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Expect the Unexpected

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Classic Sans’ POV

I watched the small skeleton take in the outside scenery, remembering the first time I had seen the sun. It was a bittersweet, as I knew Frisk had to RESET. His kid must not have done a pacifist run yet. Although, if his CHECKbox was true, he might not even have a kid. Or a universe, for that matter. Thinking back on the way he showed up, it was likely he didn’t have a Paps either.


Hearing another rumble in the basement, I quickly shortcut down the stairs. Being the one who brought everyone into this mess, the others agreed that it was my job to greet any stragglers that came from the machine. (As time runs differently in each universe.) I peek into the room, not wanting another close call like with the fell brothers. Upon not seeing any angry eyelights, I walked in, flicking on the lightswitch as I went. Hurriedly walking to the lone figure on the ground. I reach my hand out to turn them over, only to dodge a swipe of claws.

There was a cat… skeleton? What the fuck? Did it belong to this person? I was jolted out of my thoughts by a low hiss from the cat. It’s eyelights were blown and it was crouching protectively over the body. 

I begin talking. “hey it’s okay. i just want to make sure that they’re alright, but i can’t do that from far away… unless i CHECK them… i’m an idiot.”

I quickly bring forth my magic, channeling it into my eyesocket and CHECKing the prone figure on the floor. I quickly check (eyyy) over their HP, sighing in relief when I see that it was full. It was strangely high though… 

I look over the rest of the STATs, and freeze at the flavor text at the bottom. I’m sure my eyelights have disappeared. I rush back to the figure, warily watching the cat. Luckily, it seems to have deemed that I wasn’t a threat, and lets me pick the person up with no resistance. Skeleton cat behind me, I practically sprint up the stairs, kicking the door open.

“ink holy fuck!”

Said skeleton quickly rushes over, concerned questions flying out of his mouth.

“Classic, you called? Is everything okay? Are the new people hostile? Do you need any help-?”

I quickly cut him off before he can continue, holding the (I now realize) skeleton out in front of me.

“CHECK them.”


“do it, trust me.”

Ink shrugs, complying with my demand. I could see the moment he saw the flavor text, as both of his eyes turned to stars, before turning to the side and throwing up his namesake.

“Woah! What does that even mean??” Ink turns his head, yelling, “DREAM! Come here! You have to see this!”

I hear a thump from upstairs, before Dream appears next to us, crown slightly crooked. “What’s up Ink? What’s got you so excited?”

Ink turns back to me, Dream following his gaze, giving me a questioning look, before dropping down to the skelly I’m still holding.

“why don’t you find out and CHECK them.”

I look down at the skeleton in my arms, observing them more closely as I wait for Dream to start freaking out. They had a pretty interestingly colored skull, with half of it being blacker than black, and the other being a pearl white. The white almost seemed to glow softly, while the black felt like it was absorbing the color around it. The split of colors wasn’t perfectly down the middle, either. It curved a bit like a S. It was pretty.

“What the heck??”

Looks like Dream was done.

“What does that even mean?”

I snort, causing Dream and Ink to look back at me. “ink said the exact same thing when he CHECKed them.”

Ink rolls his eyelights, “Well, we are both a Sans, not that surprising.” He paused, “Speaking of, I assume that they’re a Sans, too?”

I shrug, and start walking to the living room. “i think so? i mean, they’re way too small to be anything else. i think they- he?- might even be shorter than you.”




“blueberry! stop doing that!”


I walk over to the couch, putting the Sans on it, making sure he’s comfy. The skele-cat hopping onto his chest

Ink starts bouncing around Blueberry. “Have you CHECKed him yet? You should CHECK him!”

Blueberry gives Ink a confused look, before doing as Ink asked. Upon reading the STATs, Blueberry’s eyelights disappear. 


And with a ‘MWEH HEH HEH!’, he was gone.

I exchange a confused look with Ink, and turn to Dream, who has a concerned expression.

“Blueberry felt really worried when he found out. I hope he’s doing okay.”

“i’m sure my bro is fine, dream.” Stretch walks into the room, “just give him a few minutes.”

Dream nods hesitantly. “Alright, as long as he’s fine.”

A few more minutes pass before Blueberry comes back, Paps right behind him. Everyone talks quietly about how we think the new Sans will act. Actually, I never really checked if they already had a nickname or not. I quickly bring my magic to my eye again, and learn that the Sans goes by Harmony. Before I could continue that thought process, I hear a groan.

“I think he’s waking up!”

“Finally! It’s been forever!”


“you might want to quiet down, bro.”

“Oh Whoops! Sorry Papy!”

The small skeleton whines, rolling over… onto the floor. Face first.

I hear a sigh, then a single, muffled, word: “Fuck.”


‘ohmygodthatwashilarious-‘ “pff-“

We all burst out laughing, continuing for a bit, but calming down fairly quickly. I wipe the tears out of the corner of my eyesockets, catching my breath.


I jump (out of my skin eyy) glancing around until my gaze settles on Harmony. Who is happily holding the skele-cat and rubbing his cheekbones on the top of its head.


As Harmony looks toward my bro, I get a good look at his eyesockets. It’s kind of cool, actually, his eyesockets are the same color as his bones on each side of his face, but his eyelights are opposite colors. Actually, his entire color scheme was a bit like that. While the left side of his skull was white, the left side of his body had a black theme. The same was true with the other halves. With the right side of his skull being black, and the right half of his body being white. It was a bit strange. [can anyone guess why it’s like that?]

Upon hearing Blueberry shouting something about porn, I realized that I was staring, and started blushing blue. Then what Blueberry was saying registers, and I feel my eyelights disappear, blush growing stronger. At that point, I decided to tune them out.

*Flashback end*

It makes me wonder if he’s seen the sky before. Or where he came from. You can only learn so much through a CHECK. He seems friendly, and I highly doubt being a Creator is a bad thing, but I’m gonna keep an eyesocket on him. 

After all…

Gods can be unpredictable..