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Expect the Unexpected

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Shoutout to EclipseStoryWritter for getting the closest! Minny had an extreme version of yin deficiency (look it up it's actually pretty interesting). She needs magic from both sides of the balance, so when she used it all on the SAVE point, she was able to get yang magic pretty easily (I headcanon that monsters naturally emit a bit of magic) but she couldn't get yin magic, which is why she threw up the healing magic- she didn't have any dark magic to balance her out.

Also you should read Eclipse's stuff! It's really good! (I especially love LoraTale ^^)

After a few minutes of crying, I manage to calm down, rubbing my eyesockets and blushing in embarrassment from the silver stain now on Blue’s shirt. “Sorry…”

“It Is Fine, Harmony. Are You Feeling Better?”

I nod lightly.


Turning my head, I look to the entrance of the dining room, seeing everyone from yesterday and two more skeletons. My blush grows stronger.

‘It’s Underfell. Shit.’

So maybe I thought UF Papyrus was a bit hot! And UF Sans was a bit cute!! This is fine this is fine-

“yer harmony, right? sorry fer not bein’ around yesterday, m’bro and i were shopping.”

‘Holy fuck that voice should be illegal-


‘Calm down calm down- wait- do they think I’m a Sans?’

Actually, that makes sense, I look similar enough, and I don’t think there are any other than Papyrus, Sans, and Gaster builds for skeletons.


Don’t really care.

“Nice to meet you! I am Harmony, like Red said. Sorry about yesterday, I’m not exactly sure what happened. I made pancakes, though! You might want to eat them before they get too cold…”

“Thank you, but we actually wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterd-” Dream gets interrupted by Ink.

“How did you do that?? Monsters can’t SAVE or RESET, many have tried. But they just end up melting before getting even close to that point! But you’re just fine!”

“i wouldn’t really call yesterday ‘fine’-”

“The fever stuff wasn’t because of DETERMINATION.” I cut Classic off. “That was actually from lack of magic.”

“How do you know?” Dream asks.

I pause. How do I know?

“No idea. I blame magic.”

Stretch chuckles, “y'know what? that’s fair.”

“Why did you keep throwing our healing magic up then? Your SOUL should have just absorbed it…”

‘So that’s what I was puking.’

“I’m not sure, but could we maybe talk about this after breakfast, please?”

The worried skellies sigh, before agreeing and grabbing some food, sitting at the table. It was at this moment that I realized I was still sitting on Blue’s lap, his arms around my waist. My slowly fading blush comes back full vengeance.

“Hey… Blue? Can I get down now? I’m pretty sure I can walk now…”

Blue hums, pretending to think, before replying, “NOPE, I THINK YOU’RE GOOD RIGHT HERE!” He squeezes my hips lightly.

Zbhdgdhdhgdhdjsjis. My blush grew so bright, I could see what color it was.

‘Huh, silver, matches my tears- I wonder if that’s the color of my magic? What color are my eyelights?’

I really needed a mirror. Oh yeah, I’m sitting on Blue’s lap.

Time to short circuit again.  

Okay then. I guess that was the end of that confrontation. This is draining… and it’s not even noon! Looks like I’ll be signing by the end of the day…

I sigh quietly, leaning back into Blue, and close my eyes. Tuning back into the world around me, it seems that everyone is talking to each other calmly, enjoying the food I made.

‘Thank god they like it…’

Feeling a poke on my cheek, I open my eyes, looking to Blue, Stretch next to him.

“you gonna eat harmony?” Stretch asks.

“I’m not really hungry.”

The swapped skeletons exchange looks.


I sigh, and grab a piece of bacon, begrudgingly munching on it. I don’t eat when I’m not hungry, unless it’s something that I really like. I just assumed that lack of appetite was part of becoming a magical skeleton in another multiverse… not like I had a huge appetite beforehand either… but I’d eat at least 1 and ½ meals a day, with snacks in between.

… Whatever.

Stretch and Blue watch me closely as I eat another strip of bacon, seeming satisfied once I grab a third. Once more leaning back, I close my sockets again.

Only for Edge and Papyrus to start shouting at each other. About who has the best brother. 

‘Aww that’s pretty cute.’

Loud as hell though.

I needed a break from the noise. I start wiggling out of Blues grip, only to have him hold me tighter.


“I need to use the bathroom real quick.”


I sigh, before turning to Blue to the best of my ability and start signing, praying that the fanfictions were right, and that they knew ASL.

“I NEED RESTROOM. RESTROOM WHERE?” Making sure to scrunch my brows at the end of my question, I wait for a reply.

“OH, IT’S JUST DOWN THE HALL TO THE LEFT!” Blue says, placing me on the floor.

I nod and sign a ‘thank you’ before making my escape.