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Disorderly Conduct

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“Have a good night, guys. Don’t have too much more fun.” The taxi driver rolls his eyes and chuckles after giving Mia and Gavin his gentle warning, then drives away, leaving them in front of Gavin’s apartment. Gavin hooks his arm around Mia’s waist and pulls her toward the door of the building, trying to suppress his own laughter as she giggles all the way.

“Come on, come on, let’s get inside,” Gavin half-shouts as he pulls her along, trying to pierce through the drunken haze that is Mia’s consciousness…and his as well, to be fair.

After tripping up the stairs and through the front door, Gavin steers Mia to his couch and then stumbles to his kitchen. They need water, or they’ll both be sorry the next day.

Presently, it’s Friday and Minor’s birthday. Neither Gavin nor Mia knew Minor was planning to throw a big party; they assumed the guests would just be people from work, perhaps a couple other close friends and maybe one or two of Gavin’s colleagues from STF or the department.

How wrong they were.

Minor threw a legitimate house party, complete with blaring music, lots of people, and a ton of alcohol. Upon entering the lively party, Mia recalled both Victor’s and Lucien’s comments about her ability, or lack thereof, to hold her alcohol.

Sure, one or two beers won’t get to most people, but champagne is a different story.

After a couple drinks each, Minor gave Mia and Gavin champagne for celebrating, then left to mill about the room. Gavin had planned to keep an eye on Mia during the party, as he too knows she doesn’t hold her alcohol well, but something about the bright, loud atmosphere of the party and Minor insistently and consistently giving him champagne distracted him from his surroundings and made him lose track of both her and his drinking.

Without Gavin to keep watch on her, Minor continued giving Mia champagne, so she continued drinking it. It was all in good fun, of course, but somewhere between the booming base of the music and the outbreak of a spontaneous drinking game, the situation got away from them all.

Thus, Minor pushed Gavin and Mia into a taxi, sent them home to Gavin’s apartment, and that is why they’ve tripped up the stairs, sloppy, silly, happy drunk.

Gavin manages to fill a glass with water and stumbles back into the living room, only to find Mia draped over the couch, skirt hiked up to her waist haphazardly. Though Gavin has seen Mia on the most intimate levels, he blushes furiously at the sight and loudly clears his throat. She turns and looks at him, a wide grin plastered across her face.

“You need to drink this,” Gavin says, a bit slowly, as a result of his effort to stand still and make the room spin less.

“Come here, Gav.” Mia reaches out to him and then, upon noticing his blush, erupts in to a fit of giggles. “What – ha – is wrong?”

“Nothing,” he mumbles, as he hands her the glass of water. Gavin tries to adjust her skirt, but Mia pushes his hand away in a drunkenly playful manner.

“It’s fine, Gav! Or, don’t you like my undies?” Mia’s underwear are red and lacy, quite a deviation from the sort she typically wears, and Gavin can’t help wondering if she wore them tonight on purpose, somehow anticipating they’d wind up in this exact situation.

“No, they’re nice,” Gavin murmurs, watching as intently as he can, given the intoxicated dizziness, as Mia drinks the water and starts to giggle again. “What’s so funny?”

“You, you’re funny! And cute!”

“Oooh my gosh,” Gavin chuckles and shakes his head. Bad idea. The room starts to spin harder. He knows he’ll start to obviously slur.

“You’re drunk toooo,” she sputters, “just better at hiding it.”

“I need to get you to bed, Mia,” Gavin asserts as firmly as he can, but he still ends up sounding a bit silly. Mia notices the crack in his visage and cocks an eyebrow, suggestively.

“Why don’t you come with me, officer? Make sure I don’t disturb the peace?” Mia flips over and crawls toward Gavin, right onto his lap, and deftly palms his crotch. His breath hitches in response but he doesn’t push her away, because Gavin would like nothing more than to fall into bed with her, and he must admit to himself that her sudden forwardness is oddly…alluring.

Still, one worry just won’t get out of his head.

“Oh, come on baby, there’s plenty of time for that tomorrooww.” Mia jerks back from him, a horrified expression suddenly scrawled across her face.

“Sorry! Sorry, no, it’s ok. I just thought you’d want to.” Gavin pulls her back to him and kisses her, only to be further turned on when she collapses against him and her chest smashes against his own. Is she wearing a bra? How could he have not noticed?

“It’s not that,” he murmurs, then spreading light kisses down her neck. “I’ve had a lot to drink…”

“So have I!” She palms his crotch again, clearly completely unaware of Gavin’s worry.

“No, I mean…what if it doesn’t work?” For emphasis, Gavin places his hand over hers and squeezes. A look of confusion spreads across Mia’s face, but it soon gives way to another fit of giggles.

“Oh, it will.” She smashes her lips against his, sucking away all his inhibitions and any miniscule amount of resistance he had to her beauty and charm. She’s eager, he’s eager; why shouldn’t they indulge in each other? Minor would be ecstatic to hear any of his actions or devices helped get Gavin laid, too.


“Do you really have so little faith in me, Gav?” Mia teases, as she starts to unbuckle Gavin’s belt. “Have I ever failed to make him happy?”

“No…” Gavin groans against her skin as she slips her hand under his jeans and underwear and squeezes his cock. She doesn’t seem upset or disappointed that he isn’t 100% hard and ready; she doesn’t even seem surprised.

“And you think I can make him happy now?” she coos, as she rubs the tip of Gavin’s cock with her thumb. “Hmm?”

“I know you can,” he murmurs in reply, then leaning back against the armrest and watching as Mia slowly lowers her head. Adrenaline surges in Gavin’s chest when she starts to rub up and down his cock, and he manages to momentarily sift through his drunken haze enough to realize this would be a lot better and less messy if they could get to his bed; he leans away from her.

“What’s wrong?” Mia looks horrified again, so Gavin quickly pulls her into a deep, sloppy kiss to reassure her.

“Nothing, baby, I just think this would be better, um, not out here.” Mia quickly brightens and giggles, mischievously. She gets up, though she struggles to stand up straight, and offers Gavin her hand.

“Then come on, officer, take me to bed.” Something in her wry little smile does Gavin in, so he attempts to scoop her up in his arms and do just as she says. Gravity and alcohol say otherwise.

Gavin picks her up as his bride and takes about 7 steps toward the bedroom before they topple over together and onto the floor, Gavin’s black jeans around his knees. They dissolve into a pile of raucous, drunken laughter with Mia draped across Gavin’s stomach, her skirt again hiked up.

“Looks – ha – like we might not get there,” Gavin manages to gasp between fits of laughter. Mia pulls herself up and to her knees and sweeps her gaze over Gavin’s sprawled figure, her eyes then fixating on his partially covered bulge.

“That’s ok!” she asserts, a little too loudly. Mia grabs Gavin’s crotch again and gives him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. “You just layyy back.”

“On the floor? Won’t that hurt your knees, baby?” Even as he asks, Gavin lays back, and he then closes his eyes to try and steady the spins. She can get him hard, but what if he then can’t stay hard? What if he can’t last?

“Relax, she murmurs, as if sensing Gavin’s worries. Mia runs her hands under his t-shirt, along his abs, and gives his nipples a slight pinch. Her touch itself is like warm water washing over him, so Gavin resigns himself to the happy fuzziness veiling his consciousness.

Gavin manages to lift his hips enough for Mia to pull his underwear down, and she seems pleased when she grabs his half-hard cock and starts to stroke it. She lets go only long enough to stare him down, pinning him with her gaze, and spit in her hand. Good thing he gave her that water…

Gavin groans when she takes his cock in her now-wet hand and starts to pump it steadily, never breaking eye contact. He can’t help but think how beautiful and how sexy she is like this; he’s seen her take charge at work, of course. Mia runs a company, and she’s the boss, but for her to tell him what she wants and go for it is just…hot.

“See?” Mia murmurs, smugly but also adoringly, as Gavin starts to harden in her hand.

“Yeahh-h,” he stutters in response, still intoxicated by both her and all that champagne. Gavin lets out a soft moan when her mouth sinks down over his length and her other hand finds its way under his t-shirt to grasp his side.

Mia starts to bob quickly, hungrily, and quickly gets Gavin where he needs to be. He worries momentarily that she’ll go a little too hard and trip her gag reflex, but Gavin’s mind goes blank when Mia pulls away and strips off her top to reveal she is not, in fact, wearing a bra.

“Ohhh my gosh, did you go out without a bra?” Mia shakes her head vigorously and then has to brace herself against Gavin’s chest to keep from falling backwards.

“No, silly! Willow dared me to take it off during that game, so I had to take it off! I stuffed it in my purse!” Gavin tries to stifle an outburst of laughter with his hand, but Mia jerks his hand away and places it on her bare breast.

“Oh-h, Mia, you-”

“You want the bad girl to ride you, Gav?” Desire has risen so high in Gavin’s chest it’s clogged up his throat, and so he merely nods in response, slack-jawed. “Mmm, good.”

“Why – ahh – are you a bad girl?” he half-moans as Mia leans over and kisses his neck, pressing her naked chest against him as well.

“Disturbing the peace? Public drunkenness? Disorderly conduct?” Gavin nods, again, mouth open and panting slightly. “Wouldn’t you arrest any other girl?”

“I…would have to, huh?”

“You would, officer,” Mia purrs, as she straddles Gavin and hikes up her skirt. This time, his gaze remains fixed on her underwear, as the red lace offers a beautiful contrast to her pale skin, and when she pulls them to the side to reveal her glistening heat, Gavin can’t help but swallow thickly in anticipation. “Want me to give you the bad girl treatment?”

“Yes, yes!” Gavin is briefly embarrassed to have offered such a quick response, as he barely lets her finish speaking before he answers her question, but all thoughts are thrown straight out the window when Mia lowers herself onto his cock, only taking the tip in her.

Mia starts to rolls her hips around the tip of Gavin’s cock, slowly, a drunken, smug, but also sweet smile plastered across her face. He’s throbbing against her slick pussy, yearning for her to completely envelop him, but she just continues the slow dipping of her hips, her grasp on Gavin’s cock more than sufficiently tight.

“Like that, officer?” Gavin groans in response, still feeling the spins even with his eyes squeezed shut. Mia’s legs shake under the effort of keeping upright while intoxicated, but the slide of Gavin’s flesh against her own sends small waves of warmth through her body and keeps her focused on her boyfriend.

“Mia – ah – please…” Her own resolve is wearing thin, so Mia sinks down onto Gavin’s cock; more specifically, she nearly falls onto his cock as her legs wobble a little too much, but she manages to catch herself on her hands on either side of Gavin’s shoulders. The way she tightly envelops him sends his mind spinning harder, so he grabs the plump, semi-exposed flesh of her ass, holds her down, and manages to suppress his intoxicated dizziness long enough to stare into her eyes. Behind the champagne glaze is deep, liquefied happiness.

Sloppy, silly, happy. That’s all they are in this moment, and that’s all they need to be for now.

“Sorry,” she gasps, then erupting into giggles again. “I’m a little dizzy.”

“Aw, it’s ok,” Gavin murmurs, then giving her ass a firm squeeze. “You – oh – you feel soooo good.” Mia chuckles and slowly sits up, then leans back slightly and braces herself against Gavin’s thighs. She takes a deep breath and leans her head back then starts to grind against Gavin with slow, rolling movements.

Gavin clenches his jaw as pleasure builds in his abdomen; even her slight grinding makes his heart pound and his head spin. He doesn’t want her to do all the work, but Gavin feels a little too struck to sit up or flip over.

“Mia,” he groans, then grabbing her and digging his fingers into her thighs to still her, “I – ah – you, um-” She leans forward and places a soft kiss on his lips.

“Relax, Gav.”

“I just want you to feel good…” As if in response, Mia leans further in and presses her naked chest Gavin’s clothed one. She gives his ear a light nip and laughs, softly.

“I always feel good with you.” Gavin runs his hands over her ass and moans into her hair as she starts to slide slowly forward and back, up and down on his cock. He now strongly regrets not taking a few moments to at least attempt to take off his t-shirt, because the drag of her breasts against his chest brings him that much closer to the edge.

“Oh, Mia, I – ohhh!” She laughs again and then moves back, taking Gavin’s cock completely inside her. Then, Mia pops her hips up, once, twice, thrice; they both lose count.

Mia starts to moan and whine ceaselessly as she hits her special spot repeatedly, quickening the roll of her hips until she can barely hold back. She calls out his name, gasps, nearly screams as she rocks her hips faster, harder. Gavin throws his arms around her and squeezes her as close to him as he can; she lets out a garbled, drunken moan as she topples over the edge and feels the bite of Gavin’s fingernails in her back.

“Fuck – hah – fuck!” she half giggles, half moans as her orgasm leaves her even dizzier. She manages to mumble a vague apology before going limp, but Gavin doesn’t mind.

Gavin groans at the tight, pulsating clenching of her sex around him; he squeezes his eyes shut again and thrusts his hips up into her, which seems to perk her right back up. Her half-giggles, half-moans fill the waning pre-dawn moments as Gavin continues to thrust up and bounces her against him. She does her best to kiss him, but they’re both too sloppy to get their mouths to meet for more than a few seconds.

Silly, sloppy, happy.

Gavin calls out her name with the final, hard thrust that undoes him and sends him reeling. He knows he’s laying down and has been all this time, but Gavin’s climax still makes him feel as if he was standing up and then fell down hard. He collapses, Mia still laying heavily on top of him, still smiling. She hazily nuzzles his neck, and Gavin realizes she (and he, if he’s being completely honest) might pass out on the floor if they don’t get up right now.


“Hmmm?” She props herself up on her hands, then clumsily rolls off Gavin and onto her back beside him. He’s half-aware of the sticky mess of lust left on his crotch, but that isn’t top priority right now, anyway.

“Bedtime, bad girl.” Mia turns onto her side and smiles at him, brightly; somehow, her skirt has gotten hiked up to her hips, again. Gavin blushes at the sight of her disheveled, soaked underwear and briefly considers trying to straighten them for her. Maybe, if he were sober.

“Yes, officer,” she agrees, with a flirty wink.

Gavin will need to have a talk with Minor tomorrow – well, today, technically – but for now, he and Mia manage to half-crawl, half-trip into his bedroom and finish undressing. After deciding taking a shower would not be safe at the moment, Gavin does his best to clean himself up with his t-shirt, and he manages to stay awake just long enough to watch Mia pass out with a smile on her face.

“I love you,” Gavin whispers to her, just before he too, falls asleep. He will tell her again today, tomorrow, and every day he can do so after.

They’ll take a break from alcohol, for now.