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Expect the Unexpected

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I hum happily and lightly poke Nightmare’s tentacles where they were holding onto me as we (by we I mean Nightmare and Error) walk through a thick part of the woods.

“What are you doing?”

I look up- totally not squeaking a bit when I realize how close my face was to Nightmare’s.

‘Aaaaaa when did that happen??’

Quickly looking back down to avoid meeting Nightmare’s eyelight, I absentmindedly run my boney hand up the tentacle by my shoulders.

“Your goop feels cool.”

At my featherlight touch, I feel Nightmare shudder a bit. His tentacles tighten slightly around me and the one my hand was on moves to my lap, giving me better access. At this, I feel a burst of delight- before I quickly quell it down.

Don’t wanna hurt the goopy boi.

“A-alright then.”

Nightmare seems to cringe at his voice crack- but I only feel happiness (That I am desperately trying to muffle).

‘I wonder when the last time someone touched his tentacles- something that he regularly uses to kill- with absolutely no fear…’

At least- without getting to know him as a person first.

I jolt back to reality when I feel a flick on my forehead.

“Don’t do that.”

I blink.

“Don’t do what?”

“Just- let yourself be happy.”

“I... am?”

Nightmare just stares at me- which honestly doesn’t help me figure out what he’s talking about.

The goopy skeleton sighs.

“You’re worse than Killer I swear-”

“It’s not my fault I don’t have my meds!”

Nightmare gives me an unreadable look before continuing, “You’re trying to not feel happy. Stop it.”

“Wh- oh! But I don’t want to hurt you!!”

“You’re fine- Error back me up here-”

“I’m NoT GEttIng iN tHe MidDlE oF tHiS.”

I look towards the glitchy skeleton, who walked a few paces behind us.

“You don’t even know what we’re talking about!”


Nightmare sighs.

“Whatever, just- don’t do that please? It’s unhealthy.”

Although I was touched by his concern, I wave it off.

“I’ll be fineeee.”

Nightmare finally seems to give up on trying to convince me.

“We’Re HErE.”

I gasp in happiness- and begin to lightly slap the tentacle I was previously petting- excided and a bit nervous.

‘Do I get to meet the infamous “bad guy” sanses now?? Oh man I hope we can get along-’

“so- are you the skeleton that boss fucked?”

I burst into giggles in surprise, and try to turn to face whoever spoke- only to realize that Nightmare had almost completely encased me in his tentacles. No idea why though-

“Y-you guys heard that??”

‘Awww Nootmare is flustered~’

If I could see him, I’m sure he would be blushing like crazy-

“blue did.”

I snort.

‘This is just getting better and better.’


“Hi Blue!”

My voice is muffled slightly- and I attempt to wiggle out an arm from the cocoon of tentacles to wave at him.

“Can you maybe help me?”

I hear a soft “nyeh heh heh” before -is that Stretch??- “let honey go, nightmare.”

What was Stretch doing here?? I thought this was a FGOD multiverse??

“theeeerrreee we go-”

I yelp in surprise as I’m picked up once again by someone-

‘Oh wait it’s just Stretch.’

“What are you doing here??”

‘Crap that probably sounded rude-’

“nyeh heh- i’m with them.”

Stretch nods his head to the other skellies in the clearing- who seem to be teasing Nightmare- if his neon blush is anything to go by. Then what Stretch said registers. 

“Wh-huh? You- wha-?”

Of all of the things that I have learned in the past- like, two days- this has got to be the weirdest.