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Claire tested the restraints on her hands, tugging on them slightly; feeling a rush of excitement as they didn’t give at all. This was possibly the blonde woman’s favourite experience, being unable to move her spread eagled limbs, unable to speak around the ball gag in her mouth, and being unable to see what was happening around her, not knowing who was staring at her naked body.


I mean, of course it was Phil but the idea that it could be anyone made Claire’s pussy tingle in excitement. She hoped that her husband wouldn’t leave her like this for too long, she might go mad if he spent ages teasing her today.


Thankfully he seemed to be in a hurry today, he spent only a few minutes mauling her pale tits, squeezing and pulling her hard, dark nipples; biting them and sending twinges of pain and pleasure through her body. After that Claire could feel a cockhead being rubbed up against her cunt, she moaned around her gag as he pushed in,not seeming to care about how fast he did; just ploughing forward, pulling out slightly only to push further in until he was buried in her up to his hilt.


Almost as soon as he began fucking her, building up to a rapid pace very quickly, the sound of slapping echoing around the room, Claire could feel herself about to cum, she usually wouldn’t cum from just penetration but something about being restrained like she was made her cum extremely easily and it wasn’t long before she felt herself crash over the edge of orgasm, walls clenching down on the large cock in her pussy. Claire’s screams were muffled by the gag and her limbs were tightly restrained so the only indication of her climax was her torso bucking up and down widely.


When Claire’s orgasm subsided she felt the cock in her pussy pull out, then a few seconds later the gag was being undone, she opened her mouth to speak but stopped in shock as she felt something being dropped onto her tongue which, by the salty taste, she worked out was a condom.


Luke smirked as he dropped the condom filled with his cum into his moms mouth then turned to walk out of his bedroom, flashing a grin to his dad who was staring daggers at him.


Phil quickly got up and unbound his wife, schooling his face into one of satisfied pleasure.


“Oh Phil, that was amazing! You haven’t fucked me like that in years!”

When Luke returned to his room he found his sister Haley sat, naked at his computer watching the video of him pounding their mom as Phil jerked off in the corner, Luke wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek.


“I’m getting hard again watching this, want to have some fun?”


“Absolutely!” Haley grinned.