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Let's get physical (Part 2)

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After Fleur checked little Elaina over. Bernie went and picked up Harley from nursery while Serena gave her a wash and dressed her.
"Harley, come on mate."Bernie said as she walked up to Harley who was playing with his friends.
"Where are we going Momma?"
"Because Mummy wants you. She has got something to show you."
"What has she got to show me Momma?"
"You'll soon find out when we get home." Bernie smiled as Harley said bye to his friend's. And they got in the car and drove home.
"MUMMY. MUMMY." Harley shouted as he walked through the door. "Momma said you've got something to show me."
"I have. Come here baby." Serena said as she held her out her hand. "Look in the basket."
"It's a baby."
"It is. It's our baby."
"Meet your little sister Elaina." Bernie said as she sat down on the sofa.
"She's ours Mummy?"
"She's all ours. What do you think of her sweetheart?"
"Nice and she's very pretty."
"Do you want to hold Elaina Harley?" Bernie asked.
"Yes please Momma."
"Come and sit back on the sofa. Then Momma will give you Elaina to hold."
"Ok." Bernie lifted Elaina up out of the Moses Basket and put her in Harley's arms.


"You don't have to hold her with me Momma. I can manage."
"I know you can mate. But her head is a bit floppy so I'll just help you ok."
"Ok. Hello Elaina. I'm Harley. Your big brother. I am gonna help Mummy and Momma, look after you. Cause that's what big brothers do Momma said. And, and when you're bigger you can play with my toys with me. Because Mummy says I have to share things." Serena smiled as she listened to Harley. "You can take her now Momma."
"Ok." Bernie took Elaina off Harley and held her close.
"Thank you Mummy." Harley said as she hugged Serena.
"What are you thinking me for?"
"For giving me a little sister."
"Your welcome baby."
"Mummy can Elaina sleep in my bed with me tonight?"
"No she has to sleep in mine and Momma's bedroom. Because we have to feed her quite a bit during the night."
"I need feeding now. I'm hungry."
"Here you take this little one and I'll go make us all some lunch." Bernie said as she passed Elaina to Serena.
"Come here gorgeous."
"I'll come with you Momma." Harley said as he followed Bernie into the kitchen.


Later that afternoon they all sat on the sofa watching one of Harley's DVDS. Elaina had been fed and changed and was fast asleep in her basket. Harley was snuggled up to Serena with his arm around her.
"Yes Harley."
"Is there another baby in there?" He said as he touched Serena's stomach.
"I hope not. No sweetheart there isn't."
"Then why is your belly still big?"
"Because I have only just given birth that's why. It will soon go if Momma does some exercises with me."
"There's no rush Serena."
"I know. I'm just saying that's all." Bernie leaned over and kissed Serena.
"Your perfect to me. You know that don't you?"
"I know. And you're perfect to me."
"I love you and I love our two beautiful children."
"And we love you too. Don't we Harley?"
"Yes we love you lots Momma." Harley said as Bernie and Serena hugged him. "I love you my Mummies." Harley said as he buried his face into Serena's neck.
"And we love you love baby. You and Elaina mean everything to me and Momma."
"We are a family and no one is ever gonna come between us." Bernie smiled as she kissed Serena softly.