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A New Window

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It took fifteen years to get them back to this place. To have her lips on his again. To hold her in his arms again. Gil felt his pores raise as Jessica’s lips met his every move. Their arms wrapped around each other almost desperately, clinging one to the other, just in case this was some sort of bourbon induced mirage for their love starved psyches. But what was unmistakably real was the feel of Jessica’s whimper that escaped her throat. The desire laced sound reverberated through him as it passed seamlessly between the both of them. Just as Gil was about to send up a mental prayer for this to never end when Jessica broke the kiss. Her breath huffed softly on his face. Concerned that he had over stepped or she was having second thoughts, Gill looked at her intently, ready to apologize and back away if she had decided she no longer wanted him. To Gil’s relief, all he found in her eyes were longing and desire.

Through her long thick lashes Jessica looked up at Gil with her desire darkened blue eyes. Gil felt his blood rush to his head. Gil saw Jessica's lips part as she ran her eyes over him and he just couldn't resist the urge to feel her lips on his again. Delicate, soft fingers threaded through his hair. With one hand at her waist and the other at the nape of her neck, Jessica followed his lead and tilted her head. The kiss took on a life if its own and they brought their bodies so close that not even air could pass between them. Jessica clenched at the soft fabric of his shirt under Gil's jacket and tugged a little. Even in her high heels Jessica pushed up on her toes to get her kiss him more thoroughly. Gil gives a small smile at this gesture and used the arm at her waist to aid her. Gil let out a gruff moan as Jessica nibble on his lower lip. 'Jessica...' The unmasked desire in Gil's voice caused Jessica's eyes to flutter open. Gil's eyes held a look she had only ever seen once before, and gave her the same chills it did that night all those years ago. Now the question was: would she shut their window yet again or throw it open? and let him in? They both knew that as much as Gil wanted her he would never push her farther than she wanted to go. She could see he was withholding in order to allow her to have he final say.

Jessica let out a heavy sigh and released Gil's shirt. She watched his chest deflate slightly as she did so, clearly preparing himself for any possible rejection she was about to dish out. Before he could put his walls back up though, Jessica laced their fingers. Gil looked at her with both confusion and hope in his eyes. Jessica leaned up for one more kiss then stepped away and began to walk in the direction of the stairs, pulling Gil along with her. They walked in weighted silence, knowing exactly that what they were about to do would change so much. They ascended the stairs and followed the corridor to the doors of the master suite. Just as Jessica placed her hand in the ornate bronze door knob, she felt Gil's grip on her hand tighten just enough for her to notice. 'There's still time, Jess...We can turn back now and nothing has to change. ' Jessica didn't reply, she simply turned the knob and pushed the door open. Once they were both past the threshold Gil shut the door behind them.

Gil loosed their hands and instead opted to put his body flush against her back and placing both his hands on her hips. Jessica turned in his grip and smiled up at his handsome face which was still marred by the fainted traces of worry. Jessica cupped his face in her delicate hands and put her forehead against his,' I closed our last window. Lets make a new one together'