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Expect the Unexpected

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As I finally stop laughing- only a giggle or two occasionally slipping out- I catch Error and Nightmare exchange a look. They look… almost proud? Kinda reminds me of a smug cat- wait-

“Where’s Winky??”


“My cat! She didn’t come with right? She’s not allowed to be outside without clothes!”

“...She’s a cat.”

I tilt my head in Nightmares direction, confused.


“Why does she need to wear clothes?”

“She’s hairless! She’ll get a sunburn or freeze to death!!”

I wildly flap my arms (being mindful of Error- who is still holding me) to emphasise my point.

“YoU MEaN tHaT wEirD SkeLEtOn caT?”


Although I wanted to point dramatically at Error, I was still in his arms. I settle for carefully, slowly, lightly placing my hand on his face. He recoils slightly before seeming to just go with it.

“...Do YoU wAnT ME tO go gET hEr?”

I think about it.

“No-…can you just ask Blue to make sure she gets fed wet cat food every morning and night and to keep her bowls full of dry cat food and water?”

“How do you know-”

I interrupt Nightmare, making direct eye contact and letting a bit more magic flow through my eyesockets.

“Trust me when I say- I know lots of things... probably more than I should.

Nightmare takes a half-step back, tentacles raising defensively.


A heavy weight lands on the top of my head, and I blink- the spell breaking.

Looking up, I see that Error had placed his hand on my head- which was now on my face as his hand didn’t move when I looked up.

“No CrEePY aLloWEd.”

Error lightly pats my entire face with his hand.

“Was I being creepy?”


“Oh. Oops.”

“Let’s just get to the others, alright?”

Does that mean all of the ‘bad guys’ are here?

‘Don’t forget to nom Horror!’

Where the fuck did that thought come from?

Nightmare looks at me expectantly- ‘wait why is he doing that- is he waiting for my permission?’

“Okay! But I have one condition!”

“... I’m listening.”

I say nothing, wiggling around in Error’s grip until he gets the hint and puts me down.

Nightmare seems to sweat a bit as I deliberately walk up to him- my face blank.

Once I’m only a few feet away from him, I slowly raise my arms…


… and make grabby hands.