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Expect the Unexpected

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I slowly raise my arms, weakly clutching Stretch’s hoodie.

“Thank you…”

“it’s nothing, honey-” he called me honey oh my god “- are you ready to go out just yet?”

I take stock of my emotions. I did feel better- I could actually feel now. But…

“Can we stay like this… for a few more minutes?”

“of course.”

A bit more time passes as I hug Stretch, before I take in a deep breath.

“Okay- I’m good now… sorry for that…”

 Before I can pull away, Stretch stands up. With me still in his arms. Totally didn’t make me squeak. Nope. Nuh-uh.

“W-what are you doing!?”

Stretch opens the door with his magic. 

“just heading back to the others.”

“That was not what I meant-!”

What is with the swaps and holding me?? I attempt to wiggle out of his arms, only to fail horribly.

“Lemme gooooooo-”

I’m cut off by being put down on a couch. I sit there, blinking dumbly, before sliding myself onto the floor, landing in a blob of bones. 






Dream comes into my line of sight. “You good?”

“I’m fine.” I stand up, scooping Winky- who was pawing at my face in worry- into my arms on the way. “You wanted to ask me some questions, right?”

“If you wouldn’t mind…?”

“It’s fine, but I’d like to ask a few questions too.”

“That’s fair.” Dream quickly turns around, loudly clapping his hands.

“Okay! We’re gonna ask Harmony some questions, so pay attention!”

Several sets of eyelights land on me, causing me to shrink in on myself slightly. “H-hey.” Hoo boy, this was gonna be fun.

Dream walks to the others, and Ink raises a hand.

‘Guess we’re doing it like this-”

“Yeah, Ink?”

“What’s a creator??”

‘Not even surprised…’

“I’m, uh, not completely sure myself, but I’m kinda an author? For real life? It might just be easier to show you…”

I pull up my magic and start. “Next to me, another Harmony begins… Fortnite dancing, before exploding into millions of tiny particles of light, slowly fading away.”

I was starting to feel a little warm again, but I just ignore it, watching everyone’s reactions.

Ink… throws up. “WOAH! That’s so cool!! Can you do other things??”

‘We all… just gonna ignore that? Alright then’

“It’s pretty much just stuff like that…”

“It’s like our life is a story!”

*Insert awkward silence*

“... what’s a ‘god of balance’?”

‘Classic’s askin’ the hard questions…’

“IT’S GODDESS.” “it’s goddess.”



“You are??”

“why didn’t you correct us?”

“Wait- so you aren’t a Sans?”

Red seemed to be short circuiting.

“Yeah, I’m a girl, not a Sans. And I thought it was kind of funny, so I didn’t correct you.”

‘I don’t like confrontation, so I didn’t correct you.’

“Well, now we knowwww…”

Dream trails of, a look of fear crossing his face as he looks at something behind me. Ink’s eyes flash red, and he steps in front of the others as each Sans blocks their respective brother.

“Harmony, get over here.”

Inks face is hard, and he pulls out his paintbrush, Dream summoning his staff.


I whip around, only to be met with cloth. I follow it up, only to freeze as my eyelights lock on another skeleton's face. I’d recognize that skull anywhere.

Black bones, blue tear marks, red eyesockets…

Error Sans.