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Kaze ni Naru

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”When’s daddy coming home, big brother Eli said he was on a trip.” a soft voice said blowing on the light blue pinwheel that she held in her hand, lightly blowing and causing the petals to blow softly in the wind.

You turned your head and pursued your words as you thought about the thing you should tell her. ”I’m not sure but you know how we’re able to tell if Daddy is watching over us?” you asked and chuckled at the curious expression on the little girl’s face and walked over and kneeled and picked her up in her arms moving to stand on the terrace and gestures to the ginkgo leaves that were quietly swaying back and for in the summer breeze ”You see those leaves, the golden ones with the weird shape?” you asked and chuckled as she reached out. ”Ginko.” she said clapping her hands and you let out a laugh

”That’s a gingko tree, it's very important to your daddy and me, whenever I was in trouble, the little bracket he gave me would twinkle and he would automatically come to my rescue, do you know why that is Yui?” You asked and chuckled as she wrinkled her brow, causing you to chuckle softly. ”Because when the wind blows that means Gavin is watching you and me.” she explained and smiled feeling a warm summer breeze picking up and pushing her hair behind her ear.

The wind had picked up quite a bit tossing the ginkgo leaves and blowing them up in the air, You laughed as the leaves danced before smiling as Yui was lifted up into the air by the gentle breeze and pulled forward, causing her to burst into a fit of loud and happy laughter.

”Seems you took your sweet time getting here.” You teased watching as Gavin was holding the squirming Yui in his arms. ”Sorry had to wait for just the right moment.” Gavin said and reached his other hand out, and you reached out chuckling as the wind picked you up and brought you close to him, automatically hooking your arm around him and lightly kissing his cheek. ”Mama, look we’re flying.” Yui said laughing happily and you couldn't help but laugh a little bit