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To: ENGR6A-9245


Welcome to Introduction to Engineering! I’m Professor Sokka, but you guys can just call me Sokka. I’m really excited to start teaching you guys about the cool fundamentals of engineering and to be one of your first professors at this university.

I have attached the syllabus to this email and the Canvas site should be up and running soon, so please check those out as soon as possible so you’re aware of all the due dates and exam dates.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me or come to my office hours.

Thank you,


Sent 8/14 3:27 PM



August 17th 9:39 PM

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Samantha: hey, saw the fb post about making a chat for intro to engineering with prof sokka

Kevin: yoooo! thnks sam. anyone else excited to finally start college? sorta scared tbh

Soobin: Apparently the profs nice so it shouldn’t be too bad

Brian: Yo! Party at kappa sigma! Starting at 9! Come on over!


August 21st 12:36 AM

Riley: fuck

Riley: was there an assignment due tonight???

Riley: ahsdfjoash fucking messing up on sylabus week what a greAt way to start the Year

Kevin: yeah, there was a mastering assignment due at midnight

Kevin: but yo! It’s okay the hw’s not that much of the grade

Paul: Oh, I missed it too.
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Paul: Wait it seems like a lot of us missed the assignment. I’ll e-mail the professor and see if he’ll possibly give an extension.

Samantha: paul has volunteered to be tribute

Samantha: paul we love you




I hope you are doing well. I am Paul Kach, a student in your ENGR 6A class, section 9245. I, along with multiple other students in the class, were not aware that the first homework assignment was due tonight. To help us all be able to start college and the class on the right foot, could you please extend the deadline this one time?

Thank you so much for your time.


Paul Kach

Sent: 8/21 12:51 AM



August 21 12:54 AM

Paul: Does the professor not have a last name?

Samantha: ???

Samantha: wait shit yeah wtf he never gave us one

Adam: i’ve looked him up on the school site too and all it gives is just Professor Sokka

Paul: I felt awkward calling him by his first name so I just said hello.

Samantha: lmaoo




Hey Paul,

Don’t worry about it. Extended the deadline till Monday the 24th. Have fun!

Also, you kids need to go to bed earlier.

- Sokka

Sent 8/21 2:13 AM



August 22 8:14 AM

(Paul has sent a screenshot)

Paul: The professor extended the deadline till Monday.

Kevin: prof sokka’s the og yo. @riley


Riley: ah yeah he just sent out a message through Canvas

Samantha: lol he tells us to go to bed when he’s awake at like 2

(Samantha has changed the chat to ProfSokkas the OG)


ProfSokkas the OG

August 24 11:51 AM


Samantha: lmaoooooo yeah the tension was so thicc

Tyler: Wait what

Kevin: half way through today’s lecture another professor walked in and started talking to the prof for a good 5 minutes before he just stalked back out

Kevin: i was sitting in the back tho so i couldn’t hear what exactly but it looked hella heated

Tay: loll i was in the Front they were basically whisper yelling about something about their office and a boomerang and a cup of tea

Ollie: Bros wait

Ollie: Bros i just talked to my sister who had the class last year

Ollie: That was probs professor sozin from the lit department

Olie: Apparently there’s a whole thing with them. there’s a rumor that there’s a school wide bet about them being in a relationship or not

Samantha: LOL so glad i took this class instead of the one with jeong-jeong

Kylie: We should stay out of our professor’s love life. It’s really unprofessional you guys.

Kevin: kylie while i respect your opinion, this is the only thing making this class interesting. don’t ruin it for the rest of us

Kylie: Just saying.

Tay: there was s p i c e i tell you

Tyler: Gdmt i slept in and missed it

Samantha: i guess it sucks to suck tyler

Tyler: Luv ya too samantha


Weekly Engineering Department Newsletter

Monday, August 24th

Firstly, congratulations on starting this new semester and new year. I hope that this year is productive both in regards to stimulating the young minds of our students and your own personal research.

Secondly, I wanted to thank you all for being so patient with us as we figure out the issue of offices. Walberg Hall has been closed for remodeling causing there to not be enough office space for each faculty member this year. Unfortunately, admin did not inform us of this early enough for us to be able to come up with alternative plans. We have been forced to share with the literature department for at least the semester. You should have received an email with more information if this change impacted you. Again, thank you so much for all of your cooperation and patience.

There will be Donuts with Professors again.. [read more]

Boom and Fire

August 24th 12:13 PM

Sokka: zukooooo im sorry

Sokka: i know you’re in class right now

Sokka: but honestly! i didn’t mean to leave my boomerang just lying around

Sokka; im sorry you tripped and fell! and spilled your tea!!

Sokka: besides it’s really suki’s fault! she’s part of admin and so she’s at fault for not giving the head of the department enough time and now we have to share

Sokka: but let me make it up to you!

August 24th 3:34 PM

Zuko: Oh, you’re going to be making it up to me

Sokka: now i feel unsafe