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Gavin was absolutely buried under his work. He knew that much. The mountain of paperwork he had to read and the reports he still had to write about his ongoing missions gave him a mean stare from the corner of his desk. He should be diving into it like there was no tomorrow, so he could go home earlier. God knew how long it had been since he had an uninterrupted night of sleep.


Yet, he couldn’t put up a fight when his phone rang and he saw her face illuminating his screen. It was a silly picture, the one they took together when they were painting his apartment. Alice had spread paint all over his face and both of them were making funny faces at the camera. At the time he had been reluctant to take the picture, but he couldn’t really deny her anything. Now he had a great memory and a goofy photograph that went along with it. Gavin realized she had put a smile on his face without even being there. He had to make an effort to keep his expression discreet, but that only made his cheeks hurt.


It was no surprise he completely ignored the absolutely maddening amount of paperwork waiting for him and he picked up the call in the first few rings.


“Hey, c’mon guys, I haven’t thought how I’m going to broach the subject!” She spoke, not realizing he had already picked up. Gavin stiffened a giggle; Alice was such an airhead sometimes. His colleagues at the police station looked at him as if he had grown a second head over the last few seconds. Not that he cared.


“Broach what subject?” He told her. He could hear she sucked her breath in surprise.


“G-Gavin…” She stuttered his name, but never completed her sentence.


The silence stretched on for a little while, so he decided to tease her a little.


“Why so quiet?”


“Uh, well, I don’t know if you’re free next Tuesday.” She sounded so hesitant. It probably was something work-related, then.


“Next Tuesday? I’m free.” He reviewed his schedule in his mind, already thinking about how he could speak to Eli and invert their scale. Gavin could do a couple of hours more on Monday and Eli could cover for him next Tuesday. It was just normal patrol and they didn’t have any major cases at the moment, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for either of them.


“Okay… Then, I’ll hang up now…” Still, Gavin couldn’t help if she didn’t tell him what he could do for her. Maybe he should send a text to Minor?


“Wait, you don’t sound like you today. Something happened?” He said while fishing his earbuds from his desk. They were twisted maddeningly tight in a very creative knot, even if he was pretty sure that he had placed them neatly in his drawer. There was a short battle to untangle his earphone until he could finally place it in his ears and plug it on his phone, so he could talk to her and message Minor.


“A little something. But I haven’t figured out how to talk about it with you.” She told him, and he could hear her fidgeting through whatever was keeping her from talking.


Well, maybe he wouldn’t need to ask. Gavin noticed a notification on his screen from Minor, a text in all caps that said “IT’S A MODEL’S JOB. SAY YES”. He made a mental note to buy Minor dinner as thanks.


“Well, just come out and tell me. There’s nothing that we can’t talk about.” Even if he was already aware of what she wanted, his words were truthful independently of that. She could read him a McDonald’s menu and he’d listen attentively, simply because it was her.


“Alright. It’s like this. Our company has a big project to do a magazine spread. And we need a model with a clean-cut look and a healthy physique.” Alice took a deep breath and even though he was only hearing her voice, he could see her red cheeks while she stammered through the next sentence. “I can’t find anyone more suited... But I don’t want to twist your arm…”


Gavin felt that he was blushing too. His current physique was nothing more than an occupational hazard and he didn’t give it much thought at all, yet he felt overly satisfied whenever he noticed it pleased her.


“Alice, you’re not twisting my arm.” He promised her. Gavin was more than happy to help her whenever he could, even if it involved being in front of a camera (something he particularly loathed).


“Huh?” Gavin could almost see her blinking a couple of times after what he said. So he felt she needed to be reassured again.


“I’ll help you out.”


“You’ll do it?” She sounded incredulous.






“If you don’t believe it, I can fly over there and repeat it.” He said it playfully, but at the same time he almost wanted her to be skeptic so he would have an excuse to see her.


“No, no, I believe you. But I thought you said you were done with the limelight?”


She got him there. Well, he couldn’t admit just how much she had he twisted around her little finger. So he cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment.


“Just this once.”




“The shoot’s next Tuesday? There’s still time.” He mused out loud, thinking again that he had to speak with Eli about it.


“What’d you say?”


“…Nothing. Well, I’ll see you then.”


“Okay, I’ll send you the photoshoot location details.” A beep from his phone informed him she had done just that. Gavin thanked her and hung up.


Gavin was still smiling at his screen while he messaged Minor if he was free next Thursday. With renewed energy, Gavin finally launched himself in the paperwork that was overflowing his desk.


Between work and visiting Alice whenever he could, time seemed to fly that week. He was almost caught by surprise that it was already the day he had promised to help Alice out. He caught some traffic on the way and Gavin found himself wishing he had decided to fly over instead of using his motorcycle. At least he didn’t have to compete with airplanes for space in the sky yet.


She was waiting for him outside when he arrived at the job location.


“I’m here,” He announced even if she could clearly see him, probably to distract himself of the flurry of butterflies that invaded his stomach every time he saw her. Gavin noticed her gaze lingering on the single helmet he was holding. It made his chest warm, thinking that she wished to ride with him. “Your helmet’s in the rear compartment.”


Alice perked up at that.


“Oh? You brought my helmet?”


He extended his hand and ruffled her hair.


“I always bring it.”


Red dusted Alice’s face and Gavin had to hold himself so he wouldn’t pepper kisses all over that lovely blush.


“Are we going in?” He asked, trying to focus on the task at hand. He reasoned with himself he could kiss her silly later.


“Oh, sure.”


The photography session was a very particular nightmare. The photographer was an arrogant prick, the staff was utterly scared of Gavin and it was an overall pain in the ass. The only silver lining was that Alice seemed a little dazzled because of his appearance, so it made all the other annoyances fade away in the background.


At some point, they stuffed Gavin inside an old bathtub with clothes on, water, and some flowers floating around him. He didn’t exactly get the appeal of it, but Alice seemed to be enjoying it, so he was using her reactions as a social compass.


After it was over, his cellphone started ringing. He excused himself so he could take the call and spent a few minutes outside talking about a problem Eli had encountered on his paperwork. It was specific enough that it took them both several minutes so Gavin could instruct him where exactly that particular formulary was located on his desk.


Once he was back inside, he was greeted with the sight of Alice wearing a very short dress. She looked amazing and also very uncomfortable. The girl was being pushed by the crew and was clearly unhappy and unwilling. That made him immediately shun the staff aside so he could place his jacket around her. Gavin didn’t remember when he had taken it off, but the way Alice immediately relaxed once he had it wrapped around her shoulders made everything a little more tolerable. He nearly growled when he told the photographer to shut up his mumblings about how it was all for the sake of ‘art’. It was only when Alice touched his arm that he realized that the crew was surrounding them, waiting for the outcome.


He took them out both from there, guiding Alice to the changing room, so she could safely change back into her clothing.  Gavin was taking his time to let go of his anger when he heard Alice muttering something.


“You done?” He finally decided to ask.


“N-not yet” Her voice sounded a little muffled, which made Gavin even more curious.


“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”


“Uh, kinda” She admitted after a while.


“It’s just me here. Don’t worry.”


“I’m not worried per se” She did sound troubled, though. The door opened a crack, and Gavin turned around so he could see her.


“Actually… My… My zipper’s stuck… Can you help me unzip?” She lowered her head in embarrassment, cheeks dipped in crimson while biting her lower lip.


Gavin’s brain froze for a few seconds at that.


“Sure, I’m coming in.” His words were almost mechanical. The changing room felt too small for them both, but he managed to lock the door behind him.


“I… You…” They spoke together twice in a roll. He’d find it funny if his heart wasn’t racing so much.


“…Where’s the zipper?” He asked to buy himself time and was completely taken by surprise as she turned around and pushed her hair away from her back. The movement was casual, yet it carried an inherent sensuality and a sense of comfort around his presence that was completely disarming. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself so he could actually try to help.


“Gavin,” Alice called, trying to look back so she could see what he was doing, but that almost twisted the dress out of his hands.


“Don’t squirm,” Gavin chided her quietly, yet some part of him was always thrilled to see he could affect her just as much as she did him.


The fabric had tangled within the plastic teeth of the zipper, so with some careful maneuvering so the slider wouldn’t break, he finally managed to pull it up a little. The moment he was able to make it work again, the lights went out.  They spent a few seconds stunted about it, until Gavin passed his arms around her, pulling her closer and chatting until he was sure she was alright. But time went by and the lights didn’t come back on, Alice’s anxiety and his protectiveness faded away to give place to something else.


The atmosphere around them was heavy, loaded with the sheer amount of tension. Something inside Gavin snapped.


“Lean forward.” He whispered against her ear. Alice placed her hands on the opposite wall, her hips brushing against his jeans. The chemistry between them was ever-present, but at that moment it was in an almost palpable state, a live wire sparking between them.  


“Do you remember your words?”


“Red, yellow, and green.” She shivered visibly as he ghosted kisses against the back of her neck.


“Good girl,” Gavin praised, biting the junction of her throat and shoulder, with just a tad more of strength than necessary. Alice suffocated a moan at that. “And?”


“Green,” Alice whispered, red dusting her cheeks and shoulders. It makes him want to chase it, see where that blush stops, now that they agreed they were on the same page.


“Keep your hands on the wall.” He instructed as his hand pulled her zipper down. He rasped his nails lightly against her back, stomach, reaching to her breasts, teasing her with small touches to make the dress slip down. Soon her breasts were exposed in the air and Alice was panting. Such a bewitching sight.


Gavin pushed her underwear to the side, finding them pleasantly soaked. He kept his pace nice and steady, just a tad too slow for her liking. He kept that rhythm until she was grinding her rear against him, a few needy whines escaping her lips. Only then he got rid of his jeans.


Entering her always turned every single speckle of his focus towards her. His head was always considering so many things at once, the motives and the outcomes, and yet he couldn’t help but be solely absorbed on her. Alice’s voice, her smell, that mixture of sweat and perfume, every little shudder of pleasure that coursed through her, his mind became a whirlwind of her and her alone. They moved against each other deliriously, Alice’s hands trembling against the cold tile. Yet, she kept them there, as he had told her. He increased the tempo of the finger pressed against her clit as a reward.


The lights flicker back on, blinding them both for an instant. Gavin observed Alice as her pupils’ contract and expand, adjusting to the illumination. He heard some bustling coming from the other room, as the staff went back to picking up the equipment so they could leave. He never lets his fingers lose its rhythm, though.


He can sense her thoughts drifting away for an instant, perhaps worried that they’d get caught, so his free hand tangles itself around her hair, pulling her flush against his chest until she is glancing up, locking her eyes with his.


“Focus.” He ordered in a whisper, words pouring out of him. “On my hands, my voice.”


He pushed himself deeper in her, Alice gasped for air. Her irises glazed over, her eyes snapping close, pleasure tinting her features.


“That’s it. Good girl.” He praises, kissing her neck and then biting down, tasting the salt in her skin. “Come for me.”


She did.


It’s the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. Gavin wishes he could burn this moment on his retinas, but she is clenching him so hard that all he can do is follow suit. His hand slide over her mouth, so she won’t make any noise as his world blurs into pure bliss. This and the way he kept his finger moving on her clit tips her over again and soon she is moaning against his palm. The overstimulation it gives him is almost painful. At the same time, she is so stunning that his own feelings are stored at the back of his mind. After is over, she leans tiredly against his chest.


He maneuvers them both so he can sit on the small bench inside the cabin, placing her on his lap. She concentrated on breathing for some time, before looking up at him and smiling.


“I should make you jealous more often.”


He raised a single eyebrow, but deep down he enjoyed the challenge she was presenting him.


“Try me.”


Alice chuckled.


“Oh, I will.”