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To: ENGR6A-9245


Welcome to Introduction to Engineering! I’m Professor Sokka, but you guys can just call me Sokka. I’m really excited to start teaching you guys about the cool fundamentals of engineering and to be one of your first professors at this university.

I have attached the syllabus to this email and the Canvas site should be up and running soon, so please check those out as soon as possible so you’re aware of all the due dates and exam dates.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me or come to my office hours.

Thank you,


Sent 8/14 3:27 PM



August 17th 9:39 PM

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Samantha: hey, saw the fb post about making a chat for intro to engineering with prof sokka

Kevin: yoooo! thnks sam. anyone else excited to finally start college? sorta scared tbh

Soobin: Apparently the profs nice so it shouldn’t be too bad

Brian: Yo! Party at kappa sigma! Starting at 9! Come on over!


August 21st 12:36 AM

Riley: fuck

Riley: was there an assignment due tonight???

Riley: ahsdfjoash fucking messing up on sylabus week what a greAt way to start the Year

Kevin: yeah, there was a mastering assignment due at midnight

Kevin: but yo! It’s okay the hw’s not that much of the grade

Paul: Oh, I missed it too.
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Paul: Wait it seems like a lot of us missed the assignment. I’ll e-mail the professor and see if he’ll possibly give an extension.

Samantha: paul has volunteered to be tribute

Samantha: paul we love you




I hope you are doing well. I am Paul Kach, a student in your ENGR 6A class, section 9245. I, along with multiple other students in the class, were not aware that the first homework assignment was due tonight. To help us all be able to start college and the class on the right foot, could you please extend the deadline this one time?

Thank you so much for your time.


Paul Kach

Sent: 8/21 12:51 AM



August 21 12:54 AM

Paul: Does the professor not have a last name?

Samantha: ???

Samantha: wait shit yeah wtf he never gave us one

Adam: i’ve looked him up on the school site too and all it gives is just Professor Sokka

Paul: I felt awkward calling him by his first name so I just said hello.

Samantha: lmaoo




Hey Paul,

Don’t worry about it. Extended the deadline till Monday the 24th. Have fun!

Also, you kids need to go to bed earlier.

- Sokka

Sent 8/21 2:13 AM



August 22 8:14 AM

(Paul has sent a screenshot)

Paul: The professor extended the deadline till Monday.

Kevin: prof sokka’s the og yo. @riley


Riley: ah yeah he just sent out a message through Canvas

Samantha: lol he tells us to go to bed when he’s awake at like 2

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ProfSokkas the OG

August 24 11:51 AM


Samantha: lmaoooooo yeah the tension was so thicc

Tyler: Wait what

Kevin: half way through today’s lecture another professor walked in and started talking to the prof for a good 5 minutes before he just stalked back out

Kevin: i was sitting in the back tho so i couldn’t hear what exactly but it looked hella heated

Tay: loll i was in the Front they were basically whisper yelling about something about their office and a boomerang and a cup of tea

Ollie: Bros wait

Ollie: Bros i just talked to my sister who had the class last year

Ollie: That was probs professor sozin from the lit department

Olie: Apparently there’s a whole thing with them. there’s a rumor that there’s a school wide bet about them being in a relationship or not

Samantha: LOL so glad i took this class instead of the one with jeong-jeong

Kylie: We should stay out of our professor’s love life. It’s really unprofessional you guys.

Kevin: kylie while i respect your opinion, this is the only thing making this class interesting. don’t ruin it for the rest of us

Kylie: Just saying.

Tay: there was s p i c e i tell you

Tyler: Gdmt i slept in and missed it

Samantha: i guess it sucks to suck tyler

Tyler: Luv ya too samantha


Weekly Engineering Department Newsletter

Monday, August 24th

Firstly, congratulations on starting this new semester and new year. I hope that this year is productive both in regards to stimulating the young minds of our students and your own personal research.

Secondly, I wanted to thank you all for being so patient with us as we figure out the issue of offices. Walberg Hall has been closed for remodeling causing there to not be enough office space for each faculty member this year. Unfortunately, admin did not inform us of this early enough for us to be able to come up with alternative plans. We have been forced to share with the literature department for at least the semester. You should have received an email with more information if this change impacted you. Again, thank you so much for all of your cooperation and patience.

There will be Donuts with Professors again.. [read more]

Boom and Fire

August 24th 12:13 PM

Sokka: zukooooo im sorry

Sokka: i know you’re in class right now

Sokka: but honestly! i didn’t mean to leave my boomerang just lying around

Sokka; im sorry you tripped and fell! and spilled your tea!!

Sokka: besides it’s really suki’s fault! she’s part of admin and so she’s at fault for not giving the head of the department enough time and now we have to share

Sokka: but let me make it up to you!

August 24th 3:34 PM

Zuko: Oh, you’re going to be making it up to me

Sokka: now i feel unsafe

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ProfSokkas the OG

September 2 2:23 PM

Samantha: is anyone going to office hours today?

Paul: I am. Why?

Samantha: lol too scared to go and then end up being the only one there

Kevin: yo, that’s a mood

Kevin: you two wanna :) share any info :) the prof gives ?

Samantha: sure kevin

Kevin: lit

Samantha: and then you have to go for me next week

Kevin: fuck

2:45 PM

Samantha: you guys i think paul and i figured out what was happening last week with the other prof

Samantha: we’re here at OH and prof sozin’s here too. apparently they have to share an office for the semester and it is cramped af

Tay: hohohoohohhooh

Kevin: when you ask samantha for engineering info and she comes through with the class gossip instead

Samantha: take what i give you kevin

Tyler: And they were officemates

Tay: oh my god they were officemates

Paul: Sam and I made a google doc with all the topics we talked about in OH today.

Paul: Give this message a thumbs up and I’ll share it with you.
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September 2nd

- First midterm will definitely have safety questions on it
- According to professor sozin, professor sokka always puts at least five of these questions after a year where the kids messed up bad in lab
- Apparently the professor got in trouble for that
- Make sure to go over training videos provided in the syllabus
- Prof sozin keeps s m i l i n g at prof
- The prof doesn’t seem to have a last name???? We asked???? He just laughed???


ProfSokkas the OG

September 2nd 2:55 PM

Kevin: yo! thanks paul

Kevin: sam did you write the extra juicy tidbits

Samantha: feel like it was important what can i say

Tyler: ….prof sozin sure seems to know a lot about prof parks

Soobin: apparently they’ve been friends for a long time

Soobin: one of the upperclassmen in this club I joined has prof sozin as his mentor and he was telling me that they’ve known each other since high school

Tay: is that so…..

Kylie: We have the first midterm next week right?

Brad: We do?

Paul: Yes, it’s next week on Wednesday.

Kylie: Anyone want to make a study group session?
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Tay: …..i still think there’s something up



You have an hour to complete the multiple choice and free response section of this test. Please write legibly. You’ve got this! Good luck!

1. What PPE should you be wearing at all times in the lab?

(Questions continued on next page)


ProfSokka the OG

September 9th 12:03 PM

Tyler: Prof Sozin was right

Brad: holy fuck that was hard pls tell me that wasn’t just hard for me

Kevin: There were exactly five safety questions wtf

Kevin: and yo @brad :( it was hard for me too bud

Samantha: may the curve be thiccccccccc


To: ENGR6A-9245

Hey class,

Congratulations on finishing your first midterm! The average was a 72% which is pretty on par with all other years. You guys should be very proud of yourselves! Your individual scores should be out on Canvas within the hour.

I’m going to also remind you guys that curves will be applied at the end of the semester. If you feel like you didn’t do as well as you would have liked, don’t worry! Come to OH and we can talk about it and answer any questions you might have.


Sent 9/9 6:24 PM


ProfSokkas the OG

September 9 6:30 PM

Soobin: Wow, he grades really fast

Kevin: right??? Like how

Kevin: the ta’s said they don’t help with grading??

Samantha: rip that curve tho


ENGR 6A Office Hours 9/14

Prof Sokka’s (+ Prof Sozin’s) Tips for Studying

- Review notes daily
- Do the hw ahead of time
- Apparently we have to sleep on time …… k prof sozin u were lookin straight at prof sokka
- Drinking tea is of utmost importance (prof sokka called it hot leaf juice and sozin just glared)


The P(rof).I.

September 14th 5:56 PM

Tay has added Samantha, Kevin, Paul, and Tyler

Tay: alright gays let’s get crackin

Paul: What is this?

Tay: this is where the real work gets done

Tay: we’re detectiving

Samantha: whether the profs are officemates or Officemates?

Tay: exactly...

Tyler: First things first my bros.

Tyler: Can we figure out prof sozins first name im getting whack vibes from “sozin”

Kevin: sozin has not passed the vibe check?

Tyler: Sozin has definitely failed the vibe check

Samantha: apparently it’s zuko

Tyler: zuko has passed the vibe check

Tay: lit. anyway didn’t want to spam that chat and besides we’re really the only mains talkin

Tay: this shall be dedicated to finding out whether our profs are Together or Not

Paul: This might be fun.

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One Brain Cell

September 21st 3:47 AM

Boomerman: I, the amazing and all powerful Sokka, am sick as fuck

Fireman: Guess your immune system isn’t amazing or powerful.

Boomerman: stfu zuko you probs got me sick

SugarQueen: It’s three in the morning.

Boomerman: my own sister :((((

Boomerman: i don’t want to cancel class and OH for the kids thooooo

BadassFan: Just have zuko do it. He’s done it a bunch of times before

BadassFan: And if he really got you sick, then it’s payback.

Boomerman: :)))) zuko :))))

Fireman: Fine.

Boomerman: love ya

MelonLord: go tf to sleep or i’ll take out your shins tomorrow


To: ENGR6A-9245

Hey class,

I am so goddamn sick right now and sadly I will not be able to grace you with my magnificent presence today. The lovely Professor Zuko will be teaching y’all tomorrow and leading my OH. Don’t worry, he’s a genius and knows his shit.

See y’all whenever I feel less like dying.


Sent 9/21 4:01 AM


The P(rof).I.

September 21st 9:23 AM

Paul: Professor Sozin will be teaching us today.

Tay: i think you meant The Lovely Professor Zuko

Kevin: and the plot thickens

Tay: sit in the front with me today!
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ProfSokkas the OG

September 21st 10:13 AM

Brian: yO! Was anyone gonna tell me that the other prof man has a hugeass scar on his face??

Kylie: Let’s not comment on the physical appearances of our professors

Brian: chill, it looks hella cool

Vanessa: this professor’s cute ;)

Brad: prof sokkas better lookin.

Brad: The tan skin and crystal blue eyes ~~

Vanessa: valid

Vanessa: but this profs voice ~~

Brad: valid

Kylie: Oh my god you guys.

Kevin: do i need to start a horny jail?


The P(rof).I.

September 21st 11:03 AM

Samantha: we’re all going to OH today

Tay: yesssss



September 21st

Doc has been shared with Samantha M., Tay P., Kevin L., Tyler B.

- Make sure to look at both fluid static and dynamics
- Someone ask him about prof sokka…….sam u do it saM d o I T Nvm pauL tYPE THIS ALL DOWN WE GOTTA ANALYZE LATER

- S: wow prof sozin i thought you were a lit prof

- PZ: oh pls, call me prof zuko. I studied a little bit of engineering before i switched to lit……….and i’ve heard sokka practice this lecture so many times ive memorized it

- Sam: oh thats cool >>>>>>>>>. LMAO SAM YOU’RE SO BAD AT THIS

- Tyler: prof is this a boomerang?

- PZ: yes, this one was a gift from sokka. We actually met in highschool because he hit me in the head with one.

- Tay: he what

- PZ: hit me in the head, yes. He was still learning how to use it. Hit himself in the head a few times afterward but now he’s pretty good at it

- Kev: thats pretty dope

- Tay: and you both decided to become professors? I mean…… how did you choose your career

- PZ: ah, well, sokka actually helped me decide to move into lit since i love plays so much but i was first planning on joining my father’s company. Don’t worry, you guys have time to find what you want to do.

- PZ: do you guys want some jasmine tea? My uncle taught me that tea is the solver of all problems.

- Paul: yes.


The P(rof).I.

September 21st 5:07 PM

Samantha: aw he’s gonna buy soup for the professor

Kevin: dudes did any of you see what the prof sokka was saved as??

Kevin: it was a bunch of random emojis

Tyler: Professional relationship my beautiful ass

Tay: hmm but it could still be a very strong friendship.

Tay: we need more evidence

Kevin: btw @paul ur transcript taking is fantastic

Paul: Thank you, Kevin.




8:00 AM: Cloudy, 54°F
9:00 AM: Cloudy, 59°F

1:00 PM: Drizzling, 59°F
2:00 PM: Raining, 61°F

5:00 PM: Cloudy, 55°F


5:00 PM: Raining, 53°F


The P(rof).I.

September 29th 5:25 PM

Kevin: i’m walking to my last class and I saw Prof Zuko just standing under this awning

Kevin: he looked like he got soaked in the sudden pour down

Kevin: was gonna say hi and then saw this flash of blue just running down towards him

Tyler: Bro, was it professor sokka??????????????

Kevin: IT WAS

Kevin: he was holding a big jacket and an umbrella

Tyler: Bro jUst oNe (1) umbrella???

Kevin: yup. looks like they were sharing

Tyler: Wow we love sharing umbrellas what happened next

Kevin: no idea i left to get to class

Tyler: Ah legitness have fun in class

Kevin: yo thanks my dude

October 3rd 12:13 PM

Tay: ...i was procrastinating on my essay and i found this gem of a subreddit

Tay shared a link to r/themysteriesofzukka

Tay: looks like there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to this, we aren’t alone



Moderator pieboi added a picture file “gayevdience5829”

May 5th
[MOD] pieboi: yo my children. look at professor sokka’s face and tell me those aren’t the phattest heart eyes youve seen on someone

Rabbithole: find u a man that looks at u like prof sokka looks at
prof zuko

April 17th
Chikentendous: Hewwo, hewwo. I bring with me a pretty cool story, I was running around the campus at night cause it was too hot during the day. And who do I see taking a nighttime stroll through the rose gardens. You guessed it! Our dear wonderful Professor Sokka and Zuko. It was around like 8, and Prof Sokka had his arm around Prof Zuko. Seemed like it was really peaceful.

April 1st
Toelocker: prof zuko was drinking tea in class when he suddenly spit it all out, unfortunately all over his macbook. I was sitting near where he was lecturing and heard him grumble Sokka under his breath and then he ended class early. I’m betting that there was salt in his drink. Guess prof sokka likes april fools tricks.

Whackadoodledoo: or was it something else :)
[MOD] pieboi: don’t make me ban you, strike 1 creepydoodledoo

Randomoclock: Lmaoo i think this is why prof zuko came into prof sokka's office hours and just sat around for a bit, playing around with the stuff on prof sokka’s desk. Then he left and five minutes later prof sokka turns around and just screams bloody murder. There was what looked to be a huge bug sitting inside one of his lampshades lights. The prof was across the room and up a table in no time flat. And then prof zuko walked back into the room laughing his head off. Apparently, he'd put cut outs of bug shapes and put them in the lamp shades to scare prof sokka.

February 15th
ijustwannasleep: I work at the Target out in the city. Normally, I don’t see a lot of professors shopping there. Yesterday, the store was almost closed and I just wanted to go home. I had an assignment due for Professor Sokka class the next day. And then who walks in through the front doors other than Professor Sokka and I think the philosophy professor (Professor Aang? Do none of these profs go by their last names?) They both ran into the store looking half crazed and went straight for the candy aisle before grabbing a bunch, and then running to the cash register when they finally calmed down. Guess Professor Sokka recognized me because he asked me how I was doing, and I was like, “My dude, I am exhausted and don’t wanna do your assignment.” And the Best Man Sokka was like “Oh rip I’ll extend the deadline, don’t worry about it.” Then they left mumbling something between themselves. I don’t know for sure if he’s dating Prof Zuko but i’m fairly sure he’s dating someone, because if they only wanted candy for themselves they would’ve come after Valentine’s Day was over to take advantage of the sales.

December 30th
Fallingdowndowndown: This was before winter break. It had just started snowing and I’m fairly sure it was the first snow of the year. I’d gone down out of my dorm to take a look at it and Reddington’s sort of in front of the physical sciences offices and two men ran out of the building and just stared up at the sky as the snow fell. Couldn’t tell exactly who they were, but I’m pretty sure Professor Zuko was one of them. They both played around in the snow for a little bit and then went back inside.

Pitforpat: There’s a thing about how being with the one you like in the first snow of the season means that true love will blossom between you [MOD] Yum: Now this one’s adorable, hope whoever they were that they’re still together

December 2nd:
MelodY: Why are you all still talking about this? This is all disrespecting their privacy and borderline stalking.

[MOD] pieboi: take a chill pill mel. apparently prof sokka’s been made aware of this subreddit and just laughed and called us all madlads
[MOD] Yum: we have the teacher’s permission!

November 30th:
walliewall: I stayed on campus for Thanksgiving break and saw both professors sparring in a gym in the city I like to frequent. They were going at it with swords, prof sokka had one and prof zuko had two and honestly it was super freaking cool. There was a tiny crowd watching them and a short girl in green yelling insults at the both of them. They continued for a good fifteen minutes before prof zuko somehow got one of his swords under prof sokka’s neck.

UnI: the inherent eroticism of the blade


The P(rof).I.

October 3rd 2:01 PM

Tyler: Well bros that was truly a riveting read and i am just getting more and more convinced they’re together

Tay: right???

Kevin: yo i bring with me a wild tale

Tyler: A wild tale you say? do tell my good bro

Kevin: i wanted to figure out what prof sokka’s last name was because i am a curious boy

Tay: and what did you find

Kevin: absolutely nothing

Kevin: found his facebook and it only has a picture of a boomerang and it has his first name is professor and his last name is sokka
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Paul: I found one of his research papers and it’s the same thing, just Professor S.

Tay: was it peer reviewed?

Paul: It was peer reviewed.

Tyler: Maybe he’s an eccentric scientist type??

Tay: honestly...wouldn’t put it past him.


Boom and Fire:

October 5th, 4:34 PM

Sokka: had a kid come in today and ask me straight up what the hell my last name was

Zuko: …

Zuko: What did you say

Sokka: that it didn’t exist but if he was really that uncomfortable he could pick a last name for me.

Sokka: gave him fire as an example. sokka fire sounds pretty lit right

Zuko: Never say that again.

Sokka: admit it i’m a creative genius

Zuko: You are an incredible dolt

Sokka: but i’m your favorite dolt.

Zuko: I still can’t believe you just basically deleted your last name from existence

Sokka: pays to have a best friend in admin, Suki works her magic

Sokka: and if i can do it, that means you can too, you don’t have to be stuck connected to that asshole

Zuko: I don’t wanna have this conversation again, especially not over text

Sokka: fine, i’ll be there soon. Cuddles?

Zuko: Cuddles

Chapter Text

ProfSokkas the OG

October 7th, 9:32 AM

Brad: 2nd midterm yoo!!

Brad: Good luck to everyone

Brad: Party afterward at kappa sigma

Samantha: im gonna need more than luck fuck me uppp


The P(rof).I.

October 7th, 11:10 AM

Tyler: Well, at least that midterm is done

Kevin: you guys up for some food?
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Paul: Where’s Sam?

Tay: she’s dead. the midterm killed her

Kevin: f

Tyler: f

Paul: F.

Tyler: Rip Sam but we got a lot to talk about

Tyler: We got that Whole Bit with the professors my dudes

Kevin: yeah when tf did prof zuko even get in

Kevin: i barely had time to finish the test and got up to turn it in and poof there he was

Tay: he came in like ten minutes before class ended and just sat down and started grading his own papers

Paul: They grade together?

Tyler: Bros that grade together stay together

Tay: wait do you guys think prof zuko helps grade our tests???

Kevin: is this how he grades super fast without ta help

Paul: He could very easily grade the multiple choice section and he is very knowledgeable in engineering, so he could grade the free response too. It’s entirely possible that he helps out.

Tyler: “Helps out” huh

Tay: 5 min into grading exams n chill when he gives you the look

Tyler: Oh my god


Canvas Notification 4:32 PM

Submission Posted: Midterm 2, ENGR 6A

Your instructor has released grade changes and …


The P(rof).I.

October 7th 4:33 PM

Samantha: guess which fucker actually passed this exam

Kevin: was it you!

Samantha: IT WAS ME!

Kevin: yo what a queen!

Samantha: also holy fuck they grade so fast

Kevin: and they chill :)))

Samantha: aojsofjasohgaskjf


College Newsletter

Trick or Treat!: Planning on going trick or treating? Come to the Academics Hill and trick or treat with your professors! Please remember that costumes with dangerous weapons (guns, swords, axes, etc) and masks are not allowed on campus or on Academics Hill.

Job Fair: Join us at the Student Center for … [Read More]


The P(rof).I.

Samantha changed the chat name to The Scooby Gang

The Scooby Gang

October 31st 6:13 PM

Samantha: put your costumes on bitches we’re going to get dinner and then get candy

Kevin: yo can i come as a cat

Samantha: you do you bb

Samantha: we ride at 7, meet at the southern dining hall
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One Brain Cell

October 31st 6:50 PM

TwinkleToes: Happy Halloween!!!

MelonLorde: time to scare some dumbass kids

SugarQueen: toph no

MelonLorde: toph yes

MelonLorde: gonna give rocks out for candy

Boomerman: and this ^^^^ is why my house is the favorite all these kids need is Large Candy

TwinkleToes: Are you and zuko going to dress up again this year?

Fireman: Unfortunately

Boomerman: sexy vampires ;)

MelonLorde: disgusting


The Scooby Gang

October 31st 8:45 PM

Tay: ..where did you guys go

Paul: Tyler found a friend and is talking to her. We are waiting for him.

Tay: well hurry it up!!

Tay: we found an Amazing thing!

Kevin: ?

Tay: samantha knocked on this one house that was Amazingly decorated

Tay: skeletons and fake spiders + webs and a huge inflatable pumpkin, the whole shebang

Tay: and gUeSS whO answered

Kevin: beyonce

Tay: no u derp

Tay: the professors!!

Tay: they were both dressed up as vampires with fancy coats and capes and fake teeth and all.

Kevin: so they live together???

Paul: They could have just gotten together for Halloween as they are close friends.

Samantha: or they’re just roommates

Kevin: oh my god, they were roommates

Tay: upgraded from officemates to roommates

Paul: Either way, this is not evidence of anything.

Samantha: tru but hurry up they’re giving out king sized candy and there’s a line forming


Paul: Kevin is dragging Tyler, could you please share your location?

Tay has shared her location

ProfSokkas the OG

November 6th 10:45 AM

SooBin: not gonna complain about class ending early but also wtf

Tyler: The prof seemed really stressed

Brad: yeah he just looked at his phone and sprinted out of there

Brad: hope the bro’s okay

Tyler: Same bro


The Scooby Gang

November 6th 10:55 AM

Kevin: did you guys see the emojis on the phone??

Kevin: i would bet my financial aid that prof zuko was the one calling him

Tay: fuck well it didn’t look good

Tay: ...the prof looked like he was going to kill someone

Samantha: yeah it was lowkey scary

Samantha: do you guys think everythings okay?

Paul: We should probably refrain from speculating on this one topic.
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Tyler: Yeah this one just feels bad

Tyler: Really hope everythings fine though the professors are so nice
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11:31 AM
Suspect at large for assault and battery. Report any suspicious individuals or activity to authorities.



November 6th
Thtbtchovrthr: hey this ones a bit more serious and idk if it should even be here but whtv honestly today has just been wild. I’m in professor zuko’s analysis of shakespeare class and the discussion today was going perfectly fine and then this old dude just walked into the class. He looked rich and like an asshole and he just started spouting a whole lot of shit at professor zuko. honestly, i didn’t understand half of it and the half i did was just homophobic and disgusting, but then the old dude just slaps professor zuko out of fucking nowhere honestly like what the fuck? And then prof sokka just ran into the room and immediately punched the dude and the old dude just left. Idek just. hope the old dude trips off a cliff

[MOD] yum: we might have to take this post down cause there does seem to be a police investigation but we’ll see. stay safe everyone


Fight Club

November 6th 2:41 PM

Suki: How’s your fist?

Sokka: it’s fine, i punched him like you taught me

Sokka: didn’t break my thumb this time

Suki: Proud of you. And proud of Zuko

Sokka: thanks


Broity Bro

November 6th 6:34 PM

Aang: hey, heard about what happened. how’re you guys

Sokka: pretty shit tbh aang

Sokka: i want to kill that man

Aang: hm that’s understandable he is despicable

Sokka: zuko says you guys can come over if you want

Aang: we’ll be over in twenty and we’ll bring snacks

Sokka: thanks bro


The Scooby Gang

November 6th 7:39 PM

Samantha: okay i know we said we’d leave this alone

Samantha: but i googled prof zuko’s last name

Samantha: he’s ozai sozin’s son

Tay: wait the? whack ass ceo of that one weapons company??

Samantha: the one and the same

Samantha: there’s a whole wikipedia page on their family its really weird

Kevin: woah wtf. is this why prof zuko was studying engineering before??

Tay: …..huh maybe

Tay: wait lmao his great-grandpa made the company and change his last name to be the same as his first name

Tyler: omfg can you get more egotistical than that. absolutely jank. i knew sozin didn’t pass the vibe check

Paul: Hello, I too have been doing research into this instead of doing my work.

Kevin: we love a king that owns up to his procrastination

Paul: Someone went through a lot of trouble to bury reports of child abuse aimed at Ozai Sozin. There are, honestly, some disgusting things in this report, so I’m not going to link it, but Ozai is a horrid and despicable human being.

Tay: bad is it

Paul: He may be the reason for Professor Zuko’s scar.

Tyler: Hmm anyone opposed to OZAI SOZIN CATCHING THESE HANDS


Samantha: hope he burns in hell

Tay: how about we get a small present for professor zuko instead?

Paul: Jasmine tea might be good. Remember, he said he ran out last OH?

Tay: paul you’re a genius.


One Brain Cell

November 8th, 3:32 PM

Fireman: I know we complain about how annoying students can be

Fireman: But these kids heard about what happened, were worried about me, and bought me jasmine tea for Uncle’s tea shop


Fireman: They were.

SugarQueen: Aww, Zuko, that’s really cute

TwinkleToes: Sokka, you can’t take the credit for what they did just because they’re your students.

Boomerman: ...hush it aang

MelonLorde: ok maybe the kids are alright

Chapter Text

ProfSokkas the OG

November 11th 5:46 PM

Brad: Last midterm tomorrow my dudes

Soobin: Yup.

Fatima: was there hw due?

Soobin: Yup.

Fatima: shit.

November 12th 12:10 PM

Kylie: yo did anyone else see that typo

Soobin: Professor Sokka must have a meeting.


The Scooby Gang

November 12th 12:20 PM

Tyler: Wtf was that on the second page

Tay: “...yeah so 11/16 at 8 okay?”

Tay: it’s like he accidentally typed a text into the test

Kevin: he does have a mac and an iphone, he could have been texting someone and just did it in the wrong place

Kevin: i’ve done that when i’m tired, and he does seem to stay up late

Tyler: Does the professor have a date

Paul: It could just be plans for a meeting as it does not specify whether it's at night or in the morning.

Samantha: well then there is only one thing that we can do

Samantha: who wants to go on a little trip

Kevin: in our favorite rocket ship?

Paul: I’m sorry what


November 16th 7:30 AM

Kevin: why am i awake so early

Samantha: because kevin, we are detectives

Kevin: okay so why are we in a bush texting when we’re all next to each other

Samantha: because we are sleuthing detectives and we are sneaking!

Kevin: we just look super suspicious now

Kevin: can i get out

Samantha: no ❤︎

Tay: i got stabbed in the eye by a leaf you can handle sitting in some dirt

Paul: What are we even looking for?

Tay: this is the building professor sokka tends to have his meetings in. if he comes in at 8 today then it was probably just a meeting.

Tyler: Then bro why are we here so gdm early

Samantha: people don’t just show up for meetings at 8 exactly at 8

Tyler: They don’t?

Kevin: wait is that him

Kevin: is that the professor

Paul: It does look like him indeed.

Tyler: He gets to meetings 30 minutes beforehand? Weirdo

Paul: This means it was simply a meeting plan that was in the text.

Samantha: noooooooo whyyyyyyy

Tay: i got sticks up my ass for nothing

Kevin: fuck it lets go get food later

Samantha: i have class till 7 pm tonight

Tyler: Broski why thts so sad

Kevin: dinner then, lets get out of out of this damn bush


November 16th 7:47 PM

Samantha: where are y’all

Tay: inside the restaurant come on in we’re in the back

Samantha: lit


November 16th 8:11 PM

Kevin: yo yoyooyyooy!

Kevin: YO

Paul: Why are you on your phone during our dinner.

Kevin: why are you?!

Kevin: anyway its the professors!!!

Samantha: WOAHHH IT IS


Tay: oh my god has the mystery finally been solved

Tyler: Wait no

Tyler: They’re sitting at a table meant for multiple people

Paul: Look, there’s more people coming in.

Paul: It’s other professors. I think one of them’s Prof Sokka's sister

Samantha: noooo! ugh whatever lets just eat dinner.

Samantha: phones down lets eat


November 16th 8:57 PM

Kevin: pretty sure the profs saw us.

Kevin: prof sokka did a little wave and prof zuko slapped his hand back down

Tay: cute


To: ENGR6A-9245

Hey class,

I know you guys are probably not the biggest fans of group projects, but I’m mandated by the program to give at least one every semester because apparently you guys need to learn about working with other people. So, this is your one and only group project. You will need groups of 4 or 5 for this project and will be presenting your final product to the class. I’ve attached the instructions.

To make you guys hate me less, this project will count as your final, so there won’t be any exams for this class on finals week.

Have a great Thanksgiving break!


Sent 11/23 5:13 PM


The Scooby Gang

November 23rd 8:38 PM

Paul: Did you guys see the email the professor sent?

Samantha: ughhh nooooooooooooo i hate group projects

Kevin: yo can we do it together?

Paul: I was hoping so, yes.

Tay: lit im down

Tyler: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Tyler: We can start planning during break


One Brain Cell

November 23rd 9:42 PM

SugarQueen: Did you guys give your group assignments out?

BadassFan: Lol, you suckers have to give assignments. Pro’s of being in admin
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Fireman: I did, and immediately got about ten e-mails with questions and people asking for alternative assignments

Fireman: I don’t like forcing them to work together

MelonLord: ah they can suck it up and do it, dw sparky

Fireman: I hate group projects in general.

MelonLord: Ah right. Understandable.

Boomerman: i gave it too

TwinkleToes: my class and i had a very long discussion about the ethics of group assignments

SugarQueen: So did you cancel yours?

TwinkleToes: no, i got in trouble last year, so i told them it would just be participation points instead

Boomerman: sneaky bastard

Boomerman: anyway we’re doing thanksgiving at my place right

MelonLorde: yup. hope you don’t burn the turkey like last time.

Boomerman: it was One time!


The Scooby Gang

December 4th 9:12 AM

Tyler: I’m gonna throw up

Paul: Why? Our project is great and you’re very good at speaking. And we’re all gonna be presenting together.

Tyler: Aw bro you’re so sweet

Samantha: ;-; we’ll do fine but will we ever know if the prof was ever dating.

Tay: it’ll work out

Tay: i can feel it


December 4th 11:50 AM



Kevin: we did all of that sleuthing for nothing

Tyler: What a semester

Paul: But at least our presentation went well.
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December 5th
Thescoobygang: the mystery has been solved kids. we were presenting our project for professor sokka when professor zuko walked in and sat down next to him. Apparently, he likes to come in and watch the students show their creations. We finished our presentation and were answering questions and professor sokka said some pun that we didn’t understand. And then professor zuko just kissed him. Right in front of the whole class. Those two are dating and they are so so very cute together.

[MOD] yum: oh my god these kids have cracked the code. and they wouldve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

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Boom and Fire:

December 5th 3:12 PM

Zuko: I still can’t believe i kissed you in front of your students

Sokka: it’s okay the pun was really good, i would've kissed myself if i could do it

Sokka: but i’ll just kiss you instead :)

Zuko: I hate you

Sokka: love you too babe



4.8/5 (Overall Quality Based on 76 Ratings)

Professor Sokka

92% Would take again | 4.1 Level of Difficulty

Most Helpful Rating

December 28th
This man is the sweetest. He’s really passionate about his subject and cares a lot about his students. He’s definitely understanding of how life sometimes just happens and doesn’t mind extended deadlines if it’s too hard for us. His office hours are really helpful if you’re having a hard time, and he might even show you one of his boomerangs. Professor Zuko might also be there and you can see them being all cute together and you might even be able to hear him complain about the Ember Island Players and how they are ruining some of his favorite plays. Overall, my favorite course this semester and I actually learned a lot too.

Chapter Text

Three years later

The Bois

May 6th, 8:36 AM

Kevin: how are ya hanging in there paulie ma boi

Paul: I think today’s the day.

Tyler: Are you sure you wanna do this? you might get arrested.

Paul: The chances are low, I have been given information that will most likely deem me safe

Kevin:’re a brave man paul

Tyler: We’ll go out for drinks with everyone if today goes to plan

Paul: You all will be paying.

Kevin: of course


The Bestest Detectives

May 6th, 4:21 PM

Paul: I did it.

Samantha: ..are you talking about what i think you’re talking about


Paul: I did. It was great.

Tay: oh my god i can’t believe you did it

Tay: you seriously applied for an internship at his company, went up in the ranks, finally got to meet the man, and then punched him

Paul: Yes.

Tay: you really played the long con

Tay: we’re friends with a Legend

Samantha: how the fuck are you not in a police station right now????

Paul: They did try, but Uncle from the tea shop gave me some dirt on Ozai, and the moment I told him, he told the guards to let me go.

Paul: And I was allowed to resign from the position instead of being fired.

Kevin: you’re a mad lad

Paul: It felt nice to do something for Professor Zuko.


The Husbands:

May 6th 7:09 PM

Zuko: One of your former students punched my father

Sokka: I taught them well.