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Love, Beca

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By the next morning, the only email Beca had received was a conformation of her new email account. Although she was disappointed, she didn't have time to dwell on it because she was already running late for school. She sacrificed her time to get ready by snoozing two of her alarms and sleeping for an extra half hour. 

Beca slipped her headphones over her ears and placed the strap of her school bag over her shoulder. Her music started up as she dashed out of her bedroom. 

As she approached the bottom of the stairs, her father looked up from where he was sat at the kitchen table. “Morning, Bec.” He greeted as he folded the newspaper and sat it on the table. 

“Morning.” Beca mumbled mid yawn. Her sleep dazed state was still apparent, so she headed towards the coffee machine in desperate need of a fix. 

She dropped her bag to the floor, slid her headphones down, and began to prepare her coffee. Buddy appeared at her feet, preventing her from moving elsewhere. 

Beca pouted at the puppy, then reached for a tin of dog food from the cupboard, and emptied it into Buddy's food bowl. “Eat up, bud.” She said after she’d placed the bowl on the floor. He began to dig in to his breakfast almost instantly. 

A small laugh escaped Beca as she watched the small puppy demolish the food. As Beca glanced up, she watched as Kat served up two fluffy pancakes onto a plate whilst Emily poured three glasses of orange juice. 

She carried the glasses over to the table then returned to her mother's side. All of a sudden Emily burst into song. "Pour a glass and bite my tongue. You say I'm the only one."

Beca joined in, and took the next line, "If it's true then why you running, you running, ooh."

"If you're really being honest, if you really want this, ooh." Emily sang. 

The following line was sung by Kat as she swung the spatula about. "Why you acting like a stranger." 

"What's with your behaviour, ooh." Beca sang as she shuffled her feet side to side. 

They collectively took up the next few lines of the song. "Say my name, say my name. If you love me let me hear you. Say my name, say my name."

No one had the chance to claim the next line because Kat turned abruptly. “Oh shit.” She hissed once she'd picked up the frying pan and examined the contents. “Does anyone want a burnt pancake?”

Spontaneous singing wasn’t rare in the Mitchell-Junk household. Beca, Emily and Kat sang together all the time and it made Beca feel more at home. She had missed the presence of music in her home, it filled the dark empty void, without music everything felt a little empty. But the house was beginning to become more alive, and Beca loved it. 

“Can you girls go a day without singing?” Wren Mitchell groaned, but his tone was only teasing. 

Beca stood up straighter, sending a playful glare in her father's direction. “Music is in my blood, Dad.” Beca said, “It makes me feel alive.” She added, with a slight chuckle despite being serious. 

“Well god forbid you feel dead. Sing on my dear.”

Beca laughed at her father's foolishness then reached for her travel mug of coffee from the counter beside Emily.

Before she could escape her crazy family, Emily caught her wrist and span her back around. A plate was placed in her hand before she could resist, so Beca sulked over to the table and took a seat opposite her father. 

Only one of the pancakes was eaten before Beca jumped up from her seat, declaring that she was going to be late. 

She grabbed her black backpack from the back of the chair and shouted a vague goodbye before she slipped out the front door and headed towards her black Nissan Titan truck.

Before she set off, she connected her phone to the aux cord and pressed shuffle on her ‘car jams’ playlist. Once satisfied by the song choice, Beca backed out of the driveway and headed towards Stacie's house. 

Beca’s family didn't have a lot of money, and the only reason she had her own truck was because it was her Grandad's before he died. He had purchased the vehicle only a few months before he passed and his will stated it be passed on to Beca. She had protested at first, claiming that they should have sold it and used the money for something the family as a whole needed, but her father had insisted that Beca keep it as it was one of the only things she had left of her Grandad. 

After a few minutes of driving with the window down and blasting Stand Atlantic, Beca’s truck edged onto her best friend's driveway.

The passenger door opened only seconds later, and a leggy brunette entered the vehicle. 

“Hey, Stace.” Beca murmured, then skipped the current song after she decided it was probably too depressing for a ‘fun’ car ride. 

It didn't take long for the taller girl to put her seatbelt on and adjust her position. “Hi, Mitch.” Stacie replied, her tone slightly too enthusiastic for that time of the morning. 

Beca didn’t understand how Stacie could be so awake in the morning. For the smaller brunette, coffee was an essential, and without it she wouldn't be able to function adequately. With that, Beca reached for her travel mug and finished off the remaining contents. Once the cup was back in the cup holder, Beca reversed the truck out of Stacie's small driveway, stopping outside the opposite house. 

“Dude,” Beca turned in her seat to make eye contact with Stacie, “you gotta stop calling me ‘Mitch’, it’s weird.”

“I could call you Mitchum.” A grin cracked out on Stacie's face in response to Beca screwing her face up in disgust. 

The smaller brunette shrugged, as she genuinely considered it. “I guess it's better than -”

“Becawww.” The squeal was followed by the back seat door opening to reveal Jesse. He grinned at his two friends before hopping into the truck. 

Stacie couldn't contain her burst of laughter when she acknowledged the grimace on Beca's face. She knew how much that nickname annoyed her. 

“Dickwad.” Beca muttered, then started to tap along to the beat of the song with her fingers on the wheel. 

Jesse got settled in the back seat whilst Stacie reapplied her lipstick in the sun visor mirror. Beca's gaze flashed to the rear view mirror, her eyes drifted between her two friends. 

The three brunette's had been friends since Beca moved to Atlanta her freshman year. She was standoffish at first, afraid of getting close to people at the risk of getting hurt. 

Her lunch periods were spent in the music room alone and she always fled from school at the end of the day as soon as the last bell went off. Beca didn't socialise with anyone at school then locked herself in her room at home. She was pretty much a loner until Jesse Swanson and Stacie Conrad barged into the music room and wouldn't leave until she agreed to hang out with them after school with their other friends. She was hesitant at first, confused as to why anyone wanted to socialise with a weird loner freak like her, but Beca didn't stand out in their crowd, they were all pretty unique and it made her feel like she'd finally found her people.

Since then the brunette trio were inseparable. 

Beca wasn't sure why she didn't just 'do it' and come out to her friends. She knew they would love her no matter what, at least that was what she hoped, but perhaps it was because coming out was her thing. Beca could only come out to them once, and she didn't want to do it wrong or rush it. It was her coming out and no one could take that from her. She wasn't quite ready for her friends to know but she knew they would be there for her when she was.

Her eyes were still locked on the rear view mirror and she watched as Jesse grimaced at something Stacie said. The corners of Beca's eyes crinkled slightly as her lips curved upwards into an affectionate smile. 

She couldn't be more grateful to have those two dorks as her best friends. 

“What are you smiling for?” Jesse questioned as he examined his friend's expression. 

It was rare that Beca smiled - that was all part of her badass reputation that she claimed to have. Everyone that was lucky enough to know Beca knew that she was a big softie at heart, but they also knew how hard she could pack a punch so refrained from getting on her bad side. And teasing Beca for being a softie would have done just that. 

But seeing Beca smile was still something that seemed so rare, and it made Jesse wonder what the hell Beca had in her coffee that morning.

Within an instant, Beca's face shot back to its original frowning form. All emotion rinsed from her face as she fired a glare back at her best friend. 

“What? I'm not.” Beca huffed. She spared one more glance in the mirror then started up the engine again. 

From the passenger seat Stacie smirked, “Mmm-hmm.”

“Shut up.” The small brunette muttered, her grip on the steering wheel tightened. 

“Oh my god, did you see that post on Barden Bliss?” Stacie directed at Jesse. She even turned in her seat to face him so they could discuss it. Beca got the idea that their conversation would maintain the topic of the 'bi kid' for the majority of the journey so she put her head down and started towards their next stop. 

“The post you sent to me four times? Yeah, I saw that.”

Instead of contributing her thoughts on the topic, Beca stared ahead at the road with the hope that her friends would find something better to obsess over. 

Her friends had never been particularly homophobic before, they may have looked at an obviously gay couple in the street for a beat too long, or made a comment about a gay celebrity but they'd never said anything that pushed the boundaries. But that didn't stop Beca from being overly anxious about what they were going to say about the latest gossip. 

“Who do you think it is?” Jesse questioned once he'd finished reading the post once more on Stacie's phone. 

“My bets on Cynthia Rose.” Stacie confidentially said as she tucked her phone back into her bra. 

Jesse nodded twice. “I agree.” He hummed. 

Beca stayed quiet. She didn't want to say anything but she already knew Cynthia Rose was gay - not bi - so she wasn't the person who made the post, but it was quite amusing for Beca to listen to her friends try to figure out who the bi girl was when they had no idea that their friend is gay as well. 

“I always catch her looking at me.” Stacie commented, “I don't blame her. Who wouldn't want a piece of this?” She gestured to her boobs with a smirk. 

Beca caught onto Jesse's faint blush when he attempted to cover it up with a cough. She had to admit that Stacie was pretty hot, but Beca wasn't aware that Jesse thought so too. She always thought his type was blonde and annoying. 

“What about you, Bec? Any bets on the bi kid?” Jesse reached his hand over the front seat and nudged Beca's shoulder softly. 

“Um...I don't know." Beca mumbled. She didn't want either of her friends to acknowledge her mini freak out so she switched up the volume on her phone in attempt to distract them from their conversation. 

Beca let out a heavy exhale when the truck pulled into the driveway of their blonde friends house. Neither of her friends had time to start up the conversation again because Aubrey slid into the back seat beside Jesse and the presence of Aubrey Posen was enough to distract Jesse from near enough anything. 

"Hey guys." She gave a tight lipped smile to the three brunettes then got settled in her seat. 

Jesse immediately began to ramble on about a movie he watched. He gave a detailed description of the plot to an eager Aubrey who seemed to hang onto his every word. 

A poke to Beca's knee brought her attention back to the front of the car. She glanced sideways at Stacie who had her eyebrows raised and a smirk tilting her expression. Beca returned it with an equally amused look. 

Beca blocked out Jesse's voice with the music now being controlled by Stacie as she drove towards the pancake shack. 

The truck pulled up next to the drive through window and Beca ordered five iced coffees. 

"Do you have an imaginary friend?" Jesse quizzed, and when Beca gave him a strange look in the rear view mirror, he added, "Who's the fifth coffee for?" Jesse didn't miss the sheepish look that flashed over Beca's face, but he didn't question it.

"Chlo." Beca admitted, just as the coffee's were passed to her. She thanked the man and handed the drinks to Stacie. 

As Beca's truck pulled into the school parking lot, her eyes immediately located the redhead standing with their other friends. Even amongst their group of friends, Chloe Beale was the only one that stood out to Beca. 

She parked the truck and they all exited the vehicle. The four friends made their way over to Chloe, Luke and Amy. 

A grin slipped onto Beca's face when Chloe's eyes met hers and Chloe's own expression widened. The redhead fled from the others and walked directly over to the small brunette. 

"Hey." Chloe grinned. 

Chloe's smile alone sent a tiny bolt of nerves up Beca's spine, but the way Chloe's eyes and cheeks were embraced in the smile made Beca's breathing hitch. 

Before Beca could do - or say - anything that would embarrass herself, or even out herself, Stacie appeared at Beca's side. 

"Hey, Chloe." Stacie flashed Chloe a smile before she turned to the brunette. "Here's your coffee." She handed over the drinks then turned back to her conversation with Luke. 

Beca took one of the coffees out of the cup holder and held it out towards Chloe. "This is for you. There's milk in it." 

Chloe gushed at the coffee and let out an excited squeal as she took the coffee from Beca. "Thanks, Bec." She smiled from ear to ear. 

"No biggie." Beca shrugged. 

The two slowly made their way over to the rest of the group, where Jesse was still talking Aubrey's ear off about movies. Luke and Amy were discussing the plans for Friday night with Stacie piping in with ideas every now and then. Stacie looked bored, which was a rare sight because she tended to make her own entertainment. 

"Is Stacie okay? She seems down." Chloe said, which confirmed her thoughts.

Beca frowned. "She was alright before. She does seem a little weird though. I'll talk to her." Chloe nodded, then laced her arm through Beca's which seriously caught Beca off guard. 

The group emerged towards the school doors, Beca and Chloe's arms still attached. "Have you done the English homework?" Chloe asked, once the group had split in half. Amy, Aubrey and Stacie walked in the opposite direction towards their first period classroom. 

"Fuck." Beca groaned, her spare hand hitting her forehead lightly. "Shit. I forgot."

A small grin appeared on Chloe's face as if she was expecting Beca to not do it. "It's okay. You can copy mine."

Beca didn't have time to thank her because the tall blond appeared at Chloe's other side. "Beale, I know you love me-"

"No, you can do your own work." Chloe said, and lightly nudged Luke away from her. He glanced over Chloe's shoulder at Beca, who stuck her tongue out at him. 

"I hate you both." Luke groaned, before he pushed Jesse through the open door of their classroom and followed in behind him. 

Beca and Chloe entered after them, and took a seat at the back of the room at the desk beside them. As soon as they sat down, Beca felt the loss of warmth from the lack of Chloe's contact. She squeezed her eyes in attempt to rid of the way she was feeling. 

Jesse and Stacie were her best friends, but she treasured her friendship with Chloe differently. 

She trusted Chloe, probably more than Jesse or Stacie. She hadn't known Chloe as long as the others but she clicked with her instantly. All Chloe had to do to convince Beca to join the Barden Bellas was flash her a smile and within seconds Beca had signed up to audition. The two girls connected on a different level entirely, and even though that frightened Beca, it also made her feel like she'd met someone that finally understood her. 

"Becaw," Jesse called. Beca lifted her head and glanced over at Jesse, "Pancake shack after school?"

Beca shifted her gaze to Chloe, but avoided looking directly into her eyes. "You in?"

"Always." Chloe gave a quick squeeze to Beca's arm. 

Beca looked over at Jesse and nodded, "Sure, but we have Bellas rehersal." He grinned widely and stuck both of his thumbs up goofily. 

Although Beca hated English, it was made bearable by Chloe's presence. She'd laugh at Beca's jokes and stop her from getting distracted or zoning out for too long. 

English was also Chloe's favourite subject. She had read every book before they even started studying it and knew every piece of poetry that their teacher quoted.

At times when Beca was completely lost, she would ask Chloe to explain the work in a way she would understand. Beca didn't miss the way the redhead's blue eyes would always light up whenever she talked about the literature, and even though Beca wouldn't really be listening to her, she would hang onto every one of Chloe's words.  

After about twenty minutes of the teacher rambling on about their last set of essays, Beca perked up when she remembered the USB stick in her bag. "Oh shit. I forgot about this." She reached for her bag and took out the USB from her front pocket. "I think you'll like this one. It has some Kesha and David Guetta on it." She dropped it into Chloe's awaiting hand. 

"Oh my god, Becs. Thank you." Chloe exclaimed, her hand reaching out for Beca's and she gave it a squeeze. 

The small DJ grinned at the sight in front of her."It's...whatever." 

It wasn't 'whatever'. Beca didn't let anyone listen to her mixes, choosing to keep them to herself instead, so giving multiple mixes to Chloe was quite a big deal. She had allowed Jesse and Stacie to listen to a few of her mixes and they had both loved them. Chloe had also convinced her to let her listen to a couple - they were drunk so Beca really didn't need much convincing. 

But Chloe's opinion mattered more to her. She cared about what Chloe thought of her music, because she knew the redhead would give her honest opinion and she really wanted Chloe to like them. She was hesitant to give them to her, but the way Chloe's face lit up when she handed the USB over was totally worth it. 

"I don't know if you'll like them but -" Chloe's hand came to rest on top of Beca's, pulling her from her rambling. 

A chuckle fell from Chloe's lips as she gave Beca's hand a squeeze. "I'll love it. I love all of your mixes."

"You've only ever heard two." Beca deadpanned, which received a warm smile from Chloe. 

"Well I loved them." Chloe said. 

A slight blush began to heat up Beca's cheeks. She ducked her head in attempt to hide it from Chloe. "Okay." 

Beca could tell that Chloe was still looking at her so she slowly lifted her head. The corners of Chloe's blue eyes crinkled as she stared into Beca's darker blues. The air between them shifted as the intensity of their gaze increased. 

"Just don't show anyone else," Beca whispered, "They're...just for you."

"Thanks Bec."



It had only been one day since she sent the email, but Beca needed to know if the girl would ever respond. She didn't want to drive herself crazy over something that wouldn't ever happen.

Beca refreshed her emails once more and groaned when her inbox came up empty. She locked her phone with a heavy sigh and slammed her fist down on the table which made her lunch tray clatter slightly. 

"What's up with you, Mitchell?" Jesse questioned, and set his half-bitten sandwich down to give Beca his full attention. 

He wasn't the only one seated around the table that had acknowledged her frustration. Amy, Chloe and Stacie were watching Beca closely.  

"Nothing." The small brunette muttered, too distracted to acknowledge the glances between her friends. 

"Then why do you keep on checking your phone?" Jesse raised an eyebrow in question. 

A smirk came from Amy across the table, "You got a hot date?" The blonde asked, which gained the attention of everyone else at the table. 

"Fuck off." Beca said, her tone a little empty to be rude. She stood up from the table, grabbed her backpack and fled from the cafeteria as quickly as her short legs would take her. 

She came to a halt at a bench next to the main school building and shoved herself down on it. She unlocked her phone and within seconds she had got up her sent emails. Her eyes scanned over the most recent one, taking in every word she had typed out. 

What if I scared her away?

Beca didn't have time to digest her thoughts before Stacie settled on the bench beside her. 

"You look how I feel." The tall brunette stated. She lifted her hips off the bench to reach for the packet of cigarettes in her pocket. "Want a smoke?" Stacie held up the pack and offered one to Beca. 

Beca didn't smoke that often but due to the recent added stress from the email, she had been on edge all day. "Fuck it. Yeah, okay."

The two brunette's walked behind the building to a more secluded area before lighting their cigarettes. 

After a couple of drags, Beca suddenly remembered the conversation she had shared with Chloe before school. 

Stacie had been acting strange all day, granted Beca only had one class with her, but by the start of lunch Stacie still didn't seem like herself. If it was a normal day, Stacie would have jumped at the opportunity to tease Beca about a potential date, but whilst Amy and Jesse asked the questions Stacie just sat there. 

It just didn't make any sense to Beca. Stacie was fine in the morning, especially when talking about the post on Barden Bliss. She seemed to be all over that. 

Beca's eyes widened at the realisation. 

Perhaps the only reason why Stacie was so persistent with the latest Barden Bliss gossip was because she was the closeted Bi girl. 

Fuck. My gaydar really isn't great. 

Stacie broke Beca from her thoughts. "If something is bothering you, I'm always here. You know that, right?" 

"Yeah, of course." Beca said. She glanced over at her best friend and gave her a small, tight-lipped smile. 

The attempt at a smile didn't pass by Stacie. "So...what's going on?" She pushed. 

"I could ask you the same thing." Beca replied with a slight huff. "How come you've been a little quiet today?"

She didn't say anything for a while, Beca started to think that Stacie just wasn't going to answer her until she finally spoke up. 

"I hooked up with Luke last night.", maybe Beca was wrong about the whole bisexual thing. 

"Shit. Really?" Beca couldn't hide the shock from her tone. 

"Yeah." Beca was expecting Stacie to at least smirk, but she simply nodded. 

Beca had known that her friend wanted to get into Luke's pants for a while, but now that she had, why was she so glum?

"Was it like...bad or something?"

Stacie let out a laugh, "No. Luke is fucking good in bed." But she didn't give any further insight to why she was acting weird. 

The small DJ frowned, "So...what's wrong?"

She didn't miss a beat before she replied. "Do you think Aubrey and Jesse will get together?"

Beca took a moment to think about it. "I think they both like each other," she admitted. 

"Will it ruin us? The four of us are so close...what if they get together and it completely fucks us up?"

Beca raised her eyebrows at her friend, whilst forcing the grin off her face. "This is what's bothering you?" 

"Yeah." Stacie whispered. 

What if she had it all wrong? Maybe Stacie slept with Luke because she got jealous of Jesse and Aubrey. Did Stacie like Jesse? But that didn't make much sense either. 

Why are straight people so confusing?

"Don't worry about us. We'll be okay. If being together makes them happy then we shouldn't stop it. If shit goes down we'll deal with it." 

"You're right." Stacie sighed and dropped her head to her hands. "I've been so stressed lately. I'm just overthinking everything."

"I know how that feels." The small brunette replied as she picked at her thumbnail - a bad habit of hers. 

Stacie looked up from her hands and acknowledged the glum expression on her best friend's face. "Want to ditch the rest of the day? I need a drink."

"Fuck yes." Beca said. "But I need to be back for band practice."

A grin spread across Stacie's face as she stood up from her spot on the grass. Just as Beca was about to do the same, the default alert for gmail sounded from Beca's phone. She unlocked her phone in a rapid motion only to find an email from an online clothing store with a ten percent discount. 

"Fuck." Beca muttered after she'd pocketed her phone and shoved the lighter into her back pocket. 

She was giving up hope that the mystery girl would ever actually write back to her.

Beca Mitchell was not the type of person to care too much about anyone - she knew just how much that could hurt her, yet she found herself wishing that she'd get an email back, and soon. She couldn't get her out of her mind, at times wondering who the hell she was, and if she already knew her.