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Expect the Unexpected

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The pain is what woke me up.

My entire body aches as if I had just run a marathon with no preparation and then lifted 500 pounds for 20 minutes straight.

It was safe to say it hurts.


‘What the actual fuck. What the hell did I do yesterday?’

Thinking back on it, I didn’t do anything abnormal for a Saturday. Mostly just lazing around and reading fanfiction, before going to bed- wait.

‘There was a crash. A bang. Then... colors… and… and a voice- apologising? Something about being the… middle ground.’

“Ugh…” I groan, opening my eyes carefully, expecting it to be bright. 

It was pitch black. 

Blinking my eyes, I confirmed that my eyes were, in fact, open. The pain was mostly gone by now (weirdly enough) so I sit up, straining my eyes in an attempt to observe my surroundings better. It… didn’t work. Black was the only thing there was. Panicking slightly, I hold my hand out in front of myself, wanting to gauge just how dark it was wherever I was.

Then I panic completely.

Bones. My hand was only bones.

‘What the fuck. Did I die? Is this the afterlife or some shit? What the fuck what the fuck.’

Now, I wasn’t usually one to cuss, even in my head, but this was a bit of an exception. Because honestly what the absolute fuck . After a few minutes- days- years? Time was meaningless here. I notice something dripping down my cheeks. I wipe them on my sleeve on instinct before freezing.

‘Tears? But, I was a skeleton, right?’

I quickly pull up my long-sleeved sweater. Wait where the fuck did that come from I didn’t sleep in that - Yup. Bones. Although… they were different from what I thought bones were like. They looked... thicker? They were more… fused together. Taking another glance at my hand, I notice that the area my palm should have been was made up of interlocking plates acting as one solid surface. That definitely wasn’t right. I close my eyes in thought, before immediately opening them again.

Skeletons don’t have eyelids.

I quickly bring my hands up to my face, exploring it and wishing I had a mirror. My cheeks were… squishy? I had cheeks?? What the fuck?!? My mouth parts open in my surprise, only to realize that I had lips. I quickly stand up, starting to pace on the black floor as I bring my fingers- phalanges?? - up to my mouth and attempt to bite fingernails that no longer existed.

I start muttering to myself, “Okay, this is fine, you’re in this weird black place as a skeleton- but not a skeleton at the same time?? You’re not wearing the clothes that you fell asleep in, and- wait, what the fuck am I wearing?”

I had forgotten that part with the whole ‘I’m a skeleton’ thing, but now that I was calmer, I look down at what I was wearing. I had a light grey off the shoulder sweater with one sleeve fading to white and the other black, a pair of really comfortable black- no, grey- pants with small silver stars, one white and one black converse (on the same sides of the corresponding color on the sleeves), and my necklace.

“Oh thank god I still have this,” I breath as I run my thumb over the smooth circle.

I take a deep breath and sit back down, trying not to think of how I just did thatI’maskeleton- nope- and start to explore my new body. [Not like that-]

Pulling up my pant legs, I run my hands over my bones, feeling the porcelain-like texture. Looking at my joints, they seem to almost just… float there? It was like they were being held together with magnets or something… Deciding to move on from that, I bring my hands up to my face again. Messing with my mouth (I don’t seem to have a tongue), squishing my cheeks, poking my eyelids, and putting my whole hand into my eye socket, I learn that I’m still pretty similar to what I was like as a human. 

Finally, I pull up my shirt a bit, finding nothing where my stomach should be. I wave my hand around in the weird emptiness, finding nothing else of interest. I reach around a bit, touching my spine. It was weird, feeling something touching me where I shouldn’t be able to touch as a human. Quickly moving on, I lift my shirt a bit higher, and run a finger- phalange?- on the underside of a floating rib, before immediately stopping, feeling a zing shoot up my spine. 

‘Why did that feel like that what-’

I try again, more hesitantly. Same feeling, and something started glowing on the inside of my ribcage. I lift up my shirt the rest of the way, before yanking it back down, blushing as I realize what I was accidentally doing, and panicking again as things start to make sense.

‘I’m in a dark place that’s darker than that yet darker. I’m like 90% sure I got shot in my bedroom, I’m a skeleton but not quite, and I just saw a fucking monster SOUL in my chest after I accidentally fondled myself.’

I open my mouth before yelling, “What the fuck am I doing in Undertale’s VOID?!?!?”