“Ellie.” Gavin’s eyebrows furrowed, like they usually are when he’s trying to think of a solution, but his gaze remains soft and trained on her.

“I have to get back. We’ll… We’ll talk later!” She backs away from him but finds herself reluctant to take her eyes off his. “...That’s a promise.” He takes a single step towards her, seemingly unconsciously, and Ellie forces herself to turn from him. Making her way up the hill, she finds herself thankful for the autumnal wind blowing on her cheeks. Feeling her heart thump wildly in her chest, her breath came out shaky with nerves. Her stomach also felt light, as if she had just gone off the highest part of a coaster. Her mind raced with the possible consequences that could follow this event, and yet… she couldn’t bring herself to regret it. Ellie gave one last look behind her in parting before rushing back to her team.

She doesn’t catch Gavin’s expression morph with the realisation over what had just occurred. She doesn’t catch Gavin being unable to stop his grin from spreading across his face. She does, however, catch Gavin’s back as he walks away from the site with his hands in his pockets, filling up her chest with the same warmth only he could give her.