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The Complicated Life Of Sansa Stark

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Date: Friday, August 31, 9:18 p.m.
Subject: It's just a goodbye


Hello !
I must admit that I don't really know what I'm supposed to tell you, we've been best friends since diapers but this is the very first email I send you.
It must be said that we have never been separated.
I already miss Arizona, it's much colder in Oregon but being born in the Yukon, I think, made me resistant to the cold.


Arya and Rickon were just unbearable the entire ride, I even have painful bruises on my arms from their incessant kicking.


So you must imagine that tonight's dinner was freezing, no one dared to speak, and for once even Arya knew how to keep her mouth shut.
And I had to refrain from crying throughout the meal, I blame my parents but not to the point of making a scene at the table.

And you know me by heart : once alone in my room, I burst into tears for ten minutes.
I then went for a bath and pretended to be asleep when my parents stopped by to see how I was.

Obviously I blame them but this is not a discussion for tonight, I am way too tired and pissed off for that.
I'll see tomorrow morning if I'm in the mood to talk about my feelings about leaving my friends, my school and my town.


Otherwise you, how are you?
I hope I can visit you for Thanksgiving already, but I don't promise you anything.

Give me news as soon as possible.


Xoxox Sansa