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Let white warm you

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White like teeth. The pill crushes into powder over Chu Wanning’s molars and Taxian-jun keeps Chu Wanning’s jaw pried wide open, until the natural flood of saliva has washed the medicine down and away. He thinks crudely and humorously of other white things entering his concubine’s body.

So he does that too. He leaves Chu Wanning limp, swollen, leaking with it. Idly, he fingers his semen back into the hole, then plugs Chu Wanning up with a small but heavy piece of ironwood.

He pushes Chu Wanning’s trembling thighs back apart, when they try to close out of shame, and he places a palm to Chu Wanning’s belly.

“Do you feel hot?”

He rubs until he gets shivers and an answer.

“The drug…”

Chu Wanning probably thinks it’s just another aphrodisiac, a medicine of the springtime to leave his insides unbearably empty, to make him leak from mouth and cock both while his eyes continue to do their best to glare.

Like they’re doing now. Taxian-jun squeezes Chu Wanning’s face again, aligning their gazes so he will have the best view of his shizun’s expression when he tells him.

“Guyueye,” he says, “was very obliging.”

Chu Wanning stills, and Taxian-jun considers his mouth, chewed to feverish red.

“I would put your mouth to use, but that’d be a waste now, wouldn’t it?” He’s gleeful as he caresses Chu Wanning’s teeth again, jerking his finger back just before an incisor can close on it. “Watch it; just because Concubine Chu holds this Venerable One’s favor doesn’t mean he will let you get away with everything.”

Chu Wanning has a hand on him, trying to push him away. Taxian-jun doesn’t budge.

“What was in the drug?” Chu Wanning demands to know. So Taxian-jun tells him. Taxian-jun tells him and flips him over, so he is easier to hold down. So his struggling wrists can be taken in one palm and his legs can be kicked apart and kneeled down on at the same time.

The ironwood is removed, and Taxian-jun is hard again at the sight of all that white. He wants to finger it out of Chu Wanning’s body and fuck it all back in again. He wants to make two, three, four versions of himself just to take turns fucking Chu Wanning, until his once-esteemed shizun is swollen first with the sheer amount of seed inside him, then with Taxian-jun’s child. He wants to see that hole so sensitive with hormones that a single tender touch will bring Yuheng Elder weeping to his knees.

Taxian-jun bottoms out inside Chu Wanning and holds his shaking concubine close and warm.

“I’m going to feed you,” he murmurs, thrusting as he always does—viciously, wantingly. Chu Wanning swears. Calls him names. “I’m going to fill your body with everything it needs to make us a baby.”

Chu Wanning comes five times that night, to match his Emperor Lord. Taxian-jun keeps his limbs strapped to the bed and all the cum plugged up inside him well into noontime the next day.

“Animal,” Chu Wanning hisses, tears at the corners of his fever-glazed eyes.

“Everyday,” Taxian-jun orders. “But look, this Venerable One can treat you gently.”

Gently means: Chu Wanning’s legs, sapped of strength from sickness, pulled up to his ears. Chu Wanning’s hole exposed. Chu Wanning’s hole massaged and licked and pulled until there’s an openness to it, a ready suction.

Taxian-jun puts the head of his cock to that opening and very valiantly doesn’t thrust in.

“Shizun owes me,” he warns Chu Wanning. “When you’re better.”

“You’ll fuck me ‘til I’m ill again?” Chu Wanning spits. Taxian-jun’s grip tightens, and he grits his teeth watching Chu Wanning’s thighs bruise right there under his fingers. Then he relaxes, cock left where it is.

“Of course not,” Taxian-jun allows. “A sick body cannot bear a child. This Venerable One will treat shizun well; I’ll summon all the delicacies from the land, every sweet you can ever desire. I’ll cook all your meals myself, and make certain you eat every bite. I will stuff you full.”

He talks like that for a very long time, a hand working at himself right there at Chu Wanning’s hole until his seed spills into his shizun’s body. He watches the tremors of disgust on Chu Wanning’s face from the spread of hot liquid inside him, and can’t resist.

Slipping his softening cock inside that passage, Taxian-jun puts both of them on their sides and spoons up against Chu Wanning with a contented sigh. Chu Wanning tries to squirm but his motions are too weak to be effective.

“Move anymore, and I’ll get hard again,” Taxian-jun muses. Chu Wanning instantly stills. “But how can I not get hard with you right here, so tight around me, smelling like you do?”

Taxian-jun buries his nose in Chu Wanning’s hair, breathing in deep.

“Shizun, don’t you know how much you smell of milk?”

Seven months in, Chu Wanning’s belly is more high than wide. A boy, the nursemaids say. Taxian-jun doesn’t care.

Mo Ran,” Chu Wanning gasps, wanting to sound angry but instead just sounding desperate. He sounds so desperate for Taxian-jun’s hands to get off of him. “I can’t.”

Taxian-jun is gentle with the belly but rough everywhere else. He chafes a circle of red around Chu Wanning’s wrists and knees a bruise into the inside of Chu Wanning’s thigh, just to examine his concubine’s hole.

Red. Swollen. Taxian-jun presses the flat of his thumb to it and watches Chu Wanning’s spine arch, that thin mouth opening and closing in silent wails.

“You will never not be pregnant again, that’s an order,” he tells Chu Wanning, breathless from the sight. His thumb keeps rubbing. “Look at you. You’re so big already. After you give birth I’m going to pin you to my cock. You can hold the baby to feed and I’ll hold you. I’ll fuck you big again; I’ll never give your belly a chance to come down.”

His palms scraped reverently up the taut, marked hill of Chu Wanning’s stomach, then up to Chu Wanning’s chest. His thumbs once again find the swollen things there. Squeezes.


Taxian-jun catches the white liquid in his mouth, sucking Chu Wanning’s nipple loudly between his lips. He laps, he pinches, he suckles. He does this until Chu Wanning screams, voice already hoarse from self-censure.

“Shizun tastes so sweet,” he hums, before bending to do the same again, this time to the other nipple.

He does end up fucking Chu Wanning that night. Twice only, with specific purpose in mind. He settles Chu Wanning back on the bed, and pulls every stroke of his cock all the way out before pushing back in again.

It leaves Chu Wanning sobbing with oversensitivity and Taxian-jun enthralled with the sight of Chu Wanning’s fucked-open hole. Get it loose, he thinks, so shizun can be filled with ever more stuff. His stuff. His seed, his food, his blood. Get it loose for all the things Taxian-jun can keep in there.

Taxian-jun kisses Chu Wanning’s mouth, belly, then hole. Sweetly. In that order.

“Shizun,” he whispers, thumbing his seed back into Chu Wanning as usual, plugging his concubine up as usual. “Chu-ji. We’re going to have so many kids. I’m going to spoil them rotten, just as I’m going to spoil you. I’m going to give you everything.”

“Mo Ran.”

His son is sleeping, cradled lovingly in Taxian-jun’s arms. He hums in response, gaze loathed to leave his child but knowing there are other subjects to look upon that are just as sweet.

Sure enough, he finds his concubine watching him from the bed, their daughter held to his chest.

“Is she asleep?”

Chu Wanning nods, expression strange. His cheeks have been pale for some time, Taxian-jun notes, ever since the second birth. The thick scent of ginseng already floods the room, but he will find better material, better food to feed his shizun. Bring color back to his shizun’s cheeks.

“Mo Ran.”

“Yes?” Taxian-jun replies, not unkindly, as he gets up at the call. His son is set down in the crib to sleep, and Chu Wanning does the same to their infant daughter. Chu Wanning remains seated on the bed as Taxian-jun gets close, posture oddly loose, the furrow of his brow atypically uncertain. It makes a curious emotion well up in Taxian-jun’s chest, something warm and clenching. Something hopeful.

“Ah,” Taxian-jun says. “This Venerable One almost forgot.”

He pulls open the bedside drawer and removes a medicine packet. Inside is a white pill.

When he turns back, Chu Wanning is as frigid and closed-off as ever. Taxian-jun can feel his hackles rising.

“What’s wrong?” he challenges. “Don’t you remember the promise I made you? What were you calling this Venerable One for then?”

Chu Wanning’s arm in his grip is cool as jade, refusing to bruise.

“Open your mouth, Chu-ji.”

“Is there no end to your depravi—”

White like teeth. Taxian-jun rubs the medicine deep into his concubine’s mouth, and fucks him until Chu Wanning is warm and open again.