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Expect the Unexpected

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I quickly sit down and try to figure out what the hell magic is supposed to feel like. I was always curious about that, when I’ve read fanfics with a similar premise to what is now happening in real life to me what the fuck has my life become- they all had different ideas for magic. 

‘Okay, magic comes from the SOUL, right? Pretty sure that was in the game.’

I cross my legs, closing my eyes and blocking out the Gaster’s. I sweep my senses throughout my body, paying extra attention to where I saw my SOUL.


‘Was that-‘

Thump thump. Thump thump.

There it is.

I quickly latch onto the feeling, closely examining it. It was similar to the feeling of my heartbeat when I was human, but somehow more . If I concentrated hard enough, I could feel the magic pulsing through my entire body. I could also tell that there was extra. Some of it unnecessary, and there was quite a bit of it. I either didn’t need that much magic to live in the first place, or I had a stupid huge magic reserve.

‘How do I even know all this?’ 

I blame magic.

Somehow I pull some of the- my magic forward and try thinking about wanting to CHECK myself. I could feel it almost working. I condense my magic a bit, and push it into place. I feel a sort of click and relax my grip on the magic, opening my eyes. The first thing I notice is the text box in front of my face, but glancing beyond that, I see the two Gasters had fallen silent. They were both looking at me in curiosity, and upon noticing my gaze on them, W.D. speaks up. “What were you doing just now?”

“Trying to CHECK myself, I thought it might be easier if I meditated a bit.”

W.D. nods, before tilting his head as if listening to something.

“Looks like you’re about to leave.”

Almost on cue, my body starts turning transparent.

The original Gaster smiles slightly “I do hope you can visit again, it’s nice talking to someone who isn’t another version of you.”

Wings starts waving. “Good luck with those skeletons, I think you’re gonna need it!”

And with that final- slightly ominous- message, everything goes black.