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Bed Krums

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"Shame about Viktor, isn't it?" Hermione asked as she plopped down on their bed.

“A shame? I think that snitch was hexed. Bulgaria was robbed,” Ron said, anger and disappointment all he could feel after the Quidditch World Cup final.

Hermione sat up and opened her arms to him and he scooted over, slipping into her comforting embrace. Ron appreciated that she was always ready to comfort him in moments like this.

“I know it must've been hard watching your crush get defeated like that," Hermione said, squeezing his shoulders.

Ron jumped, his head sharply turning towards her.

"Wha?" Ron said anxiously.

"Oh, come off it, Ron. You don't seriously think I've never noticed,” Hermione said.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Ron said, pulling away roughly.

Hermione gave him a skeptical look and shook her head with a hint of a smile.

“I don’t mean to put you on the spot. But… I know you better than anyone. I mean anyone could see, even back at Hogwarts, the way you looked at him… the way you talked about him!” Hermione said.

If Ron was being honest with himself he did think Viktor was pretty amazing. He was pretty cool and handsome and the best damn Quidditch Seeker he had ever seen. Even just thinking about him made Ron feel excited. Though when he’d been trying to date Hermione he thought he was a git but he couldn’t deny the appeal. He got why Hermione liked him even if he’d wanted Krum the hell away from her.

Hermione snickered and said, “You’re doing it again. That’s your Viktor Krum face.”

Hermione pointed a playful finger at Ron’s cheek and he felt himself blush.

“It’s not. You’re mad,” Ron protested.

“Oh, so you’re not thinking about Viktor Krum? Not thinking about his fit naked body in the showers after Quidditch?” Hermione teased.

Well, now he certainly was. He tried to put it out of his mind but the image lingered. He definitely was not feeling a sudden tightness in his trousers, he was sure of it, but shifted awkwardly anyhow.

“Merlin’s ankles, you really are thinking about him!” Hermione cackled, delighted.

Ron huffed.

"All right, so I am! What’s it to you? What’s it even matter?” Ron said, grumpily.

Hermione sighed then placed one of her dark hands on his pale shoulder.

“Ron, it matters because there's a part of yourself you're denying. I love you and I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. I can't make you admit you have a crush on Viktor but I think it would feel good to be honest about it. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to other men,” Hermione said warmly.

“Being attracted to other men? You are really daft, Hermione,” Ron said, looking away.

“Ron, did I ever tell you that time Viktor… Oh, never mind…"

"Viktor what?" Ron demanded, feeling his heart race.

"Well, it's nothing really. Back in fourth year I may have mentioned to Viktor what a crush on him you obviously had and Viktor may have said… he thought you were cute," Hermione said with a big smile.

Ron felt elated and realized there was probably no way of hiding it and anyway he was already smiling.

"He did?" Ron asked.

Hermione scrunched up her nose and nodded. Ron collapsed onto the bed with a loud flop.

"Krum… said… I was cute!" Ron said, excited.

"Yes, he did," Hermione said then hopped on the bed next to Ron, draping on of her legs over his and lightly brushing his red hair with her fingers then lightly kissing his cheek in affection.

For a while, Ron didn't know what to say. Hermione was snuggling with him, clearly pleased with his slight bit of openness. The truth was he wasn't sure what it was he felt towards Viktor because he had never really allowed himself to think much about it.

"I don't understand, Hermione. I'm not gay! I'm straight! Straight as a wand!" Ron said suddenly.

”There are other options, you know? For instance, you might be bisexual!" Hermione said then nuzzled his neck.

"Bi… bisexual?" Ron said feeling unsure but liking the way it sounded.

"Yes. I mean clearly you're attracted to me," Hermione said then slid a hand between his legs and lightly rubbed the hardness that lay there inside his trousers. "But you're attracted to Viktor as well."

"Yeah," Ron said as realization swept over him.

"It would be really hot, you know," Hermione said as she squeezed a little harder on his prick through his trousers.

"What would?" Ron asked, feeling at this moment almost anything that came out of her mouth might sound sexy right now.

"You and Krum," Hermione said.

Ron's cock twitched in her hand and she laughed.

"Me and Krum?" Ron asked and turned to look at her in shock.

"Of course. I think it would be really hot to watch you and him together," Hermione admitted.

"Would you want to join in?" Ron asked.

"Hmmm," Hermione said and set the tip of a finger on her chin. "Maybe."

Ron's heart was pounding and his cock was throbbing. Hermione must've recognized his lust because she was on him before he could open his mouth again. As they shagged, he asked Hermione to tell him all the things she wanted to see him do with Viktor and when he finally came inside of her he realized this night would stay with him forever.



Eight Months Later



Ron could scarcely comprehend the sight in front of him. He almost wanted to laugh but he was worried it would spoil the mood. Ron smiled awkwardly at the two naked figures that lay on the bed he shared with his wife, Hermione Granger.

The faces on the bed smiled back at him then turned to each other, moving their faces closer together. One of them seemed hesitant for a moment before they slowly pushed their lips into each other's identical faces and the figure on the right moved their hand up and down the side of the figure on the left. As they pushed their bodies together Ron stared with glee as the twin cocks of Viktor Krum slid against each other.

"Blimey. Happy birthday to me,” Ron Weasley whispered to himself in amusement.

There were really two Viktor Krums making out in his bed! Well, sort of. One of them was Hermione. Actually, he was having trouble figuring out which one of them was Hermione. The one on the right moaned and he bit his lip. That was Hermione. Her voice might be different but he’d know that moan anywhere.

The Krum on the left, the real one, laughed, the Krum that was definitely Hermione seeming to have accidentally tickled him while her hand made to grab his cock. Viktor’s cock was smaller than Ron’s, though he didn’t think it was actually small, not that his frame of reference was all that grand. He’d never been with a man before. Not until today, Merlin help him. In any event, Viktor was gorgeous. Both of them.

This whole polyjuice thing had actually been Viktor’s idea. Ron supposed someone must’ve told him to go fuck himself and he took the suggestion very seriously. Either way, this was a brilliant Birthday treat. He owed Hermione big time.

Ron was feeling tight in his trousers as he watched the Hermione Krum stroke Viktor’s cock, the real Viktor burying his face in a pale neck that looked exactly like his own. Ron rubbed himself through the fabric as the real Krum pulled his face from Hermione’s neck, turned towards Ron and said, "Vell, are you going to just stand there or are you going to join us?"

Ron needed no further prompting, swiftly removing his clothes, his long, thick cock bouncing with each step he took towards the bed.

“Slip in between us, Ron,” Hermione Krum said, Ron finding her inflection and accent odd being paired with Krum’s voice.

The real Krum slid back as Ron climbed on the bed, moving all the way up to the headboard. Both Krums pushed against him, their legs draped over his legs and both of them exploring his chest with a hand. Ron grinned, putting his clasped hands behind his head to bask in the moment.

“Happy birthday, Ron,” the Hermione Krum said, leaning over and kissing his nipple.

“Yes. Happy birthday,” the real Krum said, one of his long-fingered hands wrapping around Ron’s thick shaft, slowly stroking.

Ron gasped and Hermione kissed her way up this throat, finding his mouth. Krum’s lips were firm but still soft. Even in his body, Hermione still kissed like herself. Ron was so giddy and randier than he could ever recall being. He was like a kid in a candy store, only instead of candy, they sold Viktor Krums.

Hermione was back at Ron’s neck, sucking while Krum kissed his way down Ron’s stomach, Ron feeling little scrapes of stubble from Krum’s chin. Krum’s mouth arrived at Ron’s cock. He smiled at it then looked up at Ron and said, “Bit intimidating, isn’t it?”

“I’ve gotten used to it,” the Hermione Krum said, giggling.

Ron reached down, grabbing the Hermione Krum’s cock and squeezing. She let out a startled moan and Ron kissed her, immediately feeling Krum’s mouth sliding over the head of his cock. Ron moaned into Hermione’s mouth, fearing he might blow his load early if he wasn’t careful.

Krum’s cock felt nice. It was hotter and harder than he had expected. He knew exactly how to touch it to make Hermione moan thanks to a lifetime of personal cock experience. Krum must’ve had his own experiences because he could suck a cock like the Quidditch champion he was. Actually, Ron thought he might even be better at sucking cock or at least he thought so in the moment.

“Ron, how would you like to watch Viktor suck his own cock?” the Hermione Krum said, oddly breathy.

Ron’s mouth dropped open. He couldn’t manage words but he still bobbed his head enthusiastically. Hermione laid back, Viktor pulling his mouth off Ron’s cock, smiling like he’d just caught the snitch while he moved his mouth to Hermione Krum’s groin. Krum lifted Hermione Krum’s cock and laughed.

"Vhat vould my mother say if she vere to see me now?" Krum asked put his lips on the head of the duplicate of his own prick.

Krum sucked down the shaft, surprisingly taking it all in, only gagging a little. Ron grabbed his own cock and started wanking, finding the sight of Krum sucking his own cock far too enticing to ignore.

“Mmm, Viktor. You’re really good at that. Ron, no wonder you like having your cock sucked,” the Hermione Krum said.

“Maybe you should polyjuice as me some time,” Ron said, realizing he’d just considered fucking himself.

“Hmm. Could see if you are as good at taking that thing as I am,” Hermione Krum said, winking at him while she pointed at his cock.

Viktor seemed to be really into sucking himself off. Ron’s hand worked hard on his own cock, wondering how long he could stop himself from coming while witnessing something so absurdly erotic.

Hermione Krum threw her head back, a low gasp escaping her lips, a motion Ron was very familiar with. Viktor showed no signs of tiring of the taste of his own cock, pulling it out of his mouth and licking up the shaft straight to the tip.

“Viktor… I think I’d like to take advantage of having a cock and give your arse a good fuck,” Hermione Krum said.

Krum bit his lip and said, “Sounds vonderful to me.”

“And I want to suck Krum’s cock,” Ron said, wetting his lips.

“You will hear no complaints from me,” Krum replied slyly.

Hermione Krum hopped off the bed, grabbing lubricating potion for the Krum cock clone. Krum moved up the bed, placing his hands on the headboard as Ron scooted down so that his face was parallel with Krum’s cock. Ron held it, squeezing as Krum let out a grunt.

Ron had never seen a cock this up close before. He marveled at how well-formed and reddish-purple the head was. A small pool of slickness dripped from the tip and Ron lapped at it with his tongue. It was odd but didn't taste as bad as he expected. Ron then pulled Krum's foreskin back and put his lips on the head of Krum's prick as Hermione made it back on the bed, coming up behind Krum.

“I’m guessing this isn’t the first cock you’ll be having up your arse,” Hermione said, Ron not really able to see what she was doing.

“You vould be correct,” Krum said.

“I’ve had a go with Ron’s arse, so I think I know how this works. Here we go,” Hermione said and Krum moaned.

Ron pushed his lips against the head of Krum’s cock, pushing them down past the ridge then back up again. Krum gasped and he did it again. He then pushed his mouth further down the shaft, wanting to see how deep he could take it. Deeper than he thought, it turned out but still not as much as Krum. He shrugged and put a hand on the base to make up the difference, something Hermione always had to do for Ron, given his size. He began to suck slowly up and down the shaft while his hand stroked, closing his eyes and listening to the sounds of Hermione pounding Krum’s arse with his own cock.

“Mmmm. Your arse feels amazing, Viktor,” Hermione said.

“Thank you. That is very kind of you,” Krum replied, Ron realizing he was weirdly excited about the prospect of Krum coming in his mouth.

Ron gently pulled on Krum’s bollocks while he continued to suck him slow and deep. That was another trick he had learned from Hermione that really increased his pleasure when he came. Bitter saltiness continued to spill onto Ron’s tongue, a portent of what was to come. Ron’s hand and mouth both sped up. Krum’s sounds became ragged. Both of them, in fact. He hoped Hermione could hold on as he had other plans for her.

“Oh shit! Shit! Fuck! I am going to… come!” Krum called out and Ron felt Krum’s body jerk, his cock flexing against Ron’s tongue, hot salty fluid spilling out and falling down Ron’s throat.

Krum whimpered as Ron swallowed every drop in loyal servitude, somehow feeling his entire life had lead to this beautiful moment, his secret dreams fulfilled.

Krum’s body slumped while he breathed hard. His cock fell soft and Ron released it.

“I did not mean to come so much, Ron. I guess you got me excited,” Krum said apologetically.

“Don’t worry. I liked it,” Ron said.

“That’s all well and good but I think it’s Ron’s turn now,” the Hermione Krum said as the real Krum moved out of the way.

Ron got into position, knowing this one well. He’d spent a fair amount of time wondering how a real cock would feel instead of a toy. Ron’s arse was raised up high while Hermione cleansed her cock then put more lube on it. Ron didn’t think the polyjuice would last much longer so she probably needed to be quick.

“I’m going to enjoy coming in you,” Hermione said, coming behind Ron and pushing the head of Krum’s cock against his hole.

“Fuck him hard vith my cock,” Krum said.

“Yeah. Don’t hold back,” Ron said, unable to believe he was going to have Krum coming in both his holes tonight.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Hermione said and Ron felt her push inside.

Ron held his breath as Hermione pumped in and out until she was all the way deeper.

“Mmm. If fucking me feels even half as good as this I can see why you love it,” Hermione said, thrusting into Ron’s arse.

“Personally I prefer pussy to arse,” Krum said and Ron suspected he would say the same.

The feeling of Krum’s bollocks slapping against Ron’s was an altogether new feeling as Hermione’s hands gripped his hips hard. Hermione was making the same sounds she always made before she came. It sounded almost like she was about to sneeze. Ron pushed back against Hermione while she slammed into him. Next to them Krum was already hard and wanking again, having made a fast recovery.

“Yeah. I’m gonna come. Oh, fuck, I’m going to come. Oh…” Hermione said, her version of Krum’s voice coming out high pitched and strained.

“Stop saying it and just do it for Merlin’s sake,” Ron teased and Hermione let out a deep moan, pushing Krum’s cock in deep as he got another dose of Krum come.

Next to him, Viktor came again, his come spurting over his hand and onto his stomach, Viktor gasping in rhythm with the spurts. Hermione was breathing, having stopped moving.

“I can’t believe how fast it’s over. You blokes feel that way every time?” Hermione said, pulling out.

“Yes. But you can recover fast if the mood is right,” Krum explained, having just done so himself.

“I still need to come,” Ron said, leaning up and stroking himself.

“Come here,” Krum said, gesturing at Ron.

Krum lowered himself and opened his mouth wide.

“Come onto my tongue,” Krum said, sticking it out of his open mouth.

Ron didn’t question it, stroking his cock hard and fast. He grit his teeth feeling the tension mounting. His bollocks ached and he knew he was about to shoot an epic load. His hips rocked as he felt himself reaching the peak. He cried out, moving the head close to Krum’s tongue as pleasure swelled, the entire length of his cock flexing as a heavy stream of his come shot out against Krum’s tongue, down his lips and chin. Krum started to laugh but quickly recovered as Ron shot out spurt after spurt into Krum’s mouth, watching himself drip down Krum’s face.

Emptied out Ron still tried to squeeze out more. Krum had swallowed everything, wiping at his chin with the back of his hand.

“That was pretty sexy,” Hermione said, Ron stunned by her real voice.

He turned around to find her beautiful face smiling back at him. He laughed and grinned at her. Ron almost leaped to move by her side, quickly kissing her, realizing he had missed the feel of her full lips. She pulled away and said, “So, am I the best wife ever or what?”

“I’d say,” Ron said, kissing her again.

“That vas pretty good,” Krum said.

“Blood right it was. Though personally, I feel like the night is just getting started,” Ron said, laughing as he fell on top of Hermione.