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Scorfuma One Shot Stories

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Perfuma was practically skipping down the path toward the entrance to Plumeria. Flowers were blooming as she walked by them; she was so excited that it was hard to contain the joy she felt in her heart. Scorpia would be back from her trip to the Fright Zone any minute and she couldn’t wait for the surprise evening she had planned for them. They had been able to stay in touch for the month through electronic communication, but Perfuma missed seeing her partner in person...feeling her exoskeleton….kissing her soft lips………...kissing lower…

She had to shake her head to keep her focus. She did not have time to be fantasizing about something that would happen soon enough. Once she reached the end of the trail, she sat down cross-legged and started her morning meditation. She could use the calming effects to keep her from tiring herself out with anticipation. Perfuma’s plan may have worked a little too well; she fell into a deep state of zen which blocked out everything from the outside world. When Perfuma finally decided to resurface, she opened her eyes to find Scorpia sitting in front of her.

“Oh Perfuma, you’re back!”

“I’m back!? You are the one who got back!” Perfuma squealed as she leapt over into Scorpia’s lap. Scorpia giggled as she steadied Perfuma on her lap, then pulled her close for a long-awaited reunion kiss. “Yeah, I’m back. also were in a very deep zen state, right? Or did you take a nap?”

“No...I was in a zen state. Thank you for not disturbing me. It can be damaging if I am taken out of it before I’m ready, so I appreciate you waiting.”

“I’m more than happy to wait for you, garnet. Now....last time we talked you said you were going to have a surprise for me?” 

“Of course! I set up a little spot in the forest for us to stay for a few days, sort of like a mini-vacation. The best part is that no one will be able to contact us for the whole time. No responsibilities….no drama…………...interruptions….”

“Oh? What would we not want to get interrupted?” Scorpia’s cheeks had turned pink at the realization of what her partner was insinuating, betraying her attempt to ‘play it cool.’

Perfuma decided to tease Scorpia, knowing she was catching on. Perfuma leaned in and whispered, “Us making up for our lost month of sex, of course.” A shiver went up Scorpia’s back at Perfuma’s flirtation. Scorpia had not expected her partner to be this bold, but she did find it arousing. She decided to be a little bolder to match.

“Well...we didn’t lose an entire month. I distinctly remember multiple communications where one or both of us orgasmed… Don’t those count?” Scorpia smiled as sweetly as she could manage while she watched the flash of embarrassment cross Perfuma’s face at the mention of their communications. Perfuma had expressed she felt it was entirely inappropriate to use the technology for...personal reasons, but that had only made it more titillating when Scorpia suggested the sexy calls.

“I...suppose you are right, but I still miss being with you physically.” Perfuma ran her fingers over the shaved parts of Scorpia’s hair, making her way to the top part that she could twirl in her fingers. “And...if I recall correctly….you said you couldn’t wait to worship every inch of my body when you got back.”

“Uh huh….I did say that…” Scorpia’s mind began to wander back the memories of their calls together. She could feel her body buzzing with excitement for what was to come, but she still wanted to keep her composure to not seem too desperate. “Do you have anything in mind for how I should do that?”

“Now that you mention it...I do. I was thinking that you could put that beautiful mouth to use by eating some fruits off my body. You always tell me that I taste so good, but maybe I can taste even better…”

“I doubt you could taste any better, garnet. But I will admit your idea does sound...mouthwatering. Don’t you think it’s time we go somewhere more private?” Scorpia could feel the desire pulsating from Perfuma as she was most likely fantasizing about the scenario she had suggested. Perfuma often seemed to get lost in thought before sex, but was pulled back by Scorpia’s words.

“Oh! Ah...yes! That sounds like an excellent idea, blossom. Allow me to lead the way.” Perfuma stood up and helped Scorpia up to her feet, then grabbed her pincer and tugged her along an invisible path in the woods. Scorpia was sure that she would never be able to find her way back to the main path on her own, so she was confident that they would have complete privacy from the world.

“You really are taking me deep into the forest, huh?”

“Mhmmm. I thought it would be for the best...since we tend to be very...vocal when pleasuring each other. And I only imagine we will be louder since it has been so long. I know I am wound up pretty tightly and that is bound to make my vocalizations more intense.” Scorpia felt herself get a little wet at the thought of Perfuma screaming for Scorpia to make her orgasm. It had been too long since she was able to hear her partner’s stunning voice in person.

As they continued to walk, Scorpia leaned down and whispered in Perfuma’s ear “I can’t wait to hear you begging for me. I can’t wait to taste how eager you are for me and fuck you until you can’t even remember anything but my name.”

Perfuma stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to face Scorpia. “You are playing a dangerous game, princess. I would like to at least make it to the tent before I’m incapacitated, but you are making it very difficult to not just fuck you right here.” Scorpia’s mouth curved up in a slightly sly smile, which was very uncharacteristic of her, but Perfuma couldn’t help but feel a little hotter.

“I think that was my intention. Maybe I can’t wait to ravage your gorgeous body. To feel your lips on feel your skin on mine....taste your skin…” Scorpia leaned closer and closer to Perfuma as she listed all the things she wanted to do in that moment, hoping Perfuma would give in. 

Perfuma started leaning in as well. She was mesmerized and unbelievably aroused by Scorpia’s confidence in her sexuality (something only Perfuma got to witness) and was about to give herself completely to her partner. She could feel Scorpia’s tail snaking around her waist and nudging her closer to her lover...but they were already so close to the tent. Was she so insatiable that she couldn’t wait another 5 minutes? No. Perfuma knew she could make it. Just as their lips were about to touch, Perfuma abruptly pulled away and started walking even faster to the campsite. “We are almost to the tent. Then you can do all of those things.”

Scorpia reluctantly continued to follow Perfuma to their destination. She would make good on her promise the second she saw the tent. After a few minutes of frustrated fumbling through the forest, Scorpia could finally see a structure in the distance. She perked up and excitedly caught up to Perfuma and swept her up in a bridal lift.

“Someone is eager.” Perfuma couldn’t stop herself from giggling as Scorpia started to nibble on her neck as she carefully shuffled toward the entrance to the tent. Before Scorpia was able to get inside, Perfuma remembered what they had discussed earlier and knew she wanted to reveal herself as a surprise. “Scorpia. Wait. I want to get myself ready before you come in; that way you can get the full effect of the surprise I intended.”

Scorpia gazed into Perfuma’s eyes and leaned in to give her a sweet kiss. “Of course, garnet. Let me know when you’re ready, and then I will enjoy my snack.” Scorpia put Perfuma down and eyed her up and down, licked her lips, and then sat down to wait patiently for her partner.

Perfuma grinned and slowly disappeared behind the door of the tent, winking as the door fluttered closed. Once inside the tent, Perfuma quickly stripped naked and set about creating the perfect romantic environment. She manifested flower petals to cover the floor and bed, gathered up Scorpia’s favorite fruits, and spread out on the bed. “Oh Scorpia! I’m ready for you!”

Scorpia bolted up from the ground and through the door to find her partner in an enticing state. Perfuma was splayed out on the bed, with berries dotted across her naked body; she had also used the juice from some of the fruits to draw trails for Scorpia to follow with her tongue. Scorpia stood staring, trying to process the amazing woman before her. “Wow...just look…appetizing? I know that’s not sexy, but that’s all I can think about right now...maybe I am actually hungry. Do you think we should take a break for a sna—”

“Scorpia? Are you alright? Also I thought that the food on my body would be a snack for you…”

“Ummm yeah. I’m okay. I think I am just taken off guard...there has been so much build up to this date. I think I’m just a little nervous…”

“I understand, blossom. I think that is why I have gone through so much extra trouble to prepare. I feel like this should be special, but we do not have to do anything special. We should be careful not to put too much pressure on this experience. I love you and I love everything we do together.” Scorpia walked slowly to the bed and gently sat down next to Perfuma. 

“I know. I love you too and I wish I could get this thought out of my head.”

“How about you just start by kissing me?”

A small smile formed on Scorpia’s face as she leaned in to kiss her partner. She could smell the sweetness of the berries mixing with a scent that was distinctly Perfuma; Scorpia immediately felt more at ease as her lips met her partner’s. They exchanged a slow, sensual kiss. Perfuma pulled away to make sure Scorpia was okay. “Do you want me to uhh... clean up before we continue?” 

“No. You spent all this time and effort to prepare this snack for me. Who am I to turn you down?”

Perfuma giggled and pulled Scorpia back in for a more passionate kiss. Perfuma wrapped her arms around Scorpia’s neck and caressed the back of her neck, earning a sigh from her partner. Scorpia responded by pulling Perfuma close and teasing her lips with her tongue. They continued to make out passionately until they had to come up for air. Scorpia realized that she had gotten her clothes dirty from the berries on Perfuma’s body.

“Oh. I got a little sticky here...maybe I should get rid of these clothes.”

Perfuma was still breathless from their kissing. “That sounds like an excellent idea. Allow me to help.” Perfuma eagerly lifted Scorpia’s shirt and bra over her head, caressing her lover’s sides when putting her arms back down. The touch sent shivers up Scorpia’s back and then she quickly got up to discard her pants and underwear.

“Wow Scorpia. You are so incredible...I have missed seeing you in person...just wow.”

Scorpia blushed and positioned herself so she was at the foot of the bed, giving Perfuma the perfect view. Perfuma beckoned for Scorpia to join her on the bed, spreading her legs so Scorpia could easily fit in between them. Scorpia kneeled on the end of the bed and noticed a stray berry on the bed. She bent down and grabbed the fruit with her teeth. She enjoyed the sweet taste for a moment before leaning down to place a kiss on Perfuma’s calf.

Perfuma stared down at Scorpia as she placed gentle kisses higher and higher up her leg, her breath getting heavier with each kiss. Scorpia smiled into her kisses, pleased that Perfuma was already reacting so much to her touch. Scorpia started kissing more intensely, leaving hickeys on Perfuma’s thighs that trailed closer and closer to her pussy.

Perfuma reached down and wound her fingers in Scorpia’s hair. “Mmmm. Fuck Scorpia! I’m already dripping wet for you...please...please give me more!” Scorpia moaned at Perfuma’s begging for more, sending shivers up Perfuma’s thigh.

Scorpia eagerly moved her way up her partner’s body until Perfuma could feel her hot breath on her pussy. Perfuma bucked her hips up, silently urging Scorpia to give her what she wanted. Scorpia moved her face forward and gave tentative, short licks to Perfuma’s clit. “Fuck yes, blossom! I need you to fuck me!”

Scorpia was excited that her partner was so ready for more, but she wasn’t done teasing her yet. Just as quickly as she had started her much appreciated attention on Perfuma’s pussy, she moved higher up her body, licking the berry juice that had long dried on her stomach.

“Scorpia! You were just giving me what I wanted. WHY did you stop!?”

“I thought that I was supposed to worship every part of your body. Do I need to hold you down so you behave?” Scorpia froze after she ended her question. They had never reversed roles like this before and she wasn’t sure how Perfuma would react.

“I think you might have to...I do not think I can be patient today. I relinquish all of me to you.”

Scorpia smiled and grabbed Perfuma’s arms and raised them above her head, pinning them on the bed. Scorpia looked down at her partner and caught her lips in a passionate kiss. Perfuma willingly gave herself to the kiss and moaned as she tasted the mix of Scorpia, berries, and herself. Scorpia dragged out their makeout session; she could feel Perfuma grow impatient under her and she grinded her pussy onto her thigh, begging for some stimulation.

After a few minutes, Scorpia started kissing her partner's neck, then moving to lick the rest of the berries and juices off of Perfuma’s body. When she had sufficiently appreciated all of Perfuma’s body, Scorpia contemplated her next move; she wasn’t quite ready to finish her partner off just yet. Scorpia stared at Perfuma, who was an absolute mess. Perfuma was red faced, breathing heavy, and wiggling for friction. Scorpia wondered if she should orgasm before she let her partner do the same.

Scorpia kissed up Perfuma’s neck to the shell of her ear and whispered “Can I ask you to do something for me, garnet?” 

It took Perfuma a second to find the ability to answer. “I will do ANYTHING for you, my love. Tell me what to do.”

“Eat my pussy while I sit on your face.” Scorpia was again bold as she asked for something they had never tried before.

“Shit. Yes! I want you to orgasm on my tongue, then finish me off!”

Scorpia quickly changed their position so her pussy was within reach of Perfuma’s mouth. As soon as she could, Perfuma thrust her tongue into Scorpia’s folds and immediately started flick her tongue on her clit. “Fuck, Perfuma.” Scorpia was caught off guard by how eager Perfuma was to eat her out. 

Scorpia started slowly gyrating her hips to get more friction on her clit. Perfuma took the hint and started licking her partner’s clit in long, sloppy strokes. Scorpia moaned at the change in technique, gripping the headboard to keep herself steady. Perfuma was shamelessly moaning and squirming, clearly wanton to release her tension. Scorpia decided to grant her wish and reached back with her pincer so Perfuma could grind on it.

Perfuma gladly satisfied her need for friction while still desperately licking at Scorpia’s clit. In the new position, Perfuma could easily see Scorpia’s breasts bouncing, with rock hard nipples as she got closer and closer to her release. Perfuma reached up Scorpia’s body so she could graze her breasts and nipples occasionally. The extra stimulation was too much for Scorpia to handle and she soon snapped and squirted all over Perfuma’s face. As Scorpia was riding out her high, Perfuma continued to furiously thrust her hips and eventually came undone as well, screaming Scorpia’s name, which was the only word she could bring herself to say.

After both of their breathing started to go back to normal, Scorpia situated the both of them so they were cuddling, each slowly drifting to sleep.

“I missed you so much. I’m glad you’re back, Scorpia.”

“Mmmmm I’m glad to be back too. I think I am realizing that you are my actual home.”