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Expect the Unexpected

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Would you look at that… Horror and Cross are right by each other! I walk up to the former, tugging on the bottom of his sweatshirt. Horror’s head slowly turns towards me.

“Can I give you a hug too?”

He seems a bit confused, but Horror nods. That’s all I need.

I’m pretty sure I’m beaming as I hug Horror, and I look to Cross (who was looking at me curiously) and hold out an arm for him.

Cross just tilts his skull.

‘Come on-‘

I sigh, and turn back to Horror- just in time to see him lean down and pick me up.

I’m just going to deal with this now, aren’t I.’

I wrap an arm around Horror’s neck before leaning towards Cross, holding out my other arm for him once more. He seems to finally get what I wanted, and he steps within arms length. 

I immediately lunge forward, and hug Cross too- giggling like a maniac.

‘Let’s see… did I miss anyone?’