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The suit Machias had left in the laundry room was not there; first time for everything, he thought as he re-checked the closet where all the cleaned clothes were stored before they were taken back to where they belonged. Machias' approach was to just leave the suit and clothes he wanted washed with anything else that was here - and there was always something, considering the amount of fancy noble outfits Jusis had - and then grab them a few hours later when they were done but before the servants moved them anywhere.

Not here anymore though; perhaps he had been a bit late today. There was only one place where the suit could be since anything in the place where Machias left his things belonged to His Grace, and therefore it had to be in Jusis' quarters.

He made it across the mansion, easily dodging any guards and staff members. Almost too easily, he found. Had he just gotten too comfortable hanging around the mansion? Perhaps, but he did live here. Technically. Sometimes. Hiding in Safe House Four did count as living here, even if he was by all means and technicalities a trespasser and a freeloader.

Making it to Jusis' private quarters safely went just fine, but the part where Jusis was in his room staring at one of his wardrobes was not in the plans. Machias considered hiding for about half a second, but then again, Jusis had probably already heard him enter. "Afternoon, Your Grace," he greeted him with a smirk. Now to come up with some excuse as to why he was actually here, considering Jusis was still busy with the last few cases he had given him. Maybe he could say he was here to check how things were going?

"...I do not own a suit like this," Jusis stated without even turning to look at him. "More or less my size, but I picked it up because it looked just slightly off. Regnitz," he added in a firm tone as he tossed the suit he had been holding onto his desk and now turned around. "Now, why was there your suit in my closet?"

Machias grinned. "Must've ended up there in a mistake?" He suggested.

"Hmph. Please," Jusis said, crossing his arms across his chest. "I know I've ended up having my staff clean your clothes before," he said, and Machias shrugged. There had been a couple of times like that, yes - like after the incident in the dungeon, and that time some weeks ago when Machias had walked into Jusis' office drenched and had left him in charge of cleaning his clothes. "But that does not mean this place is a laundry service, available at all times for your use."

Too damn late, Machias thought, considering he had been freely using the convenience of Jusis' unknowing staff happily cleaning his clothes for him for months. "Well too damn bad," he replied. "I needed it cleaned, and I happened to be in the area." Completely true, considering he had stayed the night at Safe House Four again. "Should I start making payments for the services or something?"

"You start using my house's services like you live here, I keep you here," Jusis bargained.

That got a chuckle out of Machias. "Oh, that again. Apologies, Your Grace, but I'm not your damn pet." He took a step toward the desk to pick up the suit, but Jusis stepped in the way and cut him off. "All right then," he continued, narrowing his eyes. "Apparently Lord Albarea is not happy with me today. What next, I pay with my body?"

Considering Jusis' next move was to grab him by the tie, Machias decided he should've reconsidered that remark. "Hmph. While the prospect is tempting," Jusis said as he undid the tie and pulled it off, "I would advise thinking carefully about what you say. And do not misunderstand, Regnitz," he said as he continued by starting to undo the waistcoat Machias wore.

Why he was even letting him, Machias didn't know; it wouldn't have taken more than a few moves and Jusis would've been facedown against that desk, and damn if that idea wasn't tempting right now. "Misunderstand what?" He questioned. "It's just that, Your Grace, I'd think your actions kind of imply otherwise, what with the whole stripping me business."

There was a hint of a smirk on Jusis' face. "I am punishing you," he replied as matter-of-factly as ever as he finished with the waistcoat and moved to pull it off, and Machias still didn't know why he actually let him. All right, maybe a round of sex would be nice, it had been a good week since the last time after all. "And if you have even a bit of honor in you," Jusis continued, "you'll take it like a man."

Exactly what kind of a punishment was this idiot of a noble thinking of anyway, Machias wondered, but perhaps the curiosity got the better of him. The temptation to slam Jusis against the desk very much existed, and then again he was quite certain Jusis knew that could've happened. After all, similar ideas were what had gotten him handcuffed to his bed once before. Machias gave him quite the unimpressed look but allowed him to remove the waistcoat.

"What exactly makes you think I'll take punishments from you?" He asked. He still had a gun and was half a second away from pulling it on Jusis, though by now he was starting to wonder if Jusis had a thing for it. It... was a possible kink thing, he had learned from Elliot's... He discarded the thought; Elliot's little informative lecture was not exactly what he should've been thinking of right now, except with this whole "punishment" deal, he had to question himself. What the hell was he into if he still hadn't stopped Jusis?

With Jusis nonchalantly pushing him towards bed without actually giving him a reply, Machias gritted his teeth. Enough was enough, and he damn needed to stop questioning himself. The gun in the holster on his waist behind him was in his hand in a second, and another split second later he had it pressed against Jusis' neck. "Answer me, damn it," he hissed.

The look in Jusis' glacial eyes, and the wry smile on his lips told Machias more than words ever could - as far as the reply to if Jusis had a thing for him pulling a gun on him went anyway. "Hmph. And I questioned if you have honor, Regnitz. Do you?" He asked, drawing his hands down Machias' body, completely ignoring the gun. His right hand ended on Machias' crotch, and he drew his fingers over it, tracing the outline of Machias' hardening erection.

Great time to find he was into whatever punishment sex games, Machias thought with a frown. Denying he was hard was kind of late at this point. "Fair," he muttered, lowering the gun and undoing the holster then putting them both on the nightstand. How dared Jusis even question honor at this point, after their agreement had been going on for a good while. "Fine. Let's see what kind of kinks Your Grace has thought up this time."

A more gentle smile touched Jusis' lips. "Splendid," he said as he unzipped Machias' pants then properly undid them and pulled them down a little. Machias gave him a look before removing them himself, also taking off his shoes and socks. His underwear didn't exactly hide a thing at this point, and it was afternoon which meant there was still daylight. Also, a bit too late to worry about how much Jusis saw when they had been naked in the bath before, he told himself. "Turn around and get on the bed, face down," Jusis ordered.

Whatever the hell was he planning; Machias laughed a little but did as told. "What are you gonna do, spank me?" He asked as he lay down.

As a reply, Jusis smacked him sharply on the ass. "Hmph. Would you perhaps be into that?" He questioned as he pulled away a little to remove his clothes. Machias watched him with a bit of a glare; as if a little bit of pain was something that would've scared him. Though now that he thought of it, that had felt rather... He discarded the thought; no, he wasn't into anything like that.

Jusis sure took a while with his clothes, but then again, considering the type of outfits he wore, it didn't come as a surprise. Machias lay still and idly watched him or more like plain stared at him. Shameless as ever, Jusis stripped himself naked without care, and it wasn't as if Machias didn't want to look. The damned noble was good looking, and also too easily amused since the moment he noticed Machias looking, he stopped and stood there for a moment, letting him watch.

"Indecent as ever," Machias pointed out. Jusis was also very much hard by now, and at this point Machias could make a few calculated guesses about what this "punishment" involved, seeing he was the one who had been ordered to get on the bed face down. Fine; he didn't mind. After taking that a couple of times, he had found that being the receiving partner was enjoyable too, and if Jusis wanted to do him, maybe he'd let him.

"Hmph. I'm sure you're aware about the issues with clothed sex," Jusis pointed out as he sat on the bed next to Machias. He had something in his hands, and Machias was about to question when he realized it was his own tie, the one Jusis had removed first thing when starting this. "Which leads me to recommend taking that shirt off, or at least open some buttons."

He did have a point; having sex with clothes on did mean getting too hot quick. "Don't order me around," Machias said, even as he shifted a little and undid the buttons of his shirt. Somehow, keeping the shirt mostly on felt like the safe option even if it made him somehow self-conscious. Nothing Jusis hadn't seen before, but maybe he wasn't as lascivious as this haughty noble.

Jusis smirked. "Merely a suggestion," he pointed out. "And this is a punishment, therefore my orders are the law. Give me your hands."

Considering the episode with the handcuffs, the correct response would've been to grab the gun and pull it on Jusis, but Machias simply scowled at him and did as asked. Might just as well see where this was going, he figured, and it wasn't as if any binding Jusis could come up with would hold him. "Yep, here we go, you and your capturing me kinks again," Machias remarked.

"Think whatever you wish," Jusis replied as he bound Machias' wrists together then secured them to the fancy decorative headboard of the bed. Definitely not something that would've kept him there, Machias thought, and he also absolutely did not have a thing for this, and this damned noble would not get away with this. Except somehow, he was letting Jusis get away with it, since his hands were firmly in place now, and Jusis watched him with an approving look.

With that, Jusis reached to tug Machias' underwear down, and Machias just shifted a little and allowed the garment to be removed. Not much he could do with his hands bound, outside part his legs slightly since he did know where this was going. Jusis' next move was to grab a pillow and stick it under him, which pretty much confirmed it. "Certainly, Your Grace," Machias commented. "How about I think you're a degenerate?"

The comment earned him another sharp slap on his ass, and he winced a little, though it wasn't particularly from the pain since such mild pain didn't exactly make him feel a thing. The fact that it was Jusis and the fact that it ended up with Machias' hard-on rubbing against the pillow did make him feel things, though. "Considering you've gone along with my so-called kinks so far, I would maintain that so are you, in such a case," Jusis said as he turned to his nightstand - to pick up the bottle of lubricant, Machias could tell without looking.

This was ridiculous, and Machias wondered why exactly was what Jusis had said... the damn truth, he knew all along. He hated nobles, after everything he had had to deal with, and here he was, one hundred percent going along with whatever this particular one wanted. Half physical attraction and half because of their agreement, or maybe part because the sex was great. Or maybe there was something else to it, but starting to overanalyze his own motives was a bad idea when he felt Jusis' lube-covered fingers between his buttocks. "Do relax," Jusis told him.

"Whatever Your Grace wishes," Machias replied with a half-mocking tone but closed his eyes and did his best to relax his lower body. Jusis' fingers carefully spreading the lubricant felt rather good, he had to admit, and the preparations did have the added effect of making him crave for more. Which Jusis kind of got to a moment later as he cautiously pressed a finger into him, at the same time adding more lube. "Gah..."

"Hmph. I should torment you for a while," Jusis said as he pressed his finger deeper, and Machias unconsciously pressed against the touch. Goddess, he wanted more, and Jusis sure was full of himself if he thought he was in any position to make such threats. Yet he let him; for now, Machias told himself as he squirmed a little, finding himself gasping for breath as Jusis moved his finger a few times.

Too damn good, and as if any type of torture would get to him. He took a deep breath and looked over his shoulder with a grin. "Oh I'd like to see you manage that," he mocked Jusis. "You're too damn desperate to fuck me to take too much- argh!" Jusis just had to press his finger deeper right then, brushing against something that made sparks appear in Machias vision, and he forced himself to calm. So good, and perhaps he was one to talk when he wanted something himself.

There was a hint of a scowl in Jusis' eyes, but he then smirked. "Perhaps so," he said. "I'll be forced to concede that with what I have in my bed right now, it is rather difficult to not want to do more." He added a little more lube before withdrawing his finger, and a bit of a disappointed sound left Machias' lips. Such an unnecessary sound, Machias told himself; he really shouldn't have been showing any weakness around nobles.

He watched as Jusis took more of the lubricant, this time to add it on himself, and he took a deep breath as he watched Jusis' fingers spreading it on his hard-on. He... wanted that, there was no denying it at this point. "And somehow you think this works as a punishment?" He remarked. "Looks more like Your Grace just wanting to fulfill his hedonistic noble pleasures to me."

Jusis gave him a bit of a glare. "Don't get ahead of yourself, Regnitz. We've barely started with your punishment, here," he said, though he also stopped to stare at him for a moment then slapped him on the ass a few times, and Machias gritted his teeth. How come he still did allow this, and how come it felt... kind of good? He also doubted Jusis was in the mood for holding back much longer to continue with any extra spanking.

His guess was correct, and Jusis positioned himself between his legs a moment later. "Prepare yourself," he ordered, and Machias scoffed but yet again allowed it, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes as he did his best to relax. Feeling the tip of Jusis' erection against his ass just made him anxious for more, and a few seconds later that tip pressed into him.

Taking it in came with discomfort, except Machias was too well-trained to find discomfort in pleasurable type of pain. "Agh...!" He blinked and gasped for breath, tugging his hands a little and realizing they were still bound. He could've freed himself, but... Alright, having a certain noble behind him press deeper right then until it was fully in did distract him a little. He still could've, he told himself, even as he forced himself to focus on breathing.

It appeared Jusis wasn't about to give him much time to adjust, as he moved a few times, thrusting in hard enough to make the sparks appear in Machias' vision again. Goddess it was good, and Jusis picked up his pace, pressing into him without mercy. "Does it feel more like a punishment, now, or should I get more cruel?" Jusis asked, his voice incredibly firm.

Machias managed a bit of a chuckle. "Oh, Lord Albarea thinks... this is cruel somehow," he commented, though his voice sounded a lot softer than he would've preferred. Alright, maybe someone without Machias' training would've found the deep thrusts a bit on the cruel side; he barely had time to catch his breath as Jusis thrust deeper again, grabbing him by the hips and pulling him against himself. This also left him without any stimulation on his hard-on, and with his hands bound, he couldn't touch himself either.

"Isn't it?" Jusis questioned as he leaned forward a little, catching Machias by the throat with his right hand, holding on gently but rather possessively. "To your kind," he added then with an amused tone. "To think the Noble's Bane would find himself in such a predicament, at the mercy of some full of himself hedonistic noble."

And yet he allowed this, Machias thought as he focused again; Jusis wasn't holding on hard enough that it would've made breathing difficult, though this was... He blinked as he took a few breaths, his senses overwhelmed as Jusis thrust in again, as deep as he could. Those fingers on his throat felt good, and Aidios damn it all, did he have to find himself having weird kinks like this? "And... you... agh... realize you're..." He muttered, finding keeping his focus a little difficult with those unrelenting thrusts making his body ache for more. "...Privileged... for I could kill you at... any chosen moment..."

"But you won't," Jusis whispered next to his ear. "You could, I don't deny that. But..." He trailed off and strengthened his hold a little, oddly possessively as he continued moving. "Privileged, indeed. I'm the only noble you'll allow to do this to you."

It was true, Machias thought; anyone else trying to have their way with him would've been dead by now. He had taken a liking to this particular one and... He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself again. This was strange, though; he was fairly certain his training was to the point where he could've been tortured and still freed himself and killed whoever dared to try that, but this... This was... He gritted his teeth, finding it hard to keep his thoughts together. This was so damn good it was blurring his mind, and he pressed himself against those rapid thrusts, feeling hot.

Jusis loosened his hold right then, and Machias gasped for breath. A bit of a breather maybe, not that Jusis leaning back a bit and taking a hold of his hips with both hands only to press into him deeper and harder really counted as a breather. There was the part where Machias' erection still went neglected, and he was kind of wanting to stroke himself by now. Maybe if he freed his hands, or maybe he should've just grabbed the damn gun and pointed it at Jusis and then straddled him and taken whatever he wanted. He tugged his wrists without actually finding the strength or focus to figure out how to free himself; the hell was he letting himself get this distracted, anyway, and Goddess those deep thrusts were mindblowing.

"Agh... aa... gh..." And now he was making pathetic sounds too and not particularly caring. If this haughty noble was out to humiliate him, might just go all the way while at it. "Gah... and... what next, you..." He paused to catch his breath. "Gonna... make me beg?"

A low chuckle left Jusis' lips. "I'd love to," he admitted. "But... We're alike when it comes to that," he said with a hint of regret in his voice. "I would not beg, and neither would you. Not from a noble; not... even me." He shifted his position slightly and pressed into Machias again, hitting in exactly the perfect angle to make him cry out softly because damn that one had felt wonderful. "But at least... Allow me the delusion of owning you, for this moment."

Delusional he was if that's the kind of ideas he entertained himself with, Machias thought, clenching his teeth to hold back those soft cries. That last sound had been too damn pitiful, and as if he could keep himself from moaning when Jusis continued, each and every thrust too amazing. His body was trembling as he pressed against Jusis' movements, he realized, but the pleasure was too overwhelming.

Damn it he wanted to touch himself, or at least press himself against the pillow, but Jusis held him up just enough to deny him the stimulation. Whatever; he was too lost to care if he came from just having Jusis inside of him, as much as his hard-on ached. A few drops of precum stained the pillow Jusis had stuck under him already, and he wasn't going to last at this rate.

Perhaps Jusis was having trouble controlling himself by now as well, and he struggled to keep up the thrusts, leaning forward a little and reaching to pet Machias' hair. "Regnitz," he whispered, running two fingers down Machias' cheek then forcing them into Machias' mouth, and for some damn reason he was all too happy to suck on them. It felt good, even, and he closed his eyes and lost himself in the pleasure.

Jusis' other hand went for his crotch right then and he wrapped his fingers around Machias' hard-on, and Machias made a muffled sound. Considering how his body burned, the touch was heavenly, and now he definitely was shaking. "If only..." Jusis muttered, somehow melancholy for someone who was in the middle of fucking someone. "...You'd be..." He trailed off and gasped for breath, clearly losing control by now, not that Machias' overwhelmed mind really registered it. He was too out of it, and the stimulation was too much.

"...Regnitz...!" Jusis repeated, thrusting in with the last of his strength, barely able to keep up the strokes, and from the way he tensed up, and the heat that overtook him, Machias could tell he reached his limit. It didn't exactly matter because he had had enough by now himself, and he made another sound, his mind blanking from the strength of the orgasm.

When he finally got a hold of himself, he found himself still lying there. Jusis had pulled out, but he was lying on top of him, with his arms around him and his face pressed against his neck. That, that had been... Well, whatever this idiot noble thought counted as punishment. Machias took a few deep breaths to focus then freed his hands.

The exhaustion was creeping in, and he felt spent, and Goddess if the temptation to just curl up next to Jusis and sleep didn't exist. Exactly why he needed to get out of bed, and he forced himself up.

Jusis made a disappointed sound as he moved away. "Wonder what the tabloids would think if they learned Duke Albarea is into kinky sex," Machias asked as he got his underwear and pants on. "Not that your kinks are the worst type nobles could have."

"Hmph," Jusis said, turning to his back and looking at him, his face somewhat flushed. Even when messed up after sex, he looked beautiful, and Machias averted his eyes before he found himself unable to look away. "I think they'd be more interested in the good Duke Albarea bedding the Noble's Bane part," he pointed out. "You could use my bath, and I could offer you a bed to rest in."

This again. Well, he did need a shower, or a bath, Machias admitted, but... "Offer appreciated, but I'll have to pass. Anyway, thanks for the laundry service," he said as he got his waistcoat more or less on then picked up the cleaned suit from the desk. "And if this is the kind of punishment you make me pay with, I might just use the services again," he added with a grin. He was doing so anyway, but what Jusis didn't know and all.

"A question," Jusis interrupted him as he took a step to head out. "What did you come here for?"

Right; he had completely forgotten about that part. "You'll know later," he said with a wink then walked out. Maybe he'd actually come up with an excuse, just to have a reason to stop by Jusis' room some other time.