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Expect the Unexpected

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I see movement in my peripheral vision, and I begin to turn my head.

‘Wait! I’ve gotta nom Horror!’

I have no idea why I feel the need to do this, but whatever- I let go of Cross, who had an adorable purple blush, and lean back on to Horror. Slightly bashful, I tilt my head up, looking at Horror. He… was just staring at me. Alright then. I quickly lean up and nom Horror’s cheek.


I hear at least two people burst into laughter behind me, and I pull back, quickly covering my face with my hands.

Hearing wheezing next to me, I peek through my fingers and look to Horror, only to find he wasn’t the one laughing. (He actually just looked confused.)

‘Holy fuck its Chara-’

It was Cross’ Chara! Chara from X-tale! Why can I see them?? Her? Him? Shoot I can’t remember…

‘I think XChara is a boy…’

Apparently I was gaping at XChara for a bit too long, as he seems to notice me, flying right in front of my face, causing me to flinch back.

“You can see me??”

I nod.

“Yes!” He flies over to Cross. “Sans! Sans! She can see me! You owe me a chocolate bar!”

I’m unable to see Cross’ reaction as I’m scooped up into a new pair of arms and spun around.

“Hello There! What Is Your Name?”

Sweets was here too? What is going on??

“Are You Alright?”

Whoops. Took too long to respond.

“Yeah- I’m fine- call me Minny, by the way.”

“Nice To Meet You Minny! I Am Crooks!”

I grimace at the name.

“Nice to meet you too!”

“You Dislike The Name, Don’t You?”

Woah. He read me like a book.

“A… a bit…?”

He leans in like he was telling me a secret.

“You Know, I Used To Hate It Too, But I’ve Reclaimed It As My Own Name, By My Own Rules! I Chose To Keep It! Nyeh Heh Heh!”

“you’re… so cool, bro.”

I jump at Horror speaking for the first time, turning to face him- only to see him smiling up at Crooks and I.

‘Oh my god he’s so cute-‘