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A Witch and a Prince: an unusual fairy-tale

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"Vergeeee!, come on itll be fun" Parton cheered.

"How on earth would a party at the royal castle be fun!?" Virgil argued.

"Virgil, being the royal wizard, my family and I were invited to the party, that includes you," Logan said as he glanced over his book.

"What if my magic acts up? Or worse-" he made a flapping wing motion with each hand.

"if that's your only concern, I can help with that" logan replied

"I just don't know why you want me to go? I hate crowds, and loud noises, and socializing!"

"If you go I'll let you come with me the next time I make the journey to the witches district, you can get those magic earbuds you've been bugging me about" Logan offered. Virgil immediately shot up "and you can make sure my magic stays hidden the whole time? And my wings?"

"Certainly" Logan replied.

"Okok, fine deal"

"Hurray! I'm so excited!" Patton cheered happily


Roman looked himself over in the mirror and smiled. His father, king Thomas, was hosting this party to aid the prince in finding a suitor, not that Roman was in any particular rush. He dusted off his shoulders, which dawned golden shoulder pads. Suddenly he heard his father call that the party was beginning. This would be fun.

"This necklace will absorb your magical energy throughout the night, so it will stop anything from being seen. However it has a limit and will fall off if it hits its limit, so don't try to use magic or do anything that would cause your emotions, and thus your magic, to surge" his dad, logan, explained to him. Virgil nodded, tieing the large crystal around his neck and tucking it into his hoodie. Unlike his parents, who were dressed up, Virgil simply wore his patchwork hoodie and ripped black jeans.

"I still don't know why you want to hide your magic," Patton said quietly "magic is accepted in this kingdom"

"Not by everyone, especially other kingdoms, and who knows how far some of these people will be coming from?" Virgil countered

"I guess...."

"Even I will have to be on guard tonight," logan said, straightening his tie. "Better safe than sorry"

"I guess your right" patron conceited, "let's still go have fun!"

The carriage slowly pulled up to the castle and Virgil's jaw dropped. The place was HUGE. So many lights and people filled his vision. All 3 of them got out and were guided into the crowded ballroom. Virgil stuck to his dad's like a leach for the first hour, until a guard tapped logan on the shoulder and leaned in to whisper something. Logan nodded, turning back to Virgil and relinking his arm with Patton.

"The guard just let me know that all the royal workers and their partners have been requested to join the king for some kind of special gathering to discuss relations with the neighbouring kingdoms. So we're going go have to leave you here for a little while Virgil"

"What!?" Virgil panicked "your gonna leave me all alone?"

"Calm down Virgil, you don't want to fill your necklace" logan responded in a hushed tone.

"I'm sure we won't be too long sweetie" Patton reassured him "you'll be fine, well be back before you know it"

Virgil took a deep breath "o-okay" he said, as he watched his dads follow the guard out of the room. Virgil looked around, immediately feeling his anxiety rise. There were so many people, EVERYWHERE. Finally, Virgil laid eyes on a large door that lead outside. Quickly shuffling through the crowd, Virgil made his way out to the garden, which was completely empty.

He took a deep breath and relaxed, watching the moon reflect on the pond as he walked toward the edge of the water. He sat down on the grass, in front of a stone bench and reached to pick up a small frog that was sat on the edge. Perks of being a witch, animals love you. The frog looked at him but didn't seem to mind being picked up.


Finally roman managed to break free of the crowd to step outside for a breath of air. Despite how much he loved parties and attention, the crowd of desperate suitors from other kingdoms was becoming overwhelming. He glanced out to the lake, finally noticing he wasn't actually alone out here like he originally thought.

Quietly he crept closer, looking at the figure. He recognized the man, as he had caught a few glances of him in the ballroom.

"Not enjoying the party?"

The sudden voice made Virgil jump, causing the frog to leap off his hand into the water. He turned to see a man in very expensive looking clothing looking down at him with a smile. The man looked familiar, but he couldn't place who it was.

"um, what?" Virgil stuttered, unsure what to say.

Roman smiled "what are you doing out here? Are you not enjoying the party?"

Virgil jumped up "oh I'm so sorry am I not allowed out here I"

"Nono" Roman cut him off "you're perfectly fine, don't worry"

"Oh okay" Virgil sighed a bit "I'm just not much of a party person..." he shrugged.

"But parties are incredible!" Roman gasped, dramatically clutching his chest, causing Virgil to snicker. Roman was almost immediately addicted to that sound.

"Too many people, I'm not much of a social person..." Virgil replied sheepishly.

"I suppose they can get a bit overwhelming at times" Roman agreed. Taking a seat on the bench and Patting the spot next to him. Vigil hesitantly sat on the edge of the bench, looking at the pond. This person seemed pretty okay he thought, allowing himself to relax.

"Based on the outfit I can assume you don't attend parties too often?"
Virgil would have been offended if not for the overly teasing tone and the smirk on the man's face. He smirked

"I'm sorry my comfy clothes aren't up to your standards princey" Virgil teased back.

"Princey?" Roman giggled

"Sorry I never got your name," Virgil said shyly.

"Wait," roman said shocked "you- you don't know who I am?"

"Um.. no... sorry..." Virgil muttered, embarrassed.

Roman smiled "I like princey" he said. Virgil smiled.

"If you don't like parties why did you come?" Roman questioned

"My dad is a royal worker" Virgil replied. "Plus, the food is alright" he joked
Roman laughed before an idea hit him. 

"if you enjoy the food, I have access to the special exclusive desserts"

"Oh yeah?" Virgil questioned.

"Yeah! Come on hot topic, follow me!" Roman said as he stood up.
Virgil glanced around. Could he trust this man?

"I promise, I don't bite" roman smiled, extending his gloved hand. "If your uncomfortable at any point, you can leave, promise"

Virgil nodded and took his hand. He was led over to a large open doorway toward the end of the garden. It was guarded by two guards, who smiled as they approached, and even bowed when they were close enough. Virgil instinctively hid a bit behind the man but felt reassured the guards obviously knew this man. After going through a few twisting corridors and climbing quite a few stairs, they finally arrived at 2 large doors.

"Here we are!" The man announced, throwing open the door to reveal a large fancy bedroom. Sure enough, there was a table full of desserts in the center of it.

"Whoa," Virgil muttered, looking around. Roman chuckled at the cute look of awe on his face.

"Told you!" Roman said with a big smile "help yourself" he said as he walked over and picked up a cookie, taking a bite. He glanced back to see the man still looking around in shock. He chuckled "your awe is adorable"
Virgil snapped to look at the man, blushing.

"A-are you sure we're allowed in here princey?" Virgil asked cautiously as he approached the table.

"Well, given that it is MY room I would certainly hope so" Roman laughed.

"W-wait, your room?" Virgil asked, picking up a cookie and biting it. This was DELICIOUS.

"Benefits of being the prince" he winked.

Virgil nearly spit out his cookie, causing roman to laugh.

"W-wait your-"

"Prince roman, at your service" he replied with a smirk and small bow
Virgil dropped his cookie. He was talking to the prince!?! And he hadn't recognized him!

"I am so sorry your highness I-" Virgil rambled before Roman cut him off.

"Shh, please, call me princey" he replied with a smile, handing Virgil the cookie he had dropped.

Virgil nodded.

"Hey hot topic, If you liked the view of the garden down below, you should see the balcony," The prince said as he walked over and pushed the balcony door open.

Virgil gasped at the view of the garden and adjacent forest.

They continued chatting and flirting for a while ending up sitting next to each other on the edge of Roman's bed.

Roman glanced over at Virgil in a way that made his heart race before he suddenly cupped his cheek. He hesitated for a moment, but since Virgil didn't pull away, he went for it. They kissed gently, Virgil kissing back completely intoxicated by the man in front of him when suddenly Virgil felt electricity in his veins. All of this emotion-NO his magic!
Suddenly Virgil pulled away and stood up.

"What's wrong?" Roman asked with a frown.

Panic. Virgil could feel the necklace's ability fading, causing his panic to worsen. HE KISSED THE PRINCE!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING? There's no way this could ever work! He was the prince for crying out loud!

"I-i'm sorry" Virgil stuttered, backing up when the prince reached out for him.

"For what? What's wrong?" Roman asked as he stood up, confused.

Virgil looked around frantically when he suddenly felt the necklace break and fall off, hearing it hit the floor. He didn't have a choice.

"I-I have to go, I'm sorry," Virgil replied, suddenly sprinting to the balcony.

"Wait!" Roman called after him. Completly shocked when the man JUMPED OFF THE BALCONY. Roman ran to the rail, even more, shocked when a large black blur shot up past him, knocking him back onto the ground. He looked up just in time to see the man he loved take off into the night with two huge pitch-black wings, quickly out of sight due to the darkness.