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Mr. Love Queen's Choice x Reader

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MC loved children. This was a known fact. She had even produced several shows concerning child development and behavioral issues. Kids were kids though, and it had yet to be determined whether that was in her favor at this particular moment.

Her soaked dress clung to her body uncomfortably, making her shift in an effort to keep the fabric from clinging. Shivering, MC huddled into her boyfriend’s jacket, fingers digging into the material as she pulled the flaps tighter over her chest. She had been on set, producing a segment on ways for children to stay active during the summer, when she’d gotten caught in the crossfire of a water balloon fight, her clothes and hair soaked in a matter of seconds as assistants and parents tried to round up the overexcited troublemakers. To make matters worse, the dress she had chosen to wear a white dress today, leaving little to the imagination as the fabric turned transparent.

Stunned by the sudden dousing, she was lucky that Gavin had been there to help out on his day off, jumping into action and draping his denim jacket around her shoulders before saying a few words to Kiki and leading her to a trailer. Having sat her down on a sofa, he was currently looking for something she could use to dry off and a change of clothes.

“I don’t think we’re going to find much in the way of fresh clothes,” she commented. Honestly, this could be a lot worse. She wasn’t so uncomfortable with Gavin here, knowing he would take care of her, and his jacket was warm and smelled like him, like sun and wind.

“You’re right. I’m not finding any towels either,” he sighed, his rummaging ceasing as he turned back to her. “I’m going to run back to your place and get you some clothes. In the meantime, you should get out of that dress or you might get sick. You can use my jacket to dry off as much as you can.” MC blushed as he sat down beside her and reached out to card his fingers through her damp locks. His palm cupped her cheek and she relished the warmth of his touch against her clammy skin, wanting nothing more than to snuggle up against him.

Sure, she was a little flustered. Pretty much everything was on display beneath the jacket and while it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen her naked before, it was still all too easy to become embarrassed around him, her heart racing and body heating in reaction to him. It didn’t help that she had forgone a bra today, the wet fabric chafing her nipples with each heavy breath she took and hardening the buds to sensitive peaks that undoubtedly showed through her dress.

“Are you sure?” she asked, licking her lips. “You don’t have to go to all that trouble.”

“I don’t mind.” He smiled softly and rose to his feet. “Lock the door behind me so no one comes in by mistake.”

That made her startle, suddenly remembering a very important detail that would make this plan a lot more tricky. Gavin must have seen the realization on her face because he stopped, hand on the door handle. “What?” he asked, “What is it?”

“The doors on the trailers don’t lock.”


“I’m not sure why they don’t, but…” she muttered, trying to come up with some sort of excuse as she shifted in place.

“Okay.” He thought for a moment before deciding, “You can’t stay here like this. Let’s go get your things and let Anna know I’m taking you home to get changed.”

“Alright.” Taking the hand he offered her, MC settled into the crook of his arm as it wrapped around her shoulders, holding her against him protectively as they left the trailer. Anna was quick to give her the okay to go home, the other woman’s concern almost motherly as she took in her flushed cheeks and slight shivering with a furrowed brow. Gavin assured her he would take care of her - which he didn’t really need to do; it was already an accepted fact at the office that Gavin was a man among men - before escorting her to his motorcycle.

By this point her dress had become icy and she snuggled against Gavin’s broad back as he drove, seeking the comfort of his warmth.

“Almost there,” he said over his shoulder, to which she nodded, cheek pressed to his shoulder blade through the helmet he’d given her. The engine quieted to a rumbling purr as he pulled into the parking structure beneath her building and she dreaded the chafe that would come with getting off and moving around.

Her hair clung to her cheeks in wet clumps as she took off the helmet and let him help her off the motorcycle. There really was no worse feeling in the world than wet clothes. Each movement was excruciating, cold fabric rubbing and clinging in ways that left her uncomfortable and all too sensitive.

It was a relief when they finally reached her apartment and she turned the key in the lock. Gavin followed her in, and without thinking MC shed his jacket, unaware of how much she was revealing to him.

He was a gentleman and would sooner die than do something that took advantage of her, but Gavin was still a hot-blooded young man who was very much attracted to his girlfriend. His pants suddenly felt a little too tight, his breath coming a little harder as he averted his gaze from her. “You should warm up with a shower,” he managed, his voice a little husky as he looked at anything besides her.

When MC turned back to him she couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked, almost boyish with his pink cheeks and a hand raised to scratch the back of his head sheepishly. Around anyone else, she would have shied away, leaving them with a thank you at the door, but Gavin always made her feel safe, knowing that she was his number one priority at all times. It was one of the many qualities that made her fall in love with him.

“I will. Thank you for taking care of me, Gavin,” she said, turning to face him. “Do you want to wait here? It’s okay if you want to leave.”

“Here is fine.”

“Okay.” Shooting him an innocent smile, she sashayed to the bathroom, calling over her shoulder, “Make yourself at home.”

“Thanks,” he replied, voice a little gruff.

Despite how much she wanted to take this further, she only meant to tease her adorable boyfriend a little before going back to set, but when she tried to take off her sodden dress and found that the buttons didn’t want to cooperate with the wet material, there was really only one option left.

“Gavin?” she called, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth.


“Sorry, I can’t get the buttons by myself. Could you help me?”

“...Sure.” His footsteps padded closer and her breathing picked up in anticipation when the door ghosted open. She didn’t meet his eyes, only turned to offer him her back. His presence behind her sent electric tinges washing over her skin and she hoped he didn’t notice the tiny shiver that wracked her when she felt his touch ghost along her shoulders. He was close, closer than he needed to be, but she wanted him even closer. Her lips parted around a silent moan as his breath fanned against her ear and she waited to see what he would do next as he reached the last button at the base of her spine.

Gavin stopped, seeming to debate with himself for a moment, before the barely there touch of his hands on her naked skin made her exhale a shaky sigh. His fingers traced her spine, stopping to unclip her bra before continuing to her shoulders. The digits slipped under the straps of her dress, but before he made any move to bare her, he murmured, “Can I?” his voice tight with restraint.

“Please, Gavin,” she answered, her voice a whispered whine. MC could never deny him, not that she would ever want to. “I need you.”

A heartbeat later, her dress and bra fell from her shoulders to pool on the tile floor. Gavin moaned against her neck as his lips descended on her skin, his body pressed flush against hers as his hands reached around to cup her breasts, gently weighing them in his palms. She arched her hips against his crotch, crying out as his teeth sank into the side of her neck at the pressure against his growing erection. Her hips hit the edge of the counter as he forced her forward, seeking that delicious friction as he began to dry hump her.

Mewls and whines escaped her parted lips as Gavin’s large hand gave her breast another squeeze before traveling down her stomach to slip into the front of her panties. Her legs trembled as he found her swollen clit, his thumb stroking the bud as he slipped his middle finger inside of her.

“G-Gavin, mmh! I...I can’t-!” MC tried to warn him of her failing legs, but she could barely get the words out, her slick core clenching around his fingers as he ground his bulge against her. She nearly cried as his fingers slipped out of her heat to turn her around. Her panties slipped down her legs before she was hoisted up onto the countertop, her boyfriend taking his rightful place between her legs. Gavin’s mouth claimed hers in a hungry kiss as she reached for him, small hands slipping under his shirt to touch chiseled abs and pecs. The lustful spark in his eyes as he parted from her to tear his shirt over his head sent a wave of heat blistering through her, her inner thighs soaked with her arousal.

She expected him to kiss her or shed the rest of his clothes, but he stepped away from her completely instead, reaching to turn on the shower before kneeling in front of her to rifle through the cabinets underneath the sink. When he looked up at her, he held a condom between his fingers and her brows lifted in surprise. “Where did you find that?” She couldn’t remember ever stashing a box down there.

“I put it here after our first time,” he admitted, and she might’ve fallen in love with him even more if that was possible. It was just like him to be so careful when it came to her. He held the foil package between his teeth as he undid his belt, holding her heated gaze as he pushed his pants and boxers down his legs. Her eyes immediately fell to his freed dick, swallowing at how painfully hard he was. Gavin was very well endowed, long and thick and veined, the velvety skin flushed red with need. The swollen head weeped pre-cum as she watched and a hand under her chin tilted her face up.

Her gaze met his half-lidded one and she nearly whimpered as he tore the condom open and rolled it down his length, rubbing her thighs together in an attempt to relieve the suddenly painful ache. Parting her legs, he wrapped his hands around her thighs and hoisted her off the counter with ease, her legs wrapping around his waist as he stepped into the shower.

The water did little to soothe the heat raging deep inside of her, though it did wash the last of the chill left by her wet clothes away. MC cried out as he pressed her against the shower wall, his chiseled body rutting against hers as he began to roll his hips into her. “Gavin! Oh god!” She writhed as the tip of his cock prodded her clit, his thick heat spreading her folds as his mouth nipped at her neck and collarbone.

“Want to be inside you,” he panted hotly against her cheek. “Can I?”

“Yes!” Bucking her hips, she heard him groan, releasing one of her legs in favor of clenching a fist against the wall next to her head. “I gave you permission the moment you undressed me! Please, please, please, fuck me, Gavin!”

Reaching down to position himself, she whimpered as his length slowly stretched her, the slight burn of something so large entering her wet core lost in the way he filled and pressed against her walls so deliciously. Her cries for him to go faster, to shove the whole thing in at once, were lost to him, his face pressed into her neck and his jaw clenched as he groaned. As much as Gavin wanted to shove himself into her, he wanted to be careful, to cherish her and make her feel loved.

He began to move as soon as he was fully seated inside of her, pulling out until just the tip was left inside before slamming back in again, her screams reverberating around the bathroom as he gave her what she wanted.

“Yes!...ah!!...Yes, Gavin, feels so good!!” she cried, gasping lungfuls of the steamy air.

“Yeah?” Grabbing a bouncing breast, he pinched and twisted her nipple, licking his lips as she was reduced to a whimpering, lustful mess in his embrace. “You...haa...take me so good. Feels...ngh!...s-so good...squeezing me so tight! My good girl…”

Her fingers dug into his shoulders as he continued to pound into her, drops of water running down his muscles and clinging to the ends of his hair. All she could think to say was his name as he drove into her, adjusting his angle a couple of times to hit spots that had her eyes rolling back in her head.

“You’re...ahh!!...Gavin, you’re so deep! Gavin, Gavin, Gavin!!” She could feel him in every part of her body, claiming her as his own. It was hard and intense, but underlying it all was love, his adoration for her conveyed in every heated touch of skin against skin.

“Say my name,” he growled, claiming her lips in a hungry kiss. “Scream it so the neighbors know.” Tears of pleasure ran down her face as he hit her g-spot hard, abusing the sensitive spot over and over again. “Are you going to come?” he panted, hips moving faster, rougher. He was getting close too, her walls threatening to squeeze him to completion she was getting so tight.

“Y-Yes!” she cried, gasping as he throbbed and twitched inside of her.

His hand moved to where they were joined, and with a hard press to her clit she came undone, crying his name as her vision went white under an explosion of rapture. His pleasured grunt joined her scream as he reached his own end a few thrusts later, and he looked positively virile as he released, muscles in his neck bulging as his seed spilled into the condom.

The water cooled their overheated bodies as they panted, slowly coming down from their highs. Releasing her leg from around his hip, Gavin gently held her on her feet as he slipped out of her, planting kisses on her wet face.

“I love you,” she said breathlessly, a satisfied smile on her face as she nuzzled into his neck. “I love you so so much.”

“I love you too,” he murmured back, his arms tightening around her. A few moments passed like that, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, before he released her, stepping out of the shower for a moment to discard the used condom.

Alone, MC cupped her flushed cheeks in her hands and squealed internally. In this case, getting caught in the crossfire of a children’s water balloon fight had turned out very, very well, gaining fortune’s favor the moment she fell in love with Gavin.

It wasn’t until after they had finished washing up and were drying off when she suddenly gasped. “What if Lucien was home?!”

Gavin blinked at her, silent for a moment, before he burst into chuckles. Wrapping his arms around her middle, she thought she saw some of the same mischief from high school in his face now as he said, “I’ve had you screaming my name enough that I think he’s used to it by now, babe.”