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A Witch and a Prince: an unusual fairy-tale

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Virgil had never flown so fast in his life, even semi crash landing in the grass next to his house on the outskirts of the kingdom.

He clutched his chest, trying to calm his racing heart. What had he done!? He kissed the prince and ran away! What was he thinking!?!

He stumbled inside, finally catching his breath as he closed the door and leaned back on it.


"Are you alright kiddo?" Patton's concerned voice came from the kitchen. 


Virgil's eyes shot open, looking at logan and Patton sitting in the kitchen.


"What?" Virgil replied, still gathering his bearings.


"Where were you, Virgil?" Logan deadpanned.


"Wait" Virgil replied, "what time is it?"


"Almost 2 am Virgil" logan replied "the party ended at 1"


"We looked everywhere for you! When we couldn't find you we thought you may have taken a carriage home. But you weren't here, you had me so worried!" Patton cried as he ran over, crashing into Virgil with a tight hug.


"I'm sorry! I- I just went for a midnight fly I didn't realize it was so late!"


"A fly... right after the party, without telling us?" Logan replied, raising an eyebrow. 


"Okay, I got overwhelmed by the crowd and had a panic attack and had to leave so I didn't break the necklace. "


"Where is the necklace?"


Suddenly Virgil remembered he had dropped it. Damn it. He reached into his pocket to act like he was looking for it "dang it, it must have fallen out of my pocket in the air"


"So how did we get home before you did?" Logan asked. Something wasn't adding up.


"I stopped at my spot on the mountain for a while, I lost track of time" Virgil replied "look I'm home and I'm fine? Can I please go to bed? I'm exhausted"


"Yes, of course, you can!" Patton replied before Logan could, guiding Virgil off to his room.


Virgil collapsed in bed, finally willing away his wings, which disappeared in a snap of feathers. His mind raced and replayed the events if the night.


*This wasn't a big deal, he probably kisses tons of boys  Virgil told himself

he will have forgotten Virgil even existed by tomorrow morning*


That thought admittedly hurt Virgil a bit, but he pushed it down, eventually managing to fall asleep.



The next morning Virgil walked into the kitchen where Logan was reading the morning paper , sat at his usual spot at the kitchen table while he sipped his coffee, and Patton was making pancakes in the kitchen while humming contently.


"Goodmorning!" Patton smiled 

"Morning popstar"


Virgil took a pancake, sitting down across from his dad. "Anything interesting in the paper?" Virgil asked.


"Yes actually" logan replied "apparently the prince is looking for a suitor he was involved with last night that ran away before the prince could get his name"


Suddenly, Virgil's heart was in his stomach, he had completely forgotten about the night before.


"Apparently they even kissed!" Patton said excitedly.


"Yes, seems strange to flee after kissing the prince without leaving your name at least" logan replied.


"Yeah, hopefully, the two lovebirds can reconnect"


"I don't know, it's a big kingdom" Virgil replied, trying to stay calm. luckily neither of his dads seemed to pick up on the internal panic attack he was currently having.


"Well apparently the suitor's father is one of the royal workers" logan replied "the paper also says the suitor dropped a necklace the prince hopes to return"


Virgil's emotions were getting the better of him. He was screwed. The prince was looking for him!


However, it wasn't until supper that night when Virgil came back from the mountain he could tell something was off. He had been working on his large garden of herbs, spices and other ingredients he grew for logan's potion brewing, Patton's cooking, and also to sell at the Magic market whenever he went. He was surprisingly good at it, despite the fact that his Hogwarts refused to grow, everything else in his garden flourished. Patton had suggested he tried singing to it to help it grow, but that was  not  going to happen.


Before he even got into the house there was a strange weight to the air around him. He walked in to see his dad and his papa in the kitchen waiting for him. His dad glanced up from the paper eying him as he approached.


"Um, what did I do this time?" Virgil asked trying to lighten the strangely tense mood.


"Why didn't you tell us you were involved with the prince last night?" Logan asked immediately. 


"I, what?" Virgil sputtered, struggling to find words.


Logan let out a sigh, sitting up, taking off his glasses, and setting the paper on the table.


"The prince released a physical description of his suitor, and it was pretty damming Virgil"


Virgil's heart was pounding so loud he could hear it in his own ears. He just stared at his dad for a minute, unable to speak or even sort through his own thoughts.



"You kissed the prince!" Patton cheered happily, finally unable to contain it.


"It was an accident! We were caught up in the moment and I wasn't thinking straight and-"


"Wait" Patton cut off his ramblings "do you not like him back?"


"Of course I do!" Virgil replied, turning red at the confession. "I-i mean, he's nice and all, but he's the  prince "


"So?" Patton asked confused.


"If it's just the social status gap you're concerned about-" logan began before Virgil cut him off.


"It's more than that! He had no idea I was a witch when we kissed! Let alone a  freak  of a witch who can't control his powers- oh! And sprouts  wings !!!"


"You are not a freak!" Patton replied in his stern dad tone.

"Is he still unaware of your powers?" Logan asked


"I'm...not sure. All the emotions of the kiss and following panic I could feel the necklace giving out, I apologized and ran for my life, or well, flew..."

"Wait, you mean..."

"Yeah... I lept off the balcony, it was the quickest exit! I'm not sure if he actually managed to see the wings or not with how dark it was"


"Well, he has to know your not normal, considering you weren't on the pavement below the balcony after jumping" Logan contemplated. "He also has the necklace, which is pretty damning evidence"


"And he is still perusing you," Patton said, giving Virgil a reassuring smile.

"I-I guess, I still don't know..."


"Well not to alarm you" Logan began "but I suggest you figure out your feelings quickly, as the prince will be here later tonight"


"WHAT!?!" Both patron and Virgil cried in unison, one of excitement, the other of horror.


"Why is he coming here!?!" Virgil cried


"Well assuming he made the connection about the magic, the prince asked me directly if I knew who you were. I couldn't exactly lie to the prince's face"


Suddenly two huge black wings erupted into existence, slamming into a nearby shelf and knocking some things off an adjacent table. This was a clear sign of how much Virgil was panicking.


Both his dads jumped in shock, one of which ran to take care of the mess while the other ran to take care of the child. But it was too late, Virgil had already spun around and run out the back door. His dads glanced at each other, unsure of what to do.




The prince was uncharacteristically nervous as he brushed his hair in the mirror. What if Virgil told him off or got angry that he still pursued him after he ran off? After seeing the man fly away, he had remained practically paralyzed on the floor of his room, completely stunned at what he had just witnessed. The only feeling he felt more than shocked, however, was the desire to see him again.


After finding the necklace on the floor of his bedroom, it was pretty easy for Roman to guess that the royal wizard may know who it was. He was shocked to find out that the man he had kissed had actually been Logans, son. The wizard seemed surprised after the prince gave him a description of who he was looking for, which meant Virgil must not have told his parents about what happened. That hurt the prince a little, was he hoping to forget last night ever happened? After learning Virgil's name from Logan, Roman asked if it would be alright for him to come see him this evening, to which the wizard agreed. 


But now that he was getting ready to go, he was starting to wonder whether this was the right thing to do. His father had warned him that, while he had no problem with roman dating non-royalty, that they may feel pressured into the relationship due to Romans' social standing. He had been so excited at the idea of seeing the other, but he worried about making Virgil feel like a cornered animal. He didn't get any more time to think about it however as his escort knocked on his door. 





It was about an hour later when there was a knock on the door. Patton ran to open it.


"Hello, your highness! Please come in!" Patton said with a smile, opening the door for the prince and a royal guard.


"Hello! Patton.... right?" Roman asked with a smile.

"Yep! that's me!" Patton replied cheerfully.


"Hey, logan" roman smiled at the side coming out of the kitchen.

"Your majesty" Logan replied with a bow, causing Roman to laugh.


"Logan please how many times must I tell you there's no need to be so formal" Roman chuckled.


Logan smiled "thank you, and thank you for making the trip here tonight, unfortunately, Virgil isn't here right now."


"What do you mean?"


"he panicked when he heard you were coming and ran away again..." Patton replied quietly


"Oh... does he really not like me that much?"


"No no!" Patton yelped "he does like you! He told me himself! he just gets anxious easily, and he's very overwhelmed by the whole 'prince' thing"


"Oh, I see" roman replied, smiling inwardly that Virgil did like him back. "So then, now what?"


"Well, we know where Virgil is" logan replied, looking over at Patton, who nodded "but you'll need a little magic to see the entrance"


"He's in a little grove up the mountain behind the house" patron explained "it's his little getaway spot, but he hid the entrance with a spell"


"Oh, I see..." roman replied


"I can cast a spell to allow you to see it if you'd like" Logan offered.


"Yes! Please do!" Roman said with a smile.


"Your highnesses is this wise?" The royal guard asked.


"Of course, logan is the royal wizard, they can be trusted"


"Your majesty it may be best if you go to the grotto on your own, so you won't scare him away again..." Patton commented


Roman nodded, turning and instructing his guard to stand guard outside the front door. when roman turned around, he was caught off guard by a handful of dust blown into his face. He blinked for a couple of seconds, his vision clearing so he could see logan standing in front of him.


"You should be able to see a faint blue line on the ground in front of you" Logan explained, "simply follow it along the path behind the house and it will take you straight to him."


"Alright! Thankyou logan!" The prince replied with a smile, heading out the back door and starting down the dirt path into the forest. He wasn't sure what he was going to say to the other man once he found him but he was excited to see him again.