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Expect the Unexpected

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Error’s POV

‘Oh FuCk oH FuCK wHAt waS I ThInKiNG-’

I watch as the light Sanses get into a fighting stance, face carefully blank as I internally freak out.

NiGhtMAre'S GoNnA KilL mE-’

“Harmony, get over here.”


I hear a sharp gasp from in front of me, and my mismatched eyelights meet equally mismatched ones.

I… didn’t recognize this skeleton. At all.

‘I kNOw InKY diDn’T cReaTE a NeW AU, hE’s sTuCK hErE LiKE eVEryOnE elSe…’

I’m drawn out of my thoughts by Ink.

“Harmony , come here.”

I glance at him. Huh, he looks… worried? That’s a new one. It’s usually just angry.

I look back down to the small skeleton just in time to feel her CHECK me. I flinch back slightly, glitching my STATs on instinct- only to feel her magic completely bypass my defences.

‘HoW ThE HelL?’

Not even the squid could read my STATs when I didn’t want him to!

She seemed a bit surprised as she read my CHECKbox, before her face softened, and her eyes filled with DETERMINATION.

I watch her set down the- skeleton?- cat from her shoulder onto the floor, taking a small step to me.

WhAT iS sHe DoiNG?’

I hear Inky growl.

“Harmony, don’t-”

She ignores him.

The little skeleton takes an equally little step- could you even call those steps? They were barely an inch- towards me.

When she lifts up her arms, I flinch- preparing myself for an attack- only to stare confused at her now frozen form.

“What are you…”

This time it was Blue who speaks, sounding confused and worried.

She doesn’t move.

I take this time to observe the skeleton more closely, and notice that her black- woah her eyesockets are cool- eyelight is slightly fuzzy. Her face looks a little flushed too, now that I think about it. Was she okay?

When she makes little grabby hands- oh man that was so cute - my parental instincts take over. I take a step closer- something that seems to surprise her- and ignore the others panicking as I pick her up.

‘ShE’s So sMAlL-

And so warm .

Did she have a fever?

She stiffens for a second, before breathing out a sigh of relief- lightly gripping my scarf and relaxing against me as I hold her like a child.

“WhAT’s yOur NaMe?”

I make sure to keep my voice gentle- and although I was already pretty sure her name was Harmony, Blue said it’s polite to ask.

“I’m… Harmony, but you can call me Minny.”

Her words were quiet- almost careful.

“ThAt’s A NicE NaME.”

I don’t know why I did it, but I lightly nuzzle the top of her skull, causing her to let out a cute little giggle.

‘ShE’S LiKE a cHiLD-’

Of course, I knew that she wasn’t- but she reminded me so much of the Charas… I hope she doesn’t mind too much…

“Do YOu KnoW WhAT AU yoU’Re FrOm?”

She falls silent, body tensing slightly, before flinching and relaxing back against me.

‘MaYBe I sHouLDn'T haVe MEnTionED tHaT…’

“I don’t… how about you CHECK me?”

I was a bit confused, but just go with it.

I quickly skim over her STATs, doing a double take at Harmony’s HP.

‘HolY FuCK 9654 HP-’

She’d be able to handle several full on attacks from me before getting even close to dusting… how did she get it so high?

Moving on, I reach the flavor text at the bottom of her CHECKbox, mentally freaking out at what I saw.

A Creator.

Does that mean she’s like Inky? I don’t think I could keep up if she started creating too-

*The Goddess of Balance.


Does that mean-

“Do YOu… KnOw ABouT-”

She interrupts me.

“I know all of it.”

I feel DETERMINATION run though her body.

“And I’m going to help.”

*Insert sound that’s made when you SAVE*

Did… did she just SAVE? I’d recognize that sound anywhere.

“... I’m TAKiNg yOu to ThE otHErs.”

Not letting her respond, we vanish into 1s and 0s.