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The case derailed by a single, pop-punk album

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With already 3 hours into the case, both the defense and the prosecution were stuck in with little to no evidence in this murder case. Almost no progress has been done to this point and Athena was feeling the pressure. The judge let them take a recess to try and get more information but everything she did was to throw herself in a couch.

“Well, this sucks. We already checked the scene for fingerprints and there’s nothing. We haven’t found a murder weapon that fits the profile and none of the witnesses looks like they could’ve been involved”

“I’m sure something will come up!” said Trucy trying to cheer up both her and the defendant.

This case involved a murder in a records store and the defendant was the owner of the shop, a 30 something man called Uku Leilei that was just too anxious and scared to mutter a word. The murder happened in the store and the victim had been a customer that died with a blow to the head, no much more was known other than the nervous ramble of the defendant that was on the scene but didn’t see what happened, other than hearing a scream, then a crash and people seeing him on top of the body. Excuse enough to get jailed.

“Is the lack of evidence, Trucy, this is putting me in a bad situation!”

“Neither Prosecutor Gavin nor you are in a good situation, so let’s see the bright side while we can!”

Athena tried to cheer up with Trucy’s smile but before she could say a thing the door of the defendant lobby opened, it was one of the guards. They had found more evidence on a second search and that had been enough to resume the trial and make Athena jump out the couch, run towards the defendant, and promise him she would get him out of this problem.

Back in the courtroom, Ema was handling the evidence which was the supposed murder weapon. A metal box property of the defendant that was full of old cassettes and discs that both Klavier and Athena examined quietly, looking for any type of clue.

“Well aren’t these ones old? kinda takes me back” whispered Klavier “Have you seen anything that'll be useful?”

He had no answer from Athena other than her trembling for some reason. Klavier leaned towards her and when he saw the album she was holding he gasped, loudly, enough to make an overworked Ema in the witness stand jump, dumping some snackoos on the ground in the process and alarming the judge, who was playing with his gavel. Trucy was trying to take a look at the thing Athena had in her hands.

“What happened? You found clues?!” 

“Even better!” exclaimed Klavier

“Definitive evidence?!” 

Athena turned towards the witness stand when Ema made the question and showed in all its glory a well-preserved album that read Bowling for Soup: Live and Very Attractive. A physical copy of this album of one of her all-time favorite bands in bold, big red letters. It was still in its plastic and Athena had never seen one in such a good condition. Neither did Klavier.

“Is that going to help solve this trial?” asked the judge  

“Not at all, but this is a finding! Don’t you know what Bowling for soup is, Herr Judge?”

“I’m afraid I don’t”

“They’re just a great pop-punk band!” exclaimed Athena, unable to control  the glint in her eyes as she touched the album with her gloved hands “To find a copy it’s like a miracle!”

“It really is but I do own a copy of each album, only that they don't look this good after playing it over and over” bluffed Klavier taking off his gloves and going back to his stand “Having them is what a good fan would do”

“Yeah but that’s because you’re old, prosecutor Gavin!” Athena merrily jumped back to her stand and let Trucy see the album “My generation won’t buy many physical albums unless you got the money for it”

Klavier let the comment on his age pass only because he saw Athena so infatuated with the album that he knew any reclaim would get ignored.

“Their live version of I’m gay is still one of the best songs made!” 

“... No,  Much More Beautiful Person is the superior song’” Thought Klavier out loud, touching his blonde hair and smirking.

“Yes and that’s- What? No, I’m gay it’s their best song!” she said and hit the stand with her hands.

“Fraülein please, don’t be silly. The deep message in the lyric and the guitar is better in that song but I get you don’t understand-”

“You say that because you’re a basic rockstar!”

Klavier punched the wall behind his stand and Trucy jumped in surprise. Athena didn’t flinch even if she knew she had hurt his rockstar pride, but to Klavier, this wasn’t only about his pride, he had to educate the younger generation.

“I could play the whole song here and now to show you why I’m right”

“How would you do that? With your air guitar?” Ema interrupted them, already growing tired of this fight that was totally unrelated to the case.

Ema was opening the second bag of snackoos and laughing at the idea of Klavier making a rendition of that song he couldn’t be quiet about when she saw him pull a guitar case from under the prosecution stand.

“I’m always prepared, Fraülein” 

The moment Klavier started tuning his guitar and Athena pulled out her phone from her skirt, shouting and asking if someone in the gallery had a Bluetooth boombox, Ema knew the judge had lost all control in this trial. No one related to the case was even trying to do something and she noticed one of the witnesses being way too relieved about this. She made a mental note of telling this to Athena later yet, at the moment, she decided to walk off. No matter what the consequences could be, It was better to not be involved in this anymore. Ema was sure that whenever Chief prosecutor Edgeworth found out, he would not like it.