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Area 51 in Creekwood

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Xue Yang is a 20 years old American girl. She loves aliens and all sorts of paranormal activities. She lives in a quiet little town called Creekwood. Xue Yang finds her city boring, there is not much to do. She works at a book shop. The young woman enjoys her job. She can read a lot of different books but her favorites are ones about aliens. Xue Yang likes to think that they exist. One of her biggest dream is to meet one someday, she didn't know her dream was about to come true.

Today Xue Yang wakes up earlier than usual. She checks her phone and can't believe what she sees. An UFO crashed in the forest near her city. The 20-year-old is extremely happy. She puts some clothes on and go outside. She runs to the forest. Xue Yang wants to see it with her own eyes. When she arrives there are policemen all around the round shaped thing. She can't approach more so she goes back to her place. She goes to work and the day passes like any other. In the evening she heads to the bar. When entering she sees a beautiful woman.

Was she even real ? Xue Yang thinks.

She has a thin nose, a perfect jawline. Her eyes are the same color as her long hair, a deep brown. Xue Yang thinks she is really stunning. She never saw her in town before. Xue Yang slightly approaches the pretty stranger. She heard her asking for a place to stay this night. The 20 years old woman isn't shy at all. She walks at her and sits right next to her.

"I heard you're searching for a place to sleep tonight." starts Xue Yang.

Seeing the surprised expression on the stranger's face, she adds :
"Hi, I m Xue Yang. I live in this town and when I entered I heard you talking with the barman."

"Hi! I am Xiao XingChen. Nice to meet you."

Even her voice is angelic, Xue Yang thinks.

The two talk during a moment. Xue Yang asks her if she wanted to stay at her flat for the night. Xiao XingChen accepts. They leave the bar for Xue Yang's home. They have been drinking a little too much at the bar. Alcohol makes Xue Yang horny, she knew that but she was absorbed in Xiao XingChen's beauty so she drank a lot without realizing. They arrive at Xue Yang's apartment.

"If you want to drink or eat something, tell me"

Xiao XingChen answers with a smile. They sit on the bed.

Xue Yang looks at Xiao XingChen "By the way, where are you from ?"

Xiao XingChen's look changes, it becomes more intense, more fierce, and mostly sexier. She pushes Xue Yang, makes her falling on the bed. Xiao XingChen smiles as she puts herself above her.

"So...are you sure you wanna know ?" Xiao XingChen asks again.

"Of course" Xue Yang answers, whispering in her ear.

Xiao XingChen's pure smile become...creepier. Xue Yang likes that. Her heart starts beating faster as the girl above her slips one of her hand under her shirt. Xiao XingChen touches Xue Yang belly, and then goes up to her chest. She presses her breast. Xue Yang feels good. She approaches her face to Xue Yang and kisses her. When their lips touch each other, Xiao XingChen pinches Xue Yang's tits. Feeling the sensation, Xue Yang can't help but letting go a little moan. Xiao XingChen continues to play with her partner's boobs. Xue Yang kisses her more intensely.

"Do you want more?" Xiao XingChen asks with a wicked smile.

"Yes, please..." Xue Yang begs in a moan.

Her answer satisfies Xiao XingChen who takes off her shirt and bra and Xue Yang's ones too. She kisses Xue Yang's neck, chest and belly. Then she unbuttons Xue Yang's jeans. She puts her hand in and caresses the top of her pussy. Xue Yang does little moans of pleasure.

"Should I stop?" Xiao XingChen said laughing.

"No....please XingChen, continue, please..."

Hearing Xue Yang moaning her name made her hotter. She kisses her again as she plays with her fingers on her partner's pussy. Xue Yang's breath intensifies. Xue Yang thinks Xiao XingChen has awesome fingers, she is like a fairy. She can feel them moving between her inner lips, going up and down, slightly approaching her clit. The more she touches Xue Yang, the more the both of them groan.
Xiao XingChen suddenly stops and takes off her own pants.Then she takes off her panties too and takes Xue Yang by her thighs to put her above herself. Xue Yang takes a look between Xiao XingChen legs and what she sees sacres her.
She looks at Xiao XingChen, horrified.

"What the fuck is that ??!" Xue Yang said.

She is talking about the things on her partner's pussy. There is three little mouths on it. One on the right side, one on the left side and then, one, a little bigger, in the center. These mouths have teeth and a tongue.

"You said you wanted to know where I come from" answers Xiao XingChen.

"I don't understand, these...things, are not an answer. What the fuck are you ?"

Xue Yang is scared and a little angry at Xiao XingChen's answers.

"This will not harm you. Trust me, you will be good."

Suddenly Xue Yang feels something touching her pussy. She was still sitting on Xiao XingChen hips. Xue Yang feels little wet things licking between her thighs. She is scared but fascinated feels good. She moves back and forth above these mouths. The ones on the side are kindly bitting her as the one in the middle is licking and sucking between her lips.

"Hh...mmm...Xiao XingChen...more...I want moooreee...." Xue Yang moans.

So Xiao XingChen gives her what she wants. The middle long tongue rolls up around Xue Yang's clit.

"Aaaaah" Xue Yang moans loudly.

The mouth sucks her clit as the two others are licking and bitting the top of her pussy. Xue Yang can't handle the sucking of her little ball of nerves, her back curves as she cums. Xiao XingChen takes her to cloud nine. She moans very loudly as all her members were shaking. Asking Xiao XingChen to not stop and lick her more and more. This one was cumming too. Xue Yang goes down to kiss her fiercely. Saliva and tears are sinking on Xue Yang's face as the both women moan. Xue Yang penetrates Xiao XingChen vagina with two of her fingers, while the others caress her pussy.

That makes her moaning louder "Xue Yaaang".

Hearing her name, she adds two others fingers in. Xiao XingChen is breathing by fast and short puffs of air, feeling Xue Yang fingering her. Xue Yang does little movements inside of Xiao XingChen. The two women are cumming, they both moan really loud and stay like that until they get tired....

When they stopped, Xue Yang tells :"That was so good, but what are these tongues on your pussy?"

Xiao XingChen smiles, "I thought you'd never believe me if you didn't see it yourself...I am an alien. The spaceship in the forest is mine".

Xue Yang's eyes turns big " that true?"

"Yes, you saw it yourself, I am not human."

"I read a lot of books about aliens but no one told me that they are good at sex" Xue Yang says laughing.

Xiao XingChen blushes.

"I have been loving aliens stories for a long time." Xue Yang continues, "I always hoped to meet one someday...I didn't know I was going to have sex with one".

The two women laugh.

"So which planet are you from?"

"I come from Kepler 1649c--"

"Oh the planet which looks a lot like Earth!"

"You are well informed, the two planets are really similar that's why people are similar too, but we have some differences as you saw" Xiao XingChen says smiling and blinking at Xue Yang.

This one laughs and says "Sorry for my reaction a while ago...I never saw that, so I was confused and scared...but you showed me there was nothing to be scared about. Sorry again".

"Don't need to apologise..I should have told you the true about me before. I am sorry."

Xue Yang smirks, "If you told me before, I'd have asked you too much questions and we couldn't have making I prefer it like that."

They smile at each other.

"So now can I ask you some questions about your planet ?"

"Of course."

And both women talk all night.