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i will hold you (until then)

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It was a day well spent.

Nie Mingjue can feel the familiar pull at his muscles after an afternoon of training, the drying sweat on his back that makes the fabric of his robes stick to his skin. It was a good afternoon. The disciples are coming along nicely and are all hard workers wanting to prove themselves.

“Is that smile for me?”

Nie Mingjue’s lips twitch as he makes his way to Lan Xichen and touches his waist lightly with one hand. “No,” he answers honestly.

Lan Xichen raises an eyebrow. “Training?”

“One of the disciples almost nicked half my mustache off.” Nie Mingjue grins, unable to keep his pride at bay. 

Lan Xichen is the one smiling now, small and just as proud, as he raises a hand and presses a finger to the corner of Nie Mingjue’s lip. “That’d be a shame.”

“Is that so?” Nie Mingjue leans in.

Lan Xichen’s mouth is soft under his as they kiss, but his body is all hard muscle when Nie Mingjue pulls him closer.

“You’re sweaty,” Lan Xichen murmurs as he runs his fingers through Nie Mingjue’s hair, stopping to tug at one of his braids. “Come, I drew a bath for you.”

Nie Mingjue sighs and pecks Lan Xichen on the lips. “You’re too good to me.”

Lan Xichen nods. “Yes, I am. Go get undressed. I’ll check if the water is still warm.”

Nie Mingjue feels no shame as he walks towards the tub, hair down and not a piece of clothing covering his body. He also preens a little when he catches the way Lan Xichen lingers on his chest and then flickers down to his waist and thighs.

“Are you going to join me?” Nie Mingjue invites him as he swings a leg over the tub, grunting when he gets inside and the hot water touches his skin.

“Do you want me to?” Lan Xichen asks.

“I always want you to.” Nie Mingjue catches Lan Xichen’s hand in his and brings it to his lips. “Any excuse to see you naked.”

Lan Xichen keeps his serene expression when he pinches Nie Mingjue’s nose. Nie Mingjue laughs and leans backwards, settling comfortably in the tub with the hot water lapping at his chest. He watches Lan Xichen undress, letting his eyes rake over his lover’s body, and then makes room for Lan Xichen to join him.

“Come here,” Nie Mingjue asks, already reaching out to grab Lan Xichen’s hand.

Lan Xichen leans away. “Bath first.”

Nie Mingjue’s nose twitches. “Am I that smelly?”

Lan Xichen blinks at him, looking innocent. “Lying is forbidden.” 

Nie Mingjue flickers him with water and can’t help but smile at the startled look on Lan Xichen’s face when he gets hit in the cheek with a few droplets. “Wash my hair for me?” Nie Mingjue asks, knowing better than to argue.

Lan Xichen’s face softens when he nods and rests his hands on Nie Mingjue’s shoulders when he takes his place behind him. Nie Mingjue smiles when he feels the light press of Lan Xichen’s lips against the top of his head and then hums when Lan Xichen’s fingers start carding through and wetting his hair.

They don’t get this often: the easy intimacy of spending time together, this close, with no interrupts or duties to attend to. Nie Mingjue finds himself relaxing when Lan Xichen scratches at his scalp, content in letting himself go pliant under his lover’s hands as he oils and washes his hair.

Nie Mingjue is almost asleep when Lan Xichen tugs at a hair strand and bites down on his shoulder. He grunts and kicks at the water, sending some of it splashing over the edge of the tub, and turns his head to glare at Lan Xichen.

Lan Xichen gives him a small smile. “Mingjue, you can’t fall asleep before you wash my hair.”

Nie Mingjue huffs. “Biting isn’t dignified.”

“But it works.” Lan Xichen brushes a kiss to Nie Mingjue’s forehead and makes them switch places. He tilts his head to the side so he’s able to stare at Nie Mingjue over his shoulder. “Please?”

Lan Xichen doesn’t need to beg. Nie Mingjue knows what his hands on Lan Xichen’s hair do to him and he’s not going to deny them the pleasure this will bring. 

Nie Mingjue takes the opportunity to bend down and bite Lan Xichen instead of giving a verbal answer, laughing a little when Lan Xichen pinches his leg. If anyone could see Lan Xichen now, they wouldn’t believe Zewu-jun could be this petty.

Lan Xichen’s hair is shiny and silky in Nie Mingjue’s hands. Nie Mingjue wishes he could braid it, but he’ll leave that for another day. Lan Xichen always looks so good wearing the intricate braids Nie Sect is known for, even if he only does it in the safety of their room.

Hair washing isn’t as relaxing for Lan Xichen as it is to Nie Mingjue. Instead of going boneless, Lan Xichen squirms a little in place every time Nie Mingjue’s fingers brush the base of his neck. Nie Mingjue doesn’t need to look to know Lan Xichen is hard—this is what always happens when they’re like this, when Nie Mingjue is gently washing his hair and massaging his scalp.

Nie Mingjue counts in his head how much time it takes for Lan Xichen to turn around. It’s half then what he expected, and he can’t help but laugh when Lan Xichen plops himself down on Nie Mingjue’s lap.

“What do you want?” Nie Mingjue asks when he grabs Lan Xichen with one hand by the side of his neck and the other curls around his hip, bringing him closer.

Lan Xichen’s eyes are bright and his cheeks are flushed. He braces his hands on Nie Mingjue’s chest and rolls his hips once, hard cock brushing against Nie Mingjue’s stomach, and  the movement makes Nie Mingjue’s own cock slide between Lan Xichen’s cheeks.

“Xichen,” Nie Mingjue murmurs. “Like this?”

Lan Xichen nods and presses their foreheads together. “Like this.”

Nie Mingjue is smiling when he kisses Xichen, licking his way into his lover’s mouth and groaning when Lan Xichen lets out a soft moan and grinds his hips against Nie Mingjue’s. Friction is different under water, but Lan Xichen pressed close to him, hard and panting and chasing his own pleasure, is enough for Nie Mingjue.

Nie Mingjue lets go of Lan Xichen’s neck to grab his ass, fingers sliding between his cheeks and finding his hole. Lan Xichen lets out a little hurt sound at the touch and presses back into it, knowing without asking that Nie Mingjue will understand what he wants. Nie Mingjue bites down on Lan Xichen’s collarbone when he pushes a finger inside.

Yes,” Lan Xichen gasps and brings his hands up to grab Nie Mingjue’s hair. “Mingjue.

“I’m here,” Nie Mingjue tells him, nipping his way up Lan Xichen’s neck and jaw until he reaches Lan Xichen’s mouth.

Lan Xichen moans into the kiss, shifting their positions and reaching a hand between them so he can grab at Nie Mingjue’s cock. Nie Mingjue is the one to make a sound now, choked up and swallowed by Lan Xichen’s tongue, which only gets higher when Lan Xichen lines their cocks together.

“Like this,” Lan Xichen sighs, eyes half-lidded as he stares down at Nie Mingjue.

Nie Mingjue nods and kisses him again, lost in the feeling of Lan Xichen’s hand wrapped around him and Lan Xichen clenching around him finger.  Lan Xichen whines against Nie Mingjue’s mouth when Mingjue adds another finger, opening him up, and then curses when Nie Mingjue pulls his fingers out.

“I need to get—” Nie Mingjue doesn’t finish the sentence. Lan Xichen leans over the edge of the tub and grabs the vial they use for such bath activities. Nie Mingjue grins. “You planned this.”

“I missed you,” is all Lan Xichen offers before pressing the vial into Nie Mingjue’s hand. “Now fuck me, please.”

Nie Mingjue laughs at the demand, happy to oblige. Lan Xichen also smiles back at him, but that smile turns into something else when Nie Mingjue presses his slick fingers back into him.

It doesn’t take long until Lan Xichen is fucking himself back into Nie Mingjue’s touch, head throw back and throat bared to Nie Mingjue’s mouth. Nie Mingjue is careful not to leave marks, but he doesn’t stop himself from biting and kissing at every inch of skin he can reach.

They both moan when Nie Mingjue presses his cock against Lan Xichen’s hole and pushes inside. Nie Mingjue’s grip on Lan Xichen’s waist is bruising, and the hold Lan Xichen has on Nie Mingjue’s shoulders will surely leave marks as well.

Nie Mingjue loses himself watching Lan Xichen ride him, take what he wants and needs, feeling the heat building in his gut. He huffs out a laugh and thrusts up when Lan Xichen pinches his shoulder, demanding Nie Mingjue do some of the work, and doesn’t hesitate to claim Lan Xichen’s mouth in a deep and filthy kiss.

The shift in Lan Xichen’s breathing and the tensing of his thighs tell Nie Mingjue he’s close. Nie Mingjue brings a hand between them and wraps it around Lan Xichen cock, touching him in the rhythm of his thrusts until Lan Xichen cries out and comes.

Nie Mingjue catches Lan Xichen when he slumps forward. He wraps his arms around Lan Xichen’s waist and holds him in place, fucking into him and chasing his own release. He feels the brush of Lan Xichen’s lips against his neck right before the hard edge of Lan Xichen’s teeth bite down onto his shoulder.

The pain is enough to tip Nie Mingjue over the edge. He spills inside Lan Xichen, body trembling as he comes back down to himself to see Lan Xichen gazing down at him with a smug and pleased look on his face so different from his usual serene mask. Lan Xichen doesn’t say anything. He only bends down to kiss Nie Mingjue once, sweet and chaste, before moving and letting Nie Mingjue slip out of him.

“I really am going to fall asleep now,” Nie Mingjue says, words already a bit slurred.

Lan Xichen laughs at him and helps him finish his bath. They clean up quickly, hands eager and soft as they touch each other, and soon enough they’re both tumbling into Nie Mingjue’s bed.

“Can you stay?” Nie Mingjue asks when he gathers Lan Xichen in his arms.

Lan Xichen sighs and cuddles closer. “Until morning.”

“I will hold you until then,” Nie Mingjue promises.

And if he could, he would never let go.