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A Witch and a Prince: an unusual fairy-tale

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Roman sat down on the edge of his bed with a huff. The ball had started an hour ago, and despite his hopes, it seemed Virgil hadn't shown up. His father tried to encourage him to keep exploring and meeting the potential suitors at the ball, but Roman wasn't feeling interested at the moment. He had really hoped Virgil was going to change his mind and show up after all, and now that he hadn't, he felt pretty heartbroken. He was aware he had fallen too fast for someone who he admittedly probably didn't know enough about, but he couldn't help it! He, for whatever reason, really liked the other man. 


He walked over to his balcony, looking over the large garden below him. He remembered how Virgil had first reacted to the view. causing a small smile to appear on his face. He shook his head, trying to get the other man out of his thoughts. He walked back into his bedroom, leaving his balcony doors open to allow the fresh night breeze to blow through his bedroom. 


He picked up a book from a nearby shelf and sat down on his bed, opening it slowly. He had nothing else to do. 


A few minutes later a sudden loud flapping sound broke through quiet crickets and distant noises from the ball down below. Roman's eyes went wide, a large smile on his face as he recognized the noise. He turned, looking over to his balcony to see he was right. Virgil stood, hands in his hoodie pockets, leaning back against the railing, wings falling on the other side of the rail. He wore his signature smirk, crossing one foot over the other casually.


"Not enjoying the party?" He asked in a tone that was a mix of teasing and smug. A tone Roman found he loved. 


"Virgil!" Roman replied, jumping out of bed and quickly rushing over to the other. "And no" the prince shrugged "Not the same without you" 


Virgil blushed, but the smirk never left his face "What? You not liking a party? Man, I must have really swept you off your feet haven't I?" 


The Prince felt the heat in his cheeks, but smiled "You have no idea" 


They stood in comfortable silence for a moment, listening to the noises from the world around them, before Virgil spoke.


"Sorry I'm late, I was, and you might not believe this but- a tad nervous" He smiled sheepishly, but Roman waved him off. 


"Doesn't matter, I'm sure you can make it up to me at some point, I'm just glad you came" Roman replied. The idea of 'making it up to him later' made Virgils face turn a whole new shade of red. 


"yeah ok, well" Virgil replied, "For the record, I would still like to say I think this is a bad idea" The prince was about to launch into all the reasons that wasn't true, but Virgil continued. "BUT, if you're still willing to give it a try, I'm willing to risk it" He finished with a smirk, watching the princes face light up.


"I would like nothing more" The prince replied with a smile. It was then the prince noticed Virgil was holding something behind his back with one hand. "What's that?" He asked.


"Oh, yeah" Virgil blushed before he handed the object to the prince, his wings twitching in the cold breeze. The object was the same slice of wood Virgil had been working on the day prior. What was carved into it was an almost perfect picture of the castle's pond and garden, the same bench where they first met beside it. The Prince's jaw dropped. 


"As a thank you for the ring and everything, despite the very flustering conversation it caused between me and my dads," Virgil said, looking down at the ground in embarrassment. " I mean I know it isn't as nice as the ring and stuff but-" 


The prince cut him off by shaking his head. "I love it, it's amazing." He said with a gentle yet genuine smile "Did.... did you do this?" Virgil simply nodded. "You're incredibly talented!" Virgil blushed and shrugged... 


The prince ran into his room, placing the carving on his nightstand next to his bed before returning to the balcony. As he approached he couldn't help staring at the how incredible the witch's wings looked with the moonlight bouncing off their feathers. Apparently, he wasn't very subtle though, watching the wings twitch nervously, their owner looking down awkwardly. 


"Apologies, I couldn't help myself, I didn't mean to stare, they just look so mesmerizing in the moonlight..." Roman explained as he resumed his previous place standing in front of the witch. Virgil felt his face heat up rapidly. 


"No no, it's okay, I'm just not used to people seeing them, but I don't mind." Suddenly his voice trailed off quietly as embarrassed added: "I'm actually really glad you like them..." 


"I love them!" Roman replied with a smile. "They are breathtaking, and they look so soft!" 


Virgil chuckled at the other's enthusiasm. "According to my dad Patton they are quote 'the softest thing in the known universe' so I'd say your probably right" 


"Okay, now I have to ask" Roman replied, when Virgil responded with a confused eyebrow, however, he was forced to alliterate. "I uh..." He blushed, clearing his throat and putting forth all the princely confidence he could muster "May I have permission to test their softness for myself?"


He relished in the red hue that appeared on the other's face as the witch nodded and extended one of his wings. "Go for it" 


Virgil watched the childlike wonder in Romans' eyes and he gently brushed his hand through the mass of feathers. He gave a soft laugh. 


"What's so funny?" Roman asked in confusion

"You" Virgil laughed again "You look like a kid on Christmas, it's adorable"


Roman's face immediately felt hot, which only caused the other to laugh again. 


'Oh, it is on' Roman thought to himself.


"Oh hush you" Roman replied before smirking "But that is fair-" In one quick motion, he had Virgil's hand, the one that dawned the ring, in his own hand "- I did get the best Christmas present ever tonight after all" He teased, before giving the hand an all to dramatic kiss. 


Virgil rolled his eyes, despite the bright red on his face. Roman laughed.


After another comfortable silence, Roman spoke. "I'm really glad you decided to come back tonight," he said softly, rolling the ring on the others finger gently. 


"So am I" Virgil replied with a shy smile "But, now that I am here, what now?" He said teasingly, clearly having not learned his lesson the first time. 


"Well.... that depends..." The prince replied, dropping the witch's hand before suddenly stepping forward. He rested both of his hands on the rail of the balcony, one hand on either side of Virgil, effectively pinning him there. "We could always continue from where we left off the last time we were here" He replied with a smirk. 


The witch was fairly certain his blush had to be reaching unhealthy levels at this point. Virgil was nothing if not competitive, however. He rolled his eyes, putting his arms around the prince's neck. 


"You're a dork," He said with a smirk. But before the prince could respond, he brought their lips together. 


What had he been so worried about again?