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Expect the Unexpected

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Before even thinking about what I was doing, I lean down towards Horror, tumbling out of Crooks’ grip. We all sort of fumbled a bit as both of the Horrortale skeletons tried to catch me. Luckily Horror managed to get a secure hold on me before I fell completely.

“Why Did You Do That? You Could Have Gotten Hurt!”

“please be more careful…”

“Sorry- I just had to give Horror another hug okay??”

As I make my declaration I throw my arms around Horror’s neck again, watching in glee as his face is slowly overcome with a glowing red blush.


‘Who knew they’d get so flustered over some hugs?’

I wiggle out of Horror’s grip and look around the clearing, double checking that I hugged everyone.

‘Wait… can I hug a ghost…?

I slowly turn to Cross- seeing XChara right next to him.

‘Time to find out!’

Hurrying to XChara, I go to poke his leg.

“What are you-?”

My white, bony, finger connects. And doesn’t go through. I can feel my eyelights changing shape as I immediately hug XChara around his stomach (as he was still floating). I hear XChara sniffle as he slowly hugs me back, floating down so his feet are almost touching the ground.


“I have no idea… let’s just appreciate this without questioning it.”

I squeeze him tighter, resting my skull on his shoulder.

“why is she hugging the air…?”

“Bro...ther! She’s Hu...gging… CC!”

‘Is that who I think it is?’

Loosening my hold on the now named CC, I face Dust, looking for a certain floating head. And lo and behold- there he was! It’s Dust’s Papyrus! And he looks close enough to the ground for me to reach...

‘I must hug him as well.’

Pulling away from CC, (silently noting his pout) I practically sprint to the other ghost, and tackle his head, causing him to catch me, a surprised “NYEH” leaving his mouth.

Although it felt a bit awkward- having nothing to hug but a head- I persevere, refusing to let go of him. Said skeleton falls silent for a moment, before he attempts to turn towards Dust.

“Brother! She’s… Hug...ging me! Do... I... Do??”

Dust only chuckles.

‘I have a feeling he’s not sure how to react to my hugging spree…’