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Expect the Unexpected

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??? POV (Although I’m sure you could guess it-)

What the fuck was I doing? I only came down here because of my fucking curiosity, wanting to see if she would dream anything about her past. But it was dangerous getting so close to the others. Although they were asleep, they could wake up at any fucking time! I could be putting everyone in danger if they find out I’m here! I absently run my hand over the small-ers head, causing her to purr softly, nuzzling closer.

‘Oh my god that is so fucking cute-’

My eyelight dilates in delight, unaware that I had started purring as well, the cat joining in.


Looking down at the skeleton cuddling me without a single hint of fear, I don't think I really regret coming down.

‘This is… nice.’

Usually, when people feel my magic and high LV they get scared, even when not fully conscious. But this strange skeleton… reached out to me. I liked it, it reminded me of how I felt with the others…



Minny’s POV

I wake up early in the morning, no fever in sight. I look around in confusion, hoping that whoever dealt with my cuddly ass was still near, wanting to thank them. 

But nobody came…

Maybe it was a dream? Although… thinking back to who I’m pretty sure it was, calling it a nightmare might be more accurate. 

‘But if it was real, I’m totally gonna fangirl.’

My non-existent stomach growls, interrupting my thoughts. Holy crap, I was starving… . Should find a better word to use than that… food, let’s go back to food . Cradling Winky close to my chest, I walk into the kitchen, checking the clock on the way.

‘When do the Papyrus personalities get up? It’s usually early, right?’

I quickly look through the fridge, finding some salmon. Opening the bag, I feel Winky starting to stir from the smell. I put her on the floor, where she stretches out, and cut a bit of the salmon off. I grab two bowls, placing the piece of salmon in one, and filling the other with water, placing them in front of my skele-cat.

‘I have no idea if she still needs to eat or not…’

Either way, she seems to be enjoying the food, so whatever. Should still find a way to get cat food though. Actually… wasn’t I a Creator? Can I make things?

‘Alright, I want some magic cat food for my magic cat.’

Nothing… maybe I need to use my magic? I sigh, smacking myself in the forehead in exasperation. Obviously!

Holding out my hand, I call a pinch of my magic forward, not in the mood for a repeat of yesterday. When I was alive, I would create through writing. Although I could draw, and I did make a few songs, writing was my passion. So, I’ll just pretend that I’m writing the scene, like I’m some weird 4th wall breaker in a fanfiction. 

Doing the actions as I ‘read’ them out loud, I begin. “I let my magic move as it pleases, feeling it seem to ‘disperse’ almost, somewhere. Once I feel the click- something I’m starting to realize means that the magic worked- I turn around and look back at the counter, seeing several small cans of wet cat food next to a bag of dry cat food.”

‘Ohmygod it worked.’

Looking around, making sure that no one saw those last few minutes of weirdness, I pick up the now empty food bowl, put some of the dry cat food in it, and Winky gets a big drink of water. Part of me immediately wants to try and test my limits, but the other part of me remembers what had happened yesterday… maybe later. But, I do want to make something for the boys when they wake up… maybe I’ll just use it to make some pancakes. I’ve always wanted to, but they never turn out…

Doing the same thing as before, I start again. “Pulling out the milk, eggs, flour, vanilla and other things (Look I don’t have a recipe memorized like those fanfictions, I’m just hoping that my magic will help me…) I quickly grab a bowl, pouring the correct amount of stuff in. Grabbing two pans, I put some butter on one, and lay bacon on the other, turning on the heat. Lightly swaying my hips to a non-existent beat, I mix the pancake batter till it’s smooth. I pour a bit of the batter onto the buttered pan, flipping the bacon over on the other one.” At this point, I stopped my outloud mologing to start singing that weird ‘Bacon Pancakes’ song. Actually… I should make some bacon pancakes, just for fun.

I restart monologuing, the song now stuck in my head. “I make a few more pancakes, taking up about half of the batter before the bacon finishes cooking. Grabbing the bacon with a fork (getting stung by more than a few oil splashes) I place it on a paper towel, lightly patting off some of the extra grease. Pouring another pancake, I place some of the cooked bacon on top, pouring a little extra batter on top. Grabbing some eggs, I crack them into a bowl, throwing in some salt and pepper, before lightly whipping them together. Making sure there aren’t any eggshells, I put the eggs in the pan that was previously holding the bacon, lightly stirring (having made several bacon pancakes at the same time). Once that’s done, I search for a coffee maker, finding one next to the fridge, and make a pot of coffee.” 

‘I honestly have no idea if that was there before or not…’ 

Feeling a bit tired from the magic I spent making sure I made good pancakes, I forego monologuing the rest of what I do. I grab the milk, cream, sugar, and coffee pot, placing them on the large table. Walking back to the kitchen, I place the normal pancakes, bacon pancakes, eggs, and bacon on separate plates, bringing them into the dining room one by one. I quickly place some plates in the middle of the table, as well as some forks and mugs. ‘Shoot wait-’ doubling back, I grab butter, syrup, peanut butter, and honey. Placing them next to the pancakes.

‘Now to wake up the others…