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Seeking Arrangement

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Yuu was grossed out. 

Grossed out of his goddamn mind. The man – a doctor, Yuu vaguely recalled him saying – seated opposite him had been going on and on about a terrible operation he’d had to deal with of late, and frankly speaking, when you were seated in a five-star Italian restaurant, drinking top-notch wine and having high-grade medium rare steak, the last thing you’d want a mental image of was a man with decaying balls.

Ugh. Yuu resisted making a face as he ate the last bits of his steak and placed his fork gently down onto the table, wiping his mouth gracefully with a napkin while he was at it. It didn’t help that the man seated opposite him wasn’t the most attractive person, either – he was about fifty years of age, balding at the crown of his head, and looked as if he didn’t understand what the basic concept of hygiene was. Which was ironic, considering his profession. Though, it wasn’t like Yuu usually minded; to him, gaining his money was his priority, and Yuu didn’t care how these men looked, as long as their fat wallet made up for it. 

It was a business, this sugar daddy dating game, and Yuu was only being paid for his time, to listen to this man’s sorrows and keep him company and make him feel good about himself. That was all to it. There were no strings attached. Yuu was a sugar baby, and he was proud of it. At the prime age of twenty-one years old, Yuu could have opted for other jobs, sure, but after months of struggling with three part-time jobs whilst trying to keep up with a university workload at the same time, Yuu just didn’t think it was worth it anymore.

Not when one of his sugar daddies had just paid off half of his university loan last month, and another daddy had decided, on a whim last week, to create a credit card for Yuu in his name. The raven-haired had made ten thousand dollars total last month, in cash and gifts, and all Yuu had to do was ensure he was constantly looking fresh, young and pretty, as well as remember to set aside time once a week to meet up with them per their request.

Today’s date with the doctor was a first for the both of them; Yuu usually went through ‘trial’ dates such as these to see if they would be a good match or not – or, well, to put it bluntly, to simply see if he could put up with the guy for hours on his end – and Yuu would only agree to future arrangements if their first date went well. 

An hour into this dinner date, however, already proved it was a canonical disaster. Yuu had feigned a smile and nodded simply at random intervals into their conversation, but the balding doctor seemed to catch no hint that Yuu was not interested in hearing about some man’s vasectomy while he was having steak. Suddenly the piece of meat didn’t look so appealing anymore. Yuu felt like a cannibal now, for Christ’s sake. 

Yuu found himself slowly slipping out his phone from his jeans; texting the one person he knew could save him from this distress. 

save me. help. potential sugar daddy is a fucking disaster. i still have an hour to go.

Yutaka’s reply came quick. He was Yuu’s roommate, living in an apartment just outside the city, and when Yuu started sugaring, the raven-haired didn’t see a point in hiding his work from Yutaka when it would be so easy to realize the true reason Yuu was slipping out at night and disappearing every other weekend, anyway. They studied at the same university, but unlike Yuu, who was an English major, Yutaka was studying in the field of medicine, hoping to eventually get his doctorate.

Yutaka usually spent nights staying up late to study, though with the amount of texts Yuu spammed him with nowadays, Yuu wondered how Yutaka managed to get anything done with the raven’s annoying presence. 

Yutaka: Jesus. Does he stink?

Yuu: worse. a doctor. he’s talking about sterilizing someone now. i don’t want to know the details

Yutaka: Haha, oh. I get it. Did he mention the vasa deferentia?  

Yuu: a vasa- what? oh god, Yutaka, don’t get started on your biology crap. i’ve had enough of doctors for the day.

Yutaka: OK, OK, fine. Need me to call you and give you an escape route?  

Yuu: technically, am being paid for my time. so no. he might not give me the $400 he promised. oh, he’s starting to notice i’ve been looking at my crotch for too long. brb.  

“Something wrong, honey?” The man was saying, widening his mouth into a grotesque smile. …Yep. Okay. Yuu was definitely not seeing this man again. Why did he ever think it was a good idea to meet up with men with no profile pictures? Oh, right. Because Yuu had seen the income stated on his profile and the 300k this doctor earned per year was way too tempting. Though, Yuu felt like he would probably pass up on this one. There was no way he would be enduring future vasectomy conversations with this baldie. 

“Nothing!” Yuu responded cheerfully, perking his head up. The doctor seemed delighted to see the raven-haired look so enthusiastic, and took it as a good sign to continue talking. Ugh. Yuu rolled his eyes to himself in the back of his head, though his face didn’t move an inch. 

Yuu always felt some kind of responsibility to always look as high-spirited as possible, at least in these men’s company anyway, for he knew they were buying his time and Yuu had to put on a façade to please them. Yuu had to act like the perfect boyfriend. He would have no troubles in the world, would be carefree, and also loved life to the fullest. He would be a pretty young thing who just needed an older man to support him – and the older men who were in his company usually sucked all of it up, enjoying Yuu’s chirpy presence.

This was exactly how to be a successful sugar baby. You act as if everything about them interests you, and lavish them with your complete attention and body. The payoff was well, too. Yuu mentally counted this month’s estimated earnings in his head – he’d be getting at least 3k from an attorney and 1.5k from a car dealer, two of his regulars, and at least another thousand from random dates like these with men he probably won’t be seeing again. 

Well, it was about half of what he would be getting last month, but he wasn’t complaining. His university loan was halfway paid and at the rate things were going, he’d most likely have it paid by the end of the year.

“Ready to go, darling?” The doctor asked, smiling to the raven-haired and looking rather pleased with him so far. He was going to arrange for future dates, Yuu knew it. Yuu briefly contemplated the idea of an additional 2k every month, but the reminder of the doctor’s vivid description of a man’s decaying balls turned him right off.

“Sure!” Yuu exclaimed happily, then watched as the doctor called for the bill and paid for it with his platinum credit card. Yuu eyed it lustfully, but made sure to turn his attention back to the doctor as soon as he called for Yuu again. 

“So, I’ll be driving you home now, then?” The doctor asked in a sorry tone, his disappointment showing. Yuu knew what he was hinting at, and the raven wasn’t falling for it. Yuu let out a sigh; as much as he was a whore (which he wasn’t), he had a policy of no sex on first dates, and he was definitely not going home with this doctor after their disastrous date. 

It was just a trial date, a date where they could get to know each other further and see if they were compatible for future arrangements. Plus, Yuu didn’t exactly want those hands touching him after he’d heard what the doctor had done in those… operations.

“Um, you can drop me off at the gas station you picked me up from, and I’ll make my way home myself.” Yuu politely said, smiling gently to the doctor. There was also a policy Yuu adhered to when it came to sugar dating – never give them his real address or let them know where he was staying. There was no way he was going to get harassed by these perverted old men if their relationship backfired. 

So began their walk out of the busy restaurant to the doctor’s car. Yuu strapped himself into the front seat, and the doctor began driving, dropping him off at the gas station as promised. But not before passing him an envelope containing a thick wad of cash, which – as Yuu carefully counted – contained four hundred dollars as promised.

“Thank you!” Yuu sang, smiling widely to the old man as he left the car, pretending not to notice the way the doctor seemed to be leaning in for a goodbye kiss. As he slammed the car door shut to the doctor’s frowning face and gave one last customary wave to him, he watched as the doctor drove away, before starting his short walk home. Yuu clutched the envelope of cash under his leather jacket, humming satisfiedly at today’s earnings. He had earned an easy four hundred, without even needing to deliver a short, disgusting peck to the old man’s cheek. 

Yuu was so not going back to being a mere waiter.

“I’m home!” Yuu called happily, striding into the apartment he shared with Yutaka. Their apartment lights had been dimmed, but the kitchen lights were on, and Yuu guessed Yutaka was studying around their dining table again.

“Welcome back,” Yutaka responded coolly, his head never looking up, his eyes still focused on the set of textbooks opened right before him. One of his hands flipped a page, and the other was concentrated on jotting down notes in that thick book of his. “You came back early today.”

“Well,” Yuu skipped his way to the kitchen, stopping short just before the dining table. He teasingly slung his arms around Yutaka’s slumped back, hugging him tightly from the back. “I told you it was a trial date! Guess how much I got for listening to the old man rant about decaying balls today!”

Yutaka sighed, momentarily pausing in his writing of notes. He turned his head back, side-eyeing Yuu’s flirty gesture. “Just so you know, a better term to call those ‘decaying balls’ would be–”

“So yeah, I got four hundred bucks.” Yuu huffed, brushing Yutaka’s intellectual response off. Yutaka had a habit of correcting whatever Yuu said into scientific terms, and Yuu didn’t know if Yutaka was just showing off at this point, or if he was truly annoyed by Yuu’s vulgar terms for things sometimes. “Anyway, Dr. Yutaka, I’m having another date later this week, so rent won’t be a problem this month. Yay~”

Yutaka laughed a little at Yuu’s enthusiasm. “You know, Yuu, you don’t have to worry about money that much. You know I’m not uptight about it.” The apartment they stayed in belonged to Yutaka’s family, and though the apartment was located in a good location, neither too far from the city nor their university, the rent hadn’t been too expensive. Yuu saw the opportunity and took it, when Yutaka put up the advertisement looking for a roommate, and it came to Yuu’s convenience that Yutaka later became one of Yuu’s closest friends as well.

Yutaka came from a family of doctors, thus it was natural that Yutaka took interest in studying to become one, too. Though his family background made him well off, he never did become arrogant or cocky, and was honestly a good person to be around with. Yuu liked him a lot. 

He also casually accepted Yuu’s work as a sugar baby, so hey. 

“I can’t possibly take advantage of you, when you’re already so easy to be taken advantage of,” Yuu teased, then loosened his arms around the brunet and danced off further into the kitchen. He pulled the fridge door open and grabbed for a drink, before deciding to prance back to the dining table to annoy Yutaka a little further. It was a Monday night, and Yuu only had afternoon classes tomorrow, so he didn’t have to worry about sleeping early today. 

“Don’t make too much noise,” Yutaka chided, snapping him a look as Yuu pulled a seat out and plopped himself down on it. Yuu ignored him and took out his phone, checking his inbox messages out of habit.

There were a few messages from his current sugar daddies that he promptly replied to, those of which were asking him generic How are you, I miss you questions, wanting to know how the raven-haired was doing. Yuu also received a few more notifications from the website that he used to find potential sugar daddies itself, called, and Yuu decided to check them out.

He scrolled through his inbox on the site, going through the men who’d newly messaged him. Checking some of their profiles showed that their income brackets were way too low for Yuu, and the raven-haired scoffed as he read the flirty messages that they sent in hopes of charming Yuu out on a date. Yuu might be young, but he had been doing this for a little over a year, and he didn’t need men who wouldn’t be able to afford him.

There was only one that caught his interest this time, one that had no profile picture – probably to remain discreet due to his profession, as with many other high-profile sugar daddies out there – and he seemed to be living in Yuu’s area as well. He also appeared to be significantly younger than most men on this website – his profile listed his age as thirty-five – and he didn’t sound like a creep in the message he sent, so. It was just a simple Hello, I saw your profile and you look like my type. Care for an arrangement?

Plus, an annual $600k per year? Yum. He was likely a CEO of some sort. Or a high-ranking doctor. OK, no. Yuu was totally not down with doctors. Please tell him he was not a doctor.

Grinning to himself at the prospect of an additional, much wealthier sugar daddy, Yuu quickly typed a reply back to TK0609.

sugaraoixox: hi! you seem like my type too ;) are you sure you can afford me? heh.

“Oi, stop smiling to yourself. You look crazy,” Yutaka said, rolling his eyes at the sight. “Are you sexting one of your sugar daddies or something? No, wait – please don’t tell me. I don’t want to know the details.”

Yuu giggled at his words, then spontaneously jumped up from his seat. “I’m going to take a shower, then head for bed. Don’t stay up too late, okay?”

“Thanks, mum,” Yutaka mumbled, waving the raven-haired off. 

Yuu made his way to his room, stashed the newly acquired wad of cash into a savings box, then prepared for his bath, feeling pleased with today’s overall catch. 


TK0609: Haha, I like challenges. Pretty sure I can afford you. I’ll pay anything for someone as gorgeous as you.

The reply came at 8 in the morning, but Yuu only read it in the afternoon when he got up. Yawning as he slammed his alarm clock back shut, he found himself grinning again to himself as he looked back to the message. He’d been doing this sugar-dating thing for slightly over a year, and yet he never got tired of the whole compliment thing. He loved being showered with attention and love like this. He loved being flirted with and called ‘gorgeous’. Man, Yuu was such an attention whore.

sugaraoixox: i like a man who is adventurous ;) are you sure you can afford me? tell me how you want to pamper me… :)

Yuu then got into the shower and changed into a casual hoodie and jeans for class, and by the time he came out, his phone was already ringing with another message.

TK0609: I’m not exactly sure what beautiful creatures like you want these days, but I’ll give you anything you want as long as you’re good to me… I would try to make sure that stunning smile is on your face all the time, I would hate to see you upset. Let me take care of you.

Yuu actually found himself blushing at the message sent. OK, this was too good to be true. Whoever this TK0609 person was, he had to be hella ugly to need to go on a sugar-dating site to look for a paid relationship. 35 years old, earning $600k annually and highly emotionally sensitive? He had to be hella ugly. Or a bad conversation partner. Or, hella ugly. 

Yuu just prayed he didn’t have a STD. 

sugaraoixox: mmm, sounds good to me! that’s what i wanna hear from a befitting daddy <3 i’ll be good to you if you’re good to me! 

His reply was prompt as usual. 

TK0609: So... can I take you out for dinner?

And fast. In his moves. 

sugaraoixox: mmm! just letting you know though, i usually set first dates as trial run. if it goes well then we’ll make an arrangement. you don’t have to pay me for my time on the first date, but if you want to, i won’t decline ;) 

TK0609: Got it. How about Friday night at 7? I’ll take you out to my favorite restaurant downtown.  

sugaraoixox: sure! i’ll text you where to pick me up a bit later. class in awhile, brb!

Yuu found himself smiling all the way to class, happy he’d just scored another date.

They ended up texting all throughout lunch, and when Takanori, a good friend of his who was an English major as well, asked if Yuu was texting his boyfriend, Yuu shrugged it off.

“No boyfriend, remember?” Yuu laughed, but he still couldn’t stop the smile on his face as the texts from TK0609 came in. No one knew of his sugaring activities except for Yutaka, and Yuu preferred to keep it that way. If people caught wind of his little job that he did on the sidelines, there would be no future for Yuu, academically or job-wise. Yuu made certain that there was no way his personal and sugaring lifestyle could ever mix, taking his safety and future into account. 

“Fine, a boyfriend-to-be, then,” Takanori piped, and Yuu laughed once more at the term. 

“You know, it’s actually something close to that,” Yuu mused, smiling, looking once more to his phone. There was a long stream of messages from their earlier conversation.

TK0609: I figured since we’re meeting, you get to know my name. I’m Kouyou.  

sugaraoixox: you sound promising… :) you can call me Aoi, but i have to warn you that’s just a nickname though~ you get my real name if you stick long enough.  

TK0609: I have a good feeling about sticking long enough… Aoi.

sugaraoixox: well, i’m quite easy to please, you know ;p not as demanding as you may think I am, ahaha!

TK0609: I don’t think you’re demanding at all… :)

sugaraoixox: hmmm… <3  

Yuu then decided to appeal to his interests a bit. It always helped to look at your potential sugar daddy’s profile to check out what his hobbies, likes and dislikes were, since you could use them as conversation topics for kick starters, as well as gain more access into his life. And the more you showed that you were interested in him, the more he’d feel genuinely liked, and thus the higher the allowance he paid you. Yuu knew his game well.

sugaraoixox: you say you like golf on your profile. you know, I’ve always wanted to try it out… too poor for it :(  

TK0609: I can take you… and teach you. If you want. It’s an easy sport. Ahaha. But it can get boring when you’re playing with really boring associates. Or old men. Wait, I’m probably old to you.

sugaraoixox: actually, you’re significantly younger than a lot of men on here. I’m surprised. and you’re not a creep too… :)

TK0609: Haha, I can get creepy if I want. I mean, if you like that sort of thing.

Yuu laughed aloud at that message. There was something so horribly polite about Kouyou’s way of speaking so far that that random suggestive message seemed so funny.

Still denying it’s a boyfriend?” Takanori asked, raising an eyebrow to the raven. Yuu nodded insistently, taking a huge bite of his sandwich as he raised his other hand to type a reply back to Kouyou on his phone.

sugaraoixox: i like a lot of things… i will also like anything you like, Kouyou :)  

TK0609: Huh… I like a lot of things, too, you know. ;)

A smiley. That was a first. Yuu beamed at the message, feeling good about their relationship development so far, then shut his phone off. Class was starting and he didn’t exactly feel like replying to Kouyou further – it was one thing to get your sugar daddy interested, and it was another to play the hard-to-get game and gain the upper hand first. Yuu would reveal more information to Kouyou in time to come, when it came to meeting him for dinner. 

For now, Yuu would play the haughty vixen who enjoyed flirting with Kouyou a little bit too much.


When Yuu got back to his apartment, he could recognize by the delicious scent of food wafting in the air that Yutaka had already started cooking dinner for them. 

Usually they took turns to cook, but lately Yuu had been cooking more often since Yutaka was caught up in his exams. On days that Yuu was busy and out on a date, Yutaka would call for takeout. Occasionally the both of them had pizza or pasta if they weren’t feeling up to home-cooked food, however they tried their best to cook as much as possible, since they preferred it to takeout which could get too expensive at times.

“Oh, you’re back,” Yutaka said, turning around to greet Yuu, dressed in his usual checkered apron. Yuu tossed his bag and keys on the counter then made his way into the kitchen, preparing to set the dining table.

“It smells so great! You’re cooking your fish specialty again,” Yuu cooed quickly, happy at the sight of Yutaka’s signature dish. “Yum! I’m going to be grow too fat and the new guy I’m meeting this Friday will be sooo upset when he sees me.”

“Eh? A new guy?” Yutaka asked, his interest perked. He finished whipping up his dish and moved to place it onto the dining table. “Care to elaborate?” 

“Umm, it’s just going to be another trial date, I guess,” Yuu said, setting the cutlery down as well. “His name is Kouyou, he’s thirty-five and he’s been flirting with me the past day. Also, he earns $600k per year. Yum!”

Yutaka rolled his eyes at his response. “You know, I never did see the appeal in all these sugar baby-daddy dating business. I mean, if I had that much money, I would invest it or spend it on my family instead, not on some random–” He noticed Yuu’s glare midway and hesitantly trailed his words off. “Well, I mean… if it gets the bills paid.”

“You’re only saying that because you’re rich,” Yuu said disapprovingly, folding his arms. “You don’t know the pain of debt, do you?” 

Yutaka sighed. “I can’t control what you do, Yuu. And I’m not trying to say what you do is bad, either. But you’re my close friend, and I care for you, and I would love it if you didn’t have to pretend you liked all these older men in order to get your bills paid.”

Yuu remained silent for a while, and Yutaka was almost afraid he’d offended the raven. It was rare that anyone could silence the chirpy raven-haired who always seemed to be untroubled by anything in the world, but there were feelings and secrets Yuu kept to himself, too. And though the both of them knew that the reason Yuu started working as a sugar baby was to alleviate his stress from struggling with three jobs and school all at once, Yutaka usually steered away from talking to Yuu about it, knowing it was a touchy subject with the raven. 

He wasn’t exactly sure if Yuu ever did truly like his job, or if Yuu was doing this purely out of survival sake. Yutaka always wished he could help Yuu out somehow, but Yutaka knew that until he held a job himself, he was powerless too in terms of finances.

“You know, I wish that too,” Yuu finally uttered quietly, as he settled himself down against a seat. “But we can’t have what we want in life, right? And being a sugar baby is a lot of work, too – I have to pretend to be someone I’m not, I have to pretend to only be happy or horny, nothing else, and I have to forgo a social life to meet all these men. So, in the end, it’s just like any other normal job, right? I’m working. They’re paying me for my company. It’s a business transaction. And it makes me happy enough.”

Yutaka gazed over to him with a worried look. 

“If you say so, Yuu. But I’m just letting you know that if you ever decide to quit this business, all you have to do is let me know. I won’t accept rent from you.”

Yuu tried to brush off the topic quickly. “Just shut up and start eating already! I’m starving.” 

Yuu tried not to be too concerned with Yutaka’s words, but it wasn’t like Yuu hadn’t thought over the same things himself. Of course he’d love to work a normal job and still be able to pay the bills, but his family wasn’t well-off, and to be able to afford a university education meant that Yuu had to work ultra hard to pay off his debts. He’d found out that sugar dating was a quick and effective way in ensuring cash, and so far, it was something he found came naturally to him – appealing to older men, making them happy – and so Yuu didn’t think of quitting this business anytime soon.

But even though Yutaka hasn’t expressed displeasure in Yuu’s choice of profession, Yutaka clearly didn’t like it very much, did he? And though Yuu made sure to tell Yutaka wherever he was going and made sure Yutaka checked on him hourly whenever he was on a date, those safety and precautionary measures meant nothing when Yuu was miles away, in some other man’s car, on his way to the old man’s home. Yuu was constantly vulnerable to attacks, and the knowledge didn’t stomach well with Yutaka, who was hoping to be able to eventually become a doctor and save future lives. 

Either way, it wasn’t like Yuu had a choice.

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Friday came soon enough, and after Yuu had filled Kouyou in on the details of where to pick him up at (the gas station was his standard pick-up point), Yuu was just left with picking out an outfit for their dinner date. Yutaka would be staying at the university late today, but he promised to be check his phone regularly for Yuu just incase Yuu needed an emergency escape route or needed him to call the cops on a creep.

As much as Yuu seemed to like this Kouyou person, you never really knew until you saw them in real life. Kouyou had been reluctant to share a photo with Yuu, saying it wouldn’t matter since they were meeting anyway, despite Yuu’s protests that he needed a photo reference to be able to spot him. Kouyou had simply retaliated with a I’m blond and I’ll be in work clothes. Also, I’ll be picking you up in a Lamborghini, which is a sight rare enough around here, so no excuses there. Yuu was completely convinced that Kouyou was dead ugly. There was no other explanation for it. Yuu was dead convinced.

Yuu had to make sure this Kouyou person liked him, anyway. With $600k as his annual salary, it was money that Yuu was willing to endure any kind of ugliness for. Yuu ended up picking out a casual top and tight denim jeans that showed off his ass a little too much. It was his go-to pants for trial dates, to ensure his potential sugar daddy saw his assets and just how much he had to offer, and the jeans trick so far had never failed him once. 

Wearing his favorite silver-onyx engraved necklace around his neck, he made sure to line his eyes prettily with eyeliner, giving them the extra ‘pop’ they needed. He brushed through his shoulder-length hair, and allowed them to fall freely around his face, deciding to look as easygoing as possible. He didn’t want to overdo his make-up nor hair on his first date with Kouyou and scare the man off.

Glancing to his watch, it was about time to start making his way to the gas station, so he grabbed his keys and phone and decided to set off. Taking in a deep breath, he prayed mentally that Kouyou would be at least average looking. 

Oh, fuck it. If Kouyou was ugly and he didn’t offer at least five hundred bucks for his company tonight, Yuu would go home. 

Yuu ended up reaching the gas station five minutes earlier than agreed upon, but it seemed like Yuu wasn’t the only early bird. He spotted the black Lamborghini waiting by the gas station easily, and apparently the man inside the vehicle spotted Yuu easily, too. The Lamborghini drove up to Yuu’s side as soon as Yuu walked in, and Yuu was not prepared at all for the tinted car window sliding down before him and the deep, low voice speaking out of it.

“Get in,” the man – who Yuu guessed was Kouyou – said, though he wasn’t able to take a good glimpse of his face yet.

Yuu had little time to fawn over the expensive black car as he pulled the car door open, careful not to leave any scratches, and slipped into the front seat, feeling his legs quiver a bit. He strapped the seat belt over himself, feeling the man’s intense gaze on him never pulling away, and he suddenly felt a wave of self-consciousness pass over him. Why was he so nervous?! He never had cause to worry, when men seemed to fall head over heels for him easily.

“Hey,” The man spoke in that low tone once more, sending Yuu shuddering, and it was only then did Yuu finally had time to turn to him, his stomach flipping as he did so.

…OK, you had to be kidding him.

There wasn’t a bald-looking man with bad odor, no. There wasn’t any hideously obvious blemish on his face, either. He wasn’t particularly short, nor did he look peculiarly unattractive. Unlike what Yuu had previously thought, Kouyou was definitely not dead ugly.

Hell, he was the exact opposite.

“Holy fuck,” Yuu said, not realizing what he’d just said until they left his lips. The raven slapped his hands over his mouth, disbelieving eyes devouring the sight before him.

So. Apparently.

Not only was Kouyou a thirty-five year old man who was a sweet-talker, and had a $600k annual salary, he also happened to be extremely hot. Well, in Yuu’s terms, anyway. Fuck

Yuu had totally forgotten his preference for blonds. And Kouyou’s hair was a cool shade of blond, containing none of those horrid bleached yellow undertones other fake blonds had. His skin was pale, fairer than most, but he seemed to be the kind where the paleness ran in his genetics, and definitely not because he didn’t get out in the sun often. His arm muscles were a testimony to that.

Kouyou also had these dark, brooding eyes that, as they gazed at Yuu, looked as if he was perpetually amused or bored or disinterested, and it made Yuu… confused. 

Confused, because Yuu didn’t know what the blond was currently thinking about. Confused, because he was drop-dead gorgeous as fuck, save the eye bags decorating his eyes, but even then it made him sexier, in the knowledge that Kouyou probably held some important position at a company somewhere that required him to work so hard. Oh, god. Yuu would have even agreed to go on this date for free if Kouyou had bothered to tell him an ounce of how good-looking he was. 

Plus, did he mention the man smelt great? He had this rich-scented, musky cologne on him that made Yuu incredibly weak. 

In all of Yuu’s time doubling as a sugar baby, he had never come across a good- looking sugar daddy. Never. They were at least forty years old and above, had greasy hair (or close to no hair), had severe marital issues or were divorced, but had a shit ton of money. Here was a sugar daddy that was readily approaching him that had the blondest shade of hair, and the sexiest pair of goddamn eyes Yuu had ever lay his eyes upon. Yuu was done. So, there did exist a god out there after all.

“I’m sorry, did you get startled by my appearance?” Kouyou asked, frowning, his face looking a tad concerned.

Yuu laughed cruelly to himself, wondering if this was just a practical joke life was throwing at him. Well, Yuu was taking it, either way. There was no way he was passing up on this.

“Startled is an understatement,” Yuu said, his lips curving into his usual flirty smile. Kouyou broke into a smile as well, seeing Yuu’s pleased expression. “I think I just got the shock of my entire life.”

“Well, I wasn’t very startled by you,” Kouyou begun slowly, laughing at his words. “You look just like I thought. Very irresistible. You’re much prettier in real life.” The way he spoke was a mirror of the way he typed – very proper and respectful, and not to mention overly chivalrous. Kouyou was unreal.

Yuu couldn’t hide his grin and blush at his words, but he had a feeling Kouyou liked seeing Yuu reduced to a mess like that, anyway.

“You haven’t told me if you liked what you saw,” Kouyou said, as he placed both hands on the wheel and begun to drive. “I’m rather hurt.”

Yuu giggled to himself, eyes quickly falling over what little of Kouyou’s body he could observe from his seat. True to his word, the blond was still in his work clothes, and the tie around his neck seemed to fit too snugly for him...

Yuu briefly wondered what it’d be like to loosen it.

Kouyou had rolled his sleeves up, however, and Yuu could catch a glimpse of the defined veins on his strong arms, telling of his age, trailing down all the way to his calloused looking hands currently on the steering wheel. Oh, fuck. Kouyou looked like the type where he would be fucking dominant in bed. Just the way Yuu liked it.

OK, Yuu usually didn’t think about having sex with his sugar daddies this early on, but then again – he didn’t usually think about having sex with random strangers. Ever. But he had never seen anyone like Kouyou, and the mere thought that Kouyou wanted him, that Kouyou chose him, that Kouyou thought he was gorgeous enough to the point of wanting to pay him for his company – Yuu felt giddy at the thought. Kouyou liked him. And whether this was a real relationship or not, Yuu had fucking scored the jackpot with this one.

 “Do you always talk like that?” Yuu burst out with a laugh, eyes flickering back up to Kouyou’s face. Kouyou seemed confused by the sudden question. “You know, you’re very polite. And very British. And very eloquent.” 

Kouyou smiled a little at his answer. “Hmm? That’s new. Well, I don’t think I’m very British, but if it helps sate your curiosity, my mother is British. And I don’t really see anything wrong with the way I speak.”

Yuu hummed to himself. “Mmm, yeah. I don’t see anything wrong with it either.” Yuu eyed his ripped arms once more. “You’re really hot, by the way.”

Kouyou looked surprised for a second (seriously? Seriously?) but then he just nodded his head and smiled again. “Thank you. I hope you weren’t offended by me not wanting to send you a photo beforehand, but I’m rather… high-profile, you see, and I don’t exactly want to reveal too many details about myself until we’re sure this is going to be a… thing.”

Oh, god, I hope it will, Yuu thought. There was no way Kouyou was slipping through his fingers when he was so close to wrapping him around them. Then again, how was it even possible that a bachelor like him wasn’t attached himself already? Or was Kouyou just looking for some fun in this state while his wife lived across the country?

“You aren’t married, are you?” Yuu asked, hesitant, though he didn’t see any ring on Kouyou’s hand.

Kouyou didn’t pause to answer. “I’m not.” 

“Or divorced,” Yuu added, slightly relieved. 

“Neither.” Kouyou said. “I did, however, just get out of a long-term relationship. I got out of it a year ago, actually. I’m still not comfortable with dating, now, but the past few months have taken a toll on me. I guess I started to want company again… And I don’t mind paying if I can get someone I like right off the bat. I hope you understand.” 

“Oh,” Yuu nodded, trying to show he was understanding of his situation. Then again, Yuu shouldn’t be too surprised, either. Kouyou was of course playing around – a man like him wouldn’t think of settling down so early in life, when he was in his prime. “It’s not like I’ll judge you, Kouyou. I’m here to keep you company, remember? I’ll do my best to keep you happy.”

“Great,” Kouyou smiled to him, seemingly pleased with his answer. “How about you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” Yuu responded instantly. “No time.”

“I see.” Kouyou nodded. “That’s great, then. I’d feel better knowing you didn’t have one.” Sensing he’d just said something sensitive, Kouyou quickly continued. “Not that you can’t, but – I trust you understand what I mean.” 

Yuu understood. Men with his status usually made the same requests of Yuu not dating or seeing anyone else, since they preferred the idea of thinking that their partner solely belonged to them, and they didn’t fancy knowing that they were sharing a person with anyone else, even if the relationship was only superficial and Yuu was only a sugar baby to him.

Yuu made a mental note not to tell him that Yuu was seeing other sugar daddies as well.

“Anyway, we’ve reached. I hope you like Japanese food.”

After placing their orders, Yuu found the both of them settling into comfortable silence with each other, though Yuu grew increasingly restless with the way Kouyou kept gazing to him. The older man had an amused face on, as usual, but he appeared to delight in Yuu’s presence, and the way his eyes seemed to be watching Yuu’s every movement made the raven-haired unnecessarily anxious. Was his eyeliner done right? Was his hair in a mess? Yuu couldn’t tell what the other man was thinking at all. 

Yuu just continued shyly looking back at him, reaffirming to himself that Kouyou was real and Yuu was indeed not dreaming. Along their walk here, Yuu had walked beside Kouyou and measured himself up to him and – damn. Kouyou was at least a head taller than him, and had shoulders that were so broad and a chest that seemed like it definitely needed a bigger shirt. Yuu couldn’t wait to get home and tell Yutaka of today’s date already.

…Maybe he would even text him later. 

“So, I assume you are a university student, correct?” Kouyou was the first to speak. Yuu wasn’t usually so quiet, because he knew that he had to sustain the older man’s interest in order for the man to ask him out for future dates, but this time, it – was – different. Kouyou wasn’t old and greasy like the other men. Kouyou wasn’t someone that Yuu felt he could easily appeal to (despite Kouyou’s constant flirting with him). Kouyou was strong, confident, and Yuu could tell Kouyou was used to being listened to, which probably meant he was in a position of power at his job. Which reminded Yuu – he needed to ask what Kouyou worked as, too.

“I’m an English major.” Yuu answered, lips spreading into a friendly smile. Kouyou reciprocated it. “I guess you must know the pains of student debt, too… or not.” Maybe Kouyou was another Yutaka, having been born into a rich family and needn’t worry about money, ever. 

Kouyou chuckled, his face relaxing a little. “You know, it took me awhile to get here, too. I wasn’t born wealthy. My family was middle-class. My parents did try to finance my university loans, sure, but it wasn't enough. Fortunately for me, I got a scholarship that covered another part of my debt, but I had to work whenever I was free to eventually pay it all off too.” 

Eh? Yuu instantly felt his stomach churn at Kouyou’s story. He hadn’t expected that kind of history behind the blond, and found himself to be slightly embarrassed as he compared himself to Kouyou. Yuu and him had been in similar situations once, and Yuu could have gone down that road too, but he had chosen clear his debt by being a sugar baby instead. Would Kouyou think less of him like this?

“I’m not thinking less of you,” Kouyou immediately said, and Yuu widened his eyes, wondering if he had voiced his thoughts out loud. “Hey, you know, I’m in no position to judge anyone. I wouldn’t have bothered taking you out on a date if I just wanted to come here and judge you. I’m here to spend time with you, Aoi. And see your gorgeous face in real life.”

“Um.” Yuu’s cheeks turned a scarlet red at the realization that Kouyou had seen through his thoughts so quickly. “Thank you. I mean – yeah. I wasn’t worried at all, you know. I’m not… that self-conscious.” Kouyou just smiled at his words, shaking his head. “So, what are you working as?” 

Kouyou appeared to go into deep thought at his question. He seemed as if he was unsure if he should answer, and Yuu wondered how high-profile Kouyou was if he was so reluctant to disclose his details to Yuu like this.

“Hmm. I kind of own a company, now, I guess. It’s not a big deal.” 

Yuu’s breath stalled at the revelation. “So, you’re a CEO.” 

“Well.” Kouyou’s smile broadened. “If you would like to put it that way.” 

Oh my god. Yuu knew it. That explained a whole lot of things. He was pretty young for a CEO, but Yuu knew this also proved Kouyou’s capability at his job. 

“I understand why you’re too busy to bother with the dating game, now,” Yuu mumbled to himself, to which Kouyou just laughed. 

“Yeah, I am.” The blond replied. “I’m not at a place in life where I feel I have the time to be courting someone else again. And maybe this is an easy way out, but it doesn’t matter to me. I just want to spend time with someone I like, and feel that they enjoy spending time with me too.” 

Yuu smiled, nodding. “I understand, you know.” 

“Well, I’m happy you do,” Kouyou said gently, then decided to move on to a new topic of conversation. “You know, I’m really happy you agreed to come and meet me. I was quite hesitant in sending that message to you, but I figured I didn’t have much to lose.”

Yuu liked the idea of Kouyou being nervous about him. “You’re lying,” Yuu teased, shaking his head. “You couldn’t have been nervous to talk to me. Don’t you talk to a million people everyday?”

Kouyou only chuckled in reply. “I have a feeling the way you picture me as a CEO in your head is very different from the way I actually work, Aoi.”

Yuu giggled a little. “Well, in my defense, I’ve never been with a CEO before. Um, never been in their office, too.” The raven smiled cutely up to the blond, and for a moment Kouyou was simply silent and staring to him, hypnotized by the adorable sight. Yuu seemed surprised by the sudden attention, seeing as he hadn’t tried to flirt with the blond on purpose; but then he realized he could slowly work this to his advantage.

A second later the blond shook his daze off and laughed. “You’re good,” Kouyou sighed, sounding as if he was exasperated with Yuu already. “You know how much I like you, don’t you? You’re using it against me.”

“I’m not doing anything,” Yuu hummed, raising a hand to tuck some fallen hair strands back behind his left ear. Well, he wasn’t before, but like hell he wasn’t going to now. If Kouyou was already so dazzled by him with just a single smile, Yuu wanted to see what other effects he had on him.

“I’m just… really glad you picked me,” The raven-haired breathed, fluttering his eyes down then shyly gazing up to the blond as he spoke, trying to appear as demure as possible.

He saw an immediate falter in Kouyou’s expression, and heard a hitch in Kouyou’s breath, and Yuu resisted an outward laugh. He had Kouyou under the tips of his fingers already, and it was only their first date. 

Kouyou must really like him. Yuu found himself innocently smiling, blinking back up to the blond. 

“I’m, um, it’s my honor,” Kouyou rushed through his words, saying, and it earned him a laugh from Yuu. “You know, maybe I could take you to my office sometime. If things go well. I’d give you that privilege.” 

“Oh?” Yuu hummed once more. “You know… Going to visit your office may not be so bad an idea.” Yuu could think up of many ways they could spend their time there, already, and all of them involved Kouyou bending Yuu over a desk.

Kouyou’s dark eyes flickered quickly to him at his response, and Yuu guessed he was thinking the very same things, as well. Were mental images of him pushing Yuu over a desk currently running through his head? Calloused hands pulling back his hair, breathy kisses being trailed down the back of his neck… Would Kouyou pin the raven’s arms down, or hold them back? Or maybe he would like Yuu to wrap his arms around him, nails scratching down his back as he fucked hard into him. Maybe the blond liked using his belt; or was his arm strength purely enough to hold Yuu down already? Oh, wouldn’t Yuu like to know….

They remained like that, unspeaking, their eyes locked with each other in an intense gaze, wild thoughts washing over their minds; until Kouyou broke the silence himself.

“You’re very tricky,” Kouyou’s lips curved into an amused smile to the raven. “And you know exactly how to tease me, don’t you?”

Yuu feigned ignorance. He picked up his glass of water and took a casual sip. “Mmm, I wonder when our food is coming. I’m hungry.”

Kouyou smirked. “I wonder if your appetite is satiable.” 

“Are you calling me greedy?” Yuu asked.

“I never said greedy was bad,” Kouyou’s eyes never left Yuu’s ones.

It was at that point that their food came, and the raging sexual tension between them considerably lightened up a little.


Very soon the dinner came to an end, but Yuu was confident that he’d enticed the blond enough for him to want to ask him out again. Yuu even felt sorry that the hours had passed by so soon – during dinner, their conversations went back to what they were before, and Yuu liked how easy it was to carry a conversation with Kouyou. It was simple, relaxed, and casual, and Kouyou was constantly gentlemanly to him, always remembering to drop in a compliment or two to him; and when it came to their food Kouyou even made sure to save the best bits for Yuu to eat.

“Is it nine-thirty already?” Kouyou asked, looking mournfully to his watch on his left hand. He’d already called for the bill and paid promptly, and all that was left to do for the both of them was to take Yuu home. The disappointment on Kouyou’s face was obvious, and Yuu relished quietly in his heart in knowing that Kouyou had enjoyed their dinner as much as the raven had.

“It is quite late, isn’t it?” Yuu answered, mimicking the polite manner in which Kouyou spoke. Kouyou seemed to notice it, and as he looked over to Yuu with furrowed brows to acknowledge it, the raven-haired returned a playful smile to the blond. 

“I guess I have to take you home,” Kouyou said, laughing at Yuu a little. “You know, doing that doesn’t help your cause at all. You’re way too cute.”

“What cause?” Yuu asked, looking up to him doe-eyed.

Kouyou just smugly smiled to him. “Taking you home. I might take you somewhere else instead.”

Yuu felt his heart drum in anticipation. It was back again – Kouyou breaking out of his polite demeanor to say something suggestive to him. It felt almost as if underneath Kouyou’s well-behaved exterior, he had a darker side to him that would only be unleashed behind closed doors and in bed. Or, well, bent over desks. Yuu didn’t mind either. 

Either way, Yuu usually upheld his strict no-sex policy on first dates, but he definitely didn’t mind being taken to Kouyou’s home if Kouyou so wanted to do so. 

…Though, Yuu probably shouldn’t. He had to reserve something for Kouyou to look forward to on future dates, after all. 

“Was this what you meant when you told me you could be creepy, too?”

“Really? What I said was creepy?” Kouyou relaxed, chuckling. “You know, if you think that was creepy, I’m not sure you can handle me on future dates.” 

Yuu narrowed his eyes to him, suddenly feeling offended by his instigation. “You’re underestimating me.” 

“Am I?” Kouyou shrugged, folding his arms. He cocked his head to the side, eyes glinting as he looked to the raven, as if assessing him. “Hmm. Maybe I am.”

Yuu smiled wryly in return. “You think playing the mysterious card is cute. Predictable.”

“Oh?” Kouyou smiled gently to him. “I’m predictable, now?” 

“I’ve had too many men play too many kind of games with me,” Yuu cocked an eyebrow up to him. 

Kouyou seemed slightly perturbed by Yuu’s comment.

“Too many men?” Kouyou asked, concerned. 

Yuu then realized he’d forgotten about Kouyou’s little trait. He liked thinking he was the only man in Yuu’s life, didn’t he? Yuu would have to mark that down in his brain.

“Enough, anyway,” Yuu quickly tried to brush it off. Kouyou seemed reluctant to let it go that easily, but he realized he probably wasn’t in a place to question Yuu on their first date. 

“I guess we should get going, then,” Kouyou said, tight-lipped, and as he stood up to make a move, Yuu followed his back, trying to figure out what kind of person Kouyou exactly was.


They stopped at the gas station as Yuu requested, but just as Yuu unstrapped himself from the seatbelt, Kouyou quickly reached under his seat and brought out an envelope in hand. Yuu was surprised at the gesture, having not expected a payment since Kouyou hadn’t mentioned anything about it.

“There’s $600 in cash in it,” Kouyou proceeded to say, just as Yuu accepted it from his hands.

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” Yuu mumbled, but he was still glad for Kouyou’s offering anyway. 

“I know, but I felt bad taking your time. There will be more the next time I see you, I promise.” Kouyou assured, and Yuu’s heart skipped a beat at his words. There was going to be a next time. “You can discuss it with me over a message or phone call. Speaking of, we need to exchange numbers.”

Yuu smiled to himself. Kouyou had decided that he’d wanted to further their arrangement, and it thrilled Yuu to think that the handsome CEO wanted to see him again. They exchanged numbers in their phones, after which there was nothing left to do but to say goodbye.

“Thank you for tonight,” Kouyou smiled gratefully to the raven.

“Good night,” Yuu murmured in reply, then, very hesitantly, leaned over to plant a soft kiss against Kouyou’s cheek. Yuu didn’t usually give kisses on first dates, but Kouyou had left such a tasteful mark on him Yuu couldn’t resist.

The blond was momentarily stunned. 

“See you soon,” Yuu laughed, saying, then pushed the car door open, getting out.

Oh, Kouyou was definitely going to ask him out on a second date at this rate. He was going to make him.

Chapter Text

Yutaka was already home in their apartment, and as usual, had his head buried in books. This time, however, there didn’t seem to be the usual noisy flipping of pages or the loud scribbling of notes, which seemed strange to Yuu. As the raven tip-toed to the kitchen to check, his suspicions were confirmed when he saw Yutaka’s weary body slumped over the dining table, his head crashed in between pages of a medical book. He must be tired, Yuu thought. Consecutive late nights of studying must have finally taken a toll on him.

It was only then did Yuu realize that Yutaka had purposely left his phone on next to him, probably waiting for any of Yuu’s emergency texts to come in. Yuu felt his heart squeeze at the thought; Yutaka really was a good friend to him. Yuu debated between waking him up and getting him to bed or simply grabbing a blanket and laying it over him, but a quick groan from Yutaka’s lips helped Yuu come to a decision immediately. It didn’t look very comfortable sleeping in that position, and Yuu didn’t want Yutaka to suffer in the morning when he woke up.

“Yutaka, wake up,” Yuu called softly, nudging the shoulders of his roommate gently. Yutaka lightly stirred up, seemingly confused by what was going on.

“H-Huh?” Yutaka asked, yawning as he opened his eyes slowly, looking over Yuu’s face. It then registered unto him that Yuu was back from his date. “Oh, you’re back. What time is it?” 

“It’s only ten,” Yuu said, looking to his watch. Yutaka jolted up and quickly reached for his books, looking over the notes he’d made. “You must be tired. Don’t you have an exam tomorrow? Just get an early rest today.”

Yutaka shrugged his weariness off and sighed, shaking his head. “Nah, I still have things to go through. How was your date?”

Yuu frowned at his insistence, then walked into the kitchen. “I’m going to make some coffee for you, then. Well, my date went rather well, I guess. He happened to be this really hot CEO, and he was very sweet to me. We exchanged numbers, so maybe he’ll become a regular, too.”

Yutaka stiffened visibly at his words, evidently worried about how Yuu was going to cope with another daddy to the mix. “Don’t you already have three regulars? How are you going to juggle all four of them?”

“Well,” Yuu began fixing up coffee for Yutaka. “I really only see one every week, really. The other one I see twice a month, and the third has an irregular schedule due to his travelling job, so I only see him if he flies in town.” 

“It seems like it’ll take a toll on you, though.” Yutaka mumbled, his deft fingers flipping through pages of his textbook again. Yuu smiled at his words.

“Stop being so concerned for me, when you’re not even taking care of yourself!” Yuu laughed, just as he finished stirring the coffee he had in his hand. He made his way to the dining table, placed the cup down next to Yutaka’s books, and then slung his arms around the brunet as per his habit, snuggling his head up affectionately against the brunet’s neck. “Listen to me and go to sleep. You little nerd.”

Yutaka narrowed his eyes to him. “Said nerd also has two exams tomorrow morning, and would like to at least pass them, thanks.” 

Yuu pouted. “You’re lying. You just want to top your class again, don’t you? You little overachiever.” He pinched the tip of Yutaka’s nose playfully, earning him another groan from the brunet. 

“I don’t know how your sugar daddies stand you, you’re so childish,” Yutaka huffed, waving the raven away. Yuu giggled at his reaction and squeezed him in his grasp before pulling away, dancing off to his room. 

“I’m going to take a shower then head to bed. Don’t sleep too late, alright?” 

“Yes, mum,” Yutaka groaned again. Yuu just laughed back at him.


Kouyou: Had a splendid dinner tonight with you… Want to see you again soon.

Kouyou: Are you home yet?  

Kouyou: Let me know when you’re safely back at home. If not I’ll worry.

Yuu smiled widely as he stared at the messages Kouyou had just sent him. He’d just gotten out of the shower, and hadn’t thought to check his phone when he’d reached home. From the three messages he’d sent him, Kouyou looked pretty worried about him, and Yuu was pleased at that fact. Kouyou seemed to be someone he could rely on to take care of him, and it helped that Kouyou was so affluent and rich, too. It was to Yuu’s favor that Kouyou was already so enamored with the raven, and Yuu just hoped it would last – this fatal attraction Kouyou harbored for him.

Yuu: i’m home! sorry i didn’t reply you earlier, i was checking up on my roommate and took a shower. didn’t check my phone.

Yuu: thank you for worrying over me <3 :)  

Yuu scanned through his other text messages, realizing he had one from the attorney he would be meeting tomorrow. The attorney was a man in his early forties, recently divorced, and Yuu had been meeting him for about half a year now. He proved to be the most regular and stable, and he paid Yuu generously when it came to spending dates with him. They had reached the point where Yuu occasionally agreed to spending nights with him, and last month Yuu had managed to convince him to pay off half of his student loan. Yuu was confident he could get him to pay off the other half by the end of the year, so Yuu wasn’t complaining when the average-looking attorney was requesting for him to stay more nights and go to bed with him more often. 

Of course, sex was a normal occurrence in these sugar daddy type of relationships, and Yuu had no doubt Kouyou would be asking him for it soon enough. It was clear to Yuu that Kouyou was a wealthy, but lonely man, and judging by the lustful gazes Kouyou had been giving him all throughout tonight’s dinner, Yuu didn’t think Kouyou would last long in maintaining that polite and gentlemanly disposition of his before breaking and asking Yuu for more.

Well, whatever his sugar daddies wanted, Yuu would give, anyway. Yuu could give both companionship and sex, as long as they paid him fairly in return.

Yuu was typing a quick reply to the attorney, reconfirming their date for tomorrow, when Kouyou texted him another message.

Kouyou: Of course I’ll worry over you… You’re too precious, I’m afraid I might lose you.  

Kouyou: About the second date… We’ll make this a weekly thing, yeah? I want to see you at least once a week. Is that possible?  

It wasn’t impossible, Yuu thought. It wasn’t like classes took up a lot of his time anyway. On weeks where he would be seeing three sugar daddies at one go, it would be tough to squeeze in, yeah, but Yuu thought he could deal with it. There was nothing the raven-haired couldn’t handle.

Yuu: sure thing… :) four meets, $4k per month. that’s my terms.

Four thousand should mean nothing to Kouyou, after all. Yuu rated his fees per his customer’s income, and Kouyou clearly had too much money to spare. Yuu was tempted to ask for more, but decided four thousand was a fair deal. 

Kouyou: Make it $5k. You deserve more :) I’ll pay you $1250 every time I see you. To make it fair on both ends.

Oh, good god. Yuu was loving Kouyou already.

Yuu: mmm I like the sound of that <3 only in cash, like today, yeah? bank cheques are too suspicious, might get me checked at the bank :)

Kouyou: Yes, that’s okay.  

Kouyou: Well then, I’m glad we got that settled. I’ll tell you my available date for next week soon… Rest well, pretty. Enjoy your weekend.

Yuu: you too! i was very happy with today, i’ll see you soon <3

Yuu went to sleep feeling very satisfied that night.


The date with the attorney went well. They spent a whole day out together, and Yuu got taken shopping at a high-end mall where they stayed to have lunch and dinner. Yuu ended up having some nice clothes bought for him, as well as some expensive pen and notebooks the attorney had insisted on purchasing for him as well. It wasn’t like Yuu needed them – but he knew the older man liked spoiling him anyway.

It was strange that the attorney wasn’t requesting for Yuu to stay over tonight, but it wasn’t like Yuu was complaining. As they reached the attorney’s car in the mall’s parking lot, however, the older man had pushed Yuu against it and kissed Yuu for a good few minutes or so. The raven-haired then eagerly returned the kiss, hands wrapping delicately around the man’s neck.

Yuu ended up getting a nice $850 at the end of the night, when the attorney dropped him off at the gas station as per requested. With his hands full of shopping bags, Yuu walked home contentedly, humming as he thought over his ever-increasing allowance. With the past three dates, he’d already made $1850 so far. It was already enough to cover this month’s rent and groceries, and with the extra money he’d earn on the following dates, he’d add them to his savings and use a part of them to pay off his pending student loans. Things were looking bright for him so far.

When Yuu finally reached his apartment, he was surprised to see the house empty and void of Yutaka’s presence. Then again, the aspiring doctor had his own friends too. It was a nice Saturday night and Yutaka most likely didn't want to spend it studying as usual, considering he just had two exams in the morning.

Yuu settled the shopping bags down in his room and decided to wash up, before starting on an assignment that was due the end of the following week. He’d been spending too much time sugaring to properly do some research for the assignment, and it made Yuu feel slightly guilty that he was neglecting his work for… well, money.

Still, it wasn’t like Yuu was slacking off, or anything. Yuu was using the money he earned to pay off his student loans, too.

Yuu spent a few hours doing his assignment, then decided to catch a short break before continuing. A swift look to the clock showed that it was nearing 11, already, and Yuu decided to text Yutaka incase he needed any help getting home.

Yuu: where are yoooouuuu? it’s getting late. text me back!  

His own inbox showed that he had one or two texts from his other sugar daddies as usual, scheduling meet-ups with him, but there was nothing from Kouyou. Yuu didn’t know why he felt a stir of disappointment inside of him, but then reminded himself it didn’t mean well. Yuu never looked forward to texts from his sugar daddies. Just because Kouyou was particularly hot did not give him any leeway to hope anything from the blond. Kouyou was just in it for the companionship and sex, and that was it. 

And so was Yuu. He would leech off Kouyou’s wallet as long as the blond wanted him around, and it was going to be that way. Yuu had to remind himself to remember to stick to certain boundaries, which were the very basis of a sugar daddy and baby relationship.

Yuu couldn’t help but type a little text to Kouyou, though. A small lil’ text wouldn’t hurt, right? Kouyou had already said he wanted their relationship to continue, after all.

Yuu: hope you had a nice Saturday <3 :)

It was then that Yutaka replied his text from before. 

Yutaka: wenT outtoTHE barrsz. mmight haffe gotten a liiiiil dRunK ehe  

Oh, fuck. A drunk Yutaka never meant anything good. The last time Yutaka had gotten drunk, he ended up spewing gibberish medical nonsense as he puked all over the sink, and even got some of it onto Yuu’s shirt. There was no way Yuu was going through that hell again. 

Yuu: -__- get your ass back here now. or can you even walk? do you need me to come get you?

Yutaka: imMM fiiiiNe. gg home nooow……… mizz you :)))))))0ad0

Jesus Christ. Yutaka never handled liquor well, so why did he even bother drinking? Were his exams stressing him out too much?

Yuu: you’re so dead when you get home, punk!!! also, if you puke all over me I’m fucking moving out tomorrow morning. not joking… -__-

His phone rung with another message, and to Yuu’s surprise, it was Kouyou texting him this time. 

Kouyou: It was nice enough. I was in the office for the first half of the day, but I got to return home by evening and relax and have a nice time by myself. My day would have been better if you were by my side, though. But I’m not complaining. How was your day?

Yuu was unable to control the grin widening on his face. Of course Kouyou would be working on a Saturday. Trust him to flirt with Yuu even through a casual text message, too. 

Yuu: it was nice! i went out

Yuu stopped himself right there. What if Kouyou questioned who he went out with? Eek. Yuu had to make himself clear.

Yuu: it was nice! i went out and did some shopping by myself and got some nice clothes.  

The notification that showed Kouyou was typing popped up as soon as the raven’s message sent out.

Kouyou: That’s good to hear. Do you usually go out a lot by yourself?  

Yuu paused for a moment, holding his breath as he typed a response.

Yuu: well, not really. i just decided to pamper myself today, that’s all.

Kouyou: Oh… Just asking, because maybe I could take you out shopping next time, too. Just tell me where you want me to take you and I will. You don’t have to worry about the expenses.

Yuu: ah :) that sounds like a great idea! so now, other than your office, you could try taking me to a mall… ;p sounds fun.  

Kouyou: Haha, you’re still keen on the office idea. I see.  

Kouyou: It’s not that exciting, you know? My office is quite boring. 

Yuu: i wouldn’t know about that, you’re very exciting to me… :)  

Kouyou stopped typing for a second. Did Yuu surprise him with his forwardness again? The raven-haired laughed at the idea, only to be rudely interrupted by the incessant ringing of their doorbell. Yuu frowned – it was probably Yutaka, and swear to god, Yuu was so whooping his ass the next morning for going drinking again. 

Yuu placed his phone down and hurried to the door, pulling it open and coming into sight with a slumped body leaning against his gate. Yutaka looked like a drunken mess, with his body reeking of alcohol and his face burning red in a state of intoxication. He was only half-awake, and made groaning noises throughout, curling himself up to get into a more comfortable sleeping position against the gates. Yuu sighed and unlocked the gates, then hooked his hands underneath Yutaka’s arms and dragged him into the apartment. After making sure the doors were locked behind them, Yuu dragged Yutaka once more until he was safely onto the couch in the living room.

“Jesus christ,” Yuu muttered, holding his breath as he inhaled the stench of liquor emanating in the air. He ran to get a towel, soaked it with water, then rushed back to Yutaka’s side, quickly dabbing it all over his face and his neck to cool him down. He allowed his fingers to caress past Yutaka’s face for a moment, heaving a sigh at the sight.

It was rare that Yutaka got himself this drunk, seeing as how Yutaka was usually the more sensible one out of them two.

“You’re hopeless,” Yuu fretted, shaking his head.

A sudden grip on his hand then jolted him up. Yutaka’s fingers had reached up and encircled tightly around Yuu’s wrist without him noticing, as if determined not to pull away, mumbling incoherent things in his drunken state.

“I… will… save… for… don’t… them… you… leave…”

“Go to sleep,” Yuu said softly, easing the brunet to rest. Yutaka fell asleep seconds later, clearly too tired to function. Yuu got up to find a couple of blankets to lay over Yutaka, before shutting the lights off and tiptoeing back to his bedroom.

There was already a message from Kouyou on his phone. 

Kouyou: I think I know where I want to take you next… Can I steal you for the whole of Saturday next week, babydoll.  

Yuu giggled at his term of endearment. Two could play at this game, too. 

Yuu: i’ll only agree if you promise me you’ll make my time worthwhile, daddy… <3  

It sent him a sugar rush, to be calling Kouyou such a name after just one date. Kouyou replied swiftly, apparently having been eager for Yuu’s text. 

Kouyou: Oh, you didn’t reply for 45 minutes. I thought you disliked the nickname. You frightened me a little, pretty… I’ll definitely make your time worthwhile.

Yuu: sorry, roommate came home drunk and i had to help him out a little. i hate it when he gets drunk ><  

Kouyou: Why? Does he touch you?

Yuu: no! he would never. we’re best friends. he’s a cute nerd, but, you know. i like my men… exciting ;p  

Kouyou: Hmmm I wonder what excites my babydoll…

Yuu: you have a week to think about it… <3 :)  

Kouyou: The stress of it all. And I thought being a CEO was tough enough.  

Hmm? Was Yuu teasing him way too much? Yuu didn’t want Kouyou to feel any tension around him; his job was to relax him, after all. 

Yuu: come Sat I’ll definitely do my part to relax you, daddy!  

Kouyou: call me that in real life and you won’t like what’s coming

Yuu giggled at his message. Oh, Yuu was enjoying this way too much.

Yuu: how are you so sure i won’t like it, daddy?  

Kouyou: Enough. I don’t need to get into a cold shower this late at night.

Yuu grew smug at the thought of turning Kouyou on just by sending him dirty texts. He could definitely manipulate Kouyou at this rate, alright.

Kouyou: Go to sleep, babe, I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning?  

Kouyou: If you want.

Yuu: night <3 text me tomorrow, I’ll be waiting :)

Yuu groaned when he turned away from his phone and remembered he still hadn’t finished the last bits of his assignment up. He was definitely not sleeping early tonight. 

“I still can’t believe you got drunk,” Yuu chided Yutaka over breakfast the next morning, while pouring a glass of water for the brunet. Yutaka had woken up with a pounding headache, and Yuu knew they were both going to spend Sunday trying to nurse Yutaka back to health. The brunet was unnecessarily sulky and moody this morning, however, and Yuu was determined to know why.

“I thought you already knew you couldn’t handle your liquor well,” Yuu continued, frowning as he placed the glass of water along with some migraine-relief pills onto the table for Yutaka. The brunet fidgeted in his seat and refused to look up to the raven, which irked Yuu more than it should.

“I don’t need advice from you,” Yutaka simply said in a disgruntled tone. The following silence resounded loudly in Yuu’s ears. 

“What did you say?” Yuu asked in disbelief, a shocked expression on his face.

Yutaka finally snapped his eyes to him – and Yuu saw they were unusually resentful, so unlike the usual kindness and tenderness in his eyes. The raven tried to suppress his hurt, appearing as if Yutaka’s words didn’t matter to him, but Yuu had felt the infliction to his heart, and he was quickly wondering why Yutaka was so annoyed at him.

“I don’t think you want me to repeat what I just said,” Yutaka sneered at him.

Yuu’s gaze faltered to him, upset.

“I was just asking out of concern as a friend, but I guess you don’t really need it.” The raven turned to the stove, preparing to make breakfast for the both of them. The air was tense and cold between them. “Fine, then. I’ll be cooking eggs and hotdogs for us today.”

Yutaka rushed to stop him, growling. “I’m not hungry.”

Yuu sucked in a breath, his voice in a placating tone. “You’re going to have to get over your migraine. Maybe some food will do you good.”

“Look, I don’t fucking care, okay? I’m not in the mood to deal with this.” Yutaka countered, grabbing his pills on the table and swallowing them quickly before gulping down his glass of water. Then he stood up and turned his back to the raven, readying himself to leave. 

It was then that Yuu ran to him and grabbed hold of his arm hastily, deciding he’d had enough of Yutaka’s childish tantrum. Yutaka was always the more responsible; the more levelheaded one out of the two, and to see him so intense, so temperamental, severely worried the raven.

“You’ll tell me what’s wrong and you’ll tell it to me now!” Yuu yelled. 

Yutaka jerked from Yuu’s grasp with a loud hiss and harshly pushed the raven away. The raven’s heart wrenched tightly as he fell roughly back against the fridge behind him. 

“You’re being a nuisance! Can’t you just leave me alone for once? Why am I constantly getting nagged at you for every goddamn thing?! You’re not my mother, you know!” Yutaka snapped. 

Yuu’s heart further twisted as he spoke, his voice octave going higher with every word. “You’re my best friend and I care for you! I don’t understand why you’re being like this! As far as I know, your mother wasn’t the one who helped you to bed last night! Guess who fucking did? ME!”

Yutaka scowled at him in return, and Yuu wondered what he’d exactly done to deserve this kind of treatment.

“Do you want a fucking award for that? Do you need me to give you a gold star, or something? Oh, like you’d need anything from me. You have all the things you need in the world thanks to all the men you’ve been fucking with out there, haven’t you? Just go run to your sugar daddies, Yuu, they’ll save you from anything.” 

The raven gasped at Yutaka’s remark, knowing the brunet never crossed the line when it came to discussing his job as a sugar baby. It was never something Yuu was actively proud of, and Yutaka knew it. Yuu was sensitive to that aspect of his life, and he never wanted it to come in between them. 

And now he was using it against the raven. 

“And I thought I could trust you,” Yuu’s voice lowered, his gaze falling to the ground at the brunet’s words, his throat quickly growing dry. “You won’t even tell me what’s wrong and you want to turn against me. I guess I see how things are.” 

Yutaka took a couple of steps back, furiously curling his hands into fists as he hurried to the door. Yuu watched him as he left, holding back hot tears.

“Don’t expect a fucking apology from me,” the brunet barked.

Once Yutaka left the apartment with a loud slam to the door, Yuu’s body slipped down against the fridge, seating himself dejectedly against the floor. He sat there with a heavy heart, contemplative in his thoughts, trying to pinpoint the exact reason Yutaka was so mad at him. Yutaka had never been like this before. Something went wrong, but Yuu just didn’t know what. Yuu didn’t understand what was going on. Yuu just wanted to take care of the brunet…

His phone vibrated with a new message, and the raven pulled it out from his pocket to check. Perhaps Yutaka would explain it to him… Perhaps… 

Kouyou: Good morning! Hope you’re awake. If you’re not awake yet, just go back to sleep and ignore this message. You deserve to sleep in on a Sunday morning! Have a good day xx

Yuu wasn’t usually so weak, but reading Kouyou’s words just made him want to cry. He typed a reply back immediately with a heavy heart. 

Yuu: Something bad happened. I don’t feel too good. I don’t know what’s going on

He knew his boundaries, and he knew that he wasn’t supposed to be revealing to a sugar daddy that he was blatantly upset, but Yuu couldn’t think of anyone else to talk to. Takanori? But Yuu rarely emotionally confided in him, and he wasn’t sure he was so comfortable revealing his personal life to a schoolmate. Then again, Yuu wasn’t ever comfortable revealing his emotions to anyone else, either. He had grown so used to telling Yutaka everything that now that the brunet was gone, Yuu was at a loss of what to do. 

Kouyou: What’s wrong? Talk to me. Call me

Yuu paused at his message, feeling uncertain if he should call Kouyou just yet. They hadn’t even been on a second date, but it’d already felt like he’d been talking to Kouyou for such a long time, and the raven was finding it too easy to open himself up to him – even though Yuu knew it wasn’t a good idea to do so, considering it was unwise to get too emotionally attached to the blond.

Kouyou: Babe, if you’re not calling me, I’m calling you. Talk to me  

Yuu just – he wasn’t so sure about a phone call now. If he started talking, his emotions would pour out and – Yuu would be so emotionally vulnerable, so emotionally open, that he was afraid it would scare Kouyou away.

Yuu didn’t want to scare him away.

Kouyou: Fine. I’m calling.

True to his word, the blond started calling him. Yuu stared at his phone for a good four rings before he hesitantly picked it up, holding the phone close to his ear. 

“H-Hello…?” Yuu asked, unsure. 

“Aoi?” Kouyou sounded just like Yuu remembered him, in that deep raspy voice of his. Hearing him brought him so much comfort, already, and Yuu muffled a relieved sob to himself. “Are you crying? Oh no, oh no, babe, tell me what’s wrong. I don’t want to hear you so upset.” 

“It’s nothing,” Yuu’s voice quavered, clutching the phone tighter to himself. “I had a fight with my roommate, that’s all. He got really mad at me.”

Kouyou grunted irately at the other end. “Where is he now? Why would anyone get mad at you?”

Yuu smiled weakly to the phone. “You know, it’s funny that you ask, because… I don’t even know why he’s mad at me. But he started saying things that he knew would hurt me. He said I just needed to run to my sugar daddy, and everything would be alright, and…” Yuu looked shamefully away. “I guess he’s right. I am nothing, after all. I’m useless.” 

Kouyou’s voice grew aggravated over the line. “No! That’s not true! We may only have started talking, but I can tell from just one date that you’re intelligent, funny, drop-dead gorgeous, and sexy as fuck. You’re everything. I want to see you again for a reason. I’ve never met someone who has dazzled me so bad before. You’ve rendered me completely hopeless when it comes to you.” 

Kouyou comforted him and made him feel better instantly with his words, and Yuu felt his heart leap somersaults in his chest. And he knew they were all lies, but… “You’re only saying that because…”

“Because what?” Kouyou asked impatiently. 

Yuu bit his lip. “You want to have sex with me.” 

What? No, Aoi, you’ve got it all wrong–” 

“No, Kouyou, it’s okay, I understand. It’s what our relationship is meant for, and I know how these things work. You don’t have to… You don’t have to say these things for my sake.” Yuu glanced to the floor as he spoke.

Kouyou went silent on his end.

“I’m coming over.” 

“You–” Yuu’s eyes widened when he realized what the blond just suggested. “What?” 

“Or taking you out. Whatever works. Don’t say no to me. If you’re not going to listen to me over the phone, then I’ll make you listen to me in real life. I want to see you again, anyway. And I don’t have anything urgent to finish by today.”

Yuu smiled unconsciously at his words. “But… but I’d be taking your time.”

“And I’d be taking your time, too, you know.” Kouyou pointed out. “I’ll pay you too, of course. Just let me take you out so you don’t have to spend today crying in your apartment over some asshole who couldn’t even say sorry to you.” 

Yuu wiped at his red-washed eyes, still smiling uncontrollably to himself. “Okay, then, but only because you insisted. I’ll meet you at the gas station in half an hour?”

“Okay, love.” Kouyou sounded more relaxed now that Yuu had agreed to meeting him. “Can’t wait to see you. I’ll be using the black Lamborghini as usual.” 

Yuu got up on his feet quickly after the phone call ended, dashing to his room to get changed and made up. He dressed in a black printed tee and tight jeans as usual, adorned his favorite necklace, and applied slick eyeliner around his eyes. They covered up the puffiness, though Yuu was pretty sure it was still evident he had been teary, even if only for a bit. It was better than nothing, though.

He fluffed his hair then grabbed for his phone, not even bothering with a wallet since he was sure Kouyou wouldn’t let him pay for anything, anyway.

The thought of seeing Kouyou again made his day all better already.

Chapter Text

Kouyou was early when it came to picking him up as usual, however there was a little surprise for the raven this time round. Just as Yuu was getting into the black Lamborghini, he got quickly ambushed by the blond with a huge bouquet of red roses. Yuu didn’t know how Kouyou had found time in between to rush to a flower shop to get him flowers, but as he looked to Kouyou with a questioning look, the blond just returned to him a sly smile that made Yuu’s heart pound madly in his chest. Yuu accepted the bouquet tightly into his hands, blushing at the gesture. The smell of freshly scented roses soon filled up the car and Yuu couldn’t stop his heart fluttering at the sight of Kouyou’s thoughtful gift.

“Do you like them?” Kouyou murmured, gently gazing over to the raven.

Yuu’s face lit up like a five-year-old kid unwrapping his presents. “Yes! I love them. You’re so thoughtful. Thank you.”

The blond smiled widely at Yuu’s reaction. “I’m glad you didn’t turn up with tears on your cheeks,” he whispered, a hand reaching over to gently brush against Yuu’s right cheek. Yuu’s face reddened at the contact. “I’m going to make sure that smile stays on your face the whole day. No frowning.”

“But I’m really happy, already,” Yuu replied, softly, looking to his lap.

Kouyou tensed at his voice, startling the raven a little, but before Yuu had the chance to ask what was wrong, the blond spoke up.

“I want to kiss you,” Kouyou confessed, yearning eyes trailing over Yuu’s lips. “Can I kiss you?”

It wasn’t like he had to ask; Yuu wouldn’t have objected, either way, since Kouyou was already paying him for his time.

The raven just gave Kouyou a shy nod, and it was enough response for the blond, who leaned in promptly and tilted his head to the side, pressing his lips softly against Yuu’s.

Yuu fluttered his eyes close slowly and felt Kouyou kiss him gently on his lips, over and over again, caressing his lips tenderly with his own. Though there wasn’t any tongue involved, the kiss was gentle and unrushed and sweet, as if Kouyou’s sole purpose was to comfort the raven and reassure him everything would be okay. Yuu felt loved and protected under his gaze and touches, and Yuu only fluttered his eyes back open when Kouyou drew apart reluctantly, his dark, inscrutable eyes smiling to the raven.

“You’re so soft,” Kouyou remarked, bringing a finger to his lips. Yuu looked away abashedly, holding the flowers close to him.

“You’re not supposed to say things like that,” Yuu bemoaned, embarrassed.

Kouyou laughed. “Well, making you smile and blush is quickly becoming my forté.”

Yuu shot him a look. “You’re horrible.”

“Mmm,” Kouyou hummed happily. “But you’re not crying anymore, and that’s all that matters to me.”

Yuu found himself breathing in Kouyou’s familiar cologne as he drove on, taking solace in how safe and protected he felt around the blond.


Yuu didn’t know what he was expecting when Kouyou said he’d take him out, but it definitely wasn’t this. As the blond drove them into the bustling part of the city and notable high-rise buildings came into the sight, Yuu stilled in his seat, eyes widening as they neared the renowned five-star hotel he knew cost at least a thousand to stay per night.

Why was Kouyou bringing him to a hotel, even though it was only swiftly approaching afternoon, and there was no way Yuu would be able to stay the night with Kouyou today, considering he had early classes tomorrow? Besides, Kouyou hadn’t mentioned anything about Yuu staying over! What exactly was the blond planning?

“W-Why are we going to a hotel?” Yuu voiced out with a stutter, hesitance clear in his voice.

Kouyou simply smiled to him, realizing Yuu’s concern. “We’re not paying for a room here, don't worry. They just happen to have the best masseurs here, and I thought it’d be nice to get us both a massage.” Yuu only calmed down after Kouyou’s explanation, heaving a sigh of relief.

The blond frowned immediately at his reaction.

“You sound way too happy that you’re not getting a room with me.”

“It’s not that!” Yuu rushed to answer. “It’s just… I thought we were taking things slow, that’s all,” the raven bit his lip, looking away. Kouyou seemed determined not to rush things with him so far, doing nothing on the first date and only kissing him gently on the lips on the second. Kouyou struck him as the type to make sex worth the wait, although Yuu had no idea why Kouyou wasn’t springing sex on him already. If Yuu was being paid for his time, Kouyou might as well take advantage of it. The blond didn’t seem like the type to do so, though.

“We are,” Kouyou agreed, without any further word, and drove up to the front of the hotel. The valet standing by the side then walked over to pull the car doors open, and he seemed to recognize Kouyou’s face (or car), for he greeted a resounding welcome back and enjoy your stay to the blond as he got out. After dropping his car keys into the valet’s open palm, Kouyou then strode over to Yuu’s side, leading him into the hotel.

Yuu hadn’t really been able to take a good look at Kouyou in the car, since the large bouquet of flowers managed to block most of Kouyou’s figure from him, but now that they were standing side-by-side, he realized Kouyou had ditched the work clothes for a casual plunging V-neck white shirt paired with dark jeans. The shirt showed off his toned chest really well, and Kouyou had worn a long silver necklace to accompany it, which was something Yuu thought looked really hot on him.

Kouyou spoke to the receptionist over the counter and she seemed to recognize him immediately as well, so Yuu knew Kouyou must be a regular guest here. Was he only here for the masseurs or did he stay here often as well? Yuu made a mental note to ask him later. After conversing with the receptionist and making sure the masseurs were free to attend to him and his guest today (Yuu had a slight suspicion that even if they weren’t, they would make time for someone of Kouyou’s status anyway), Kouyou led Yuu to the lift lobby to wait for a lift to bring them up.

“They all know you pretty well,” Yuu commented, taking in his surroundings. The hotel was decorated in red and gold linen, easily resembling royalty, and the floor was carpeted throughout. He had been in this hotel once or twice before, but only for grand occasions such as weddings; Kouyou probably came here on a weekly basis. Sometimes it was so easy to forget their differences – that Kouyou was a big-shot CEO and Yuu was just his little make-believe boyfriend. Yuu suddenly felt intimidated, an emotion he’d never felt before even around his other sugar daddies.

“Well, we frequently hold meetings with VIPs who have flown in here specially to meet us. Or if I just had a long week and I don’t feel like going home, I just book a room for the weekend and entertain myself with the recreational activities here. Their facilities are top-notch.” Kouyou answered, as a matter-of-factly. Yuu shook his head, smiling, wondering if Kouyou even realized normal class citizens like Yuu didn’t have that sort of routine, or privilege to afford even one night here.

“Maybe I can take you here more often if I’m spending my weekends with you, now,” Kouyou continued, smiling hopefully to the raven. Yuu laughed, nodding his head.

“That would be nice. More than nice, actually. I’d love to spend my weekends casually in five-star hotels.”

Yuu’s words brought ideas to the blond’s head, and Kouyou’s lips curved into a smirk automatically after. “Plus, didn’t you say you like exciting things? There’s plenty to do here. Plenty for us to do, too.”

Yuu raised an eyebrow to him, questioning. So Kouyou was being daring, now. He seemed to be getting more and more comfortable with the raven, dropping his polite front.

“Says the man who doesn’t kiss me for more than two minutes.”

The blond broke into chuckles. “Oh, you’re complaining, already? I thought you’d like that whole romantic shtick.”

Yuu frowned at his answer, the blond’s words punching him faintly in the gut. Romantic shtick? Had Kouyou been pretending and putting on a façade for him all these time after all? Then again, it wasn’t like Yuu had been completely honest about his personality, either. It wasn’t as if Yuu was all smiles and laughter always – his cheery front was only put on to make his sugar daddies happy. So, he couldn’t really fault Kouyou if his niceness was just a fake front, could he? Or was Yuu over-thinking matters again?

It was then that the lift came, and they hurried into it. Kouyou dug into his pocket for his wallet, then took a card from it to scan it against the detector in the lift, before pressing the level they were supposed to ascend to.

“So,” Yuu continued their conversation from where they left off, uncomfortable with the blond’s answer from before. “It’s not all just an act, is it?”

Kouyou turned to him, surprised by the question. He hadn’t expected Yuu to linger on his answer, but then it occurred to him that Yuu might have taken it the wrong way, and was thus affected by it. Heaving a low sigh, he gazed back into Yuu’s eyes apologetically, with a kind of seriousness that Yuu hadn’t expected.

“I know I’m paying you for your time, but that doesn’t mean I only want to use you for sex, Aoi.” Kouyou started, his lips in a frown. “I’m paying you to talk to me, to share your thoughts with me, to go on dates with me and make me feel… well, happy. And so far, I’ve enjoyed all my time spent with you, Aoi. You… You,”

Kouyou hesitated, as if unsure if he should reveal his whole-hearted emotions to the raven.

“You overwhelm me with feelings I can’t explain, and I just want you to be happy. So, when I kiss you, I’m kissing you the way I want to. And if I want to do this – ”

Then, without warning, the blond pushed Yuu back against the wall, causing the raven to stagger back helplessly. Kouyou’s hands roughly restrained Yuu’s arms up above his head in a snap, pinning him down with the heavy weight of his body in a second. Yuu froze in a state of shock, eyes opened wide; and he could feel Kouyou’s breath against his face, with how close their faces were touching now; and there was something so foreign about the way the blond was gazing to him now, tainted with lust and desire and a certain kind of danger that almost frightened Yuu.

“If I want to do this to you,” Kouyou asserted, his breath hot and heavy against the raven. “I can. And I’ll do it anytime I want, because I know I have this power over you.”

“But you don’t,” Yuu babbled, stupefied.

“Because I want to take it slow.” Kouyou coaxed, his voice gentler now. He pulled slowly away from Yuu and lay a hand against Yuu’s hair, stroking past it softly, his face settling into a small smile. “I want to kiss you and savor you and pamper you and give you what you deserve and then–” Kouyou cleared his throat, hinting at darker ventures.

“Make it worth it. Maybe because I’m the kind of man who likes to fatten up his prey.”

Yuu relaxed slightly, now that things were finally coming to light. “I’m assuming you don’t mean that literally,” Yuu said softly.

At the end of the day, this was what they had signed up for, after all. A sugar daddy and baby relationship. With no strings attached. That was all to it. Kouyou was the hunter, and Yuu was his willing prey. Perhaps Yuu had been mistaken there was something more to Kouyou’s kindness after all; when really it was just the blond’s personality to be naturally accommodating and considerate to whoever was with him.

“So, you’re more cunning than you seem.” Yuu murmured, continuing, lips moving up into a wry smile. “Though, I should have expected that from the start. Men like you are all the same.”

Kouyou’s eyes flashed to him in amusement. “Men like me? Am I being generalized now?”

The lift doors opened then, and they stepped out, heading quickly into the direction of the spa.

Yuu tilted his head to the side, slightly relieved now, his eyes glinting daringly to him. “Well, then I guess you’ll just have to prove me wrong. That you’re not like the others. That you’re something… unique.”

Kouyou stifled back a laugh. “And to think you were just crying awhile ago. It’s easy for you to snap back into your playful vixen mode, isn’t it?”

Yuu giggled, putting on his flirty act. “I’m like this if you spoil me too much.”

Kouyou smiled. “That’s enough for me, anyway. I brought you out today to spoil you. If you weren’t happy, I’d blame it on myself.”

Yuu briefly wondered at that moment what could possibly have triggered Kouyou’s ex-lover to leave such a man like him, when the ex-lover could have had it all – Kouyou’s looks, body, wealth, status – and most importantly, genuine love from the blond’s heart.

Yuu shook it off, putting on the biggest smile on his face he could afford. It didn’t matter, anyway. It wouldn’t ever matter. Kouyou had brought him out to be pampered today, and Yuu was going to soak it all up.


The massage went by extremely well. Yuu and Kouyou were required to get undressed and don only a white towel around their waist, and it afforded the raven a short (but worthwhile) glimpse of Kouyou’s bare chest. Yuu felt his cheeks grow hot at the sight, gazing to Kouyou’s chiseled chest whenever the blond wasn’t paying attention; his muscles looking as if they had been perfectly sculptured by the Gods themselves. Yuu would have reached out a hand to cop a feel had the masseurs not usher them quickly to the massage table, taking away any sort of opportunity Yuu would have to get up close with Kouyou’s body.

Yuu briefly wondered how it would feel like to have feel Kouyou’s muscular body grind against him, strong arms holding his hips as he fucked ruthlessly into him…

OK, Yuu was so not getting an erection now. Not while getting a massage half-naked, nope.

The masseurs turned out to be as good as Kouyou said, and Yuu hadn’t realized he had needed a good-quality massage so much until he felt those skilled hands knead at his shoulders, relaxing all the tensed muscles he had. Massages were a luxury that only some people could afford, and Yuu had neither the time nor money to spend on it before. The raven ended up relaxing during the massage so much that he fell asleep on the massage table without realizing it; and when the 90 minute massage was over, Kouyou had asked the masseurs to leave them alone, saying he’d let Yuu sleep for awhile before waking him up.

“Hello, Kouyou speaking. …Oh, it’s you. …Yes, I believe we agreed on settling on the former last Thursday. Did any problems crop up? …Mm-hmm. You can take that to my PA, I’ll get her to fax me first thing tomorrow morning,” were the first words Yuu woke up to, whilst he droned in and out of his consciousness in a sleepy state.

His heavy eyelids eventually staggered open to a hazy vision of Kouyou pacing back and forth in front of him, holding his cellphone close to his ear. Was he talking to a business associate? Perhaps the CEO of a company? Yuu yawned tiredly as his vision cleared, focusing on the now-dressed Kouyou speaking in a low, quiet voice over the phone. His forehead was creased and his lips were in a deep-set frown. Yuu found the sight unusual; the blond was usually smiling, laughing or giving that god-awful smirk to him. He’d never seen Kouyou look so… well, dead.

“No, revisions aren’t unacceptable now. If there’s a problem with the warehouse, you’ll have to settle with them yourself,” Kouyou continued, snapping this time. Yuu momentarily shivered at the sharp tone... Kouyou could be extremely demanding if he wanted to be. “…Well, no. We’ll go ahead with what was discussed. You will follow my instructions, yes?”

Yuu didn’t know if now was the time to get up and reveal he was awake, but since Kouyou had his back turned to him and was so seemingly engrossed in his conversation, the raven didn’t think the blond would notice. Yuu quietly propped himself up on the massage table and quickly grabbed his clothes lying by the side to change out into them.

He’d only managed to get his jeans on when Kouyou turned to him and noticed he was up.

“Yes, that will be all to it. Goodbye.” Kouyou finished quickly upon seeing Yuu, not even bothering to wait for a reply as he ended the phone call. The aggravated look on his face went away in an instant once his eyes fell on Yuu, and a gentle smile quickly replaced his frown.

“You’re up,” Kouyou greeted, seating himself down on the massage table next to Yuu. Yuu tossed his shirt over himself and tugged it down, then looked over apologetically to the blond.

“Sorry I fell asleep,” Yuu mumbled, embarrassed. Kouyou just shook his head and slithered an arm around his waist, holding him closer to the blond. Yuu shifted in his grasp, getting the hint, and subsequently leaned in closer to Kouyou. “How long was I out for?”

“Well, not counting the massage, only a half-hour or so.” Kouyou answered, raising a hand to fleetingly brush against Yuu’s cheek. “Though, you looked so cute fast asleep, I had to resist leaning over to kiss you.”

Yuu laughed, looking to him with a playful grin. “So, you’re the type to take advantage of people when they’re asleep?”

Kouyou’s eyes held a hint of spark. “Not usually. But I think when it comes to you, I’d like to take advantage of everything.” They were seated so closely to each other that Yuu could feel Kouyou’s hot breath on his skin, and he noticed Kouyou’s breathing was getting heavier as he spoke.

“Maybe you should,” Yuu teased cutely, leaning his head up a little, mischievous eyes taunting Kouyou’s ones.  “Take advantage of me more, I mean.”

The blond’s obscure eyes dimmed, looking predatory all of a sudden. “Don’t say things like that,” he whispered, his tone serious. He gazed to Yuu’s lips, lustful eyes never pulling away from the sight.

Yuu’s heart drummed loudly in his chest. “Make me.”

Kouyou didn’t need to be told twice.

He dipped his head down to Yuu’s lips in the next moment, capturing them in a soft kiss. Only this time he was biting at Yuu’s lower lip; his next kiss growing more aggressive, easing Yuu’s lips open with a yank of his teeth. The raven could tell what he wanted and wasn’t hesitant to part his lips, allowing Kouyou’s tongue to easily glide in.

They kissed for a while, with Kouyou’s arms tightening around Yuu’s waist, and Yuu’s hands travelling up Kouyou’s chest, tugging lightly at his low V-neck shirt. He savored Kouyou’s taste on his tongue as the blond dominated him easily in their kiss, crumbling the raven into weak whimpers underneath him. As Yuu let slip a soft, contented moan from the back of his throat, he heard Kouyou growl quietly in return, and in the next second he was pushing Yuu eagerly down against the massage table, kissing him hungrily as he crawled atop of him.

It was getting hotter and hotter by the minute, and Yuu hazily looked up to Kouyou with half-lidded eyes, wondering if Kouyou would take things a step further and fuck him right then and there. It wasn’t like it was the worst place to have sex in – they already had bottles of oil ready in a corner, and there were towels ready to clean them up. Plus, for the first time in his sugar dating game, Yuu was feeling extremely aroused by the man before him, liking the amount of control Kouyou was exerting over him. Kouyou couldn’t look hotter, with his rough lips pulling him into harsh kisses, never leaving Yuu’s lips unattended.

Yuu grinded up into Kouyou’s hips, pressing right up against his crotch like the slutty tease that he was. Kouyou made low sounds of approval, kissing him harder and eliciting louder moans from the raven; with his hands trailing down Yuu’s body, slipping behind impatiently to grope at Yuu’s ass.

Just as Yuu thought Kouyou was going to start peeling at his clothes, the blond’s phone rang.


Kouyou pulled away from Yuu with the most ferocious glare on his face, cursing loudly in displeasure. He pulled his phone out from his pocket, answering the phone with much disdain. “Fuck that fucking useless PA of mine.”

Yuu couldn’t help but laugh softly to himself at the sight. He’d never seen the CEO look so angry before, and he wondered if Kouyou was always like this when it came to work matters. God, Yuu shouldn’t be thinking this, but Kouyou sounded and looked so goddamn hot when he was angry. It was such a drastic charge from the nice, gentle persona Kouyou had shown him so far, and Yuu liked the thoughtfulness, but coupled with his dangerous, hostile work personality, Kouyou was the perfect man.

“Hello, Kouyou speaking,” The blond said in between gritted teeth, clutching the phone with an unbelievably pissed off look on his face.

“OK, if this is regarding the shit we’ve already discussed, just file it and I’ll take a look at it Monday morning. Yes. Yes. I already told you. No – wait – fuck. Are you serious? I don’t have time–”

Kouyou looked over concernedly to Yuu as he listened attentively to what was being spoken on the phone. The raven felt his stomach twist at Kouyou’s expression – he could guess what the blond was going to say, already.

“Fine. I’ll be over in an hour or so. Keep my office open. Yes. See you. Goodbye.”

Yuu tried to hide the disappointment on his face, having wanted to spend the rest of the day with Kouyou. “Are you going already?”

Kouyou’s face was grim. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I have important matters to attend to. My assistant’s calling for me to return to the office. And I had wanted to take you out for lunch and dinner, too.”

Yuu feigned a smile, shaking his head frantically. “It’s okay! If you need to get to your office as soon as possible, I can take a bus home myself.” Kouyou’s face darkened at his suggestion. “Or not.” Jesus. Kouyou could get pretty scary at times.

“I’ll take you to the gas station,” Kouyou said, the annoyance on his face only going away when he saw Yuu meekly nodding to him. He let out a long sigh. “No – it’s not that – I just… I’m just annoyed, I thought I could have the whole day to spend time with you. I promised to cheer you up, and a good massage was barely it. You’ll forgive me, right?” And then the blond was seating himself down next to Yuu once more, eyes regretfully gazing into Yuu’s.

Yuu just smiled cheerfully to him and nodded. Kouyou returned a small smile back to him, and as he leaned his lips over and kissed the tip of Yuu’s hair gently, the raven basked happily in the kiss.

“You can take me out again another day,” Yuu cooed, snuggling into Kouyou’s touch. “Plus, the massage was good! It was superb. I feel all better already. Especially with you.”

Kouyou grinned at his words. “That’s a relief. I would feel horrible otherwise.”

Yuu laughed. “It’s not like you made me mad, or anything. I’m already so happy you decided to hear me out when I was upset and wanted to make me feel better about it. It really is so much better than staying at home and crying to myself.”

Kouyou emitted low chuckles, shaking his head to Yuu. “You’re too beautiful to cry. If anything happens with your roommate afterwards, you have to tell me, okay? If he’s being mean to you again, I won’t hesitate to teach him a lesson.”

Yuu giggled at the thought. There was no way Yutaka was winning a fight against Kouyou’s built body. Yuu mentally noted that he couldn’t overdo his ranting about Yutaka to Kouyou too much… He didn’t fancy having his roommate beat up by his hot as hell sugar daddy.

…As much as an asshole Yutaka had been to him earlier today.

“We’ll see each other this Saturday, right?” Yuu asked, smiling widely up to Kouyou.

Kouyou cocked his head to the side, a smile on his lips. “Yeah. Actually, I’ll try to clear out my weekend for you. Do you… Do you want to stay over?”

There must have been confusion and hesitance in Yuu’s eyes because the blond was rushing to reassure him in the next moment.

“I’ll pay you more, of course. For your time. I know it’s precious. I just – I just really want to see you more often. And I know we agreed on the once a week thing, but somehow seeing you two days so far doesn’t even feel enough for me. I think I might be going about this the wrong way,” Kouyou admitted sheepishly. Yuu smiled fondly at Kouyou’s expression – he looked unnecessarily nervous, and Yuu wondered why the blond was anxious that Yuu would refuse him.

Yuu placed his hand comfortingly on Kouyou’s lap and nodded eagerly to the blond.

“It’s fine, Kouyou, I’d love to stay over.” Yuu knew that also meant Kouyou was most likely going to fuck him then. Today’s kissing had left the both of them wanting, and it tore Yuu apart to think of the next five days without coming into physical contact with the blond. “Let’s go, alright? I don’t want to keep you from your work anymore.”

Kouyou looked relieved at Yuu’s answer.

“Okay,” the blond said, smiling warmly to the raven.


Kouyou dropped him off at the gas station as usual, but the envelope of cash that he passed to Yuu was thicker this time.

“Here’s $1500,” Kouyou informed, saying it so casually Yuu wondered if it meant anything to him at all.

“I thought we agreed on $1250,” Yuu mumbled, but he beamed at the sight of more cash anyway. It wasn’t even the second week of the month and he was getting enough cash to tide him over for two months, already.

“Go buy something nice for yourself on my account,” Kouyou smiled, and Yuu went giddy at his words. Kouyou was treating him so well, and they had only known each other for a week. Yuu couldn’t wait to see how much better this treatment would get when their relationship developed. Usually sugar daddies increased their allowance for him once they got to having sex, but Kouyou was already paying him so much, and Yuu wasn’t sure if Kouyou would be willing to further increase that amount – not that Yuu would mind. Kouyou was paying him enough, already.

“You’re the best, daddy!” Yuu exclaimed, throwing his arms around the blond happily. Kouyou was surprised by the raven’s use of that term, but it wasn’t like he didn’t welcome it. Yuu had never called him that before face-to-face, and Kouyou found himself liking being called daddy more than he should.

“Stop being so cute,” Kouyou chuckled, moving a hand to pet affectionately against Yuu’s hair. The raven nuzzled contentedly into Kouyou’s neck, only pulling away to lean up to plant a quick kiss against Kouyou’s lips. Kouyou gazed to the raven with a longing look as Yuu moved away to push at the car door, clutching the envelope and the bouquet of roses he’d received from the blond earlier close to his chest.

“See ya,” Yuu bade him goodbye with a flirty wink, and a wide grin on his face.

“See you,” Kouyou heard himself saying, eyes never pulling away from Yuu’s form as he reluctantly drove away from the raven’s presence.

Chapter Text

Yuu had almost forgotten the real reason he’d left the house (actually, Yuu forgot he had been upset at all) – until he reached his apartment and heard his stomach growling. He hadn’t had an opportunity to eat at all, after missing breakfast and then heading out with Kouyou to the massage place. A quick look to his watch showed that it was already approaching two in the afternoon, and Yuu’s stomach clearly was starving for something to fill him up. He wondered if Yutaka would want take-out with him, and then realized he’d just had a big fight with the brunet that ended up with him storming out of the house.

Suddenly Yuu wasn't so hungry anymore. With a churning stomach, he entered his apartment; half-hoping Yutaka was still out so they could avoid any awkward confrontational situation.

Of course, with Yuu’s kind of luck, Yutaka was back. He could tell by the sound of loud stir-frying in the kitchen, and the mouth-watering smell of Yutaka’s appetizing food. Yutaka had always been the better cook out of the two, and when questioned about it, Yutaka just brushed it off as having plenty of practice cooking sessions with his mother when he was younger. He always spoke fondly of her, and it was obvious they spent a lot of time together during Yutaka’s childhood. The first time Yuu had joined Yutaka’s family for dinner at his parent’s house, he’d taken one look at the brunet’s mother and immediately saw the resemblances in the both of them.

Not only did Yutaka take after his mother’s warm-hearted and captivating personality, the brunet’s looks were also practically modeled after hers. Yuu could tell they were good people, and it reaffirmed his decision to allow Yutaka into his life. Yuu was rather selective when it came to friends, but Yutaka had been nothing but kind to him so far, and Yuu knew Yutaka was one of those who would stick around.

Yuu just hoped he hadn’t thought wrong about the brunet. Perhaps the incident in the morning was a one-off thing, and Yutaka had been too stressed by university lately. Yuu briefly wondered if Yutaka was currently cooking for two, or if he hadn’t taken Yuu into account… Yuu hoped to God he had. The raven was starving, and the divine smell of Yutaka’s cooking wasn’t helping ease his hunger very much.

“You’re back,” Yutaka suddenly called from the kitchen, just as Yuu eased their apartment door shut behind him and placed down the roses he’d received from Kouyou onto a nearby table.

Yuu jolted up a little, surprised by the warm greeting. Yutaka was speaking to him again? And in his usual friendly tone, too. Yuu was puzzled by the sudden change in his attitude towards him, but he wasn’t complaining. If Yutaka wanted to pretend nothing happened, Yuu could do that, too.

“Did you go out to meet with… one of them?” Yutaka’s voice continued, some hostility still evident in his voice. So, it looked like he was still slightly annoyed after all. Yuu bit his lip, wondering why Yutaka was suddenly so mad at him going out with his sugar daddies. Yutaka never had a problem with it before.

“I didn’t,” Yuu lied, quickly hiding the bouquet in an indiscernible corner, before stepping into the kitchen.

Yutaka was clad in his red-checkered apron as usual, and as he turned to face him, Yutaka’s features visibly relaxed when they lay upon the raven’s face.

Yuu saw a hint of an apologetic smile upon Yutaka’s lips, and felt confusion bubbling up in him. Was Yutaka not mad at him anymore? Were they okay now? It looked like he was getting his explanation next, however, because the brunet was soon breaking into an apology.

“Yuu, I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just – I didn’t do as well as I thought I would for an exam, and I got really pissed and went out drinking because of it. I didn’t have anything to take my anger out on, so I…” Yutaka’s words trailed off, his face looking away in what appeared to be shame.

Yuu felt rather relieved hearing Yutaka’s explanation, now that he knew it wasn’t because he had done something wrong. The brunet sighed, uttering the rest of his apology quietly to the raven. “It was wrong of me. And I shouldn’t have said the things I said to you, Yuu. I was just stressed out from all the studying, sorry.”

Yuu managed a weak smile, shaking his head, “It’s okay, Yutaka! I perfectly understand. You know I’d never fault you for feeling stressed out. I’m just glad we’re fine now.”

Yuu had felt shaken up by Yutaka’s outburst earlier, and the raven still wasn't so sure if Yutaka’s words to him could be so easily forgiven, but the raven didn’t want to dwell on it any longer. He just wanted things to be alright between them again, and he would deal with all the negative emotions that set in him later. Yuu and him were okay now, and that was all that mattered to the raven.

As Yuu moved to get the cutlery and set them down on the dining table as he usually did, he caught Yutaka staring at him, a faint smile appearing on his face.


Yutaka seemed amused by his behavior. “This is how you do it, don’t you?”

Yuu gave a look of genuine bafflement. “Do what?”

“This is why older men like you so much. You smile and brush everything off like it’s nothing. Even though it’s not. I know you’re upset, Yuu. I was being a huge asshole. Why aren’t you yelling and screaming at me?” Yutaka asked, a tinge of remorse in his tone, shutting the stove off just as he finished cooking.

Yuu felt his heart skip at his words. Yutaka was his best friend, after all. He could mask his emotions from all his sugar daddies, but he couldn’t mask it from the one person who he lived with and saw everyday.

Still, Yuu thought it was worth trying. Yutaka usually didn’t press him to reveal things he didn’t want to reveal, and if Yuu hinted that he wanted to drop a subject, the brunet generally complied.

“I’m not upset, Yutaka. Not anymore, anyway. It’s not worth it.”

Yutaka glanced to him warily, a low sigh leaving his lips.

“Alright, Yuu. But if you ever feel the need to talk to me about it, don’t hesitate. I acknowledge I overreacted when you wanted to take care of me, and I don’t want you to feel like it’s any of your fault.”

“It’s fine, really!” Yuu declared cheerfully, helping Yutaka set the dishes down.

Yutaka sighed as he gazed over to the raven with a look of concern on his face.

“Think of yourself for once,” The brunet chided, folding his arms.

A small smile crept up on Yuu’s lips at his words. It was funny, really, because sometimes Yutaka didn’t seem to realize Yuu was an expert in doing just that – being selfish enough to lie to men his love was real and he actually enjoyed being intimate with them. In fact, Yuu was more than an expert. He had even made it into his profession. Did everyone seriously think Yuu was the kind of person he was letting everyone think he was?

He had expected Yutaka to notice, really, that Yuu wasn’t the person he’d let on to be. Yutaka was probably the closest person to him in his life right now, and Yuu had been nothing but transparent to him, but perhaps he was wrong.

Perhaps he had even gotten Yutaka fooled after all.

“Thank you for thinking of me, Yutaka,” Yuu said softly in a reply, eyes flickering up to meet the brunet’s ones in a sweet gaze.


Kouyou: How’s the roommate? Did he treat you badly after you came home? Tell me you’re safe, love

Kouyou texted him later that night, just as Yuu was finishing up on the essay he’d been working on. Yuu had heard his phone buzz with a message, and had rushed to it, hoping it would be Kouyou who was texting him. His hopes weren’t in vain.

Of course, Yuu had gotten a bunch of texts from his other sugar daddies as well. Yuu scrolled past them with dull interest, quickly speed-reading all their inferior-sounding messages, before landing onto Kouyou’s one with delight. Yuu grinned widely as he read Kouyou’s message, typing out a reply to him as fast as he could.

Yuu: i’m safe!!! we talked things out, he was just stressed. so happy that things are well! i’m finishing up uni homework. how was your day, mister? <3 :)

After making sure his message had sent successfully to Kouyou, Yuu found himself looking back to his other messages with much disdain.

He’d have to reply the rest of his sugar daddies, now. Compared to Kouyou, who he genuinely enjoyed spending time with, the rest now felt so bland to be with. Yuu knew that it was wrong to feel that way, though. It was what he had chosen to do, and he should be giving the other men his equal attention and time.

It was almost as if after Kouyou stepped into his life, Yuu had suddenly elevated expectations for all the men that were going out with him. Yuu had to remind himself at this point in time that he was doing it for the money, not the enjoyment. His dates paid him well, and that was all that mattered. Yuu didn’t have to like their faces or personality to do so (which was also precisely why these men had to resort to sugar dating). It just so happened that Kouyou was, well, an all-in-one package. Kouyou definitely didn’t need sugar-dating, and it was just pure luck that Yuu landed this one on his hands.

Yuu ended up replying to the rest of their messages one by one with a small sigh, scheduling more dates for the month.

Yuu: sure! thurs is fine, miss you so much xx can’t wait to see you again! <3

Yuu: i’m doing well, i’m so stressed out tho! :( want you to pamper and spoil me so i can feel better again <3

Yuu: i hope work has been good to you, baaby! next tue is fine, how long will you be staying in town this time? x

Kouyou replied him just as the raven finished texting the others, and seeing Kouyou’s name on his screen lit up Yuu’s face once more.

Kouyou: Happy to hear that things went well… Work was fine, still angry they took away time I could have spent with you. The upcoming week will be hectic for me, but I’ve already told my PA to clear out my weekend. Can’t wait to see you then.

Yuu eyed his message dreamily, eagerly typing a message back.

Yuu: can’t wait to see you too… <3 you were sooo good to me today, you care so much for me. i’m so loved. wanna kiss you again

The words left his fingers without meaning to. He’d never told a sugar daddy he’d wanted to kiss him again before, most likely because – plainly – he really didn’t want to have to kiss them again. He only did it because he was obliged to, and it guaranteed him a higher payout.

But Kouyou was different; Kouyou’s touches on him had set him on fire, and Yuu dreaded the next five days without them. He could still remember Kouyou aggressively pushing him down against the massage table, lips never leaving his mouth. Hungry tongues twisting around each other, breaths hot against each other’s skin. Yuu could even still hear Kouyou’s low groan in the back of his head…

…Oh, Yuu was so making their upcoming weekend worth it.

Kouyou: Wanna kiss you too…

Kouyou: Stop making me want to see you again. I get that you’re probably using some sort of charm on me, but it’s working so well it’s horrible. I don’t know if I regret messaging you in the first place, I’m addicted

Yuu smiled broadly at the message.

Yuu: what’s so bad about getting addicted to me? i’m sweet and cute and i can make you happy… :)

Kouyou: Precisely. I’m fucked.

Yuu laughed all the way to sleep.


Some way or another, Yuu survived the school week without seeing the blond. Yutaka and him went back to how it was before, though it was apparent that Yutaka was lightening up a lot more now as a person, too. He still studied his medical textbooks and did his work religiously as usual, but he also set aside time on some days to accompany Yuu to watch the television, or random movies that the raven would put on when he was bored.

Yuu thought that Yutaka was trying to be sweet in his own way, to show that he still cared for the raven and wanted to show some form of appreciation for Yuu. Yuu liked the sentiment, of course, and continued to shamelessly envelop Yutaka into frequent warm, tight hugs. Yuu liked embarrassing Yutaka so.

Kouyou texted him on a daily basis throughout the week, and the both of them talked about mundane things they did throughout the day – with heavy flirting going on in their texts as usual. It always made Yuu’s day to see Kouyou’s messages, though Yuu always reminded himself it was just a superficial relationship and that he needn’t get so attached. Nevertheless, it didn’t hurt to enjoy your job, right? Plus, the thirty-five year old CEO had it bad for him, and if there was anyone that was attached, it was him. Yuu knew he didn’t have to worry about anything.

Friday night soon approached, and as Kouyou and Yuu were on the phone together, discussing their plans for the weekend, Yuu lounged on his bed, spoiling himself with a self-manicure.

It seemed like Kouyou had thought out how they would be spending their Saturday already, though. He filled Yuu in on the details, while the raven absentmindedly hummed and nodded along to the blond’s voice on the phone.

“I’ll pick you up from the gas station around two in the afternoon. We’ll grab some lunch and then I’ll take you out shopping. Or we could go see a movie, whichever you prefer. We’ll have dinner afterwards, then I’ll take you to my place and we can… spend the rest of the night there.” His last words were heavily connoted, and Yuu chose to pretend not notice it.

“Ooh, I wonder what kind of house you stay in,” Yuu cooed to the blond, always so ready to find news things to be excited about. Kouyou laughed at his enthusiasm. “Do you own a castle?”

“Aoi, I have better things to spend my money on,” Kouyou chuckled at his words, amused at the kind of image Yuu had formed of him as a CEO.

“Clearly not, if you’re wasting it on me,” The raven sang happily as a reply. “Not like I’m complaining.”

Kouyou let out an exasperated sigh, not agreeing with what Yuu had said. “You are many things, but you are not a waste of my money.”

“I’m priceless, aren’t I?” Yuu then teased, earning himself low chuckles from the blond once more. Yuu grinned, liking the fact that he could make Kouyou happy so easily.

“Indeed you are,” Kouyou agreed, his tone lowering, sounding more serious this time. “Nothing can compare to you, my little flower.”

The raven’s cheeks instinctively turned peach pink at the nickname. “What’s with that?” The blond seemed to have made it his goal to reduce Yuu into smiles and blushes every time he was around him.

“Hmm?” Kouyou chuckled at Yuu’s embarrassment. “Doesn’t Aoi mean hollyhock? You’re a type of flower. Aren’t I right?”

“You noticed the denotation,” Yuu laughed, shaking his head. “Not many people do.”

“Well… I have to be some sort of smart to be where I am, you know,” Kouyou answered, returning his laugh. “I don’t get paid for nothing.”

“Mmm. Sometimes I forget you’re a real person,” Yuu admitted, sighing, adding the final touches to his black-painted nails. He rolled over in bed lazily, clutching the phone close to his ear. “No way you’re so young and smart and hot and successful at the same time. I refuse to believe it.”

“You know, that’s kind of funny,” Kouyou began, his voice settling into a gentler tone on his end. “Sometimes I wonder how you’re real, too… You’re really dazzling in your own right, you know that?”

Yuu grinned uncontrollably at his words. “So cheeky. How many boys and girls have fallen at your feet with all these pick-up lines?”

“Well,” Kouyou said, rather smugly. “I’m still waiting for your fall.”


Other than packing enough clothes for two days, Yuu also threw in a couple of lacey lingerie, wondering if Kouyou liked that sort of thing. Well, if Kouyou was a normal hot-blooded dude with hormones and urges that needed to be satisfied, he most likely would, Yuu thought. The raven was already currentlywearing black lacey panties underneath his tight jeans for today’s lunch date, wanting to give a little surprise to Kouyou when the blond undressed him in his house later that evening (and Kouyou would be undressing him – Yuu would make sure of that).

Yuu sprayed some sweet floral-scented perfume on himself as he prepared to leave the apartment, stepping out into the living room and heading quickly for the door. Yutaka, who had been silently reading on the couch with his reading glasses on, looked up from his book to bid Yuu goodbye.

“Be safe,” Yutaka reminded, his face automatically fixing in a disapproving frown. Yuu had told Yutaka about his plans for the weekend, and needless to say Yutaka didn’t like the idea; Yutaka never approved when Yuu stayed over at his sugar daddy’s place. Not like Yutaka had a say in how Yuu led his life, but Yuu could tell Yutaka would rather Yuu not go and endanger his life in such a way. It was double the risk and danger, and Yutaka had never trusted any of those filthy old men.

But Kouyou’s different, Yuu had protested to him the night before, putting in endless amounts of good words for Kouyou. He’s really kind, and he’s very thoughtful, plus he’s so hot. It still didn't reassure Yutaka one bit, though.

“Promise me you’ll text me the address when you get there, or I’m calling the cops,” Yutaka mumbled, eyeing the raven-haired closely. “You know my phone is switched on 24/7 for you, right?”

Yuu laughed, looking on fondly to the brunet at his concern. “Okay, okay, I promise! Come here and give me a goodbye hug!”

Yutaka didn’t usually reciprocate Yuu’s hugs and showed exasperation at them, but as Yuu leaned in to embrace Yutaka this time, the brunet returned the hug with closed eyes, squeezing the raven tightly in his arms.

“Be safe,” Yutaka repeated to the raven’s ears, this time in a much gentler voice.

“Okay,” Yuu murmured, smiling gratefully to him as he pulled away. He left Yutaka seated there on the couch, gazing to Yuu’s back forlornly as he left for Kouyou’s side.


As soon as Yuu was inside Kouyou’s car, the blond was leaning over, hands grabbing for the sides of Yuu’s face, rushing to kiss him hastily on the lips. Yuu giggled softly to himself when Kouyou pulled away, the raven licking his lips happily at the gesture. Someone’s happy to see me, Yuu thought.

“I missed you,” Kouyou moaned, fingers still caressing Yuu’s cheeks. Yuu fluttered his eyes shyly underneath his gaze, heart beating wildly in his chest.

“Missed you too,” Yuu whispered, face beaming under Kouyou’s touches. He leaned over, tilted his head up and gave another peck against Kouyou’s lips.

Kouyou melted at the cute gesture.

“My long week’s all worth it now because of you,” Kouyou grinned, eyes never tearing away from Yuu’s face. “Alright. Let’s have lunch. What do you feel like eating today?”

Yuu pondered over it for a while, at a loss of what to say.

“Hmm. I’m not sure. I’m craving for meat. A burger?”

Kouyou laughed at his answer. “A burger? Really? I can buy you any food you want in the world and you ask for a burger.”

Yuu narrowed his eyes to him. “You make the suggestion, then, handsome.”

Kouyou smirked to him. “You know I always listen you, babydoll.”

…So they ended up driving to a fast-food restaurant.

Yuu laughed aloud when they got there, especially when Kouyou parked his shiny, extravagant-looking black Lamborghini in between two family cars in a nearby parking lot. Kouyou definitely did not fit here. Yuu couldn’t hide his amused grin as they got out of the car, wondering if Kouyou even ate at fast food restaurants anymore, given his wealth and status.

Kouyou rolled the long sleeves of his white shirt up as he walked into the fast-food restaurant, and Yuu was treated to yet another delicious sight of his protruding veins. He was wearing jeans as per his usual weekend dressing, and Yuu couldn’t resist checking out Kouyou’s ass in his jeans. The man was pure sex, alright.

As the blond moved to queue behind a line of customers at the cashier, however, Yuu laughed again at the sight, cupping a hand over his mouth to muffle his snickering. Kouyou was probably used to having people serve him at every particular time of the day, and seeing the CEO queue like a normal citizen just… Yuu found it the most hilarious thing he’d seen in a long while.

“You’re so amused by this,” Kouyou muttered, looking over to the raven standing beside him. Yuu smiled innocently back up to him.

“Do you even eat fast food, Kouyou?” Yuu teased.

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t always dine at five-star restaurants, no,” Kouyou huffed, narrowing his eyes to the raven. “However, it has indeed been a long time since I ate at a place like this. I can’t actually remember when I last ate a burger.”

Yuu smiled. “Sorry for making you eat peasant food, daddy.”

A woman that had been standing in front of them with a kid by her side turned to Yuu immediately at that remark, clearly having been listening in on their conversation. She had a horrified look on, and as her child asked her not-so-discreetly why a grown man like Yuu was calling his friend ‘daddy’, the woman hushed the child and covered his ears.

Yuu couldn’t stop giggling, and he leaned in close to Kouyou, clutching happily at his arm. “Looks like we’re being a nuisance.”

Kouyou laughed. “Aoi, you’re not going to refrain from teasing me like this, are you? What a demanding little flower.” He reached over to pinch at Yuu’s nose playfully a little, and Yuu got him back by tipping on his toes and pecking at his lips. Kouyou’s face lit up after the short kiss, basking in the adorable gesture.

Very soon it reached their turn at the counter, and Kouyou got two set meals for themselves, each meal containing a burger. They carried their trays and headed for an empty table, settling down in an obscure booth at the back of the restaurant. Kouyou had figured Yuu would probably do more horrible things in public, and didn’t want to attract attention to themselves too much.

“You forget I’m quite a prominent figure, Aoi,” Kouyou started off by saying, sighing as he picked his burger up, unwrapping it slowly with his fingers. “I’m already taking quite a risk when I spend time with you in public.”

Yuu felt slightly apologetic as he reached for his own burger. “Sorry.” He didn’t know why he was being so playful with Kouyou, when usually with his other sugar daddies he went along with whatever they wanted and didn’t cross any lines.

With Kouyou, it felt as if Yuu could treat him with far less tact, knowing Kouyou wouldn’t be as mad at him even if Yuu overstepped a boundary. Perhaps it was because their age difference wasn’t as big as with his other sugar daddies, or perhaps because blond had been nothing but kind and patient with him so far, and it was spoiling the raven too much.

Yuu wondered if Kouyou was starting to regret giving in to him so much.

“It’s okay,” Kouyou reassured, always seemingly knowing what the raven was thinking, and he quickly placed his hand over Yuu’s on the table. He tenderly stroked Yuu’s fingers, a tinge of worry evident on his face. “I’m not angry at you or anything, babe. I just think it’d be better if we just enjoyed our time together and not spend it trying to um, scare little children in public.”

Yuu glanced over to him with a small smile, eyes grateful that Kouyou wasn’t too mad at him. For some reason it scared him a little to think that he was being overboard – he felt bad that he’d made Kouyou uncomfortable with his antics in public.

“It’s okay, really! I mean, I’m young and I’m cute, and I occasionally forget what I can do and can’t do. Plus, you’re paying me for my time, so you can tell me whatever you want me to be! I won't feel offended, Kouyou.”

Kouyou reclined in his seat at his words then, frowning as he took a bite of his burger. Yuu watched him carefully as he did so. Even the way Kouyou ate was precise and delicate; he made sure not to dirty his fingers, and he took modest bites at a time. Yuu wondered if all people of prestigious positions acted this way – or were they already too used to having to put on a professional façade in front of everyone they met, afraid acting any otherwise would be rude?

“Aoi, I don’t… want you think of our relationship like that,” Kouyou suddenly said quietly, his eyes downcast. Yuu’s heart halted momentarily at his words, surprised. Kouyou sounded unusually concerned, and Yuu wondered if he’d accidentally given off the impression he’d been hurt by Kouyou’s words. Because he wasn’t, really. He had just been anxious he’d annoyed the older man.

The blond continued. “I know we constantly emphasize this is just a superficial relationship, but… At the end of the day, I want you to feel happy and comfortable with me, too. Because seeing you happy makes me happy, and that’s why I want to pamper you as much as possible. I don’t want you to act like someone you’re not.”

Yuu bit back the words that wanted to leave past his lips. I’m already someone I’m not, Yuu thought, but it never left his mouth.

“You’re this cute, young, pretty thing, and seeing you smile is the most heavenly sight on earth,” Kouyou sighed once more, looking on to Yuu with a fond expression on his face. Yuu felt his heart trepidate at his words. “And when you’re upset, Aoi, I get this constricting feeling in my heart, and it pains me. I want you to be happy, to be yourself, like this forever.”

Yuu took a small bite out of his burger, chewing thoughtfully, before responding as cheerfully as he could.

“I understand, Kouyou. I’m fine, really! You didn’t say anything wrong. I’m good.” He accompanied his words with a sweet wide smile, nodding his head along as he spoke.

Kouyou’s eyes gazed to him, doubtful. Yuu was not prepared for what came next.

“I said something wrong,” Kouyou begun, suddenly sounding annoyed at himself. “Fuck.”

Yuu’s heart skipped a beat at the sight. Did Kouyou care for him to that extent? The older man actually, really, looked positively irked that he’d possibly hurt the raven-haired.

“You didn’t–”

“I’ll take you out shopping later, and you’ll tell me what you want.” Kouyou demanded, all at once looking so crossed at himself. “Do you need a new phone? A Macbook? Tell me how much your bills are this month, I’ll write you a cheque.”

Yuu felt his heart lurch and his stomach churn. “It’s fine, Kouyou, it’s nothing. You didn’t offend me whatsoever. I’m good, really.”

Kouyou still looked skeptical. “Aoi, I – I don’t – I don’t want you to change. Fuck, forget I said anything. Call me what you want. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Yuu’s heart twisted further. Kouyou was really affected by how Yuu thought of him. It made him wonder if Kouyou realized that he was the one in control of their relationship, not Yuu. And somehow, Yuu felt uncomfortable at the thought that Kouyou cared so much for him.

This wasn’t how their relationship was supposed to be like. Kouyou was not supposed to give a rat’s ass about him, and Yuu was only here to hear him rant about work and offer him a shoulder to lean on. Yuu was only here to make him feel less lonely, and well, less horny. Yuu was only here to be… used. And paid. …And used.

Yuu found himself looking away, conflicting emotions bubbling in him. He needed to do something, fast. He needed to find a way to get their relationship back on track. He didn’t want anything to complicate matters. He didn’t want to get too involved.

It was all about the money. Money, money, money… 

“I still have student loans unpaid,” Yuu casually remarked, and Kouyou’s eyes lit up in reply. “It would be nice if they got–”

“Done. Write the details down for me and I’ll pay the balance off,” Kouyou said.

Yuu smiled widely to him on the outside, knowing he should be happy at the prospect of his university education getting paid off at one shot, but inside he felt his heart plummet to the depths of his stomach.

It was just a no strings attached relationship, after all… right?

It wasn’t going to last, Yuu reminded himself. None of these relationships ever lasted.

Chapter Text

Kouyou ended up splurging on Yuu when they headed out to shop later on, going into name brand stores and picking out exorbitantly priced clothes and accessories for the raven. Yuu tried to refuse them, but as long as Yuu’s eyes lingered a second too long on an item, or Kouyou felt the accessory looked great on Yuu, Kouyou would buy it for him. Yuu knew Kouyou was still feeling guilty about having accidentally hurt his feelings – even though Yuu knew he wasn’t, really – but he wasn’t protesting if Kouyou decided to make it up to him through expensive gifts like these. Yuu was his to spoil, anyway.

They were at Yves Saint Lauren, purchasing a mint scarf for the raven, when the woman at the cashier seemed all too interested in the blond and raven’s relationship. She had giggled to Yuu as she passed the shopping bag to him, looking over to Kouyou with a dreamy look on her face, watching as the blond CEO wandered around the sunglasses section at the back, trying on some of them for fun in the mirror. 

“How did you get such a rich and hot boyfriend?” The woman had furiously whispered to Yuu, swooning at the sight of Kouyou. “You are so lucky. I wish I had a boyfriend who would spend $120 on a scarf for me.”

Yuu’s cheeks turned pink at the term ‘boyfriends’ being used. “Well, we’re not… really… boyfriends.” 

The woman looked surprised. “Oh? You both looked pretty into each other. Does that mean he’s up for grabs?”

Yuu found himself giving the woman a dirty look, suddenly feeling possessive. “No, he’s not.” 

“Are you done yet?” Kouyou asked then, striding over to his side. He wrapped an arm around Yuu’s waist and pulled him close to him, kissing the tip of his hair. Sensing his chance to show the cashier Yuu already had a claim over the blond, the raven leaned up to kiss Kouyou affectionately on the lips, then drew apart from him, nuzzling his head cutely against Kouyou’s chest. 

“Yes, daddy,” Yuu cooed cutely.

The raven smirked as he watched the woman’s eyes widen, finally realizing the true nature of their relationship. “Let’s go.” 

“Mmm,” Kouyou agreed, leading Yuu out of the shop. He wasn’t so affected by Yuu’s usage of that term anymore, and the raven liked to think that the blond didn’t care anymore about what people thought of them, since it appeared as if Yuu’s feelings mattered more to him. If feigning hurt was all it took to win Kouyou over to his side, Yuu would have an easy time tightening his hold over the blond. Yuu grew smug at the thought.

“I made reservations for us at a restaurant nearby,” Kouyou murmured, his arm still securely around Yuu’s waist. “Are you hungry yet? We could go there early.” 

“Sure,” Yuu purred contentedly.


They ended up having French cuisine this time. Kouyou mindlessly chatted with him about his week as usual, and Yuu nodded and chipped in whenever he could. He liked that Kouyou was starting to open up to him more and treating Yuu like a true conversation partner, since Yuu felt like he’d been making their relationship all about himself all week and hadn’t really had a chance to know Kouyou yet. His other sugar daddies usually liked to talk about themselves and rant about their day’s ventures, not giving Yuu much opportunity to talk on his side; but when it came to Kouyou, the blond seemed to enjoy listening to Yuu too much.

He was glad Kouyou was finally revealing more about himself to him, considering the blond seemed to have been hesitant on telling Yuu too much on their first date. Yuu quickly learnt things like –

“No siblings? At all?” Yuu had asked as they waited for their food, curious.

“Nope. Nada. I’m an only child,” Kouyou answered. Kouyou was just like Yuu then, the raven thought – the both of them were the only child in their family.

Kouyou also revealed a bit about his past relationships.

“I’ve had maybe three serious relationships, but one of them was in high school. So technically, two, I guess. One lasted two years, and the other lasted six.”

Yuu winced at the thought of breaking off such a long-term relationship. “It must have been hard for you.” 

Kouyou shook his head, sipping from his wine glass slowly. “Not really. It was amicable, and we’d been faithful the whole time. Our work just got too much, and it tore us apart. We went weeks without seeing each other, until one day we decided to call it quits.”

Yuu wondered if the split was as painless as Kouyou described. Didn’t a long-term relationship require a ton of hard work and patience to sustain it? It must still have been heartbreaking anyhow, to break it off in the end.

“Did you both ever think about marriage?” The raven asked. 

The blond hesitated for a second before responding. “Yes. We thought about it, but we never felt it was the right time to rush into things. We were both young and successful, and we never wanted a family to ruin it. I guess you could call it selfish on our part.” 

Yuu smiled to him with an understanding look. “It’s not selfish at all. If you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready. It’s better to wait than to rush into something you don’t want, and drag innocent people’s lives into it.” 

Kouyou chuckled to him, nodding agreeably to his words. “How about you, Aoi? Do you plan to get married in the near future?”

The raven contemplated over it for a moment.

“Well… I’m still young, so no. All I really want right now is to pay off all my debts and finish my degree. Then get a job, find someone, and get married only then. Maybe.”

Kouyou’s gaze faltered at his words. “I see. I envy your future partner, then.”

Yuu tried not to think too much about what Kouyou was implying. “You’re not too bad yourself.” 

The blond laughed. “To be honest, I’m not actually sure I ever will jump into marriage, at this rate. I guess I’ll just leave it up to…” Kouyou’s eyes flickered up to meet Yuu’s with a sly look. “…fate. 

“Mmhmm,” Yuu agreed, without much thought. He raised his wine glass and clinked it with Kouyou’s, saying a small ‘cheers’.

They talked about other things as they ate, and Yuu briefly talked about Yutaka as his roommate. Kouyou seemed concerned at the mention of the brunet, but Yuu tried to pacify him by assuring him that Yutaka never meant any harm to the raven as his best friend. 

It was about halfway through the dinner – once Kouyou started talking about an upcoming work project he’d be starting with another business corporation – that Yuu began to grow a little restless. Yuu had accidentally nudged Kouyou’s leg as he shifted in his seat, whilst trying to pretend to look at least entertained by the conversation topic… though he was slowly growing bored to tears. 

Yuu hated this part of sugar dating the most – pretending to look interested in what they were talking about, when Yuu either 1. had no clue what they were going on about, or 2. was too grossed out by the details. Occasionally his sugar daddies would bitch about work politics and rant about some asshole trying to get them fired, but those were the only interesting bits Yuu paid attention to. 

Currently, Kouyou had fallen under category number one – which would be Yuu having no clue what the blond was rambling on and on about. He only knew that Kouyou was all fired up about it and it involved a lot of market shares and a ton of monetary jargons, but the only thing Yuu could concentrate on was the way Kouyou’s sharp cheekbones and his angular jaw moved as he spoke, and the way Kouyou’s eyes lit up and his brows furrowed with every word, and how his shirt currently looked too tight for his broad shoulders, and how much Yuu’d like to peel it off him instead.

But as he gave an accidental kick to the blond’s foot, an idea of how to alleviate his boredom occurred to him. They were planning to have sex later on, anyway, so why not put on a little prologue?

It was time for Operation: Seduction to begin. Yuu put on a serious expression, appearing to be engrossed into the conversation as much as possible, nodding and smiling at Kouyou’s every word.

But underneath the table, he was quickly shaking his shoe off and moving his right foot, sliding it slowly up against the side of Kouyou’s left leg. He traced patterns up and down Kouyou’s skin, humming as he did so, eyes innocently keeping eye contact with the blond.

Kouyou paused midway conversation, eyes narrowing as they looked to Yuu, seemingly realizing what the raven was doing. Yuu dared the blond to say something about it to him, gazing over to Kouyou with a challenging look in his eyes, but for some reason the blond kept his mouth shut, and continued talking.

Yuu was filled with glee as he moved his foot higher and reached Kouyou’s upper part of the leg. He slid over them, caressing up Kouyou’s inner thighs, and heard the blond distinctively draw in a long breath.

“Babydoll,” Kouyou warned, his breath thick and heavy.

Yuu knew he was approaching Kouyou’s sensitive regions, and he wondered if Kouyou found this as arousing as he did, getting footsied in public. The table was covered with a long solid-colored tablecloth, so the chances of people discovering them was minimal; but Yuu liked the excitement of it all, teasing Kouyou underneath the table in a place where anyone could notice them anytime, but yet was completely oblivious to.

“What’s wrong?” Yuu feigned innocence, blinking up wide-eyed to him. He slipped his foot in between Kouyou’s thighs and brushed against his groin. Just a fleeting touch was enough to evoke a groan from Kouyou’s mouth, already, and Yuu giggled at the sight.

Kouyou frowned, attempting to shift away from Yuu’s foot. 

“Babe, not now. We’re eating.” 

“And I’m bored,” Yuu whined. 

The blond sighed. “If you feel bored, perhaps I could suggest we–”

He was immediately silenced when he felt the raven’s foot rub urgently against his crotch, paired with a devious grin on Yuu’s face. 

Kouyou grunted in shock, dropping the fork he had in hand onto the floor immediately. From then on it felt as if something in Kouyou snapped – the tenderness in his eyes immediately disappeared, and he seemed to resemble the person he was when dealing with work matters, the person who was demanding and impatient and… powerful. 

“…Look at what you’ve done, Aoi.” Kouyou’s low voice was lethal; Yuu had never heard the blond sound more vicious. “You’ve made your daddy unable to eat properly.”

Yuu felt a shiver run down his body. Hearing Kouyou refer to himself as such made Yuu’s skin crawl with anticipation the raven couldn’t handle it. He loved it when Kouyou wasn’t apologizing to him, or being accommodating to Yuu. He loved seeing the older man with the dark eyes and the lustful gazes come out. He wanted the man with his strong arms and his thick veins to put him in his place so bad, he wanted nothing more than to irritate Kouyou to the point where the man needed to punish the raven. He knew that side of Kouyou existed – and he wanted to force him out.

Enough playing and flirting; Yuu wanted the real deal.

“Did I accidentally make you mad?” Yuu looked doe-eyed to him, cocking his head cutely to the side. God, he wanted to aggravate the blond so much. 

“You’re going to regret that,” Kouyou warned, smile turning smug as he gazed to Yuu. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, sweetheart.”

Yuu pouted, though inside his heart was beating like crazy. Had he just crossed over to Kouyou’s dangerous territory?

Daddy,” the raven murmured meekly, flickering his lashes up to the blond. “Aoi’s sorry.”


“Daddy!” Yuu gasped, just as Kouyou released him from his grasp and threw him against the king-sized bed in his room. “Aoi’s sorry!” 

He’d ended up vexing Kouyou to the point that by the time they’d finished their dinner, Kouyou was so tense and edgy it made Yuu smug with triumphant. The older man had led him back to his car hurriedly, and needless to say the drive home was filled with anxious silence, though Yuu clung on to his seat belt for dear life more than anything, considering Kouyou had been speeding his way home throughout the whole journey. 

They ended up reaching an area of expensive private apartments (Yuu was only slightly disappointed that Kouyou did not, in fact, own a castle) and after Kouyou had driven to the basement and parked his car there, he’d ushered Yuu out of the car, to the lift, face blank and expressionless as he led Yuu up. It came to no surprise to Yuu that Kouyou lived on the top floor, and when the lift doors opened to Kouyou’s penthouse, the blond CEO immediately carried Yuu up into his arms bridal-style, shocking the raven once they left the lift.

Kouyou entered his apartment in a fury, scowling to Yuu as he headed straight for the bedroom, not even giving Yuu an opportunity to explore his house first. Yuu could tell the blond didn’t have patience to wait anymore, not after humoring Yuu’s playful flirting for a week, and especially not after tonight’s dinner, where Yuu might just have gone overboard.

And so, as the raven was thrown easily against the king-sized bed that Kouyou owned, there was nothing but the look of anger on Kouyou’s face, an emotion Yuu still wasn’t used to seeing from the blond.

“Daddy…” Yuu purred, whining cutely, trying to appeal to Kouyou’s soft spot for Yuu’s adorable side. He propped himself up against the white fluffy pillows, tilting his head endearingly to the side, but it looked as if the blond was having none of that tonight. Who knew playfulness was the key to turning Kouyou on? 

“Do you think it’s funny to tease Daddy in public, babydoll?” Kouyou hissed, kneeling onto the bed, edging himself closer to the raven.

Yuu bit his lip in guilt as Kouyou reached out a hand to cup roughly at Yuu’s jaw, forcing the raven-haired to look up to him. The room was full of Kouyou’s musky cologne, and inhaling it all at one go made Yuu dizzy. It smelled too much like Kouyou… It smelled too much like sex. Yuu wanted to make the blond even angrier, even madder at his little babydoll.

Yuu wanted to drive Kouyou crazy

“I don’t think I was wrong, Daddy…” Yuu mewled, blinking wide-eyed up to the blond.

Kouyou’s eyes narrowed at his response, and very soon he was getting up, removing himself from bed. Yuu frowned at the sight of the blond leaving.

“Where are you going?” 

“Stay put and don’t move,” Kouyou ordered. He left the room briskly, and Yuu could hear him entering another room and sifting through drawers. Was he looking for lube and condoms? Yuu smiled cheekily at the thought.

Kouyou came back in a few minutes, a black spiky collar in hand. Yuu’s eyes widened quickly, his heart skipping beats in his chest. Kouyou had proved to be as kinky as he’d thought; and it wasn’t like Yuu unwelcomed it, either, but Yuu had never been put in a collar before by any of his sugar daddies… though he knew if they did, he wouldn’t particularly object to it either.

Yuu was all for experimenting in the bedroom, especially when it came to hot daddies such as him.

“I’m going to put a collar on you,” Kouyou voiced out, surprisingly gentler this time round, as he crawled back into the bed to Yuu’s side. “That’s alright, right? Tell me if it isn’t.”

Yuu could barely find his voice to speak. “It is.”

“Good,” Kouyou said in a low whisper, then leaned over Yuu and clasped the collar around the raven’s neck, fastening it quickly. “Tell me if it’s too tight.”

Yuu felt slight discomfort due to it being his first time adorning such a thing, but it wasn’t constricting his breathing or anything. “It’s not,” Yuu said, realizing he was agreeing to totally submitting to the blond with the collar on. The thought chilled him to the bones, and Yuu felt a certain kind of anticipation flare up from within him. Yuu reached his hand, feeling up the collar around him, fingers brushing past the silver spikes on the black collar. There was a long silver metal chain connected to the front of his collar, and Yuu watched as Kouyou grabbed hold of it, immediately pulling Yuu’s head up to gaze to him.

“Kiss me,” Kouyou murmured, and Yuu was wrapping his arms around his neck in a second, reaching his head up to kiss Kouyou on the lips.

There were none of the gentle, coaxing kisses they gave each other on earlier dates. Their tongues were wild and hurried, and saliva dripped freely from their mouths as they exchanged fluids, their kissing sloppy and impatient. Kouyou ran his fingers through Yuu’s shoulder-length hair and pulled at it, pushing Yuu right back down into bed. They kissed non-stop, Kouyou’s body hovering over his, knees pinning Yuu’s ones down, and Yuu hadn’t felt more aroused.

“I need to punish you,” Kouyou finally grunted, pulling away after what seemed like forever, wiping roughly at his mouth. The older man tugged at his shirt, pulling it swiftly over himself, and Yuu could see the perfect abs on his body once more; muscles that looked absolutely delicious and ripped and toned. The raven looked on with wanting eyes as Kouyou unzipped his jeans and lowered his briefs, pulling his hardening cock out.

So, Kouyou was indeed as eager as he’d thought; Yuu must have teased him a little too much back at the restaurant. There were no time for subtleties or customaries; the blond was looking to him with a vulgar gaze, eyes daring Yuu to disobey him. 

“Suck,” Kouyou commanded, Yuu happily obeyed.

Kouyou pulled at the metal chain on his collar, getting Yuu onto his knees, and the raven dutifully looked to the flushing erection before him, that had already grown to a considerably thick size. Yuu knew it was his fault for having done this to Kouyou, and so he readily accepted it was his responsibility to solve the problem for him.

Yuu grasped Kouyou’s cock and shamelessly took the tip of it into his mouth, and the blond was groaning at the immediate relief, finally attaining the pleasure he’d wanted after all these while. It was obvious the older man took great care to keep himself well groomed, Yuu thought, as he eyed his neatly trimmed pubes. He was clean, dominant, and caring – what more could the raven want from the man?

Yuu sucked on the blond’s cock lightly, eyes falling to a close, feeling his mouth having to widen by the second to accommodate Kouyou’s ever hardening length.

Kouyou grabbed at Yuu’s hair and pushed his head down further, pushing past more of his cock into the moist, warm heat of Yuu’s mouth. Yuu moaned at his grasp, unhesitatingly accepting the intrusion, hollowing his cheeks as far as possible. Once Kouyou was almost completely engulfed past his lips, the blond hissed plenty sounds of approval.

“I’ve been thinking of fucking you right in your pretty little mouth ever since I saw your face, Aoi. You think you can be so playful with me and get away with all of it? Not a chance…” Kouyou groaned, pulling his cock slowly out. He pulled it out halfway before thrusting it right back in, fingers tangling roughly at Yuu’s hair. Yuu whimpered just as the head hit the back of throat, tears clouding his eyes, but he took Kouyou’s cock right up to the hilt without complaint, knowing Kouyou wanted for him to do just that.

“You wanted this, didn’t you? You wanted this from the very start,” Kouyou growled, and as Yuu produced a muffled sound around his cock, the blond slipped out halfway once more, then pushed it back in. “Oh, fuck yes. Your mouth feels so tight around my cock, Aoi. Suck it harder.”

Yuu sucked on it as hard as he could, slurping and using his tongue to lap up any pre-cum that escaped the slit. God, Yuu was such a whore, but he was growing so horny from being dominated by the blond that his own erection felt tight in his jeans. Yuu bobbed his head back and forth, slipping Kouyou’s cock in and out of his mouth, sucking harshly until Kouyou was breathing out Yuu’s name over and over again, reaching a hand over to deliver a slap onto Yuu’s ass cheeks.

“What a lovely little flower…” Kouyou chuckled, humming in encouragement as he looked down at Yuu, watching as the raven took his cock in his mouth repeatedly until saliva and pre-cum was dripping down the corners of his lips. 

Yuu’s face was in a mess, his eyes half-lidded, his mouth gorged full with Kouyou’s thick cock, his lips decorated with white pre-cum. He was making obscene sucking and slurping noises, as well as soft whimpers that would slip out every now and then, and Kouyou wanted to see those escalate; he wanted to tease Yuu as much as he had teased him. 

“Pull down your jeans,” The blond demanded, and Yuu was rushing to undress himself as fast as possible, desperate for his own relief. His jeans were so tight it was almost hard to take them off, but Yuu managed to get them off, all the while with Kouyou’s cock still deep in his mouth.

Kouyou’s eyes fell immediately to the underwear Yuu was wearing – lacey black panties that was hardly enough to cover Yuu’s curvy ass, nor hold his erection; plus the panties seemed pretty stained and damp at the front, already, with Yuu’s cock oozing with pre-cum, even without any stimulation so far. Kouyou cursed at the lewd sight, knowing Yuu had specially dressed himself to be fucked so, so bad.

“I want you to finger fuck yourself as you suck my cock,” Kouyou snarled.

Yuu’s breath hitched at the order. He slid Kouyou’s cock out of his mouth with a wet popping sound, then hurriedly sucked onto his fingers, coating them with as much saliva as he possibly could. Enveloping the blond’s cock into his mouth once more, Yuu trailed his fingers tentatively to the back of his ass, tugging at hems of his panties.

Pulling them down slightly, enough to expose his hole, Yuu slid one finger between the cleft of his ass until he found his entrance. He then slipped his finger in, wriggling his way past a ring of muscle, before moaning loudly around Kouyou’s cock. 

“Does it feel good, Aoi?” Kouyou asked. God, Yuu was so fucking horny right now, anything inside of him would feel good.

Yuu nodded his head, thrusting the finger deeper inside of him. He was moaning again, and then Kouyou was reaching over to slap his ass once more, asking Yuu to get a move on to sucking his dick.

Yuu then proceeded to multi-task as skillfully as he could; he slurped hungrily at Kouyou’s cock, whilst working his finger faster and faster inside of him, quickly inserting another one once he felt his body was getting used to being stretched.

Fuck, yes…” Kouyou groaned as Yuu worked his cock, allowing his head to fall back as he gasped each time Yuu’s tongue ran over his slit. The blond made sure the raven was dutifully fingering himself too, and he glanced down to Yuu occasionally to catch his lewd expressions of pleasure, he watched as Yuu’s ass shuddered helplessly while it got scissored over and over again by Yuu’s two fingers. Yuu was being fucked in both holes in his body, and his eyes with their long lashes were fluttering up and down in a hazy lust, his cock throbbing excitedly in anticipation.

Kouyou tugged at Yuu’s hair backwards until Yuu fell back against the pillows once more, and the raven looked up to him with confusion, wondering if Kouyou was finally going to fuck him now.

“I want you to finger yourself in front of me,” Kouyou informed, gazing hungrily to the sight before him. “No touching your cock. Understand?”

Yuu nodded, messily stained lips parting to respond to Kouyou. “Yes, sir…”

The raven lay himself comfortably down on the sheets, spreading his legs apart, his hand moving down to locate his hole once more. He thrust two fingers back inside of him, not even bothering to hide his loud moan as his mouth parted to vocalize it. Yuu didn’t usually masturbate in his spare time, considering he was having enough sex with his sugar daddies as he already was, but there was something so dirty about masturbating in front of Kouyou, and making sure Kouyou watched him as he did so.

Yuu slid his fingers in and out inside of him, curving his fingers upwards after thrusting them inside, and after a few thrusts he hit a deep spot that immediately sent intense waves of pleasure coursing through him. Yuu cried out Kouyou’s name, moans staggering out helplessly, and through his half-lidded eyes, he saw Kouyou furiously jerking at his cock in front of him, too aroused by the sexy sight.

Yuu would have blushed if he could, but his face was as red as it was, and he had pressing matters on hand to resolve. His own cock was swollen in between his thighs, and each time Yuu brushed against that same spot inside of him, his cock twitched, begging to be touched. Though, Yuu didn’t think he would need much to cum this time. Just the knowledge that he was touching himself to Kouyou, right in front of Kouyou, made him horny enough already.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes! Yes, please, oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” Yuu screamed, rocking back against his fingers desperately, a steady pressure building up inside of his stomach. He wanted Kouyou to fuck him so goddamn much, fuck.

“Aoi… Fuck, my little babydoll, look at how hard you’ve gotten me…” Kouyou breathed, hand sliding urgently up and down his own cock, eyes never peeling away from Yuu’s form. 

The raven was getting so close, oh, so close, and he loved these moments the best. “Mmmm, mmm, daddy likes watching me pleasure myself, daddy’s so naughty…” He fucked himself on his fingers harder as he spoke, moaning out louder and even louder each time he hit his prostate.

He just needed a few more thrusts, then he would cum, oh, he would cum gloriously in front of Kouyou… 

“No cumming. Let me see that tight ass of yours in your lacey panties,” Kouyou quickly growled, instantaneously knowing what Yuu wanted to do, and he immediately slapped Yuu’s hands away from himself. 

Yuu sobbed, still wanting to cum, but Kouyou was pulling at the metal chain on his collar once more, flipping him over and forcing him to put his ass up, high in the air. 

Yuu’s own fluids were trickling down the raven’s inner thighs, and as Kouyou grabbed hold of the two ass cheeks in his palms, he got a better look at Yuu’s stretched opening, flushed and red and ready for Kouyou. Yuu’s cock hung heavy and pitifully between his legs, begging for some sort of release as soon as possible. 

Kouyou leaned over and surprised Yuu by dipping his tongue into Yuu’s hole, swirling his tongue inside of the raven for a little bit. Fuck! Yuu hadn’t had anyone ate him out for ages, and the feeling of Kouyou’s moist, wet tongue in him made Yuu’s go weak instantly. His knees were about to collapse and he was getting so fucking wet

By this point in time Yuu was crying wordlessly, incoherent whimpers leaving his throat, restless tears running down his cheeks.

“Please daddy, please, I just want to cum, I’ve learnt my lesson, please, I’m so sorry Daddy! I need to cum!” 

Kouyou’s eyes darkened, completely lust-filled by now. 

“How do you want to cum, my babydoll?”

Yuu choked back on his tears. “With Daddy’s cock in my ass. That’s all I want… to be fucked good by Daddy… then I will properly learn my lesson.”

Kouyou was so fucking aroused, fuck.

“Don’t you ever tease Daddy again,” Kouyou warned – and then he was getting up, hands sifting through nearby drawers to pull out a condom, putting it on and lubing it in record speed. He was back on bed soon after, positioning his cock right before Yuu’s hole.

“I’m going in,” the blond murmured, his voice thick with desire.

As his tip breached into Yuu, the raven’s ass was shaking, trying to swallow as much of Kouyou as he could. Kouyou groaned as he entered the raven, feeling Yuu’s tight muscles wrap around his cock insistently.

“Fill me to the brim, daddy,” Yuu moaned, shoving his hips back against Kouyou’s, forcing more of Kouyou’s cock inside of him. “Ram it as deep inside of me as you can, I want all of Daddy inside of me…”

Kouyou’s cock throbbed inside of him. Fuck. “If that’s what you want, sweetheart… I’ll give it to you.” The blond slammed his cock into Yuu with such bruising force, the raven was gasping and moaning Kouyou’s name, enjoying being filled too much. 

There was nothing else that followed but the wet sounds of Kouyou’s cock pulling out and pushing back into his ass, skin smacking and rubbing lightly, bed creaking along with Yuu’s shameless pleas and insistent cries for more. They met each other’s thrusts one by one, with Kouyou gripping his hips, thrusting as fast and hard as he can, fulfilling his end of the bargain. Yuu reached a hand down circle around his cock, pleasuring himself to Kouyou’s timely thrusts.

“Fuck,” Kouyou moaned, easing his eyes close as he tossed his head back, enjoying Yuu’s tightness too much. He reached over to grab hold of the metal chain connected to his collar once more, pulling harshly at it as he rode Yuu faster and faster, re-angling his thrusts until he hit Yuu’s prostate. Then Yuu was shaking underneath his grasp, reduced to snivels and sobs. Kouyou couldn’t hold back his loud groans. “Fuck, yes, baby, mmm, what a fucking good babydoll, you make your daddy so happy…”

Yuu cried out noisily in broken mewls until his voice croaked, his ass milking Kouyou as much as he could.

Nnn…! You’re so mean to me…! Aah…! K-Kouyou Daddy! Please…! Oh! Fuck fuck fuck, d-daddy feels so good inside of… fuck… me!”

“I told you if you called me daddy in real life, you wouldn’t like what was coming,” Kouyou whispered, his god-awful smirk back upon his lips. Yuu buried his face into the sheets and tried to muffle his screaming as Kouyou thrust right back once more into his sensitive spot. “Go on, call me daddy. I’ll make you cum so hard.” 

Yuu, with what strength he could muster, found himself defying the blond one last time, jerking his own cock off along to his lewd noises.

“D- nnn! D…Daaadd…nnngh… Daddy!”

Kouyu gave another slap to his ass cheeks, watching them bounce as he continued fucking hard into them.

The next thrust left the both of them losing control, leaving Kouyou groaning as he emptied himself into Yuu, shivers washing over him as his cock twitched and pulsated, convulsing into his release. Pure pleasure shot through Yuu’s cock as he came, throwing his head back as he let out a stream of lengthy high-pitched moans, his ass clenching tight around Kouyou’s cock.

The both of them didn’t think they’d ever came so hard. Yuu couldn’t even feel his feet. He could feel Kouyou pulling out of him, and Yuu whined at the loss contact, hearing the sounds of Kouyou sliding the used condom off him and tossing it into a bin nearby. The blond then rolled the raven over on the bed until Yuu’s panting face was facing him, before leaning down to kiss the side of Yuu’s mouth softly, hushed whispers leaving Kouyou’s lips as he praised the raven.

“You did so good, babydoll, that felt so amazing…” Kouyou trailed kisses down Yuu’s jaw, to his neck, biting down on his collarbones.

Yuu briefly remembered he couldn’t have any of his sugar daddies leave behind any sort of love marks, considering he still had to go on other dates as well, but Yuu couldn’t find the strength to stop Kouyou. There was a small part of him that wanted to remember this night, as well, though Yuu hid these feelings specifically away and refused to admit it. The raven allowed Kouyou to mark him easily, with the blond’s arms possessively wrapping around Yuu’s exhausted body as he did so.

“So beautiful, so pretty, so unreal,” Kouyou murmured against Yuu’s skin, fingers caressing up and down his body. After finally catching his breath, Yuu’s eyes gazed over to Kouyou – who was currently worshipping his body with so much love in his eyes Yuu wondered if he was mistaking it. 

“I’m yours,” Yuu heard himself saying, his heart warmly beating in his chest.

He fell asleep under Kouyou’s kisses and touches, hand clutching Kouyou’s one in his.

Chapter Text

Ohh fuck. Yuu woke up feeling so sore he couldn’t even move.

That, or the fact that Kouyou had his arms wrapped so tightly around Yuu, the raven couldn’t move an inch. The blond was currently spooning him from behind, his crotch pressed directly against the raven’s ass, his arms holding Yuu around his waist. 

Yuu found himself stuck in a very compromising position. 

Why the fuck was he so sore again? Yuu’s eyes strained to open, trying to move his head within what limited space he could shift in. Oh, right. Memories of yesterday’s hardcore sex flooded back into his mind and he felt his cheeks turning pink instantly. Had he ever fucked that hard before? Jesus Christ. Kouyou was amazing. If having sex with Kouyou just once was enough to reduce him into a mess, Yuu couldn’t wait for the next time…

Yuu then gazed curiously around his surroundings, trying to take in Kouyou’s bedroom, considering he hadn’t had the time to get a proper look last night. His room looked exactly like what Yuu had expected. Opulent, grandiose, with a classy taste. Sure, Kouyou didn’t own a castle, but the bedroom certainly did not disappoint. 

The bedroom was decorated like a royal suite in a five-star hotel, with luxurious white curtains covering body-length sliding window doors, where a balcony lay outside. The floor was covered in white wooden tiles, and underneath the bed lay a carpet made out of sheep’s wool. Black crystal chandeliers hung up high in the middle of the bedroom, complementing the white-washed walls and the huge intricately patterned oval mirror etched up on the wall directly facing the bed. 

How had Yuu not noticed that before? Then again, they had been too caught up in sex last night to notice anything. The both of them had been at it like rabid animals that were in heat, so much so that Yuu wondered if they’d both lost their minds momentarily last night.

Or maybe their sexual chemistry had been just too good. Yuu had never fucked like that with anyone before.

Yuu groaned as he attempted shifting his legs to get into a more comfortable position. His body, especially his ass, hurt like hell, and he wasn’t even sure if he could attend classes tomorrow. He would be paying for their hardcore sex for a whole week at this rate. Still, remembering how good it felt with Kouyou’s rough hands on his hips as he fucked hard into him made Yuu giggle softly to himself. It was all worth it to finally experience how it would be like to have sex with the blond sugar daddy. Yuu would definitely be enjoying much more of this aspect of their relationship in time to come…

Yuu’s eyes lingered on the mirror before the bed. Maybe Kouyou was even into some mirror kinks he hadn’t told Yuu about…

Kouyou’s bedroom was generally decorated in white or black hues, and Yuu had to roll his eyes at the fact. Were rich people all so boring when it came to choosing colors? Though, Yuu thought his color preference reflected his personality rather accurately. Kouyou was either a total sweetheart or the kinkiest man he’d ever met, wasn’t he? Yuu laughed at the thought. A quick turn to the side of the bed, where a lamp lay atop a small drawer, reminded Yuu of yesterday’s endeavors once more. The black spiky collar he had worn yesterday was placed beside the lamp, and looking at it now, Yuu remembered how he’d acted like a total whore while donning the collar.

Maybe collars were his thing, Yuu thought, giggling silently to himself. Yuu had always liked being submissive, but the thought of being controlled with a collar made Yuu feel an unfamiliar kind of excitement boil up in him. Kouyou just had this effect on him – make him fall for dangerous things, and suck it all up like the slut he was…

He suddenly heard a rustle behind him, and then felt Kouyou’s head dip down his shoulder, a low groan leaving his lips.

“Are you awake yet, babydoll?” Kouyou whispered sleepily, pressing a kiss to the side of Yuu’s collarbones.

The raven reached a hand up, clutching at the blond’s head. “Mmm. You can go back to sleep though, if you want.”

Kouyou laughed, still rather drowsy, and for some reason he seemed so fragile when he was tired that Yuu found it cute. 

“Sorry for last night,” Kouyou murmured, his hand reaching for Yuu’s one, tracing circles comfortingly over and over into the raven’s palm. “I think I went overboard. I don’t know what came over me during dinner. I wasn’t really mad at you. I think I just–” The blond grinned, a playful smirk on his face. “I think I just wanted an excuse to treat you roughly. Sorry.”

Yuu hid his smile at his remark, and huffed, pretending to look offended. “Well, I guess that’s it then. I can’t stand men like that. I guess this is goodbye.” 

Kouyou’s fingers froze against Yuu’s palm, and for a moment the blond held his breath, anxious he had hurt the raven. “Wha–? Did you not like it? I thought we– I thought we had a pretty good time–” Kouyou’s lips fell into a frown, shocked. “Aoi, you didn’t like it? You could have told me halfway while I was f–”

“I was kidding,” Yuu giggled, winking flirtatiously to the blond. The blond grunted in response, and in a second Kouyou rolled him over and was seating himself atop Yuu’s thighs, pinning the raven’s wrists down quickly against the pillows.

“You think it’s funny to play jokes with me,” Kouyou said, eyeing him suspiciously, his face distrusting of Yuu. The raven innocently looked back up to him, attempting to wriggle his hands free from Kouyou’s grasp. Kouyou didn’t allow him to move an inch. “Do you like teasing me so much, Aoi?” 

Yuu gave a casual shrug. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m so cute.”

Kouyou’s eyes narrowed to him.

“You’re lucky you’re so cute,” the blond said, admitting defeat and sighing seconds later. He loosened his grip around Yuu’s wrists, leaning his head over to capture Yuu’s lips into several kisses instead. They kissed with mild tongue, and as Yuu circled his arms around the blond’s neck, Kouyou’s fingers fell against Yuu’s hair, playing briefly with his raven strands.

Nnngh,” Yuu moaned, kissing Kouyou harder. Once they pulled apart for breath and gazed back at each other, Yuu saw Kouyou looking to him with a kind of fondness in his eyes, barely masking how enamored he was with the raven.

“Are you going to spend all day staring at me or what?” Yuu teased. 

Kouyou smiled and shook his head, shaking off the short daze he’d slipped into. 

“You’re so beautiful,” the blond whispered, caressing at the raven’s hair strands gently.

They kissed a while more, until their tongues eventually grew tired and they grew hungry for breakfast. 


To Yuu’s surprise, once he was done and out of showering in the guest bathroom – which was two times the size of his own bedroom, the raven noted in the back of his head – Kouyou was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the both of them. Kouyou was rich, good-looking and had the ability to cook. Jesus christ. How was this eligible bachelor not snapped up by anyone yet?

Yuu inhaled the inviting scent wafting all the way from the kitchen, stomach growling as he did so. Kouyou’s cooking smelled heavenly, just like –

…Oh, snap. Yuu had forgotten all about notifying Yutaka his whereabouts. Fuck. He must have worried Yutaka to death. Yuu always promised to text Yutaka whenever he was staying over a sugar daddy’s house, just to show that he was still safe and sound (and most importantly, alive), but this time it seemed like during the thrill of it all Yuu had forgotten to notify Yutaka. Yutaka was so going to kill him.

“I’m so fucked,” Yuu cursed, running his way hurriedly back to the bedroom to look for his phone. Kouyou turned from his cooking to glance at him, a quizzical look on his face, but he went back to preparing breakfast for them anyway.

Yuu found his jeans tossed on the floor of Kouyou’s bedroom, his mobile phone still in his pocket. Once he’d retrieved it safely out, he wasn’t surprised to find it exploded with texts and calls from his one and only roommate. Yuu cursed again as he scrolled through the twenty texts he’d gotten from Yutaka, feeling bad he’d caused the brunet to worry over him again.

Yutaka: Why haven’t you texted me yet?

Yutaka: Hello? Are you there?

Yutaka: Are you serious? It’s going to be midnight.


Yutaka: I swear to God, if you’re not texting me because you’re too busy being fucked by your sugar daddy, I will be soooo pissed at you.  

Yutaka: DO I NEED TO CALL THE POLICE?!?!!?!?!?  

Yutaka: Seriously, no kidding, I’m going to call the police.  

Yutaka: OK, clearly you are dead, dismembered, and floating on water right now, or you’re just being an idiot and worrying me and making me FRANTIC AS HELL. IT’S 2 FUCKING AM.


Yutaka: No, seriously, R.I.P. Once you get a hold of me, I’m yelling at you.

The last message was sent at 4 am. Yuu dialed Yutaka’s number as fast as he could, praying the brunet wouldn’t be too mad at him. It was now eight in the morning and Yutaka should be awake by now, considering he was an early riser; despite often studying late into the night. Oh, god. Please don’t let him kill me, Yuu prayed.

The call picked up immediately with Yutaka’s voice yelling at him over the speaker. Yuu briefly wondered if the brunet had been waiting for a call from him the whole night – Yutaka had a habit of sleeping with his phone on right beside him whenever Yuu stayed over someplace else.


“Yutaka! I’m sorrrryyyyyy!” Yuu apologized profusely, knowing he did Yutaka wrong this time. “I totally forgot about it. Really! I honestly forgot about it! I know I worried you sick, but I… I’m soooo sorrryyyy!” 

Yutaka continued yelling. “Do you think it’s fun waiting for a text from your friend who goes out on dates with questionable men who pay him for sex and you have to just fucking sit here and wait and wonder if your friend has fucking died yet?! I can’t believe you! If something happened to you, you know I wouldn’t ever forgive myself!”

Yuu felt guilt wash over him quickly. Yutaka had always been a good friend to him, and despite Yuu being the more affectionate one, he knew Yutaka cared a lot about him in his own right, too. He hated the thought of dragging Yutaka into his sugar dating life, and causing him to worry just because of Yuu’s work.

“I’m really sorry,” Yuu whispered, easing his eyes shut. “Yutaka, I feel so horrible about this. I know you worried a ton over me. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I’ll remember next time, alright? I’m so, so sorry.” 

Yutaka calmed down a bit after hearing Yuu’s subdued tone. The brunet released a soft sigh. “You know I just care a lot about you.”

Yuu looked to the ground. “I know… I’m such a bad friend, Yutaka. I promise I’ll remember next time.” 

Yutaka sighed again. “Okay, maybe I was too harsh on you. Just… Just remember to let me know you’re still alive next time, alright? You know I’m iffy about these things.” 

“Okay,” Yuu hastily agreed, feeling better now that Yutaka didn’t seem as angered. “It’s just… I usually wouldn’t forget, but… But this time it’s… slightly different. I mean, Kouyou’s… Kouyou’s really, really, different. In a good way. In every aspect.”

Yutaka’s breath staggered at his words. “You’ve been talking about him day in and day out these days. You sound like you’re…” The brunet trailed off, sounding hesitant. “So, did you… Were you both… busy last night?”

Yuu had to stifle a giggle at his question. “Um… Kinda. He was… Um. He was really good. Uh, thinking about it is making me blush. It was fantastic. I’ve never met a man who could make me cum like that–”

“Oh my god, too much information,” Yutaka groaned, sounding instantly annoyed. “Seriously, Yuu, I do not need to know things like that.”

“Oops,” Yuu giggled. “Sorry.”

“Okay, well, seeing as how you’re safe, I guess I can let you off the hook now,” Yutaka muttered, still sounding displeased. “However! Text me if anything else happens, okay? I won’t feel safe until you’re back home.” 

Yuu smiled warmly at his words. “Okay! I promise.”

Yutaka sighed. “I’ll hold you to that.”

They ended the phone call swiftly, but as Yuu turned to head back to the kitchen, he saw Kouyou standing by the bedroom door with an amused smile on his face, his arms folded, dressed simply in a casual shirt and boxer shorts. 

“Sooo…” Kouyou began, eyeing Yuu’s lean body deliciously. Yuu was wearing a similar get-up, in a shirt and short shorts, but they hugged his slim frame in a way that made him so irresistible to the blond. “I heard you’ve never met a man who could make you cum like that before. I wonder who you were talking about.”

Yuu felt his face grow hot. “That… That, was, uh, not–”

“I know what we’re doing after breakfast now,” Kouyou said smugly, turning around and leading the way back to the kitchen

The raven didn’t dare ask what, but he knew his ass was going to be hurting ten times more after this.


So. Not only could Kouyou cook, he was a good cook too. He had cooked poached eggs with toasted bread for breakfast, and Yuu couldn’t remember the last time he wasn’t having his usual sunny side-ups with hotdogs that he regularly cooked with Yutaka. The raven was goddamn moaning as he savored every last bit of Kouyou’s breakfast, wondering how on earth the blond could cook this good.

Kouyou’s kitchen was very minimalistic in its design, covered in white from head to toe, and sleekly floored with dark brown wood. There was even a mini bar to the side, and Yuu wondered how often the blond even utilized it in his home.

Kouyou sat opposite him at the glass dining table right outside the kitchen, laughing at how eager Yuu seemed to be eating his food.

 “The sex is great. The food is great. The house is great. I’m not exactly sure what’s not great about you,” Yuu said, his voice muffled as he gobbled the food hungrily down his throat. “You know, I still can’t believe I’m getting paid for this. How am I getting paid for this?” 

The blond chuckled further. “You know, Aoi, have you ever considered the fact that maybe we’re just very well-suited for each other, and not the fact that we’re too good for each other? Because in my eyes, you’re way out of my league. And no protesting about that.”

Yuu’s jaw fell agape. “Are you fucking kidding me? Jesus christ. My sugar daddy’s insane.”

Kouyou laughed shortly. “You think way too highly of me, don’t you?” 

Yuu snorted. “I would say no, but I would be lying. You’re like… a goddamn character right out of a romance novel. It’s insane. I have no idea how I got so lucky.”

Kouyou looked to him, amused. “Aoi… I’m the one that got lucky.” 

The raven cut another portion of his food, greedily stuffing it into his mouth. “Yoummff fumming crazmfggg.”

The blond chuckled. “Don’t eat with your mouth full, sweetheart. You’ll choke.” 

Yuu shot him a look, trying to chew on his food as fast he possibly could.

“It’s true, though…” Kouyou mumbled. He paused for a moment, wondering if he should continue. With much hesitance, he found the will to speak.

“The last time someone broke up with me, she said I was too insensitive and demanding for her. It’s… It’s not something anyone can get used to,” the blond uttered quietly, his smile fading bit by bit. 

Yuu stopped chewing for a moment, noticing the sudden tension in the atmosphere. The last time someone broke up with him? Was he referring to his six-year relationship? The long-term one he had just gotten out of a year ago?

“But that’s impossible,” Yuu replied, swallowing down the food in his mouth quickly. There was a long list of words that could describe the blond, and insensitive wasn’t one of them. He was the sweetest guy Yuu had met. Who in their right mind would call Kouyou insensitive?

“Kouyou, you’re… so thoughtful, so kind, so nurturing. You make me happy when I’m upset, and you get so worried when you think I might get mad. Kouyou – that person must be blind. You’re so crazy emotionally sensitive, I couldn’t ask for a better sugar daddy to be with.”

The blond still looked doubtful, though, and he cast his eyes away, drawing in a long breath.

“Well, I’m glad that you think I’m thoughtful, now. That I’m sensitive enough to your needs. Because I’ve been…” Kouyou swallowed down the rest of his words, looking reluctant to continue, his gaze conflicted. “…Nevermind. It doesn’t matter, anyway. Let’s talk about you.” He forced a smile onto his face, though it looked so painfully shallow Yuu knew Kouyou wasn’t used to masking his emotions very well.

Something ached at Yuu’s heart to see Kouyou so hurt, and part of the raven desperately wanted to find out why. He reached out a hand and placed it over Kouyou’s one, softly intertwining their fingers together.

“We talk about me a lot,” Yuu murmured, quietly glancing over to the blond.

Kouyou’s forcefully widened his smile. “I know. And it’s good, you know, I love hearing about you. It’s never a boring conversation topic when it’s about you.”

The raven frowned. The blond was trying so hard to get Yuu to push the subject away. Unfortunately for him, Yuu had to be the most stubborn person on the planet – something the raven was used to being called by Yutaka when it came to deciding on matters for the both of them.

“I want to know more about you,” Yuu started, as gently as he possibly could. “I want to know more, Kouyou. This isn’t a superficial relationship, as you said, right? I want to know you as a person. I want to know you more than expensive gifts and mind-blowing sex. I want more than that. And I know you do, too.” 

He watched as Kouyou’s mask faltered at his words, his smile falling back into an upset frown just like how it was before. Yuu knew his words would do the trick. He’d played the same cards with several sugar daddies before, and they’d immediately given in to him, liking how Yuu seemed to be so emotionally sensitive to their needs.

Yuu wanted to get Kouyou closer to him. He wanted to feel the blond’s heart beat in his very hands; he wanted to know the contents of the very heart that was beating. He wanted Kouyou to open up, to lose himself further into Yuu. 

Because when they did, that usually meant Yuu had won the game.

(It was not because Yuu really wanted to know more about Kouyou, no. It wasn’t, Yuu strictly reminded to himself, whose heart seemed to weaken too easily whenever it came to the blond CEO. It was just because Yuu wanted the upper hand, and he was simply doing his job as the perfect boyfriend.) 

“It’s nothing, it’s just…” Kouyou begun, slowly easing the words out past his lips. “I just, I’ve been… I haven’t been completely honest with how I am, I guess. And it’s nothing bad, but – I’ve been trying, so hard, to see if I can get better at this, to see if – if maybe I can get rid of, this insensitivity, whatever, you know. It’s just–”

Kouyou paced his breathing for a second, struggling to remain calm.

Yuu’s heart fell at the sorry sight, wondering if Kouyou had said too much, far too much; more than he’d originally planned to reveal to the raven.

“I sucked,” Kouyou confessed, placing both elbows onto the table, clutching his head agonizingly with two hands. “I sucked… you know. I did something wrong, I– Got too caught up with work, neglected her, we fell apart. I was… insensitive. Didn’t bother noticing she wasn’t happy. Didn’t bother voicing out anything. Didn’t–” 

The blond’s eyes flickered over to Yuu’s woefully. 

“I knew she was upset, I didn’t ask her about it. Thought it would be okay. She didn’t – she didn’t like the things I did in the bedroom, too. Said I was too – too demanding. I didn’t know she didn’t – didn’t like it – she said I – I’m too much, I’m not someone–”

At this point in time he was getting choked up and his throat was growing dry; and his heart was breaking and Yuu’s heart was breaking, and no tears were running yet but Yuu could see the tears that would fall too soon. 

“ – I’m not someone anyone can love.”

And in that moment Yuu understood. 

Yuu understood, now. The reason why Kouyou had been so sensitive from the start; the reason why Kouyou had been so kind, so patient, so endearing; the reason why Kouyou had been so afraid he’d upset Yuu with his words when he’d asked the raven politely to refrain from calling him daddy in public; the reason why Kouyou had been careful with Yuu in the bedroom, afraid he would hurt him; the reason why, when Yuu joked with Kouyou that the raven hadn’t liked the sex, Kouyou had gotten so apologetic, worried he’d forced Yuu into doing things he hadn’t wanted to do –

Yuu understood everything.

Kouyou was just trying to be the person he never was. Kouyou had started this sugar dating game, to see if Kouyou was enough as a person, as a man, to pamper someone else, to see if Kouyou was fit to be with someone else in a normal relationship again. Kouyou hadn’t only wanted companionship – he wanted to practice, too. He wanted to practice being the perfect man; he wanted to be the loving partner he never was. He wanted to be the person his partner had left him for. He wanted to be – loved.

Kouyou was human, after all.

And everyone had their imperfections, and everyone had their insecurities. And right here, right now, Kouyou cuddling him after sex, Kouyou playing with Yuu’s hair and kissing him delicately and calling him his flower, Kouyou cooking him the perfect breakfast – Kouyou was just… trying. Kouyou was trying. Kouyou was trying his very best to make Yuu like him, as a human being, and Yuu had been teasing him. Maybe even ridiculing his efforts. Not taking him seriously.

All these while Yuu had thought Kouyou was using him. That they were both mutually using each other. 

And, maybe, in a way, Kouyou was.

But Kouyou took this relationship seriously, and that was all that mattered to the raven.

“You are perfect to me,” Yuu whispered softly, squeezing Kouyou’s hand tightly in his. “Kouyou, she hadn’t liked you because of… you. You don’t have to change, you know, just for one person. You don’t have to change the way you are just to get people to like you.”

Kouyou’s hazy eyes blinked up to him, looking lost for a second. “I don’t – I don’t believe you,” the blond said, biting his tongue, though he held Yuu’s hand closely to him.

“You wouldn’t have even… liked me, if I had been half the man I used to be. I was… ignorant. Cold. Selfish. Very selfish, in fact. I was… horrible. And maybe dealing with people with fake facades at work 24/7 has made me this cold, and maybe I built up a front to deal with it. But you’re – you’re different. You’re so happy, you make me so happy, that when you get upset I just – I just can’t take it. I never want you to get hurt.”

Yuu shivered at his words. He could feel that the blond meant it, and the intensity of it all… made the raven happy. 

So much so that it confused him.

“Kouyou… If you’re saying all of these, truly, from the bottommost of your very heart, then they must be real. Your feelings. Your kindness. Your tenderness. You’ve always had it in you. Perhaps you hadn’t known how to express it, back then. But you’re kind, Kouyou. You’re kind, and you’re thoughtful, and you’re… enough. You’re enough for me. You’re more than enough. I just… I need you to know that.” 

Kouyou’s eyes shimmered up to him. 

“You’re special,” the blond admitted, smiling weakly to the raven. The raven’s heart fluttered at the gesture. “You’re really, really special. And I’m so jealous,” he broke into a soft laugh, shaking his head. “So jealous. So jealous of the man that will eventually marry you one day. He’ll be the luckiest man on earth. I just hope you find someone who deserves you that much.”

Yuu, honestly, didn’t know how to feel after that. He felt a combination of emotions hearing Kouyou’s words – disappointment yet relief, happiness yet anger. The worst thing was that he couldn’t pinpoint each emotion to a specific reason, and it punched him harshly in the gut at the realization.

He hadn’t been this emotionally involved with any of his sugar daddies before.

They hadn’t bothered to treat him as kindly, hadn’t bothered to think of him as a human being. And here Kouyou was, telling the raven he deserved everything in the world, when the perfect man was standing right before him.

“I’m guessing you don’t think you’re worthy of being such a person,” Yuu said to him, forcing a smile to the blond.

Kouyou’s gaze lowered. “No, no, I don’t. Not me, no.”

Yuu didn’t know why he wanted to cry suddenly. Was it because he thought he wasn’t good enough for the blond to try for him? Or was it because of something else? Was it because he wanted the blond to try for him? 

…But why would Yuu want Kouyou to try for him? Yuu was twenty-one. Yuu wasn’t looking for love. Yuu never had. Yuu was just here for the money, for the easy ride, for the clearing of his debts. Yuu was here because he had to. Yuu– Yuu couldn’t want more out of this, could he?

Yuu didn’t know. Yuu didn’t want to know.

“One day maybe you will feel you’re worthy enough,” Yuu murmured quietly, looking away.

Kouyou curved his lips into a hopeful smile. “Maybe.” 

The rest of their breakfast passed on in peaceful silence, but their hands never let go of each other. And for some reason, knowing Kouyou was so close to him, and yet so far away, made the raven feel at unease. 

Was the blond too emotionally scarred to ever get involved in another relationship? It wasn’t like Yuu should care, but he did. And that fact itself frightened the raven. 

He just wanted the blond to hold him again and kiss him softly against his face, taking all of his thoughts away so he could bask in the moment of this pretend-love.

And in that moment of fantasizing Yuu knew he had fucked up. He had fucked up big time, he thought, as he gazed over to Kouyou and traced imaginary lips over his eyes and cheeks. 

And he wasn’t prepared to face the consequences.

Chapter Text

They ended up cuddling on the sofa in Kouyou’s living room an hour later, with the raven seated cutely upon Kouyou’s thighs, curled up warmly in Kouyou’s embrace. They flicked through television channels mindlessly, making random comments about whatever that was on. Yuu yawned in between, snuggling his head into Kouyou’s neck. The blond smiled at the raven’s antics, his arms squeezing Yuu tightly in his grasp.

“How are you so cute,” Kouyou whispered, dipping his nose down to catch a whiff of Yuu’s freshly washed hair. Yuu had brought the strawberry shampoo he’d always used – his other sugar daddies said they’d loved the smell – and he’d thought Kouyou would like it too. Indeed, his hopes didn’t disappoint, and Yuu giggled when the blond planted a kiss against Yuu’s hair, showing his appreciation for the raven.

“I don’t know,” Yuu cheekily responded, eyes gazing up to Kouyou’s. They stared at each other for awhile, eyes transfixed sweetly upon each other’s, until Kouyou started tugging at Yuu’s hair and nudging his head up a little. Then he drew Yuu’s lips into a soft kiss, eyes falling shut as he did so. Yuu indulged him, and the both of them kissed shortly, pulling away every few seconds or so, before kissing each other again, their kissing growing from quick and short to long and hurried. 

Not before long, they were back to their urgent, desperate kissing, reminiscent of yesterday’s kisses, and Yuu felt his body alight on fire once more, panting and wanting to feel more of Kouyou against him. He rolled himself up, straddling Kouyou’s thighs, his hips gyrating along to the pace of their kisses. Kouyou’s hands fell from his hair to move to his waist, hands fingering the hems of Yuu’s tight shirt, pushing them up his stomach. He was surprised to find a silver navel piercing there, something he hadn’t noticed yesterday. Then again – they’d both fucked too eagerly, anyway. There were plenty of things they’d missed out. 

Breaking away from their kiss, Kouyou found the breath to speak. “That’s hot.”

Yuu looked down through hazy eyes to meet Kouyou’s gaze. “What’s hot?” 

The blond gestured. “Your navel piercing,” Kouyou said, pressing his lips to Yuu’s navel. He kissed the side of his stomach, fingers caressing past the soft skin that lay there. “When did you get it?” 

Yuu smiled. “At 19. I was all sorts of recklessness at 19, but I still keep my navel piercing. I like it.”

Kouyou grinned. “I like it, too.” He fluttered gentle kisses up his stomach, pushing Yuu’s shirt higher and higher up his chest. The raven allowed the blond to pull the shirt off him finally, tossing the shirt aside on the sofa.

“Don’t understand how you’re so hot,” Kouyou murmured against his skin, eyes easing shut as he took a nipple of Yuu’s into his mouth. Yuu moaned at the contact, his hands reaching down to entangle into Kouyou’s hair. A swirl of the blond’s tongue against his nipple and Yuu’s thighs were immediately clenching, his breath staggering as he did so.

“N-No, Kouyou…” Yuu sighed in pleasure, fluttering his eyes close. He rolled his hips against Kouyou’s, fingers clenching and unclenching in Kouyou’s hair as the blond’s tongue licked and lapped against his nubs. It was getting his lower regions flustered, and Yuu found himself pressing harder down against Kouyou’s lap. Kouyou made a low groan at the back of his throat as Yuu rubbed himself against him, the blond’s cock stirring too easily to life at his dry humping. 

Yuu felt Kouyou’s pants tightening underneath him and gazed smugly to him, knowing exactly the kind of effect he had on Kouyou. He continued grinding slowly against the blond, rubbing his ass right against Kouyou’s crotch, wanting to test how long it’d take for Kouyou to be pushed over the limit.

A moment later and Kouyou was hissing, releasing Yuu’s nipple from his mouth. He leaned up to bring Yuu into a short kiss, tongue hungrily savoring his. At the same time, his hands were slowly slipping down Yuu’s waist, falling just around his curvy hips, and tugging at the elastic band of the short shorts Yuu was wearing. He pulled it slightly down, his half-lidded eyes peeking at Yuu’s underwear. He wasn’t disappointed.

Yuu had put on lacey red panties this time, tied together by his sides with criss-cross ribbons. As usual, Yuu always appeared to be wearing a size smaller than he really should, for when Kouyou’s hand reached to cop a feel at the back of Yuu’s ass, he found the underwear too small to cover the raven’s ass cheeks fully, and was instead threatening to slip back in between Yuu’s ass like how a g-string would. God, the knowledge turned Kouyou on more than it should, and the blond was quickly pulling away from their kiss, eyes looking to Yuu lecherously.

“Turn around and let me see your ass,” Kouyou asked crudely, and Yuu happily complied.

“So demanding,” Yuu teased, but he turned around, anyway, peeling his shorts off him as he did so. He tossed them to the side, along with his shirt, and sat back against Kouyou’s lap, wriggling his ass cutely in the blond’s sight. Kouyou was drawing in a long breath, his eyes fixated on Yuu’s plump-looking ass cheeks.

He’d just fucked in between those cheeks the night before but Kouyou knew it wasn’t enough. Hell, no matter how many times he would fuck the raven, it would never be enough. Last night had been complete bliss for him and he knew the instant he lay his eyes upon Yuu’s form that he wouldn’t ever get enough of the raven. 

“Why do you always look so lewd, so ready to be fucked.” Kouyou muttered to the raven, hands eagerly grabbing hold of Yuu’s two ass cheeks. He cupped them both with his hands, feeling them fill against his palm nicely, just the right size for him to squeeze and smack. He gave a slap to Yuu’s right ass cheek, watching intently as it wobbled a little and grew red under his touch.

Yuu whimpered at the contact, grinding down against Kouyou’s crotch instinctively. That earned him another slap from the blond, who disapproved of his teasing, and Yuu immediately let out a surprised cry out. 

“Why does daddy like to play with my ass so much,” Yuu whined, turning his head to give an adorable pout to the blond. Kouyou smirked at the sight, gripping Yuu’s tightly in his hands.

Daddy likes asses plump and firm like yours,” Kouyou cooed, leaning his lips over to plant a kiss against Yuu’s reddening ass cheek. “Daddy will smack you as much as he deems fit, isn’t that right, babydoll?”

Yuu felt his heart pound with excitement at the sound of Kouyou being in control once more, and he nodded his head obediently, anxious to please. He wanted nothing more than for Kouyou to fuck him now and he didn’t want to have to wait long for that to happen.

“Daddy wants to play with this ass for a little while,” Kouyou murmured in a low voice, pushing Yuu’s hips up and getting the raven to kneel against his lap, bringing the raven’s ass closer to his face. With a finger, he tugged down the hems of Yuu’s red lacey panties and pulled his two cheeks apart, feeling his cock twitch at the sight of Yuu’s luscious-looking small pink hole. Yuu squirmed in his hold, begging for Kouyou to start pampering him already, and Kouyou gave another light smack to him.

“Stop being impatient,” Kouyou scolded, though there wasn’t any real malice in his voice. 

“But Daddy…” Yuu pouted further.

Kouyou gave a low sigh, as if he had no choice but to give in, then moved forward to give a quick lick to Yuu’s bare asshole. The raven mewled instantly, liking the attention, egging the blond to go on. Kouyou gave another few quick licks, before slipping his tongue in, and that was when Yuu let out a long moan of happiness, thighs shaking underneath Kouyou’s hold.

MmmFeels good,” Yuu vocalized, eyes falling shut as he shifted his ass closer to Kouyou’s face. Kouyou swirled his tongue inside of him, awaiting the raven’s reaction, and was pleased when Yuu let out another strangled moan. 

“Faster, please,” The raven begged. Kouyou pushed his tongue in deeper, then moved it out a short distance, before flicking it deep inside Yuu again, making the raven gasp with pleasure. Kouyou began this steady rhythm of fucking him with his mouth, sucking and licking and pushing his tongue hotly inside of the raven, delighting in hearing Yuu’s cries as he did so.

Nnnghhh Daddy’s so mean to me! Oh, oh, fuck…!” Yuu moaned, shifting his hips every other second to accommodate Kouyou’s tongue better in him. His ass throbbed in Kouyou’s hands as the blond held them apart, and Kouyou found himself satisfiedly squeezing them back in return. In turn, the walls of Yuu’s ass nervously tightened around Kouyou’s tongue, and god, did it feel good as fuck for the raven.

Yuu humped Kouyou’s tongue as much as he could, loving the feeling of his saliva and wet, pulsating tongue delving deep inside of him. He wrapped a hand around his own cock, touching himself to the feeling of Kouyou’s tongue wedged deep in his hole. 

“Just fuck me harder, Daddy! Aoi wants to be treated badly!” Yuu pleaded, squirming his ass in Kouyou’s grasp. Kouyou growled at the disobedience, then decided to slip a finger into Yuu’s ass, breaching his hole at the same time his tongue was moving inside of Yuu once more. The raven felt his hole welcome the intrusion, stretching easily to accommodate the blond’s wet tongue and thick digit, his lips parting to let out pleased moans in response.

“Aah… Nnnghhh… D…Daddy…!” Yuu panted loudly, feeling the blond fuck him more vigorously like this. Kouyou was lapping his tongue over the tight furl of his entrance, while his finger reached the places his tongue couldn’t reach, sliding in deeper to prod around for Yuu’s prostate. A few seconds later and Kouyou knew he had found it when his finger twisted up and he heard Yuu let out a satisfying scream in response. Kouyou gave another tentative lick and thrust of his finger again and Yuu made the same reaction, his milky thighs quivering in anticipation. 

Kouyou decided he would stop there, denying Yuu of any further pleasure. He pulled both finger and tongue out and pushed Yuu’s ass back down to his lap, turning the raven around to face him.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Kouyou asked, smirking, watching as Yuu nodded hornily. “I want you to ride my cock and show me how much you want it.”

Yuu didn’t waste any time in doing so. He moved his hands forward to pull at Kouyou’s boxer shorts, pulling enough to slip his stiff cock out and see its hardness in full view. Yuu grew triumphant at the sight, knowing it was him who was responsible for such a reaction.

“Get the lube and condom from underneath the coffee table,” Kouyou instructed, and Yuu was scrambling for the coffee table behind him, locating the box of condoms and bottle of lube easily from underneath. He grabbed for a packet of condom, yanking it open quickly with his teeth – a trick he had learnt that made him look both sexy and efficient – and placed the condom around Kouyou’s length swiftly, before coating it with lube.

“Ride me,” Kouyou groaned, and very soon the raven was positioning his ass right above Kouyou’s cock, the tip of his member brushing right against Yuu’s tightly stretched entrance. Yuu sucked in a breath as he lowered himself against Kouyou, trembling as every inch of Kouyou’s cock breached him slowly until he was fully inside of the raven. The stretch felt incredible, and Yuu felt so stuffed full of cock he was in heaven.

They both groan in unison at the sensation of being filled and filling the other at the same time, and Kouyou’s hands automatically move to the raven’s behind, cupping Yuu’s ass in his palms once more.

“Fuck…” The blond was moaning; his cock felt too thick, too good inside of the raven.

Yuu found himself shuddering as he lifted himself up slightly, feeling the delicious drag of Kouyou’s cock as he did so. Yuu then felt himself tightening as he slid back down onto Kouyou’s cock, his face scrunching up immediately in ecstacy, getting used quickly to the feeling of being fucked. 

“You like that, huh, splitting me open with your big cock, nngghh, Daddy…” Yuu whispered out dirtily, eager to please.

He gave a few more experimental thrusts, lifting himself up and down on Kouyou’s cock as slowly as he could; but his ass was soon aching for more, and Kouyou’s hot cock was already starting to leak pre-cum inside of him. 

Yuu loved being fucked in this position so much, fuck. He loved the control he had in this position and he loved watching his partner come undone because of himso goddamn much.

“S-So good! Aah! Nnngh! Nnn!” Yuu trembled, biting his lip as he lost himself to the thrusts. Yuu began fucking himself atop Kouyou’s cock at elevated speed, throwing his head back as he did so, mouths producing mewls and whimpers with each thrust, his ass hungrily sucking in Kouyou’s cock as much as it could. 

Fuck, Aoi”Kouyou cursed again as Yuu began picking up his pace, and he had his head leant back against the sofa as well, groaning every now and then at the feeling of his thick cock wedging past every of Yuu’s tight muscles, giving him the treatment he deserved.

Yuu panted shamelessly as he worked his ass up and down against Kouyou’s cock, wanting to pleasure the blond as much as he could. “D…Daddy!” the raven moaned out loudly again, never relenting as he fucked atop the blond. Kouyou dug his nails into his ass cheeks, hissing as Yuu clamped down hard against him in the next second. 

“What a good slut for Daddy…” Kouyou whispered huskily, eyes gazing up to admire the sight before him. Yuu was fully naked, save for the pink panties he’d slid down to his mid thighs, and his raven hair was tossed over to the side of his neck, sticking to his face warmly as he started to sweat. Yuu looked absolutely helpless straddling him, his mouth parted in obscene moans, his heavily lidded eyes staring lustfully down to the blond. His navel piercing made him look so fucking hot and sexy against his fair and creamy skin, along with his curvy moving hips that Kouyou couldn’t look away from. 

God, Kouyou wanted to ravish him so much. He wanted to corrupt the raven with all his filthy desires; he wanted to make the raven surrender under his control.

“Can't believe you’re mine…” Kouyou murmured, strong hands pushing Yuu up with every thrust, forcing the raven to go at his furious pace. “Mmm, can’t fucking believe this ass belongs to me, so tight… so juicy…”

Yuu moaned to Kouyou’s words, clenching his thighs and feeling his inner walls squeeze around Kouyou’s cock. It spurred Kouyou on, and the blond was quickly fucking up inside of Yuu as well, driving all breath and thought out of Yuu as he pushed his cock frenziedly up into him, sliding in so deep Yuu went dizzy at the pleasure.

“N-No, Daddy, t…aah! Too fast! D-Daddy! Please!” Yuu embarrassedly cried out, feeling the blond easily manhandle his body in his grasp. Kouyou was spreading his thighs apart, holding them effortlessly in his hands, driving his hole over and over again onto Kouyou’s cock. Yuu couldn’t control the lewd sounds that kept leaving his lips, his body shivering at the intense pleasure that came with every fast thrust. Yuu was still so tight around Kouyou, and the both of them felt it good.

“D…Daddy, if you go too fast, I-I will– aahnnngh… D-Daddy…!” Yuu sobbed, hand urgently reaching down to fist at his own cock. The combined pleasure of his erection being stroked and his asshole being nicely fucked made the raven almost lose himself over the edge. Kouyou was still lost in his own pleasure, eyes closed, mouth parted in groans. Yuu tried to accommodate him as much as possible, lifting himself up on weak knees and clenching his inner walls around Kouyou’s thick, hard cock.

“Babydoll…” Kouyou whispered, hissing as he began fucking Yuu in short, fast strokes, desperate to reach his release. They were both reaching their limits and it was easy to tell, from the never-ending sounds of their pleasured cries ringing in the air, and the loud slapping of Yuu’s ass against his lap. Yuu was making incoherent sounds by now, pleading for Kouyou to go faster and faster so he could cum under the blond’s touch.

“T…That’s the place, Daddy! Right there, right there, yes fuck,  I- I-” Yuu sobbed aloud, almost howling, and as Kouyou angled his thrusts deeper and rougher inside of him, the raven reached up a hand to messily pull at Kouyou’s hair, while the other was concentrated on stroking himself desperately to completion. 

“Cum for me, babydoll,” Kouyou growled, pushing his hips up, and the raven was completely weak to his voice combined with his thrust.

Yes, D-Daddy!” Yuu cried out, and then his hole clenched like a vice around Kouyou’s cock, his thighs clamping tightly around the blond. He came with much fervor, his body thrashing wildly in Kouyou’s grasp, a few tears escaping his eyes and rolling down his blushing cheeks. His entire face had turned a scarlet red, and his mouth was letting out an endless stream of moans of Daddy, Daddy, Daddy until he rode his orgasm out fully against Kouyou’s dick.

Kouyou groaned at the sight, and the feeling of Yuu’s muscles wrapped around his cock so tightly like this. He grinded up over and over again into Yuu’s twitching hole, his breaths coming out in sharp pants, bitten off and ragged – until a wave of pleasure passes over him and he was shuddering, reaching his own release.

Yuu slumped down against him, Kouyou’s gradually softening cock still inside of him, and the raven leaned down to Kouyou’s neck, cutely nestling his head there. Kouyou took a few deep breaths as his hands fell to Yuu’s hair, petting him and caressing his hair lovingly. 

The blond looked down to Yuu’s soiled panties, smiling wryly at the lewd sight.

“How many of these do you own?” was the first thing Kouyou said, breaking the silence, catching Yuu by ultimate surprise.

“What are you talking about,” Yuu murmured sleepily, still basking in the after-effects of his mindblowing orgasm.

“Your lingerie,” Kouyou whispered, hands moving down to pat lightly against Yuu’s butt. Yuu smiled. 

“Enough pieces to make you happy,” Yuu purred, grinding his ass down against Kouyou’s crotch once more. The blond grunted in response, squeezing Yuu’s ass cheeks in his hands. 

“I could take you lingerie shopping,” Kouyou suggested as a thought.

Yuu pulled his head back from the blond’s neck to look excitedly into Kouyou’s eyes. “That sounds like a great idea.”

“You’ll let me look when you change in the dressing room, won’t you?” Kouyou smirked at the mental image. Yuu side-eyed him a little. 

“I could take pictures,” Yuu said, watching as Kouyou’s eyes glinted to him at that remark. “What a pervert.” 

Kouyou laughed. “Oh? I’m a pervert now?” 

Yuu hummed happily, squirming his ass against Kouyou’s dick once more. “Yes. You. Are.”

The blond groaned at his actions, giving a light smack to his butt. “You’re the one wearing such lewd panties to entice me. Can I be blamed?”

Yuu leaned in to nuzzle his nose adorably against his. “I guess not. Maybe I’m partially at fault. But… Aoi only wants to please his Daddy.”

Kouyou wryly laughed. “You’re doing a good job of that, my little flower.” 

Yuu grinned and snuggled happily back into his arms, finding content in cuddling him just like this.

“Don’t want this weekend to end,” Yuu whined, feeling Kouyou’s arms wrap around him protectively at his words.

“Don’t want you to go, either,” Kouyou murmured, pressing his nose to Yuu’s hair, breathing in his scent. Then, very impulsively, he said: “I want to see you again next weekend. Can I?”

Yuu’s heart galloped against his chest at his offer. “I thought a CEO would be far more busy than this,” Yuu teasingly replied, trying to mask his delight. 

Kouyou laughed. “I’ll clear my weekend out for you. I have a feeling you’re going to make me lose my job at this rate, Aoi.” 

Yuu raised an eyebrow to him. “Oh? Well…” The raven slid a hand down Kouyou’s chest, his voice coming out in a low sultry whisper. “If you don’t have the money to keep me here, I might just leave, you know…” 

The blond outwardly stiffened at his words. “I see. Well, that won’t happen, babydoll, I’ll make sure of it.” He sounded unusually disappointed in his tone, and it made Yuu regret his choice of words for a second.

“I was kidding,” Yuu said softly, eyes fluttering up to meet Kouyou’s ones. The blond’s lips were in a frown, and his eyes had a look of concern in them.

“I’ve only just started getting to know you, don’t leave me so soon,” Kouyou murmured quietly, and Yuu had to strain his ears to catch his words. They tugged at Yuu’s heartstrings, and the confusion Yuu had felt before was quickly returning back to him. 

“I’m not going to leave you anytime soon,” Yuu whispered back, ignoring the emotions currently flooding over him, circling his arms around the blond’s neck.

He smiled softly to the blond, gazing sweetly into his eyes. “Don’t worry, Kouyou. I’m right here.”

Kouyou’s lips moved into a small, relieved smile. “Mmm.” 

His arms’ grip around Yuu tightened, and he locked the raven into a vice grip, as if afraid to let go.


“I don’t love her anymore,” Kouyou said, a short while later, when they’d fallen into comfortable silence with each other. 

Yuu wondered why Kouyou had bothered to say that to him, until he was opening his mouth to ask –

Then who do you love?

And then closed it, even before asking anything, because the answer had already raced through his head in a snap. 



“I’ll confirm with you again for next weekend,” Kouyou said, just as he drove up to the gas station he always dropped Yuu off at.

Yuu nodded his head absentmindedly, unbuckling his seat belt. The air between them had become tense, just like before, and Yuu found himself ready to go home and curl up in a bunch of comforters and fall asleep. 

Yuu hated it – this feeling, of uncertainty, of never knowing, of not understanding. He was so confused, because his relationship with Kouyou has never been normal from the start, has never fallen into the same old pattern he had with all his other sugar daddies. 

Kouyou had cared for him, opened up to him, kissed him softly, and pampered him much more than a sugar baby deserved… And Yuu hated it. Yuu hated how much he liked it.

Yuu hated emotions.

“Here’s the payment for the weekend,” Kouyou continued, passing the raven a thick envelope. There was definitely much more cash inside, more than Yuu had ever received from the blond, but the raven didn’t bother to stay and open it up to check.

“I’ll be going now,” Yuu said in a quiet voice, quickly slipping the envelope into his bag. Kouyou seemed concerned at the subdued-sounding raven, looking over to him worriedly.

“Are you mad at me?” The blond asked, apprehensively. “Did you not enjoy our weekend?” 

Yuu found his throat dry when he spoke. “No. It’s just… The thought of school tomorrow makes me upset, that’s all.” 

“Oh.” Kouyou said, but there was still a hint of concern in his eyes. As Yuu moved to pull open the car door, the blond was hastily calling after him to wait.

“Can I at least get a goodbye kiss?” 

Yuu turned to him, sucking in a breath as he spoke. “Yeah.” 

He had meant to give only a quick peck onto Kouyou’s cheek, but the blond caught his lips and didn’t pull away for a good few seconds or so. Yuu’s heart thumped crazily as Kouyou savored his lips softly, obviously reluctant to let the raven go.

And Yuu wanted so badly to stay.

“See you again soon,” Kouyou whispered, as he unwillingly released Yuu’s lips. “I’ll text you later.” 

“Mmm,” Yuu answered with dazed eyes, moving away.

He got out of the car and felt the lingering stare of Kouyou’s on his back, until the car finally moved and pulled away.

Yuu clutched his bag lonesomely to himself, a finger moving to caress at his lips longingly.

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The sight of Yutaka having fallen asleep on the couch with a book over his face in their living room was the first sight that greeted Yuu when he entered their apartment. Yuu had smiled at the sight, shaking his head at his roommate’s antics. He never did catch Yutaka doing anything other than reading, really – besides cooking. Yutaka was the epitome of a model student and a filial son; Yuu had never seen anyone like him.

He walked over to the couch, and gently pried the book off Yutaka’s sleeping face, laughing softly to himself when he realized Yutaka still had his reading glasses on. He took the book and reading glasses off Yutaka’s face, placing them down onto the coffee table next to the couch.

Yuu then sat against the couch, caressing the side of Yutaka’s face affectionately, tucking offending strands of hair back behind his ears. Yutaka let out a quiet groan and turned his head in his sleep, looking rather annoyed at Yuu’s presence. The raven simply laughed at that. 

“Yuu…” Yutaka called out tiredly in sleep, and Yuu wondered if he had accidentally woken him up.

“Mmm?” Yuu replied, looking down to the brunet. But Yutaka’s eyes were still fastly shut and positively still asleep, and Yuu wondered if Yutaka was perhaps just dreaming of him.

“Don’t go….” Yutaka mumbled, tossing in his sleep once more. Yuu frowned at his words – was Yutaka having a nightmare? Should Yuu wake him up from his nap?

…And what was with men asking him not to leave them recently? Jesus Christ.

“I’m here,” Yuu murmured comfortingly, reaching over to hold Yutaka’s hand warmly into his. That seemed to calm the brunet down a little bit.

A while later, Yutaka’s eyes were gently easing open, wearily looking up to the raven, who was smiling back down to him.

“H-Huh? You’re back already?” Yutaka asked wearily, propping himself up against the couch. It was only in that second that he realized Yuu was holding his hand protectively to him, and his cheeks in turn immediately flushed red, embarrassed by the surprise sweet gesture. “What are you doing?!”

Yuu narrowed his eyes to him, mildly insulted that his affection appeared to be unwelcomed. “Says the person who was calling my name in his sleep.”

Yutaka’s face turned pale at his words. “WHAT?!”

Yuu couldn't resist a dry laugh at his reaction. “Why do you look so shocked? Did you miss me too much while I was away?” 

Yutaka’s jaw fell agape, incomprehensible fear washing over his face quickly.

“Did I say anything? Other than your name, I mean?”

“Um.” Yuu looked to him curiously. Why was Yutaka so worked up about it? It was just a dream, after all. And Yuu had thought they were close enough friends to not get embarrassed to be caught dreaming of each other. 

“You just said two words – don’t go. Did you dream of me migrating or something?”

Yutaka then looked like he was holding back a long stream of curses from slipping past his lips, his face looking extremely furious at himself.

“How was your weekend, anyway?” The brunet asked in annoyance, wanting to switch the topic of discussion as fast as he could.

Yuu laughed and shook his head, knowing exactly what the brunet was doing. 

“Well, it was great! I told you, Kouyou is a total…”

Yuu momentarily paused in his words as he spoke, when he actually remembered the past day’s events, and felt his stomach churn with bitter bile again. 

“Um… Actually… Not so much.”

Yutaka was instantly concerned, seating himself closer to the raven. He scrutinized Yuu closely, lips frowning when he noticed the red love bites against Yuu’s neck, clear and plain as day.

“He’s a possessive one, huh? I thought you didn’t allow your sugar daddies to mark you,” Yutaka muttered, noting sharply, his eyes lingering resentfully on Yuu’s neck.

“Um,” Yuu was instantly self-conscious, and he brought his hand to his neck, brushing his fingers against the hickeys he’d forgotten Kouyou had given him.

“Well… I had been too tired to stop him, I guess. And maybe I also…” The raven looked rather embarrassed. “…didn’t want to.” 

“What do you mean?” Yutaka asked, his frown deepening. “Was he violent with you? Did he hurt you against your will?”

“No,” Yuu said, turning his gaze away, a disturbed look on his face.

“Just… Things are getting kind of complicated.” 

The brunet looked a tad fearful at his answer. “What kind of complicated?”

Yuu sighed softly, easing his eyes shut. “It’s just… Kouyou’s different, you know. He’s, um, sensitive. Really good-looking. Really good at sex, too.” Yuu smiled at that point.

“He spoils me and he’s… you know. Perfect.”

Yutaka grunted at his words. “And?” 

Yuu bit his lip. “I think he… I mean, I knew he was attached to me before, but today he was… I think he’s… too into me.” Was that the right word? Yuu didn’t want to outrightly say that he thought Kouyou was falling in love with him. Because Yuu didn’t want to acknowledge that fact, no. Yuu didn’t.

The brunet held his breath. “And you don’t like it? You think he’s being too obsessive? You know, Yuu, you can always cut him off, if you think he’s not respecting your boundaries and trying to push you into… something else.” He said the last two words so lethally, Yuu wondered if Yutaka had a personal vendetta against Kouyou. 

“That’s the thing,” Yuu murmured, a distressed look on his face. “I don’t know, Yutaka, he started saying all these things, like – like I deserved everything in the world, and he wasn’t the perfect man for me. And he said – he said he didn’t love his ex anymore, and then I started wondering why he was saying all of that, then – ” Yuu sucked in a long breath. 

“Then I figured he probably liked me. A lot. And it confused me, because when he said he wasn’t worthy of me, I felt – felt hurt. Why the fuck do I feel hurt? I thought it was because he was looking down on me, but then – then I thought about it, and I figured maybe it was because I actually wanted him to be worthy of me. He’s more than worthy, really, and I felt so angry. And at the same time, upset. And I just…”

Yutaka looked to him with vacant eyes, acknowledging the situation. “I see. You know… Kouyou’s right. You’re worth so much more, you know, Yuu? You don’t have to get yourself involved with such a person with such emotional issues.”

Yuu grew even more troubled at his answer.

“Yutaka, I – I don’t want to feel this way, you know. I don’t want – I’ve always prided myself on not getting emotionally involved with any of these men, and now I’m – I’m falling like some damsel in distress. And I don’t want to. I don’t want to, when he’s thirty-five, and he owns this big company, and he’s so perfect it hurts, and he’ll dump me aside when he finds a prettier, younger thing. It’s – just – not – fair,” Yuu murmured, his voice shaky, a hint of anger in his tone.

Yutaka remained silent for a while, then – much to Yuu’s surprise – moved closer to envelop Yuu into a soft hug. The raven widened his eyes, shocked, but as Yutaka wrapped his arms tenderly around him, Yuu found himself nestling his head against Yutaka’s shoulder, seeking for comfort.

“Maybe you should drop him,” Yutaka coaxed softly, his voice gentle. “It’s not worth it, you know? You’ve come so far, and having one man ruin it isn’t worth it. If this is taking a toll on you, then you probably shouldn’t bother with him, Yuu.”

Yuu released a long sigh, reluctant at the thought. “But I – I actually enjoy spending time with him. And it’s easy money. And he… looks like he needs me, Yutaka.”

The way Kouyou had opened up to him about his past lover and feeling insecure and weak because of that – Yuu didn’t think the blond would have opened up to just anyone, and Yuu didn’t want to have made the blond reveal a part of his heart to him, only for Yuu to flee in response. Yuu didn’t want to be that person. Yuu didn’t want to make it seem as if he was using the blond for money – because even though in a way, he was – Yuu genuinely cared for Kouyou, too. And he didn't want to cause him anymore hurt than he already felt.

Yutaka swallowed down the words he truly wanted to speak. “It’s up to you, Yuu. If you feel that… It’s worth it to take a chance with him, then go ahead. But… But I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

Yuu fluttered his eyes shut, snuggling further into Yutaka’s embrace.

“I know. You’re the best, Yutaka. I guess I’ll just… see how it goes. I’ve never felt so confused before, and this… this lack of control makes me feel so weak.” 

Yutaka smiled sadly in response. “You know, if you ever decide to quit this business and waiter like you used to do before–”

“You won’t accept rent from me, I know, I know,” Yuu laughed. “I appreciate the sentiment, Yutaka, but I’m an adult, and I should be able to pay my own bills. I have to be independent at some point, right?”

Yutaka exhaled despondently. “I guess.”

“But…” Yuu hugged the brunet closer to him. “It’s alright if we cuddle for a while more, right? I still don’t feel too good about today.” 

Yutaka’s lips curved into a soft smile. “Sure, Yuu.”

“Mmm,” Yuu snuggled happily into Yutaka’s embrace, leaning his head down against the brunet’s chest. “I like it when you’re nice to me. You’re always asking me to go away, and… Hold on. You haven’t told me what you were dreaming about. Was it a nightmare?”

Yutaka turned rigid at his words. “Sort of.” 

Yuu frowned. “Do you want to talk about it?” Yutaka wasn’t the type to readily talk about his feelings, but he thought he would try asking anyway. 

Yutaka hesitated as he spoke, shaking his head. “Not really, no. It’s nothing important, just… monsters and stuff.”

“Oh. Don’t worry, Yutaka! If you ever have trouble sleeping, just hug me to sleep. I’ll give you sweet dreams for sure.” The raven said, smiling cheekily in response.

Yutaka returned a small smile to him. “I’ll hold you to that, Yuu.” 

“Okay,” Yuu murmured, then relaxed in Yutaka’s hold, shutting his eyes close once more. 

Somehow or another, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, and true to Yuu’s words, Yutaka never even made a sound. 

Yuu spent the rest of the night with Yutaka, working on homework whilst putting a movie on at the same time in the living room. The night passed by languidly, with the occasional jokes and snide remarks as they ate Chinese take-out for dinner. Yuu didn’t go to bed until very much later – only after he took another shower – and that was when he remembered he needed to charge his phone for tomorrow.

A quick look to his phone, however, showed that he had several texts from the blond – and only the blond. There were five messages in total, and looking at them made Yuu’s stomach churn miserably in the silence. He had spent such a nice night with Yutaka he’d almost forgotten about the blond, and thinking about Kouyou brought forth a rush of conflicted emotions Yuu didn’t want to deal with.

Kouyou: Hey. I thought it over and realized I might have said some things I shouldn’t have said. I apologize if I stepped out of line and made you uncomfortable in any way. I know what our relationship is, and I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to accommodate me in any way.  

Kouyou: Are you home yet? It’s getting late and I’m worried.

Kouyou: Or are you just ignoring me? Please talk to me.

Kouyou: You’re really mad at me? Aoi… I’m really sorry. Please don’t ignore me. I’ll worry about you.

Kouyou: I guess I can’t do anything if you don’t want to talk to me. I’m here if you need me.

Yuu drew in a breath, looking over his messages. Then, rather irately, he typed a reply back.

Yuu: i hadn’t checked my phone. sorry. didn’t ignore you on purpose

Yuu continued drying off his wet hair with a towel, and a few seconds later his phone buzzed with a new message.

Kouyou: Oh. I’m sorry for worrying. I just got worried you didn’t seem yourself when I dropped you off.

Kouyou: Are we OK?

Yuu wanted to yell at him, no, we are not okay, especially after you had gone and fucked it up by making me grow these feelings for you – but he didn’t.

Yuu: yeah we’re fine  

Kouyou: Oh. Well… if you’re unhappy with anything, just let me know, OK? I never want to make you upset.

And Yuu didn’t know if it was in a fit of rage, or anger, whatever, but something in him made him type out his next reply. 

Yuu: you’re not even my fucking boyfriend, so you don’t need to

He cursed aloud after he sent the message out, annoyed that he’d allowed his emotions to overtake him.

But there was a part of him that wanted Kouyou to tell him otherwise. There was a part of him that wanted Kouyou to spoil him with sweet words once more and tell him how precious he was to him. He wanted Kouyou to call him his babydoll; he wanted Kouyou to tell him he deserved everything in the world… 

Kouyou: But you’re mine. And I want to make sure you’re happy. And you clearly aren’t.  

Kouyou: Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it.  

Kouyou: You know I care for you

Yuu ignored the frantic beating of his heart as his eyes gazed over his messages.

Yuu: i’m sorry. just stressed. and confused

Kouyou: Why?  

Did Yuu really want to tell him the truth?

Yuu: nothing… i just. i’m tired

…He couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Kouyou: You can take your time to tell me, sweetheart. It doesn’t have to be now.

Kouyou: I’ll make it a point to see you as fast as I can. Will check schedule with PA tomorrow to see when my schedule can be cleared

Kouyou: I want to make you happy. OK?

Yuu smiled softly to his message, Kouyou’s words soothing him instantly.

Yuu: OK.


The next few days passed by in routine. Yuu went to his classes in the morning, and usually by noon Kouyou would have texted him, asking him how his day was so far. Yuu would chat casually with him, giving mundane replies about his day, and Kouyou would pepper him with compliments and sweet words until the raven eventually lightened up to him. 

Yuu had two dates scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday with two different sugar daddies – both his regulars – and he went out on a short lunch date with the first, scoring him a nice $650; and spent an evening out with the second, earning him another easy $800. The second sugar daddy had hinted to Yuu that he’d wanted to take the raven back to his home, but Yuu knew the hickeys that Kouyou had given him on his body hadn’t gone away yet, and the raven had declined, opting to return home instead. None of his sugar daddies knew he was seeing another, so he couldn’t take the risk. They tended to give you a higher allowance if they assumed you belonged to them only.

Yuu mentally chided himself for allowing Kouyou to mark him like he was his, but the raven knew he couldn’t blame the blond, for the blond had assumed Yuu was only seeing him so far. But because of him, Yuu’d had to put on scarves the past few days when heading out to classes or going on dates, for the love bites on his neck were way too noticeable. Kouyou was an animal, alright; Yuu sighed at the thought. 

Things were still rather tense between them, but with time and distance apart it was gradually getting better. When Kouyou texted him, he was mindful of the fact that Yuu probably felt uncomfortable around him, and didn’t pester him for replies. He was back to his patient and gentlemanly stance, always asking after Yuu’s well-being, and Yuu knew Kouyou was trying to get back on his good side as much as possible, fearful that Yuu would cut him off and stop their sugar daddy and baby arrangement.

Occasionally, Yuu debated over that thought, but decided he couldn’t bear to do it to the blond. In a way, Yuu had developed affection for him to an extent that he wanted to take care of him and spend time with him, just to help Kouyou fill that empty void in his life. And he knew Kouyou was trying, really, and he wanted to help Kouyou be the man he wanted to become. Yuu wasn’t sure if he was in love with Kouyou, nor was he completely sure Kouyou was in love with him, but Yuu figured that it didn’t matter. No matter what kind of feelings they held for each other, it would have to work around their sugar daddy and baby relationship boundaries. They weren’t crossing it. And the both of them knew that.

Yuu just hated how upset he got when he thought about how kindly Kouyou treated him, only for it to be superficial. Yuu knew he wanted more, for some reason, and he hated knowing he had lost control in this aspect, because all of his sugar daddies so far had been the ones wanting more from him, not the opposite. Yuu simply blamed it on his lack of relationship – the last serious relationship he had was two years ago, and ever since he’d started this sugar dating lifestyle, he hadn’t had time to go out on proper dates

Sure, there were the occasional guys who showed interest in him, but Yuu never entertained their attention because he knew he didn’t have time to do so. He needed to work, because he needed the cash, and he had to choose between having an active love life whilst being broke as fuck, or actually having enough money to last him through months, pay off his student debt, and even have leftovers to pamper himself with. Yuu chose the latter.

So, Yuu concluded, he wasn’t actually in love with the blond. He was just craving for companionship, too, and Kouyou had been the first sugar daddy to actually live up to his expectations of a perfect boyfriend. He was good-looking, wealthy, and sweet. That was enough for the raven.

Though, Yuu knew his boundaries clearly. No getting implicated with him. Kouyou had already stated that he hadn’t any plans to pursue a relationship with Yuu, so Yuu would stick to it. If Kouyou thought he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet, so be it. Yuu would steer clear away from that aspect, and focus on just having a good time with Kouyou.

Now all Yuu needed to do was actually remember his advice.


Thursday rolled around and Kouyou texted him first thing in the morning, spontaneously inviting the raven out for lunch.

Kouyou: I know it’s early and you may not be awake, but my PA just told me a client couldn’t make it for a meeting today, so my noon is free. I was wondering if I could take you out for lunch.

Yuu had received it in the middle of his 8 am class, and for some reason it made him happy Kouyou thought of him the first thing when he received news he had an appointment cancelled.

Just the thought of it made him giddy.

Yuu: i don’t mind. i’m in class now, i’ll get off around 11. you can pick me up then

Yuu texted him further details on his university’s pick-up point, though he briefly wondered if the sight of a black Lamborghini picking him up at school would instigate curiousity from his classmates.

Kouyou: Great! I’ll see you then… Can’t wait :)

Yuu had smiled to himself at the blond’s usage of a smiley. It was so out of character for him to do so, that it occurred to him that Kouyou was really trying for him.

Perhaps he was overthinking things. 

Perhaps things needn’t be so complicated.


...Yuu should have known it was a horrible mistake.

What was he even thinking, asking Kouyou to come all the way to his university to meet him? Yuu didn’t even have to see Kouyou’s car to know the blond had arrived at his school. The moment he’d got off class and rushed to the university’s front entrance to meet Kouyou, a crowd of students had already gathered by the front, speaking in hushed whispers and gesturing excitedly to the car waiting by the gates. Yuu didn’t even have to look to know it was Kouyou’s black Lamborghini that they were probably awestruck by, considering such cars were a rare enough sight around this area. 

Yuu found himself self-consciously walking past the crowd, putting his hands into his jeans’ pockets as he strolled casually ahead to Kouyou’s car waiting for him. He’d hoped he could quickly slip into the car and escape from the crowd’s lingering eyes on him, but when he was only three steps away from the car, Kouyou’s car door swiftly pushed open, and the blond CEO was stepping out of it, clothed fully in a suave black business suit, complete with a matching tie, looking perfectly like the head of a top business corporation. The suit was sharp looking and well-fitted around his broad shoulders, and the shirt sleeves were exquisitely cuffed and ended just around his wrists, showing off his hunky built. 

Yuu found himself swallowing down the lump in his throat as he took in the sight before him – suddenly forgetting the reason why he was even mad at Kouyou in the first place. The man looked like sex on legs, oozing nothing but confidence and charisma around him, and the way his dark eyes fixated upon Yuu’s and smiled to him made the raven-haired so goddamn weak. It was the first time Yuu was seeing Kouyou dressed so formally, in a suit, and Yuu wondered if this was how Kouyou dressed for work everyday, so domineering, so handsome.

The blond brought out a huge bouquet of flowers from inside the car – his default blood-red roses as usual – and Yuu instantly felt heat rush to his cheeks at the sight, knowing that if people weren’t staring before, they were definitely staring now. Kouyou took a few steps forward, charmingly smiling to the raven, then with rather apologetic-looking eyes, he presented the bouquet of roses to Yuu, rendering the raven speechless for a second.

“I’m sorry this lunch date was so abrupt, but I really wanted to see you again,” Kouyou uttered in a low voice, accompanied with a soft sigh, looking as if he couldn’t help himself when it came to matters regarding the raven. “Will you accept my heartfelt apology?”

Yuu’s heart was pounding so hard in his chest he thought he was going to get a heart attack. “Y-You didn’t need to,” the raven managed to choke out, his cheeks a blushing mess. The university students standing all around them were still looking, and Yuu was painfully aware of that fact.

“K-Kouyou, we should… go.”

“Not until you accept my apology,” Kouyou frowned, adamant on getting a satisfactory reply from Yuu. The raven could hear lovestruck girls in the crowd cooing and aww-ing at the sight, and Yuu wondered if Kouyou knew the kind of reaction he would get; and if Kouyou was doing this romantic act on purpose, to show that he was serious about the relationship between the both of them. God damn this blond CEO and his cunning ways in getting Yuu to melt. 

“I’m not even mad at you, idiot,” Yuu whispered in embarrassment, shyfully looking away and hurriedly grabbing the bouquet of roses Kouyou was holding into his hands. Kouyou looked pleased that the raven had accepted his gift readily, and with a nod, he led Yuu back to his car – but not before opening the car door for Yuu, for the raven to get in first.

Yuu knew Kouyou probably had guessed that Yuu had been having second thoughts about their relationship, and he was currently doing all he could to change Yuu’s mind. Yuu found his face completely hot and flustered as he got into the car, strapping the seatbelt over him. What exactly was the blond doing?! He was making Yuu’s heart flutter in all the wrong ways and he was making Yuu feel so loved and protected. Kouyou was horrible. Yuu completely didn’t know what to do with him.

“I thought it would be nice if I brought you back to the same hotel we had our massage at,” Kouyou began, as he started the car engine again and buckled himself back into his seat. “We’ll have lunch at an Italian restaurant there.”

Yuu just nodded mindlessly, looking down to the bouquet of flowers and trying to avoid his gaze. But the blond wasn’t having any of it, no. Not after days of not seeing the raven-haired, and spending all these time worrying over his delicate little flower. 

Kouyou looked over concernedly to Yuu, his voice dropping to a mere whisper. “I’m sorry I said the wrong things, Aoi. I know I made you uncomfortable. It won’t happen again.”

Yuu stiffened at the apology, his stomach twisting uncomfortably. “It’s…”

“I really don’t want things to change between us, when we have chemistry this good,” Kouyou continued, breathing deeply. “I don’t want this to stop. I hope you’ll change your mind about me.” 

Yuu kept silent for a moment, unsure of how to respond. Kouyou just gazed to him with hopeful eyes, then moved a hand to cup at the scarf Yuu had worn around his neck. Yuu hadn’t realized it, but he’d worn the mint scarf Kouyou had bought for him last Saturday, the one from Yves Saint Lauren. A fond smile spread on Kouyou’s lips as he fingered the scarf, raising it to Yuu’s cheek. 

“The color really does suit you so well,” Kouyou said in a quiet voice, his gaze gentle. Yuu’s heart thumped loudly in his ears at his remark, and he hugged the bouquet of flowers closer to himself, eyes still firmly fixated down.

“Can I kiss you?” The blond asked, hesitant.

Yuu nodded, and in turn Kouyou was cupping the raven’s cheek with his thumb, pulling him in closer until the blond’s lips met his. Kouyou kissed him as softly as possible, his eyes shut as he did so, his breathing ragged.

Yuu wondered how much Kouyou was restraining himself from doing more. 

As their lips left each other, Yuu pulled away with uncertainty evident in his eyes, clearly having enjoyed the kiss as much as Kouyou did.

“I’m not planning to stop our arrangement,” Yuu murmured, eyes glancing up delicately to the blond’s. “So… don’t worry, Kouyou.”

Kouyou looked so relieved it made Yuu smile.

“I thought perhaps there was a boyfriend,” Kouyou said softly, his face settling into a comforted smile. “That perhaps… There were limits to the things I could do.” 

Yuu rushed to answer. “There’s no boyfriend. I just, got a little confused, that’s all.”

Kouyou’s smile widened. “That’s good to hear. Aoi, I – I think I’ve been craving for company so much that your sudden presence in my life has been more than overwhelming to me. And I might have ended up saying a few wrong things, out of… well,” the blond let out a quiet sigh. “Even CEOs make mistakes.”

Yuu shook his head, smiling. “It’s okay, Kouyou. I shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have snapped at you over text like that.”

“No, it’s fine, it let me know what you were really feeling, and I would hate it if you were lying to me instead.” Kouyou quickly reassured, placing his hands back on the wheel. “Aoi… I just hope you’ll allow me to continue caring for you like this, like how I would if you were just a normal lover of mine. It’s what this relationship is for, isn’t it? To be able to give me the privilege of having you, without any of us having to commit with any expectations.”

Yuu simply nodded, cheeks slightly tinting in response. “It is.”

Kouyou smiled warmly to him, beginning his drive. “It’s fine, then. We’re fine, now.”

Yuu returned his smile. “We are.”

Chapter Text

It was apparent that Kouyou was a regular there, at the Italian restaurant, because the servers seemed delighted to see the blond once more, cheerfully greeting him as he passed the doors.

Then again, Yuu wasn’t surprised – Kouyou was probably very familiar with the hotel’s staff by now, considering how regularly he said he frequented here. Yuu wondered if Kouyou used to bring his lovers here, as well, for dates and massages, and the raven found himself growing slightly jealous at that thought. It felt strange to think of Kouyou being with someone else, when Kouyou was so sweet and caring to him, treating Yuu like he’d been the only one in Kouyou’s life. And Yuu knew that it was selfish, and absurd of him to think such a way, but the mere thought of having to share Kouyou with anyone else made him sick in the stomach. 

He liked being the one and only person in Kouyou’s eyes. He liked being spoilt and pampered and given bouquet of roses every single time he let Kouyou know he was upset. He liked being called babydoll and my little flower and he wanted those names to belong to him, and him only.

…He also liked being fucked hard into the sheets, with Kouyou’s arms gripping his hips tightly, his lips groaning only Yuu’s name over and over again.

Yuu wanted to monopolize Kouyou. Yuu wanted Kouyou’s heart to only belong to him.

And Yuu knew Kouyou felt the same, too. Kouyou only wanted Yuu to be taken care of by him, and Kouyou didn’t want any other men in Yuu’s life. The raven remembered the dates he’d been going on for the past two days with his other sugar daddies, and felt his heart hollow at the memory; he knew, in a way, he was lying to the blond of his exclusivity, but it wasn’t like Kouyou ever needed to know. In the end, all of these dates boiled down to business transactions. Yuu was a product to be bought, and Yuu was paid for every second of his time.

Kouyou wasn’t his lover. Yuu needn’t be exclusive. 

But it made him feel nauseous with betrayal still, and Yuu hated feeling this way.

Kouyou ended up placing orders at the restaurant for the both of them, saying that he knew of the restaurant’s specialty and he wanted to let Yuu try it. Yuu just went along with whatever he suggested, since he wasn’t about to argue with a regular customer, whom also happened to be a big-shot CEO, whom was also buying lunch for him.

A quick look at the prices on the menu proved that a meal here could easily feed a homeless family of three for a month, but it wasn’t like Yuu was complaining. 

“Do you have to return to the office later?” Yuu asked, casually striking up a conversation with the blond. He figured it wouldn’t do good to continue being so cold to the blond, when Kouyou had so nicely gifted him flowers and taken him out for a nice expensive lunch date.

The blond looked positively radiant at Yuu’s question, happy at the sight of Yuu being responsive to him once more. Yuu briefly smiled at that; Kouyou was always so obvious in his emotions. 

“I do,” Kouyou answered regretfully. “I have work at the office that I need to do. I can spend at least two hours today with you, though. It’s little, but it’s enough for me. I’m still working on clearing my schedule for the weekend, so hopefully I can spend more time with you then instead.”

Yuu bit his lip sensually at the thought of staying over at Kouyou’s penthouse again, remembering the wild sex they’d had the last time. God, thinking about wearing that collar as Kouyou fucked him deeply into the sheets stirred heat within him, and he found his legs quivering, throbbing warmly at the thought.

“I hope you get to clear your work schedule.” Yuu murmured in reply.

Kouyou chuckled to him, as if harboring the same thoughts. “I hope so, too, Aoi. I usually spent my weekends in the office before I met you, but I’m trying to lessen that now… Now that I have better priorities.” His eyes flickered over to Yuu’s, filled with much desire. “What about you? How do you usually spend your weekend?”

Yuu grew rather nervous under his gaze. “I don’t do much, really. Most days I stay in, and that’s because my roommate’s a total hermit, too. He’s studying to be a doctor, and I usually stay in and make sure he eats and takes care of himself…” the raven stifled a laugh as he said, realizing he sounded just like Yutaka’s nanny.

“I’ll put on movies occasionally and pull him to the couch so he can watch them with me. I’m like his caretaker, basically.” As Yuu looked up, he saw Kouyou’s smile considerably reducing at his words. Yuu was mildly surprised – he hadn’t expected such a reaction. Was the blond jealous of Yutaka? Yuu knew he shouldn’t be so happy about such a fact, but seeing Kouyou go green with jealousy like this made him smug a little. 

“You seem close to him,” Kouyou said, his tone sounding as indifferent as possible. He grabbed for his glass of water and took a few small sips before speaking again. “He’s your best friend, isn’t he?” 

Yuu nodded. “He is. It’s strange, because I usually don't let people into my life so easily, but when it came to Yutaka, we bonded pretty quickly. He’s a good person, and he’s someone I can trust when it comes to things…” the raven smiled at the thought. “…especially with this whole sugar daddy thing. He’s convinced it’ll get me killed eventually.”

“Oh?” Kouyou’s interest was sparked, a wry smile forming on his lips. “Have you told him about me?”

Yuu remembered confiding in Yutaka about possibly falling in love with the blond and swallowed thickly down his throat. 


“I see. What does he think about me, then?” Kouyou asked, curious.

“Um,” Yuu was reluctant to respond. Yutaka hadn’t been very favorable of Kouyou so far, but then again, Yutaka never was too favorable of any of his sugar daddies. “Yutaka doesn’t really… He doesn’t exactly trust any men I go out with.”

Kouyou made a disapproving hum at his words. “Is that so.” 

“Yeah, he’s kind of like… an overprotective brother, I guess,” Yuu mumbled, shrugging it off. “But I can’t blame him. If he went out with random older men he met online, I’d be worried, too.” 

Kouyou let out a dry laugh. “That is true. Except… I’m not so bad, aren’t I?” the blond’s eyes glinted rather devilishly to the raven. 

“Or am I?”

The blond was teasing him, Yuu thought, narrowing his eyes to the handsome-looking CEO seated opposite him. “I guess you turned out better than I expected,” Yuu admitted, reluctant to divulge more. 

Kouyou laughed, then leaned in, gazing to the raven rather fondly.

“And you… you’re just perfect. You’re perfect for me.” 

That was enough to send Yuu blushing. The raven looked down to his lap, playing with the napkin that lay there, pretending to be unaffected by the blond’s words; though the both of them knew Yuu was absolutely irresistible to Kouyou’s charm.

“Why don’t you let people easily into your life?” Kouyou started, bringing the conversation back to the table. Yuu looked up to him, surprised at the sudden question. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you said that. I just wanted to know more.” 

Yuu pondered for a second or two, startled.

“I’m not… exactly sure, actually. I guess I find it hard to open up to people easily.” 

Kouyou was instantly frowning at his words. “You do?”

Yuu was reluctant to answer further. He hadn’t realized he’d divulged that specific information about himself, and he was starting to regret revealing so much to the blond. Being a sugar baby meant that he was supposed to put up a front, and that meant being happy or horny at all times. It would do no good to reveal his real self; it would do no good to show his sugar daddy that he was human, too, that he wasn’t the perfect, idealistic sugar boyfriend Kouyou wanted. 

But for some reason, when it came to Kouyou, Yuu found himself disclosing private things about himself too comfortably, without any further thought about the repercussions that would come. Kouyou made him feel relaxed, loved, and listened to, and it… confused the raven. It threw him off the pattern he was so used to before. It made Yuu forget that he was playing a role, that he was only acting as a sugar baby to the older man, and that he wasn’t anything else. 

And Yuu had let slip something personal about himself, without even realizing it. It was the first time Yuu had ever messed up in the presence of his sugar daddy, and Yuu grew distressed at the thought, his heart trepidating in fear. 

“It doesn’t matter, Kouyou,” the raven forced a sweet smile unto his face, but Kouyou’s frown only deepened. “I’ve let you in, so it doesn’t matter, does it?” 

Kouyou gazed to him, hurt evident on his face, confusing Yuu once more with his reaction.

Then, rather articutely, Kouyou spoke softly, looking genuinely disappointed at Yuu’s answer.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me certain things, I guess. But I’m not dumb, Aoi. You may fool other men with your sweetness and your pretty smile, but it’s not going to fool me. And maybe you don’t trust me enough to tell me, today, but I hope you’ll consider trusting me enough to tell me these things in the future.” 

He had, in a single breath, taken Yuu’s breath away.

And in that same breath, shattered every illusion Yuu once had of himself.

Yuu shook at his words, clearly having never expected Kouyou to see through his guise so easily.

“Will you at least tell me why you don’t trust me, though?” Kouyou asked softly.

The raven’s gaze faltered, the answer ringing loudly in his head. It wasn’t so much the problem of distrusting Kouyou, it was more of a –

I trust you too much. And I’m frightened to death, Kouyou. I really am.

Kouyou weakly smiled at the raven’s silence, taking it as an answer. “I see. It’s fine, then. If it’s too much for you to say these things. I understand it’s your choice to tell me whatever you want.”

For a moment Yuu forgot how to breathe.

“Don’t,” Yuu instantly reached for Kouyou’s hand on the table, gripping it tightly in his hold. “Please don’t… don’t get mad at me. I’m just scared. I’m scared, Kouyou. So – please – please don’t – don’t say these things to me.” 

Kouyou was clearly thrown off-guard, and the blond’s eyes were softening immediately at the sight of the quivering raven.

“I’ll never get mad at you, Aoi… What’s wrong? You know you can tell me.”

Yuu was breathing quickly, shaking his head anxiously. “It’s nothing, Kouyou, it’s just – it’s nothing, really, and I – I just don’t want–”

Kouyou held Yuu’s hand warmly in his, tenderly stroking the surface of his fingers. “Calm down, sweetheart,” Kouyou coaxed, his tone gentle, his face in an assuring smile. “Please just tell me what’s wrong. You know I’ll listen.”

Yuu felt himself on the verge of tears; and in the next second the words were tumbling out of his lips faster than he could even will them to. 

“It’s just – It’s so hard, I find it so hard to trust people because everyone has a motive, Kouyou. Even – Even me. I have a motive. And I know you do, too. And you can’t lie to me, Kouyou. Because even bringing me out – giving me flowers – calling me sweet nicknames – you have a motive. And whether it’s bedding me, or getting me to do your bidding, or – or something, I don’t know, everyone has a motive. Everyone wants something from you, and it’s so hard – to find someone who doesn’t.”

Kouyou remained silent for a moment, pausing to take in Yuu’s words. He looked so calm, as if having expected such a response, that Yuu wondered if Kouyou had already guessed this trait about him earlier. 

“You’re right,” Kouyou clucked his tongue in agreement. “I do have a motive when it comes to you. But you’re wrong in thinking it’s just for sex, or anything like that.”

Yuu was reluctant to press on, afraid the blond would hurt him with his answer.

“Then what is it?” 

The blond faintly smiled to him, then very resolutely – uttered words that dissolved Yuu’s fear instantly. 

“It’s to make you happy, Aoi.” 

Yuu sucked in a breath, feeling his heart palpitate in his chest helplessly, and he watched silently as Kouyou lifted the raven’s hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss to it.

“Not even her,” Kouyou whispered so quietly Yuu wondered if the blond even meant for him to hear it. “Not even for her I did this.” 

Yuu’s hand trembled under Kouyou’s touch. The raven raised his gaze to meet Kouyou’s eyes, and saw the love that he’d seen too many times before in his eyes.

And Yuu completely didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not just practice anymore, is it?” Yuu asked, hesitant.

You’re not just practicing how to take care of a person anymore. You’ve already fallen for me. 

There was a faraway look in the blond’s eyes, but his smile was very much preserved for Yuu and Yuu only.

“I’m not sure,” Kouyou answered, but Yuu found comfort in it.

It was then that Yuu realized he was frightened of Kouyou no more.


They left the restaurant promptly once they’d finished lunch and Kouyou had foot the bill. On their way out, Kouyou’s hand discreetly slipped down to grasp Yuu’s one, enclosing their fingers together closely. Yuu had been startled by the gesture, but he didn’t pull away, and he allowed Kouyou to hold his hand on the way back to the blond’s car. 

Kouyou was clearly reluctant to leave Yuu’s side so soon, and Yuu adored how seemingly annoyed the blond was at his work for taking his time away from Yuu.

“Do you have classes later?” Kouyou began, his voice wavering as he spoke. Yuu questioned the sudden nervousness in his tone.

“No, I’ll be heading home.” Yuu replied. “Why?” 

Kouyou hesitated for a moment before continuing. “I thought I could… bring you to my office for a while.” Oh, god. The CEO looked so worried about being rejected by the raven that Yuu couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Kouyou looked as if he was a high school boy asking his crush out for prom.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Kouyou quickly interjected. “I just thought I could show you my office… since you did say you’d wanted to see it.”

“I would love to,” Yuu happily agreed, laughing softly as he saw the nervousness swiftly disappear from Kouyou’s face. “But wouldn’t I be distracting you from your work? I’d feel bad if I disturbed you from anything.”

Kouyou beamed at his answer. “Maybe you can motivate me when you’re there, then.”

Yuu grinned to the blond. “And how would I exactly do that, Mr. CEO?”

The blond laughed, then shook his head. “I don’t know. It’s up to you, beautiful.”

Yuu felt his heart skip several beats. “People would question, though, wouldn’t they? Your company must be huge. They would notice a stranger entering your office.”

Kouyou flashed a clean smirk to him. “Aoi, I’m the CEO of the company. I think you’re missing something.”

The raven pouted. “What?” 

“I do what I want, dummy,” Kouyou laughed, and Yuu was suddenly reminded just how important Kouyou really was. He always forgot the blond was powerful in his own right, when Kouyou has been nothing but kind and tender to him so far, as if he was beneath Yuu, as if Yuu was in control of him when it was supposed to be the other way round.

It nerved Yuu to think that he would be stepping into an environment where everyone knew Kouyou as the boss, the CEO, the one who ordered them around and controlled their wages and salaries –

– whereas Yuu had only ever known Kouyou as the gentle, passionate lover, the one who kissed his hand and stole his heart all in a blink’s eye. 


Yuu felt completely underdressed once Kouyou had driven him to his office building (which by the way towered high with over 70 floors in height) and parked his car in an empty spot in the basement, which Yuu was pretty sure was marked for ‘VIP ONLY’. Being a CEO definitely had its perks, and Yuu didn’t know why he felt so nervous, slowly gaining more and more glimpses of the life Kouyou lived whenever he was away from him.

Kouyou quickly led Yuu into the lobby of their office, which resembled more like the lobby of a grand hotel instead; and the moment the raven stepped into the tall, golden-illuminated hallways and passed the receptionist desk – who enthusiastically greeted an anxious Good afternoon, Mr. Takashima! once her eyes met with Kouyou’s – Yuu was aghast with horror. Horror was an understatement, actually, because the lobby was bustling with plenty of office workers coming and going, most of them returning from their lunch break, all of whom who recognized Kouyou instantly and lowered their heads in respect once the blond passed them.

Kouyou only offered them small smiles in return, keeping his silence, but Yuu had taken several looks at the people around him – all dressed in Armani suits, or Topshop pencil skirts – and there Yuu was, dressed in his plain shirt and tight denim jeans, with only an Yves Saint Lauren scarf to compensate for his shabby, peasant-like dressing. Yuu found himself tugging at the scarf around his neck, pulling it higher up his face, self-conscious of the way people were giving him once-over looks at his dressing and wondering why such a person was tagging along behind their blond CEO.

How did Yuu think it was a good idea to come to Kouyou’s office again, again? This was so not his territory. As he stood next to Kouyou and waited impatiently for the lift to come, eyes still uneasily scanning his surroundings, Kouyou suddenly slipped his hand into Yuu’s palm and locked their hands tightly together. The raven-haired university student turned to glance at Kouyou, confused, but the blond only chuckled and shook his head, knowing Yuu most likely felt uncomfortable in such a working environment. 

The blond then turned to him and dipped his head lower until his lips were pressed against the raven’s ear.

“You’re mine, now, so act like you belong to a CEO,” Kouyou whispered in husky tones, sending chills down Yuu’s spine. The raven felt his cheeks flush peach pink, and he nodded meekly to the blond, squeezing Kouyou’s hand in his grasp. 

There were slight murmuring amongst the office workers who had gathered behind them, and Yuu immediately knew it was because of the blatant handholding and the sneaky whispering between him and Kouyou.

This time, however, as Yuu snapped his head back to face them, he gave them a sweet smile, shocking the office workers into silence instantly. Kouyou chuckled to himself at the sight, amused at how quick Yuu was to learn. The lift before them finally arrived, and as they got into the empty lift, Yuu pressed at the buttons by the side to hold the door open for the others to enter as well, but a moment soon passed and not a single person had dared to enter the lift they were in. 

“Don’t bother,” Kouyou said, leaning back against the metal railings in the lift, folding his arms as he looked on in further amusement to the raven. “Close the doors, use this card to scan against the lift sensor and press the top floor.” He then slipped out a card from the pocket of his business suit and passed it to Yuu, showing it was some form of ID verification pass of the blond.

Yuu looked to him with a quizzical look, but complied anyway, wondering if there was some sort of a rule Kouyou had instated that said no one could get into a lift with him. But before the raven could open his mouth to vocalize his question, Kouyou was smiling to him and offering an explanation, just as the lift started heading up.

No, I don’t have a rule set up, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Kouyou cocked an eyebrow to him. Yuu looked away, embarrassed Kouyou had seen through his thoughts again. “They’re afraid of me, I guess. They probably don’t want to bother me much, so they just let me be. It also happened that those workers standing behind us also belonged to a department I don’t interact with much, so they don’t know me well enough to want to get into my personal space. Usually, if I meet managers or people who work directly under me, they’re more willing to enter a lift with me and strike up a casual conversation, you know, whatever. This company employs hundreds of people, so I can’t possibly know every single one of them.” 

Yuu hadn’t ever felt intimidated by Kouyou, but from the way people were looking at him, awestruck, and greeting him all edgy and tense, Yuu suddenly realized he hadn’t really known Kouyou at all, no. Yuu had only seen the side of him that was endearing, forgiving, loving, and perhaps even dominating, controlling, and perverted, but he had gotten to know the interior of Kouyou without even knowing what Kouyou really was like on the outside.

And Kouyou on the outside was a hot as fuck, charming suave-looking blond CEO who could make hundreds of people kneel down at his feet.

(In Yuu’s head, that meant: Kouyou was sexy as hell with all that dominance and power he held.)

That also meant it turned Yuu way on.

“You bully them, don’t you?” Yuu asked suddenly, narrowing his eyes as he looked over to the blond.

Kouyou let out low, entertained chuckles. “Aoi, I’m not a horrible boss, if that’s what you’re trying to imply.”

“I’m not even implying,” Yuu smiled, and then he was skipping over to Kouyou’s side, reaching his arms up to wrap delicately around Kouyou’s neck. “You’re probably cold and mean to all of them, and that’s why they’re scared of you.” 

Kouyou’s eyebrow rose up questionably. “You like to think of me as a cruel and ruthless boss, don’t you?” 

Yuu leaned his lips up closer to Kouyou’s, leaving them only a small inch apart.

“Maybe,” The raven whispered, his breath hot and tantalizing against Kouyou’s lips. 

Kouyou didn’t bother answering him. 

The close proximity to Yuu’s lips was too tempting, and he had lowered his head in a second, bringing Yuu into a tender kiss, lips hungrily savoring Yuu’s soft ones. He nibbled on Yuu’s lower lip until the raven was moaning at the back of his throat, his fingers gripping tightly at Kouyou’s hair, and Yuu was quick to align his body right against Kouyou’s, his hips and crotch pressing directly into the blond, earning him several muffled groans from the CEO.

Kouyou held Yuu close to him with his arms around his waist, grinding the raven harder into him. God, they’d only been apart for a few days and they were already dying for each other’s touch. Yuu could feel himself slowly going dizzy in the midst of their fiery, eager kissing; both of their mouths enjoying each other’s tongue too much to even want to pull away. 

The lift doors suddenly opened to a man dressed in a business suit, similar to Kouyou’s, a heavy file secured in his arm. The man looked bewildered by the sight of the raven and the blond kissing at first – but then his baffled look quickly relaxed into an amused smile, as if recognizing the situation before him. 

Kouyou didn’t bother stopping the kiss, and he was about to flip Yuu over and press him up against the wall of the lift when the raven jerked up and forcefully pulled away from him, now painfully aware that their rather indecent act was currently being watched by some random stranger. Kouyou frowned in response, disappointed that Yuu decided to stop so soon. 

“Good afternoon to you, too, CEO,” the man standing before the lift said, laughing to the rather disgruntled looking blond. He must be one of those ‘managers’ that Kouyou said he interacted more with, Yuu thought, registering the teasing manner in which the man was currently speaking to the blond. There was no way a lowly-ranking subordinate would speak so casually like that to the CEO of any company.

Yuu was still red in embarrassment, however, and as the both of them exited the lift, the raven shied away to hide behind Kouyou.

Kouyou sighed at the sight of the man, running a hand lazily up his tousled hair.

“Good afternoon, Akira,” The blond muttered, irked that Akira had interrupted his time with the raven. “What are you even doing at my office? Did you even get out for lunch?” 

The man that Yuu now recognized as Akira laughed in response. “Why are you so mad at me? I believe I just saved our company tens of thousands of dollars in our latest project. I can’t believe you’re mad at me because I accidentally walked in on your little make-out session, which, by the way, has proven to me that you’ve not been getting any for the past year.”

Good god. Akira didn’t hold the same, sexy British accent Kouyou partially had, but the man was speaking in a similarly refined tone, and exuding complete class and confidence as he did so. There was something about the way he carried himself that reminded him of Kouyou, and Yuu instantly knew he probably held a high-ranking position in this company, perhaps even the vice-president.

It didn’t help that Akira had relatively good looks, too, his hair a nice shade of coffee-colored brown, looking to be no older or younger than Kouyou himself. Yuu was awed at the sight. Did handsome, powerful men just walked around casually in this office, or...? If Yuu had known sooner, he’d have dropped in on this area and tried to hook up with one himself.

The raven glanced over to Kouyou, wondering if he should speak and introduce himself, but the blond CEO was still shooting Akira a glare, still mildly pissed off his time with Yuu got interrupted. 

“Aoi, this is Akira, he works under me.” Kouyou huffed rather immaturely.

Yuu giggled at the rare sight of Kouyou acting as such. He must be good friends with Akira, Yuu thought.

“He means to say that I’m the vice-president of this company,” Akira corrected sharply. “Technically, he’s right, though. I work under Kouyou, yes. And I see I’ve finally met the person of your dreams, Kouyou. Aoi, nice to meet you. I’ve heard much about you.”

Yuu wondered what Akira meant by having heard much about him. Did Kouyou talk about Yuu on the regular to Akira? Was Yuu… important? And what was up with ‘the person of your dreams’? What exactly had Kouyou been talking about to Akira with regards to Yuu?

Well, the raven would just have to find out from the blond later. As Akira extended a handshake to the university student, Yuu nervously accepted the handshake, eyes shyly gazing up to Akira’s ones with a sweet smile.

Akira was momentarily dumbfounded.

“Nice to meet you too,” Yuu murmured softly, eyes fluttering back down; but very quickly the blond CEO was cutting in and clutching Yuu’s hand back possessively into his. 

“What are you doing here?” Kouyou released a sigh, eyeing the file in Akira’s arm with much disdain. “Were those the reports I said I needed?”

“I’ve left the ones you needed with your secretary,” Akira informed dutifully, shaking off his daze from before. “Also, you need to loosen up with all that yelling at her, for god’s sake. She’s tense and edgy all over, I fear for her mental health.”

Yuu suppressed a laugh at Akira’s words. “I knew Kouyou was a mean boss!” 

Akira briefly chuckled, looking over to Yuu. “Well, I won’t say he’s extreme, but he certainly could be kinder.” 

Kouyou frowned in displeasure, watching the raven gossip about him with his subordinate right in front of his face. “I’m right here, you know.” 

“I’m just joking, Kouyou,” Yuu teased, clinging onto Kouyou’s arm and snuggling cutely up to his shoulder. That seemed to alleviate the tension a little bit, and it brought a small smile back to Kouyou’s face once more. 

“I won’t linger anymore,” Akira cleared his throat, saying, realizing his presence was unwanted. “The lift’s here. I’ll be heading back to my office now, Kouyou. See you around.” 

Kouyou shrugged Akira off. “See you.”

And then the vice-president was gone, entering the lift and taking a floor down.

Chapter Text

Yuu clutched Kouyou’s arm as they continued walking on, quickly passing Kouyou’s secretary cubicle, whom which Yuu finally managed to catch a glimpse of. Kouyou’s PA was a pleasant-looking young lady, with average enough looks that Yuu didn’t feel threatened by her presence. He’d always wondered if Kouyou had an equally hot secretary working under him, but Yuu’s fears were unfounded. Kouyou’s secretary appeared rather tired, though, just like Akira said, and her face was weary as she uttered a greeting to Kouyou.

“Welcome back, sir,” she said, rather routinely, her eyes at the same time curiously wandering over to the raven standing next to him. “Who’s the visitor, if I may ask?”

“Someone close to me,” Kouyou answered, looking over to Yuu with a fond smile. “He’s called Aoi. Don’t worry about him, he’ll just be in my office for a while.”

His secretary nodded, knowing better than to ask any further. “The reports Mr Akira left with me are now on your desk. They’re ready to be inspected and signed, sir.”

“Thank you, Chiaki. I’ll phone you if I need you.” Kouyou said, then continued tugging Yuu along, bringing him further into his office.

The whole level seemed to belong to Kouyou himself, and other than his secretary, there didn’t appear to be anyone else stationed here. The entrance leading up till his secretary’s cubicle had been tiled with white glass tiles, and the whole environment gave off a futuristic, transparent look, completely decorated in glass.

The moment they passed the doors to Kouyou’s inner office, however, the black started to set in. The walls were a solid black, and so were the matching cushioned sofas, surrounding a glass coffee table in the middle of the room. Kouyou’s work desk was to the side, an elongated grey workspace situated right next to a steep bookshelf, and high drawers completely filled to the brim with files.

Strewn paperwork and heavy files thick with contents could be seen on his desk, already, and Yuu wondered if those were the amount of work Kouyou had to finish by today. Yuu had always assumed CEOs had people to do their bidding for them, but clearly it wasn’t, in Kouyou’s case. Yuu pitied the blond instantly, but realized the kind of money he earned had to come from somewhere. It made Yuu wonder how Kouyou had so much time to text Yuu on the regular if he had work this much to finish constantly.

On the right side of the rather large room, there was a small refreshments bar by the corner, with a water dispenser and an instant coffee mixer. It didn’t look like it was used often, though – Yuu didn’t think a man like Kouyou with such cultured taste could survive on instant coffee everyday. He most likely got his secretary to buy expensive takeaway coffee for him instead.

“So?” Kouyou questioned, looking to Yuu expectantly with a smile. “Does it live up to your expectations of what a CEO office looks like?”

Yuu hadn’t known what to expect, really. Sugar daddies rarely ever brought him to their offices, only their houses; but now that he had seen Kouyou’s office for himself – and every furniture here looked as if they cost him a month’s allowance – Yuu was, well, lost for words.

Kouyou’s office reflected the man rather well, Yuu thought. It matched the very way Kouyou decorated his own apartment, so Yuu was certain Kouyou had a hand in decorating his own office as well. Everything was either in monochrome hues or made of glass, and it oozed control and assertiveness just like the blond’s very demeanour did.

“Everything looks really expensive,” Yuu finally managed to say, eyes still busily scrutinizing the large room he was in. “And it’s you. Very you. It’s like your apartment.”

Kouyou laughed at Yuu’s amazement. “I fall asleep here, sometimes. So I guess the thought of decorating it similar to the place I live in might have crossed my mind. I consider the office my second home, really.”

Yuu raised an eyebrow. “Second home? Really? From the hotel to your office to your penthouse– it doesn’t sound like you spend much time at home, at all.”

Kouyou smiled broadly. “I can’t exactly deny that. I promise to spend more time at home, now, though, since you’ll be staying over more often.”

Yuu’s eyes flashed amusement to him. “Am I?” He didn’t recall making such an arrangement with Kouyou… yet. Or had Kouyou decided for him, already?

The blond grinned and circled his arms around the raven’s waist, pulling Yuu in closer to him.

“Of course you are,” Kouyou’s voice deepened, his dark eyes gazing intensely into Yuu’s ones. “You’re my little flower, aren’t you? You’ll always be with me.”

Yuu willed himself not to blush under his gaze and words. “Do you always have to say such embarrassing things?”

Kouyou leaned his head down to nuzzle his nose softly against Yuu’s. “I do it because I know you like it. Don’t you?”

Yuu shot him a defiant glare, scrunching his nose up stubbornly. “I don’t like it.”

Kouyou laughed, then planted a soft kiss against the side of Yuu’s mouth. “You love it.”

The raven blinked twice, slowly crumbling under his touches, and he turned his eyes obstinately away with crimson cheeks. “I hate it.”

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Kouyou grinned, kissing him gently once more, this time on the lips.

Yuu let out a low whine when Kouyou pulled away a second later, and tipped on his toes to re-capture Kouyou’s lips. The blond obliged him, and they fell back into their hungry kissing from before, hands raking up in each other’s hair. Kouyou’s tongue skillfully intertwined with Yuu’s, sending the raven shivering. Yuu’s fingers tangled gently into Kouyou’s hair, the raven’s half-lidded eyes looking up to the blond intoxicatedly as he kissed.

God, he loved Kouyou’s smell. He loved his cologne, and fuck, he loved the way Kouyou smelled like sex, so domineering, yet so classy at the same time. Yuu wanted nothing more than for Kouyou to re-enact out his fantasies and bend him over desks and fuck him good and hard over his files and paperwork, flooding him with the rich, musky scent of his cologne, dizzying him further with the smell of sex.

…But his daydreams were short-lived when Kouyou eventually pulled away from their passionate kiss a minute later, reluctance burning vividly in his eyes.

“I have reports to look through and sign, I’m sorry,” Kouyou murmured apologetically, his fingers caressing down Yuu’s face, thumbing his cheeks gently. “I can’t spend too much time indulging myself.”

Yuu let out an audible whimper, a sound that worsened Kouyou’s need to have the raven further.

“Maybe later,” Kouyou whispered, kissing the side of Yuu’s cheek softly.

Yuu’s lips curved into a big, fat pout. “Then what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Sit on the couch and read finance magazines?”

Kouyou sighed at seeing Yuu so dissatisfied. “Babydoll, I do have a laptop you can use. Or I could… I could call up Akira to entertain you, or something.” As soon as the words left his lips though, the blond was retracting them. “Or not. I’d get jealous if I saw another man making you laugh.”

Yuu sighed exasperatedly to him. Kouyou really wasn’t thinking this through.

“Pretty sure as vice-president, he’s busy enough, anyway. Do you use your subordinates as your toys whenever they’re convenient for your usage or what?”

Kouyou winced visibly at his words, and Yuu realized he might not have worded it in the best way possible. Kouyou eased his eyes shut, turning away from Yuu’s gaze.

“Fuck,” Kouyou cursed under his breath, sighing irately, raking a hand up to mess with his hair. “I didn’t think this through. I’m sorry. I just really wanted to stay with you for just a bit longer. It’s been a few days and – I just wanted to come up with an excuse for you to be with me. But you’re right; I shouldn’t have brought you here. I’ll have my secretary call a cab for you to take you home.”

Yuu frowned at the way Kouyou seemed to be placing the blame entirely on his account. The university student was quick to shake his head and draw Kouyou into a hug, placing his chin against Kouyou’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Yuu coaxed softly, raising a hand to gently soothe the blond’s back. “I didn’t mean it. I’m not angry with you, Kouyou. I’m really happy you brought me to your office. I’m really happy to be spending more time with you.”

Kouyou drew in a long breath and apologized whole-heartedly a second time, reciprocating the raven’s hug. “I’m so sorry.”

Yuu shook his head once more and pulled back, raising a hand to Kouyou’s cheek.

“I’ll stay, okay? I’ll find some things to do, no big deal,” Yuu smiled gently to the older man, warming Kouyou’s heart up instantly. “It’s not like I’ll have better things to do at home, anyway. I’ll stay here with you.”

Kouyou managed a weak smile. “I just… I don’t want you to feel like you have to, or anything like that – I don’t want to force you to do anything, Aoi. I realize I had been selfish in bringing you here, and I – I don’t want you to think that of me, sweetheart. I’ve been trying so hard to make it up to you, and now I feel so horrible, doing this to you.”

Yuu’s heart walloped at his words.

“It’s fine, Kouyou. Just make sure you pamper me later,” Yuu teased, smiling up to Kouyou.

The blond nodded his head, returning his smile.


The rest of their afternoon passed in silence. Yuu briefly chatted with Kouyou in the start, as he skipped around the room and picked up interesting-looking ornaments (Yuu later hurriedly placed them back down when he asked Kouyou where he got them from and Kouyou replied with a casual “I won them at an auction in Paris last month” as he did his work). After a while, however, Yuu got bored of exploring, and he lounged himself across the black sofa, tossing and rolling around in it in boredom like a flopping dead fish.

Kouyou could only chuckle at the sight as he flipped through his reports, reading them carefully with a discerning eye. He wanted badly to go over and entertain Yuu himself, but he sat himself back behind his work desk, a pen in hand and reports in the other, sighing as he continued on with his work. He needed to get these reports done and signed by today so his company’s pending projects could proceed, and he knew pushing aside his work for the raven would be irresponsible behavior as a CEO. Still, he didn’t regret bringing Yuu into his office at all – the raven-haired student was too adorable to watch, from his seat, and he found himself watching Yuu with a certain fondness on his face, wondering however he got so lucky.

After immersing himself in – as well as trying to understand – the financial magazines Kouyou had available on the coffee table, Yuu soon fell asleep against the long-spread sofa, curling up into a fetal position as he did so. Once Kouyou noticed the raven was seemingly unmoving, and his chest was quickly rising up and down in a steady heartbeat, the blond moved to loosen his coat off himself and walked to Yuu on the sofa, laying his coat protectively over the raven. It got cold here in his office, and he didn’t want Yuu to fall asleep in the cold and fall sick. His coat easily covered three quarters of Yuu’s form, and Kouyou couldn't help but smile as he watched the raven’s peaceful countenance in his sleep.

The CEO lowered his lips to Yuu’s forehead, planting a soft kiss against it. Yuu fidgeted a little in his sleep in response, but made no move to resist, and Kouyou gave one last brush against Yuu’s hair before going back to his seat, determined to finish his work up as quickly as possible.


Hours went by without the raven realizing it, and it soon approached nighttime. Yuu woke up to Kouyou’s voice gently coaxing him out of his sleep, calling his name repeatedly until he woke.

“Babydoll,” the blond was saying softly, his fingers caressing down against Yuu’s cheeks. “Wake up. It’s getting late.”

The raven yawned shortly, straining his eyes open to meet Kouyou’s ones. Yuu’s eyes wearily struggled to remain open, and he vaguely noted that he was wrapped snugly up in Kouyou’s coat. The older man was only wearing his long sleeved buttoned-up white shirt with his tie now, looking like goddamn sex on legs as usual. 

“What time is it,” Yuu murmured, bringing a hand to his eyes and rubbing at them cutely. Kouyou swallowed hard at the adorable sight.

“Time for dinner. I’ve prepared dinner for us here,” Kouyou answered, cocking his head to the coffee table before the sofa. There were plates of delicious-smelling cooked steak, and glasses of red wine to accompany it. Yuu found himself awakening quickly to the savory smell of Italian steak, his stomach growling hungrily in response. The last time they ate was many hours ago, and the sight of such appetizing food made Yuu’s mouth water.

“Did you make this?” Yuu instinctively asked, though as soon as the words left his lips he realized how dumb he sounded. There was no way Kouyou could make this in his office – there wasn’t even a kitchen for god’s sake.

“No,” Kouyou responded, smiling amusedly to the raven. “I wish I had, though, now that you mentioned it. But I got my private assistant to get me takeaway from the Italian restaurant opposite our office. It’s very famous.”

Yuu grinned to the blond gratefully, then slung his arms around Kouyou tightly. “Thank you for getting us dinner.”

Kouyou laughed a little in his hold, and tilted his head downwards to nuzzle his nose softly against Yuu’s one, something Yuu was beginning to notice the blond loved doing. “I couldn’t possibly let you starve, could I? I have to take care of my little flower.”

The raven hummed happily in reply, then released his arms around Kouyou, turning excitedly to the food that lay before him. “Let’s dig in already! I’m so hungry.”

“Mmm,” Kouyou agreed.

He watched as the raven took a bite of his steak quickly, letting out a loud, pleasured moan second later. Kouyou felt his stomach coil in response, torturously ignoring the lewd thoughts running through his head at the obscene sound the raven-haired just made.

Kouyou dug into his food as well, though his eyes never left Yuu as he ate, holding back wry chuckles as he watched the raven devour the food messily in his hungry state. The blond reached over occasionally with a napkin to rub bits of food off the sides of Yuu’s mouth gently, despite the raven’s protests.

“I’m not a kid,” Yuu huffed, slightly embarrassed. Kouyou just smiled and shook his head.

“I’m not saying you are,” Kouyou said, placing the napkin back down on the table. “Or maybe you’d prefer me using something else…” His mouth twisted into a smirk, looking over to the raven with a glint in his eye. Yuu narrowed his eyes to him, immediately suspicious of the change in his tone.

He didn’t move to stop Kouyou, however, when the blond leaned in to Yuu’s face afterwards, capturing his lips into a soft kiss. Yuu eased his eyes shut and allowed Kouyou to bite and lick at his lip, the blond only pulling away when he’d licked Yuu’s lips clean.

Yuu panted slightly as Kouyou pulled back from him, licking his own lips rather satisfiedly to himself.

“So sweet,” Kouyou commented, smiling smugly to the university student.

Yuu turned away with Kouyou’s kiss still lingering on his lips, blood pulsating wildly through his veins. The blond always had that kind of effect on him.

“What a pervert.” He scoffed, barely covering up his embarrassment.

The blond laughed. “Oh? Am I now?”

“You so are,” Yuu huffed, adamant on getting back at the CEO. It wasn’t fair that Kouyou could do this to him constantly – make him blush and make his heart trepidate like a schoolgirl in love – with just one small kiss or gesture. It wasn’t fair that Kouyou was so charming, so good-looking, so gentle. It wasn't fair Kouyou was constantly being the perfect Prince Charming.

Then his eyes spied the untouched glasses of wine on the coffee table and an idea struck him in his head, sending him grinning widely immediately. It was time for some payback to the blond. Yuu’s thin fingers reached over the table to cup for his wine glass, before bringing it to his lips and taking a couple of small sips, his eyes sultrily glancing over to Kouyou from his wine glass, smiling at him through pursed lips at the same time.

That instantly did the trick.

Kouyou’s gaze quickly faltered as he watched the raven pose a seductive look towards him, with Yuu’s eyebrows raised as the raven cocked his head to the side. Yuu trailed his tongue along the edges of the wine glass, then proceeded to lick at his own lips rather provocatively, in a bid to savor the sweet taste of the wine.

“It’s good,” the raven purred, still licking at his lips, fluttering his eyes up sexily to the blond.

Kouyou felt the familiar coil in his stomach, heat flooding his lower regions. The blond was stunned to silence for a moment, eyes trapped in a daze watching the raven, and Yuu knew immediately he had the blond fucking entranced and wrapped around his fingers.

“Very sweet,” Yuu cooed, crossing one leg over the other. He briefly raised a hand to tug at his mint scarf, gently loosening it around his neck, allowing Kouyou to catch a glimpse of the savage love marks he’d left on Yuu from Sunday. The marks haven’t completely healed, and were still clear pink-purple bruises, and Yuu knew it would appease the blond to see them, in a way that it ascertained the fact that Yuu was his and his only. And Yuu remembered that fact very well, as he watched familiar lust and approval return to Kouyou’s eyes.

The blond held a territorial gaze as he looked to Yuu, voice deepening as he spoke.

“It is, isn’t it,” Kouyou echoed, leaning in once more to the raven. His hand gently reached over, cupping the wine glass Yuu had in hand, easing it out of Yuu’s fingers, and placing it back down onto the coffee table before them. Yuu held his breath with much anticipation as Kouyou pushed the raven-haired back against the sofa, lying him down on his back, before moving his fingers to grip at Yuu’s chin, tilting the raven’s face up to the blond.

“Very pretty,” the blond remarked, sinking his head down, his lips hovering just against Yuu’s jawline. He pressed soft kisses down Yuu’s jaw all the way to his neck, only pausing his lips against the very hickeys he’d created to admire them in sight.

“They look very pretty on you,” Kouyou continued in a dazed whisper, giving a quick lick at the pink-purple bruises. Yuu made a small whine as he did so, the raven’s fingers slowly slipping down to grasp at Kouyou’s hair, breaths coming out in irregular, shaky pants. Kouyou gave further licks against each love mark, until he was slipping the sleeves of Yuu’s shirt down his shoulders, following the trail of these bruises.

Yuu shivered in the cold, whimpering every so often the blond came into contact with another bite mark and sucked on it, inducing pain in the raven. Yuu bit his lip as Kouyou sank his teeth down into unmarked areas, filling them with more hickeys. Oh, god. Yuu was never going to be able to have sex with any other sugar daddies at this rate. He was allowing Kouyou to retain control of his body, and making sure his body belonged to Kouyou and Kouyou only. But even as voices yelled at him in his head to get him to ask Kouyou to stop, he couldn’t bring the will to do so. He wanted it… He wanted to be marked and be left with evidence that Kouyou loved him.

Because Kouyou loved him

…and it was the only thing that made Yuu feel so alive right now.

He tossed his head back against the couch as Kouyou gently slid his hand up underneath his shirt, swift fingers reaching for his nipples and pinching them within his grasp. Yuu hissed in response, feeling them harden under Kouyou’s very fingertips, his nipples slowly erecting under all of Kouyou’s teasing.

“Kouyou,” Yuu called out in another whine, just as he lifted his hips and hiked his legs around Kouyou’s waist needily. His hands reached up to loosen at Kouyou’s tie and unbutton clumsily at Kouyou’s shirt, desperate for the blond to get naked himself. Kouyou allowed the raven to strip him off his shirt quickly, and moved to toss it to the floor once Yuu was done.

Yuu took a moment to take in Kouyou’s bare chest, save the loosened tie now hanging off his neck, and the raven was once again amazed at how fit the blond’s physique really was. As he placed a hand against Kouyou’s chest and caressed it admiringly, the blond CEO chuckled in response, liking how the raven seemed so besotted with his body.

“You like what you see?” Kouyou teased, earning himself a giggle from the raven whose hand squeezed Kouyou’s chest pecs in his hold eagerly. Kouyou grinned at the attention, lowering his body further into Yuu’s grasp.

“I have a confession to make,” Yuu sang, hands greedily running up and down the muscles on Kouyou’s body. He eyed his abs deliciously, before lowering his gaze to the front of Kouyou’s pants, smiling widely at the junk he knew was tucked underneath. God, Yuu wanted to feel it in him already, fucking him, sliding in and out of his hungry asshole, sucking all of Kouyou in…

“Tell me,” Kouyou prompted, cocking up an interested eyebrow to the raven-haired underneath him. “Do you have some desires I should be wary of?”

Yuu snorted, rolling his eyes up to him, pulling at the tie adorning Kouyou’s neck. “You’re the one who put me in a damn collar on our first night together.”

Kouyou let out a short laugh. “You liked it, honey. Now tell me what you’re hiding from me.”

The raven sniggered as he began. “Well…” Yuu looked away, avoiding Kouyou’s gaze, his fingers reaching up to play with the blond’s tie mindlessly. It perked Kouyou’s interest even more. “On our first date, when you told me you were a CEO and had your own office, well…” Yuu’s voice trailed off in a sickeningly sweet tone as he clutched the tie in a harsh grip.

“I kinda… fantasized about you fucking me over your work desk.”

Kouyou had a look of surprise on for a moment, as if astonished Yuu would admit that to him so outrightly, but gradually his face settled back into his usual smirk, realizing he’d underestimated the raven way too much.

The blond clucked his tongue, face fondly looking down to the raven. “I see. And I’m guessing you’re telling me that now because…”

Yuu shrugged his shoulders, eyes blinking up innocently to the blond. “I don’t knooow. Do whatever you want with this information.”

All Kouyou did was laugh, as if expecting such a response from the raven already.

Then he was dropping his head next to Yuu’s ear, lips whispering out in a husky voice, “you love pretending to be innocent, don’t you. Don’t you know innocent preys like you get eaten up too easily? Especially by big bad wolves like me.”

Yuu trembled slightly under his voice, and he was taken aback in complete shock when the blond wrapped a strong arm around him and pulled him into a harsh grip, throwing his body effortlessly over Kouyou’s shoulder.

The raven felt a rush of adrenaline through his body as the blond CEO strode over to his work desk, clearing his files and reports all in a single arm swipe. They flew to the ground in a mess, but Kouyou barely gave a damn, and it excited Yuu to think that Kouyou wanted him so much to the point where he was willing to get rid of what may be important reports to him and the company – just to fulfill Yuu’s fantasy and fuck him hard over his work desk.

Three minutes later and their clothes were off.

Two minutes later and Yuu was bent over the work desk, naked except for the cotton panties he’d chosen to wear today, tugged down around his mid-thighs. His ass was perched up high; his face slumped against the table as his fingers grasped the edges of the desk tightly. His slowly erecting cock rubbed against the surface of the now-cleared desk, and the friction of it all made Yuu moan, his ass quivering in want underneath Kouyou’s sinful gaze.

A minute later and Kouyou had spread open Yuu’s plump ass cheeks, coated them generously with lube with his fingers, and felt as Yuu’s inner wall muscles pulsated, anticipating and begging for more.

“Daddy, please fuck me,” Yuu pleaded, cock twitching helplessly against the desk.

A second later and Kouyou’s hard dick had slipped inside of Yuu’s entrance, granting him what he wished for. His cock was as thick as Yuu remembered, and the moment it entered him Yuu let out the breath he’d been holding into a length moan, ass pushing back instantly to take more of Kouyou in. Kouyou’s cock felt hot and full inside of him, and Yuu savored the feeling, whimpering along to Kouyou’s satisfied groans as he relentlessly pushed himself in.

“Still so tight as ever around my cock,” Kouyou grunted, feeling the raven’s muscles squeeze him tightly with every inch he was pushing into the raven. He gripped Yuu’s ass roughly into his hands, plunging himself deeper in until he was balls-deep, and Yuu was trembling, his body happily accepting the intrusion.

“I’m always ready to be used by you, Daddy,” Yuu moaned, shaky thighs fidgeting impatiently against the blond’s legs, wanting his Daddy to start fucking him fast and hard already. Kouyou gave a tight slap to his ass, clearly disapproving of how the raven was telling him what to do.

“I fuck you whenever and however I want,” Kouyou growled, and then he was pulling out fast and slamming in even faster, again and again. Yuu went instantly weak – his fingers were losing grip of the table, and all he could do was lay there and be fucked by the blond repeatedly, Kouyou’s thick cock sliding easily in and out of Yuu as he cursed at Yuu’s tightness and whispered vulgar thoughts about Yuu’s ass to the raven.

Yuu’s cock was hard as fuck at the knowledge of the CEO taking pleasure in this, taking pleasure in participating in Yuu’s fantasy, taking pleasure in knowing Yuu relished in being fucked by such a dominant, powerful man like Kouyou. As pre-cum dripped down from his cock, smearing the surface of the desk, Yuu wondered how many times Kouyou had sat here, doing his work on this very table, and how Kouyou would never be able to look at this desk the same way again, not after Yuu was so being dirtily fucked against it, no.

Nnngghh, Daddy…” Yuu let out a shameless moan as he snapped up his hips and met Kouyou’s furious thrusts, and as Kouyou spread him open further and shifted slightly to fuck him in new angles, Yuu felt Kouyou graze his prostate in one of them, and let out a loud whine at that, his body shuddering at the intense pleasure it sent him.

Kouyou took note and began assaulting his prostate, quickening his pace as he thrust harder and harder into the raven, utterly wrecking the younger man into high-pitched shrieks and heavy panting.

“Right there, fuck, K-Kouyou…! D–Daddy Kouyou! Please, I– N–No…!” Yuu yelled out, his voice trembling, and he briefly wondered if Kouyou’s private assistant could hear them from outside, but Yuu didn’t give a fuck, no. Not when he was seeing stars from the way Kouyou was riding his cock into him and not when he was feeling pleasure this good. In fact, the thought of someone possibly overhearing the way Kouyou could reduce him into screams and moans made Yuu even hornier. Fuck, Yuu was such a slut when it came to Kouyou…

“What a naughty little babydoll…” Kouyou commented, slapping Yuu’s juicy ass cheek teasingly, the pain sending an immediate jolt to the raven’s cock. Yuu then felt Kouyou’s hand reaching for his arms and pinning them ruthlessly behind his back, making sure Yuu was entirely under his power. Yuu bucked back against his thrusts, squeezing his muscles harder and harder around his thick cock, earning himself loud groans from the blond CEO. God, Kouyou felt so good, Kouyou was his Daddy, Kouyou held control over him…

“Fuck,” Kouyou suddenly cursed, his thrusts slowing down for a moment. Yuu let out a spoilt whine at that, mewling for Kouyou not to stop. “Someone’s coming.”

Fuck that. “I don’t care–mmffgh,” Yuu felt the blond quickly slap a hand over the raven’s mouth, muffling his cries. Still thrusting slowly into Yuu, Kouyou listened tensely to the sounds outside his door, only relaxing when he heard his secretary’s voice.

“Sir, I’ve just gotten the fax you mentioned you wanted. Do you want me to send it in immediately?”

Kouyou then returned to his hard and fast thrusts, reducing Yuu’s breathing into muffled labored gasps, and the raven could feel tears welling up in his eyes as he struggled to keep as quiet as possible, though he wasn’t doing very well when a moan was slipping out of his mouth every other second or so. Kouyou pressed his hand over Yuu’s mouth tighter, making sure the raven was as silent as possible.

“If you don’t want her to come in and see you being fucked like such a slut, stop moaning like a fucking whore,” Kouyou hissed in a dangerous whisper to the raven, but his thrusting never stopped, and Yuu couldn’t really tell in the midst of all this blinding pleasure but – he was almost certain Kouyou was fucking harder into him, as if wanting to see Yuu give in to his screams, as if wanting the enact the very image he’d just painted, of being walked in, of allowing people to see the dirty slut his raven-haired flower really was…

Yuu panted weakly into Kouyou’s hand, distressed, his face flushed in a dark crimson, giving a timid nod in reply to the older man.

“Not now, Chiaki. I’ll collect it tomorrow morning – you may be dismissed for the night.” Kouyou ordered loudly, smugly looking to the raven-haired writhing underneath him. Yuu’s hard cock was still leaking against his desk, painful and hard from the lack of attention.

“Thank you, sir.” His secretary responded from outside the door, and Yuu could vaguely hear sounds of her heels clucking away, and only when they drifted off into silence did Kouyou release his hold over Yuu’s mouth.

Daddy,” Yuu whined, pouting at the blond’s rough treatment to him. Kouyou raised an eyebrow to him, then slipped his cock out and flipped the raven onto his back against the desk. The raven mewled at the loss, and gazed up to the blond through hooded eyes, stretching his legs open wide and exposing his gaping hole to the older man.

“Fuck me, Daddy, I want you back inside my tight ass,” Yuu moaned sexily, with blush tinting his cheeks, not missing the way Kouyou lewdly stared to him as he spoke.

“You don't even know how fucking slutty you look right now,” Kouyou cursed, pushing his hard cock right back into Yuu’s ass, and the raven was loudly moaning as pleasure engulfed him once more, his muscles greedily sucking Kouyou back in.

“I’ve been so bad, so punish me…” Yuu wrapped his legs tightly around Kouyou’s waist, forcing the blond’s cock deeper into him. The raven’s eyes fell shut and his mouth parted as Kouyou began steadily rocking into him again, increasing his pace gradually until he was back to his hard and fast thrusts like before.

“Yes! Daddy! Yes, fuck, I’m your naughty little babydoll, t-treat me like I… I’m… oh! Nnnnggghhh Daddy!” Yuu cried out helplessly, circling his arms weakly around Kouyou’s neck as his sharp nails dug into Kouyou’s smooth back. The blond grunted as Yuu dragged his nails across his back, and he pushed his hips up harder, fucking the raven heatedly with his cock.

Ah, ah, ah, ah! Daddy! Y-You’re s-so m-mean–” Yuu screamed, the heat building up faster and faster inside of him along with Kouyou’s thrusts until he was no more, his cock shooting ribbons of cum all over his chest and stomach.

“Fuck,” Kouyou hissed at the sight, feeling his own release coming as well, easing his eyes shut when he felt his stomach knot with familiar sensations. He slapped the back of Yuu’s ass loudly, this time smacking him so hard Kouyou was certain he’d left behind a lingering handprint against his ass. Yuu whimpered, his ass wriggling cutely against Kouyou’s cock, and the way his ass muscles contracted around Kouyou was enough to send him leaking right into the raven’s ass.

After Kouyou had emptied himself right inside of Yuu, he was pulling out, lowering Yuu back against his work desk. Yuu’s hair was a complete mess, sticking all over to his sweaty, blushing face, and his eyes were fluttering up weakly to the blond, beckoning for the older man to give him a kiss.

Kouyou obliged him, pressing his lips gently down against Yuu’s, and the both of them soon indulged in some heavy kissing and panting before finally collapsing next to each other in sheer exhaustion.

“I hope that somewhat satisfied your fantasy,” Kouyou said, after catching his breath, turning his eyes to meet Yuu’s. “I know it satisfied mine.”

Yuu laughed softly, cocking his head cutely to Kouyou. “You always satisfy me, handsome.” 

Kouyou grinned, pulling the raven into his arms. “A pleasure to do so, sweetheart.”

“Mmm,” Yuu murmured, nuzzling his head against Kouyou’s chest. “You always treat me the best.”

The older man smiled. “Of course I will, honey,” he whispered, stroking a hand down Yuu’s shoulder-length hair. “You’re my precious little flower.”

They lay there motionless for a while, basking in each other’s presence, until Yuu broke into a small yawn and found himself wearily rubbing at his eyes.

“Tired?” Kouyou asked gently.

Yuu nodded his head, sighing. “It’s getting late, too. Maybe I should…”

“You could stay the night,” Kouyou rushed to say, his voice hopeful. “Or do you have early classes tomorrow?”

Yuu looked to him with a small smile. “Not until afternoon, no. I guess I could stay with you tonight.”

Kouyou returned his smile. “That’s great. Do you feel like moving to my place or are you content with spending a night with me in my office?”

Yuu eyed him playfully. “Your office ain’t half bad. Plus, I’m a little too sore to move now. Ow.”

The blond grinned to him. “I’ll go get the pillows and blankets I’ve stored here, then.”

Yuu watched as Kouyou dressed himself in his briefs, before striding over to the coffee table before the sofa, pushing it aside to make room. The blond then transformed the black sofa into a makeshift bed by pulling out a hidden layer of cushion underneath, complete with matching black pillows and blankets ready to be used.

Yuu laughed at the convenience of it all – of course Kouyou would have these sort of things in his office. The older man did mention he sometimes spent nights here, after all.

After making sure he had cleared the food and plates on the coffee table, Kouyou then plopped himself onto the sofa-bed, patting the empty spot next to him with a smirk.

“Come here and cuddle with me,” Kouyou cooed, gazing up to the raven-haired.

Yuu couldn’t resist a giggle. “Okay, handsome.”

He ended up grabbing for Kouyou’s button-up white shirt lying on the floor and clothing himself in it, before crawling into the sofa-bed with Kouyou, quickly falling into his embrace. Yuu had his head buried back into Kouyou’s chest, with Kouyou’s arms wrapped around his waist.

“I could get used to this,” Kouyou whispered, lips pressed against Yuu’s hair. Yuu looked up to him cutely with a sly smile. 

“Get used to what?” Yuu asked.

“Sleeping with you in my arms,” Kouyou smiled, sighing, eyes looking adoringly to the raven-haired.

Yuu’s cheeks reddened. “Is that so.”

“Mmmhmm,” Kouyou tightened his grip around Yuu, snuggling in closer to him.

The both of them fell asleep locked in their embrace, their breathing soft against each other’s skin.

Chapter Text

“Sir, I’ve gotten your usual coffee brewed and ready…” were not the words Yuu expected he would wake up to, but apparently it was so, when Kouyou’s private assistant walked in on them at eight in the morning with a coffee mug in hand.

Yuu had been the first to awaken, still clad in Kouyou’s white buttoned-down shirt, which proved to be too large for his slender built. He sat up in bed, sleepily rubbing at his eyes, trying to comprehend what was going on. Then he saw the secretary’s embarrassed and red face, and he knew right away they’d just been walked in on.

Kouyou woke up a second later, eyes groggily straining to open as he propped himself up in bed – still shirtless – and when he finally caught sight of his secretary’s presence, all he did was heave a low sigh, and wave the woman out.

“Leave the coffee on the table,” Kouyou instructed in a raspy voice, too tired to deal with any confrontation.

“Y-Yes, sir,” His assistant looked too petrified to even question her boss. She left the mug on his desk, her face only turning paler at the sight of the mess they’d left against the table last night.

“Leave,” Kouyou said, and she was well on her way out, her face white as a sheet. “And don’t tell Akira about this, for god’s sake.”

“Y-Yes, s-sir!” His assistant affirmed, closing the door tightly shut behind her.

Yuu, who had been keeping silent as he watched the display before him, instantly burst into amused giggles once she was out, enclosing his arms up around the blond’s neck.

“So mean,” Yuu gazed sultrily to the older man, lips slipping out a delighted laugh. “The poor woman was trembling. Are you this strict with all your workers?”

Kouyou uttered another sigh, running his fingers up through his messy bed hair. “I did tell you I’m rather different at work. I’m not very… accommodating.”

Yuu leaned in to the blond, grinning up to him. “You’re the boss, afterall. You tell them what to do.” And he accentuated his last words in such a provocative whisper it chilled the blond to the bone.

“Mmm, I do,” Kouyou dropped his head down and brushed his lips against Yuu’s ones. They kissed briefly without tongue, pulling away mere seconds later. Kouyou cupped his hand against Yuu’s cheek, caressing the raven with his thumb.

“Get breakfast with me, then I’ll send you home.” The blond breathed to Yuu, his dark, intense eyes gazing affectionately down into Yuu’s ones.

Yuu teasingly smiled up to him. “I don’t sound like I have a choice in this matter, do I?”

Kouyou laughed, lowering his arms around the raven’s back to pull Yuu closer into him. “You aren’t going to refuse me, are you?”

Yuu stared to him with mock horror. “Of course not… boss. I’ll do whatever you tell me to!”

It only elicited more laughter from the blond. “Thank god you don’t work for me,” Kouyou chided, shaking his head. “I doubt I’d get any work done with you around.”

“Why?” Yuu quipped. “Too busy fucking me?”

Kouyou simply smiled and sighed exasperatedly to the raven, fingers tucking Yuu’s hair strands behind his ears. “Well… you aren’t exactly wrong.”

Yuu grinned, fluttering his lashes up to Kouyou purposefully, teasing the older man. “What if I applied to be an intern here? Would you let me work under you?”

Kouyou’s eyes narrowed to him. “Why, is the allowance I give you not enough?”

Yuu’s lips curved into a cute pout in response. “Of course not. I just wondered how you’d like me in a tight blouse and pencil skirt, constantly calling you sir.”

The blond bit his lip lustfully at the crude mental image that just crossed his head. “You can do that, already, you know. You could dress up privately for me back at home…”

Yuu smirked at his words. “Oh? So I guess we’re role-playing next. Aren’t you a kinky little one, Daddy…”

Kouyou chuckled, shaking his head. “I don't know what I did to deserve you,” he whispered, squeezing the cute raven in his grasp. “You’re so perfect. So small and naughty for me to pamper.”

Yuu giggled quietly and nuzzled further into his neck. “What a demanding Daddy. Do you only fantasize about seeing me in slutty clothing all day or what?”

“Mmm,” Kouyou laughed, hands tenderly stroking up the back of Yuu’s neck. “I have a ton of fantasies about you, that are not restricted to just clothing–”

Mr Suzuki! Mr Takashima is currently busy and is not to be disturbed–”

Kouyou’s secretary’s frantic yelling outside the door was the only warning they’d gotten, before the door burst open with the company’s vice-president standing by the entrance, holding heavy folders in hand. Chiaki looked rather apologetically to the blond CEO as she stood helplessly behind Akira, only turning around to leave when Kouyou nodded in understanding and waved at her to go. 

Kouyou let out a deep sigh when he turned his attention back to Akira. He curled his arm around Yuu protectively, hiding the raven’s face in his bare chest. “What is it, Akira.”

There was a heavy smirk planted on Akira’s face. “I knew it. Your car hadn’t moved an inch in the car park, and I knew you didn’t leave your office last night. Didn’t think your pretty little raven stayed with you too, though. Did you even get any work done last night? And Jesus Christ, put a shirt on.”

Kouyou looked too fed up to answer. Yuu briefly giggled at how annoyed Kouyou always perpetually looked whenever it came to dealing with matters in the office. It was just – so – vastly different as compared to the gentleness Kouyou always showed him when they were alone, or the way Kouyou would laugh softly with him each time Yuu teased him or kissed him. Kouyou really was at his happiest with the raven – and Yuu felt pride swell in his chest knowing that.

“I don’t believe you really get a say in how I choose to conduct my work, Akira,” Kouyou mumbled, fingers mindlessly playing with Yuu’s hair strands. “Why did you come up here anyway, other than to bother me like you always do?”

Pfft,” Akira snorted, striding in to the office. “Say that to me again when you’re dragging me out to bars and drowning yourself in alcohol moaning about how lovesick you are and how you fucked up with your pretty little raven–”

At this point in time Kouyou was glaring to him so savagely, daring Akira to go on, that Akira could only let out a laugh in response.

Yuu’s heart drummed so furiously in his chest at Akira’s words, wondering if what he said was true. Had Kouyou been talking that much about him to Akira? Was Kouyou that badly affected by what Yuu said and did to him? He had been cold to Kouyou the past week, after all, and Yuu wondered if Kouyou had been going out drinking because of that.

Yuu couldn't help a smile at the mental image of Kouyou ending up so distressed because of him. Did he mean that much to the blond?

“I believe I said to never talk about that,” Kouyou hissed, his voice like venom as he scowled up to the brunet. “Get out of my office.”

“You know I’m only trying to help,” Akira laughed, seemingly unaffected by Kouyou’s anger. “Anyway, I came in here to tell you I got the go-ahead from Nishikawa’s company just five minutes ago. I believe they’ll call you soon.”

Kouyou eased his eyes shut and sighed deeply. “Fine. Just go, okay? It’s eight in the morning and I can’t even catch a break.”

Akira left promptly, but not before winking in Yuu’s direction – which the raven caught with a blush. When the door was tightly shut once more and Yuu and Kouyou were left alone once again, the blond was groaning in annoyance, turning away from the raven’s view.

“I apologize if I made you uncomfortable in any way. Akira’s always just been a huge asshole. Just pretend you didn’t hear anything.” Kouyou grunted, hand reaching up to tousle at his blond hair. “I’m really sorry. I know we had a huge fight over this whole… boundaries thing, and I definitely do not want to make you uncomfortable again.”

Yuu’s heart fell a bit at the sight of how careful Kouyou was making sure to be when it came to matters of the heart pertaining to the raven. Had Yuu treated Kouyou so harshly over the past week, to the point where the blond was afraid to even let it show that he was too overly concerned about Yuu sometimes? 

“Hey, it’s okay,” Yuu whispered quickly, moving in to close the distance between him and the blond. He wrapped his arms around Kouyou’s neck once more and looked up into his eyes, a soft, comforting smile on his lips. “I’m not mad at all. I… I think it’s cute, actually, what Akira said. Is it true? Did you go out drinking because of me?”

Kouyou bit his lip, looking rather reluctant to admit it. “I did.”

Yuu’s smile widened. “Was it because you thought I was mad at you?”

Kouyou sucked in a small breath, eyes apprehensively gazing back down into Yuu’s, still afraid he would offend Yuu with his answer. “But… you were. But, well, it’s okay now, right? We’re okay now. So it doesn’t matter anymore.” 

Yuu grinned in response, shook his head, and then reached his hand up to ruffle through Kouyou’s hair cutely.

“Do you talk about me a lot to Akira?” Yuu sang happily, asking.

Kouyou’s lips formed a small smile at how smug his little raven was looking right now. “Per…haps. A little.” 

“Only a little?” Yuu cocked his head to the side, eyes glinting.

Kouyou chuckled to him, finally catching on to what the raven was doing. Yuu was teasing him. And he liked the attention Kouyou was currently bestowing upon him a lot, as well.

“Well… Perhaps a substantial amount.” The older man admitted cheekily.

“Hmm…” Yuu pretended to evaluate his answer for a moment, before coming to a conclusion. “You must really like me,” the raven teased, saying in a soft whisper, his lips leaning up to bestow gentle kisses against the side of Kouyou’s jaw.

Kouyou’s eyes fluttered down as he basked in Yuu’s kisses. “Of course I do, my little flower,” he murmured, looking fondly down to the raven. “I like you more than anything in the world.”

He then cupped Yuu’s cheek with his fingers, dipping his head down until the both of them were locking lips together once more. Their tongues slipped in hurriedly into each other’s mouths, eagerly relishing in each other’s tastes, and the raven whimpered a small moan as he allowed Kouyou to easily dominate him in the kiss.

Yuu felt utter bliss, surrendering himself passionately to the older man like this.

And he realized then and there that he’d never felt happier kissing anyone else; that he’d never felt happier knowing someone loved him more than anything else; that he’d never felt happier contemplating the idea of loving Kouyou as equally back; and perhaps just giving in and…

“God, I love you,” Yuu thought as he murmured softly against Kouyou’s lips, always wondering how it’d sound like aloud. The man treated him so gently and kind, just like how a real lover would, and Yuu wondered how it’d be like if they had met under different circumstances, and had fallen in love like a normal couple would. Everything would be perfect, and everything would fall into place, and Yuu wouldn’t have to keep fretting over his feelings for him, and Kouyou wouldn’t have to be so guarded and careful in his affection for the raven.

And maybe Yuu could then say all the I love yous in the world without having to worry about the consequences. Except – he hadn’t realized he’d actually said it out loud, until Kouyou froze in the kiss and his eyes snapped wide open, looking back to Yuu incredulously.

And then it felt like time had come to a standstill.

And then Yuu wondered if he’d fucked up.

…If he’d fucked up, big time.

“Y…You love me?” Kouyou asked, in disbelief of what he’d just heard, drawing his lips quickly away from Yuu’s mouth. And Yuu would have thought the blond would be frightened off by his forthcoming confession, but the way Kouyou was suddenly looking so hopeful as he gazed back to the raven for a response warmed Yuu’s heart so, so much.

So much so that it confused the raven.

“I…” Yuu’s eyes faltered, his hands starting to tremble nervously. Why did he say it? What was he thinking? Yuu just wanted to know how it would sound like upon his lips (but then again why did he even want to know that?); he hadn’t even been thinking; he had just been too happy, kissing the older man, feeling loved and– the words had escaped him even before he had processed them properly in his mind…


Kouyou snaked his arms around Yuu’s waist and held him closer to him, embracing Yuu with childlike excitement to himself. Yuu had never seen Kouyou look happier; and that very knowledge made a huge twist in Yuu’s gut.

“Say it again,” Kouyou pleaded to the raven, his lips curving into an uncontrollable smile, completely oblivious to the fear in Yuu’s eyes. “Tell me you love me again.”

Yuu wanted so badly to…

“It was a mistake,” Yuu rushed to say, shaking his head, his arms quickly pushing Kouyou away. “Kouyou, it… it was a mistake.”

…but he didn’t.

Kouyou’s face instantly paled as he got tossed aside.  “What do you mean? What mistake?”

Don’t do this to me.

“Take me home,” Yuu hurriedly demanded, turning away, his heart tearing apart bit by bit by the second.

Not now. Not today.

“N-No!” Kouyou broke into a confused yell, and he was gripping Yuu’s wrists close to him, pulling the raven back into his arms. “I heard it. You can’t pretend you didn’t just say it. You said you loved me. Why won’t you say it again?”

All Yuu could do was choke back on fearful tears, and when it was obvious he was refusing to look back up to the blond, Kouyou’s voice came out in a heartbroken whisper.

“We’re so close,” Kouyou begged, and all Yuu wanted to do was to lean back up and kiss him. “So close to getting where we want to, Aoi. Please don’t let this moment go away.”

But Yuu didn’t.

“Aoi,” Kouyou pleaded one more time. “I love you too. Tell me you love me back. And we don’t have to do this thing anymore. Tormenting each other when we both know it doesn’t have to be this way. I love you, so let’s make this real. Okay?”

Yuu’s voice came out throaty and hoarse, too many wild thoughts running through his mind for him to articulate his words sensibly.

“Y…You said before… you didn’t think yourself worthy of me. Y…You said…”

“I take it back,” Kouyou rushed to say, and then he was enveloping Yuu back into his arms, kissing the tip of Yuu’s silken raven hair. “I take all of it back.”

“Stop being so indecisive,” Yuu croaked, suppressing his tears.

“I’m sorry,” Kouyou hushed the choked up raven, kissing him over and over again against his hair. “I’m so sorry, beautiful. I love you. And I’ve been wanting to let you know, but you – you got so mad at me on Sunday and I – I just thought you never wanted to be with me, the way I wanted to, and I – I didn’t want to… I never wanted to force you into anything you didn’t want.

But if there’s anything I’ve learnt over the past few days, Aoi, it’s that I’ve fallen in love with you. And you don’t – you don’t know – how mad I am at myself, for landing myself in this state, but you just said you loved me – and all I want to know is that it wasn’t my imagination. That I’m not dreaming. That I’m… I’m not alone in this. I’m not alone in wanting this relationship to be more than what it is, Aoi. Please. Just tell me you love me again.”

Yuu fluttered his eyes close and nestled his head meekly against Kouyou’s chest.

“I think I love you,” Yuu said finally, softly, in a tired voice. “I’m not sure.”

Kouyou cast a longing look to him. “Why aren’t you sure?”

Yuu buried his head deeper. “I’m not sure if this is a good idea.”

Kouyou managed a weak smile. “Aoi, won’t you at least give us a chance?”

Yuu sounded hesitant. “Kouyou, you’re… you’re not even in my league. You’re too good for me. You should be looking for someone else who can give you what you want.”

“But you’re perfect for me,” Kouyou whispered, brushing the raven’s hair softly. “And you’re the one that deserves better than me. But I can’t resist you any longer, I’m sorry.”

Yuu glanced to him with lingering uncertainty. “Could I… Could I have some time to think this over?”

Kouyou bit back all the words he wanted to say. “Yes. Definitely. Of course. I… I guess I’ll just await for a reply, then.”

“Thank you,” Yuu murmured, forcing a smile upon his lips.

Kouyou gazed to him with a yearning look. “Can I at least kiss you for now?”

Yuu nodded his head weakly, tipping his head up slowly, allowing Kouyou to seize his lips once more against his. And they kissed for only a short moment; but the fire that was sent running through Yuu’s body set him ablaze.

And Yuu knew his answer even before he needed to think it over.

I love you already.

And for the first time in this whole sugar-dating business, Yuu had never felt so lost and out of control.


“I’ll text you later when I know of my plans for this weekend,” Kouyou murmured, glancing over to the raven worriedly as he drove them both up to the gas station he usually dropped Yuu off at.

The raven had been reluctant to speak the entire car ride, but as Kouyou stopped his car by the gas station, Yuu was suddenly looking over to Kouyou with hesitant eyes, his throat dry as he parted his lips.

“I… I live just up front,” Yuu directed, his words sending Kouyou into shock immediately. “Just… a less than ten minute walk from here. I can… I can give you the directions.”

Things were starting to change.

Kouyou had to hold back his eagerness as he replied, stepping on the pedal once more. “Okay.”

“Just go straight, then turn left at the curve,” Yuu said softly, heart palpitating hard in his chest as he guided the blond to his home. He didn’t know what he was doing, revealing his address to Kouyou like this, but he figured he’d broken so many rules with Kouyou since so long ago, that breaking another one wouldn’t hurt. “Drive up a little more, and I’ll tell you which block to stop at.”

Kouyou listened attentively, barely masking the smile on his face as he drove according to Yuu’s instructions. The raven was opening yet another part of himself up to him, and Kouyou wondered if this was a sign that their relationship was being taken to another level.

“I live right here,” Yuu murmured, halting Kouyou as he approached a block of apartments. Kouyou made mental note of Yuu’s address, briefly glancing around the surroundings, registering what kind of environment Yuu lived in. It was a relatively safe and protected area, and the apartments situated here were far better than what a usually broke university student would live in. Kouyou wondered if the rent Yuu was paying was cheap, or if Yuu could only afford it because of the high allowances he got from him. Still, Kouyou was relieved to see that Yuu was living in a relatively secure environment. He definitely didn’t want Yuu to get hurt in any way.

“I’ll go now,” Yuu alerted the blond quickly, pushing the car door open.

“Wait – I haven’t paid you yet for yesterday and today,” Kouyou called after the raven, frowning to him. “Hold on, I’ll just get my–”

“You don’t have to,” Yuu said quietly, turning back to meet his eyes with a gentle gaze.

Kouyou held his breath, his heart halting for a moment. “I don’t?” Did that mean something? That Yuu wasn’t seeing him as a mere sugar daddy anymore?

Yuu cast his eyes down, biting his lip.

“No. Not until I make a decision, anyway.”

“But I… I took your time,” Kouyou still protested anyway, heart uneasy at the thought of Yuu losing out like this on their arrangement. He slipped his wallet out of his pocket quickly, pulling out whatever amount of cash he had left in it to give to the raven. “Please take this. I’ll be upset if you don’t.”

Yuu looked to the thick wad of cash in his hands with an exasperated sigh. “Kouyou–”

“I love you, so please just do this for me. Please? For me,” Kouyou placated. Yuu eventually took the cash from Kouyou’s hands with a distraught look, knowing the blond had meant to do just that – guilt him into accepting his payment.

“I’ll text you later,” Yuu promised, his words bringing an instant smile to Kouyou’s face.

“I’ll miss you until I see you again,” Kouyou whispered longingly.

Yuu smiled momentarily to him. “I’ll text you,” he repeated, and then he was leaning in to press a soft kiss against Kouyou’s cheek, easing his eyes close as he did so.

“See you later, beautiful,” Kouyou beamed at his kiss, watching sadly as Yuu slowly pulled away and stepped out of his car.

“See you,” Yuu waved to him, bestowing him one last smile before he turned his back on him.

Kouyou drove away with his heart lifted, knowing that the next time they met, things probably wouldn’t ever be the same again.


Yuu had been so caught up in his thoughts on Kouyou, that as he entered his apartment absentmindedly and saw his roommate seated against the sofa in the living room, he’d blankly waved to Yutaka before heading past him to his room, completely oblivious to the fuming brunet on the couch.

“Had a nice night with Kouyou?” Yutaka snapped, and it was only with his harsh tone that Yuu finally broke out of his thoughts; finally paying attention to how crossed Yutaka seemed to be. Yuu also briefly noted the dark eye bags littering the brunet’s eyes, and he wondered if Yutaka had stayed up late again last night studying.

“You’re angry,” Yuu registered mindlessly. “Why are you angry?”

Yutaka’s glare was so ferocious in the next instant Yuu was temporarily stunned.

“You said you would tell me if you were ever staying the night at one of your sugar daddy’s place – and you didn’t. You said you would tell me if you were safe or not by the end of the night – and you didn’t. You said you would tell me if you weren’t coming home – and you fucking didn’t.” Yutaka seethed furiously, pausing only for a breather, before continuing his rant in absolute annoyance.

“…And five minutes ago, I looked out of the window, waiting for you to come home, still frightened you’d been raped and thrown into the sea or something, and I see you getting out of a certain Lamborghini, waving goodbye to who I assume is Kouyou. You’ve always told me you’ve instilled certain rules into place to protect yourself – one of them being that you never tell your sugar daddies where you stay. So, would you kindly please tell me why Kouyou is the exception this time round?”

Yuu didn’t even know where to start.

“I forgot.” Yuu said numbly, too tired to start an argument with the brunet. “I’m sorry.”

Yutaka looked like he was about to combust into flames at Yuu’s lack of answer.

“You’re sorry. You’re sorry?! That’s all you have to say?! Yuu, I was waiting by this door day and night for you! Is that it?! Do you just treat me like I… I’m just some fucking dog continuously waiting for you to come home like you’re my owner?!”

Yuu released a long sigh at his outburst, looking away wearily. He had just gotten home from a whole day of nerve-wrecking emotions and he simply had no energy left to deal with Yutaka’s unwanted concern right now, when all Yuu could think about was how Kouyou’s lips felt like on his skin, and the way his name sounded against Kouyou’s tongue.

“Yutaka, I’m too exhausted for this right now. I just… I just want to retire to my room. Is that okay?”

If Yutaka wasn’t yelling before, Yutaka was really yelling now.

“Was sex with Kouyou so good to the point where you can’t even fucking talk to me anymore?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why are you letting your guard down so much around him?! Have you forgotten what he is?! He’s NOT your boyfriend, Yuu!”

Yuu lost it at this point, feeling a raging headache coming on over him.


The sharp silence that followed his outburst was so painful Yuu wondered if he’d stilled the brunet into shock.

“Why did you tell him where you stayed.” Yutaka asked, his tone of voice significantly lowered this time, his eyes gazing away from the raven. “Has he become your lover, now?”

Yuu could tell from the way he sounded that Yutaka was hurt to the core; but Yuu couldn’t bring himself to apologize to him, when Yuu was feeling so messed up himself. It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair. Yuu shouldn’t have to deal with this. Yuu shouldn’t have to deal with all of these.

Yuu didn’t ask for any of these.

“He might be,” Yuu replied in a strained voice. “I don’t know.”

Yutaka stiffened instantly, clearly having never expected that answer. “W…What do you mean by that?”

Yuu turned away, his face conflicted.

“I… I told him I loved him.”

The brunet fell into surprised silence once more. “You… You did?”

“I still don’t know why I did, but yeah,” Yuu said quietly, fluttering his eyes shut. “And he… said he loved me back.”

Yutaka looked absolutely disheartened at his words. “He did?”

“But I told him I needed time, so I…” Yuu sighed. “I’m not sure.”

Yutaka’s voice quivered when he spoke this time round, his tone much more subdued. “But you… you told him you loved him.”

Yuu glanced to him with downcast eyes. “I guess I did.”

And in that moment Yutaka had never looked more heartbroken.

“Yuu, I–” Yutaka’s voice trembled so much Yuu felt an instant confusion. “Yuu, are you sure? Are you… really sure about that?”

Yuu shook his head. “I don’t know, Yutaka. I… I guess this is something I need to figure out on my own. I think I’ll… I’ll just take some time to myself to think it over. I’m sorry for not informing you about the staying over at Kouyou’s place, but it had been a really spontaneous decision, and I hadn’t remembered to tell you. I’m sorry.” 

Yutaka looked too hurt to care anymore. “It’s fine. I hope you can figure it out on your own.”

“Thank you,” Yuu whispered gratefully, turning his back on the brunet as he strode forward to his room.

Yutaka realized then and there Yuu would probably never notice the reason why Yutaka always stayed up late at night studying, when he had always just been waiting for him to come home.

Chapter Text

Kouyou: Hope you got home safely. Miss you already

Yuu: miss you too

Yuu had been too dazed to remember he had a class that afternoon, but when he did he figured he’d give it a miss anyway. It wasn’t like Yuu usually missed his classes, and Yuu told himself missing just one class wouldn’t hurt. Yuu spent the rest of his day studying for upcoming tests and working on the little remaining assignments he had, besides checking his phone sporadically whilst waiting for a new message from Kouyou – and being disappointed when there was none.

Yuu knew Kouyou was probably cooped up with work, considering the amount of paperwork he’d seen left on his desk, but Yuu couldn’t help but wonder if Kouyou felt as anxious as he did about the current state of their relationship. Yuu was certain by now that he had developed feelings for the blond, and there was no denying it anymore; not when he’d already confessed it outright to the older man himself.

Yuu still couldn’t figure out what possessed him to say those three words, but Yuu knew they must have come from the heart. He hadn’t… He hadn’t ever felt this way for anyone, in a long, long time; hadn’t felt so happy being in the company of someone else like this; hadn’t felt so safe and secure and content, simply by being held in Kouyou’s strong arms.

Yuu just wasn’t sure if this would last. He wasn’t sure if Kouyou was the type of man who only enjoyed the chase and would get bored of Yuu once he got him, and he wasn’t sure if a high-maintenance man like Kouyou could possibly, actually, really want to get into a relationship with Yuu, without eventually cheating on him with a more befitting partner. Yuu wasn’t sure if they were ready to take their relationship to a higher level yet; and sure, they might be compatible with their current sugar daddy and baby arrangement, but things would definitely change once they got into a proper relationship.

Yuu would start having expectations, and Yuu didn’t ever want to get disappointed. Yuu was too… young, for this sort of heartbreak. Yuu didn’t know if he was emotionally prepared to get into a relationship with an older man, much less a high-ranking CEO of a corporate company, much less someone who was so out of his league. Yuu didn’t ever want to get dumped aside once Kouyou found a new, hotter and younger beau – Yuu never wanted to experience that sort of heartbreak.

Kouyou didn’t even know his real name, for god’s sake. What made Kouyou think he loved Yuu whole-heartedly when Yuu was still keeping so many things from the blond? Yuu hadn’t even confessed to Kouyou that he had been lying about his exclusivity as well – he still had ongoing arrangements with other men, and he knew Kouyou wouldn't take that piece of news very well once the time came for Yuu to tell him. If he were to agree to a relationship with Kouyou, that would mean Yuu would have to stop sugaring on the side, and that meant a vital loss of income. Granted, Kouyou’s current allowances to him were more than enough for him to get by for now, but Yuu didn’t want to only depend on him for a steady income. If Kouyou were to drop him anytime… Yuu would be in deep financial trouble.

And Yuu didn’t like the thought of having to depend on anybody.

Ugh, this was too frustrating. Why the fuck did Kouyou have to waltz into his life and be so goddamn perfect and cause the poor raven to fall for him?!

As if on cue, Yuu’s phone rang with one new message from the CEO.

Kouyou: Akira keeps snickering in the office whenever he looks at me. I’ve warned him to keep his mouth shut about us, and I trust him, but he’s been such a pain in the ass.

Kouyou: On another note, I miss you. And I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at my office desk.

Yuu laughed softly to himself as he read Kouyou’s text. Kouyou’s presence always magically made him feel better regardless of the situation.

Yuu: Akira seems like such a good friend. how long have you known him? perhaps we could all have lunch together sometime :) i hope your office desk is still usable, don’t want to have ruined it in any way…

Kouyou: I’ve known Akira since my college days. We started out working in different companies but somehow we crossed paths again in this one. It’s funny because we used to hang out a lot in college, so he’s someone I know I can trust. I’ll consider the lunch idea. Akira will probably tell a hundred and one stories of my college days and let’s just say I don’t want my reputation to be tarnished in front of you.

That was interesting to take note of. If Yuu ever got the chance to see Akira again, the raven would make sure to have the vice-president spill more details about the blond CEO… Kouyou seemed too perfect at times, that Yuu couldn’t even believe Kouyou could have done any wild things in his youth. But Yuu couldn’t imagine Kouyou as a nerd who stayed in just to study, either, when he was so goddamn handsome and so charming. Had he been popular in college or had he been a total social recluse? Yuu would have to find out.

Kouyou: My office desk is still perfectly intact, babe. I wouldn’t mind if you had wrecked it though… Still wondering how we didn’t, when last night was soo good with you. I can’t stop thinking about you

Yuu’s heart pounded loudly in his chest at this point whilst reading Kouyou’s message. The blond was such a sweet-talker… How could Yuu ever resist him?

Yuu: don’t make me blush… that’s evil. you need to start practicing how to stay less horny and focus on your work, mister! you’re incorrigible… idiot

Kouyou: You’re the cutest being on earth, I swear <3 You make me so happy. I really hope you’ll give me a chance to make you happy, too

Kouyou: I love you

Yuu tried to no avail to ignore the frantic thumping of his heart as his eyes lay upon that message. There was no way Yuu could refuse him at this rate – he wanted nothing more than to be with Kouyou and kiss him right now. He loved how good Kouyou always made him feel whenever he was around him, he loved how pampered he was under Kouyou’s care, he loved how Kouyou always made Yuu his priority no matter what…

Oh, god, Yuu was so hopelessly in love with him.

Seeing Yuu’s lack of response, Kouyou was quickly sending a third message to the raven in case he had made Yuu uncomfortable in any way.

Kouyou: You don’t have to give me an answer now, I’ll wait for as long as it takes. I never want to pressure you. You’re precious to me. OK?

Yuu smiled gratefully to his text.

Yuu: OK.


Dinner was a chilly affair. Yuu and Yutaka ate their dinner around the kitchen table in silence, although neither of them minded, since the both of them had so much on their minds anyway. After spending a good deal of time reminiscing Kouyou’s touch and sweet kiss against his lips, Yuu glanced over to his brunet roommate, and finally took notice how low-spirited Yutaka looked.

Yuu momentarily wondered why Yutaka looked so downcast and dejected, and for a while the raven deliberated if he should ask after the brunet. Did Yutaka get a bad score on a recent test? Were the late nights of studying finally taking a toll on him? Or was Yutaka still angry because of Yuu’s staying over at Kouyou’s place? Would Yutaka get mad if he dared talk about it?

“Are you okay?” Yuu finally summoned the courage to ask, just as Yutaka scooped up the last remnants of his plate and was finishing his dinner. “Or are you still mad at me for not informing you about last night’s stay over?”

Yutaka’s voice was stone cold when it left him.

“It’s fine.”

Yuu grew anxious at his reply, looking over to the brunet with a worried gaze. Now he was almost certain Yutaka was still mad at him.

“I’m really sorry,” Yuu murmured, giving the brunet a guilty glance. “I have too much on my plate right now, and I… just. I forgot. I know lately I’ve been worrying you a lot, but I’m not doing it on purpose, I promise. Next time I’ll definitely–”

“Next time,” Yutaka drawled the words out slowly, grimly, impatiently. “Next time you won’t have to anymore, won’t you? You’ll already be lovers with your rich and handsome CEO. Who, by the way, makes you cum like no one else ever has. Next time.”

Great. All previous concern in Yuu disappeared at Yutaka’s accusatory tone – the brunet sounding so bitter it irked the raven slightly. What exactly was Yutaka’s problem? Ever since Yuu had taken up Kouyou as a sugar daddy, it seemed as if his relationship with Yutaka had progressively gotten worse, and Yuu didn’t even understand why. Yutaka had been disapproving of his other sugar daddies before, but this was the first time he had seen Yutaka so adamant against Yuu getting involved with Kouyou – who, by far, was the best sugar daddy Yuu had ever gone out with.

He treated Yuu the best, pampered Yuu the best, and would never harm Yuu in a heartbeat. And here Yutaka was, acting like Kouyou was the world’s vilest murderer on the run.

“Do you have something against Kouyou or something?” Yuu asked, trying to contain his irritation as he spoke. Yuu was beginning to have feelings for the blond, and he didn't like the idea of his roommate – and best friend – speaking ill of Kouyou this way. Kouyou was perfect. Yuu was convinced that the only reason Yutaka was so opposed to Kouyou was because the brunet hadn’t met him yet. Kouyou could charm anyone he met to bits.

“Would it make a difference if I said I did?” Yutaka snapped angrily back, and Yuu flinched at the sharp infliction of his tone. “I don’t like how you’re so trusting of him, when you’ve only known him for like, what, a few weeks? He’s so much older than you and he has money, power and has you under his very control, Yuu. Don’t you think it’s fishy how he’s so perfect and how smooth everything is going? I just know he’s bad news.”

Yuu looked to him with an indignant frown. “Kouyou’s not like that! Plus, he’s already told me he’s insecure about this whole relationship thing, too. He’s not… Ugh, you don’t even understand him!”

Yutaka gripped the spoon he had in his hand tightly, trying hard to contain his anger. “I see. And you apparently do. I just hope that when the time comes for him to get tired of you, you won’t get mad at me for saying I told you so.”

Yuu glowered to him. “Are you saying people get tired of me easily? That I’m not good enough for a man like him?”

Yutaka looked away at that mention, refusing to look at Yuu into the eye. “I’m just saying, that perhaps you should stop looking at men’s money when you decide whether to fall in love with them or not–”

“I didn’t ask for this!” Yuu yelled, beyond wounded by Yutaka’s words, as he stood up from his chair, aggravated and shamed to bits. Yutaka was humiliating him for his decision to be a sugar baby again. Yutaka had never said these things to him before, not until recently, when Kouyou came into the whole picture. So why was he saying these things now? Why was Kouyou’s very existence making things different?

Yuu stared down to the brunet with an offended look, his voice shaking in both anger and hurt as he spoke. “And I can’t believe you! You know I wouldn’t be doing this if I had a choice. And whether or not I’m falling in love with Kouyou has nothing to do with his goddamn money! I fucking love him to bits because he actually treats me like I’m human, and that’s something I haven’t been treated in a long time! Not even you, Yutaka,” Yuu broke into an annoyed hiss.

“I’m starting to feel like I’m not welcome in this apartment, and I don’t know how to feel about that. If you feel so bad having a roommate like me pay you rent with dirty money that I so painstakingly earned, you can just tell me to leave. I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Yutaka was stunned into silence. He hadn’t expected Yuu to go there, but the very threat of Yuu moving out drew an apology immediately out of him.

“I’m sorry.” He said, quietly, dazedly, picking up the empty plate and cutlery he had in his hand as he got up from his seat. “I’m just worried about you.”

Yuu fluttered his eyes close, tired. It almost seemed as if they were having this same argument every other day now.

“Yutaka, we’ve been fighting way too much lately about this. Is there something else that you’re truly mad at me about? You know I’m willing to listen.”

Yutaka looked down to his plate, his heart crestfallen in his chest.

“No. There isn’t.”

Yuu glanced to him concernedly. “Yutaka, if there’s anything–”

“Kouyou’s a very lucky man,” Yutaka suddenly said abruptly in a low whisper, turning away, his eyes shielded from Yuu’s view. “I just hope he deserves you as much as you deserve him.”

“You’re special. You’re really, really special. And I’m so jealous. So jealous. So jealous of the man that will eventually marry you one day. He’ll be the luckiest man on earth. I just hope you find someone who deserves you that much.”

Yuu had heard the exact same words from Kouyou’s lips – back when Kouyou still felt so faraway from him; back when Kouyou still wasn’t sure he deserved Yuu; back when Kouyou still wasn’t sure their relationship could go anywhere; back when Kouyou was still in the midst of falling in love with Yuu, and back when Yuu was still denying his feelings for Kouyou.

But that was him and Kouyou. Why was Yutaka telling him the same thing now? If Yutaka was just worried for Yuu’s welfare as his best friend, Yuu could pacify that easily. But if he wasn’t… 

“I know you care for me,” Yuu murmured softly, clearing his thoughts away, sighing. “If you’re so worried about whether Kouyou truly loves me or not, perhaps you could meet him someday. I could arrange that once we… get more settled in our relationship. Then you wouldn’t have to worry as much.”

Yutaka’s gaze lowered at his answer. “I see. Maybe… maybe one day.”

Yuu’s lips formed a smile weakly. “I promise, Yutaka. Things aren’t that bad as they seem.”

Yutaka parted his mouth to reply, but closed them a second later, deciding against it.

“I have to go study,” was all Yutaka left the raven with as he moved to leave, and the air between them had grown so tense that… for some reason, Yuu felt perhaps they would have been better off arguing again, instead.



Kouyou: Babe, just looked through my schedule. Can’t see you this weekend… Have to settle a bunch of meetings and see people I don’t want to see. I’m so upset… At least I got to stay with you again last night.

Kouyou: Maybe next week will be a better time. Tell me what you want to do, sweetheart, and I’ll take you out.

Kouyou messaged him around nine later that night with rather disappointing news. Yuu had literally just seen him earlier today, but the few hours they had spent apart already felt like years. Somehow, Yuu felt like the need to see Kouyou and be around him constantly had worsened after finally giving into his feelings and realizing he was, indeed, in love with the blond. Yuu sighed as he replied Kouyou’s texts, not looking forward to spending the upcoming weekend without the blond’s company.

Yuu: that’s sad :( miss you. came home and had a little tiff with the roommate

Yuu had hesitated a bit before deciding to talk about his argument with Yutaka to Kouyou, knowing that the blond would definitely overreact, but he decided that if they were going to take their relationship to a new level, he was going to start off with a clean slate and not hide any further things from the blond.

(There was also the point of telling Kouyou that Yuu hadn’t stopped his arrangements with his other sugar daddies… yet, but Yuu thought that piece of information could wait. For now.)

Kouyou: Oh no. Did he hurt you again? Tell me if you need me to come over, I’ll be there. I’m not letting anyone hurt you

Yuu smiled at his reply, having expected his protectiveness already.

Yuu: it’s fine… he apologized. i’m worried for him tho… seems like he doesn’t like the idea of us dating very much. he’s been very distant lately, i’m scared this will make us more distant

This time, Kouyou took a moment to reply – and when he did, Yuu could almost sense the underlying anger hidden in his response. 

Kouyou: He doesn’t have a say in what you choose to do with your life, Aoi. Just because he’s your best friend doesn’t mean he gets to decide things for you like this. I don’t have a say in what you do, either. But if he’s trying to guilt trip you into making decisions just to save your friendship with him, then I don’t think he’s a good friend. And I definitely don’t want to lose you just because of him. I won’t let that happen.

Yuu let out a sigh at his answer, realizing he was caught in between his best friend and his soon-to-be lover.

Yuu: i’m not going to let it happen too, Kouyou, don’t worry. i just… i just wish i knew what he was thinking. he seems so upset lately, i feel like he’s hiding something from me. maybe there’s a bigger problem he doesn’t want to talk to me about

Especially after what Yutaka said to him today – about Kouyou being lucky to deserve him – which puzzled the raven the most. Yutaka seemed so genuinely conflicted at the idea of Yuu dating Kouyou that Yuu wondered if it was solely concern on Yutaka’s part at this point.

Kouyou: I don’t like the sound of that.  

Kouyou: If you need me to talk to him personally to clear up this mess, I will.

Kouyou: I love you and I don’t want you to be upset. Will you promise me you won’t be too upset over this? I’ll make sure I take you out to somewhere nice on our next date.

Yuu: you don’t have to talk to him, it’s fine… don’t want to make things worse. maybe someday we could all have lunch together and he could see you and realize there’s nothing to worry about. you could never hurt me

Kouyou: He thinks I’m going to hurt you? Seriously? You mean everything to me. I would die if I ever hurt you.

Yuu: :) i know… i love y

Yuu bit his lip as his fingers unconsciously typed out words the raven was still unsure of saying to the blond yet. He loved the blond, but he would save the I love yous for the next time he saw Kouyou face-to-face again. He wanted that moment to be special – he didn’t want it to be a casual confession over text.

Backspacing his words quickly, Yuu typed up another reply to Kouyou. 

Yuu: :) i know… i trust you the most. i’ll try not to let this bother me, i promise!  

Kouyou: That’s my babydoll.

Yuu laughed softly to himself at the message. They continued texting each other deep into the night, until the raven fell asleep to sweet dreams of his charming blond CEO. 

Yuu didn’t have much planned for the weekend, so other than having to reply to Kouyou’s morning texts, Yuu found little motivation to get out of his bed and get dressed to actually do things. There were other pending messages from his other sugar daddies, sure, but Yuu was currently putting them on hold seeing he was planning to get serious with Kouyou. He still hadn’t decided how to break the news to his other sugar daddies that he wasn’t available for dates with them anymore, and he was certain they would definitely turn spiteful to him when he informed them so. Yuu was now thankful that he hadn’t given his real address to any one of them – he didn’t need any of them stalking him to his home or potentially causing him physical harm just because he cut them off.

Sighing as he dragged himself sluggishly out of bed, Yuu was stretching his arms up when Yutaka gave a short knock against his bedroom door, signaling he was about to enter. The brunet popped his head inside Yuu’s room and looked significantly better than yesterday, but fatigue was still obvious on his face.

“Had a good sleep?” Yutaka asked, forcing a small smile on his face, and Yuu could tell he was trying his best to be as amicable to the raven as possible. Yuu appreciated the effort – he was taking anything now that things had grown too tense between them.

“It was okay. How was yours?” Yuu questioned, smiling gently to the brunet. Yutaka’s smile broadened at the sight.

“It was fine. I… um,” Yutaka glanced rather shamefully to the ground. “I thought it over last night and realized I must have went overboard. And I… had only been thinking about how I felt about the whole situation, and not how you felt. I… have been completely selfish lately. I’m sorry.”

Yuu’s heart ached slightly at his words. Yutaka sounded so incredibly sincere the raven was too grateful to even continue staying mad at him. At the end of the day, Yutaka was still his best friend after all. And despite his moody outbursts lately, Yuu knew the brunet only had his best interests at heart.

“You know I’ll never get fully mad at you,” Yuu said softly, prancing over to Yutaka’s side. He pulled his roommate into a warm embrace, burying his head against the taller man’s shoulder. “If there’s anything wrong, you have to make sure to tell me, okay? I’ll always be here for you.”

Yutaka raised his arms up around Yuu awkwardly, unsure of how to react.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered again, earning himself another tight squeeze from the raven. Yutaka basked in the hug, easing his eyes shut to savor the fleeting moment.

“Do you have anything to do tonight?” he asked a second later, sounding rather tense and nervous as he did so. Yuu pulled back from the hug and smiled amusedly to him.

“No, I was planning to use the free time I have today to do some chores today, actually,” the raven said. “Do you want to do anything?”

There was clear hesitance in Yutaka’s eyes as he spoke. “Umm… me and my friends won some movie tickets on some uni campus thing– it’s a long story. Anyway, we all got a pair of tickets each, and I don’t really have anyone to bring, soo…”

Yuu laughed when he finally realized what Yutaka was asking him. “Of course I’ll go with you! They’re free tickets, I don’t want to waste them.”

Yutaka looked positively radiant, a stark contrast to how deadbeat he looked minutes ago. “R-Really? Um, it’s kind of a group thing though, so if you’re uncomfortable hanging out with my friends, you don’t really have to–”

“Shush,” Yuu hushed the brunet, shaking his head. “I’m fine with anything. I’m so likeable! Right? Plus, what’s better than hanging out with a bunch of medical students on a Saturday night? I already have a bunch of doctor jokes myself. I’ll fit right in!”

Despite having lived with Yutaka for quite some time, Yuu still felt rather detached from Yutaka’s personal life, and he was glad the brunet was inviting him out on an outing with his friends. Yuu had always wondered what kind of people Yutaka hung out with, and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Yutaka stifled a laugh at Yuu’s enthusiasm. “Yuu, we don’t make… we’re not that… God, we’re not that nerdy,” the brunet chuckled, looking to Yuu endearingly. “Well, the movie starts around six, and we’ll have dinner afterwards. One of my friends will be picking us up around five-thirty, I think.”

“That’s fine with me,” Yuu nodded his head. “I’ll just go and wash up now. Have you made breakfast?”

Yutaka smiled. “Yeah. Ready and made for you already, princess.”

“Okay,” Yuu laughed, grinning back to him, and this time it was almost as if the fight yesterday hadn’t even happened.

Chapter Text

Though Yuu put up a seemingly confident front, he still felt a tiny bit of anxiousness about what Yutaka’s friends would think of him when they saw him. Were they judgmental? Or were they edgy medical students who jumped at every little thing they saw? Did they know of anything besides their science textbooks? 

…Okay, wait, was Yuu being the one that was too judgmental here? The raven sighed at the thought, deciding to simply stop thinking about it.

Later that evening, he eventually settled on dressing himself up in his usual casual shirt and tight jeans get-up, complete with the mint-colored Yves Saint Lauren scarf Kouyou had gifted him, wrapped tightly around his neck. Yuu wanted to keep a part of Kouyou with him wherever he went, and besides, he needed something nice to cover up the nasty love marks Kouyou had left on his neck, anyway. That man was plain brutal. 

But just the way he liked it, Yuu smiled at the thought.

As Yuu lined his eyes generously with black eyeliner, he gazed to himself in the mirror, and off-handedly realized this was the first time he was actually prepping himself to go out somewhere with Yutaka. Since Yuu spent his time most days with Yutaka anyways, the brunet had already seen Yuu in every possible shape and form, and the raven never saw a point in making himself look nice in front of the brunet’s presence.

This time, however, it was almost as if it was like… a date. A date? Yuu smiled and shook his head briefly at the idea. But he’d already made it clear to Yutaka he was in love with someone else, and today’s movie ‘date’ was only happening because the brunet had just happened to have free movie tickets on hand. Besides, Yutaka was never interested in guys. Or, well, Yuu had never actually seen him dating anyone ever since he moved in, but the raven recalled the brunet talking about an ex-girlfriend once. He doubted Yutaka was treating this as a serious date – it was probably just a little friends gathering.

“Are you ready to go?” Yutaka then asked from outside his bedroom, knocking gently against his bedroom door. Yuu hurried to tidy his hair.

“Coming!” Yuu said, giving himself multiple once-over looks in the mirror to make sure he looked presentable enough before leaving the bathroom.

Once he opened the bedroom door to Yutaka, the raven’s eyes widened when he lay his eyes upon him and realized how… different the brunet looked. Yutaka had somehow managed to conceal his harsh eye bags and slicked his hair back neatly, unlike the messy manner it was usually in due to the many long nights of studying. The brunet was dressed nicely in a dark navy blue buttoned-up shirt, with a brown jacket and khaki pants, and Yutaka looked so charmingly handsome Yuu couldn’t even manage a word out. It was the first time the brunet had bothered to dress up properly (none of that reading glasses he usually wore, accompanied by his fried bed hair and a face so weathered Yutaka looked like he had given up on life) and Yuu found himelf blinking at the hundred and eighty-degree change. Yuu always knew Yutaka was more-than-average looking, but he’d grown so accustomed to seeing Yutaka as his roommate, and a study geek, that he hadn’t – ever – managed to see this attractive side of him.

“You look… great,” were the only words Yuu finally managed to choke out, realizing he hadn’t been the only one to dress up for the occasion. Oh, great. Now it really felt like a date. Yuu tugged Kouyou’s scarf closer to him, sighing at the thought.

Yuu felt double the betrayal when he thought about Kouyou working hard at his job on the other end while Yuu was having fun going out to a movie with his – rather – dashingly – handsome – roommate. Kouyou was bound to get jealous when he found out for sure…

“You look amazing, too,” Yutaka said quietly, eyes scanning the raven before him. Yuu instantly felt self-conscious and turned away shyly, hiding his cheeks with the mint scarf. It wasn’t like Yutaka hadn’t ever complimented him before, but this – this time it just felt so… wrong.

“It’s almost five-thirty, is your friend here yet?” Yuu asked quickly, trying to change the subject, and hopefully ease the tension between them. He shut the bedroom door behind him and looked up to Yutaka, gesturing for him to take the lead.

“He’s arriving in a minute,” Yutaka said, nodding his head. Yuu followed him as they made their way out of the apartment, before locking it with the house keys Yutaka brought out.

“What’s his name?” Yuu questioned, curious.

“Tora. He’s nice, don’t worry. He’ll probably have picked up Saga, already, though. Saga’s his boyfriend – he’s a Psychology major.” Yutaka explained, just as they took the lift down their block. “Then we’ll meet Shou and Hiroto at the cinema itself, probably.”

Yuu felt slightly intimidated already, hearing their names, but soon Tora’s car was pulling up to where they were waiting below their block, and Yuu found out he had nothing to worry about. As he got into the car and uttered chirpy ‘hello’s to them, he found they were more than reciprocating of his friendliness.

Tora and Saga were definitely not what he expected. Yuu was immediately awestruck by how good-looking the couple was, and he realized he had severely underestimated Yutaka’s friends (seriously though, medical students cleaned up rather well). Saga was seated in the front passenger seat, right next to Tora, who was driving his silver Toyota. Tora made small talk with Yuu as the raven moved to sit behind him, and while Saga looked shyer and was much quieter than Tora, Saga still made sure to constantly flash the raven reassuring smiles along the car ride, bringing much comfort to the raven.

The conversation drifted back to Tora and Yutaka for the rest of the car journey, which was an arrangement Yuu was perfectly content with. Yutaka made sure the raven was still included, though, and Yuu appreciated the effort. Tora cracked a few jokes about how Yutaka rarely left his apartment to hang out with them in favor of studying instead, to which Yuu agreed whole-heartedly, much to Yutaka’s annoyance. Tora then mentioned briefly Yuu coming along today must have motivated Yutaka to come out, as well, and the brunet was instantly glaring daggers at Tora with his words, effectively shutting Tora up afterwards. Yuu just giggled at the silent exchange and shook his head; he was just glad Yutaka appeared positively better today than other days. Yutaka had been breaking into too many emotional outbursts lately that it’d been straining the friendship between Yuu and him too much, and Yuu hoped today’s little date with him would lighten up things a bit.

After reaching and parking their car at the mall they were supposed to meet at, Yutaka rushed to pull the car door open for Yuu before the raven could, a gentlemanly gesture that Yuu had been stunned to receive from the brunet. Yuu accepted it with a gentle smile, and as Yutaka moved to shut the car door behind them, Yuu found himself watching the brunet in a whole new light with a warm, beating heart. He had always seen Yutaka as the nerdy, sometimes too anxious and edgy roommate, but today Yutaka was acting in ways he hadn’t before. Or maybe he had – and Yuu had always been too busy to notice it. But Yutaka was being so charming, and Yuu couldn’t resist grinning widely at every move he made.

They met up with Yutaka’s other friends, Shou and Hiroto, at the cinema itself, who made friendly exchanges with Yuu once they saw him. Like before with Saga and Tora, they cracked a joke or two about Yutaka being a hermit, which sent Yutaka sighing exasperatedly again and excusing himself from the group to get popcorn and drinks for him and Yuu. Yuu was left to mingle with his friends, and it was a surprise how amiable they were.

“Yutaka always has been talking about his roommate, we just hadn’t ever seen you in person,” Shou said, wryly smiling to the raven. “Happy to meet you, Yuu.”

Yuu’s curiosity was piqued. “Oh? Does he talk about me a lot?”

Hiroto rolled his eyes with a laugh. “Oh, when he isn’t, he’s checking his phone ten times per hour waiting for a message from you or something. He won’t tell us why, but I have a feeling someone likes you a bit too much.”

Yuu frowned at his words, realizing they were misunderstanding Yutaka’s worry. “That’s not it! He’s just doing it because–” Well, Yuu happened to be working in one of the most dangerous professions in the world. He’d always known Yutaka to fret over Yuu whenever he was out on a date with a sugar daddy, but he hadn’t realized Yutaka had been that bothered to the point where his friends had noticed it, as well. Yuu felt his heart tingling at the thought; Yutaka was really a good friend to him.

“Anyway, we’re just glad you came today. It’s nice to see Yutaka out and about with a smile on his face every once in a while. Lately he’s been looking a little more stressed, you know?” Shou interjected.

Yuu nodded simply, turning his head to gaze at the faraway back of Yutaka’s in the distance. “I’m glad to be finally spending more time with him, too.” Because Yuu realized he must have been neglecting the brunet a little too much lately, and perhaps it was having some negative impact on Yutaka and their relationship. Perhaps it was doing some good, coming out here today with him.

And Shou was right; Yutaka was smiling more than ever now, as he made his way back to Yuu and offered him a drink in his hand. Yuu hoped that smile could stay.


Yuu and Yutaka were the last to be seated, trailing after the rest as they moved into the cinema, but as they made their way to their designated seats it was with much surprise that they came to a halt right before… a couple seat. Yuu stared to it, dumbfounded, looking to the brunet and wondering if he knew about this beforehand. Yutaka’s other friends were already happily snuggled up in their own couple seats, and Yuu found himself swallowing hard at the sight. It wasn’t like Yuu had a problem with sitting in a couple seat with Yutaka, it was – just – well…


“Um, I guess they gave us the tickets expecting us to bring our partners,” Yutaka mumbled, his face hot with embarrassment, once he realized Yuu seemed to be uncomfortable with the idea. He awkwardly took a seat to the far right of the couple seat, patting the empty space next to him for Yuu to sit. “Um… I’ll put the popcorn in between us if that makes things less awkward.”

Yuu feigned a smile, seating himself down next to the brunet. “That won’t be necessary! I mean, it’s just a movie. No big deal.” He placed the bucket of popcorn against his lap and scooted closer to the brunet, shaking his head and looking to him warmly.

“Alright then, if you say so…” Yutaka returned a small, sheepish smile back to the raven.

The movie turned out to be a horror one, which was a genre Yuu and Yutaka relished in. They frequently put on horror films back at their own apartment on movie nights to unwind, and so both the brunet and raven delighted in the movie, and munched on their popcorn routinely. Halfway through the movie, however, Yuu turned to look at the rest of the group, and realized Tora and Saga had already immersed themselves in a full make-out session, while Shou was busy covering his eyes, falling limp against his seat as Hiroto patted him endearingly in silent laughter.

“Anything wrong?” Yutaka moved to ask him, noticing Yuu’s focus had shifted to his friends instead. Yuu shook his head, and as his fingers mindlessly moved to grasp more popcorn, he found himself accidentally brushing against Yutaka’s hand in the bucket. Yutaka froze at the contact, and Yuu wondered if he’d made him uneasy in any way.

“Sorry,” Yuu murmured out an apology, hastily pulling his hand away – but then Yutaka was clasping onto his wrist in the next second, holding him for a moment longer, causing the raven to glance up to him in confusion.

“Is there something wrong?” Yuu asked softly, and the way Yutaka was slowly gazing down to him now with that tender and longing look made the raven’s heart flutter a little. Why was he looking at me like that? He looked just like Kouyou whenever Yuu caught the blond staring at him when he thought Yuu wasn’t looking… But Kouyou was in love with Yuu.

Yutaka wasn’t. Right?

The brunet bit his lip, then averted his gaze and looked down to the popcorn rather solemnly, alarming Yuu for a second. Yutaka let the breath he’d been holding out into a sorry sigh and let go of Yuu’s wrist, turning his attention back to the big screen.

…What the hell was that all about? Yuu found himself staring to Yutaka with a puzzled look, wondering if he’d just imagined Yutaka gazing to him and clutching at his wrist like he was some goddess descended from the highest heavens, only to ignore him a second later, pretending like nothing ever happened.

It was at this point in time that Yuu felt his phone vibrate with a text message, and the raven was grateful to answer it, needing the distraction. Yuu unconsciously smiled at the sender’s name once he lay eyes upon it – of course it would be the blond CEO again.

Kouyou: Miss you. Second meeting of the day ended earlier than expected. Can I take you out for dinner?

Yuu grinned excitedly at the invitation, but frowned immediately after when he realized he couldn’t exactly back out on his arrangement with Yutaka. He sighed, disappointed. He would love to meet Kouyou right now, but it was so rare that he was spending quality time with his brunet roommate, and he didn't want to just ditch Yutaka like this – despite how weird things were getting.

Yuu: can’t, babe, i’m at the movies… :( i have dinner arrangements later too. so sorry :( i want to see you too

Kouyou: Oh… Well, it’s my fault for asking you so late anyway. No worries… Next time then.

A second text message came half a minute later.

Kouyou: Movies with who?

Yuu smiled down at his phone, having expected this reaction earlier on already. He could almost sense Kouyou’s apprehension, wondering whom Yuu was choosing to spend time with instead of him.

Yuu: roommate… :) and his friends. he invited me out… it’s nice to be spending time with him, he looks happier today.

Kouyou: I see.

Yuu stared to his last message, taken aback by Kouyou’s response. He hadn’t seen the blond reply to him so coldly before – or, well, he sounded cold – and Yuu wondered if Kouyou was mad at him.

Yuu: you’re mad?

Kouyou: At?

Yuu sucked in a nervous breath as he typed out the two letters.

Yuu: me.

Kouyou: No, why would I?

Kouyou: Just don’t trust your roommate. I think he has designs on you.

Yuu frowned at the message, unsure of how to respond. Why was everyone around him telling him that lately? Yuu was usually so receptive of hints of flirting from men that were interested in him, but Yutaka… Yutaka was his roommate. Right? Just his roommate. Yutaka was this anxious, overly concerned medical student who always tried to escape Yuu’s embraces and found Yuu annoying whenever the raven disturbed him whilst he was studying. He was like a brother to Yuu… He was Yuu’s best friend.

“Are you texting Kouyou?” Yutaka suddenly asked in quiet voice, sitting next to him, and Yuu immediately jumped at his question. Did Yutaka see the message Kouyou had sent him? The raven was rushing to hide it before the brunet had an opportunity to take a look.

“Umm…” Yuu quickly slid his phone back into his jeans’ pocket. “Yeah. He, uh, asked me out to dinner. I told him I already had plans.”

Yutaka’s somber face considerably lightened up at his answer. “Really? Oh. That’s too bad, then.”

Yuu forced a smile up to him, slightly wary of how pleased Yutaka seemed. “Yeah. Perhaps another time, I guess.”

Yutaka kept that smile on his face up for the rest of the movie. Yuu looked on uneasily in silence, deliberating over Kouyou’s words over and over again in his head, unable to concentrate fully on the film anymore.

Just don’t trust your roommate. I think he has designs on you.

Yuu felt his stomach churn at the very thought of that being true. As if he wasn’t having enough relationship drama as he already was… He didn’t need this to happen to him, too. But it couldn’t be true… right?

It couldn’t be true.

And Yuu wouldn’t believe it, no, not yet, not when everything was starting to fall perfectly into place. Yutaka was his best friend, and Yuu would never want to hurt him in such a way like this. He wouldn’t, couldn’t, will himself to believe Yutaka was ever in love with him, until the brunet decided to confess to him himself, and only when that happened – if it ever would – would Yuu decide what to do, then. Besides, Yuu had already made known to Yutaka he was falling in love with the blond CEO, and he was sure Yutaka would respect his decision to do so. So when it all came down to it…

…Kouyou was probably just being overly sensitive as usual. Everything would be fine, Yuu assured himself, clearing his thoughts and trying to immerse himself back into the movie as much as possible.


They later settled on eating at a nearby Japanese restaurant for dinner. As they waited for their food, they briefly indulged themselves in a discussion about the movie – though it soon became apparent that no one actually bothered paying any attention to the movie, except for Yutaka and Yuu themselves. Tora and Saga had been too busy making out, whereas Shou spent half the movie cowering in his seat with his eyes closed, whilst Hiroto spent the whole time laughing at him instead of paying attention to the screen.

As the rest gradually fell into silence, only Yuu and Yutaka’s voice could be heard as they chatted animatedly about how great the movie was, and whether it had been better than the last horror movie they had seen just some few weeks ago.

“Definitely not better than The Grudge,” Yuu piped, shaking his head to the brunet seated opposite him. “That’s still an all-time favorite.”

“Oh, definitely, yeah,” Yutaka nodded in agreement, grinning back to his raven roommate. “I think we’ll have to put that movie on again one of these days when we have time. It’s such a great film.”

Right?” Yuu laughed. Yutaka joined in with some quiet chuckles, and it was only after a moment had passed, that they realized the rest of the group had been watching them with keen eyes all these while, observing the raven and brunet’s interactions with each other in amusement.

Tora was the first to break the silence, his voice accompanied with a wry smile.

“So, you two watch horror movies a lot together, huh?”

Yutaka was quick to answer before the raven had a chance to. The brunet cast a skeptical look to Tora, warning him to back off with all the teasing with his silent glare. “Is there a problem?”

Yuu frowned instantly at his defensive tone. “Yutaka! That’s rude.” When Yutaka replied with a low grunt, Yuu just rolled his eyes and ignored him.

“We do, Tora. We have movie nights every other day when we have the time – it’s my way of getting Yutaka to stop studying and to actually find time to relax.”

Yutaka made a small pout at Yuu’s words, and turned away from Yuu to sulk at the side. Tora broke into an understanding laugh and shook his head, waving it off.

“It’s fine, we’re used to Yutaka being like this, you know. Most times he’s usually more friendly and accommodating, but lately he’s been a little anxious and uptight, and we think it’s because of a certain someone in his life.”

“Ooooh,” Shou and Hiroto chimed in and made an annoying little coo at his words, sending Yutaka rolling his eyes immediately.

“A certain someone in his life?” Yuu asked, confused momentarily. “Does he have a new girlfriend or something?” And if he did, why didn't Yutaka tell him? Yuu thought they trusted each other enough to talk about important details like these.

Yutaka must have sensed his hurt right then and was quickly clearing Tora’s accusation up.

“No,” Yutaka rushed to say, with a soft sigh. “No, I don’t have anyone in my life. Don’t listen to them, Yuu.”

“It’s just,” Saga suddenly spoke up, his gaze gentle as he quietly gave an explanation to Yuu. “You know, we’re always so worried about Yutaka, because he’s always so absorbed in his books and we each have our partners, so it’s hard to take care of him sometimes. We’re just glad that you’re taking care of him, too. Yutaka is an important friend to us.”

Yuu found himself smiling weakly back, Saga’s words stirring up a strange feeling in his heart. He could feel Saga’s genuine care and concern for Yutaka through his words, and he did understand what the man was getting at – about taking care of Yutaka – but the way Saga phrased it had made Yuu feel… as if the bunch of them had been misunderstanding his true relations to the brunet. That they were assuming Yuu was holding a position that was more of a girlfriend, who stayed in to ensure Yutaka was being properly taken of all the time. But that wasn’t it. Yuu and Yutaka were just best friends…

…Or was Yuu simply starting to get too overly sensitive himself?

“Of course I’ll take care of Yutaka! He’s always forgetting his meals and whatnot – I need to keep him in check. And in turn, he’s always been a great friend to me. He’s always, you know,” Yuu glanced to Yutaka with a small smile, earning him a smile from the brunet as well. “He’s always checking up on me too, making sure I’m safe, and all. I want to thank you guys, for taking care of him whenever he’s out.”

Yutaka was starting to look amused by all of this.

“I feel like I’m a son being handed over to his new wife, or something,” Yutaka joked with a chuckle, and the rest of his friends echoed with laughter – not noticing the raven had quickly gone silent at his response.

Your new wife? Yuu thought, half bewildered and half annoyed at the insinuation; but as he parted his lips, ready to question Yutaka’s words, the waiters arrived promptly with their food, and the matter was soon forgotten as all of them reached hungrily for their meals.

Their conversations moved on to talking about medical school, and the various events that were coming up for the clubs Yutaka’s friends were in. Yuu sat back most of the time and entertained himself with all their stories, learning more things about Yutaka’s university life than he could have ever imagined. Now that Yuu thought about it, Yutaka rarely talked about his private life with Yuu, and the raven was starting to feel a little left out when he heard of that one time Yutaka had caused an explosion in the lab, or when he was at Saga’s house and made all of them the best French toast they’d ever had.

Yuu was glad Yutaka had invited him out today to share a part of his life with him, though, and he felt his heart squeeze, realizing that this was probably part of Yutaka’s ongoing apology to make up for his fights with Yuu lately. Yuu smiled briefly, knowing Yutaka was never too much of a confrontational person. The raven shivered at the thought of Yutaka and Kouyou ever going head-to-head – there was no way that was ever going to happen. Two people he loved the most in his life were never going to fight each other like that.

“Are you cold?” Yutaka asked, suddenly, breaking Yuu away from his thoughts. Yuu looked up to him, surprised, and shook his head.

“I’m fine,” Yuu smiled, grateful for his concern, but in a second Yutaka was loosening the jacket around himself and pulling it over the raven, much to Yuu’s protest.

“You don’t have to,” Yuu pouted.

“It’s getting a little cold here, they must have turned up the temperature or something,” Yutaka muttered, frowning. “Anyway, I don’t need it. So just keep it on, alright?”

“I don’t need it,” Yuu crinkled his nose up, stubborn. Yutaka just laughed and turned his head back down to his food, ignoring Yuu’s words.

Tora, Saga, Shou and Hiroto watched their exchanges silently from their own seats, much to the brunet and raven’s oblivion.

When they finally finished with dinner and it was time to make payment for their meals, everyone chipped in to pay for their own share of the bill – except for Yuu, who was quickly stopped by Yutaka as he moved to get his wallet.

“I’ll foot the bill for the both of us,” Yutaka said, drawing the cash out of his wallet before Yuu could have the chance to.

Yuu was starting to grow painfully aware of the way his friends were staring at them. And normally he would allow Yutaka to foot the bill if he so wished to, considering they took turns buying each other meals and groceries, but this time – it was just – it was too much of a date for Yuu to feel comfortable with. And his friends – they were already cultivating the wrong idea about them, and Yuu was sure if he allowed Yutaka to pay for his meal it would reinforce the idea so much more that they were more than just friends.

“I brought enough to pay for my own meal,” Yuu objected, obstinate about his decision.

“You can pay for my meal next time, I brought you out this time after all,” Yutaka insisted.

Yuu couldn’t bring himself to argue with his point after that, and he could only watch as Yutaka took out enough cash to cover both of their meals. Yutaka then left the table with Tora to head to the cashier to foot the bill, followed by Shou and Hiroto; and Yuu hadn’t realized Saga had purposefully waited for the rest of them to leave first – before cornering Yuu as he tried to follow, startling the raven as he got up slowly from his seat.

“I know this is the first time we’ve met, and I really hope you don’t mind me saying this to you, but–” Saga started as he stood right in front of Yuu, blocking his exit, looking to Yuu with a grim, serious look. “I can tell Yutaka cares a lot for you, and perhaps you haven’t realised it on your own yet, but… please, whatever you do, just don’t hurt him. Alright?”

Yuu went completely still, stunned by his words.

“I… I care for him,” Yuu blinked up to Saga, thoroughly bewildered by the sudden confrontation. “I do. I do care for him… I would never hurt him.”

And, maybe, in a way, Yuu felt slightly offended by what Saga said. What made Saga think that Yuu was a bad friend? That Yuu would… hurt Yutaka? Yuu would never. Yuu probably knew Yutaka better than anyone else did here, and it irked him to think that Yutaka’s other friends thought so lowly of him.

Saga let out an exasperated sigh. “I know you won’t hurt him, Yuu. But sometimes we do things we don’t realize are hurtful to the people we love, for reasons we haven’t figured out yet. And Yutaka’s… Yutaka’s fragile. More fragile than you think. He’s a good person, too. I just… If you don’t reciprocate his feelings, perhaps you should… make it clear to him.”

It was at that point Yuu froze.

And then nervous laughter followed, when Yuu finally understood what this was all about.

“Yutaka is not in love with me,” Yuu quickly cleared up, shaking his head with a smile. “Seriously, you guys have got it all wrong. And I know Yutaka cares a lot for me, but I care a lot for him too, and we’re just best friends, you know? Really, I assure you. Nothing’s going on.”

Saga bit his lip at his remark, turning away with a skeptical expression on his face. “Is that so.”

“Don’t worry,” Yuu smiled broadly to the man before him.

Saga lowered his gaze, frowning. “I see. It’s probably just a misunderstanding, then. I apologize.”

“Oh, no, it’s fine, really. I understand the confusion, Yutaka and I are really close,” Yuu nodded his head, nervously laughing the subject off. “We should leave! I think the others are up ahead already, waiting for us.”

Saga forced a smile to him. “Sure.”

But even then, Yuu was certain Saga still hadn’t been completely convinced by him that there was absolutely nothing going on between him and Yutaka. Because as he made a move to leave, he was almost certain he heard Saga’s voice in a soft murmur behind him –

You’re going to hurt him, Yuu.

– and as Yuu clutched Yutaka’s jacket around him tighter, and tugged Kouyou’s mint scarf higher up around his neck; the raven-haired felt his heart sink slowly in his chest, basking in the comfort both the jacket and the scarf were bringing to him. 

Chapter Text

“Thank you for sending us home,” Yuu gratefully thanked Tora and Saga as the car drove up to Yuu and Yutaka’s apartment block. “I had a great time today, thank you!”

“I’ll see you guys around class,” Yutaka bade his goodbye to his friends as well, earning him small smiles from them.

“See you soon, Yutaka! And, hopefully your gorgeous roommate again, too,” Tora winked, hinting. Yutaka shot him a look, but moved to get out of the car quickly, making sure he was the first to open the door, for Yuu.

After waving their last goodbyes to Tora and Saga, the car pulled out of apartment grounds and made its way out, leaving Yuu and Yutaka standing by the road, finally giving them a moment alone after spending the entire day out with friends.

“So,” Yutaka started casually, placing his hands awkwardly down into his pants’ pockets, suddenly so painfully shy it amused the raven. “That was nice. Right?”

Yuu giggled at the sight of his nervousness. “Right. I’m really glad I got to spend some time with you today. Your friends are, uh, pretty funny to be with, too.” Yuu then remembered Saga’s confrontation and his face instinctively paled a little. “Well, not when they’re, um… Nevermind.”

Yutaka looked perturbed by his answer. “What’s wrong? Wait, I still haven’t asked you why you were held up back there at the restaurant with Saga. Did he say something to you?”

Yuu tried his best to shrug it off with a cheerful smile. “It’s fine! Really. Your friends are just overprotective, that’s all. It’s just, I kinda got the feeling they didn't exactly… I think they misunderstood our relationship.”

Yutaka cursed exasperatedly under his breath, breathing out his words in a sigh. “Ugh, I knew it. I’m sorry, it’s just – they’re always afraid of me being left out, you know, because all of them have partners. And you’re basically the only other person in my life, so when I talk about you, they just get all excited and – well. You understand. Right?” The brunet gave a hopeful glance to Yuu.

“Of course!” Yuu rushed to assure, smiling. “I just… I never want to hurt you, too. And if you ever… if you ever have anything to tell me, you should. Okay?”

Yutaka fell silent for a while, and as he gazed down to Yuu so fondly it reminded the raven briefly of the strange moment of how he gazed to him in the movies – Yutaka was breaking into another low sigh, eyes turning distraught as his fingers fell to finger at the mint scarf wrapped around Yuu’s neck.

“Kouyou doesn’t deserve you,” Yutaka said softly, brushing his fingers up Yuu’s scarf, gently against the raven’s jaw. “Why did you choose him?”

Yuu widened his eyes, taken aback by his words. He trembled under Yutaka’s touch, choking out a nervous murmur.

“He’s… He’s a good person, Yutaka. I’ll be fine, I promise.”

“I’m right here for you,” Yutaka uttered in a pained whisper, palming the raven’s cheek, and Yuu didn't fully understand what Yutaka meant, no, nor did he want to deliberate on it –

– but he didn’t have any time to think further on it, not when there was a sudden flash of car headlights on them and the familiar sound of a sports car dangerously curving the corner.

“What's that guy’s problem?” Yutaka hissed at the sound, annoyed by the sudden disruption, wincing as he raised a hand up to shield his eyes from the glaring headlights.

But his face instantly fell once the car door was pushed open, and the very man he’d grown to abhor stepped out of the very car Yuu was so used to getting into.

“Kouyou?” Yuu’s jaw fell open at the sight, wondering what the living hell Kouyou was doing here.

Kouyou was still dressed in his long-sleeved white buttoned up shirt and black pants for work, so Yuu was pretty certain he’d just come from the office, but oh god, the blond-haired man still looked every bit as suave and handsome in his work getup… and his veined arms and ripped body still looked as yummy and delicious as he’d always tasted, Yuu cheekily added as an afterthought.  

Kouyou lips widened into an award-winning smile once his eyes caught sight of Yuu, and he was quickly pulling out another bouquet of red roses from the car – smaller this time round as compared to his other bouquets – but still an amount generous enough for a romantic gesture. Kouyou clutched the bouquet tightly in his hands as he slammed the car door close, before striding up confidently to the raven-haired, looking every bit the gentleman he always was.

“I missed you so much,” were the first things that left Kouyou’s lips as he presented the bouquet of roses to Yuu, completely disregarding Yutaka’s presence as he stood by the side. Kouyou spun Yuu impatiently around to face him fully, and he was proudly smirking when his eyes scanned past the raven and his gaze fell immediately against the mint scarf adorning Yuu’s neck.

“You’re wearing my scarf again, pretty,” Kouyou said, pride evident in his voice.

(Meanwhile, Yutaka looked horrified knowing that he’d been fingering the scarf Kouyou had gifted Yuu just moments ago.)

The raven’s cheeks turned peach pink as he accepted the bouquet from Kouyou’s hands, heart skipping a quick beat at Kouyou’s sweet gesture. It was so unfair, how much Kouyou had this kind of effect on him. He was just always so charismatic, so romantic, so charming; and here Yuu was, melting so easily underneath his every touch and word.

“Of course I am,” Yuu huffed, pretending to look unaffected as usual, but Kouyou was quickly cupping his cheek up with one hand, his lips bending down to bring Yuu’s ones into a kiss. Yuu gave in instantly, moaning softly as Kouyou brought him into a hungry kiss, clearly having felt as agonized as Yuu did about being away from each other.

Yuu only allowed the kiss to last for a short moment, though, aware that Yutaka was still standing by the side looking on at them, and he didn’t want to make the brunet feel any worse about this whole situation.

“Meet my roommate, Yutaka!” Yuu hurriedly declared in the midst of the kiss, anxiously pulling away from Kouyou’s grasp to introduce him to Yutaka, though Kouyou seemed pretty adamant to pull Yuu back into his arms, having missed the raven-haired too much.

Kouyou chuckled as Yuu sent a glare his way and jumped out of his arms once more, forcing Kouyou to divert his attention to Yutaka, who – if looks could kill – Kouyou was pretty sure he’d long be dead and gone by now, with the kind of heated glare Yutaka was sending currently in his direction.

“Yutaka, this is Kouyou! I’ve been meaning for the both of you to meet for a long time.” Yuu chirped happily, ignoring the current amount of high tension in the air between the two men standing before him. “Umm… Kouyou, say hi to him!”

Kouyou stifled a laugh at Yuu’s attempt to get the both of them to be cordial to each other, and nodded to his words, deciding to go along with Yuu’s wishes. The blond put on the best behavior as possible in front of Yutaka, extending a friendly hand out for the brunet to shake.

“Nice to meet you, Yutaka,” Kouyou greeted with a charming smile.

Yutaka ignored the gesture rather rudely, leaving the blond’s hand hanging before him.

“Hello, Kouyou. It’s late. What are you doing here?”

“Yutaka!” Yuu yelled right away, groaning at his hostility. “Seriously, you need to drop that tough act of yours. It’s not nice!”

“It’s fine,” Kouyou smiled stiffly in response, retracting back his hand, eyes now turning wary as he answered Yutaka. “I was having my dinner nearby, so I thought I would drop by to see Aoi for a short while. I just wanted to see him, that’s all.”

“You just saw him yesterday morning,” Yutaka scoffed, and his blatant annoyance at Kouyou’s presence was crystal clear to both the blond and the raven. “Anyway, it’s getting late. Aoi, are we done?”

Yuu sucked in a breath hesitantly, flickering his eyes up longingly to Kouyou. “Um…”

Kouyou had come all the way here to see him, after all. He couldn’t just leave Kouyou like this after he’d made such an effort to see him; plus, he’d missed the blond so much, and seeing him at the end of such a long, exhausting evening made up for all the pent up confusion Yuu had felt just hours ago.

Still, Yuu was sure Yutaka would definitely get mad if Yuu lingered any longer in Kouyou’s presence, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to get into the same old fight with Yutaka over Kouyou…

“You should go up first,” Kouyou asserted to Yutaka, quickly making the decision for Yuu when he realized the raven-haired was uncomfortable with making the decision himself. Yuu gazed up gratefully to him. “I won’t take long with Aoi, I promise.”

Yutaka frowned at the idea, but complied, knowing he hadn’t any other choice. “Fine. Aoi, I’ll wait for you upstairs, then. Be safe.” There was a tone of concern in his voice, and Kouyou visibly flinched at it, offended that Yutaka would think Kouyou would hurt Yuu in any possible way.

Yuu nodded silently to the brunet, and both the blond and the raven waited in silence as they watched Yutaka make a move on first. It was only after the brunet had disappeared behind the apartment blocks that Yuu heaved a helpless sigh, prompting Kouyou to turn to him with a displeased frown on his face.

“So… I guess we have established the fact that he doesn’t like me. At all.” Kouyou started.

Yuu looked absolutely dejected. That had not gone well at all. Perhaps it would be harder than he thought – to get Yutaka to be agreeable with Kouyou existing in Yuu’s life.

“Yutaka’s just… so edgy today!” Yuu moaned, burying his face into his palms. “It feels like… It feels like he’s only himself when he’s with me. It’s so annoying. He gets so defensive in front of others, but Yutaka’s really… truly, a really nice person deep down. It’s just…”

“You, I know.” Kouyou reassured the raven quickly, showing he understood what he meant, seeing how upset Yuu was getting over Yutaka. “He’s only being like this because he’s jealous, Aoi. I’m here, and you’re with me, and he’s jealous. I get that.”

Yuu glanced up to him with hesitant-looking eyes. Even Kouyou was saying that about Yutaka? It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard enough about it the whole evening already. Perhaps everyone else was right in thinking that. And perhaps Yuu was the only one who was wrong?

Even Saga had pulled him aside to talk to him about it, and… and maybe Yuu was the only one being gullible and naive here.

“Do you really think he likes me in that way, Kouyou? Because earlier on in the day, his friends seemed to be telling me the same thing, and I’m getting kind of worried about it…”

Kouyou raised an eyebrow to Yuu, as if the raven was already stating the obvious.

“I was only guessing it when you were telling me about how he was acting through your texts, but meeting him face-to-face pretty much confirmed it. I’ve figured it all out in less than a minute, Aoi – he hates me, because he’s in love with you. God, how oblivious can you get?”

Instantly offended by the blond’s words, Yuu was turning away with an insulted huff. Kouyou laughed, shaking his head, and he was moving forward to wrap his arms around Yuu once more, embracing him tightly into a hug.

“God, I missed you so much,” Kouyou murmured, leaning his lips against Yuu’s hair, breathing in Yuu’s heavenly scent in a blissful sigh. “I know I shouldn’t have come here tonight to see you, but I just wanted to make sure you were okay. And I know I didn’t have to drop by, but I don’t trust Yutaka around you anymore, and I wanted to make sure you were still in one piece.”

Yuu snorted, bemused. “What, like he’s going to eat me up or something?”

“You never know,” Kouyou chided, pulling away only slightly so he’s able to gaze down into Yuu’s eyes. “Also, I saw you and him in a rather intimate position as I drove up here. What were the both of you doing?”

Yuu frowned immediately at his accusation. “That was not intimate, Kouyou!”

“Right, it looked pretty intimate to me,” Kouyou rolled his eyes as he continued alleging. “He had a hand against your cheek and he was so close to you. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you guys were going to kiss. I didn’t like seeing you like that with another man very much, Aoi.”

“Oh?” Yuu’s frown instantly turned into a smug smile at his words. “So you got jealous, seeing me like that with someone else.”

Kouyou’s eyes narrowed to him at his teasing tone. “Of course. I’m the only one that’s allowed to hold you like that, and I’m the only one that’s allowed to ever kiss you.”

Yuu then burst into giggles, pleased with his answer, fluttering his eyelashes up to the older man.

“So why do you keep talking, and why aren’t you kissing me now?” Yuu teased, in a playful tone. Kouyou laughed, shaking his head, and then he was leaning over to capture Yuu’s lips up into another kiss, effectively silencing the raven.

They kissed with much vigor, and as Kouyou lowered his arms to Yuu’s hips and locked them in place there, his tongue easily dominated Yuu’s, melting the younger man into a puddle of soft moans and whimpers once more. Yuu hurriedly kissed him back, body achingly moving forward to grind teasingly against Kouyou’s crotch, feeling up the taller man’s gradually hardening boner.

Nnn,” Yuu mewled shamelessly into the kiss, urging the blond’s hands to roam further down the back of his body. Kouyou’s hands eventually trailed down to Yuu’s ass, his hands cupping a firm grip over the raven’s shapely butt, squeezing them in his hold and pushing Yuu further up against him at the same time. Yuu made a loud moan at the feeling of Kouyou’s hands roaming around his ass, and with each delicate squeeze, the raven was making such lewd noises the older man found himself losing control bit by bit.

As the sexual tension grew even worse by the second, with each breath and pant; with each rub and grind; with each swirl of tongue and Yuu’s playful dry humping; Kouyou was quickly pulling away from the kiss after a while, unable to handle how fucking horny Yuu was making him feel.

“Fuck,” Kouyou cursed, panting deeply, taking a step back from the raven, looking absolutely stressed out as he tried to calm his lower body down from all the excitement. “Fuck, I can’t drive home like this, Aoi.”

Yuu’s face was full of blush, his eyes mildly dazed, and he was grinning flirtatiously to the blond, satisfied with what he’d done to the blond, his voice coming out in a seductive whine. “You don’t have to, Kouyou…”

Kouyou hissed at the suggestive response, turning away, though he was still shivering from the aftereffects of Yuu’s voice and touches, and his groin was still aching with its growingneed to take Yuu then and there.

“I promised Yutaka we wouldn’t take long,” Kouyou sighed, annoyed, running his hand up anxiously his hair. “Aoi, I am not–”

“Have you ever had sex in the backseat of your car?” Yuu asked, out of the blue, blinking up to Kouyou rather innocently. He was clearly not paying attention to Kouyou’s words at all, looking doe-eyed straight up to the blond, enjoying just how much he was nerving the older man.

Kouyou gritted his teeth. “Aoi, no. We’re not fucking in my car. Not because it would get dirty – even though it will, but that doesn’t matter to me – but I gave Yutaka my word, and I don’t want him to think I’m the type to go back on my words, or not be able to take care of you, or anything like that. Aoi, I–”

“I could just suck you off,” Yuu whispered provocatively, cutting him off.

Kouyou’s groin very evidently twitched at his words. The blond had to take another moment to calm himself (and his erection) down, whilst Yuu looked on smugly, liking just how he could reduce Kouyou to such a state without even having to lift a single finger.

“You’re so going to get it the next time I bring you home,” Kouyou sighed, though this time he couldn’t resist a smile as he looked back to Yuu, finding it beyond adorable how the raven-haired liked to tease him so. “Aoi, just not now. Okay?”

“Okay,” Yuu laughed, and then he was jumping up to Kouyou, planting a quick kiss against the side of his cheek cutely. “You’re such a gentleman, it’s so annoying at times.”

Kouyou beamed under his kiss, unable to control his wide grin.

“I love you,” Kouyou sighed helplessly, circling his arms around Yuu once more, enveloping him into a tight embrace.

Yuu relished underneath all of the attention, snuggling happily up to the blond. “I heart you too.”

Kouyou gave a wry laugh. “Oh? Is that supposed to mean anything, Aoi?”

Yuu cocked his head to the side cutely. “Maybe. You don’t get the L-word yet.”

Another amused laugh slipped out of the blond. “Is that so. And would you please explain to me why, Aoi?”

The raven-haired gazed up to him with a stubborn look. “Well, for one, if you would stop speaking to me as if I were a five-year-old, that would be very much appreciated. Secondly–”

“But you’re always teasing me like you’re five years old,” Kouyou pointed out.

“Well, you wouldn’t exactly want to date a five-year-old, would you?” Yuu replied haughtily. 

Kouyou pretended to require a moment to think it over, his face still in a permanent smile.

“Only if it’s you, sweetheart. I wouldn’t mind dating someone as cute as you.” The blond chuckled, looking adoringly to the raven. “I – in your terms – heart you very very much, Aoi.”

Yuu couldn’t control the blush that overtook his cheeks at his words. “You are so annoying. Anyway, back to what I was saying earlier. So, I’ve decided that you don’t deserve the L-word now. Not yet.”

Kouyou gazed down to him, with a mildly concerned look in his eyes, and a fond, affectionate expression on his face. “Why?”

Yuu tried to shy away from the intensity of his gaze. God, he hated it when Kouyou looked at him like that. It – just – made him so goddamn embarrassed, with how in love Kouyou looked whenever his eyes fell against the raven. Did Kouyou have to look like a goddamn lovesick freak whenever he lay his eyes upon Yuu? He had to stop acting like a goddamn prince charming before Yuu actually started to believe Kouyou was one.

Seriously, Kouyou was unreal.

“It’s just not the right time,” Yuu bashfully murmured in reply, averting his gaze. Kouyou laughed, shaking his head at his answer.

“You’re suddenly so shy with me,” Kouyou noted, grinning, lowering his hand to cup at Yuu’s jaw. “Come on, look at me.” He turned Yuu to face him, and his grin only widened when he realized the raven’s face was flushing scarlet red. “Did I make you blush?”

Yuu made a little huff, trying his hardest to will his blush to fade. “No.” It wasn’t working.

“I see,” Kouyou laughed, his heart dashing wildly at the sight of Yuu crumbling to bits just because of him. “Well, you probably have to get that checked, then. Your cheeks, I mean. They look like they’re going to explode.”

Yuu folded his arms, scoffing loudly. “You’re mean!”

“No, I’m not,” Kouyou accentuated, smiling. “Not as mean as you when you tease me. You’re the worst, Aoi.”

Yuu pouted to him. “Am I?”

“But that’s why I love you,” Kouyou rushed to say, releasing a soft sigh, squeezing the smaller raven-haired in his hold. “And I’m so happy I can say it to you freely, now. I love you, I love you, I love you. So much.”

An uncontrollable smile spread upon Yuu’s face.

I love you so much too, Yuu thought, fluttering his eyes close as Kouyou brought his head down to savor his lips gently one last time, just before the blond had to leave.


Yuu returned to the apartment in a delirious mood, fingers still caressing his lips over and over again, mouth still tasting Kouyou’s tongue against his. He couldn’t wipe the smile away from his face with every fluttering thought of Kouyou, but soon he was entering the living room and coming into sight with Yutaka again, who was gloomily sitting against the sofa,  and Yuu was brought down back to reality.

“He’s handsome,” Yutaka remarked, as soon as Yuu came in, his voice cold.

Yutaka was probably talking about Kouyou, Yuu thought, swallowing his saliva thickly down his throat. If what Kouyou said was true – as supported by all of Yutaka’s friends – and if Yutaka really harbored feelings for the raven… then it would explain all of their recent fights easily. And it would explain why Yutaka held such sour feelings for the blond; which was a first among all of Yuu’s sugar daddies.

From the very start, Yuu had already known getting involved with Kouyou would be different from all of his other arrangements, and perhaps Yutaka had picked up on that note the same time he did. Perhaps Yutaka had been concerned Kouyou would be different; an exception, and when his fears finally proved to be true – jealousy became the main reason behind all of those recent tantrums of his.

And perhaps Yuu could forgive Yutaka’s emotional outbursts if this turned out to be the reason, but –

– but Yuu never ever wanted to hurt Yutaka like this.

“He is,” Yuu agreed in a quiet voice, gently easing the door shut behind him. Then, sucking in a timid breath, he gathered what courage he had to apologize for earlier on. “Yutaka, I–”                                                          

“I wanted to tell you something, actually,” Yutaka abruptly said, his tone low, his gaze unfocused. And for some reason his form against the sofa suddenly looked so lonesome it shriveled up Yuu’s heart, and washed a thick sense of guilt over the raven.

“W…What is it?” Yuu asked, rather hesitantly, taking careful steps to his brunet roommate. He eased his way to the sofa, and seated himself down nervously next to Yutaka, hoping this wouldn’t lead to the start of another fight between them again.

He flickered his eyes up to meet Yutaka’s, and felt his heart harden at the sight of nothing but exhaustion and regret filling Yutaka’s gaze. There was something horribly wrong with the brunet, and Yuu was determined to find out what.

Or maybe Yuu already knew, and was just waiting to hear it from Yutaka’s very lips.

“I was waiting for you to come up,” Yutaka inhaled briskly, saying. “And I was just sitting here, thinking about how happy you looked when he came to see you. And I couldn’t forget it – how you were smiling, blushing, kissing him and letting him hold you. And I just – I think,” Yutaka’s voice grew raspy at this point, his face turning defeated, and Yuu’s heartbeat was racing so quickly at his words that the raven forgot how to breathe.

“I think if he – he – that blond, charming, CEO, who could pass off as a model, and drive a sports car worth a million dollars – if that man makes you happy,” the brunet shut his eyes briefly, his hands by the side curling up into small fists. “Then I guess I’ll have to accept it, you know. I can’t – I can’t keep acting like this. Because I keep telling you that he’s not good for you, that he’s not to be trusted, but I know I’m not you. And you’re right; you’re an adult, you can decide for yourself. I’m not – I’m not supposed to be forcing my opinions down your throat. I just – I just wanted you to be safe, that’s all.”

Yuu should be feeling happy, relieved – even, but there was nothing but the tumultuous falling of his heart.

And Yuu sees it, now. He hadn’t before, but he finally sees it, now. He sees the heartbreak and the dejection and the hurt and the you didn’t choose mes splashed across Yutaka’s face, and suddenly it all makes sense. Because he knows the reasons behind the brunet’s every word, and he knows every inch of how Yutaka feels about all of this. Because it had just been an assumption; but it was all now finally piecing together to form the conclusion Yuu never wanted to face.

And Yuu couldn’t feel any more worse.

“It’s something else,” Yuu asked softly, daringly, gazing tenderly over to Yutaka.

Yutaka couldn’t keep hiding it from him like this. If he harbored feelings for the raven, Yuu wanted to get it out in the open, and he wanted it out now. He didn’t want his best friend to have to bury these feelings to himself in torment and hurt, when Yuu could so easily talk it out properly with him.

“Isn’t it? There’s something else you want to tell me.”

Yutaka dipped his head down at that, anxiously running his hands up through his hair, quickly shielding his eyes away from Yuu’s gaze.

“There is something,” Yutaka admitted reluctantly, his voice shaky.

“I just – I just…”

Yuu never wanted to hear it, but he knew he had to.

“You can tell me,” Yuu murmured, coaxing the brunet softly. “You know I’m always here for you.”

“I…” Yutaka’s throat was dry.

The confession hit Yuu harder than he thought it would.

“I just always thought you’d choose me,” the brunet finally managed to blurt out, choking out a sarcastic laugh.

But his laugh meant nothing. Yutaka looked like he was on the verge of tears, and Yuu had never seen him so weak. And it scared him; it frightened Yuu, to see Yutaka like this. Because Yutaka was never been the type to get so emotional, so sentimental, and here he was, utterly broken by the raven before him. Completely wrecked. Wholesomely gone.

And Yuu suddenly didn’t know what to do.

Yutaka forced out another dry laugh. “I thought, you know. Because I know you meet all these men for a living, but it’s all fun and games to you – you said so yourself. And I’m always sitting here, waiting up for you, and I’m the one you come home to after a long day of spending time with people you don’t even want to face, or laughing at jokes that aren’t even funny, and I’m the one that you tell all your problems to, and I’m the one that has always just been… waiting.

And I’ve always thought, one day, you know, you’d realize I was right here for you. Because I’m just here… but you’re so far out of reach. And that’s why I’m studying so hard – twice as hard after I’ve known you – to make sure I become successful enough to be like one of those men you want. Rich, wealthy… whatever you want. But then Kouyou came into the picture and…”

Yutaka shut his eyes close, his heartbeat soft in the silence.

“And he’s so perfect, and suddenly I turn around and you’re gone from me. And I lost you, I think. I’ve lost you. And I know maybe it had been wrong, on my part, to assume you’d eventually notice, and return these same feelings I have for you, and maybe I was wrong, to have assumed you would always belong to me.”

The raven swallowed the bitter bile in his throat down hard.

He’d never known. He’d never known of Yutaka’s feelings for him, and he’d always passed Yutaka’s concern for him off as camaraderie, and he’d never – he’d never realized that the little things he did, like hugging Yutaka and teasing him and having movie date nights with him – Yuu hadn’t ever realized perhaps he might have been sending Yutaka mixed signals about their whole friendship. And Yuu had always been affectionate, but perhaps it’d confused his brunet roommate, who wasn’t too used to be on the receiving end of such affection.

Yuu hadn’t ever noticed Yutaka’s feelings for him. Because if he had, perhaps he wouldn’t have talked about his sugar daddies so freely to Yutaka; wouldn’t have nitpicked about their measly salaries; wouldn’t have whined so much about so many of these men not meeting up to his standards; when Yutaka had always been pining for Yuu since so long ago. And Yuu hadn’t realized Yutaka had been paying attention to his lamenting; hadn’t realized Yutaka had been silently trying to become the man Yuu would want to go out with; hadn’t realized Yutaka had been so affected by the way Yuu fawned over rich and good-looking men, when Yutaka was just so desperately trying to match up to them so he would just be good enough for Yuu.

Yutaka never said anything. But maybe that was just how he was– the silent, caring, protector in the background, the one that buried his feelings to himself and watched Yuu go. Watched as Yuu woke up everyday to go out with a new man he’d just met, and waited at home as Yuu left and spent time with men that weren’t even worthy of half his time. Spent the time studying so maybe one day he could become the kind of man Yuu would fall in love with, and checked his phone fifty times per hour so he wouldn’t ever lose track of Yuu.

Because if he so much as looked away for a second, he could lose Yuu in a flash…

“I’m sorry,” Yuu whispered, and after a long silence he realized it was the only thing he could say. “I’m sorry I didn’t know. And I’m sorry I... I can’t, I can’t re–”

… And that was exactly what had just happened to him.

“Don’t,” Yutaka rushed to cut him off, his voice full of hurt. “Don’t say it. Don’t tell me you can’t fall in love with me – just don’t. It’s fine, I get it. But please, I–”

Yutaka held back a pained sob. “Please, Yuu. Just don’t acknowledge it. I don’t think I can bear it. I really don’t, Yuu, I– I always thought the good guys win, eventually, you know? And I’ve been holding onto this hope for so long, and I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear I’m not good enough for you.”

Yuu’s heart shattered at his words. Yutaka thought he wasn’t good enough? Why would Yutaka assume anything like that? Yuu was the one that wasn't good enough for him. Yuu didn't deserve half the man he was.

“You were never not good enough. You were the best, Yutaka. You – You’re more than enough for me. You always were.”

Yutaka choked out another laugh, shaking his head. “But Kouyou’s better, you see.”

“You’re not Kouyou,” Yuu insisted.

Yutaka smiled sadly to him. “I know. But it doesn’t matter, because he’s the one you’re in love with. And god, I wish I was Kouyou. I wish it more than anything in the world, Yuu. I don’t want his money, and I don’t want his car. I just want you to look at me the same way you look at him. And if – for just one second – you smile and blush at me the way you do for him – I think I wouldn’t ever need anything else from that point forth.

Kouyou’s so lucky, and I’m so, so mad. Because I’d give so much to be him. I’d give so much, I don’t think you could even imagine. But I can’t. And I know I’m not him. And you’ll never love me. No, not when he’s there. Not when he has a Lamborghini and a corporation and he walks like he’s worth a billion dollars. Because he is. And I’m not.”

Yuu’s heart tightened further. It hurt knowing he couldn’t deny his love for Kouyou – it hurt knowing it was the truth.

“But I’ll never love him the way I love you, Yutaka,” the raven choked out, trying his best to suppress his tears, reaching out his hand to clutch warmly at Yutaka’s one. “And at the end of the day, it’s not about competition, is it? It’s about you, knowing that I’ll always be here for you. No matter what. And it doesn’t matter who I give my heart to, because you’ve always had a part of mine since so long ago. Kouyou can’t step into our picture. There’s already us.”

Yutaka faintly smiled at his words. “I wish that was enough for me, Yuu.”

Yuu sobbed. “You’re enough for me. I’ll never love anyone like you.”

Yutaka eased his eyes shut, smiling softly. He looked resigned, slowly coming to peace with the fact that Yuu had already become Kouyou’s.

“I’m fine, Yuu. I… I’ll get over this, eventually, I think. Because you’re so happy when you’re with him, and that’s all that matters to me. I don’t want to take that away from you. I… I can’t say I like him, exactly, but I’ll try to be nicer to him the next time we meet. But if he ever hurts you, Yuu, you have to tell me. Because a man like that has everything he could possibly have in the world – and if he takes it for granted, he’s not going to get a second chance. And I’ll make sure I’ll protect you. I always have, Yuu. I…”

Yutaka’s voice reduced to a hesitant whisper. “I love you.”

The tears had already started flowing down Yuu’s cheeks long ago.

“I love you too,” Yuu whispered back, leaning forward so as to wrap his arms tightly around his best friend. He sank his head against Yutaka’s shoulder and muffled his sobs quietly as he squeezed Yutaka in the embrace.

“Thank you so much for understanding, Yutaka. And you know what? One day you’re going to find someone so much better than me, and it will all be worth it. And I believe you deserve someone so much better. And when that time comes, I’ll even get jealous myself. Because you’re so great, and I want you to only have the best. You’ll find someone better than me, definitely. I don’t deserve you.”

Yutaka let out a laugh, warmly reciprocating Yuu’s hug. He shut his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Yuu’s back, savoring the sweet moment with a fond smile on his face.

“You’re so perfect,” the brunet whispered, a moment later, his heart pounding quietly against Yuu’s chest. 

And in that moment Yuu wished so desperately he could love Yutaka back.

Chapter Text

Yuu: he told me he loved me

Kouyou: And?

Yuu: and then i broke his heart.

After the intense confession session they had, both the raven and the brunet returned to their rooms to get some well-deserved rest. The first thing Yuu did after his shower, however, was to text Kouyou, who had already left a couple of concerned messages on his phone.

Yuu crawled into his bed with a heavy heart and a burdened mind, and he wanted nothing more in the world but to snuggle up in Kouyou’s arms right now and bury his face into the blond’s chest. Kouyou’s scent and presence always comforted him so.

Kouyou: He didn’t get angry?

Yuu: no. he seemed tired. he said i looked so happy being with you and that was the most important thing. he seemed so heartbroken it broke me

Kouyou: Oh, babe… Do you need me to call you?

Yuu contemplated the idea of hearing Kouyou’s voice to soothe him to sleep, but decided he was too tired for that. Kouyou probably needed to get some sleep for work tomorrow, anyway. He would feel bad if he kept the blond up at night – not that he thought the blond would mind.

Yuu: not really. i just want you to be here so i can fall asleep in your arms

Kouyou: Babydoll. I promise I’ll come over first thing tomorrow morning if you need me, I love you

Yuu smiled at Kouyou’s message, his heart skipping at the invitation. The blond always thought of him no matter what he did. But as enticing it sounded, he knew he couldn’t keep imposing on Kouyou like this. He had his own work and responsibilities after all; it would do no good to constantly distract him just for his own selfish means.

Yuu: it’s fine, i’m just tired. i know you have work, i’ll see you whenever you can

Kouyou: I love you so much. I know you had to break his heart, but it’ll all be worth it in the end, I promise. I’ll take care of you. More than enough to reassure him.

Kouyou: You should give me his number, I’ll talk to him.

Yuu felt hesitant about the whole idea. Yutaka was already so fragile from the recent heartbreak; would it be a good idea for him to come into contact with Kouyou so soon? He didn’t want to cause Yutaka anymore distress than he already had.

Yuu: maybe later. i promise i’ll arrange something. not now, OK?

Kouyou: Of course, babe. Just let me know. I’ll do anything for you.

Yuu let out a happy sigh at the text, then yawned loudly after that, feeling exhaustion overtaking him.

Yuu: i have to go to sleep. deadbeat. talk to you tomorrow?

Kouyou: Of course. Good night, beautiful. <3

Yuu: good night, my prince charming


Yuu had been worried he’d have to face an awkward breakfast with Yutaka the morning after, but when he woke up early as per his usual routine and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, he was surprised to find that Yutaka wasn’t already there whipping up a meal. There was a small note left against the dining table, however, written in Yutaka’s scrawny doctor’s handwriting, explaining the reason for his absence.

Tora ran into some car trouble, so I went down to help him. Sorry I couldn’t make breakfast. Will be back in time for lunch. Text me if anything. - Yutaka

Yuu didn’t want to admit this, but he secretly felt relieved at the thought of not having to face Yutaka so soon after last night. It still felt surreal, looking back upon Yutaka’s confession to him, and recounting the words Yutaka said to him.

I’ll make sure I’ll protect you. I always have, Yuu. I love you.

I love you so much too, Yuu thought in his head, uttering a soft sigh. And thinking about it, he had all the reasons in the world to reciprocate Yutaka’s love. Yutaka was so good to him, so endearing, always taking care of him, his one and only best friend… Yutaka seemed like the perfect choice, the lesser of two evils, when it came to choosing the best partner for him. And perhaps, in a parallel universe, they were together.

Just not in this one.

No, not when there was Kouyou, his rich and charming CEO, chivalrous and cocky and sensitive and so thoughtful. And he had arms so strong and thick enough to wrap around Yuu with, sheltering him from anything and everything in the world. Yuu loved the warmth, the feeling of being protected, and most of all, Yuu loved his scent. His musky scent that brought an air of familiarity to Yuu, and told him all the words he needed to hear even without saying anything. Kouyou was so, so perfect. And Yutaka… Perhaps, if Kouyou hadn’t come into the picture, Yuu would have eventually ended up with Yutaka.

But Kouyou was here, and…

Ugh! Yuu found himself casting his thoughts away in frustration. He’d already made his choice, and still he was spending his time mulling over whether he’d made the right decision. He was in love with Kouyou, and that was it. He might feel bad for Yutaka, yes, but it shouldn’t cloud his decision to be with Kouyou. His heart belonged to Kouyou since so long ago, and that was enough. Right? It was enough for the both of them.

Yuu stalked over to the fridge with a frown on his face, deciding to whip up breakfast for himself to clear his mind. Last night had been emotional enough and Yuu didn’t want to confront such feelings any further; things were settled, for now, and he just wanted to make sure Yutaka was okay. Then he could meet Kouyou again, and everything would sink back into the old pattern it was before…

Squinting his eyes as he looked at the empty fridge before him, Yuu sighed when he realized it was almost empty. He had to do some grocery shopping, then. Glancing at the time proved it was almost half past ten, still considerably early in the morning. Yuu decided he had enough time to get some groceries from the grocery store nearby and come back in time to make lunch for him and Yutaka later.


Yuu spent a considerable amount of time stocking up food in his shopping basket before standing in line at the queue for the counter at the grocery store, eyes in a dazed stare. He was already missing Kouyou so much, and he’d only just realized a while ago that it was strange the blond hadn’t yet texted him so far. Usually the blond would be sending him a good morning text by now, but perhaps Kouyou had decided to sleep in today; either that or he was cooped up with work. Probably the latter, since Yuu couldn’t ever imagine Kouyou even relaxing for a second. Judging by the way Kouyou was always so tensed up and dedicated to his work, Yuu didn’t doubt Kouyou was a workaholic.

The thought that Yuu was the only one who could relax him and soothe his nerves made the raven smile to himself with ease. Yuu liked knowing he was special, and he briefly wondered if he was the first one for Kouyou to be able to calm him so easily.

Yuu had been so wrapped up in his thoughts he hadn’t realized someone had been calling for him, and he jumped up slightly when he felt a hand against his shoulder.

“Aoi,” the voice called, and Yuu’s guard defenses went up when it registered that the man only knew him by his nickname. It was probably a sugar daddy he’d been ignoring, then, and Yuu was instantly turning his head around with his breath held, nervous he’d have to see any one of them this early in the morning. He didn’t want to have to explain why he’d been ignoring any of their messages face-to-face, and Yuu knew he was screwed if they decided to cause any drama with him in a public place.

…Luckily for him, it didn’t turn out to be a sugar daddy.

“Jesus christ,” Yuu let out a thankful breath when he came into sight with a tall, familiar-looking brunet. “Oh god, you scared me.”

Once he got over the relief of not actually encountering any sugar daddy of his, the shock that he was meeting an acquaintance of Kouyou’s – Akira – started sinking into him. Unlike the suit he’d first seen Akira in, Akira was dressed in a casual buttoned-up shirt and slacks this time, with expensive sunglasses hanging off the front of his shirt; much more comfortable looking clothing than what Yuu had seen him in back at the office.

Though, it was evident from how smart looking Akira was that he upheld a certain class, distinctly separating him from the rest of the normal crowd. The brunet-haired man was holding a shopping basket in his hand himself, stocked with few groceries, and he seemed to have occupied a spot in the line, queuing just behind Yuu for the counter.

“Hello there,” Akira laughed, questioning Yuu’s frightened stance, his sharp, iridescent eyes looking over to the raven with raised eyebrows.

Feeling the older man’s gaze roam over him, Yuu suddenly remembered he wasn’t wearing his usual make-up, and neither did he do his hair properly – he’d rushed out of the house in just shirt and jeans with a plain scarf over his neck – since he hadn’t expected he’d be seeing anyone he knew within this short period of time out. Yuu pursed his lip, immediately feeling naked and bare underneath Akira’s stare. It wasn’t like Yuu had self-esteem low enough to need make-up on a daily basis for him to look good, but he would appreciate it if good-looking men with status actually saw him dressed up… not looking like a hobo living off the streets.

Also, the last time Akira had seen him, the vice-president had just walked in on him and Kouyou, and Yuu had only been clothed in Kouyou’s white shirt then, the thin material barely long enough to cover his thighs; whilst being wrapped around in Kouyou’s warm arms. That was an embarrassing enough image that Yuu didn’t want left etched in Akira’s brain.

“Hi,” Yuu shyly murmured back, head still cluttered with buzzing thoughts. Plus, if Akira was here and not at the office, then did that mean Kouyou had the day off as well? Or was Kouyou nearby? What was Akira even doing here? Shouldn’t he have his private assistant be running around and getting groceries for him instead?

“I didn’t recognize you at first,” Akira started, smiling to the raven. “You look much younger like this. I mean, more your age. When I saw you back at the office, you definitely looked, um, more… well. Let’s just say I understand why Kouyou ended up spending the night with you in his office?”

…Wait. Yuu blinked. Hold on for a second. Was Akira – indirectly – flirting with him with that statement? Yuu gawked at him for a moment, confused, but realized he was probably misunderstanding the older man’s words. There was no way Akira would touch him when he knew Yuu was already Kouyou’s.

“Um, I didn’t think I’d be seeing anyone I knew, so yeah,” Yuu replied with a weak smile, gripping his shopping basket closer to himself for comfort. “Is Kouyou around? I mean – did he come with you here, or…?”

Ugh, barely ten seconds into the conversation and Yuu was already sounding like a petrified kitten. He wasn’t usually so socially awkward, but he didn’t know how to act around men like these. He had only spoken to Akira before with the presence of Kouyou next to him, and without Kouyou around him Yuu felt like a lost, intimidated pet. It was strange how after Kouyou entered his life, Yuu was growing so used to having Kouyou’s protection around him… too much for his own good.

Akira seemed to have sensed Yuu’s discomfort as well, and was adamant to ease it.

“No, Kouyou’s not here. If I recall correctly, he has to meet a client for breakfast today. Unlike Kouyou, I actually get my Sundays off, so I run errands whenever I can. Don’t worry, though, Kouyou was speaking to me about trying to find some time off to meet you. I’m pretty sure he’ll find time to see you soon.”

Akira spoke with a soft smile upon his lips to him, his voice gentle, and Yuu found himself gradually loosening up to his considerate tone. It made him feel better knowing that Kouyou talked to Akira about him on a daily basis… Yuu’s heart tugged happily at the thought. It meant that he was as important to Kouyou as the blond was important to him.

“Actually, you know what? It must be fate we met here, or something. If you’re free, we should totally grab some coffee afterwards. My treat,” Akira added, and he must have seen the hesitance in Yuu’s eyes, because he was quickly chuckling and shaking his head, as if finding the idea that he would do anything to Yuu absurd. “I would never do anything of any sort behind Kouyou’s back, don’t worry. If it makes you feel better, you can text him and tell him I’m inviting you out for coffee.”

Yuu’s cheeks turned red, realizing his reluctance to go out with Akira was obvious. Was he offending Akira with his doubtfulness? But still, Yuu had to take precautions…

“It’s not that I’m doubting you or anything! It’s just, um…”

Well, truth be told, Yuu was doubting Akira. Just a little. But the man was being so overly friendly to him – a mere stranger – that Yuu found it just a tad too suspicious. Yuu was used to getting hit on by older men and being asked out on dates so often, that going out with Akira, a perfect fit for a bachelor his age, felt… too wrong and sudden. But Akira was Kouyou’s best friend… and Yuu was likely overthinking things as usual.

“Of course, you’re young and you’re worried, I totally get that,” Akira laughed, understanding the situation. “OK, I’ll text Kouyou, ok? If he says no, we won’t get coffee. I just thought it’d be a nice opportunity to get to know you, after all. Kouyou has been talking nothing but about you the past few weeks – I’m kind of fascinated by what kind of person you are, to have him so obsessed with you suddenly. Really, if you’d known Kouyou since he was just a mere college student, you’d be fascinated, too.”

Yuu gazed up to him with pink tinted cheeks, happy at the sound of his words. “Really?” He always liked knowing more about what his charming blond CEO thought about him.

Akira grinned. “Of course, pretty. Kouyou’s so hopelessly in love with you it’s starting to look even worrisome. Please don’t ruin our company’s CEO, Aoi.”

Yuu let out a delighted laugh. “I’m not sure I have control over that.”

The raven was a little excited though, when he realized that if he got coffee with Akira, he’d be able to hear more about Kouyou’s past. Although he’d known Kouyou for a few weeks now, he still didn’t know completely everything about Kouyou, and he looked forward to knowing more about the blond.

They eventually paid promptly for their groceries at the counter and – despite Yuu’s protests – loaded their groceries back at Akira’s car in a nearby parking lot, with Akira insisting that he would drive Yuu home after they got their coffee. I live just a few blocks away, Yuu had said, but the older man had ignored his protests. You’re Kouyou’s boyfriend afterall, I can’t possibly let you walk home like this, Akira had countered back.

Akira also ended up phoning – a rather disgruntled, Yuu could tell – Kouyou, alerting him of their little coffee date.

“Yo,” Akira had greeted, once the blond over the line picked up. “So, I kind of met your pretty little raven at the grocery store, and I’m taking him out for coffee now. Do you have any objections?”

Yuu laughed at the straightforward manner Akira used to talk to Kouyou with, and it occurred to him that they must be really close for Akira to be so comfortable with him. Yuu watched silently in amusement as he heard Kouyou’s shocked – what?! – over the phone and then – this is so unfair, why are you even with him?! LISTEN UP, AKIRA, YOU LAY A FINGER ON HIM AND YOU ARE DEAD. also; if you tell him about how I used to be a dork in college, I will end you so don’t you dare – Akira abruptly cut the phone call off then, clearly taking Kouyou’s aggravated ranting as a yes.

“He’s fine with it, it’s a-OK,” Akira did the hand gesture as he informed the raven, winking reassuringly to him. Yuu just laughed.

They made their way to a small, homely café nearby, and true to Akira’s word, he treated Yuu to coffee and an expensive slice of cake. Yuu was used to having his meals paid for by his sugar daddies, yes; but he knew Akira wasn’t one of them, and the knowledge that he was imposing on Akira so made him uncomfortable a little. He knew Akira had the wealth and finances to do so, though, and he tried to ignore his guilt. Seriously, Yuu didn’t have to sleep with every man that took him out for coffee. It was weird how Yuu’s mind worked sometimes.

“So, I’ve been wondering about this for a while now, but how did you and Kouyou meet?” Akira asked casually, once they were seated down opposite each other comfortably with their food, cupping his hot coffee mug within his fingertips.

Yuu’s eyes widened then, shocked by the question. “He hasn’t told you?”

Now that Yuu thought about it, of course Kouyou wouldn’t say a word, for god’s sake. Kouyou had gone onto a website meant for looking for sugar babies, after all. It would do no good for a CEO to confess that he had been net surfing for someone to splurge his money on, in return for companionship and sex.

“No,” Akira cocked an eyebrow up, sipping from his coffee. “Not really. I broached it before, when he first talked to me about seeing someone new in his life, but he said how you guys met wasn’t any of my concern. I’m not the type to pursue things like these if he doesn’t want to tell, but I thought I’d try my luck with you.”

Yuu diverted his gaze away at his words, clearly reluctant to tell Akira if Kouyou wasn’t so comfortable with letting him know how they met in the first place. He would have to discuss this with Kouyou further, to see how much the blond was willing to allow others to know about their relationship. As far as Yuu was concerned, Kouyou was the one leading the relationship, after all – even if he’d decided to drop his sugar daddy status recently, to become Yuu’s full-time boyfriend. And Yuu definitely didn't want to reveal anything the blond CEO didn’t want to have revealed.

But then –

“You’re not a stripper, are you?” Akira asked nonchalantly.

Yuu almost choked on his coffee right then and there.


What kind of insinuation was that?

Akira burst out laughing at his seemingly violent reaction. “I mean, if Kouyou went to a strip club, I’d be surprised. And kind of thankful, actually. That guy really needs to let loose sometimes. I wouldn’t judge you if you were a stripper, though. I mean – not that I think you are, but what’s so secretive about this whole relationship?”

After Yuu had gotten over his initial shock, he found himself folding his arms to the brunet, amused by Akira’s thoughts. Seriously though – Akira wasn’t that far off in his guess. Yuu may not be a stripper, but he did work.... in areas pertaining to sex. And it wasn’t something Yuu was actively proud of, but it was how he got by as a university student, and it was also how he got to know Kouyou.

So maybe, in a way, Yuu was a stripper. He did, uh, strip off his clothes to get together with men whenever they wanted him to, after all, in exchange for cash. Yuu grinned to himself at the thought, feeling newfound confidence surge up inside of him. Really, when you thought about it, Yuu didn’t have anything to be shy about, so it made no sense that he was being so shy around Akira. He was certainly not shy whenever his sugar daddies brought him back to their beds and devoured him whole.

The corners of his mouth quirked up into a wry smile as he gazed over to Akira, his eyes burning with a kind of fiery defiance that he hadn’t ever revealed to Akira before.

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to find out.”

Akira looked to him, surprised by the raven’s sudden challenging tone, as if having never expected that from Yuu so soon. Then he shook his head and laughed, reclining back in his seat.

“How pleasant,” Akira cocked his head to the side. “And what a feisty little raven Kouyou has found. I should be more surprised, but I’m not, weirdly. Considering you’ve turned my dear CEO into a perverted maniac who ravages people in lifts, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you can do.”

Yuu couldn’t help but curl his lips up with a hint of pride. “Are you really that surprised to see Kouyou acting like this? I hadn’t known he was so uptight until recently, actually. Not until he brought me into his office, that was.”

Akira chuckled. “Oh, you’re going to be in for a surprise. Kouyou’s got quite a temper. Especially when it comes to work – he’s always been adamant on getting things done his way. You could call him… demanding. But I’ve known him for so long, so I’m used to it. People do get scared of him, though. It’s a wonder how his assistant puts up with him sometimes.”

Yuu’s eyebrows furrowed in contemplation. It did appear that way – Kouyou being a rather difficult and taxing person to work with – but Kouyou had been nothing but sweet and gentle with him so far. It worried him a little, to think that Kouyou could have two sides to him like this, both so drastically different too; but Yuu hadn’t thought too much of it. After all, a person’s work ethics were different from how they managed their own interpersonal relationships, and if all Kouyou cared about was being good to him, Yuu would take it.

“Then again, he’s been so in love ever since you entered his life,” Akira quickly interrupted, seeing Yuu’s silence and afraid the raven was harboring second thoughts about the blond. “But it’s not like I’m trying to tell you Kouyou’s a bad person or anything. I’ve known him for so long, and I know he’s truly sensitive and a good person underneath. It’s just – you’re just slightly different from the kind of person he usually dates, that’s all. This time round. I just sense it.”

Yuu’s curiosity was piqued. “I’m different,” he said, slightly skeptical. “Really?”

Then again, it was true, if Yuu really thought about it. A person like Kouyou would have dated much better people than Yuu. Yuu was just your normal, average university student, whereas someone in Kouyou’s league would have been wealthy, insanely attractive, and probably would be speaking in the same posh accent Kouyou and Akira did. There was no way Yuu could compare to any one of them.

Akira simply smiled, divulging further. “I should tell you this – he came into work last Monday, sorely frustrated and upset, and it was the worst I’d ever seen him. And he wouldn’t leave the office, and he ripped the paperwork given to him, calling it garbage. And it took me some time, but I eventually got him to come out and bought him a drink or two, before he started talking.

He talked about how this pretty raven-haired he’d just met had these crazy gorgeous eyes, and they wouldn’t leave him even in his sleep. And that he might have accidentally said something wrong or two, and you weren’t responding to his messages anymore. And it made him so, so scared. And he hated feeling so out of control, but he didn’t know what to do. The last thing he wanted to do was lose you, but he’d been trying so hard, and he didn’t know how else to rectify it.

And at that moment I just thought, wow. He’s got it so bad for someone he’d just met, and I’d never seen him like this before. And it’s so strange, because–”

Yuu listened to Akira carefully with his breath held, stunned by the inconceivable mental image of Kouyou wrecked beyond words just because of him.

“–because every person he’s dated has been, well, they’ve never made him this way. Sure, they made him upset, and his last break-up really hit him hard, I could tell. But Kouyou has always been the type to bury his feelings to himself, and he has been particularly subdued the past year ever since his partner left him. For a period I always thought he’d marry her, considering she seemed like the ultimate perfect match. She was the daughter of the chairman of an affiliate company, and they’d been introduced to each other at a charity event. Kouyou always seemed happy with her, but towards the end I think their relationship was starting to wear the both of them out.

And then – I had this inkling suspicion that she was starting to get tired of him, tired of the workaholic Kouyou was, tired of how demanding Kouyou was. And she has always been more docile, more giving, and so I’m surprised, by how different you are, Aoi. But Kouyou – I guess he’s trying, now, to be a better man, I can tell. And that’s why I’m just… a tad concerned. I just want to check some things with you and make sure you know what you’re getting into, because I don’t really want Kouyou to… to fall too hard till he can’t recover from it, you understand? I’m concerned.”

Yuu had to pause for a moment to recollect his thoughts, his breath stale.

“I’m sorry, I talk too much,” Akira sheepishly said, smiling nervously to the raven-haired. Yuu just bit his lip, shaking his head, his heart tightening at the knowledge that Kouyou had been so heartbroken on his end all these while.

He’d always known Kouyou to have a fragile side to him, but he didn’t… he didn’t expect this. And hearing Akira’s thoughts on him just reinforced the way he felt about Kouyou further. Kouyou was indeed trying, just for him. And that was the hardest thing to do in the world. And Kouyou… Kouyou’s been so selfless, all these while. Yuu couldn’t ever imagine he would ever be demanding with him.

Kouyou’s been so perfect.

“I’ll try…” Yuu sucked in a breath, saying, his voice trembling. “I’ll try not to break his heart, Akira. I promise. It’s just… Last week has been kind of confusing for me, and when he started telling me that he didn’t feel like he was worthy enough for me, but at the same time he started saying things like he didn’t love his ex anymore and how the man to marry me would be so lucky – I just panicked.

I’m not… I’m not used to getting confessed to, like this, I guess. And he was getting attached, and I was afraid of getting attached to a man like him, and… and I didn’t know he got so upset because of that.”

Akira gave a small, comforting smile.

“I’m not blaming you for anything, Aoi. I just wanted to let you know, the man you’re in love with – he’s not perfect, you know? And he gets really angry at work, and he may have expectations sometimes, but it’s going to be okay. And he’s had a couple of bad experiences, but at the end of the day, I think he really just wants someone to sleep next to and someone that’ll make him laugh and feel okay.

He doesn’t want to admit it, but it gets pretty lonely in that office sometimes. And he’s a great boss, sure, but he has spent half of his life running around trying to appease clients and boring dinner dates and sometimes it’s hard, when you have no one to go home to at night. So, the past year, whenever he has gotten mad, I’ve understood him a little. I don’t fault him for his faults, Aoi. I just hope – you know that, you know. You understand that he’s human and he’s trying, and I think – honestly – he’s been the happiest he has ever been in the weeks he has gotten to know you. I just hope you treat him kindly, because he’s such an important person in the company, and such an important friend to me… but at the end of the day, he’s just one person.”

Yuu smiled gently at the thought, heart beating warmly in his chest.

“He’s been nothing but kind to me so far,” the raven sighed dreamily in reply. “I wouldn’t dare think of treating him any otherwise. He just… Kouyou makes me feel like I matter, like nothing else matters, but I do. And he’s always looking out for me, and he’s always telling me if I need him I can always call for him, regardless of whatever he has on. And he’s… He’s just so perfect. It’s the kind of perfection you can’t believe you have, and then you wonder if you’re dreaming. I’m really lucky to have met Kouyou. And I never want to hurt him again.”

Akira chuckled, nodding his head in agreement. “That’s good. That’s a relief to hear, actually. I just… You’re so young,” the brunet admitted, hesitant.

“Considerably young, to me, anyway. And when I was your age, all I cared about was hooking up, and partying, but when you reach my age, you kind of just want to settle down and be content with what you have. I’m just afraid Kouyou and you have different…” Akira seemed reluctant to go on further. “I’ve talked too much, I think. I really should stop.”

“No, I totally get it,” Yuu hurriedly shook his head, reassuring the brunet quickly. “I get your concern too, really. Kouyou must be a very important friend for you to care so much about him.”

Akira smiled briskly to him. “Sort of, I guess. I’ve known him since our college days, after all. He has always been someone I’ve admired, and I’m just glad he’s gotten so far in life, being the person he is. I don’t want any of that to go to waste.”

Yuu’s eyes lit up then, finally realizing he had the opportunity to ask about Kouyou’s college life. “Speaking about that… how was Kouyou like when he was younger? My age, I guess. Did he look the same? I mean – he must have been so popular.”

Akira tried to suppress his laughter. “Oh, Kouyou is so going to murder me for this. Well, Kouyou has always had that charisma around him, which made him popular among the girls, and occasionally, the guys. So, naturally, he was one of the leaders of our student union. I was friends with a couple of his friends, so that was how we got to know each other. We played soccer together, along with our friends whenever we had the time, though he was usually already pretty busy with his school activities.”

“That doesn’t sound half-bad,” Yuu pouted, realizing there was nothing juicy about this gossip. “Kouyou made it seem as if he was an utter embarrassment in college, or something.”

Akira grinned. “Well, sort of. I mean, in the love department. See, although he was rather fond of wearing glasses back then, he’s obviously the type that looks good no matter what he has on, so evidently he did receive many confessions. He is so uncool, though. Literally. He didn’t ever know what to do whenever someone confessed to him, and he ended up being as flustered as the person confessing to him whenever it happened. And every valentine’s day, it would be the same routine. He’d always end up accepting all of the chocolates given to him, so eventually he learned his lesson and started spending those days hiding in the boys’ changing room, or something.

One valentine’s day I caught him hiding in a corner of the janitor’s closet, looking frightened as hell from the amount of girls running around looking for him. I asked him what the hell he was doing there, and he went all, I can’t go out, I’m a wanted man. This is even scarier than that dumb game you made me play that had that fucked up jumpscare, man. and I couldn’t stop laughing at him then. It’s hard to think that the Kouyou now would have been so cowardly ten years ago, huh?”

Yuu almost spluttered out his coffee he’d been drinking, unable to control his wild giggling. “Oh my god. I am so going to use that against him the next time I see him.”

Akira attempted to resist his smile. “And he is so going to kill me.”

Yuu laughed. “Seriously, though. I bet he was so sought-after when he was younger, too. And he told me about how he had to work hard to get to where he is today – it’s just… he’s so capable. He’s so smart, and he’s caring, and he’s so… “ The raven stifled a flirty giggle. “He’s so hot.”

Akira smirked to the university student before him. “He really is great, isn’t he? You know, I’ve always watched him, even back in college when I was busy playing soccer while he was running around as a student union representative getting things done. And he has always had that sort of quiet charm to him, a silent charisma, but it’s the type where you want to listen to what he has to say, and you want to follow him. He has always known what he has been doing, so–”

The brunet looked wistfully to Yuu. “But lately he has been a little insecure, I can tell. He’s starting to doubt the things he’s capable in, and he’s starting to doubt his very self. As if he doesn’t believe, you know? But then he starts talking to me about you, and then his eyes light up, and he’s smiling softly to himself, and it’s as if the Kouyou I knew from college came back. And Aoi… I just hope you know that. I really wanted you to know that.”

Yuu felt that familiar wrenching of his heart again.

“He loves me,” Yuu asked, though it was more like a statement.

Akira didn’t hesitate to answer. “I think so, yeah. And it’s bad, Aoi, he’s getting it really bad. Kouyou’s not the type to do one-night stands, or hookups, but you should already know that.”

Yuu smiled gratefully, remembering how Kouyou always wrapped his arms closely around him whenever they slept, refusing to let him go.

“I know, Akira. But you don’t have to worry, because I love him too, I truly do. And – and I would never hurt him. Akira, I promise you this. I’ll do my best to make him happy. Thank you so much for telling me all of this. I really appreciate it.”

Akira laughed, waving it off. “I hope you don’t think I’m being nosy, or anything. But… I just have my concerns. And if you feel like you need anything, whether it’s related to Kouyou or not, you can look for me, okay? Hold on for a sec, I’ll give my name card to you.” The brunet was quickly slipping his wallet out of his pants and retrieving a name card, passing it over to the raven. “There. Just call me anytime, if you need me. I won’t hesitate to help – whenever Kouyou is busy, of course. His schedule is always jam-packed, so this is just incase you need someone around and he isn’t there.”

Yuu fingered the card thankfully, eyes lingering over the Suzuki Akira written in bold letters at the top. “Thank you, Akira! This is really nice of you.”

Akira smiled. “It’s my pleasure, pretty. I really enjoyed getting to know you.”

As Yuu parted his lips to reply, he was suddenly interrupted by the surprised call of his name from a distance.


Fuck. Did everyone he practically knew in the universe have to meet him right here on this goddamn Sunday morning? Yuu took a moment to respond to that name, unsure if he should or not, considering Akira didn’t know him by any other name except Aoi – but decided he couldn’t back out of it anyway, especially when he heard loud footsteps running to him. Yuu nervously turned his head around, meeting his visibly excited university mate.

“Taka,” Yuu answered, slightly tense, and Akira was instantly staring to him, at first bewildered; but then his face gradually settled down into amusement. Akira was a smart man, he’d connect the dots easily and realize Yuu hadn’t given out his real name to Kouyou. Ugh, and just when Yuu had thought he’d convinced Akira he was getting serious with Kouyou. Akira would definitely question him later.

“Hi! Didn’t think I would see you here,” Takanori laughed, eyes swiftly flickering over to Yuu’s companion curiously. His eyes lingered on Akira for a while, mentally assessing the older man and his built arms and his expensively labeled clothes.

Akira seemed to realize Takanori was checking him out, so he folded his arms, leaned back in his chair, and gazed back up to Takanori with an arrogant-looking smile, maintaining straight eye contact with him. Takanori gaped for a moment, barely hiding his embarrassment when he realized he’d been found out; then looked from Akira to Yuu, then from Yuu back to Akira.

“Wait… Am I interrupting something?” Takanori asked, confused by the pair seated before him.

“No!” Yuu widened his eyes, hastily refuting the accusation. “No way! Um, this is just a friend of mine. Akira, meet Takanori, he’s a university friend. Takanori, meet Akira. Uh, he’s the friend of my, um,” Yuu felt hot pink blush creeping into his cheeks. “He’s the friend of my… boyfriend. So, yeah.”

Takanori grinned, thrilled at the newfound knowledge. “Boyfriend! He’s the one you were texting just the other day, right? Wow, I thought you were dating someone on campus, or something. I didn’t know you…”

The shorter man bent over closer to Yuu’s ear and dropped his voice to a low, hushed whisper. “…went for older guys! Seriously, this Akira guy is insanely hot. I didn’t know you knew such attractive men, Yuu.”

“Jesus Christ, Takanori,” Yuu sighed, shaking his head disapprovingly.

Akira looked on, quietly, his face still in a smug smile. Yuu didn’t doubt he heard Takanori’s words.

“I didn’t know you had such an attractive friend, Yuu,” Akira countered, accentuating Yuu’s real name, his voice slipping back into the posh voice he used back at the office. Yuu rolled his eyes to himself, knowing fully well the older man was doing his best to impress.

Akira’s eyes scanned Takanori with a cocky gaze, clasping his arms haughtily behind his head, intentionally flexing his muscles a little for show, sending Takanori flustering into bits at the impressive sight.

“Really, you should have introduced us earlier, Yuu.”

Yuu furrowed his brows to him at how husky his voice was suddenly sounding. Really? Were Takanori and Akira seriously flirting right in front of him right now?

“OK, Akira, I promise I’ll explain the Yuu thing later,” Yuu said with pursed lips, sending an exasperated look to the both of them. “And before the both of you jump at each other’s bones, I just want to remind you that I’m still here.”

Takanori let out nervous laughter, pulling his gaze reluctantly away from Akira, and shyfully back to Yuu. “What are you talking about? I can’t stay long, anyway. I have to meet someone in a while, I was just passing by. Um… fill me in all the details about your boyfriend later. Got to be going now! See you, Yuu.”

He was careful to make eye contact with Akira again, looking up at him through his lashes. “And nice to meet you, Akira.”

Yuu slipped out another sigh and simply nodded, quickly ushering Takanori off. Akira broke into pleased chuckles as he waved at Takanori and watched him go.

Takanori made extra effort to sashay his hips as he walked this time, Yuu noted to himself. The raven mentally resisted the urge to facepalm at the sight.

“Not bad,” Akira clucked his tongue, cocking his eyebrow as he scanned Takanori’s fading figure. “Not bad at all. Man, Kouyou has such great taste in men. I might have to thank him for this.”

“So, I’m guessing you’re probably going to ask me for Taka’s number,” Yuu side-eyed the brunet with his answer. Akira shrugged to him, playing it off coolly with a smile.

“Just for research purposes, heh. But also – Yuu? So, why was your friend calling you that? Is that a childhood nickname or what?”

Oh, great. Yuu had hoped that with Takanori’s distraction, the brunet would have forgotten about that. The raven averted his gaze shamefully, realizing it would do no good to lie about his name anyway. Somehow or another, Akira would eventually find out, and when that time came, even more misunderstandings would occur.

“It’s my real name, actually. Aoi’s my alias,” Yuu confessed.

Akira went so silent for a second that Yuu was afraid the older man was doubting him and his honesty, and having second thoughts about him being with Kouyou.

“So… you’re really a stripper,” was all Akira said, after a prolonged moment of silence. “Is that your stripper name?”

…Jesus Christ. Was the man still on to that?!

Yuu gave him a long, hard look, wondering if he’d severely overestimated the older man. “No, Akira, I’m not a stripper. But… I’m going to have to ask you not to call me Yuu in front of Kouyou yet, okay? Kouyou… kinda doesn’t know.”

Akira’s lips curved into a frown at that mention. “Eh? I see. I can fulfill your request, of course, but – is there a reason why?”

Yuu let out a helpless sigh. “Actually, no. He has always known me as Aoi, but now that we’ve decided to take things official, it hasn’t crossed my mind to tell him my real name yet. I just… I’ll get round to it as soon as I can, I promise. It’s nothing much.”

Akira gave a low hum of approval. “I see. Well, that’s good to hear. I just hope you’re not hiding any more things from him, Yuu. Kouyou’s all about trust, you know? I don’t think he’d feel good knowing he didn’t know so many things about you.”

Yuu weakly smiled to him, nodding his head. “I’m not hiding anything else, don’t worry! I love Kouyou with my whole heart, I promise. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.” 

Akira returned his smile, feeling more assured with his reply.

“Great. Now, in exchange for me keeping this our little secret, you could perhaps give me your attractive friend’s phone number…”

Chapter Text

Kouyou: So how was the coffee date with Akira?

Kouyou: Not a real date, I hope...

Kouyou: Ugh, I’m so jealous I can kill him. I want to see you…

After Akira had dropped him back off at his apartment, Yuu spent the remainder of his time whipping up lunch for when Yutaka got back, whilst texting Kouyou at the same time. He couldn’t stop smiling with each new text Kouyou sent in to him, especially now that he knew so much more about his past. Kouyou really was the ultimate gentlemen, alright. Yuu hoped he could make Kouyou as happy as the blond made him.

Yuu: i miss you too! so much. how was the client meeting? Akira told me you had one

Kouyou: It went OK. Spent it thinking about you.

Kouyou: Anyway, got exciting news. But also bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?

Eh? Yuu felt unnecessarily anxious at the sudden question – Kouyou wasn’t usually so secretive. What was Kouyou going to tell him?

Yuu: you’re scaring me!!! tell me the bad news first so I can be happy about the good news later

Kouyou: OK. So, my schedule’s packed. I can’t see you the next few days, as much as I want to... BUT, my client has invited us to a gala event this Sunday. So this means I HAVE to take you out shopping on Saturday to get us fitted for new clothes. Are you excited?

Yuu grinned uncontrollably at the message, enjoying how excited Kouyou was acting about all of this. A gala event? You mean, the type where rich people and gorgeous celebrities dressed their best and mingled together over glasses of expensive wine? Yuu had never been to one before, nor had it ever crossed his mind he would actually go to one; but Kouyou had been taking so many of the raven’s ‘first’s since Yuu’d gotten together with him, anyway.

And Yuu was all for trying new and exciting things.

Yuu: of course i’m excited!!! But are you sure I’m allowed there? i’m not even, uh, a very important person.

Kouyou’s next reply came swift, quick and succinct.

Kouyou: You can go as my wife.

The moment Yuu’s phone buzzed with that new message, the raven had taken one look at Kouyou’s words and dropped his phone in utter shock and embarrassment. Jesus Christ.

The blond even had the cheek to send a follow-up message.

Kouyou: Haha. I mean, if you want to.

Riiiight. What was with Kouyou acting modest as if he hadn’t already decided that Yuu was going to be his wife since so long ago? Seriously, this man was infuriating. Infuriatingly adorable.

Yuu couldn’t help beaming at the message, though, his heart beating warmly in his chest.

Yuu: you are soooo annoying! -___-

Kouyou: :( Really, babydoll?

Yuu: yesssssss >:p

Kouyou: I can’t help it. :( So it’s settled. You’re going with me, right?

Yuu rolled his eyes, smiling irresistibly to himself. Just like Kouyou to be so presumptuous when it came to matters regarding Yuu.

Yuu: of course. how can i leave daddy alone -___-

Kouyou: Aoi. Don’t say such vulgar things.

The university student giggled a little, liking how he’d succeeded in teasing the older man so easily.

Yuu: what? ;p gonna punish me or something?

Kouyou: Oh, god, yes.

Yuu unconsciously clenched his thighs together at the definite answer.

Kouyou: Go out shopping on me on Saturday and then stay over at my apartment. I’ll make you very comfortable.

Yuu: hmm… more like you’ll make me sore as fuck instead ;p

Kouyou: I thought you liked me fucking you hard and rough.

The raven bit his lip, beginning to feel his lower regions throb with every word Kouyou was saying. Was Kouyou challenging him? Was this becoming a game to see who would be the first to give in?

Yuu: i love it whenever you slip your hard cock inside of me, daddy… you know how much i need it :3

Kouyou: Of course you need my cock to put you nicely in place, babydoll. You always need Daddy to pin you down and fuck you roughly to give you what you want.

Fuck. Kouyou always knew exactly what Yuu wanted from him.

Yuu had to pace his breaths a little to resist palming his erection. It was in the middle of the day, for god’s sake. Yuu wasn’t going to touch himself in the kitchen to Kouyou’s sexts while waiting for Yutaka to return for lunch.

Yuu: i love it when daddy shows me who is in control

Kouyou: Mmm… I love it when you moan like a whore and let me hear how much you like it.

Fuckfuckfuck fuck. Kouyou was such a horny perverted old man, Yuu couldn’t refrain his dirty thoughts; couldn’t stop himself from imagining Kouyou’s strong arms pushing him down and fucking into him ruthlessly like he did so many times before. Kouyou’s cock would be hard and big and leaking, and the older man would be grunting in pleasure with every thrust he gave to the raven, his hands carelessly pulling at Yuu’s hair… fuck.

Yuu: daddyyy. stop teasing meee, i want you here to fuck me so fucking hard now, fuckkkk :(

Kouyou: Ugh, babydoll, still out settling work. Sad face. I want to touch you all over and kiss you and mark you mine.

Kouyou: But you can still touch yourself to me and send me pictures… Heh.

Yuu’s face burned hotly at the blond’s suggestion. Seriously, that man and his kinks sometimes….

Yuu: daddy’s such a pervert -___-

Taking kinky photos for Kouyou was something Yuu could deal with, though… Yuu snickered at the very thought of putting that plan into action, already formulating sinful ideas in mind.

Yuu: but if you’re free later I can c

“Yuu! I’m home!”

The very sound of the apartment door pulling open and Yutaka’s voice floating in sent Yuu scrambling to hide his phone, furiously slotting it back into his jeans. Could Yutaka have picked a worse timing to return? At least this fended off the erection, Yuu pouted sorely to himself.

Yuu rushed to finish setting up the table, placing the appropriate cutlery down for lunch, just as Yutaka strode into the kitchen, an apologetic look plastered on his face.

“Have you been waiting for long? I’m sorry I took awhile,” Yutaka said, pressing his lips with a slight frown, his eyes scanning over the made-up table, and the emptied grocery bags lying on the kitchen counter. “Oh, did you go out to get groceries too?”

“I did!” Yuu chirped, unnecessarily fidgety as he pulled away from the table. Yutaka scrutinized him closely, wondering what was up with the raven. “So, uh, I’ll just go get you a plate, okay?”

“That’d be great, thanks,” Yutaka smiled to his roommate, still mildly puzzled by Yuu’s tense behavior. “I’ll just go get changed and come back in a minute.”

“Great!” Yuu said, turning around to reach for the kitchen cupboards.

Yutaka stayed rooted to his spot for a moment longer, however, swallowing tightly as his eyes burned straight into the raven’s back. There was still something else he wanted to affirm with Yuu.

“Um, Yuu?”

“Yeah?” Yuu spun his head around, his dark, moonlit eyes falling back against Yutaka’s face.

And in that moment Yutaka stared to him, forgetting what he’d ever needed to say.

“We’re okay, right?” Yutaka asked a minute later, stumbling over his words in an attempt to recollect himself, chewing his lip anxiously as he waited for an answer.

Yuu laughed at the question, nodded promptly, then flashed the brunet an all too familiar playful smile.

“Of course we are,” Yuu grinned.

Yutaka thought the way how Yuu’s raven hair always fell cutely to the sides as he answered was beautiful.


Yuu wanted so badly to talk about his meeting with Akira to Yutaka, but he figured things were still too tense between them to bring up anything related to Kouyou. Yuu didn’t want to make Yutaka uncomfortable with any mention of Kouyou, and so Yuu decided against talking about his relationship with the older blond CEO for now.

He spent the rest of his Sunday reading up on his upcoming lectures, accompanying Yutaka as the medical student went back to studying his thick textbooks, and annoying the brunet with nonsensical questions as they both lounged in the living room. Yuu knew Yutaka appreciated his efforts in trying to get things back to normal as soon as possible between them though. And now that Yuu knew of Yutaka’s feelings for him, the raven was being extra careful in whatever he said to his roommate, just incase he stepped over any unnecessary line or boundary between them.

Sunday passed by quickly in a blur, and soon Yuu was back at the university on a Monday morning, greeted by an enthusiastic-looking Takanori at their first lecture.

“So,” Takanori eagerly dropped his books onto the desk before Yuu, before sliding into the empty seat right next to the raven, leaning forward interestedly with both elbows on the table. “You have to tell me all about this Akira guy. Is he married? Divorced? Attached? I need to know what I’m getting myself into.”

Yuu stifled a laugh at Takanori’s excitement. Oh boy. He hadn’t told Kouyou about Akira and Takanori yet, and he sure wondered how the blond would react once he found out about them.

“Well, Akira’s single, I think. He’s the vice-president of my boyfriend’s company, and he’s–”

Takanori’s jaw fell agape at his answer, halting him right then and there. “Wait. Your boyfriend owns a company?! What is he, some CEO or something?!”

Yuu could barely hide his grin, repeating Kouyou’s cheeky response to him when Yuu had first asked him that exact same question.

“Well, if you would like to put it that way.”

“I need a moment,” Takanori gasped in shock, slinking his limp body back down against his chair. “How did you even meet that kind of guy? Wait, he’s not fifty years old or something, right?”

Yuu narrowed his eyes at the absurd allegation, casting him an offended look. “No, Taka! He’s in his 30s, and he’s drop-dead gorgeous. He’s very polite and sweet, too. He’s just… Well. Perfect.”

Takanori grinned, shaking his head at the sight of Yuu acting so lovestruck. “Look at you! You’re so lovesick. I’ve never seen you this way before. Hey, do you have a picture of your boyfriend?”

Yuu was stunned by the question, only now realizing that he hadn’t taken any photo with the blond before.

“No…” Yuu answered, pressing his lips together. Yuu didn’t have the habit of taking any photos with his sugar daddies, considering half of them had wives or were of a certain prestige and reputation. That usually meant they couldn’t ever have evidence lying around of them sleeping with younger men like Yuu, but now that he and Kouyou had decided to make their relationship official – it made sense that they should start taking some photos together. It’d been such a long time since Yuu did that sort of lovey-dovey couple thing, though. But the thought of doing it with Kouyou wasn’t so bad, and maybe it would even make being away from Kouyou so much more bearable. It was insane, just how much he craved to see Kouyou on a daily basis.

Maybe he could bring this up to Kouyou later.

“Oh, you know what? Just give me his name, I’ll google him,” Takanori mumbled, swiftly pulling out his phone. Yuu eyed him, amused. This could get interesting. Despite being Kouyou’s lover, it had never crossed Yuu’s mind to google him before. He never needed to, anyway, considering Kouyou was always around him and within his fingertips.

“Takashima Kouyou,” Yuu answered proudly, unconsciously smiling as his boyfriend’s name rolled off his lips like a lullaby.

It didn’t take Takanori any longer than five seconds to have searched up Kouyou’s photos, which sent Takanori making several noises of approval immediately.

There were a ton of official pictures taken of Kouyou, showing him at fancy events, looking to be in deep discussion with other equally important-looking businessmen. There were a few professional headshots of him smiling to the camera, as well, looking every bit the same person that Yuu had just kissed and cuddled with just a few days ago. From the cool shade of his light blond hair, to his pale skin, to his brooding, twinkling, eyes, to his pouty, kissable lips; from the way he oozed sexual charisma, to the way he laughed and spoke nothing but formalities when he first introduced himself to Yuu – that man was undeniably gorgeous, and Yuu felt his ego swell as he watched Takanori fawn over still images of his boyfriend, knowing that Yuu got to kiss that person in the flesh.

And god, Kouyou’s arms were so incredibly thick in this photo. And you could see the veins so clearly in that other one…

Takanori turned his head to Yuu quickly, squinting his eyes to the raven. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this guy earlier!”

Yuu looked abashedly away. “It hasn’t been that long since we decided to make things official! I’ve only just recently met Akira, too.”

Takanori huffed, folding his arms, clearly not accepting it as a valid reason. “Seriously, how did you meet Kouyou, though? He doesn’t look like the type of guy you can just randomly pick off the street!”

Takanori’s description drew a humoured smile from the raven. “Of course not! Well…”

Yuu didn’t know if he should stick to keeping his relationship with Kouyou a mystery, or reveal to Takanori that they had met on the… um, Internet. On a sugar dating website. Okay, that sounded too much like a bad idea. Yuu was definitely sticking to his original excuse then. Plus, what if Takanori decided to share that piece of information with Akira? Akira would so tell on him to Kouyou.

“It’s uh, kind of a private thing between us. It’s not really that important, anyway. What matters is that we’ve… found each other, I guess.” Yuu felt his cheeks turn crimson at his unusually sappy answer. What kind of person was Kouyou turning him into? Yuu would neverhave thought of saying something like that just a couple of months ago.

(Yuu blamed Kouyou for everything. Because it was his fault, after all. It was always that old, horny, overly romantic pervert’s fault.)

Takanori waggled his eyebrows. “Oooohh. You’re being so shy when it comes to talking about him! I guess it’s true that love changes you. Oh, I can’t wait for that to happen to me! Wait, I haven’t told you. Okay, so, Akira sent me a text last night, and we started talking, and we found out that we both liked the same music, and then we…”

Yuu spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Takanori go on about Akira, wondering if Kouyou on his end was enduring the exact same thing.


Kouyou: Holy fuck. Aoi, did you get Akira laid or something? He’s incredibly happy today. I’m a little frightened.

Kouyou: He started singing when he walked into my office today. Then he, very delightedly, told me that he accidentally set his kitchen on fire this morning. Jesus fuck.

Kouyou: …So, I just tried forcing the truth out of him, and he says he’s texting a friend of yours. Um. An explanation, please?

Kouyou: Text me back when you see these messages. Miss you, my babydoll.

Yuu grinned once he checked his phone and saw he had four new messages from Kouyou over the span of an hour. It made his day to know that Kouyou was always thinking of him wherever he was and whatever he was doing.

Yuu: miss you toooo daddyyy. OK, so, i kinda hooked up a friend of mine at university with akira. they met while i was having coffee with akira. -___- takanori’s been talking to me all day about akira too. also, guess what i did today?!?!

Kouyou: Amazing. Well, at least Akira can’t complain anymore when I talk to him about you, my little flower. What did you do today? Nothing dangerous, I hope.

Yuu: hehehehe i may or may not have googled you. for the first time!!!

Kouyou: …I see. How very exciting.

Yuu could audibly hear his boyfriend snorting at his text already. The raven simply giggled.

Kouyou: So, found anything about me you liked?

Yuu: i saw lots of handsome photos of you. but i like you in the flesh better! i get to touch and kiss you and make you hug me. <3

Kouyou: ‘ Make’ me hug you? You say that like it’s a bad thing. I love holding you. I want to hold you now, too.

Yuu inadvertently blushed at his text, then crinkled his nose up, typing a reply back irritatedly.

Yuu: don’t lie, you also want to do many other horrible things to me!

Kouyou: Haha... Maybe.

Yuu narrowed his eyes.

Kouyou: But I also want to cuddle you, too. We don't have to be doing the other “horrible things”. Which, by the way, are not horrible. They’re very pleasurable, especially when it comes to you.

Yuu: you’re so annoying!!!!!!!

Yuu: pfft, anyway, i realized today we don’t have photos of us taken. i think that needs to be corrected ASAP.

Kouyou: Hn, you’re right. You mean, like selfies?

Yuu: yes! we need to take cute photos of us togetherrrr daddyyyy. :) <3

Kouyou: I like that idea. Let’s do it.

Kouyou: Does that mean you’ll be taking many other… sorts of… photos for me too?

Yuu laughed aloud at Kouyou’s message. He was still stuck on that idea, wasn’t he?

Yuu: you are seriously the worst. -___- 

Kouyou: :) Innocent wink.

Yuu: go awaaay.

Kouyou: :( But babydoll.

Yuu spent the next few days nonsensically texting Kouyou like this, counting down anxiously in his heart to the days he would be seeing the blond again.


By the time Saturday morning came about, Yuu was practically jumping out of bed, rushing to the bathroom to apply his usual eyeliner and prep his hair nicely, before lugging his small bag of clothes out to the living room to wait for Kouyou’s arrival.

Yutaka watched all of these with a weak smile as he prepared breakfast for the both of them, still trying his best to ignore the glaring hole in his open heart. Yuu would have noticed the brunet’s frail attempt at masking his dejection, had the raven not been so caught up in his happy thoughts of seeing Kouyou again. It had been a painful week without Kouyou’s arms around him, and Yuu looked forward to jumping right back into them and mewling for some pampering from the blond.

“Excited, huh,” Yutaka asked, delivering a plate of breakfast to Yuu on the dining table. Yuu fervently nodded his head, smiling gratefully to his roommate as Yutaka sat himself down opposite Yuu with his own plate of breakfast as well.

“You’re up and running about like an overly enthusiastic pet, like you’re finally seeing your owner again,” Yutaka remarked, a chuckle upon his lips. Yuu shot him a look. “Well, it’s very cute. I think.” Yutaka wasn’t sure if Yuu would appreciate Yutaka calling him ‘cute’.

“It feels like ten years since I’ve seen him,” Yuu moaned, digging into his breakfast as he spoke. Yutaka watched him endearingly, shaking his head to himself with a smile as the raven started eating messily before him.

“You just saw him last Saturday,” Yutaka replied softly, his voice hushening when he recountered that day’s events. Yuu had chosen Kouyou over him that night, and even though it’d already been a few days now, Yutaka couldn’t deny the fresh heartache still burning in his chest. He tried his best so subdue it, though. It didn’t matter, not anymore, not when Yuu had made his choice so clear.

“I know, and we text everyday, buuuut it’s still painful!” Yuu still pouted.

Yutaka managed a laugh at Yuu’s spoilt whining, eyes fondfully taking in the adorable sight.

Kouyou was so lucky.

“I’ll go down with you later,” Yutaka said out of a sudden, startling Yuu with his words. “When Kouyou comes to get you, I mean. I have to apologize to him for last Saturday.”

Yuu went silent for a moment, his gaze gradually softening at Yutaka’s words, having never expected Yutaka to do that.

“You would do that?”

“I have to,” Yutaka asserted, his face resolute, his eyes unwavering. “I was rude, and that wasn’t nice. I… I might have a few words to say to him, as well.”

Yuu couldn’t help his lips from broadening into a wide smile, heart swelling up with pride. “I’m sure Kouyou would appreciate that very much, Yutaka! I know I appreciate it very, very much.”


Later on, as Kouyou drove his Lamborghini up to their apartment block, Yuu waited with Yutaka by the side of the road, his stomach fluttering with butterflies as he watched his lover smoothly step out of his car. Kouyou was suavely and handsomely dressed as usual, and his stoic face lightened up once his eyes met with Yuu’s, his lips routinely spreading into a pleased smile at the sight of his raven lover.

Yuu didn’t want to seem too overly desperate, but he’d been missing Kouyou too much the past few days to care anymore. He ran up to Kouyou as soon as he got the chance, dumped his bag hurriedly down onto the ground and entrapped the older blond into a tight hug, burying his face deep into Kouyou’s chest. God, Kouyou’s well-built chest always felt so good to snuggle his head against, always felt so strong and sturdy to protect him with.

“Someone’s happy to see me,” Kouyou mused, chuckling as he raised his own arms to squeeze Yuu in his hold.

“That’s just your wishful thinking,” Yuu stubbornly replied, but they both knew it wasn’t true, not when Yuu was hugging Kouyou with such force he was almost crushing the bigger man to bits. Kouyou laughed at his response, then lowered his lips and kissed the tip of Yuu’s raven hair gently, breathing in slowly the raven’s strawberry scent.

“So sweet,” Kouyou softly sighed, fingers moving up to tug at Yuu’s hair. The blond brushed through his younger lover’s hair, playing with the strands, twirling them mindlessly around his fingertips. “So, so pretty. My precious little flower. I’m so happy to see you again.”

Yuu’s cheeks instinctively turned pink at his words, but he shielded his face with his hair and made a gagging noise.

“You’re disgusting,” Yuu heaved, but he was still discreetly smiling to himself.

He soon pulled away from Kouyou’s embrace, however, remembering Yutaka had accompanied him down for a reason, and Yuu’s tone lowered down to more serious levels.

“Yutaka wants to speak to you,” the raven murmured, cocking his head back to the brunet still standing in a distance. Kouyou had a look of surprise on, but didn’t question it further. He simply nodded and allowed Yuu to silently head on into the car first.

Yutaka then took that as a cue to make his way over to the blond. Striding over with his hands in his pockets, his face flooded with guilt, Yutaka stopped right in front of Kouyou, drawing in a long breath, mentally readying himself for a few seconds before he started speaking.

“I need to apologize for last week,” Yutaka admitted, swallowing hard down his throat. “I was unnecessarily rude to you. I didn’t trust you then, and even though I still don’t know you as a person now, but after talking it over with Aoi, I’ve realized that I should make an effort to be civil to you at least. And… well, for that… I am truly sorry.”

Kouyou’s eyes went wide at the apology, but he calmed down visibly after that.

“I see,” the older man said, nodding his head. “I understand, Yutaka. I didn’t take any personal offense, so you don’t have to worry. You’re a good friend of Aoi’s, and I definitely want to be on good terms with you as well, and not only for Aoi’s sake.”

Yutaka looked hesitant to continue further.

“Aoi must also have told you about… about my confession, too, I think.”

Kouyou tightened his lips, unsure where the brunet was heading with this.

“He did.”

“I just wanted to let you know…” Yutaka breathed, fixating his stare firmly unto the blond, his jaw suddenly clenching in determination. “That I understand Aoi must have chosen you for a reason. And I’ve seen how happy he gets when he’s with you, and as much as that upsets me, I know I can’t control his heart. But get this, Takashima Kouyou – if you so much as break his heart, I’ll make sure you won’t ever get a second chance with him. And I don’t care how many cars you have, or how big your house is, or how large a company you own.

Because if you don’t take good care of Aoi, if you don’t treat him like how I would have treated him given I had the chance to do so, then I’ll make sure you’ll regret it, Kouyou. I’ll protect Aoi, like I always have. Aoi deserves everything in the whole wide world, and I hope you understand that.”

Kouyou didn’t need to be given any further explanation. He saw the flames burning in Yutaka’s eyes, and he immediately understood.

He would have said the same things too.

Yutaka wasn’t threatening him, no – Yutaka was pleading with him to understand just how lucky Kouyou was, to have Aoi in his grasp, to have Aoi’s heart intertwined with his. Yutaka was asking him, in his own way, for Kouyou to cherish the heart of the precious raven-haired, the very one person that meant everything to the both of them. And Yutaka was entrusting Aoi to Kouyou with this promise, this faith, because Yutaka hadn’t been offered the opportunity to be able to take care of Aoi himself.

Because Yutaka wasn’t sure if he ever could, if he ever would. And the only way Yutaka could ensure the one person he treasured above all others would be safe and sound was to ensure Kouyou loved Aoi properly, and gave Aoi everything he possibly could to make the raven happy.

“I… I’m placing him under your care,” Yutaka stammered out, closing his eyes shut, plain heartbreak splashed all across his face. Kouyou wondered what Aoi would have to say if he saw Yutaka in this state. “So, please, take care of him for me. And make sure he doesn’t ever cry, alright? Make sure you don’t make him upset. Sometimes Aoi doesn’t like talking about his feelings, and he tends to be guarded, and he has this problem of being afraid to open up.

So, when that happens, I need you to… just be patient. And make sure you sit him down and give him whatever he needs, until you get him to spill his heart out. And then you’d realize just how strong that pretty raven-haired is. Because Aoi’s the happiest person I know, but at the same time his heart is so, so fragile...”

Kouyou was never the type to be at a loss of words; but he found his throat dry as he tried to speak.

“…and all I want to see, is that smile on his face forever,” Yutaka finally finished, opening up his crestfallen eyes to meet Kouyou’s.

Kouyou saw everything Yutaka needed to say with just one gaze.

“I know how you feel,” Kouyou replied, in a quiet voice, a concerned look on his face as he spoke to the brunet. Now he realized why Aoi was so worried about Yutaka – the brunet looked like he harbored some strong feelings for the raven.

“And I don’t want you to worry, Yutaka. Because you can be rest assured that I will protect Aoi with all my might, whether he’s around my presence or not. And you’re absolutely right – the world looks so much brighter when he’s smiling. And I know all about his fragile heart, and I won’t ever let him hide anything from me when he’s with me. I’ll make sure I’ll cherish him, Yutaka.”

Kouyou made sure to add with a soft smile, “I’ll make sure I cherish him enough for you.”

Yutaka looked contented enough after that. Please do, were the words left unsaid in the air.

“I’ll see you around, then,” Yutaka exhaled, knowing there was nothing else left to say between the two of them. He offered a small smile, extending a friendly hand out to the blond. 

“I’ll see you, too,” Kouyou gratefully accepted his handshake, returning his smile warmly.

Yuu watched all of this from his seat in the car, his heart flittering around in happiness as he did so.

Chapter Text

Once Kouyou got back into the car, Yuu leaned over and ambushed him with a quick kiss against the lips.

“I’m so happy!” Yuu cheered, warm eyes gazing up to Kouyou’s face. “I’m so happy to see you. And I’m so happy to see you being all bros with Yutaka now! That’s the best thing in the world to know.”

Kouyou chuckled slightly in response, then smiled faintly as he admired the raven in front of him for a few brief seconds, before dipping his head down to plant a gentle kiss against Yuu’s cheek. Yuu basked happily in the kiss, making a cute noise as Kouyou kissed him, melting the blond’s heart to bits.

Kouyou was seeing things so much clearer now. Yutaka’s words rang in his head, reminding him of how lucky he was to have Aoi in his possession; when he could have so easily lost Aoi to someone else – like Yutaka – or, if in a weird twist of events, could have never met Aoi in this life. And perhaps he could only be the kind of person to look on, to watch by the sidelines as the perfect match for him – Aoi – got swept away by another, more charming prince. Kouyou’s heart twisted at the very thought of that happening. 

It wasn’t like he never appreciated Aoi from the start – he did, but only now he realized perhaps what he felt was adequate enough was actually not enough. Because god, he loved Aoi so much. More than life itself, more than anyone he’d ever loved. And he found himself questioning himself, wondering if perhaps he hadn’t been showing it enough. Perhaps he hadn’t showed Aoi how much the raven-haired meant to him and that was why the raven had been so hesitant on jumping into this relationship with him at first. Was he enough for Aoi? Did Aoi understand his sentiment enough?

Today only reinforced what Kouyou had known previously – that he was so goddamn lucky, and seeing things from this perspective just made everything so much clearer. 

“I can’t believe how how lucky I am,” Kouyou whispered out his thoughts, reaching a hand over to cup the side of Yuu’s face gently. Yuu stared doe-eyed to him, bewildered by the sudden affectionate display.

“What’s wrong?” Yuu asked, his smile fading slightly, a tinge of worry in his voice. Kouyou just smiled broadly to him, crinkling up his eyes and nose as he did so. 

“I love you so, so much,” Kouyou said out in a long sigh, feeling warmth spread from his heart to the rest of his body, running through his very fingertips that caressed Yuu’s cheek adoringly. “And I’ll wait forever to hear you say them back. I’ll wait, Aoi. No matter how long it takes, I promise.”

Yuu’s heart drummed frenziedly to the sound of his words. Something must have happened with Yutaka, the raven thought, baffled by Kouyou’s sudden sentimentality. Kouyou had always been romantic with Yuu, had always been so affectionate with him, but this – this... felt different, strangely. And just when Yuu thought Kouyou couldn’t outdo himself, the blond went ahead and proved himself even further.

Did Yutaka say something to Kouyou? Yuu thought to himself, his stomach flipping around in dread. What could Yutaka possibly say that would make Kouyou like this? 

“Are things okay between you and Yutaka?” Yuu asked the blond in a soft voice, still feeling somewhat uneasy.

Kouyou gazed back into his eyes with such intense love and adoration it made Yuu go weak.

“We understand each other,” Kouyou explained in a murmur, a gentle smile on his face. “Yutaka and I.”

Yuu breathed out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. I just… You’re acting weird, I just wanted to make sure you were okay after talking with him.”

Kouyou emitted a low chuckle, shook his head, then withdrew his hand from Yuu’s face to place it back against the steering wheel, prepared to start driving. Though, he was still beaming from ear to ear to Yuu, seemingly unable to contain his delight at the sight of the raven-haired.

I’m so lucky. 

“We’ll head to the mall now, then. I already have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be wearing tomorrow, Aoi.”


As expected, Kouyou brought Yuu to a rather high-end mall, filled with nothing but designer labels, leaving the raven-haired feeling rather intimidated and small in comparison. Yuu was definitely not used to Kouyou’s kind of lifestyle, and it would still take him some time to get accustomed to it. Yuu clutched Kouyou’s arm close to him as the blond walked him past the many luxurious-looking shops, all decorated with flashy nameboards of foreign names that Yuu couldn’t even pronounce.

Kouyou eventually stopped in front of a French labelled menswear store, striding in confidently past the glass doors to an elongated room displaying a full range of clothes – from jackets to belts, from socks to wallets – all with exorbitantly written price tags that quickly sent Yuu’s face paling upon glimpsing at the price.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Takashima,” one of the store’s assistants stepped up to greet, her face perfectly made-up, her red lips in a poised smile, her hair neatly tied back into a high bun. The woman was dressed in a tight pencil skirt and a long sleeved blouse, and appeared to recognize Kouyou right off the bat, so Yuu instantly knew Kouyou must be a regular here. “We’ve been expecting you and your company, ever since your call. How can we help you today?” 

Kouyou simply gave a brief nod, then proceeded to walk down the long line of clothesrack, leaving Yuu to watch in complete awe as the blond CEO raised his fingers and ran them down past the numerous suits, parting his lips to speak with utmost precision.

“We won’t take much of your time today. I just need a new black tuxedo,” Kouyou began, drifting his hand down a particular suit. “Say, three buttons. Size 48 regular, a white dress shirt–” Kouyou turned his head to the shelf across the room, analyzing the shirts on display with pursed lips. “I’ll try the blue as well. I’ll have the black vernice shoe in size ten. Maybe a bowtie, maybe not. We’ll see how it looks on later.”

“Definitely,” the woman signaled the rest of the shop assistants to move to assist, and Yuu watched wide-eyed as they moved in a flurry to prepare the clothing Kouyou had just asked for. Kouyou was such an expert in this, Yuu wondered how long Kouyou had been doing this for. “What about your company, Mr. Takashima?”

Kouyou broke into a sly smile then, fixating his attention back to the raven-haired; who was currently wrapping his arms rather self-consciously to himself as he stood in the middle of it all. The blond’s eyes lingered against Yuu’s form, scanning Yuu in an almost sensual manner, his eyes discernably tracing over the curve of the younger man’s bum. The raven blushed slightly when he realized Kouyou – in a sense – was checking him out.

“I want him in a white tuxedo,” Kouyou declared suddenly, snapping his fingers. “Not too dressy. One button, maybe. Sleek will be a good look on him – he’s slim. I think a bowtie will look cute on him, so let’s try that. You’ll have to measure him, though. Shoes, too.”

“Roger,” the woman nodded, examining Yuu’s figure before her quickly. “I think I already have a pretty good idea. He’ll be in safe hands, Mr. Takashima. Right this way, please…” she trailed off, politely asking for Yuu’s name.

“You can just call me Aoi,” Yuu croaked meekly.

“Right! Aoi...” The woman appeared a little hesitant at the unformality. “We’ll just measure you real quick if you just come with us, and let you try on a couple of our best suits…”

“I’ll be waiting,” Kouyou flashed Yuu a conniving grin, waving the raven-haired off. Yuu would have stuck a tongue out at him had they been alone, but the presence of the shop staff deterred him from doing so.

Oh, boy. Yuu wondered what he was seriously getting himself into with Kouyou this time.


Measurements took a faster time than expected, and soon Yuu was stepping out of the dressing room, clothed awkwardly in his first tuxedo. He’d taken one look at the mirror while trying it on and had gaped at himself, already unable to recognize himself in such an expensive suit. He was just a twenty-one years old university student who wore a T-shirt and jeans on a daily basis, for god’s sake. Yuu was definitely not cut out for this. Still, as he fumbled with his clothes and walked shyly out of the dressing room to let Kouyou take a look at him, the blond’s reaction was gratifying enough to make it all worth it.

Kouyou had been sitting comfortably on the sofa outside, already dressed in his black tuxedo with his legs crossed, waiting patiently for his raven-haired lover to come out. A shop assistant stood next to him with a tray in hand, complete with complimentary glasses of juice to serve, desperate to provide the blond CEO with the best service they could offer.

Yuu didn’t even have time to gawk at how handsome Kouyou looked, though – the moment he stepped out, Kouyou’s eyes were immediately glimmering, his lips curling into a pleased smile, liking very much what he saw. The CEO leaned back in his seat and folded his arms, smirking at the view as Yuu fidgeted and pulled at his suit, embarrassed by the attention, and still not feeling used to being dressed so extravagantly like this. 

“Well?” Yuu asked nervously, aware of the fact that the rest of the shop staff were listening in on attentively, anticipating Kouyou’s opinion with bated breath. 

“Turn around,” was all Kouyou said, twirling his fingers.

Yuu frowned and did as instructed, allowing the blond to take a good look at his behind.

“Nice,” Kouyou commented casually.

…Was he for real? What was he even looking at?! This man sometimes… 

“Nice fit, I mean,” Kouyou let out a chuckle, slowly getting up from the sofa to walk to Yuu’s side. “Very nice. I like it on you. White’s your color, like I thought – it suits your dark hair so perfectly.” He said this as he wandered his hand up to Yuu’s neck, ghosting it against the raven’s skin, playing slightly with Yuu’s hair.

Yuu grunted, sending a glare to the blond.

“Have you taken a look at the mirror? You look great,” Kouyou hummed innocently, turning Yuu around to face the nearest mirror, a full-length one just opposite them. Yuu’s eyes lit up in surprise as he saw the stark contrast between his look and Kouyou’s – the blond CEO was charmingly dressed in his black tuxedo and a bowtie, an air of sophistication around him as usual. But Yuu didn’t look too bad, either, in his fitting white tuxedo, looking young, stylish and fresh, complementing Kouyou standing next to him perfectly. 

“Maybe we’ll tie your hair into a small ponytail,” Kouyou suggested, raising his hand to grab at Yuu’s shoulder-length hair from the back, twisting it into a makeshift ponytail. “Like this. So it’s neater; and everyone can take a good look at your gorgeous eyes and lips.”

Yuu looked at the mirror in a daze, amazed by how different he suddenly looked. He actually looked befitting to be attending a gala event with Kouyou now, and he didn’t look devastatingly like a mess, or an uncultured swine for that matter.

Kouyou simply smiled to the mirror, looking every part of the dashing prince by Yuu’s side. “Stunning,” the blond whispered, lowering his lips dangerously close to Yuu’s ear. “What a stunning little flower.” 

Yuu turned his eyes away, red-faced. “I still have a couple more tuxedos to try on.”

Kouyou laughed at the sight of his lover looking so embarrassed. Was he teasing him too much in public space?

“We have all day,” Kouyou winked, pulling his hand away from Yuu’s hair and stepping aside from the raven. “But if we want to make it for my restaurant reservation, perhaps just two more suits will do.” 

Yuu nodded at his words. “I’ll make it fast!” 

“You don’t have to rush,” Kouyou laughed. 


They eventually settled on both of their tuxedos, but as Yuu waited patiently by the cash register while they rung up the bill for their clothes, the raven-haired froze when the cashier voiced out the total costs accumulated.

“Visa, please,” Kouyou said flippantly, drawing one of his credit cards out from his wallet to hand over to the cashier. Yuu swallowed hard as the blond paid promptly for their clothes, wondering if the amount Kouyou had just spent even meant anything to him at all. 

Somehow, the knowledge that Kouyou could so effortlessly provide for Yuu and get him anything he wanted made Kouyou so damn sexy. And Yuu may be materialistic, but he was absolutely certain Kouyou couldn’t get any hotter than this.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Kouyou asked, raising an eyebrow to him when he realized Yuu hadn’t peeled his eyes off him once.

Yuu just smiled to him. “Nothing,” he answered cutely, but it only made Kouyou snake an arm around his waist and pull him closer to the blond, unable to resist the sight of Yuu like this.


They had a late lunch and an early dinner later at a lavish restaurant on the top floor of the mall, and they landed a nice table by the window, overseeing the bustling city from their spot. Yuu insisted on Kouyou ordering for him as usual, considering he hadn’t even heard of half of the dishes on the menu before, and he trusted Kouyou’s taste and recommendation on what was good anyway.

After placing their orders, Kouyou was eager to catch up with Yuu on the past week, especially with regards to the meeting Yuu had with Akira on Sunday.

“I’m horrified at the thought of things he must have said to you,” Kouyou lamented with a sigh, crossing his arms at the thought. “Akira must have said a ton about me.”

Yuu grinned, deciding to alleviate Kouyou’s concern a little. “Wellll, they weren’t too bad things. He was mostly just an overly concerned friend.”

Kouyou made a face. “Oh, he gets that way sometimes. I apologize if he came off as unnecessarily overbearing – I get he means well, but sometimes he gets a little naggy. Too much for my taste.”

The raven scoffed, feigning shock. “Too much? You’re the one that’s always breathing down my neck about things and telling me what to do.” God knew how worried Kouyou got whenever he was away from the raven, and the amount of texts Kouyou sent to Yuu whenever the raven failed to reply him within the hour.

Yuu had only meant it as a joke, but Kouyou didn’t seem to perceive it as one. The older man paused for a second at Yuu’s words, his face deadpan, as if startled by the unexpected insult.

“Breathing down your neck?” The blond asked, and the mixture of hurt and confusion in his voice immediately made Yuu regret his choice of words. “Do I really do that, Aoi? I never realized I did.”

“I was kidding,” Yuu rushed to say, his heart hammering fearfully in his heart. He never meant to offend the blond, but the raven was starting to realize of late that he had to take care of his words, for the things he sometimes said struck things inside of Kouyou, and made Kouyou think twice about himself.

Yuu never wanted to make Kouyou feel that way; he already knew how secretly insecure Kouyou was, and Akira’s words to him last Sunday pretty much confirmed it. He never wanted to wound Kouyou in any way ever again.

“You have to tell me these things if it makes you upset, Aoi,” Kouyou said, tight-lipped and in a frown. His voice faltered, and he was quickly looking all too crossed with himself again, almost like he was blaming himself for making his lover feel such a way. “I… I won’t know if you don’t say it. I know I may do or say some things sometimes that may come off as tiresome, but…”

It was happening all over again.

“I promise I was joking,” Yuu hastily said in a whisper, reaching over for Kouyou’s hands. He enclosed their fingers tightly together, squeezing the blond’s palm for reassurance. “You know I never want to hurt you. You’re the sweetest to me, I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Kouyou still looked relatively unsure. “Mmm,” he murmured, his eyes far-off and distant.

Yuu’s heart wrenched, knowing his unintentional insensitivity had led to Kouyou questioning himself again. In a bid to lighten up the mood, the raven-haired continued to chatter on about his meeting with Akira, hoping it could provide as distraction for the blond.

“…So he basically talked about your college days, and how he’s always admired the person you are and have become. And he just wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into, and he was just worried I wouldn’t take this relationship seriously with you…” Yuu explained, still clutching Kouyou’s hand tightly in his. “But of course, I assured him I wasn’t just treating this as a one-off thing, or anything like that. He knows I’m serious about you.”

Now that immediately brought a smile to Kouyou’s face, erasing all previous tension.

“You are?” Kouyou asked, looking on fondfully to the raven.

“Of course I am,” Yuu smiled warmly back. Kouyou’s own smile only widened, and the blond then looked shyly down to their hands clasped together, his eyes radiating with happiness. Times like these showed Yuu how easily contented the older man was, and how simple it was to make Kouyou happy through just romantic words and gestures. Did Yuu not show affection enough to Kouyou? Or had it taken Yuu such a long while to ‘fess up he returned Kouyou’s feelings that the blond still was in doubts sometimes about how Yuu truly felt about him?

Perhaps Yuu wasn’t doing enough to show the blond he loved him. Was Yuu too cold? Too careless in his words sometimes, too indifferent whenever Kouyou showed his affection to him?

Then it occurred to the raven he still hadn’t done something he should have done a long time ago. With Akira’s voice burning in the back of his head – Kouyou’s all about trust, you know? I don’t think he’d feel good knowing he didn’t know so many things about you – the raven-haired drew in a hesitant breath, cast his eyes down to the table, and gathered what little courage he had to speak.

“And to prove my seriousness, I… I have something to tell you, actually.”

Kouyou’s face paled at how solemn Yuu was sounding, and the blond was instantly concerned. “What is it?”

“Um…” Yuu played briefly with Kouyou’s fingers, biting his lip. “It’s about my name, actually.” The blond remained silent, and Yuu knew Kouyou must be feeling confused. “Remember how I told you Aoi wasn’t my real name when we first exchanged messages?”

Realizaton quickly dawned unto Kouyou’s face. “Oh. I forgot about that.”

“Yeah,” Yuu looked to him with a timid expression. “Please don’t get mad at me for not telling you sooner.”

Kouyou seemed surprised that Yuu would harbor such a thought, and shook his head with an understanding smile.

“Aoi, I’m not going to get mad at you over a name. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Yuu’s eyes shimmered up to him, immensely relieved at his words. “Really?” He would have thought Kouyou would have flared up at him over this… Or was it true that Kouyou couldn’t bring himself to get angry at Yuu over anything, really?

Kouyou chuckled at the sight of Yuu cowering frightenedly before him. “Oh, babe… Why would I ever get mad at you over that? I’m just happy you’ve decided to give your heart to me. You could be called Lucifer for all I care.”

A grateful smile spread across Yuu’s face. “Thankfully for you, my name isn’t Lucifer.”

“Then what is?” Kouyou hummed, his face looking to Yuu expectantly.

Yuu’s voice was soft but steady when it left him. And for some reason, Yuu felt a part of his heart leave him as he spoke, because he knew he wasn’t only giving out a name, no – he was giving out another part of himself to Kouyou, he was allowing Kouyou to get in closer and closer to his comfort zone.

He was in the process of giving Kouyou his whole heart. And he would, eventually. Bit by bit.

“It’s… Yuu.” The raven finally revealed. “My name is… Yuu.”

Kouyou took a moment to take it in, listening intently to the raven as he did so. And when Yuu’s name finally sunk down into him, the smile on his face only got broader.

“It’s beautiful,” Kouyou murmured.

And then he was picking up Yuu’s hand, holding it and bringing to his lips. Yuu watched as Kouyou kissed him tenderly against his skin, showing just how thankful he was for Yuu’s trust.

“Yuu,” Kouyou repeated, his face stuck in a permanent smile, as if still in disbelief he’d just heard Yuu’s real name. “Yuu, Yuu, Yuu… Yuu.”

The raven laughed, liking how much Kouyou seemed to be enjoying this. “Yes, Kouyou?”

“It rings off my lips,” Kouyou grinned, an excited gleam in his eye. “Just like its owner. So beautiful and so tasteful. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Yuu.”

Yuu giggled. “You’re embarrassing.”

Kouyou grinned wider. “Isn’t that how you like me? Embarrassingly romantic.”

Yuu scrunched his nose up, huffing in annoyance. “I have no clue where you got that idea from.”

Kouyou smugly smiled in response, knowing the younger man was teasing him again. “Well, let’s just say I have several ideas about you, Yuu, and that’s only one of them…”

Yuu narrowed his eyes to him, his face indignant. Honestly, Kouyou was such a pervert. Yuu couldn’t stand him at all.

(Yuu loved him so much.)

And just like that, their afternoon was made all better already. And watching Kouyou smile like this – with his eyes dancing, accompanied by his throaty laugh, and his usually icy-cold features softening with every word Yuu uttered – Yuu watched him with a fluttering heart, realizing he would never find another man like this again.

Chapter Text

After a splendid dinner together, Kouyou took Yuu back to his apartment, of which they decided to spend the rest of the night indulging in sloppy kisses and mindless chatter over glasses of red wine. Yuu was seated comfortably against Kouyou’s lap in the living room, and every other word from Kouyou seemed to evoke a flirty giggle and drunken smile from his raven-haired lover. Yuu loved moments like these the best – just simply spending it curled up against Kouyou, listening to his husky voice whisper sweet nothings to Yuu, feeling their heartbeats match each other’s pace in the loud silence.

“It’s the heat,” Yuu could hear himself saying to the blond after awhile, when he already had a drink or two and was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol catch up to him. Yuu was getting slightly dizzy, and the room was growing so hot it was getting hard for Yuu to catch his breath.

“It’s so warm. So, so warm, Kouyou.”

Kouyou looked equally bothered by the stifling heat, his breaths coming out in small pants, and soon he was slithering an arm around the back of Yuu’s waist, fingers tugging at the hems of Yuu’s shirt. Yuu knew what Kouyou was getting at – and considering Yuu had teased Kouyou to death the last time they saw each other, and the fact that they had just undergone a week without touching each other – Yuu was certain Kouyou was dying with burning desire for him, since Yuu knew the older man could never go long without monopolizing Yuu in all the ways he wanted to.

“Maybe you should undress,” Kouyou whispered suggestively, pressing his lips gently to Yuu’s neck. Yuu made a small noise, shying away from Kouyou’s hold.

“So annoying,” Yuu giggled to the blond, still shaking his head, bringing the glass of wine he had in his hand to his lips. As he took a small sip of the liquor, he felt Kouyou tighten his arms around his waist, pushing him closer to the blond. Kouyou then nuzzled his nose up cutely against Yuu’s, their faces just inches apart, their breaths heavy on each other’s skin.

God, it was so hot Yuu could barely breathe. And as Kouyou captured Yuu’s lips with his, the warm slide of Kouyou’s tongue into his mouth – with just the slightest bitter alcoholic taste – made the raven shiver. Yuu closed his eyes as Kouyou kissed him slowly, wantingly, breathlessly; and the raven’s throat was quickly making all these incredibly sinful noises of pleasure in response, something he knew riled up the blond even more by the second.

“Nnn,” Yuu moaned, just as Kouyou’s hands slid down his waist to his ass, cupping a butt cheek playfully in his large palm. Kouyou’s kisses were getting more urgent, more rough now, and Yuu’s head was swirling more and more with every breath being stolen from him.

“Please– Nnn, Kouyou” Yuu gasped, pulling his lips away in a desperate bid to catch some air. Kouyou wouldn’t hear of it, though. The older man was impatiently pulling Yuu back into the kiss, his teeth yanking open Yuu’s bottom lip, sliding his tongue in once more.

God, Kouyou– nngh, please” Yuu could feel himself melting right under Kouyou’s kisses and touches, his eyes almost seeing white, his body giving way too easily to the blond CEO. “Please,” the raven managed to slip out, in between their fervid kissing. “I just– want–”

“Tell me what you want,” Kouyou breathed out, eyes intoxicatingly looking up to Yuu, his body blazing with nothing but lust. “Tell me what you want me to do to you. I’ll give you anything. I’d give you everything, Yuu.”

Yuu’s already blushing face got even redder. “Stop,” the raven pouted, punching the blond lightly in the chest. “Do you get even more embarrassing when you’re drunk, or what?”

“Mmm,” Kouyou just hummed in reply, his lips descending to Yuu’s neck once more. The raven fluttered his eyes shut as Kouyou sunk his teeth down into Yuu’s skin, re-bruising the healing pink-purple marks that were still there. Yuu straddled Kouyou’s hips as Kouyou marked him ruthlessly, leaving the raven to voice out gasps and tortured whimpers in response. Yuu clung onto Kouyou dearly as he began dry-humping the older man’s growing erection, feeling it slowly harden and start to prod right up against Yuu’s butt.

Yuu was pleased by the reaction – he had waited way too long for this. His hands slipped down frustratedly to the front of Kouyou’s pants, unzipping it and pulling it down hastily along with the blond’s briefs. When Yuu finally came into sight with Kouyou’s hard cock, the raven was sneakily grinning, satisfied with what he saw.

Gently nudging Kouyou’s lips away from his neck, Yuu lowered his own body until his lips met with the head of Kouyou’s member, and then he was darting a tongue out experimentally, licking at the pre-cum that had already gathered at the tip. Kouyou made a loud approving groan, backing down and allowing Yuu to do whatever he pleased with him, and soon Yuu was kissing and worshipping Kouyou’s cock with his whole tongue, eager and desperate to please the blond.

Kouyou’s breaths came staggering, throwing his head back in groans of ecstacy. As he thrusted his hips up, pushing his cock further into Yuu’s mouth, the younger man was accepting the intrusion excitedly, enveloping more of Kouyou’s cock past his lips. Kouyou dug his hands into Yuu’s hair, guiding his lover’s mouth to slowly deepthroat his cock, and as it bumped nicely against the back of Yuu’s throat, Kouyou was letting out a blissful moan, his eyes shut in pleasure.

Fuck, Yuu, I’ve missed this so much…” Kouyou whispered, pulling slightly at Yuu’s hair, pulling him off his cock a little. Yuu paid attention to Kouyou’s cues, allowing the blond to slide himself back in after awhile, and soon Kouyou was thrusting his cock in and out of the raven’s mouth carelessly, fucking Yuu’s mouth excitedly with plenty of loud hisses and groans.

“Nnngh,” Yuu let slip another moan as he hollowed his cheeks to take Kouyou in deeper, his tongue swirling against the sides of his cock. Kouyou played with Yuu’s silky locks, groaning loudly as Yuu gave a particularly hard suck.

Kouyou resisted the urge to close his eyes, and managed to peek them open slightly to watch Yuu in the act. The raven-haired’s face was full of blush and his gaze was in a hypnotic lull as he sucked Kouyou off, his face looking in the most subservient manner possible. Fuck. This was too much for Kouyou to take, as many times as he’d seen Yuu in this position before.

“Babe,” Kouyou whispered, tugging Yuu off his cock by gripping lightly at his hair. Yuu fell easily back down to the ground, his lips moist and wet with Kouyou’s fluids. Kouyou grabbed himself, heavy with Yuu’s spit and pre-cum, and gave himself a couple of quick pumps, dirtying Yuu’s face further. He flaunted his length in front of Yuu’s lewd eyes.

“You want this in your tight ass, don’t you?” Kouyou said, a hint of arrogance in his voice.

Yuu was quickly nodding, pouting as he gave an intense stare to his lover’s cock, his hands at the same time uncomfortably pulling at the hems of his shirt.

“It’s so hot,” Yuu whined, and then he was pulling his shirt off him, throwing it to the floor. “Oh, god. Please, I just–”

“Tell me what you want,” Kouyou was reiterating, his smile smug, and then he was pulling Yuu by the arm up and seating Yuu back onto his lap, but not before tugging at the offending material still clothing Yuu’s lower half of the body.

“Get rid of it,” Kouyou demanded, annoyed Yuu wasn’t still fully naked, and Yuu was rushing to pull at the zipper of his jeans, moaning as he finally allowed his erection to breathe. He wiggled his butt out of his jeans expertly and tossed them to the floor, giggling as he felt Kouyou wrap an arm around his graceful form, grabbing at his ass and kneading the soft mounds roughly.

“It’s pink this time,” Kouyou purred, his eyes glued to the thin layer of lacey underwear Yuu had on. “Your underwear. It’s very pretty on you.”

Yuu gloated happily in response, but soon after gave a loud cry when Kouyou unexpectedly delivered a harsh slap to his left buttcheek.

Daddy…” Yuu sulked, squirming his ass right into Kouyou’s palms, spreading his thighs and wrapping his legs around Kouyou’s waist in such a way that his hole was pressed right up against Kouyou’s naked dick.

“Why are you always punishing me? Yuu did nothing wrong…” As the raven said this, however, he started to straddle Kouyou suggestively, grinning playfully as he humped Kouyou’s moist cock, teasing the blond endlessly as he brushed his entrance against the tip of his lover’s cock over and over again, painting his hole with Kouyou’s white pre-cum.

Kouyou hissed at the sensation, his cock jolting endlessly in anticipation. And then he was reaching a hand up impatiently, pushing his fingers roughly into Yuu’s mouth without warning.

Yuu made a surprised sound of protest, jumping up against Kouyou’s lap at the movement, but the blond tightened his grip around Yuu’s waist and held him firmly in his position, eyes encouraging the raven to accept the intrusion into his mouth and suck against Kouyou’s fingers. Yuu squinted his eyes to Kouyou in a sore pout, but complied anyway, knowing Kouyou was eagerly awaiting to fuck him properly.

Yuu sucked as hard as he could, making sure he let out cute moaning noises at the same time, wanting to torture the blond with as much teasing as possible. Kouyou grunted, knowing exactly what Yuu was doing, and as Yuu took more of Kouyou’s fingers into his mouth with fluttery eyes, and licked them down the sides and twirled his tongue against the tip – mimicking how he had just been sucking Kouyou’s cock earlier – the blond CEO decided he’d had enough and pulled his fingers out of Yuu’s mouth harshly. Kouyou slapped Yuu’s other ass cheek with his other hand, making sure this time his raven lover learnt his lesson.

Yuu looked to Kouyou with quivering lips, and a mouth coated and dripping with saliva, his eyes teary and sparkling at the recent slap.

Fuck. One look at Yuu’s face, and Kouyou had never in his life gotten a more intense urge to fuck Yuu as hard as he could, until he rendered Yuu’s legs useless the next day. (He knew he couldn’t, though. They had a gala event to attend.)

Daddy…” Yuu huffed, painful tears streaking his cheeks. “What did I do wrong this time?”

Kouyou frowned.

“You’ve been a very, very bad babydoll,” Kouyou answered, raising an eyebrow. Yuu just pouted in response.

The blond CEO’s fingers reached down to in between Yuu’s thighs and pushed the thin, lacey underwear to the side, exposing Yuu’s pink entrance easily. And when they did, Kouyou was pressing the tip of his index finger against Yuu’s hole, ready to prepare the raven. Yuu sucked in a breath, taking a second to mentally prepare himself first, then gave the go-ahead for Kouyou to slip his finger inside of him with a small, timid nod.

Fuck,” was the first thing Yuu said, easing his eyes shut tightly as Kouyou’s first finger went in, slowly moving in deeper inside of him. It had only been a week since they last fucked like this, but Yuu couldn’t help the wave of intense pleasure that passed over him as Kouyou prepared him slowly with his fingers alone. God, Kouyou always managed to turn Yuu into a hungry slut in his presence, and Yuu didn’t even know why.

“Feel good, babydoll?” Kouyou breathed, tracing his finger sensually inside of him. Yuu nodded his head, reaching his arms over to wrap them insistently around Kouyou’s neck.

“More,” Yuu pleaded, and then Kouyou was pushing more fingers in, and the sudden increase in thickness sent Yuu elevating his hips immediately, his lips parted in a big, silent moan. “Oh my god, Kouyou…”

“Babydoll likes it, I see,” Kouyou murmured, licking his lips at the sight. His fingers moved even more aggressively in and out of the raven, stretching the raven as far and wide as he liked.

Yuu gasped and whimpered and whined, and then a sudden curl of Kouyou’s fingers sent Yuu digging his nails into Kouyou’s back, his body convulsing from the pleasure.

“Just fuck me,” Yuu cried out after awhile, his thighs squeezing Kouyou’s fingers tighter in between his legs. Kouyou grunted in reply, then pulled his hand out, placing it back against the side of Yuu’s hips.

“Put it in,” Yuu begged, his voice coming out in desperate pants. Reaching his arm over to beneath the coffee table, Yuu grabbed for the condoms and lube he knew would be there and hurriedly prepared Kouyou. Once his lover was properly wrapped and lubed, Yuu spread his pale thighs wider and lifted himself until he was atop Kouyou’s cock, his body unable to wait for even another second.

“What a demanding little flower,” Kouyou cooed, his lips curving into an amused smirk.

And then he was grabbing both of Yuu’s ass cheeks from behind and spreading them wide, quickly impaling Yuu’s entrance onto his large cock. Yuu instantly let out another cry as he was lowered onto Kouyou’s girth impatiently, the walls of his muscles quickly stretching to accommodate Kouyou’s cock. Yuu gyrated his hips a little to fit all of Kouyou into him, and as his muscles tightened hotly around Kouyou – his mouth hung open, his eyes were heavily lidded and his raven hair was tossed sweatily back.

“I missed this,” Yuu whimpered, savoring Kouyou’s thickness inside of him. He could feel every push and squelch, every little movement of Kouyou’s cock inside of him and god, did Yuu fucking love it.

It took them a moment to adjust to the feeling of each other’s bodies against each other. Yuu was clutching on for life at Kouyou’s hair, whereas Kouyou held him by the ass, his nails gripping them tightly and groaning as he was thrust into Yuu’s quivering heat.

“Can I move, babydoll?” Kouyou asked softly, when it seemed like Yuu finally settled down from the harsh intrusion.

Yuu didn’t say a word; he just nodded his head simply into Kouyou’s shoulder, burying it timidly there. Kouyou kissed the back of his hair gently, then lifted Yuu up a little by the ass, then set him down again, until he was establishing a neat, continuous pace. He did it over and over again, picking Yuu up higher each time, making sure the raven-haired slid down harder and faster onto his cock in a repeated motion.

Ah! Aaahhh! Kouuuuyooouuuu…!” Yuu wailed, clenching onto Kouyou’s hair strands tighter and tighter with every thrust Kouyou gave upwards.

Soon after, he was hitting all of Yuu’s delicious spots, and with every thrust to his prostate Yuu began seeing stars. “Kouyou, Kouyou, Kouyou, fuck, nnnngh Daddy’s cock is the best, fuck…!”

Kouyou smiled smugly at how loud Yuu was being, allowing Yuu’s noises to guide him to go faster or slower. He picked up his pace then slowed down again, thoroughly teasing Yuu to the brink, before pulling him back again. Yuu couldn’t do anything else but release a stream of moans as Kouyou thrusted continuously into him, with the blond CEO occasionally slapping Yuu’s jiggling ass, unable to stand just how lewd Yuu’s body was.

Kouyou continued assaulting Yuu’s prostate, reveling in every reaction he elicited from the raven, and delighting in watching Yuu come undone because of him. As rolls of sweat began dripping down the side of Kouyou’s face, the blond CEO was shoving a hand in between them to wrap it around Yuu’s erected cock.

“Daddy!” Yuu gasped at the touch, and as Kouyou continued thrusting up into Yuu’s favourite spot just like before, he slid his hand up and down around Yuu’s member, jerking Yuu off to the same speed and rhythm. The raven-haired was quickly shrieking, breathing out heavily in a multitude of uncontrollable sobs.

“I’m going to cuuummm…” Yuu mewled desperately, pulling at Kouyou’s hair weakly, his body trembling non-stop. “Nnn! Nngh! Nnn!”

In the next moment, the raven-haired – desperate to reach his orgasm – was gathering what little strength he had, to ride Kouyou’s cock as fast as he could, tortured-sounding cries leaving Yuu’s blushing face at the same time.

Fuck. Kouyou could cum just by looking at this face. As Yuu rode him into oblivion, tears still trickling down his cheeks, Kouyou shivered in pleasure, knowing he would be unable to hold on for long at such a lecherous sight of Yuu before him.

Nnn, nngh…! Daaadddyyyy!”

Yuu finally came with an overwhelming shout, his hole tightening sweetly around Kouyou’s dick, pushing Kouyou further to his limit. Cum spluttered furiously from Yuu’s cock back onto the raven’s flat stomach, decorating his pretty fair skin nicely, and seeing it immediately made Kouyou’s stomach clench with a familiar throbbing ache… as well as gave Kouyou an idea.

Pushing Yuu right back down onto the sofa, Kouyou pulled out of Yuu just as the older man approached his release, and he watched as his cum shot out and painted Yuu’s naked body in several white streaks, dirtying his little flower’s body even further.

Kouyou had never seen a more gorgeous sight, and he was instantly, temporarily, mesmerized.

Meanwhile, Yuu could barely catch his breath.

Lying against the sofa, his eyes fluttered up and down, drifting in and out of consciousness from the mindblowing orgasm he’d just had. He could hear Kouyou pulling something out of his pants, and then before he could even comprehend what was going on –


Yuu’s heart almost stopped. Was that a camera click?

“What was that?” The raven-haired panted out. Opening his eyes once more, he could see Kouyou grinning deviously to him, hurriedly putting the cellphone in his hands away.

Yuu rolled his eyes when he realized what his lover was doing. Of course he wouldtake a photo of him like this, considering Kouyou’d been begging endlessly for a dirty photo from Yuu the past few days. “What a pervert.”

“Hmm?” Kouyou laughed, then lowered his body to the raven to plant a kiss against Yuu’s cheek, trailing his lips all the way down his neck to his stomach. “You’re very pretty. Very pretty when you’re covered all over in my cum, too.”

Yuu narrowed his eyes to him, but cuddled up needingly to his lover anyway.

“I demand something in exchange,” Yuu huffed.

“What?” Kouyou chuckled. “You know I can, and will, give you anything you want, babydoll.”

Yuu smiled at his words. “I’ll have to think about it first. But until then… You owe me one!”

Kouyou grinned, shaking his head at how cute Yuu was acting.

“I can’t wait to show you off tomorrow,” he lowered his husky voice into a whisper, kissing the sides of Yuu’s head softly. Yuu winced at his kiss, hiding his smile. “Everyone will be so jealous when you’re seen on my arm tomorrow. You’re so beautiful.”

Kouyou stroked Yuu’s raven hair soothingly until the younger man fell asleep peacefully against him, and then he was carrying Yuu’s body up into his arms, bringing him back to his bedroom.

And in there, Kouyou watched Yuu’s sleeping countenance next to him until weariness took over the blond; and then he was spending the rest of the night lost in sweet dreams of spending the rest of his life with Yuu – his precious little flower.


Yuu awoke alone in bed the next morning, to white sheets wrapped warmly around his naked body, and the sound of running tap water in the distance. Yawning tiredly to himself, Yuu struggled to push the sheets off him and pulled himself up against the bed. He could feel a mild headache coming on, what with the wine they’d been drinking the night before. Ugh, and his ass and hips were sore as fuck. Yuu trembled at the thought of his rough lovemaking with Kouyou last night, though. Kouyou was always so good…

Kouyou was probably in the bathroom washing himself up, Yuu thought, falling back against the bed lazily. He eyed a pile of neatly folded clothes on the table by the bed, recognizing them to be his from last night, and smiled when he realized Kouyou had bothered to gather them together and fold them into a neat pile like this. Kouyou really was the perfect boyfriend, wasn’t he?

Reaching out a hand for his jeans’ pocket, Yuu managed to retrieve his phone from within, checking it for any urgent messages – especially ones from Yutaka. He was still partially worried over Yutaka and Kouyou’s exchange yesterday, but since it looked like it had gone well, Yuu just hoped his best friend and lover could remain on good terms like this for as long as Yuu had the both of them by his side.

Surprisingly enough, Yutaka hadn’t sent a message to him yet. Perhaps the brunet was finally letting go and placing his trust in Kouyou to take care of Yuu, and Yutaka was seeing no further need for him to still be keeping track with Yuu on a hourly basis, worried for Yuu’s safety. Yuu smiled with that thought – perhaps things were really changing between them after all.

Scrolling through his inbox, though, still made Yuu flinch at the sight of the many messages he’d left unreplied from his other sugar daddies. Some of them had gotten the hint that Yuu was busy or simply did not wish to keep in contact any further, and had stopped messaging him after a few I miss you messages.

There appeared to be one regular sugar daddy that was still sending him messages, however. It was the attorney, the sugar daddy that proved to be the most regular and stable before Kouyou entered his life, and who was also responsible for paying off half of Yuu’s university student loan. Yuu owed the attorney a lot for doing so, but at the same time Yuu had spent many nights with him before, and it was justifiable that Yuu was paid appropriately for allowing the attorney to bed him like that on a frequent basis.

But ever since Yuu had started spending time with Kouyou, and found a far more trustworthy, deserving, and handsome sugar daddy in Kouyou, he’d stopped needing the attorney’s allowances. Yuu always had an inkling the attorney had started to harbor feelings for him of late, though. And from his many messages sent to the raven, Yuu was certain the attorney wouldn’t back down until he got a proper reply from Yuu.

Are you free this week? It’s been a long time, I miss you.

There’s a new movie coming out. Want to catch it together?

Aoi? Are you there? You haven’t been replying to my messages. Is something wrong?

Is there an issue with the allowance I’ve been giving you? I’ll raise it if you need more.

Aoi, please respond. I’m getting worried.

Yuu breathed out a soft sigh, wondering just how he was going to handle this. It would be better to let him know that Yuu wasn’t planning to continue their arrangement anymore, but Yuu frankly didn’t know how the attorney would react. And maybe Yuu was being a coward, for chickening out and leaving his sugar daddies without a word, but Yuu just… God. Yuu didn’t know what to do.

He stared to his phone screen for a while longer, biting on his lips anxiously as he contemplated over his next move. Maybe he could talk to Yutaka about this first. Maybe Yutaka could offer him better advice. There was no way in hell he would be talking about this to Kouyou, however. Kouyou didn’t even know Yuu had been having ongoing arrangements the same time he was going out with the blond, and Kouyou had never once questioned Yuu’s previous sugar daddy affairs either. Perhaps it had never crossed Kouyou’s mind that Yuu had previous arrangements, or perhaps Kouyou just never wanted to know about it.

The bathroom door creaked open, pulling Yuu out of his thoughts. Kouyou was soon stepping out of it with a towel wrapped around his waist, and another smaller towel around his bare shoulders, which the blond was using to dry his hair off quickly.

Yuu stared dumbfoundedly to Kouyou as the older man made his way to the bed, face breaking into a smile to Yuu when he realized his lover was awake.

“Good morning,” Kouyou said, squeezing his hair dry. A small smile spread on Yuu’s face as well at the sight – it was the first time he’d seen Kouyou with wet hair like this, and with his naked chest… glistening and dripping with water. Yuu tried hard to peel his eyes away from Kouyou’s sexy form, gulping as he admired the hard abs that decorated Kouyou’s lower stomach.

“G…Good… morning,” Yuu stuttered, wondering why he was so nervous suddenly. Kouyou was his lover, for goodness sake. And it wasn’t even the first time he was seeing Kouyou naked. Why was he getting so embarrassed?

Kouyou was chuckling when he saw the raven-haired turning his head away, visibly trying to hide his reddening cheeks.

“So, had a good night’s sleep?” Kouyou asked casually, seating himself down at the edge of the bed. Yuu just nodded his head. “Also, I figured I should tell you more about the gala event we’re going to.” Right. Yuu barely knew anything about it, except for the fact that he had just bought a suit worth several thousands to attend this one gala (which Yuu was pretty sure would be stripped off him by the end of the day anyway).

“My client, who’s kind of a big deal in this whole business, throws it every year at a grand hotel and invites all the top business associates to it. It’s a place where people network and mingle and hopefully have some fun, you know. But of course, when you have a ton of rich people coming together, including many socialites and celebrities, it’s bound to be big and gain some media attention. So it’s going to be just a little crowded.”

Yuu widened his eyes. So it really was going to be like what he imagined it to be. How was Kouyou expecting Yuu to converse properly with his friends, or business associates, when Yuu was just… well. Nothing?

“But I’m only a student,” Yuu moaned, feeling intimidated by Kouyou’s explanation already. Kouyou just laughed.

“But you’re my date for the night,” Kouyou teased, cocking his head to the side. “And you won’t leave me alone, will you? I’m going to be so lonely without anyone by my side.”

Yuu frowned. “Is Akira going?”

Kouyou nodded. “He is. Why?”

“Well, you have him,” Yuu pointed out.

Kouyou let out a sigh. “He’s not my date, Yuu. And when you’re going to be saying a million hellos and formalities and pretend like you like all these people who just really want to get your partnership on a project, really, it’d be nice if I had someone I actually cared about to distract me and make me feel at home at the end of the day.”

Yuu smiled, satisfied by Kouyou’s answer. Kouyou always knew what to say to make Yuu feel better – and needed – for this. “Fine! I’ll go with you. But I’m not going to know anyone there. So you can’t ever leave me alone. Promise?”

Kouyou grinned widely in response.

“Yuu, I wouldn’t ever let you out of my sight for a single second. I promise.”


Yuu thought he had an idea of how big the event was going to be, but clearly he had no clue at all. Not until it was approaching afternoon, and the raven was rather involved in a heavy make-out session with his older lover on the couch again – when Kouyou pulled away suddenly and rather spontaneously said he had to take Yuu to their “little beauty appointment”.

Yuu, as usual, was oblivious to Kouyou’s plans, and had tagged along innocently with the blond in his car to a prestigious hair and make-up salon Kouyou had booked an appointment with. Their expensive suits were brought along in the back of their car, ready for their stylists to dress them in nicely after they were done with all of their preparation.

To say Yuu was stoked was an understatement. Every single date he spent with Kouyou, he realized, was another step into Kouyou’s world, which was basically the world of the rich. Kouyou had taken him for quality massages at hotels, meals at overpriced restaurants, and most recently of late – extravagant shopping of clothes with price tags Yuu knew he could never afford in his life. And now Kouyou was taking it another step further by bringing him to beauty salons and gala events.

Yuu had definitely experienced enough excitement these past few weeks alone with Kouyou to last him for a whole lifetime. Some people didn’t, or would never, get the opportunity to experience even five minutes of what Yuu just had.

And right here, right now, after being greeted by a row of wacky-looking stylists as he walked into the luxurious-looking salon, Yuu was seated in a red velvety chair before a mirror glammed up with bright spotlights, while a hair stylist worked on his hair diligently from the back, and a make-up artist worked on his face meticulously from the front.

Yuu was forced to remain still, unable to budge an inch after having been told repeatedly by his stylists to not move at all; though it was hard to adhere to that instruction when every other minute a famous celebrity was walking past the doors to get their regular beauty fix – and Yuu had never been this close in a vicinity to any celebrity before. Hell, Yuu was being treated exactly like a celebrity himself. Yuu didn’t even want to think about how much this appointment cost his blond CEO lover.

Kouyou was seated next to him in his own chair, his own eyes shut closed comfortably as he allowed the stylists to work on him efficiently. Yuu was extremely baffled and completely amazed by how calm and serene his boyfriend looked. Kouyou sure lived up to his rank as a CEO; he must be so used to seeing famous people all the time and being treated like a king.

Yuu tried to pretend he was cool with everything happening around him, but he had legit just seen that singer sitting across the room from him on television performing an hour ago. How could you possibly remain calm in the presence of such people when your lowly presence just fell flat amidst all of them?!

“Not used to being here, huh?” His make-up artist, a gothic-looking woman with dark purple hair, seemed to pick up on Yuu’s nervousness as she carefully filled in the raven’s eyebrows. “You’re looking everywhere, as if you’re shocked you’re even here.”

Yuu managed a tense laugh, though secretly in his heart he was already weeping in shame. “Um… I didn’t even know I was coming here until thirty minutes ago.”

That earned a low chuckle from Kouyou next to him.

“Well, we’re full-house all the time. Your boyfriend was lucky that when he called to book us last week, we had some last minute cancellations,” His make-up artist continued explaining. “Also, it kinda helps your boyfriend’s the CEO of a big business corporation, and has connections. We’re kinda inclined to help him.”

“You don’t have to put it that way,” Kouyou said with an eyebrow raised, his expression amused.

“Sorry,” The woman laughed, and Yuu watched their playful interactions with one another curiously. Did they know each other personally beforehand? How long had they known each other? It wasn’t like Yuu was jealous or anything – and seeing how Kouyou was in such a high-ranking position, he’d probably have a vast amount of contacts and know a whole bunch of people.

But the only other person Yuu had seen Kouyou interacting regularly with, and on a personal level, was Akira, and he was the only person that had bothered getting to know Yuu better out of concern for the blond CEO, too. Kouyou definitely looked like a people person, but Yuu guessed that Kouyou rarely allowed people to get closer to him on an intimate level, whether it be friendships or relationships.

Kouyou was most likely the type to have plenty of work relationships with his peers, but have little interpersonal relationships with others. And just that knowledge made Yuu smile, knowing that other than Akira, Yuu was probably the only person that mattered to Kouyou in his life.

So, when it came down to it, Yuu really wasn’t jealous about this whole thing. He was just curious about this lady and her association with Kouyou, seeing as how the blond rarely seemed to be on close terms with others.

“Does Kouyou come here regularly?” Yuu asked, playing it off as casual as he could.

“Oh, only when he shows up for important events. This gala’s important. But that happens only like, twice a year. Kouyou doesn’t like to be too fancy,” she answered promptly, and as a matter-of-factly.

Kouyou sighed. “You know, Yuu, I’m right here next to you. You can just ask me.”

“I like to ask other people questions about you,” Yuu scoffed. Kouyou couldn’t help himself from smiling widely at his raven lover’s annoyed stance.

“I have to say, Kouyou sure has great taste,” The make-up artist commented unexpectedly, clucking her tongue as she continued working on Yuu’s face. “I mean, you’re gorgeous. I’ve seen many celebrities, but you’re one hell of a face to work on. Trust me, I’m a make-up artist.”

Yuu felt his cheeks burning up. “Um… Thank you.” He still wasn’t sure whether to take her compliment with a pinch of salt or not. Yuu felt drastically inadequate, in comparison to the many gorgeous human beings currently situated here in this room, so what more other celebrities?

“I do have great taste,” Kouyou chipped in with a laugh, eyes flickering over to scan Yuu’s form. “And I can’t wait till I take him to the event. Everyone will be so jealous of me.”

“Oh, they’ll be so jealous when I’m done with him,” The purple-haired lady claimed smugly, fingers cupping the side of Yuu’s cheek. “Don’t worry, CEO, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make him the fairest of the ball.”

Yuu rolled his eyes, though his lips gradually fixed into a smile. “You guys know I’m right here, right? Am I a Disney princess now?” 

“Babydoll,” Kouyou laughed, grinning to him, lips curving into that god-awful smirk Yuu could never get enough of. “You have always been my princess to me.”

Chapter Text

“He’s ready.”

Yuu had never felt more embarrassed in his life.

As his stylist drew open the curtains that had been acting as a makeshift changing room for Yuu, the raven found himself taking a step forward with flaming cheeks, obviously finding the situation a little too… exaggerated, even for his tastes. Clothed in a fully white tuxedo, and a bowtie snugly tied around his neck, Yuu never felt more posh in his life. His make-up had been immaculately done, his hair conditioned, blow-dried and skillfully tied into a small ponytail, and his clothes fit him a little too perfectly around his hips.

And Kouyou’s gaze was completely fixated on him.

Like a husband-to-be seeing his bride for the very first time on their wedding day, Kouyou couldn’t pull his eyes away from the sight of Yuu before him, and just his very stare made Yuu want to further dig a hole and bury himself in it. Oh, god. Did Kouyou honestly have to always look at him like that? It was fine when Kouyou did that to him – bestow upon him all those fond gazes – when they were alone, but now they were in the company of several others, and Yuu could hear the amused giggling of his stylist already, standing by the side, enjoying just how adorable the couple before her was acting.

“Stop it,” Yuu muttered, flustered underneath all of the attention, and it took awhile for Kouyou to regain his composure and remember where he was and what he was doing. Currently seated on one of the twirling chairs in the salon, the blond spread his lips into a wide laugh, nodding simply, then beckoned for Yuu to come forward, to come to him.

Yuu obliged, still shy, and as he made his way closer to Kouyou, he took in how handsome Kouyou looked. Already sleekly dressed in his own black tuxedo, the older man had minimal make-up applied on; just enough to emphasise on his strong jawline and his gorgeous, masculine features. The blond’s hair had been styled up to have a little more volume added, but not enough to look overly flashy or too tasteless. Simply put, Kouyou had dressed up to be the embodiment of class and debonair, looking like the perfect gentleman Yuu had always known him to be.

With the blond’s dark eyes gleaming right underneath the salon’s bright lights, Kouyou brought his hands up slowly to cup at Yuu’s cheeks, dazedly admiring his lover before him. The salon staff surrounding them took it as their cue to leave and return to their work, wanting to give the lovebirds some space and romantic time of their own. Yuu felt immensely grateful once they were left alone, and as he let out a sigh of relief once they left, Kouyou visibly chuckled to him.

“My flower,” Kouyou cooed sweetly, reaching over to bring Yuu’s hand into his. And then he was lifting the raven’s hand to his lips, bestowing the raven a kiss against his skin once more. Yuu’s heart fluttered madly at the sight, knowing no matter how many times Kouyou did this little act, he would never tire of it. The older man was so magical – so magically unreal, so out of this world.

“You’ll be my princess for the day, for sure,” Kouyou continued saying, letting out a delighted laugh. “You don’t know how stunning you look, right now.”

Yuu’s lips curved into an abashed smile of their own accord. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” Well – that was sort of a lie. Kouyou looked perfect.

Kouyou grinned. “A compliment from the princess – how nice. I just hope you’re fine with going with someone like me to the gala.”

Yuu widened his eyes at his words, not even bothering to keep up with his haughty act anymore. “You’re kidding! I can’t believe you’re taking me to the gala. You’re so…” The raven gawked at Kouyou, making a grand gesture at him. “While I’m so…” Yuu furrowed his brows, pointing back to himself. “I’m nothing!”

Kouyou frowned deeply in response, obviously disapproving. “Don’t say that, Yuu.”

“Am I lying?” Yuu huffed, face almost in a pout. Kouyou just sighed and pulled at Yuu’s arms, gesturing for him to take a seat against the blond’s lap on the chair. Yuu obediently listened, snuggling up to Kouyou on his lap, while the older man slithered his arms around Yuu’s waist and warmly embraced him close to him.

“You know you’re the most gorgeous looking thing in the room around here,” Kouyou said in a soft whisper, his lips only a short distance away from Yuu’s ear. “And I don’t want you doubting yourself when you look so heavenly, alright? Let’s make tonight a fun one. It’s your first time going to a gala like this, right?” Yuu stiffly nodded his head. “Then you should be so excited.”

Yuu pouted up to Kouyou. “I am excited!” And then he was sheepishly looking away, his next few words coming out in a low murmur. “I’m most excited that I’m going with you.”

Kouyou couldn’t stop smiling, his arms squeezing Yuu in his grasp. “Oh, Yuu. You have no idea what it does to me when you say things like that.”

Yuu broke into a shy giggle. “Does it warm up your cold, dead heart?”

Kouyou grinned, fingers reaching up to the back of Yuu’s neck, caressing him the skin there soothingly. “Do you really think of me as such a zombie?”

Yuu hummed happily. “I can’t help but point out facts about my inhuman boyfriend.”

Kouyou grinned wider, his heart tingling at Yuu’s usage of the word boyfriend.

“I think we have to go…” Kouyou said, eyes never peeling away from Yuu’s face. “…before I change my mind and decide to take you home, instead. Because trust me, Yuu, I am very tempted to change my course of plan right now.”

Yuu laughed in reply and nodded, agreeing to leave. But as he began to get up from Kouyou’s lap, it suddenly occurred to him that this would be the perfect time to get the selfie he wanted with Kouyou.

“We have to take selfie of us before we leave!” Yuu exclaimed, rushing to grab for his phone.

Kouyou was momentarily surprised by the outburst, and raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Kids these days…”

Yuu narrowed his eyes at his reply, quickly shooting him a glare. “Well, too bad for you, old man! You’re the one who fell in love with someone a decade younger than you.”

Kouyou frowned when he realized Yuu had taken his words the wrong way. “I didn't mean to offend,” the blond sighed, tugging his younger lover closer to him. “I just find you too cute, that’s all.”

Yuu sulked to him. “You better have meant that!”

“Of course, babydoll,” Kouyou pacified, then leaned his lips over to kiss Yuu endearingly on the head. “You know I’d never get mad at you. Now, let’s take that selfie you wanted before we get too late for the gala.”

They ended up taking a ton of photos on Yuu’s cellphone, but Yuu’s favourite ones were the photos whereby Kouyou’s eyes were looking to him, and only at him, and his lips were pressed up softly against Yuu’s cheek.


Oh, boy. Just when Yuu thought the surprises of the day were done, it turned out that the salon was only the beginning. Yuu had thought Kouyou would be driving the both of them to the event, but it turned out that the blond had hired a black limousine car to take them both to the gala, and Yuu had never been inside a limousine. He’d seen them in fancy movies, and sometimes if he was lucky – around the city, but he’d never gotten the opportunity to take one.

And here Kouyou was, casually hiring a limousine car for a grand entrance to the gala.

“The windows are tinted,” Kouyou explained, when they got into the car, and Yuu had settled back against the most luxurious car cushions he’d ever sat on in his whole life. “That means the people outside can’t look in and see us. We get our own privacy.”

There was also a drinks counter in the middle, with empty wine glasses and a bunch of expensive, complimentary bottles of liquor they could drink from, but Kouyou made no move to take them.

“We’ll be drinking a lot of wine later, anyway,” Kouyou said with a shrug. “And I don’t want to get us too drunk just yet, and we have so many people to meet.”

Yuu had been nervous about attending this whole gala before, but as they gradually approached their destination, the raven suddenly felt terrified. This gala event was clearly far bigger than he thought, and he – someone who had legit no reason to be there, except for being Kouyou’s date – was going. What if he embarrassed himself in front all of Kouyou’s business associates? What if they indulged in long discussions about stock markets and Yuu had no clue what to reply? What if they saw Yuu and thought he was just a child and didn’t belong there with them?

“I’m scared,” Yuu whispered, midway the journey, eyes fearfully turning to Kouyou. The older man was instantly concerned, afraid he’d put Yuu in an uncomfortable position, and he quickly reached a hand over to slip his fingers into Yuu’s palm, squeezing him with reassurance.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be with you, okay? I promise.”

Yuu just sighed and reluctantly nodded, still unconvinced.

“It’ll be an experience,” Kouyou continued. “And if you feel like you want to go home anytime, just tell me. I’ll take you.”

Yuu bit his lip at that, knowing he’d feel bad if things came to that state. “Okay, Kouyou.”

Kouyou just smiled to him. “I’m so thankful you agreed to be my date for today, Yuu. That already meant a lot. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Yuu’s heart galloped, knowing Kouyou had all the reason in the world to always ask for more. With his status, his wealth, and his looks, Kouyou could have everything in the world.

And yet he never ever forced Yuu into a decision he didn’t want to make, and he always placed Yuu’s happiness above his own one, despite how much he might have wanted something else from the raven in return.


The windows might be tinted, but that didn’t mean Yuu couldn’t still look out of them to see where they were heading. And when they finally stopped right outside a grand hotel, with a long red carpet lay out the front stairs and a huge crowd of paparazzis standing around with big, flashy-looking cameras, Yuu’s jaw fell.

“No way. Just… no,” Yuu gaped, backing away quickly from the window. He could already see tons of other attractive men and women stepping out of their own limousines, being ushered onto the red carpet into the crowd, with the many photographers calling out their names and asking them to look their way.

“There’s a red carpet,” Yuu pointed out numbly, still in shock. Kouyou chuckled and nodded, looking out the window.

“Apparently so. I forget that they have these things sometimes,” Kouyou remarked, clucking his tongue as he spoke. “Very interesting. The media always has a field day with these things.”

Yuu folded his arms. “That’s not the point! You didn’t tell me there would be – people!”

Kouyou laughed. “Oh, babydoll… What did you think there would be? A litter of puppies?”

Yuu squinted his eyes to him. “You know that’s not what I meant. I mean – I don’t know how to pose or anything! I’m going to look really, really dumb. Is there any way around the stairs?”

Kouyou cocked his head to the side, pretending to be deep in contemplative thought. “Hmm… Well, if you don’t want to climb up the stairs, I could always pick you up into my arms and carry you up. Now that would cause some media attention.”

Yuu pouted in response. “Mister Takashima, you really know how to rile your lover up, don’t you?”

Kouyou grinned. “I only learn from the best – you. Now, we have to leave the limousine soon, because there are a ton more cars coming and it’s rude to hog this space for too long. Are you ready?”

Yuu sucked in a breath. “I don’t think I have a choice at this point in time, do I?”

With one last amused chuckle, Kouyou signaled for the valet to head over to pull the door open for them. Once Kouyou was stepping out of the limousine, all suave and poised with that award-winning smile on his face, all cameras turned their attention to him, instantly recognizing his status as the CEO of one of the top business corporations in the city.

Jesus fuck. Yuu sat in his seat and waited as Kouyou waved to the paparazzi and allowed a few moments for his photo to be taken, before offering a hand to Yuu to help his raven-haired lover out of the limousine. Yuu could hear the paparazzi immediately erupting into confused whispers once they caught sight of Yuu stepping out in his white tux, and the university student felt his face grow hot as he saw reporters furiously scribbling notes down into their notepads, taking in every inch and detail of the sight before them.

The paparazzi most likely had no idea who Yuu was and why he was hanging out with someone of the likes of Kouyou, since technically this would be Yuu and Kouyou’s first official event together. Was Yuu going to end up on tomorrow’s latest gossip piece somehow? Why the hell did Kouyou not warn him about this in advance?

Kouyou could probably sense Yuu was about to end up in a nervous breakdown, for the older man was quickly snaking a protective arm around Yuu’s waist and holding him close in a second, his eyes and lips gazing down and smiling lovingly to Yuu.

Yuu looked to him doe-eyed in return, apprehension and fear plain as day on his face, but Kouyou quietly soothed it by lowering his head and planting a soft kiss against Yuu’s hair – an action that also instantly answered all of the paparazzi’s questions about them.

Knowing that Kouyou wasn’t ashamed to tell the whole world that he was in love with Yuu made the raven feel ten times better about himself, and it was what gave him courage to linger at the front few steps of the stairs, obliging the photographers as they called for their attention and took – what felt like – a million pictures of the couple per second.

Mr Takashima, look here! Mr Takashima, let me take a good photo of you and your new beau! Mr Takashima, how would you identify your date for the night? Is he affiliated with any of your clients?

Yuu didn’t think Kouyou would entertain either of their questions, considering he’d kept his silence so far and only smiled graciously in response, and that was why Yuu got startled when Kouyou spontaneously decided to part his lips and introduce the raven beside him.

“His name is Yuu,” Kouyou answered, eyes gazing affectionately down Yuu’s way.

And that was all Kouyou was willing to give.

Yuu thought he would go blind from all the bright white flashes, but after a couple of minutes Kouyou seemed to have had enough and gestured for Yuu to make a move on.

Loosening his arm around Yuu’s waist and preferring to take Yuu’s hand into his instead, Kouyou led Yuu up the stairs with both of their hands locked tight together, an action that filled Yuu’s heart with endless warmth. And as they finally ascended right to the top of the stairs and were greeted by bellboys who pulled the hotel’s glass doors open for them, Yuu looked over to Kouyou and realized he wasn’t afraid of anything anymore, not when Kouyou was right by his side like this, their hearts beating as one.


Thankfully, the gala event itself wasn’t as daunting as the red carpet outside. The event was being held in the hotel’s biggest ballroom, and though Yuu was equally amazed by how magnificent and palatial the decorations and set-up was around him, he had long expected something with the likes of this for the gala.

It was still early into the night, but the ballroom was packed already, filled with dolled-up women who wore dresses right out of a fashion runway show, and important-looking men with tuxedos Yuu now knew could cost an average salaryman one year of his wages. Yuu could also recognize a few celebrities mingling here and there, but that was it. The rest of the faces were foreign to him, and Yuu couldn’t help but wonder if Kouyou knew all of them, bearing in mind his connections in the industry.

Kouyou most likely did.

It didn’t take long for people to start noticing Kouyou’s arrival to the gala, and once they did, Yuu could sense people readying themselves to head over to either chat Kouyou up or introduce themselves to him. Kouyou didn’t seem like he cared, though.

The first people to approach them were, of course, the event organizers themselves. A man, either in his fifties or sixties, looking incredibly well groomed for his age with just a greying head of hair, came sauntering over with his wife by his side, looking pleased with Kouyou’s appearance. He also looked slightly surprised by the sight of Yuu standing next to him.

“Takashima! So glad you could make it,” The man, someone who Yuu assumed to be Kouyou’s client, said. “And I see you’ve brought a date! How nice. Care to introduce me and my wife to this gorgeous man?”

Kouyou gave a few laughs in response, nodding his head. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Yoshizawa. Tonight, I’ve brought someone very important to me along, and he’s called Yuu.

Yuu, this is a long-time client of mine, Yoshizawa. We’ve known each other for years. And this is his wife, Umeko, if I’m not wrong. It’s nice seeing you again, Umeko.”

Yoshizawa’s wife, who looked to be in her fifties as well, simply smiled and gave a small bow. “Nice to see you again too, Takashima. And nice to meet you, Yuu.”

Yuu thought she looked absolutely beautiful, in her bold red lipstick, and her quiet charm, and the fancy, but modest, evening gown she was donning. She radiated an air of serenity and class, and it was easy to tell she came from a good background from the graceful way she acted.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Yoshizawa, Umeko,” Yuu greeted as politely as he could, afraid he would represent Kouyou poorly if otherwise.

“Ah, nice to meet you, Yuu! You know, even though Kouyou and I have a working relationship, I’ve always treated him as the son that I never had. And lately Kouyou has been looking much happier, and I had guessed it was because of someone new in his life. I’m really happy to meet you, Yuu.” Yoshizawa said, with a proud smile.

“Oh, you’re talking too much again,” Umeko interjected, sighing as she tugged on the arm of her husband. “Don’t embarrass the young people, Yoshi.”

Kouyou shook his head, waving it off. “It’s fine! I’ve always looked up to Yoshizawa in this industry too, and so I’m very honored to hear about his concern for me. Thank you, Yoshizawa.”

“It’s nothing,” Yoshizawa grinned, then abruptly looked rather distracted as he spotted new guests in the distance coming in through the ballroom entrance. “Ah! Looks like new guests have arrived. I must greet them with my wife – I trust you will have many other people to meet, anyway. I’ll see you later in the night!”

“Definitely,” Kouyou agreed, smiling as he bade Yoshizawa goodbye.

Once they left and Kouyou and Yuu had time to themselves once again, Kouyou was turning his head rather excitedly and inquisitively to Yuu.

“So, how was it?” Kouyou asked, with a curious smile. “The meeting.”

“They seem like very nice people,” Yuu answered, looking back over his shoulder to Yoshizawa and Umeko, who were already cheerfully engaged in another conversation with other guests. “And Yoshizawa was very sweet about the whole meeting me thing. He seems pretty close to you.”

“Oh, it’s purely a working relationship,” Kouyou cleared up hastily. “But we’ve worked long enough with each other to know about each other’s lives and personalities. In a way, I guess we’ve developed some sort of mutual trust and concern for each other. I might have mentioned about you once or twice in my last meeting with him, as well.”

Yuu smiled teasingly to him with those words. “Oh? So you’ve been talking about me to your clients.”

Kouyou chuckled, then reached a hand over to play lightly with Yuu’s hair. “May-be. I just can’t resist talking about you every now and then, you know. You make me so happy.”

Yuu made a cute face then, scrunching his nose up adorably to the blond. “You’re so annoying. I wonder how I’m not creeped out by you yet.”

Kouyou pinched playfully at his cheeks. “Would you run away from me, Yuu? After all I’ve done for you?”

Yuu smiled to him innocently. “Hm… Maybe it’s not enough.”

“Do I have to buy you a house next?” Kouyou asked, laughing.

Yuu cocked an eyebrow up at the suggestion. “You would buy me a house, really?”

“Well… On the condition you live with me,” Kouyou answered sweetly, a twinkle in his eye as he spoke. “Not all things can come for free, can it?”

It sounded like a completely crazy idea, but… Yuu liked it.

The raven’s heart trepidated at the thought of sharing a home with Kouyou. It had never crossed his mind, but now that he was giving some serious thought about it, he could imagine lounging on the sofa with Kouyou in their free time, and cuddling up to each other until they fell asleep. He could imagine having dinner every night together, where they would cook mostly, and only head out to expensive restaurants to dine every other night whenever they felt like it. He could imagine kissing Kouyou any time he ever so wished, and he could imagine mewling and begging for attention from the blond whenever he was in need of some pampering. He could also imagine hearing Kouyou call him his flower or babydoll every moment of the day…

Yuu could actually imagine a future with Kouyou – and he liked it.

They’d barely known each other for a month, but things were advancing so quickly, it felt as if they’d already known each other for a much longer time. Was it even possible to fall in love with a person this quick? Was it right to fantasize about a future with someone you’d just met?

Was it dangerous to do so?

Was it dangerous to give your heart away so freely like this?

Noticing Yuu had gone quiet into thought, Kouyou hurried to dispel any doubts the raven might have about him.

“I was just joking,” Kouyou said softly, eyes gazing anxiously into Yuu’s ones. “I wasn’t serious, alright? I hope I didn’t scare you in any way.”

Yuu looked up to him, his heart still pounding loudly as he spoke. “But you meant it. Right? You want to be with me.”

“Of course!” Kouyou affirmed, seemingly upset Yuu would ever think otherwise about him.

“I want to be with you every single moment of the day, Yuu. But I’d never do anything you didn’t want to do. And I’m really afraid you might misunderstand my words, or what I do, but I – at the end of the day, I’m thinking about you, alright? I’m thinking of you. I love you.”

I love you, so much, too, Yuu thought, but the words never left his lips.

Not now. Not yet. It just didn’t feel like the right time, and it didn’t feel like everything had fallen properly into place yet. Kouyou deserved his kisses, and his embraces, and his body; and Yuu was even willing to call Kouyou his boyfriend, but Yuu just wasn’t sure it was time to say I love you to Kouyou yet. Even though he did, god, Yuu loved Kouyou so, so much.

But the thought of making his love known to Kouyou, the thought of giving Kouyou such power – Yuu wasn’t sure he was ready, yet. Because it’d been such a long time since Yuu had fallen in love, and it’d been such a long time since Yuu had decided to place his trust and faith in someone else like this. And he wasn’t sure he was ready to, now. He was still that little bit frightened.

All Yuu needed was just a little more time.

“Maybe one day,” Yuu said quietly, his eyes staring up to Kouyou hopefully. “Maybe one day we’ll live together, and everything will be perfect. Maybe – I don’t know, Kouyou, but – but thinking about it makes me happy, and I don’t know what to feel about this. I – I think it’s bad, god, it’s so bad how fast this all is. But I… I’m happy. With you. And that’s all that matters.”

Kouyou smiled gratefully to him, his own heart racing madly in his chest.

“I’m so happy to hear you say these things, Yuu,” Kouyou spoke gently, hands cupping the sides of Yuu’s face tenderly. “Like I said before – you don’t know what your words do to me. I’m not even sure this happiness I feel is measurable,” he laughed, shaking his head. “I’m pretty sure if they ran emotional tests on me, I’d break the happy-o-meter, or something.”

Yuu’s cheeks turned peach pink. “Do I really not say these things more often? I thought I was sweet enough to you.”

“Oh, of course, babydoll. You’re always heavenly to me,” A sigh of admiration slipped out from Kouyou. “I just get extra happy when you tell me more about your honest feelings, that’s all. Because there’s kissing and hugging, and there’s teasing and playing, but then there’s also being honest with each other and talking about our future dreams and hopes for each other, with each other. And all of it is important to me. It matters to me. As long as it’s with you.”

Yuu averted his gaze shyly away from Kouyou. “Now you’re being borderline embarrassing.”

Oh, but you like it. Don’t you?” Kouyou teased, winking slyly to the raven.

Yuu simply laughed, then took a step in closer to envelop Kouyou into a tight hug.

“Of course I like it,” Yuu finally admitted, for the first time, eyes closing as he basked in the embrace with Kouyou. “I love how you’re so perfect to me. I love how you’re always honest with me. I love how you never let me down. I love everything about you.”

Kouyou looked positively radiant at his words, but there seemed to be something else that he was waiting for.

Yuu knew exactly what it was.

“And… do you love me?” Kouyou asked quietly, his question hanging sharply in the air. Though Kouyou was perfectly calm and poised as usual, never giving away any flaws or holes in his gentlemanly façade, Yuu could tell Kouyou was nervous as he asked this.

The older man, the CEO, the person who had hundreds of people right underneath his control – he was suddenly restless, anxious, insecure; his gaze sweeping over Yuu’s face unconfidently as he asked the million dollar question; his lips quivering worriedly as he spoke.

And his eyes, his beautiful dimly lit eyes, had never looked more fearful for Yuu’s answer.

The only thing was, Yuu didn’t have one to give.

But then another couple was quickly approaching them to introduce themselves, and Yuu had never felt more thankful for human interaction in his life. The subject between Yuu and Kouyou was quickly dropped, though Yuu could sense Kouyou still hadn’t thrown the topic aside in his head. Yuu was certain Kouyou wouldn’t back down until he got a solid reply, either. And perhaps Kouyou would question him later, or another day, or again, and again; but Yuu knew that no matter what, or when, or how, he had to decide on a proper answer to give to the blond soon.

He couldn’t just leave Kouyou waiting like this – without an answer, completely silent on Yuu’s end, with pieces of the older man’s heart left scattered in the open for Yuu to take but never reciprocate.

He just couldn’t do that to Kouyou.

Chapter Text

Yuu knew Kouyou was most likely well known in the industry, considering he was a CEO and all – but he did not realize Kouyou was this famous. He’d clearly underestimated his boyfriend’s potential, for they spent the subsequent two hours introducing and re-introducing themselves over and over again to many, many business associates and their wives or husbands, as well as the occasional celebrity that Kouyou also knew.

Needless to say, Yuu was exhausted. It was tough enough being a CEO, having to run a company all on your own; but watching Kouyou put on his smiling face and network with all these other people and laugh at jokes that Yuu didn’t even get himself… Yuu didn’t understand how the blond did it.

And maybe, in a way, Yuu understood now why Kouyou wanted to have Yuu so desperately as his date on this night. Because Yuu couldn’t imagine Kouyou having to go through this all on his own, filled in a room where people flaunted their assets and wealth and significant other and whatever else they could come up with that displayed their status.

Yuu was familiar enough with having to put on facades when it came to sugar dating, but Kouyou was taking it to a whole new level. And each time a couple left their company and a new pair approached them, Yuu clutched at Kouyou’s arm just a little tighter, wanting to bring Kouyou all the comfort he needed. He wanted to let Kouyou know that the raven-haired was here, silently supporting him, and that the blond needn’t ever be alone. Because even as smooth and charismatic Kouyou was being, conversing with all these important associates, Yuu knew Kouyou was human too.

And Yuu was here to let that human know he could fall back on Yuu anytime.

When it came down to it, Yuu just felt a need to protect Kouyou, exactly like how Kouyou had always been protecting Yuu in any way possible. Yuu just hoped Kouyou could feel that – feel how Yuu was trying so hard for Kouyou, too.

It felt like forever, but after a long while of talking (well, it was Kouyou doing most of the talking – Yuu just watched and smiled and nodded like the good, supportive partner he was), Kouyou turned to Yuu with a weary look and appeared to have had enough.

“Tired?” Yuu asked, concerned. “Maybe we should go get some drinks.”

“Maybe we should,” Kouyou agreed, sighing.

They stalked over to the drinks bar by the side of the ballroom, and as Yuu moved to pour the both of them glasses of wine, Kouyou watched him with a fond gaze, smiling as Yuu helpfully offered a glass to him.

“What?” Yuu asked.

“Nothing,” Kouyou smiled warmly, taking Yuu’s glass into his hand, and immediately gulping all the wine hurriedly down his throat. His face twisted into a pained look after, earning him an instant giggle from the raven.

“Are you that thirsty?” Yuu laughed. “Just so you know, I’m not dragging your drunk ass home.”

“It’s not like I get drunk that easily,” Kouyou protested, pushing his glass towards Yuu for more. “Could I get a re-fill?”

Yuu snorted. “Of course, Mr Takashima,” the raven made a small bow. “A glass of wine, coming right up.”

“I didn’t know your status had downgraded from boyfriend to waiter so fast,” a familiar voice said from behind, and Yuu was immediately jolting up, recognizing the owner of that voice quickly.

“Yo, Akira, you made it!” Kouyou laughed deliriously, waving to his colleague standing behind the raven. Yuu narrowed his eyes to his boyfriend. “I’m not drunk, I swear.”

“Kouyou’s going crazy!” Yuu pouted, before turning around to greet Akira.

Akira was, of course, smartly dressed in a black tuxedo, just like Kouyou; looking like proper big-shot representatives of their company, embodying the class and charm of a gentleman at the same time. Holding his own wine glass at hand, Akira twirled it around his fingers mindlessly in a seemingly bored state as his eyes darted from Yuu back to Kouyou.

“You do know there are waiters walking around giving out glasses of wine, right? You don’t really have to do this yourselves.”

Kouyou smirked. “Well, Yuu was being so generous to offer his services, so I couldn’t exactly turn that down. I mean – my boyfriend’s acting like such a housewife to me, it’s such a lovely sight to behold.”

Yuu released a fatigued sigh, too tired to argue with the blond. “It’s your fault you’re going around talking to all these people. I get worried for you too, you know!”

Kouyou’s eyes lit up in surprise, having not expected Yuu’s concern. “Oh?”

“Looks like you're worrying your wife,” Akira teased, reducing Kouyou to sappy, lovesick smiles for the raven. “Ah… How nice would it be if I had one to care for me, too.”

Yuu scoffed at his statement. “Don’t you have Takanori? Speaking of… he’s not here? You didn’t invite him?”

Akira raised an eyebrow, as if shocked by the accusation, and shook his head. “Oh, sweetheart, I’ve known your friend for less than a week. I think he would freak out if I invited him to a gala out of nowhere.”

Yuu turned to Kouyou very slowly and suspiciously as Akira’s words gradually settled down into him. “Um… well, Kouyou kissed me in two days.”

Kouyou let out a loud laugh. “Oh, right.”

Akira shrugged at his words. “I’m not like CEO here who was clearly really sexually deprived. I don’t blame him though, so hey. You do you, Kouyou.”

Yuu side-eyed his lover. “Anyway, Akira… I bet Takanori would have been so excited to attend! I doubt he’d care about the fact that he has only known you for less than a week.”

“Oh, well, it just didn’t feel right,” Akira brushed it off. “Maybe next time. I mean, there are a ton of galas every year, you know. It just so happens that CEO right here doesn’t bother attending any of them, and always leaves me to fend for myself whenever I have to attend those events as a representative of our company.”

Kouyou coughed purposefully. “Correction, I’m way too busy to go. There’s a fine difference between having to work, and then not wanting to go, in case you didn’t know.”

“Oh, come on, you hate these things,” Akira laughed, pointing out.

Kouyou frowned. “That may be true. But Yuu’s here tonight, so that makes a whole lot of difference. I’m actually glad to be here, for one.” And then that silly smile was back on his face once more, as his eyes turned to look at Yuu.

Yuu briefly smiled at the gesture, and bowed his head slightly. “I’m glad to be at your service.”

Kouyou’s heart almost melted at his response, realizing the raven was suddenly ceasing in his teasing of the blond. “See? I can’t complain with such an adorable wife- I mean, uh, date.”

Yuu made a face at his usage of words, but Kouyou just grinned pridefully back to him.

“You guys are literally making me nauseous,” Akira sighed, shaking his head to the couple before him. “Anyway, Kouyou, I met with Mazaki earlier on and I believe he was looking forward to meeting you. Remember the collaboration we’re planning to do in a few months’ time? I believe he has some things he wishes to discuss with you.”

Kouyou’s face paled at the thought of having to meet with more associates. “Right. I hadn’t seen him around yet. I should go talk to him.”

“I think he was last seen near the stage area,” Akira tipped.

Kouyou nodded. “I guess I’ll go then. Yuu, is it okay if you stay with Akira for a while? I think you’ve had enough of lingering around all these people, so I’ll be right back.”

“Yep!” Yuu hurriedly assured, smiling widely to his blond lover. “I’ll stay right here! Promise.”

“Okay,” Kouyou looked disconcertingly back to Akira. “Take care of Yuu for me.”

Akira gave a convincing nod, waving the other man off. “You’ll only take like ten minutes, stop being so dramatic.”

Yuu couldn’t help but giggle at what Akira said – the brunet was right. Kouyou really was always so overly concerned when it came to Yuu, wasn’t he?

“I’ll be fine, I promise,” Yuu mewled in a cute voice, smiling up to Kouyou. Kouyou smiled back rather infatuatedly.

“I love you,” Kouyou mouthed in a last whisper, before finally bearing to part from Yuu’s side.

Once he was gone, Akira shook his head and broke into low, amused chuckles.

“Nice to know you told Kouyou,” Akira said, raising his glass up to the raven. “About your name. I’ve noticed he has stopped calling you Aoi. You look good, by the way. White’s a great color on you. I’m guessing Kouyou chose the tux.”

Yuu smiled, swaying the wine glass he had in his hand to himself. “Thank you, Kouyou chose it for me. And yeah… I guess I had to tell him about my name. I told him yesterday. I couldn’t keep it from him anymore.”

“And I’m guessing he reacted well?” Akira questioned, intrigued. “Didn’t seem like he was mad at you for anything.”

Yuu nodded. “He didn’t get mad at all! Kouyou was really sweet about it, and he said it didn’t matter what name I was called. But he was still really happy I chose to tell him my real name.”

Akira registered his words calmly. “I see. That’s good. I had thought Kouyou would have reacted perhaps a little more strongly, but knowing that it didn’t bother him at all makes me feel at ease. Perhaps he really can’t bring himself to get mad at you at all.”

Yuu’s face turned pink at the thought. “I sure hope so. Kouyou has never… He has never treated me badly. On the contrary, I’m starting to feel as if I’m the one that’s being mean to him all the time.”

Akira emitted a laugh. “It’s funny how Kouyou can run a huge company, and at the same time get so beaten up about his young raven-haired lover. I guess we both know who has gotten who wrapped around their fingertips.”

Yuu spread his lips into an innocent smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

They drank a couple more sips of their wine, leaning back against the drinks counter and taking in the busy crowd before them; when the lights in the ballroom suddenly dimmed, giving an overall cosier feeling to the whole gala.

“How romantic,” Akira remarked, watching as pink and purple lights were being slowly illuminated against the white curtains, in the background of the room. “I guess they’re finally starting the event. With a dance or performance or something.”

Yuu scanned the room worriedly as the loud chatter of the crowd progressively died down. “Where’s Kouyou? Has it been longer than ten minutes?”

Akira chuckled. “He’ll be fine. These discussions can go on forever, but now that things are happening, he’ll probably cut the conversation short and come back. He’s a CEO, remember? He’s quite ruthless in the way he handles things.”

“Oh, well then…” Yuu sighed and took another small sip of his wine. “I just hope he comes back soon. It feels strange not having him here next to me.”

Akira laughed. “Why, is my company so bad? I thought I made quite interesting company.” But before Yuu could protest and clarify that he didn’t mean it that way, Akira’s eyes were diverting across the room to a certain sight, his face falling into a frown as he did so.

“Look who’s here.”

Confused, the raven-haired followed Akira’s gaze. His eyes landed back upon Kouyou’s familiar figure – except the blond wasn’t alone. He was standing in the presence of a much older man, with a younger, alluring-looking woman by his side, a white fur shawl draped around her shoulders, dressed in a long black bodycon dress. With her pouty lips lined with dark lipstick, and her long dark hair trailing down her back in curls, she looked just like a sultry vampiress. And the very way her lips broke into forced laughter; as well as the sensual way she was gazing up to Kouyou right now, just rubbed Yuu off the wrong way.

The worst thing was, Kouyou was chuckling back. And as the blond drank from his glass of wine and continued conversing with his company, Yuu realized how perfectly Kouyou fit into the whole picture – without Yuu next to him. Kouyou was rich, charming, sophisticated, and so good-looking, for god’s sake. He could carry a whole conversation on his own, and he could understand all these corporate jokes, and there were an endless amount of people that were dying for just one chance to introduce themselves to him.

Kouyou never needed Yuu to be here in the first place.

“Christine Tsutomu,” Akira muttered, and his voice pulled Yuu momentarily out of his thoughts. Right. Akira was still standing here with him, awaiting Kouyou’s return.

“That woman?” Yuu asked, feeling his gut twist further as he watched Kouyou laugh at something else the woman seemed to be saying.

“Yes. She’s Christine,” Akira paused, sounding hesitant to elaborate more.

Christine wasn’t just an ordinary business associate or celebrity, judging by the way Akira was reacting so bitterly about this. Yuu knew she meant so much more… and the raven already had his suspicions. He just had no idea how to feel about this.

“She’s Kouyou’s ex-girlfriend,” Yuu surmised. “Isn’t she? She’s the daughter of his client. And the older man standing next to her is her father.”

Akira nodded. “You’re right. I’m pretty sure this is the first time they’ve seen each other since the break-up, and I’m quite surprised how friendly they are getting along with each other.”

Yuu snorted. “Friendly? Christine looks like she wants to eat Kouyou right up. I thought they ended on bad terms.”

The brunet frowned at his words. “They did fight, yes, but they ended on amicable terms. But it was more of a, ‘I guess I’ll see you around if I have to’ kind of thing. But to tell you the honest truth, I didn’t have a good impression of her after the whole incident. For months, it felt as if something she’d said had wrecked Kouyou entirely – and Kouyou just stopped being himself, for a while. It wasn’t only loneliness… He was starting to doubt himself, and as his close friend, it was really hard for me to witness that. That’s why I’m really glad…”

Akira looked over gratefully to Yuu. “I’m really glad he has found you. Because you really do make him happy, whereas Christine… Christine was another case, altogether.”

His words weren’t enough to relieve Yuu’s doubts, though.

Yuu bit his lip harder with every second, eyes unable to tear away from the sight of Kouyou and Christine laughing with each other. He could feel a pressure building in his chest, and his heart was starting to hurt so much it felt like it would burst from emotion. Sure, Akira said all these nice things about Yuu making Kouyou happy in a way that he has never been before, but right here, right now, Yuu didn’t feel needed, not at all, when Kouyou was looking so happy with Christine by his side. And she was so much prettier, too, in all of her thick make-up, and permed hair, and her expensive-looking white shawl.

Yuu briefly imagined Kouyou taking her delicate body into his arms and bringing her to bed, just like how he used to do with her so many times before, and the very mental image wrecked him. To think of Kouyou holding someone else in his arms – just like how he’d done so many times with Yuu, too – made the raven-haired unbearably sad, his chest constricting like never before, and he didn’t know what to do with this foreign feeling of heartbreak.

“Why won’t he stop talking to her?” Yuu hissed angrily, head snapping away from their direction. Akira could sense the raven’s sudden spike in temperament, and was slowly growing concerned for the younger man. “He said he wouldn’t take long! But he’s laughing and he’s having so much fun talking to her.”

“He’s just talking to her,” Akira rushed to pacify the raven, knowing the younger man was bound to think astray. “Yuu, it’s nothing more. Kouyou has always been so courteous and chivalrous, you know. He puts on all these smiles and facades for everybody. It’s just what you have to do as a CEO.”

Yuu wasn’t convinced. “I’m mad.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” Akira sighed understandably to him, knowing Yuu had all the reason in the world to be jealous at his age. “I’m sure he’ll return to your side any moment now. How about we get some food to eat, hm? And later, when Kouyou gets back, you can ask him all about Christine. I’m sure he’ll tell you he was doing nothing more but making an effort to remain on cordial terms with her.”

Yuu evidently sulked. “He better,” the raven said, making a move to reach for the plate of appetizers lying on the table. It was at that moment that the beautiful, melodious sounds of strings started flooding in the background, and Yuu’s attention was slowly being re-directed back to the stage area, where a group of violinists seemed to have gathered around to orchestrate a piece.

“What’s going on?” Yuu asked, watching as the guests in the ballroom cleared hastily to the sides of the room to make space for the middle.

“There seems to be a dance,” Akira was puzzled himself. “They didn’t mention this earlier. But they’re playing Bach’s ‘Air’, and I don’t think you can do anything else with classical music. Oh, look – couples are already gathering to dance.”

He was right. One by one, couples stepped onto the dance floor, enjoying the little surprise dance segment of the evening. And Yuu had never felt more alone, his face growing with envy at the sight before him. The raven’s eyes travelled longingly across the room again to search for his blond lover, but when he finally found him, Yuu gripped his wine glass so hard in his hand it threatened to break.

“He’s still with her,” Yuu moaned, feeling absolutely sick to the stomach.

Christine’s father appeared to be gesturing to both his daughter and Kouyou and pointing them to the dance floor, and as the violinists in the back played a particular long, melancholy note, gliding their strings down sorrowfully, Yuu’s heart dropped to the floor as he witnessed Kouyou extending a hand graciously out to Christine.

But I love you. And there was nothing else running through Yuu’s head right now, but these four words, telling him things Yuu had already know – but couldn’t bring himself to accept – since so long ago.

But I love you, Takashima Kouyou. You can’t do this to me.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Akira hurriedly said, but Yuu could already feel the tears springing to his eyes.

But I love you.


“I’m going home,” Yuu choked out, bitter bile rising up his throat, teary eyes turning to the floor. “I can’t believe he would do this to me. And all of his stupid lies about needing me to accompany him to this dumb gala. It was all just to feed his ego, wasn’t it? He didn’t even need me here. I can’t believe him.”

Akira, on his end, was at a huge loss of what to do. He wasn’t in a position to offer too much emotional comfort, and yet he was bewildered himself over Kouyou’s actions. As a best friend of the blond, Akira could vouch for Kouyou’s loyalty. But as a bystander of the current events, Akira could understand why Yuu’s heart was breaking at the sight of Kouyou spending time with his ex-girlfriend.

Regardless of the reason, Akira didn’t like seeing anyone dissolve into tears like this – especially not pretty young things like Yuu.

“Kouyou’s not the type to have a change of heart so easily,” Akira comforted gently, but Yuu just shook his head and wiped at his eyes, shielding his tears with his long hair by quickly untying his small ponytail.

“I’m leaving,” Yuu declared irately, turning on his heels and impulsively deciding to go. Akira watched the raven’s leaving back with an undecided heart, eventually resolving to follow quietly, knowing he wouldn’t feel good if he left his best friend’s lover unattended in his heartbroken state.

“And don’t follow me!” Yuu snapped, hearing Akira’s solemn footsteps start to follow behind him.

Akira sighed, knowing he had no heart to defy him.

“I’ll just be right here if you need me,” Akira offered loudly, his own heart sinking as Yuu left the ballroom in a flurry.

Turning his attention back to the dance floor, it surprised him to see it void of Kouyou’s presence. And after spending a good couple of minutes trying to search for the blond CEO in the room, Akira jumped up when he felt a light tap on his shoulder, calling his name.

“Where’s Yuu?” Came Kouyou’s voice, his hands spinning Akira around to face him.

Akira sighed deeply as he lay eyes upon his friend. “I thought you were going to dance with Christine.”

Kouyou’s lips curved into a frown. “Her father suggested it, yes, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, after all. I thought I would have the first dance with Yuu. Speaking of, where is he? Why isn’t he with you?”

Akira cast his eyes away. “He left. He saw you with Christine and got upset,” He answered quietly. “Kouyou, I’m not sure how you’re going to get out of this one. He was in tears.”

Kouyou’s face turned white, aghast with horror that Yuu had been crying because of him. Then, without a word, he was dashing out of the ballroom, desperate to catch Yuu in time.


Yuu found himself navigating the hallways of the hotel aimlessly, attempting futilely to blink away the tears gathering around his eyes. It was getting harder and harder for him to see clearly, when everything was blurring, and the only thing he could see and feel was the throbbing heartache burning in his chest. Yuu hadn’t ever felt like he wasn’t good enough for anyone in the longest time, but being surrounded by people in an event fit only for those belonging to an upperclass society did wonders for an average person’s self-esteem.

It wasn’t even the fact that Kouyou had spent half his time with Christine that irked Yuu so bad – it was how good he looked with her. Kouyou was so tall, so handsome, so perfect, with his refined accent, his polished manner of speaking, and even the casual way he conducted himself was so – so different from Yuu.

And, when Kouyou stood next to Christine, the wealthy and attractive daughter of a client of his, someone who could probably easily speak in the same tongues as him; someone who probably ran in the same circles as him; someone who probably understood every little inch of Kouyou’s universe… Yuu knew that he was nothing compared to Christine. She was the ideal match; the type of person that was worthy of someone like Kouyou.

She wasn’t Yuu.

For a period I always thought he’d marry her, considering she seemed like the ultimate perfect match. That was what Akira had said, hadn’t he? Yuu hadn’t understood at that point in time, but he definitely understood what meant now. Christine was everything Yuu wasn’t. And everything that Yuu wouldn’t ever be. Kouyou had engaged Yuu for his services, for god’s sake. Kouyou had met Yuu over a sugar dating website. It wasn’t even supposed to be an official relationship – it was only supposed to be an arrangement for them.

Kouyou had only been seeking an arrangement. Kouyou hadn’t been seeking for love.

But it was all Kouyou’s fault that Yuu had fallen so deep, now. Yuu had fallen in love. And Yuu cursed it, Yuu hated it, Yuu wanted this heartache gone. He had thought himself to be clever, to have carefully guarded his heart away from the blond, he had thought Kouyou to be foolish to have allowed Yuu to gain such a control over him; but at the end of the day, Yuu knew he wasn’t the real holder of the stakes here.

Kouyou had won his heart from day one. Kouyou was the one who held all the cards in his hand from the start.

And now, the very thought of Kouyou leaving Yuu for another was making it hard for the raven to even breathe. It felt as if someone had tore his heart out from his chest and left him for dead. It felt as if this excruciating pain would never go away, and Yuu didn’t know how to solve it. He didn’t know if he could ever solve it.

But I love you so much.


Yuu managed to locate the lifts nearby, after spending a considerable amount of time getting lost in the hallways and fumbling around with his hands across the walls, trying to locate where he was going with his eyes in a clouded state. Yuu just wanted to go home and bawl it all out, and pretend this whole arrangement between him and Kouyou hadn’t happened at all. He jammed his fingers harshly against the lift buttons, impatiently waiting for the lift to arrive.

Yuu thought he could simply take the lift and go home, but when the lift doors finally opened, it was to his luck that he made out the familiar silhouette of Kouyou’s figure stepping out, proving just how Yuu could never escape from the blond. Kouyou would always find him, wouldn’t he? Kouyou always found him, no matter what. Yuu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over that fact.

“Yuu…” Kouyou was quickly calling out, rushing forward to pull the raven into his arms. He looked worried sick for the younger man, but Yuu couldn’t bring himself to care about how Kouyou felt right now. Yuu started to thrash and squirm in a bid to escape, but he was weak in Kouyou’s hold, and the tears wouldn’t stop running down his cheeks.

Yuu couldn’t find his voice, even as he tried to part his lips to verbally abuse the man he was so desperately in love with. And all he could do was swallow down his tears down and sob wordlessly, finding himself giving in too easily to Kouyou’s embrace, his fingers digging into the front of Kouyou’s tux and clutching it close for comfort.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You should have stayed and waited for me to explain,” Kouyou whispered, his voice in a gentle lull. Yuu hated how much it soothed him instantly. “You know I would never do anything to hurt you. I couldn’t get out of that conversation with Christine, alright? Her father’s a very important client of mine. I’m really sorry you misunderstood.”

Yuu hated how believable Kouyou’s words were. Yuu hated how much he could give in to Kouyou so easily. Yuu hated how much he loved Kouyou to the point where he would accept anything from the older man right now. Any reason, any explanation, as long as Kouyou told him he still loved him.

“My… heart… shattered… into… a… million… pieces… seeing… you… there,” Yuu cried out, and it was a wonder Kouyou could still understand him when the raven was heaving and wheezing so much in his violent barrage of tears. The blond stroked Yuu’s back soothingly as the younger man sobbed into Kouyou’s chest painfully, with Kouyou’s own heart crushing at the sight of Yuu like this. It was the first time he had seen Yuu in such an emotionally devastated state, and to know that Kouyou was the cause of it filled the blond with an abundance of guilt.

“Babydoll, I don’t love her anymore,” Kouyou said softly, fingers caressing Yuu’s hair comfortingly. “I can’t, Yuu. My heart belongs to you, and you only. You know I’m not lying when I tell you this. You know I’ve never lied to you.”

Yuu hated how he knew Kouyou was telling the truth.

“But you asked her to dance with you,” Yuu sobbed out. “How could you do that to me?” Because watching Kouyou extend an invitation like that to his ex made Yuu second-guess everything Kouyou had ever said to him, and had broken Yuu’s heart entirely in a snap. Because Yuu had never thought Kouyou would choose someone over him, and watching Kouyou do just that challenged every notion Yuu had ever held about Kouyou.

Because in that split second, Yuu felt like he didn’t even exist. Like Kouyou had conveniently forgotten about him, in exchange for someone ten times better than him.

Kouyou was extremely apologetic in his reply. “I’m sorry, Yuu. I was pressured by her father to do so, but I realized I couldn’t, after all. I went to look for you – I wanted to be with you, instead. I missed you. I couldn’t… Yuu, I would never let anyone take priority over you, you have to believe me.”

I believe you.

It was funny how fast Yuu succumbed to his sugared words, and it was funny how easily Yuu was inclined to believe him. Because Kouyou had never once proven to have lied before to the raven, and Yuu didn’t think the blond would ever do that to him.

Yuu rubbed sorely at his eyes, visibly calming down after Kouyou’s explanation. “Is that the truth?”

“Yes,” Kouyou was eager to affirm, kissing Yuu tenderly against the head. “I promise. With all my heart. I’ll never let you leave my side again. I’ll take you anywhere I go.”

Yuu couldn’t resist a small smile after that, his rapidly beating heart slowly settling down at his words. “That would be really creepy, Kouyou…”

Kouyou managed a laugh. “Perhaps. Maybe. It would.”

Yuu smiled softly to himself, eyes fluttering close as he spoke. “But… you looked so perfect with her. She’s… very pretty.”

Kouyou made a low hum of disapproval. “She’s attractive, yes. But Yuu, you’re so much more stunning. And if she could have met you, she would have been jealous of you, too.”

Yuu found that hard to believe. “She’s rich, and she’s pretty, and she can probably make boring small talk with all your business associates. She’s… just like you. And I’m not. I’m nothing. I’m just…”

Kouyou let out a vexed sigh. “Yuu, you’re everything. Alright? And frankly, I don’t care how many business associates she can talk to. I don’t care about what she can do. I care about you, Yuu. I care about how beautiful you are. I care about how happy you make me. I can give less of a fuck what your background is. Because at the end of the day, you’re talking to me. You’re spending time with me. Not all these other old men. Not people you don’t need to get yourself involved with. You’re my lover, Yuu, not a secretary.”

Yuu’s heart lifted happily at his words. Now that Kouyou painted the picture like that… “I didn’t think of it in that way.”

“That’s because you’re young and you jump to conclusions too quickly,” Kouyou chided, but he made sure to do it in a teasing manner, gently enough to let Yuu know he was just playing with him. “Don’t scare me like that ever again, alright? I’m so upset I made you cry. You don’t know how much it pains me to see you like this, because of me.”

Yuu’s smile grew wider. “You always know how to sweet-talk to me, don’t you?”

Kouyou bent his head down slightly and kissed him atop his forehead.

“I’m not sweet-talking, I’m telling the truth,” Kouyou laughed, squeezing Yuu’s body in his grasp. “And you’re not allowed to run away before I can explain myself ever again, alright? I don’t want you to get upset over something that’s not even there.”

Yuu nodded his head shyly, then tipped up on his toes excitedly and pressed his lips right up against Kouyou’s ones. He kissed the blond softly, enough to convey his gratitude to him, stupefying the older man for a moment; before pulling away, with Yuu’s moist, teary eyes gazing back up into Kouyou’s startled ones.

“I love you,” Yuu blurted out, watching with a smile as Kouyou’s face went into shock at his sudden confession. “And I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier. But looking at you and Christine together – I – I couldn’t think of anything else. I love you, Takashima Kouyou. And I don’t want you to be with anyone else, just because I couldn’t tell you this earlier. I got so scared – that I wasn’t good enough, that you could so easily leave me for someone else. And I’ve been keeping this to myself for so long, but I need to let you know I love you, Kouyou. I love you, just like how you love me.

And I don’t know how to describe this feeling in my chest, but just know that everytime you’re away from me, everything hurts. And I want to see you again. And I want to annoy you again. I want to be around you all day. I want to be the only one you kiss and pamper. I want to be your only one. I feel everything I do right now, because of you. I love you.”

Kouyou went quiet for long while, his heart trepidating hard in his chest, Yuu’s words reverberating around in the silence. Yuu waited patiently for his reaction, slightly nervous, expecting Kouyou to reply with some sappy remark as he usually did, but it looked like the blond was always full of surprises.

“I heart you too,” was all Kouyou said, after awhile, teasing the raven, and Yuu felt blood flow rapidly in his cheeks at his reply, causing the raven’s face to turn as red as ever. “My pretty, little flower.” But Kouyou couldn’t stop smiling, and it looked as if his cheeks would burst from how wide he was grinning.

It warmed Yuu’s heart.

“I’m so happy,” Kouyou whispered delightedly to the raven, and then he was sliding his arms around Yuu’s waist and hoisting him up into the air, lifting him a couple inches off the ground. Yuu laughed at the childish act, and reciprocated as Kouyou lowered him only slightly to kiss Yuu gently on the lips. “I’m so happy to hear that from you, Yuu. I’m not sure I’m really awake right now, but I’m so happy.”

“You’re being embarrassing again,” Yuu moaned, but he was thrilled he’d finally done something right for the blond. That was all that mattered, at the end of it – making Kouyou happy, when that was what Kouyou had been doing for Yuu all these while.

Kouyou chuckled to his raven lover and pecked him cutely on the cheek.

“Let’s go home,” Kouyou said, deciding they’d had enough drama for the day.


Kouyou couldn’t pry his hands off Yuu, though. Not when they were taking the lift down, not when they were waiting for their limousine to pick them up downstairs, and not even when they were on the road home. And when Kouyou finally got the chance to get Yuu alone in his penthouse, and had no reason to hold himself back any longer – the poor raven-haired was thrown down onto the large king-sized bed he owned, with the blond CEO crawling excitedly atop him after.

“So impatient,” Yuu let slip a giggle, only moaning softly afterwards as Kouyou lowered his lips to Yuu’s neck and slobbered kisses all over. “Mmm, you’re so worked up tonight.”

“How can’t I be when the love of my life just told me he loved me?” Kouyou murmured against Yuu’s skin, ravaging him with lovebites all over. “I’m going to make love to you tonight over and over again, Yuu. And you’re not going to stop me.”

Yuu gave a drunken laugh, and obliged Kouyou as the blond began to tug at the hemline of his pants to strip him down. As Yuu’s pants were tossed by Kouyou down onto the floor next to them, Yuu kicked his legs into the air and hiked them around Kouyou’s waist, waiting for the blond to strip his ownself.

“I just want your cock inside me right now,” Yuu pleaded needily through half-lidded eyes, his dark hair fanned out beautifully underneath him. “I want you to make love to me until I can’t remember who I am. I want you so much, Kouyou. Please give it to me.”

Kouyou had to resist taking him then and there, his cock twitching endlessly at the desperate sound of Yuu’s voice.

“Oh, babydoll… You’re going to regret saying this,” he purred, his hands moving down in godspeed to unzip the front of his pants. Moving around the room hastily to grab for the necessary condoms and lube, it only took him a matter of minutes to be fully prepared and back on the bed with Yuu, leaning over the raven and pinning him down by sheer weight.

“Stop being a tease,” Yuu pouted, pulling Kouyou closer to him, his hands reaching up to grasp harshly at Kouyou’s hair. The raven shivered as he felt the naked brush of Kouyou’s cock against his thigh, and spread his legs automatically wider for the blond, wrapping them around Kouyou’s waist once more.

Please,” Yuu choked out, inching himself closer to his older lover helplessly.

Kouyou chuckled, liking how needful Yuu was acting. Grabbing hold of the sides of Yuu’s hips roughly, he angled his cock right up against Yuu’s entrance and pushed in slowly. The loud moan that left Yuu’s mouth as Kouyou finally entered him was satisfying to hear for the blond, and Kouyou couldn’t help the groan that left his lips as well, when he felt Yuu’s familiar tightness squeezing warmly around his cock.

“Oh… Oh… Oh god…” Yuu could barely open his eyes as Kouyou slid all the way inside of him, and he gave a surprised yelp when Kouyou reached a strong arm over to clasp Yuu’s wrists together, raising them above Yuu’s head, locking them in a vice grip over him. “Oh, you’re restraining me again…”

“I can’t help it, when you look so cute like that,” Kouyou replied smugly, and then he was moving out from inside of Yuu, dragging out another long moan from the raven. “Fuck, Yuu…”

“S-So thick,” Yuu whined, hips impatiently lifting to take more of Kouyou’s cock. “Nnn… Come back.”

Kouyou grinned at the adorable sight, then swiftly pushed back in, faster this time, picking up an elevated pace to fuck the raven in. Yuu’s mouth drawled open and his body thrashed around as Kouyou held him down tightly by the wrists, whilst beginning to fuck Yuu faster and faster and harder, sliding his cock in and out of Yuu at a frenzied pace, fucking Yuu so good the raven was seeing only white.

“Fuck! Fuck, Daddy! Daddy! Daddddyyy…” Yuu mewled, enjoying the thickness of Kouyou’s cock slipping in and out of him, his thighs occasionally squeezing playfully around Kouyou’s girth, liking the way Kouyou huffed and panted with every slide into Yuu.

God, Kouyou looked so incredibly hot like this, hovering above the raven, his face and neck dripping with nothing but sweat – still clothed in his white dress shirt – and looking perfectly the part of a handsome CEO, too eager to fuck his babydoll into oblivion. Kouyou’s low groans were absolutely lethal in the way those sounds made Yuu tremble, liking just how assertive Kouyou sounded; liking how those strong, built arms of Kouyou’s did nothing but hold Yuu down into submission with just his pure strength.

“So tight…” Kouyou groaned, bucking harder and harder into Yuu, watching as Yuu’s erection lay stiff and hard against the raven’s stomach, already spilling with pre-cum at the tip. “Mmm… Want to see you cum by just being fucked…”

Yuu bit his lip as he nodded to Kouyou’s words, knowing it wouldn’t take long for him to get there soon. As Yuu’s hips gyrated to Kouyou’s every movement, and his slim legs tightened around Kouyou’s waist, the both of them drowned the room in a constant stream of loud, pleasured moans and groans, with the continuous sound of the rattling of their bed, jerking along to every of their hard thrusts.

“I’ll never let you fuck anyone like how you fuck me,” Yuu whispered furiously, through dazed eyes. “I won’t allow it. Your cock belongs to me.”

Kouyou’s face widened into a pleasantly surprised smirk.

“I’ll never allow anyone else to fuck you like how I fuck you, either, sweetheart,” Kouyou breathed, eyes sweeping over the beautiful blush on Yuu’s cheeks. “Your body… your soul… your heart; they all belong to me. I’m never letting you go.”

And those were the last words Yuu managed to hear – the blond’s territorial stance turning him on so much he couldn’t think – before the raven reached his release and came violently underneath of Kouyou, his body writhing and flailing in a helpless mess as he rode his orgasm out against Kouyou’s cock. Kouyou came soon after, in a series of gasps and satisfied sighs, finishing off deep inside of his raven lover.

Kouyou then released his grip against Yuu’s wrists and fell limp to the bed next to Yuu, breathing heavily as he pressed his cheek right up against Yuu’s cheek.

“My beautiful babydoll,” Kouyou smiled gently, rolling the raven over to face him.

Yuu returned a shy smile back, eyes fluttering up to gaze sweetly to him.

“I love you,” Yuu said softly, still a little hesitant, but the way Kouyou’s eyes brightened up at his words made it all worth it.

“I love you too,” Kouyou whispered, trailing his fingers up Yuu’s face to caress him gently.

And they spent the rest of the night gazing to each other like this, touching, kissing, and when they were ready – fucking, until they finally wore each other out and decided to settle on cuddling, instead. 

Yuu and Kouyou slept the most soundly they ever did that night, their chests leaned up against one another, their hearts finally aligned with each other’s heartbeats.

Chapter Text

The warm touch of Kouyou’s fingers against his cheek were what roused the raven up from sleep slowly, slipping out soft, confused moans as he did so. Yuu’s eyes flitted open sleepily to a hazy view of his older lover’s face, and it took a couple of blinks for Yuu to clear his vision and cast his gaze upon Kouyou’s smiling face once more. 

“Good morning, my pretty little flower,” Kouyou greeted, his dark, clear eyes glimmering beautifully to Yuu, reflecting off the natural sunrays coming in through the glass windows. His blond hair was in a complete mess, but Yuu had succumbed to the fact long ago that Kouyou could pull off anything. There was the cool, refined side to Kouyou; proper and dominating, clean-shaven and very polite – but then Yuu would catch occasional glimpses of the boyish side to Kouyou sometimes, in the way his eyes lit up whenever he was happy, or the way he was always so child-like in his affections, in the way he begged for Yuu to return him the same love he’d offered him.

And right here, right now, with Kouyou’s blond hair in a hopeless mess, with stray strands sticking out of the place and his mouth fixated in a lopsided grin, Yuu thought Kouyou looked so honest, so real, so handsome in a way that Yuu knew Kouyou couldn’t be hiding anything from him – and it felt impossible not to fall in love with this man even further.

“Good morning,” Yuu greeted back, his lips spreading into a small smile for the blond. Kouyou lowered his head, pressing his forehead against Yuu’s so that their noses were briefly touching, their lips just centimetres apart from each other’s.

Yuu could barely remember the last time someone had showered him with such genuine love and attention, just like how Kouyou did, and being around the blond just made Yuu so, so happy. 

“Mmm,” Yuu made a small noise of content as Kouyou kissed him shortly. “What time is it? Don’t you have work?”

Kouyou stole another kiss from the raven, silencing him quickly. “What’s work? I don’t know anything of this ‘work’ you speak of.”

Yuu giggled in response, liking how playful the blond was suddenly acting. “I’m guessing someone’s playing truant today.” 

Kouyou grinned. “Me? Truant? I’m pretty sure you have classes going on right now.” And as his words sunk down into the raven and Yuu’s eyes were widening at the realization that he’d overslept through his Monday classes, Kouyou laughed and circled his arms around Yuu’s waist, tightening his grip around him.

“Not allowing you to go, though,” Kouyou cheekily said, laughing whole-heartedly at Yuu’s shell-shocked reaction. “You’re staying in with me for today. Or at least until lunch.”

Yuu narrowed his eyes to him, his lips curling up into a haughty smile. Oh? So Kouyou felt he was entitled enough now as Yuu’s boyfriend to tell Yuu what to do. “I see. Someone has started taking it upon himself to make decisions on behalf of me.”

Kouyou feigned ignorance, looking to Yuu innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“And you’re totally unashamed about it, too,” Yuu stuck a tongue out, taunting.

“I just wanted to spend more time with you,” Kouyou sulked, eyes apologetically staring back into Yuu’s ones. “Is that so bad?”

Yuu couldn’t stop himself from melting underneath Kouyou’s gaze even if he tried. 

“It’s… not so bad,” Yuu reluctantly admitted, trying his hardest to hide the effects Kouyou always had on him. “I guess.”

“Mmm,” Kouyou’s eyes were back to their loving look, his lips leaning forward to tenderly brush against the side of Yuu’s mouth. “I was doing some thinking this morning – and I realized we left the gala event yesterday without doing something really important. So I decided I’d at least take some time off today to accomplish that with you.” 

Yuu’s eyes darted up to him rather warily. “Do what?” God only knew the crazy ideas Kouyou could come up with sometimes.

Kouyou laughed at the sight of Yuu’s reservation. “Why do you look so suspicious of me? Like you’re afraid I’ll do something bad.”

Yuu made a slight huff. “I believe I have every reason to be suspicious. 

Kouyou raised up a finger to poke at the raven’s nose, chuckling. “Well, you’ll just have to find out after you wash up and get some breakfast. I’ll be in the kitchen waiting.”

Yuu wanted to say something more to annoy the blond, but Kouyou was adamant on ushering him to the bathroom, already holding him up lightly by the arm.

“Go go go!” Kouyou hurried, pointing his lover to the direction of the bathroom. Yuu sulked to his lover and forcefully dragged himself out of bed, shuffling forth to the bathroom to wash himself up.

Yuu was treated to a plate of steaming hot pancakes for breakfast, with accompanying butter and maple syrup to go along with it. Trust Kouyou to be so meticulous in his cooking as usual – and when the raven was being served breakfast by a rather handsome-looking blond CEO, with rolled up sleeves showing off the defined veins on his strong, muscled arms, Yuu found it hard to complain at the delicious sight of both his food and his lover. 

The couple spent their morning mindlessly chattering about yesterday’s events, as well as possibly seeing each other again later in the week, until Yuu took his last bite of his food and Kouyou was quickly swooping in to remove his plate off the kitchen table.

“Someone’s impatient,” Yuu remarked, looking on to Kouyou curiously. Kouyou just chuckled and moved to dump the dirty dishes into the sink, before making his way back to Yuu’s side and tugging the raven up from his seat gently by the wrist.

“What’s going on?” Yuu asked, bewildered, allowing the blond to easily manhandle him in his grasp. Kouyou spun Yuu around gracefully and pulled him to the living room, face looking eager and excited as he did so.

Then he was leaving Yuu stranded in the middle of the room as the older man rushed to a corner and busied himself with what appeared to be a record player, hastily putting a vinyl record on.

Yuu gaped at the sight. “Is that a gramophone?” Of course Kouyou would have one of these things. And it looked real expensive, too. 

“It is,” Kouyou proudly declared.

As the record started spinning under his fingertips, the blond pulled back and returned to Yuu’s side, his face fixated in a permanent smile as he analyzed Yuu’s reaction. The university student was still puzzled at first, wondering what on earth his lover was doing putting a random record on; but then the beautiful melody of strings slowly glided in and filled the room, resonating an air of familiarity around the raven.

It was the same exact song they had put on for the dance at the gala event yesterday, though Yuu couldn’t place a name to it anymore, since knowing the title of the song had been the least of his concerns when Akira was educating him so.

Hearing the familiar ethereal sound of strings playing immediately overwhelmed Yuu with feelings of lingering heartache, reminding him how painful it had been to watch Kouyou extend an invitation to Christine to dance last evening whilst he watched lonesomely in the background.

Yuu didn’t know what Kouyou was doing. And Yuu still couldn’t rid himself of the bitterness seeping into his heart.

Air, by Johann Sebastian Bach,” Kouyou introduced professionally, tearing Yuu away from his heartbreaking thoughts. “From the suite no. 3 in D major.”

Yuu swallowed hard down his throat and tried to ease his disdain off his face. Kouyou meant well, he was sure. Yuu just didn’t understand the blond’s motives yet. “You know your classical music well. Akira knew it, too, yesterday.”

Kouyou quirked an eyebrow up. “Oh? I bet he did. He has some history with classical, after all. His father is – was – an internationally acclaimed violinist..”

Now that was something Yuu didn’t know. “That’s amazing.” Akira didn’t look like the type to have a musical background, but now Yuu was wondering if the man himself played any instruments. He would have to find out later. 

“It is,” Kouyou agreed, but he seemed adamant on shifting the subject away from Akira. “I didn’t get to have a dance with you yesterday, Yuu. But thankfully for me, I’m always prepared with these things.” 

Yuu laughed wryly to himself. “With a vintage record player? I didn’t know you to be so old-fashioned.” 

Kouyou simply smiled to him. “It was an expensive gift from a client. And I’m not one to listen to music that often, but when I do get a chance to, classical is always nice. Besides, it’s rather befitting of my image, don’t you think?”

Yuu gave him a surprised look. “I didn't know you cared about such things, Takashima Kouyou.” It always appeared as if things like image and manners came naturally to him – Kouyou never had to try hard to get people to like him, due to his charismatic nature, and it never felt like Kouyou was too overly concerned about the way he looked or dressed either. Kouyou just was.

Kouyou was perfect.

“Oh, I care about a lot of things, Yuu,” Kouyou answered, winking brazenly to his lover. “And I would love to give you a whole list of things I care about, but I hope you know at the top of my list is you.” 

Of course Kouyou would remember to slip in a flirty remark or two.

And then he was bowing his head slightly, extending a hand out to the raven-haired as gentlemanly as possible. Yuu was briefly startled.

“And while we’re on the subject of caring about things – I wish to know if you would care for a dance with me…?”

Yuu’s lips parted into a smile at the unexpected, romantic gesture. Smiling so widely he was sure his mouth was bound to slide off his face, Yuu felt any remaining doubts in his heart go away in that very instant, and all thoughts of Christine vanishing immediately. Why did Yuu ever get jealous about Christine in the first place? Kouyou had proven time and time again to him that Christine was something of the past; and Yuu was his one and only now. Yuu was his. And Kouyou was Yuu’s.

With a wildly beating heart, Yuu found himself replying Kouyou demurely in return.

“I accept,” the raven answered shyly, placing his hand gently down against Kouyou’s palm.

Kouyou appeared delighted at his response, and was lifting his head back up in a second, his face beaming in satisfaction. And Kouyou had never looked more like a prince than right then and there, Yuu thought to himself, his cheeks blushing just as Kouyou’s eyes swept down right across Yuu’s face. 

“You’re always so shy with me when it comes to these things,” Kouyou teased, stepping forward to the raven, his arms falling down to Yuu’s waist. He placed his hands firmly around the raven’s hips, wrapping them securely around Yuu, then encouraged Yuu to close the gap between them by enclosing his arms up around Kouyou’s neck as well. 

Yuu complied dutifully, then lay his head down gently against Kouyou’s chest, smiling softly as he felt so close to the blond he could practically hear his heartbeat. They remained locked closely in an embrace, swaying their bodies lightly to the melodic backdrop, rocking to a silent rhythm only the both of them could feel.

It felt so peaceful, so muted; it felt like Yuu could simply float away, holding Kouyou like this; it felt like Yuu was in an ethereal wonderland. Yuu could hear Kouyou’s quiet breathing, and the way his breaths staggered in the silence, and the sounds of Kouyou’s fingers fastening together behind his back as he held Yuu in his grasp.

Every note, and every waver of the violin strings emited from the record, felt as if the song was being played only for them, only for their hearts to feel the love they felt. As the music graced their ears, Yuu’s eyes closed peacefully against Kouyou’s chest, drowning in the feel of Kouyou’s arms, and the passionate ballad playing in the background. 

Everything felt as if they had finally fallen into place. And Yuu’s heart was the most calm it had ever been. Yuu only wished they could have had this sooner; and maybe they would have, if Yuu hadn’t been so reluctant in allowing Kouyou into his life.

“I’m sorry,” Yuu murmured suddenly in a whisper, baffling his lover.

“What for?” Kouyou asked, in an equally soft voice.

For everything. “For going round in circles and refusing to admit my love for you. For hurting you everytime I kept silent and wanted to keep my feelings all to myself for my own selfish reasons,” Yuu bit his lip, eyes looking to the floor. “If I were you, I would have moved on long ago.”

Kouyou released a sigh, realizing where Yuu was heading with this. “Yuu, you know this was never a matter of concern for me. I told you I would wait for you, and you could take all the time in the world you needed to decide. I know we both met under the impression of only getting into a relationship… with benefits, and I hadn’t expected my feelings for you would run deeper than expected. Plus, I know it’s hard to trust men of my calibre. Even I find it hard to trust the people I meet on a daily basis.” 

Yuu raised his head to look up doubtfully to the blond. “It’s just… You’re just… so different. You’re… so patient. And you always wait for me. I couldn’t do that. I’m selfish. Too selfish. I’m always afraid of losing out, afraid of people gaining the upperhand. And you’re in a perfect position to do that, too. You’re so handsome, and so rich, and you’re older, and you could leave me anytime. I just… I was just scared.”

Kouyou frowned, clearly in disagreement of what Yuu was saying. “You’re not selfish, sweetheart. You’re only looking out for yourself. And I get that, I really do. And you don’t have to worry about me using anything against you – I would never. Of course, I can’t help the way I look, nor the job I’m in, nor the years I’m older than you… But if being with me makes you feel uncomfortable, and this imbalance of power ever upsets you… You have to let me know. Alright? Because I don’t want to make this relationship into something that makes you feel like you’re any less of a person, Yuu. I’m only thinking of you.”

Yuu’s heart leaped of its own accord, and his lips fell back into a comforted smile.

“Well… I’m not going to lie and say that you being a hot-as-hell CEO with a lot of money to flaunt doesn’t turn me on,” Yuu confessed slyly. “Because it does. And you’re so gentle as a person; but at the same time you’re so… you’re so rough in bed. And it makes me feel so… ” Yuu felt his stomach clench at memories of last night streaming into his head. “So alive.” Images of Kouyou’s fit body lined up against his, thrusting urgently into him… God, Yuu had never been fucked by anyone else the same way Kouyou did for him.

Yuu wasn’t going to hide the truth and lie about being a complete saint – because he did like how dominant Kouyou was in bed. He liked how mature the older man was, and he liked how he never had to worry about bringing a wallet out to dinner dates with Kouyou. Being with Kouyou meant that Yuu didn’t ever have to worry about being a broke university student. All Yuu had to worry about was giving his heart to him.

And Yuu had already given his heart to him a long, long time ago. 

Kouyou chuckled at the raven’s honesty. “Oh, Yuu. I’m glad you like me the way I am.” 

Yuu grinned, gradually relaxing at his words. “Besides, you’re not like men of your calibre, too. Men like you wouldn’t care about the person I am, at all, because at the end of the day all they want is sex and company. And I’m just there to hear them rant about their day at work and look happy, always, and be the Aoi they want. But I’ve grown so used to being something that people want that I forget–”

“Yuu.” Kouyou cut him short, his face deadpan. Yuu was momentarily confused, wondering why Kouyou’s smile had fallen from his face. 

But then – 

“How many men have you exactly dated?” 

Yuu hadn’t noticed he had divulged more than he had planned, and that he had been referencing his past relationships with other sugar daddies to the blond.

Kouyou didn’t know anything about them. Granted, Kouyou had never asked about them, and Yuu had never thought it to be appropriate information to share with him. The raven had wondered for the longest time if Kouyou was not all that interested in Yuu’s life as a sugar baby, or if Kouyou just didn’t want to touch on those specific areas, knowing he wouldn’t like what he heard anyway. Or did Kouyou think he was the only sugar daddy Yuu had ever gotten involved with? Was Kouyou really that naïve? 

Either way, Kouyou was visibly stiffening at his words now, and Yuu felt his heart drop at his reaction. Kouyou clearly didn’t take too well to hearing about Yuu’s past endeavours, and Yuu didn’t know Kouyou would react if Yuu told him all about them. 

“I’m not the first, aren’t I?” Kouyou asked, his tone crisp and sharp. His feet came to an abrupt stop, and he was pausing in his dance with the raven.

Yuu wasn’t sure he wanted to let Kouyou know. 

“Do you really want to know?” Yuu replied meekly. 

Kouyou turned his eyes away. “I take that as a yes, then.”

Yuu felt fear grip him harder. “Are you mad?” Oh god, no, please don’t be mad at Yuu. Yuu couldn’t lose Kouyou over this.

Kouyou’s face looked conflicted, but he let out a helpless sigh anyway. “No, sweetheart. I could never be mad at you. It’s not as if I haven’t thought about it – it just never really mattered to me since you had become mine. And I know I’m not the first man you dated romantically, but I’m guessing I’m also not the first wealthy man you got involved with just for the money, either. But I–” the blond hesitated to continue. Yuu’s heart wouldn’t stop dashing against his chest, threatening to almost fall out with every word Kouyou said.

“Thinking about you in bed with another man just kills me, Yuu. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to imagine you being pampered with by someone else. Even talking about it right now physically hurts.” And the way Kouyou looked as he said this – his eyebrows furrowed, his forehead clenched into creases, his eyes burning with utmost sadness and anger – Yuu’s heart broke at the sight. He didn’t want Kouyou feeling this way. Kouyou had a right to get irked by the thought of Yuu and his past sugar daddy relationships, and Yuu knew he could never fault him for it.

He just needed to let Kouyou know he wasn’t going to go back to any of them anymore.

Yuu buried his head deep into Kouyou’s chest, clenching his eyes shut. “I’m not leaving you! I would never. I love you. You don’t have to worry about all the other men. They were all old and disgusting anyway.” 

Kouyou broke into a laugh at Yuu’s description. It warmed Yuu’s heart. “Right. And I trust my youthfulness and charisma is much, much better than all of them?” 

“Yes!” Yuu hummed excitedly, snuggling up to his lover. “I heart you a million times more than any of them.”

Kouyou raised his fingers to Yuu’s hair, clutching at the raven as he bent down to kiss Yuu against the head. 

“I heart you too,” Kouyou said, and the love and affection in his eyes was unmistakable as he gazed down to Yuu. 


They forgot about the matter of Yuu’s past relationships quickly, and Yuu never had to reveal much about it to Kouyou. It was obvious that Kouyou wasn’t all too interested either, which Yuu was secretly thankful for. He didn’t want to have to tell Kouyou about the million dates Yuu had gone on, and he didn’t want to have to subject Kouyou to the torture of hearing about the amount of men Yuu had kissed, or all the nights Yuu had spent at his sugar daddies’ houses for money alone. Kouyou already knew what Yuu did as his profession, but that didn’t mean that the CEO cum lover was happy to think about it. And Yuu totally understood. Yuu didn’t want to make Kouyou unhappy in any way, either.

After dressing himself up all prim and proper in his suit to return to the office for work later, Kouyou took Yuu out for some quick lunch at a restaurant nearby before sending the raven home in his car. And when it was time for Yuu to leave, Kouyou watched the raven longingly from his seat as Yuu unbuckled his seat belt and gathered his bags to himself.

Yuu had to laugh at how sore Kouyou was acting. 

“I’ll see you again, puppy,” Yuu teased, though he liked how Kouyou was as reluctant to leave him as he was to the blond. “Just text me when you want to see me again.”

Kouyou was full-on pouting by then. “Kiss me before you go?”

Yuu stifled a giggle at how immature Kouyou was being. “Okay,” he said, and Kouyou’s fingers were reaching to grab hold of Yuu’s chin at that very instant, pulling him in for a soft kiss against the lips. Kouyou kissed him tenderly, capturing Yuu’s soft lips and biting against them needily, over and over again, leaving much to be desired. This, combined with the overwhelming scent of Kouyou’s cologne in the car, intoxicated the raven and made it twice as hard for him to leave Kouyou’s side.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to take so much time off as a CEO,” was all Yuu managed to say as he dazedly drew his lips away. 

“I don’t think you can tell me what to do,” Kouyou teased playfully.

“Maybe I’ll let Akira know,” Yuu challenged, folding his arms. 

Kouyou frowned. “Since when were you on such good terms with Akira?”

Yuu just flashed him a smug smile. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he said, pushing the car door open, preparing to leave.

“Wait!” Kouyou halted the raven, rushing to grip at Yuu’s arm. “I haven’t given you something.” The CEO quickly slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled his thick wallet out, opening it and offering Yuu an extravagant display of all the credit cards he had slotted in (Yuu would neverget over how many credit cards people of Kouyou’s status kept – did they seriously need that many?). 

Kouyou pulled out a silver credit card and handed it over to Yuu, who promptly looked down at it in shock. Yuu had assumed that since they were lovers now, he wouldn’t be receiving payments from Kouyou anymore for his companionship. But it appeared as if Kouyou had taken things into his own hands… 

“It’s for you,” Kouyou said with a wide smile. The credit card he was holding looked new and untouched, and Yuu wondered if Kouyou had recently gotten it made just for him. Kouyou answered those questions of his with his next statement, though. 

“I know you mentioned you didn’t want payments anymore since we’re no longer in that kind of relationship, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still spoil you. I got my secretary to make an extra card for me so I could give it to you.” 

Yuu didn’t know if it was right to accept it. On one hand, it wasn’t like Kouyou couldn’t afford this. On the other, it felt as if Kouyou was still under the impression that Yuu was only with him for his money. And it really felt like they couldn’t move on from their previous relationship and progress into actual lovers if Yuu was still constantly living off Kouyou’s money. 

“Kou, you really don’t have to do this, you know…” Yuu said quietly, uncertainly.

“I know,” Kouyou insisted, face looking hopefully to the raven. “But Yuu, you always forget who I am, don’t you? Takashima Kouyou can’t leave his lover fending for himself when his lover deserves everything in the world.” 

Yuu sighed softly, unable to resist the older man’s sentimental words. How could anyone resist them? If taking the card would make Kouyou happy, who was Yuu to deny that? 

“Thank you for thinking of me,” Yuu said, smiling gratefully as he accepted the card in Kouyou’s hands. “I’ll try not to use it too often.” 

“Oh, no, please use it,” Kouyou hastily encouraged. “Use it as often as you want. Go wild. Well, there’s a $5,000 credit limit on it per month, so perhaps not as wild. But let me know if that’s too little for you.”

Yuu shook his head. “It’s enough! I probably won’t even need to use it as often, anyway, because you take me out all the time. And I do have my own savings to fall back on too.” 

“I don’t want you dipping into your savings,” Kouyou chided, displeased at the idea. “Use the card, alright? I’m going to get my secretary to check on it every other week and if I see it being left untouched, I’m going to have a word with you.” 

Yuu wasn’t sure as to whether he should feel crossed or delighted by how concerned Kouyou was over his financial spendings. This was a whole new level of controlling altogether – albeit a good one. What kind of lover freely gave their credit card out and demanded for it to be used?

(…Kouyou, apparently.) 

“Well… Will you punish me if I don’t use it?” Yuu shamelessly asked, slyly turning to the CEO. 

Kouyou raised an eyebrow at his question, surprised by the sudden come-hither look in Yuu’s eyes.

“If that’s what you want, babydoll,” Kouyou laughed at Yuu’s attempt in talking dirty. “You know I don’t even need a reason to punish you if I truly wanted to.”

Yuu scoffed at his words, annoyed the blond wasn’t playing along with him. “Okay, bye.”

Kouyou laughed harder at Yuu’s reply. “Babyydollll, you know I love you.” 

“I’m going to bankrupt you with this card and you’re going to regret giving it to me,” Yuu declared, shaking his fist. 

It took forever for the couple to finally stop their bickering and part ways, but even then, Yuu never wanted to leave Kouyou’s side.


“Welcome home,” came Yutaka’s voice, his body lying spread across the sofa as he held a book up high atop him to read. “I thought you’d return early this morning.”

“You’ll ruin your eyesight that way,” Yuu nagged as he passed through the apartment door, clucking his tongue at the sight of Yutaka reading whilst lying down. “Kouyou took me out for lunch before he drove me home.” 

“I see.” Yutaka flipped a page of his book. Yuu had the slightest suspicion that Yutaka wasn’t really reading anymore. “So, did you have fun? The gala event, I mean. I didn’t realize it was such a big thing, but I was flipping past the channels last night and saw media coverage on it. It’s some annual gala event thrown by this billionaire businessmen and many important people and celebrities attend it.”

“Wow, I saw a ton of cameras but I didn't know it was being aired live,” Yuu strutted through the living room with his heavy bags, heading for his bedroom. “The gala was pretty scary. It was crowded and grand and we met a ton of Kouyou’s business associates.” 

“You didn’t look very scared, though,” Yutaka casually commented. “You looked good. Nice suit, by the way.”

…Hold the fuck up. Yuu had never shown Yutaka what he was wearing. How did Yutaka know? Unless… 

“I was on television?” Yuu rushed to ask, whipping his head back to Yutaka, heart racing furiously in his chest. Holy fuck

“Briefly,” Yutaka answered. “The media goes crazy over who arrives on the red carpet and who doesn’t. I think they had some fashion police segment going on, too.”

Oh, Yuu was so screwed. 

How many people had watched that telecast? How many people did Yuu not want to see that telecast? How many men – that Yuu had gone out with before – now knew he was dating Takashima Kouyou? It wouldn’t be as bad if those men were a bunch of nobodies, but – but these were men that all held important statuses in this society. And Kouyou might be the most important of them all so far, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t know each other. These circles were small and they were bound to have heard of, or talked to, each other at least once.

“I can’t have people knowing I’m dating Kouyou,” Yuu shrieked, dropping his bags onto the floor. “I mean, I haven’t – I – oh my god. Yutaka, what if they don’t even know I’m dating him? What if they think I’m just sugaring him?”

Yutaka sat up against the sofa, puzzled by Yuu’s sudden outburst. “What’s going on? Why are you freaking out?” 

“I work as a sugar baby!” Yuu’s face drained, placing his hands against his face. “I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead. No one knows how Kouyou and I met. And my relationships with all these other men are always low-key and discreet – we never publicize it. But right now I’m publicizing mine with Kouyou. And Kouyou’s so important! What if he’s receiving calls right now from trusted associates asking if his lover is just someone he’s paying money to for sex. Can you imagine his humiliation?” 

Yutaka folded his arms, shaking his head at Yuu’s revelation, seeing no point in the raven getting worried. “To be perfectly honest, Kouyou should have thought of that before he brought you to that event. He knows all about what that event would entail, after all. So even if he receives a call right now from clients asking him about you, it’s Kouyou’s fault. Not yours.” 

Yuu frowned, not liking how Yutaka seemed to pin the blame on Kouyou for everything. “It’s not! It’s mine!”

“OK, let’s say it’s yours. So what? It’s not as if Kouyou doesn’t know what you work as. It’d be a different story altogether if he didn’t know.” Yutaka pointed out.

Yuu simply sulked in response. “It doesn’t even feel like Kouyou wants to acknowledge my history, actually. I mean – he did ask about it, but he doesn’t have interest in it. I don’t blame him, because he has said he doesn’t like thinking about me dating other men. But…” 

Yutaka had a look of concern on his face. “You think it’s important that Kouyou knows about your past relationships.”

Yuu nodded, turning his eyes away. “But at the same time, I don’t want to tell him anything. I just – I never expected him and I to get this far. And now that we have… I’m not actually sure how to let him know about all these things. I haven’t even… Oh, god. I haven’t even…” Yuu buried his face into his hands. 

Yutaka, sensing the raven was about to head for a nervous breakdown, jumped over the sofa and hastened to Yuu’s side, arms warmly bringing Yuu into a comforting embrace. 

“It’s going to be okay, Yuu,” Yutaka assured, strong arms hugging the raven close to him. “If Kouyou loves you, all these things shouldn’t matter to him at all.”

Oh, but Yutaka didn’t know the real reasons why at all. Yuu was so fucked, and in more ways than one. 

“Not when he knows I haven’t broken it off with all the other men,” Yuu choked out, finally admitting it all at a go. 

Yutaka was stunned to silence, his jaw falling open at Yutaka’s confession.


And that when Yuu knew he truly fucked up. 



“I haven’t even...” Yuu shielded his eyes away from Yutaka, too embarrassed to maintain a gaze with him. “I haven’t told them I was done with them.” 

“Are you still seeing them?” Yutaka snapped. Yuu flinched at the tone of his voice. When even Yutaka was getting mad at him, Yuu knew he was done for.

“I haven’t seen them in awhile,” Yuu said quietly. “But that’s only because I stopped responding to their messages.”

Yutaka then withdrew from the embrace and grabbed hold of Yuu’s shoulders, forcing the raven to look back up to him. The brunet did not look happy. 

“Yuu, you have to break it off with them. If I was Kouyou and I heard this from you… I would be really, really hurt, Yuu.”

Yuu fluttered his eyes shut, uttering out a low sigh. “I know. I’m a huge loser. I just cultivated this habit of scrolling past their messages whenever they come in, and only looking for Kouyou’s messages instead. It’s almost like they don’t exist. Maybe if I ignore them long enough, they’ll get a hint.” 

“Trust me, they’re still out there waiting for your reply so they can hit you up again.” Yutaka lectured, his lips scrunched up in an exasperated frown. “Yuu… You really underestimate how mesmerizing you are, don’t you? You don’t know how long these men who like you are willing to wait for you. You think their feelings are just going to go away, but it won’t. You’re just too…” Yutaka’s fingers trailed up the side of Yuu’s right cheek gently. “Perfect.”

Yuu opened his eyes to meet Yutaka’s yearning ones, and for a moment the sight of Yutaka’s eyes boring back intensely into Yuu’s ones confused Yuu. 

He can’t still be in love with me. 

“You should tell them,” Yutaka cleared his throat, saying, breaking the tension between them. “You should cut it off with them. You don’t have to tell Kouyou if neither of you want to talk about it – but you need to settle it on your end. Don’t leave those men hanging, okay?” 

Yuu nodded reluctantly, knowing what Yutaka was saying was right. “I guess I’ll have to. I’m just scared they might retaliate and hurt me in some way, but… It’s better to let them know that I’m no longer available for them.” 

“They won’t hurt you,” Yutaka rushed to promise in a low whisper, his gaze firm and resolute. “Not on my watch. Don’t worry, Yuu. I’ll protect you.”

Yuu gave a small smile in return. It was reassuring knowing that Yutaka would always have his back no matter what – even though it was Yuu doing the fucking up most of the time. “Thank you,” he said, pulling his brunet roommate into a grateful embrace. 

“I’ll protect you,” Yutaka repeated softly, eyes closing as he rested his chin against Yuu’s head, his arms tightening around Yuu’s back. Yuu knew at that very moment that the heart beating up against his chest wasn’t beating solely out of concern. 

Yutaka’s still in love with me.

And Yuu’s heart had never weighed heavier at the knowledge that out of so many men’s hearts to break, the one heart he never wanted to hurt just had to be the hardest one to break.

Chapter Text

It took awhile before Yuu mustered the courage to actually draft messages and send them out to his sugar daddies, informing them he was no longer available for any future arrangements, but he finally did it that night. Tossing his phone to a corner almost immediately after, Yuu found himself diving into bed and blocking out everything else – with the exception of thoughts of Kouyou.

Yuu woke up the next morning with a nervously beating heart, only daring to glance to his phone after washing up and settling down at the kitchen to have his breakfast. Yutaka had already left the apartment earlier for his own classes, but very considerately remembered to leave behind some toasted bread and eggs for Yuu to eat. Yuu checked his messages with his breath held at the dining table, hoping none of his sugar daddies had reacted too strongly to his message.

To his relief, none of them so far seemed to prove too much of a threat. There were some that were kind and understanding, and then there were others that outrightly insulted Yuu’s being for giving up such an opportunity to be their sugar baby. They couldn’t do much damage, though – Yuu knew these types of men too well. They were all talk but no show, and Yuu knew they would move on to another sugar baby soon enough.

Interestingly, there wasn’t the anticipated text from the attorney that had been frantically messaging him for a reply all these while. Yuu didn’t know whether to be comforted by that fact or not. Did the attorney get too upset to continue chasing after Yuu? Was he finally backing off? Or would he come back later with a threat?

Yuu didn’t know what to think.

He didn’t have to, though, for now. Grabbing his jacket off the counter and tossing his dishes hastily into the sink, Yuu decided to head to his classes for the day first and get them done and over with before occupying his mind with other thoughts.

Well, not without replying to Kouyou’s text, first... Yuu smiled to himself as his fingers maneuvered against his phone’s screen, scrolling back up to Kouyou’s text. The blond always sent a daily morning message to Yuu without fail.

Kouyou: Good morning babydoll! :) How is my little flower feeling today? I trust the past weekend had been an extremely good rest for you.

Yuu: You flatter yourself, mister.

Yuu: …But it was. <3


Yuu knew he couldn’t hide anything from Takanori – especially not a bigass gala event. Takanori would know. And Takanori already knew. As Yuu moved to settle down into his usual seat in class next to Takanori, he could see his smaller classmate’s eyes light up in bubbling excitement, his lips quirking up into a grin.  

Yuu sighed, and with the shake of his head, readied himself for the interrogation he knew was coming. In three… two… on–

“Yoshizawa’s gala! It’s easily the biggest gala event of the year. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were going with your billionaire boyfriend!”

Yuu shushed him almost immediately; his friend’s excitement was translating into high-pitched shouts that were spilling out things Yuu didn’t want everyone to know. Students were still slowly streaming into class, and Yuu didn’t want to make the issue about whom he was dating outside of school too big of a big deal around here.

Being with Takashima Kouyou had already long proven to Yuu that he was more than just another fancy name – Kouyou actually had credibility and influence in this industry he worked in. Yuu didn’t know how many more people knew who the blond was, but given that the CEO was important enough to be reported about in the news’ headlines, Yuu knew Kouyou had to be a powerful enough figure. Speaking of, Yuu had to find out if Takanori found out about the gala through the TV, too.

“Did you watch the broadcast on television, too?” Yuu asked inquisitively. “You don’t look like the type to keep up with the news.” Not the regular news, anyway. Yuu was certain Takanori knew the latest fashion news like the back of his hand – the man was a hardcore fashion trend follower.

Takanori snorted in response. “I won’t say that you’re wrong, but this is the gala event of the year we’re talking about. And I keep up with celebrity gossip! They had such good looks on the red carpet this time. You looked smashing, by the way. I’m also guessing you smashed pretty hard Sunday night, which explains your absence yesterday.” Yuu felt his face turn positively pink at his words. Damn, Taka always got him. And the little wink Takanori was giving him wasn’t helping much, either.

“Um… That’s totally not true,” Yuu dismissed, embarrassed, but the way his lips were slowly curving up into a small smile gave it all away. “Okay, fine. But that’s only because Kouyou forced me to. Not go for classes, I mean. He’s very crafty!”

And uh, very convincing in bed. 

Takanori looked amused. “Crafty, huh? Now you got me all curious about the kind of man he is…” The man briefly cackled at the thought. “Though, if he’s anything like Akira, I’m guessing it must be hard to deny him what he wants. Akira’s pretty charming… These men are incorrigible.”

Yuu’s interest was perked. “Oh? You’ve met him again?” Yuu had been too busy over the weekend to keep up with Takanori, but Akira had made no mention of going out on a date with Takanori yet. Or had Akira declined to mention such things?

“Just yesterday,” Takanori grinned uncontrollably to himself. “Just a casual coffee date. Though, I’m not complaining – he came to pick me up from class in a real expensive car, it was so cool. It’s almost like stepping into a whole new world, the corporate kind with ties and suits and charming men who sweep you right off your feet.”

Yuu suppressed a laugh, knowing his initial reaction to Kouyou’s car and presence had been exactly the same. Now that Yuu thought about it, he was so used to Kouyou’s Lamborghini, it didn’t even occur to him much just how unusual it was to be driven around in one anymore. Was Yuu starting to take this privileges he got while being with Kouyou for granted? Yuu momentarily wondered if he could ever get used to his normal life if – god forbid – Kouyou ever decided to break up with him.

“So, how did the coffee date go? Was Akira nice?” Yuu asked. He didn’t doubt Akira’s niceness, but it would be interesting to hear about Takanori’s thoughts on the man.

Takanori was practically swooning in his reply. “He is so good-looking. I can’t even put it into words. And the way he speaks, and the way he acts… It’s so refined. We’ll never get guys like that around here in our university. Akira’s so polite, and he speaks so coolly, and he makes me feel like my presence is actually wanted. It’s horrible how comfortable I am with him. I’m not telling him that, though.” The man put a finger to his lips, laughing rather evilly. “I’m not showing how much I like him just yet… I’m going to play a little hard-to-get.”

Yuu broke into a delighted laugh. Oh. Akira was in for a total surprise with Takanori. Takanori was a little feisty one here.

“You do realize he’s the vice-president of a company, right?” Yuu teased. “Aren’t you afraid mister vice-president might find someone else? Someone much easier?”

Takanori smiled rather smugly back. “Oh, please. He’s totally lucky to have me! I’m the one he has to worry about. We’re meeting tomorrow for another lunch date.”

Yuu burst out laughing. “Seriously? Honestly, your characters are so different from each other I’m so interested in how your relationship dynamic is like. Maybe sometime in the future we could go on a double date…”

“A double date sounds sweet,” Takanori agreed, nodding his head. “Let’s set that up soon! I want to meet Mr CEO too, and see exactly how ‘crafty’ he is.”

Yuu’s face turned red at Takanori’s suggestive remark. “He’s not that crafty. Well, um…” Yuu’s phone was suddenly vibrating with a new text, and the raven rushed to retrieve it from his pocket.

“Is it from the mister?” Takanori teased, eyeing Yuu’s blushing face.

“Um… probably is,” Yuu’s fingers deftly unlocked his phone’s screen to look to the message. It should be Kouyou, replying to his text with a cute message whining about how much he missed the raven and how he wanted to see the raven again. Yuu readied himself to glance upon Kouyou’s text, his heart fluttering excitingly in anticipation.

…Except it wasn’t. 

One New Message
It’s Takashima Kouyou, isn’t it?  

Another angry text came a second later.

One New Message
You dumped me for Takashima Kouyou.

And that was the moment Yuu felt his heart plummet so far down he could no longer breathe.


Yuu barely survived the entirety of class without getting into a nervous breakdown. And when it was finally time to leave, he convinced Takanori he had a date with Kouyou and had no time to stay for small talk.

And then he was off like the wind, rushing back home with a frenzied mind and a frightened heart. He was dialing Yutaka’s number hurriedly on his phone as he made his way back, wanting to hear his best friend’s voice as soon as possible. Yuu had never felt more relieved to hear his call being picked up.

“Hello?” Yutaka sounded concerned. Yuu knew he had every right to be since Yuu rarely had a habit of calling him; it was always only texts between the both of them. Yuu only ever called Yutaka if he needed to – if he was stuck in a dangerous situation, or urgently needed Yutaka’s help.

“Are you at home?” Yuu anxiously questioned, his voice coming out in tremors.

Yutaka’s voice quickly tensed up. “Yes. I am. Just got back. What’s wrong?”

“I’m so fucked,” Yuu hissed, bringing his other hand to his face devastatedly. “And god, I’m so scared. I don’t know if I’ve angered one of them or not.”

“Them?” Yutaka asked hesitantly. “You mean the men who pay you for sex?”

“Pay me for companionship,” Yuu corrected with a ‘tsk’. “Not the point. Remember how I told you I would end things with them? I sent out a mass text to all of them last night informing them I couldn’t go out with them anymore. And some of them were cool with it, some of them were not. Well, it doesn’t matter – but there’s a particular one that I had been going out with for quite awhile, that had been paying me rather handsomely, too. And he’s got quite a bit of influence… and he seems to know Takashima Kouyou.”

“Wait, hold on,” Yutaka cut him short, confused. “How do you know he knows Takashima Kouyou?”

Yuu inhaled deeply, his words shaky. “H…He replied to my ‘I’m ending things’ text with a ‘It’s Takashima Kouyou, isn’t it?’ message. And… he seemed pretty mad about it, too. I’m… I’m scared. I’m not sure what I should do.”

Yutaka uttered a soft sigh after hearing about the whole situation. “Alright, Yuu. Just quickly come home and we’ll figure things out, okay? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. I’m sure he’s just mad, and nothing bad will come out of it.”

Yuu squeezed his eyes shut. “I hope so, too. It’s just… You know I hate confrontations. And I’ve been putting this off for so long, and now it’s coming to me all at once… I’m just scared.”

Yutaka rushed to comfort him. “Yuu, we’ve been through this so many times. I’ll never let anything happen to you, alright? Now come home so we can sort this out, and then we’ll have a nice dinner later.”

“Mmm,” Yuu clenched the phone tighter to himself, hoping what Yutaka was saying was true. Maybe he was just freaking out. Maybe everything would be alright.

And as he ended the call with Yutaka, he was pleasantly surprised to see a text message waiting for him on his phone screen, this time from the man he’d been waiting for the whole day.

Kouyou: Sorry this reply came so late, I’ve been in and out of meetings the whole day. Miss you so terribly much. How was your day, sweetheart?

Bad, Yuu thought, but he knew he could never reveal about what was going on to Kouyou.

Yuu: good! i miss you too <3 :)

And that was step one – Yuu’s first fatal mistake.


“Just tell him the truth,” Yutaka said, leaning forward in his seat on the couch with his legs spread, his lips pursed in a deep frown. “Tell the attorney you’re going out with Kouyou in an official relationship, and not as a sugar baby. I’m sure he’ll back off once he realizes you’re taken.”

Yuu looked to his phone whilst biting his lip nervously. “I feel bad, because he’s spent so much money on me and I’m suddenly breaking it off with him. I bet he feels like his investment didn’t pay off…”

Yutaka was instantly snapping to him, in disbelief at the sound of his words. “Investment? Yuu, you’re talking about yourself as if you’re an object. You’re a fucking human being. If you decide you want to stop your arrangements, it’s purely up to you. It takes two for things to work – he’s not in a superior position just because he has the cash.”

Yuu winced at his asserting tone, looking away. Yuu knew Yutaka was blatantly being honest about the truth, but that didn’t mean the raven liked hearing it. “You’re right, but.”

“But?” Yutaka raised his voice slightly higher. “You know, Yuu, it’s this kind of thinking that gets me all worried about you. You feel like you’re on a lower pedestal because these men are wealthy and they’re paying you with their hard-earned money, but that’s not true. You’re free to make your own decisions. And I’m always so worried Takashima Kouyou is forcing you into things you don’t want because you’re so… you’re so naïve. You want to play with their hearts, but you treat yourself like you’re trash sometimes. You think manipulating men for cash is clever – but these men manipulate you through fear. And you grow dependent on their money, and you stop realizing you’re a person anymore.”

A look of hurt flashed across Yuu’s eyes. “That’s not true.” Or maybe it was. Yuu had just never thought about it that way; never stopped to wonder why he was so frightened about revealing his true self; so frightened about letting down all of these men. Perhaps he had grown to like the attention showered upon him when he was Aoi; perhaps the attachment to the persona he created just for these men made Yuu feel guilt for disappointing his sugar daddies after all these while.

“If it wasn’t true, Yuu, then why did it take you so long to tell every one of them you don’t want to go out with them anymore? And why are you so scared of some form of retaliation? They’re all old, balding men, with too much money to spare. They can barely retaliate.”

“But they’re all in positions of power,” Yuu answered stiffly. “And you don't know men in positions of power.”

Yutaka scoffed loudly, finding the very idea of that a joke. “Oh, I think I do, Yuu. I know that you’re head over heels for men like that, and I know that if I had only been ten years older, already an established doctor with an extravagant income to flaunt, you might – maybe then – consider me for a date.

But I’m not. And we’re stuck here, talking about how to deal with your goddamn sugar daddy, when all you have to do is tell him you’re seeing someone else. Someone else richer than him, too.”

Yuu didn’t want to have to deal with another argument with Yutaka, but the way he was wording things was irking the raven too much. Just because the brunet still harboured feelings for him did not give him a free pass in talking shit about him and his relationship with Kouyou.

Yutaka had to get over himself.

“It’s been ten years – well, feels like, anyway – and you’re still going on about how I only like older men,” Yuu angrily muttered in reply, head lifting up to meet Yutaka’s eyes. “Even if I do, is that really such a big deal? Look, if this problem is annoying you so much, you don’t have to help me out, you know. I’m tired of dealing with your mood flunctuating and you going on about how you’ll always protect me, and then in the next second you’re attacking me for not being in love with you. Like it’s my goddamn fault for liking someone else. I don’t get you.”

Yutaka went silent after that. Clasping his hands together and bringing it to his forehead, the brunet kept quiet for a while, his eyebrows furrowed together in deep thought, his lips parted in a low sigh.

“It’s hard to concentrate on other things when I’m,” Yutaka paused, his voice suddenly dry. Yuu could already hear his sentiment in the silence. “When I still like you. A lot. I’m sorry if I get mad sometimes. It just feels like unnecessary drama to me when I just… if you just… we could…” Yutaka’s eyes darted to the ground. “Forget it.”

Yuu had guessed it long ago.

“It’s okay,” Yuu answered softly, his tone gentle, gradually calming down after Yutaka’s apology. Sometimes all it took to alleviate his anger was to know Yutaka didn’t mean any of it. “I don't blame you for your feelings, Yutaka. I just wish we could stop arguing like this, you know? And I really… I really don't appreciate hearing all these comments about the men I date, who I like to date, and why I can’t date you. And you know I love you as a friend, I just…”

“I know,” Yutaka swallowed thickly, uncomfortably. “I know, Yuu. It just hurts because I still can’t understand why men like that are being chosen over me, and it hurts even more knowing I can’t compare to any of them. So sometimes I lash out because of it. And I know it’s not right. It’s just – it really makes me sometimes wish I was ten years older or filthy rich already or just… enough, you get me? It really makes me question a lot of things about myself.”

Yuu’s heart ached a bit hearing him speak about himself like that. The raven didn’t think he could ever stop Yutaka from feeling in such a manner, given that Yuu would react the same way in the exact situation, but that didn’t mean the raven still didn’t feel guilt for causing Yutaka to feel that way.

“You know I never meant it like that,” Yuu whispered, his eyes in a sorry gaze.

Yutaka shook his head, waving it off. “It’s fine. Let’s just get back to the main topic. I’m sorry I got angry for a bit. Anyway, I think you should just tell the attorney the truth, like I said. It won’t hurt anyone, right? Like I said, he’ll probably back off. That’s the only advice I have for you.”

Yuu nodded his head, feeling a little more certain now. “I guess I have to. I can’t keep running from this… It’s just worsening the problem.”

“It is,” Yutaka said, then proceeded to get up from his seat, dusting off his pants. “I have to go prepare dinner now. I’ll leave you to settle things with the attorney in the meantime, alright? If there’s anything, just let me know.”

“Mmm,” Yuu nodded.

Deciding to grab for his phone once more, Yuu’s fingers hovered over his keyboard and began drafting out a reply to the lawyer he’d been neglecting for too long.

Yuu: You’re right. I’ve gotten into a relationship with Kouyou – not an arrangement, just for the record. I would appreciate if you and me ended on amicable terms and moved on from this. I really enjoyed my time with you previously, thank you.

It took him a long time of deliberation, for his finger to finally press down against that ‘send’ button; but when he finally did, Yuu had never felt more relieved.

Meanwhile, Kouyou had gotten back to him with a few more texts.

Kouyou: Oh, seems like your friend injected some ideas into Akira’s head about a double date. This Saturday okay with you? It’d be nice to meet Akira and his new beau for dinner.

Man, Takanori was fast.

Kouyou: Also, people have been eyeing me with knowing looks this whole day… I feel like everyone has read the news. They know I’m getting laid. :)

Seriously, Kouyou? Yuu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Jokes aside – this further proved that basically everyone had read about the gala event. Yuu really had underestimated the whole thing, hadn’t he?

Kouyou: Akira just looked over my text and chimed in with a ‘Pretty sure your secretary told me just this morning she was happy her boss seemed less tense of late’. Akira needs to fuck off.

Really? Less tense? I couldn’t even tell, Yuu thought to himself, barely containing his giggles.

Yuu: stop being such a mean boss! i thought i did a good job in helping you relax over the weekend… didn’t i? <3 i’m glad ur finally getting laid, winky wink ;)

Yuu: sat is fine with me!!! as long as its fine with you. i’m always happy with anything daddy plans hehehe. i can’t believe how fast taka is, we were just literally talking about a double date earlier today -___-

Kouyou’s replies were quick as usual.

Kouyou: The weekend was heavenly with you, babe <3 I don’t think I can get used to a weekend where I’m no longer seeing you. I don’t think I can get used to not being around you at all…

Kouyou: Haha, yes, very honoured to be finally getting laid and with such a beauty like you. I’ll confirm with Akira about Saturday then. We can go shopping before dinner with them or something – tell me what you want to do and I’ll arrange it. Let me know okay, princess?

Of course, my handsome prince, Yuu grinned, anxiously typing back a response.

Yuu: stop treating me like i’m so delicate and fragile and whiny and spoilt >>

Kouyou: But I thought you liked it. Don’t you, my sweet lil princess? <3

Yuu: you know, you keep thinking you’re my prince, but what if you’re not a prince and you’re an assassin who kidnapped me for your own pleasure >>

Kouyou: Oh, roleplaying with me now, I see. Is that a new idea we can play with the next time we have sex?

Yuu’s cheeks immediately flushed pink at his teasing. Kouyou was always so forward. And Yutaka was just in the vicinity too…

Kouyou: or I could be a mad king who ravages you for my own pleasure

Kouyou: and I could tie you up and make you beg for more each time I slid my cock out of you

Kouyou: How about that?

…Jesus fuck. Yuu was in no time and place to get a hard-on right now.

Yuu: i’m getting dinner soon so stop sexting me !!! u criminal

Kouyou: Hahahaha…

Kouyou: It’s fine, I’ll just masturbate alone to photos of you :) Innocent face.

Yuu almost choked on his own saliva. The nerve of this CEO sometimes…

Yuu: aren’t you in the office?

Kouyou: So?

Yuu made a snort. Right. Why did he ever think that would stop him?

Kouyou: Not like my office isn’t isolated. It’s pretty dead quiet here.

Yuu: u know, sometimes i like to think you’re very intelligent and serious as an important CEO but at the end of the day you’re just abnormally sex-crazed and horny all the time -_-

Kouyou: Ouch.

Kouyou: Hehe. So, not gonna join me? Still want some sexy photos from you, you know.

Now? Now?! Yuu widened his eyes and raised his head up, peeking over catch a glimpse of Yutaka in the kitchen. The brunet was only ten feet away cooking. If he found Yuu out, the raven would be humiliated.

But at the same time, he wouldn’t realize if Yuu slipped away back to his bedroom for a brief moment to ‘entertain’ Kouyou…

Fuck it. Yuu only lived once, after all.

Yuu: you’re going to be the ruin of me

Kouyou: Proudly so.


God, this was so fucking embarrassing.

After repeatedly making sure his door was locked, Yuu then plopped back down onto his bed and stripped himself of his jeans. He’d forgone the cute lingerie for comfortable boxer shorts today for class (Yuu couldn’t possibly stick to racy underwear everyday – it wasn’t practical) but the raven didn’t feel like taking photos of himself in such awful, boring underwear to send to the blond. No, Yuu was feeling particular daring today.

Kneeling against his bed, Yuu inched himself to the drawers located right next to it and pulled one of them open, hands quickly sifting through the various risqué-looking panties he’d collected over the years. Yuu had always been fond of dressing himself in such feminine lingerie – it was just another kink of his, another hobby that Yuu happened to look extremely good in. And, as his eyes lay upon a pair of minty-blue colored underwear with a hole appropriately cut-out at the back, the raven’s eyes were gleaming as he pulled it out, knowing Kouyou would love it to bits.

Yuu tossed his boxer shorts aside and comfortably slid the sleek panties over both of his legs, fitting it around up his ass tightly. The raven’s hands caressed down the curve of his butt, feeling up the soft material of the underwear; and, after feeling satisfied with the way it clung against his skin, Yuu was moving to his upper drawers, pulling out a bottle of lube and a pink vibrating dildo. Yuu could get off with just his fingers alone, but seeing as the raven was currently pressed for time, the dildo would finish him off rather nicely and swiftly.

Besides, Yuu thought Kouyou would like to see the raven experimenting with toys, anyway. It was something Yuu had never done before in front of him, and he thought this would get the older CEO even more excited than usual.

Just as Yuu settled back down against the bed with everything prepared, his phone was ringing with a new text message, alerting him of Kouyou’s impatience.

Kouyou: What’s taking you so long? Are you still there?

Oh, Kouyou. Always so eager. 

Yuu decided to reply with a photo instead. Getting on all fours on his bed, Yuu aimed his phone camera right above his ass, capturing his firm posterior in all its glory, clothed in obscene girly panties. He was going to tease Kouyou to death.

Image attached
Yuu: here you go… ;)

Kouyou was immediately seen typing right after the image was sent.

Kouyou: Holy shit……………

Yuu had to slap a hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. That was exactly the reaction he wanted. Each time Yuu managed to reduce Kouyou from a charming prince-like CEO into a perverted horny maniac, the raven always felt an overwhelming sense of pride and delight.

Yuu: there’s more coming ;)

Yuu gathered his pillows and stacked them up against the bedframe, allowing him to cushion himself against them as he positioned himself rather nicely in a sitting up posture. Then he was coating his fingers with lube, and slipping it down inside his panties, wrapping them around his still cock.

Oh,” Yuu breathed, once his cold fingers made contact with his sensitive member. He thought of how slutty he was acting right now, pleasuring himself for his boyfriend situated right across the city, when his roommate was right outside completely oblivious to the situation behind Yuu’s closed doors. Yuu thought about Kouyou sitting in his office chair, his pants tight as hell, his fingers having to urgently zip them open and free his raging erection just because he couldn't stop thinking about fucking Yuu.

Then Yuu thought about Kouyou’s big cock, always veiny and leaking and ready for him, always ready to fuck right inside of Yuu’s asshole anytime Kouyou ever so wished.

If Yuu wasn’t hard enough before, Yuu was definitely hard now. The raven twisted his fingers against his cock, rubbing the head to spread the precum, and imagined it to be the rough pad of Kouyou’s thumb. Yuu briefly remembered in the haze of his pleasure to snap a second photo, and then he was lazily grabbing for his phone, taking several shots of his pleasured face with his lips spread open in a delicate moan, as well as photos of his cock stained with evidence of thoughts of Kouyou.

Yuu: i’m thinking of your hard cock

Yuu had never felt so naughty before. This was probably the first time he’d sent such dirty pictures of himself to anyone, considering no one had ever made such requests of him in the past, but this made this particular experience even more fun. Yuu felt a sick thrill run through him with every photo he sent to his boyfriend; and it only made him even hotter and hornier for Kouyou’s cock.

Kouyou: Fuck, Yuu…

Kouyou: Fuck, you always look so fucking hot when you make that face. I want to see more

Kouyou: I’m so fucking hard right now, I can’t stop touching myself to these photos

Yuu went smug at his boyfriend’s replies. He could imagine Kouyou right now, a hand urgently sliding up and down his cock, jerking himself off hurriedly to these lewd photos of Yuu, being absolutely needy without Yuu by his side.

God, Kouyou must look so fucking hot.

Yuu: take a picture of how hard you are for me, Daddy

Yuu: show me how much you want your princess xx

Kouyou didn’t take long to send over that photo he requested. And fuck, Yuu didn’t regret asking for it. Kouyou looked so thick and large and covered in a mess of slick oil and precum; Yuu was feeling rather sorry himself that he wasn’t in Kouyou’s office right now.

Yuu spread his legs to begin preparing himself, though he didn’t bother getting rid of his panties seeing as it had a hole cut-out specially where his asshole was, anyway. With one hand still on his cock, the twenty-one year old brought his other hand down to his entrance and gently worked a finger in, eliciting a quick moan from the raven.

Yuu ended up rubbing his cock and writhing helplessly against the bed as he worked himself open with his finger inside of him, until he was ready for a second one, and then a third one. Moaning Kouyou’s name endlessly, Yuu repeatedly plunged his fingers in and out of him, his thrusts growing faster and faster each time he remembered the sight of Kouyou’s veiny cock.

Nnn… Daddy… Daddy,” Yuu whispered urgently to himself, his head thrown back, pretending it was Kouyou’s throbbing member presently pushing inside of him, instead of his delicate, slim fingers that did little in comparison.

Deciding to free his hand against his cock and reach for his phone instead, Yuu recorded a mini clip of himself finger-fucking his ass, his mouth parted in weak whimpers of Kouyou’s name. Yuu wanted to act like such a fucking slut he could drive Kouyou crazy.

“Kouyou… please…” Yuu mewled in a pleading tone, his voice caught in a gasp somewhere along his throat. He aimed the camera at his fingers thrusting in and out of his asshole hurriedly, and then up to his face; where his lips pouted and his eyelashes fluttered up in a dangerously cute, but flirtatious manner. “P…Please… Daddy…”

And then the video was quickly captured and sent over to his CEO boyfriend, who – Yuu guessed – wasn’t holding up too well on his end either.

Kouyou’s response was immediate.

Kouyou: Fuck, this is sending me to my limit

Kouyou: You know I love the way you moan my name. Your voice was made to beg for it. Beg for me

Kouyou: If I was there right now, I’d be fucking you non-stop. I’d fuck you against the wall and the bed and the floor and I’d fuck you until you screamed and cried and begged for me to stop. And by then I would have cum inside of you so many times you wouldn’t even feel your legs

Kouyou: I want to do so many things to you right now. You don’t know how bad you've got me

Oh, Yuu knew perfectly how bad he got him.

But it wasn’t even the finalé yet. Yuu pulled his wet fingers out of his ass, then seductively brought them up to his mouth for him to suck. He posed for another camera shot – full lips stained with the dirty contents of his fingers, with his dazed, heavily lidded eyes smiling sultrily to the camera – and sent it instantly over to Kouyou.

He didn’t bother waiting for Kouyou’s reaction, though. Getting off the bed to place his phone onto the desk conveniently placed right opposite his bed, Yuu left the camera on video record mode, snickering when he thought of how pleased Kouyou would be once he realized Yuu had decided to give him more than what the blond had bargained for – a video of Yuu fucking himself with a dildo just for Kouyou.

Returning back to the bed, Yuu got on all fours and grabbed for the dildo lying on the sheets. He subsequently drenched it with lube, then positioned it right against his flushed hole, pink and stretched and ready for penetration. Wriggling his ass cutely to the camera for a bit, Yuu burst into a couple of playful giggles, before taking a moment to calm himself for the dildo to go in.

He switched it on carefully, feeling the vibrations run through his skin. And the minute he pushed it inside of him, Yuu’s body was immediately shuddering along with the doldo, his breath hitching into a high-pitched whine.

“K-Kouyou D-Daddy…!” Yuu cried out, his fingers intensely clenching down against the white sheets.

It felt so thick and full inside of him, and the way it was currently vibrating and pushing against every one of his tight muscles was so life-like that Yuu felt as if air had been punched right out of his lungs. And though it wasn’t pulsating hot like how Kouyou’s cock would have felt, Yuu was content with it for now, liking the way the toy drove itself crudely inside his ass.

As Yuu’s hands returned to his own cock, which had been straining against his stomach and dripping precum onto his skin all these while, Yuu stroked against his cock needily, his eyes closed and face scrunched up in ecstacy.

“Fuck… fuck… fuckfuckfuck… I’m such a whore for doing this, ohgod…” Yuu moaned out lustfully, his cheeks turning bright red. And he allowed the sex toy to fuck him from behind for a while more, drawing out more and more sensual moans from Yuu, until the raven got tired of the teasing and decided to speed up things a little bit.

Pulling out the dildo rather reluctantly, out from his ass, Yuu changed his position, choosing to sit up this time, deliberately placing the vibrating dildo facing up straight on the bed. The raven positioned his body and spread his legs right above the toy, then sunk down his entrance right against the tip of the dildo, pushing himself down onto it slowly and gradually, until he’d fit the entirety of it inside of him.

“Fuck… It feels so good,” Yuu whispered, the walls of his muscles squeezing so tight around the dildo it sent him endless waves of pleasure. “Mmm…” And then he was lifting himself back up, desperately panting at the same time, the delicious drag of the dildo pulling out of him sending the raven moaning again.

Yuu repeated this a few more times, lifting himself up and down the fake cock, until he was establishing a firm riding pattern.

“Oh… oh… oh yes, fuck yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck! K…Kouyou…!” Yuu begged, just as he humped the dildo harder and faster, over and over again. His hands hastily reached down to fist his own cock as he sobbed out loud for Kouyou to fuck him harder, for Kouyou to cum inside of him, for Kouyou to split him right apart with his thick, big cock…

And god, Yuu was beginning to go so fast he thought he would really be split open. He rode the sex toy like an expert, his hips picking up the pace more and more by the second. The vulgar sounds of his asshole slickly straddling the vibrating toy filled the room, accompanied by the squeaky springing of the mattress; and Yuu was beginning to wonder if Yutaka could hear him from the outside with all these loud combination of noises coming together. But fuck, Yuu couldn’t care less if Yutaka found out right now. All Yuu wanted to do was cum, cum, cum, like the slut he was…

“Yuu! Dinner is ready!”

Jesus fuck. Couldn’t he wait for five more minutes?

Yutaka was yelling all the way from the kitchen, so Yuu at least had another minute to finish himself off. Yuu rode the dildo even faster, almost in tears at the insane amount of pleasure he was putting himself through, his ass clenching helplessly around the thick length of the dildo.

“Look at what you’re doing to me,” Yuu whimpered to the camera, stroking furiously at his cock.

And Yuu imagined Kouyou slapping a hand over his mouth right now, daring him to utter even a single word, to let Yutaka know he was being fucked like a whore by the blond CEO. And Yuu imagined Kouyou’s strong arms pinning Yuu down, still heavily thrusting inside of him, his voice coming out in low, angry growls.

You’re mine, you understand? You’re mine… I’ll fuck you so hard you can’t walk the next day… You’re mine, sweet little princess

Yuu imagined Kouyou releasing then right inside his ass, filling him up with his hot cum and dirtying Yuu as if the raven was Kouyou’s rightful property. And that very thought sent Yuu cumming, crying out over and over again how he had been such a bad babydoll to his Daddy. Warm semen spilled right over his hands, and his ass rippled and clenched one last final time around the dildo.

“Yuu? Are you alright? Dinner is ready!”

Yutaka’s voice was getting closer to his door now. Yuu got off the bed, ended the video recording, and stripped himself in record time so fast he didn’t even know that was physically possible of him to do so. And after he’d gotten dressed and looked presentable enough to be seen by his roommate, Yuu was quickly tapping his phone screen and sending the video eagerly over to the blond, awaiting Kouyou’s reaction with wicked glee.

“Yuu, are you coming out for dinner or not?” Yutaka was right outside his door now, impatiently knocking as he called for the raven. “Dinner is ready!”

“I’m ready!” Yuu quickly proclaimed, pulling his door open in a breathless state to answer Yutaka.

Yutaka’s eyes swept across Yuu’s face with a dubious look, wondering why the raven was panting so heavily; but didn’t bother questioning it any further. And even if Yutaka had his suspicions about what Yuu had potentially been doing, the brunet rather not think about it anyway. He’d long acknowledged that the only way to deal with his feelings for the raven was to continue living his life peacefully and obliviously, and pretend Yuu was the innocent angel he’d always pictured him to be.


Yuu later received replies from Kouyou to his video in the midst of his dinner, causing the raven-haired to erupt into giggles once he caught sight of the texts, much to Yutaka’s confusion.

Kouyou: I came. Twice.

Kouyou: I’m pretty sure I’m going to go home right now and watch that same video and jerk off ten more times.

Kouyou: :) You are such a naughty babydoll, Yuu.

Kouyou: I’m never letting any other man have you. You’re mine. Forever.

Kouyou: I love you.

Chapter Text

Yuu had almost forgotten about the whole issue he had with the attorney until he received a reply from the man himself the next morning.

And almost got a heart attack in return.

One New Message
So, you’ve decided to latch onto a rich man by getting into a proper relationship with him, instead of simply sugaring men anymore? Very clever. Takashima Kouyou has a stable hold on his CEO position, and he has the contacts to boot. I expect he’ll be in this position for a long, long time.

One New Message
That is, until people find out his new lover used to sell his services for money.

One New Message
Of course, I’m not the type of person to spread vile rumors like that. You don’t have to worry. I may be slightly bitter but I’m better than that. If you want to part ways, fine. It’s been nice spending time with you, Aoi. I’ll miss you.

His messages sounded threatening in the first half, and sarcastic in the second. Yuu wasn’t sure if the attorney was truthfully, respectfully, accepting his request to part ways, or if the attorney was being sarcastic in doing so. Still, the man sounded genuine enough. Yuu hoped he truly was.

The bit about Kouyou potentially losing his position if people found out about Yuu’s profession disturbed the raven, though… It had crossed his mind once or twice before, but right now it was a real fear that could actually come to realization and potentially ruin Kouyou’s career. Yuu had to find time to talk to Kouyou about this – he couldn’t allow his past to inconvenience Kouyou in any way.

It would be even worse if the attorney, who Yuu was sure would have connections in the industry, spread such information about Kouyou’s relationship with Yuu to his business associates. It could wound the blond’s reputation and his company, and Yuu never wanted to be the cause of that.

Thinking about all of these got the raven even more frustrated. What was Yuu thinking, getting into a relationship with a man of such high stature like Kouyou? Yuu would only bring more harm and damage to him than anything else. It didn't matter if Kouyou felt happy with Yuu – was it really all worth it? Yuu was just a regular university student who happened to be too happy to indulge in Kouyou’s filthy desires. And so what if Yuu was Kouyou’s type? Kouyou could always find someone like Yuu somewhere else. Anywhere. People would kill to be able to have a one night stand with someone like Kouyou, much less participate in all his kinks. Even someone like Christine, who Yuu could never compare to…

Ugh. Yuu was leading himself on a downward spiral again. Kouyou had convinced him time and time again that the only one meant for him was Yuu, but what if Yuu thought otherwise? Was this relationship truly good for the both of them? Yuu only knew how to fuck things up, after all. He wasn’t good enough for anything. Except to have sex and spend other people’s money – that’s it.

Maybe he shouldn’t have gotten into this relationship with Kouyou in the first place.

Kouyou: Good morning, my sleeping beauty! I hope you have a wonderful day today. Missing you as I have my coffee. <3

But Kouyou’s regular morning text was coming in again, and as Yuu picked up his buzzing phone and looked over Kouyou’s text…

Yuu felt his heart wrench at the very thought of having to leave Kouyou’s side.

And, without thinking twice, the raven was typing out the question presently echoing inside of his head, desperately seeking out the words he needed to hear from Kouyou right now.

Yuu: do i really make you happy?

Kouyou probably sensed the raven wasn’t in the best mood, for his replies were hurried.

Kouyou: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Kouyou: What’s wrong babydoll? Things were fine yesterday. What happened?

Yuu sat up in bed, pulling his knees sourly to himself as he typed another reply to his boyfriend.

Yuu: idk. what will happen to you if people find out what i used to do? you’re a CEO, you shouldn’t get associated with me

He really shouldn’t. Yuu should have just stuck to being Kouyou’s sugar baby. There would be no strings attached, and they could end things anytime they wanted. And Yuu could have prevented these feelings from developing even further. Because now they’d reached a point where Yuu didn’t know if he could live without seeing Kouyou for more than a week, and Yuu didn’t know if that was a good thing. Because now it hurt to even contemplate a life away from Kouyou, when Yuu could have stopped this mess from happening in the first place.

Kouyou: That’s bullshit. Yuu, you know I don’t fucking care about such things. So what if people find out? Nothing wrong with what you used to do.

Kouyou: If you weren’t sugaring, I would never have met you. So I’m thankful you did.

Kouyou: Hush, alright? Stop thinking about such things, my flower. You know me. You know nothing matters to me except you.

Yuu managed a small smile at his words, seeking solace in the reassurance Kouyou brought to him.

Yuu: you really mean that?

Kouyou: I mean it 101%

Yuu’s smile grew wider. Kouyou always knew the right words to say, didn’t he?

Yuu had still his concerns, however…

Yuu: i’m just worried about your job. and company. so many people look up to you...

This time, Kouyou took a while to reply.

Kouyou: Yuu, nothing’s going to happen to me. And even if something did, it wouldn’t be your fault. You forgot I was the one who begged you to get into this relationship with me? It wasn’t like you forced me into it or anything. In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m the one that actually pressured you into this. Yuu, I’m with you of my own accord. My heart belongs to you of its own accord. I made this decision myself. And I will accept any resulting consequences. I love you.

Perfectly sculptured words that only Kouyou would say. Yuu hugged his knees closer to himself.

Yuu: i love you too. and i’d been so hesitant… so scared… to be with you. and now that i’m finally willing to accept the fact that i’m in love with you, i’m just so scared… it’s not the right decision

Yuu: i don’t want you to get hurt because of me

Kouyou: Wait.

Kouyou: Are you breaking up with me?

Yuu’s heart had never trepidated so fast in his life reading Kouyou’s message. Breaking up? He would never do that to Kouyou… Oh, god. Was he misleading Kouyou with his words? Was he going in the right direction? He had only meant to bring up the matter of his past potentially hurting Kouyou’s future.

Yuu: i’m not!!! i would never, kouyou you know i love you. i just don’t want to hurt you, that’s why i’m just… a little bit concerned

Kouyou didn’t seem pleased.

Kouyou: Then why do you keep saying things like these? You’re hurting me like this too, you know. Saying things like you’re not sure about being with me, saying things like it’s because you fear you’re not good enough, or that you’ll only bring trouble to me. If I told you all of these words were hurting me, would you stop?

Yuu’s heartbeat halted when he read that message. He hadn’t expected Kouyou to reply in such an aggravated manner, but at the same time he realized he hadn’t been sparing a thought for Kouyou’s feelings at all. Yuu had only been thinking about himself.

As he always had been.

Yuu: i’m sorry… i didn’t know. i’m sorry i always neglect to think about how you feel about all of these

Yuu didn’t feel enough at all.

Yuu: i’m so sorry

Fuck. Were tears actually welling up in Yuu’s eyes? How pathetic, the raven angrily thought to himself. It had only been a simple matter, and yet Yuu was overthinking it and blowing it out of proportion. But he was just so fearful of so many things. And he couldn’t let any of them happen.

He couldn’t lose Kouyou like this. And the mere thought that he had made Kouyou mad because of his foolishness and indecisiveness just frustrated him. Yuu never could do anything right, could he?

Kouyou: baby I didn’t mean my words to come off that way at all. I think we need to talk about this. Can I take you out for breakfast?

Kouyou’s words came as such as a relief to the raven. Kouyou had always said he couldn’t ever be mad at Yuu, and Yuu wanted to believe that so much. And Yuu wanted so badly to curl up in Kouyou’s arms right now, but the rational part of his mind knew that he couldn’t keep distracting Kouyou from his work like this.

He had already caused Kouyou enough trouble, for god’s sake. If Yuu’s goal was to stop himself from being such a detriment to Kouyou’s career, Yuu had to start by learning how to take care of himself, and to stop needing Kouyou to coddle him whenever he was upset. Times like these really showed the difference between the raven and the blond – Kouyou was so much older, so much more matured, so much more independent. And here Yuu was, always acting like a child, always needing to be comforted.

Yuu: you have work. go to work. i’m ok

…But then there was also the point of Kouyou never listening to him.

Kouyou: I’m driving to your apartment right now. See you in 10.

Yuu wanted to tell him no, turn around and go back, but he couldn’t. It was awful how needy he was right now, it was awful how much he wanted to know that Kouyou loved him and needed him equally, and still wanted Yuu by his side no matter what. As much as Yuu believed he’d only been a burden, a stain in Kouyou’s clean record so far, Yuu wanted to believe at the same time that he was the only exception, too. Yuu wanted to believe he was – perhaps – something special for Kouyou. That even though he wasn’t of a valued status, even though he didn’t have a wealthy background, even though he had nothing to offer but his body and soul alone… Kouyou wanted him. Kouyou wanted him for him.

And Kouyou wouldn’t leave him, out of shame, out of embarrassment, out of humiliation; if Yuu ever so one day caused Kouyou’s reputation to go down the drain.

Yuu didn’t want to be anything of that sort to anyone. Especially not Kouyou. Especially not the person he loved the most.

Yuu: i don’t wanna go out

Kouyou: Then change of plans. I’ll go buy some breakfast and come over to your place. What’s your apartment number? I’ll spend the morning with you until you’re okay. Wait for me, give me another 15 min

Yuu smiled gently down to the text, promptly texting his lover his address without argument. Yuu really needed Kouyou right now, as much as he denied that fact to himself.

Yuu: what kind of CEO are you turning into by spending so much time with me? see, this is what i mean by ruining you

Kouyou: Princess sweetheart... I run this company and I know best if I can afford to spend my morning with you or not. Stop worrying over me, alright? I have time.

Kouyou: And I’m not angry at you. I just want you to stop worrying over trivial things like these. But I’ll communicate all of this better to you once I have you in my arms. I love you, babydoll.

Yuu hadn’t realized, but the tears had stopped running long ago.

Yuu: I love you so much too, my handsome prince


Yuu hadn’t realized he had fallen back asleep against the bedframe, his blankets wrapped tightly around himself; until he heard the gentle knocking against his door, stirring him up lightly from his sleep.

“Hey uh, your boyfriend’s here,” came Yutaka’s nonchalant voice. “And he brought breakfast for us. Is your door locked?”

“No,” Yuu murmured, his voice slightly croaking as he spoke.

Yutaka pushed open the door then and peeked his head in, casting a look of concern to the raven all curled up on the bed.

“You alright? I’m not sure why he’s here, but I figured something had to be going on. Do you want me to ask him to leave? He’s still in the kitchen.”

Yuu shook his head, burying his head into his duvets so as to shield his puffy eyes from Yutaka’s gaze. “It’s fine. You can get him to come in. He just wanted to come over to talk things out with me.”

Yutaka’s forehead creased in worry at his words. “OK, then. But I’m going to stay in my room so if you need anything, just tell me, okay?”

Yuu nodded silently, knowing the brunet must be severely confused by Kouyou’s sudden entrance in their apartment right now. The raven watched as Yutaka left to call Kouyou in, leaving Yuu’s door slightly ajar in the meantime. Yuu waited with bated breath for Kouyou’s appearance, contemplating the appropriate words to say once he came in. And when he finally heard the familiar shuffling of Kouyou’s footsteps, followed by the handsome sight of the blond clothed in his white dress shirt, his black tie fitted snugly around his neck, and his sleek hair combed back, Yuu had to resist letting out a sob of immense relief. It’d only been two days and he was already missing Kouyou so much.

“Hey,” Kouyou murmured, slipping in past the door and making his way to the side of the bed, his eyes gazing sweetly down to his raven lover. The older man sat himself down next to Yuu, wrapped his arms around Yuu’s smaller form, and leaned Yuu’s delicate frame against his shoulders. He then lowered his lips and kissed Yuu gently on the hair, snuggling his head down closely against the raven’s. “You don’t look good.”

Yuu bit his lip and buried his head into Kouyou’s shoulder timidly. “Just a little tired. That’s all.”

The blond frowned, his arms instinctively tightening around Yuu to offer more protection. “What happened? Why are you so upset suddenly? Things were fine yesterday.”

A small sigh escaped Yuu’s lips. It was all the attorney’s fault. It was the attorney, and his nicely worded threat, and Yuu’s tendency to fuck up when it came to managing things like these. But of course Yuu couldn’t tell him. No, he couldn’t tell Kouyou at all.

“I was just thinking about our future, I guess,” Yuu hesitantly murmured, averting his eyes at the same time to mask his white lie.

It seemed to work, because Kouyou’s lips were curling slowly into a smile, apparently pleased with the thought that Yuu had been worrying over the future of their relationship. Yuu’s words showed that the raven cared about taking their relationship a step further, which was something that Yuu knew would only warm Kouyou’s heart.

Yuu was a horrible, horrible person.

“Yutaka and Takanori told me they saw the gala event on TV,” Yuu continued quietly, looking down to his bed sheets. “And I was worried. Because I’d gone out with many influential men before, and I was worried I would get recognized, and that you would get involved, too. Because no one knows we started out in a sugar relationship. Not even Akira…” Yuu’s fingers moved to grip Kouyou’s shirt to him for comfort. “And I’m just afraid I’ll ruin you.”

Kouyou let loose a sigh, finally understanding the situation. “So, this is why you’ve been feeling bad this whole morning?”

Yuu nodded slowly, squeezing his eyes shut. “I’m sorry. I’m so stupid.”

“Oh, sweetheart…” Kouyou raised a hand to Yuu’s hair, his fingers tenderly running down through his strands. “You’re not stupid at all. I’m happy you’re so worried about all of this. About me. Because it means a lot, you know? Yuu, you know I’m always so happy to hear about worrying over me. Even though it isn’t necessary. I can protect myself.”

Yuu flickered his eyes up anxiously to him. Trust Kouyou to always see the positive side to every situation. “But… But your career is at stake. And I really don’t want being with me to be a problem. Because you’re so clever, and you’re so capable, and you’re so… you’re perfect as your company’s CEO. I don’t want you to ever lose your job. And I want you to know of the consequences if you…” Yuu’s voice lowered into a reluctant whisper, his face turning away. “…if you continue to choose to stay with me.”

“Wait.” Kouyou’s face visibly darkened as he slowly registered Yuu’s words in his mind. “Are you… asking me to reconsider staying with you?” God, he sounded so angry. It mildly frightened the raven.

Yuu loosened his grip against Kouyou’s shirt, realizing he was tapping into sensitive matters. “I… I’m not asking you anything, Kouyou. But if… if you want to be with me, you have to understand that…”

Yuu couldn’t say anything more, he was so scared. Scared of making Kouyou mad. Scared of saying the wrong things that would result in Kouyou leaving him. Scared of changing Kouyou’s mind.

…So why was he still saying these words to convince Kouyou to do so?

“You might get into trouble,” Yuu finally gathered the courage to finish. “I… I never want you to get into trouble because of me, Kouyou… Please…”

“So?” was all Kouyou said in response, undeniably unhappy with the way Yuu was deciding his feelings for him.

“So what if people find out? So, I can’t be happy for once in my life? Seriously, Yuu, you’re worrying for nothing. I don’t know what kind of man you think of me as, but if anyone dares to cross paths with me just because my lover used to work as a sugar baby, I’ll shut them right down. What does my lover have to do with how I conduct my work? Is it supposed to humiliate me? Because I don’t feel humiliated, Yuu. I’m so happy with you. And I’m sorry, but I’m not breaking up with you for something so small like this. You need to realize that, alright? Takashima Kouyou doesn’t care about things like these. And because of that, you shouldn’t too.”

There was something so comforting about Kouyou’s anger.

“You’re willing to stand up for me?” Yuu asked quietly, looking doe-eyed up to the blond. “In case anything happens. I just… It’s not that I want to think otherwise, but… I love you so much. I’m so afraid of being a burden. Because you’ve dated all these amazing people, and there’s me, who barely fits into your world.” But then the raven was pausing for a moment, drawing in a deep, unsure breath, before speaking again, newfound determination appearing in his eyes.

“But god, I’ll try. I promise I’ll try. If you’ll let me stay with you, I’ll learn all your business lingo and I promise I won’t stay useless like this. Because Takashima Kouyou can’t have such an incapable lover. I won’t embarrass you with my existence, I swear. I want you to be proud whenever you bring me out to places, whether it be gala events or restaurants or… anywhere. I promise I’ll try my best for you.”

Kouyou gradually relaxed at his words, his lips shifting slowly into a warm smile at the sound of Yuu’s words.

Oh my sweet little princess,” Kouyou cooed, hugging Yuu tightly into his grasp. “You were never an embarrassment to begin with. Yuu, I chose to be with you. I chose to take you out. I chose to bring you to that gala event. It was my decision, and I don’t regret any of it one bit.”

The older man planted another gentle kiss against Yuu’s hair. “And everyone loved you, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t have to change into someone else just to live up any bullshit expectations of what an ‘appropriate’ partner for me should be like. Because for me, you’re more than enough. You’re everything. You’re better than anyone will ever be. And I wouldn’t have you any other way. Will you promise to remember that for me?”

Yuu’s heart danced around in happiness at what he’d said. “You… You really don’t mind? Because… Because if you mind, and you wanted to leave me before anything happens to you, I won’t hold it against you…”

Kouyou laughed at the idea. “Never. I’m never letting anyone else have you, remember?” The older man sunk his head down to press his forehead against Yuu’s, their noses briefly touching. “I can’t let anyone else have you. I’d die if anyone else made you happier than I did. And I really don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. I’ll keep you close to me, as long as you’re willing to give your heart to me. I’ll never let you go.”

Kouyou’s words put Yuu’s heart at such ease that the raven didn’t know why he was so worried before.

“Promise me you won’t worry about such things again,” Kouyou asked softly, eyes looking seriously into Yuu’s ones.

Yuu was so relieved by his words he could cry. “I promise,” the younger man breathed, smiling so widely to the blond it almost hurt.


They ended up getting breakfast shortly after, and the mood lightened up considerably after that. Yutaka declined to join them in the kitchen, preferring to stay in his room, though Kouyou had thoughtfully bought Yutaka’s share, too. Yuu couldn’t fault Yutaka for that, however. The brunet still harboured feelings for him, and Yuu wasn’t so sure if he was ready to be seated with the couple when it was basically subjecting himself through heartbreak the entire time.

“He still likes me,” Yuu explained quietly to his lover, just as he dug into his food. “Yutaka, I mean. I don’t think he’s as upset about you anymore, but I doubt he’d enjoy sitting with us.”

Kouyou nodded his head in acknowledgement. “I see. He appeared surprised to see me when I rung the doorbell, but he didn’t look annoyed. And he was definitely much nicer to me when he invited me in to wait for you. But I pretty much guessed he wouldn’t get over you too easily – he made his feelings very clear when he spoke to me last Saturday.”

Yuu sighed. “It’s not like I expected him to get over his feelings for me the minute I told him I didn’t return his feelings, but it just sucks to know that I’m continuously hurting my best friend this way. I really didn’t want things to turn out this way. I just wish I could come up with a solution to help him.”

Kouyou parted his lips as if he was going to say something, but he quickly moved to shut them, as if deciding against it. But then his eyes looked conflicted, and he was parting his lips open again, his voice coming out scared and rushed.

“Maybeyoushouldstaywithme,” Kouyou muttered, seemingly turning red-faced, head quickly turning down to look to his food, as if afraid of Yuu’s response.

Yuu could hardly hear him.

“What?” The raven asked, blinking obliviously to his lover. “What did you just say?”

“Um.” Kouyou took another spoonful of his food, still refusing to look Yuu in the eye. He seemed to have changed his mind about telling Yuu about it. “Nothing.”

Yuu raised an eyebrow. “Nothing?” It was so rare of Kouyou to be so shy with him. Hell, it was usually the opposite. Kouyou was always so confident, so sure of himself, and Yuu was always the one that was doubtful of his worth to him.

But here Kouyou currently was, reduced to nothing but pink cheeks and a lowered head.

“It’s nothing,” Kouyou waved it off. “Anyway, back to what we were going on–”

“Tell me what you said,” Yuu stubbornly said, placing both his elbows onto the table, propping his head up against the palms of his hands. “I wanna hear it.”

Kouyou turned even more self-conscious under his gaze. “It’s nothing, really, just a thought. I think we should just move on–”

“Tell. Me. Now!” Yuu huffed, remaining adamant.

Kouyou bit his lip and cursed silently under his breath. Yuu thought the CEO looked beyond adorable doing so.

“You wanted to help Yutaka get over his feelings for you, so I thought you could stay with me,” Kouyou admitted sheepishly, still too shy to look at Yuu as he spoke. “It was just a thought. It’d do good for Yutaka to have some distance from you, and it’d hurt less that way. And also…” Kouyou nervously bit his tongue, embarrassed to be confessing his feelings like this. “Maybe I just wanted an excuse to see you everyday. So… so I could go to sleep with you every night.”

Jesus christ. Yuu wanted to capture this moment and frame it up forever. He had never seen Kouyou so awkward. It was rather endearing to watch, and to know Yuu could turn the handsome CEO this way.

“You are so shy right now,” Yuu couldn’t resist his laughter. “Oh, god. If only Akira was here to see this.”

“Hey!” Kouyou finally raised his gaze back up to meet Yuu’s defiantly. “You are not allowed to tell Akira anything about this. Akira already has enough blackmail material against me. I’m… I’m on a losing end, okay?!”

Yuu continued laughing. “You… You’re so cute. Why are you so scared of asking me to live with you? And yet you’re not afraid of yelling at your business associates, or being mean to your poor secretary. You are… impossible to figure out, I swear.”

Kouyou frowned at his words, and simply stabbed silently at his food.

“It’s different,” Kouyou answered, a moment later, sighing helplessly at his lover’s question. “You’re different. I do what I feel is right in my position as CEO, even though my decisions can always be put up for discussions. But generally what I do is final – and people don’t want to get on my bad side.

But when I’m with you… I don’t have that power. And you control my heart. And it hurts a lot more to get rejected by you. So I… I’m careful when I ask you about these things.”

Yuu froze in his spot, clearly never expecting to hear an answer from the blond. It hurts a lot more to get rejected by me? But Yuu wasn’t – he didn’t… Had Yuu been too cold to Kouyou in the past? It wasn’t like Yuu didn’t know how weak Kouyou was when it came to Yuu, but… hearing Kouyou put things this way made Yuu’s heart squeeze a little. He never wanted to make Kouyou so afraid of him.

It was funny, how Yuu and Kouyou were mutually afraid of hurting each other, only in different ways. Yuu didn’t want his past to be a cruel adherence to Kouyou’s future, and Kouyou didn’t want to force Yuu into doing anything Yuu didn’t want to – even though most of the time it was just Kouyou overthinking things. Hell, most times they were both simply overthinking things. Imagining issues that weren’t there, and getting themselves upset over a hell of a nothing.

It was scary how similar they were when it came down to their worries.

“I’m really happy to hear that you want me to live with you,” Yuu quickly whispered, extending a hand out to reach for Kouyou’s one across the table. “I’m really happy to hear that, Kouyou.”

His older lover reciprocated the gesture, clutching Yuu’s hand warmly into his, interlacing their fingers closely against each other.

“Does that mean you’ll say yes?” Kouyou asked softly, a hint of nervousness still there.

Yuu didn’t have an answer for him rightaway. He loved the idea of living with Kouyou, but he wasn’t sure if that was the permanent solution to Yutaka’s problem for the moment. Yuu enjoyed having Yutaka as his roommate, and moving out just because the brunet still held feelings for him didn’t feel like a logical reason to do so. Plus, Yuu was positively certain that Yutaka would feel hurt if Yuu did so. It wasn’t as if love was a controllable thing, and it didn’t make sense for Yuu to ruin their living situation just because he wanted Yutaka to get over him. It would be a troublesome process for Yuu to move out, and for Yutaka to have to look for a new roommate again, and Yuu didn't want to subject Yutaka to that.

It was definitely something he would have to talk to Yutaka about, to see if the brunet was comfortable with such an idea. Yuu couldn’t see himself moving out until he was assured that Yutaka wouldn’t have his feelings wounded by Yuu doing so.

Yet at the same time, Kouyou was looking so hopeful about it…

“Could I have some time to think about it?” Yuu asked, a hesitant smile hanging upon his lips. “I love the idea, Kouyou, it’s just… I’m worried about Yutaka. I can’t decide this by myself. I have to talk to him about it.”

“Oh,” Kouyou barely masked his disappointment. “I understand. Just know that if you decide upon it, the door is always open for you, alright?”

Yuu nodded his head happily, still holding Kouyou’s hand tightly in his.

“You’re so greedy, wanting to see me everyday,” Yuu teased, cocking his head to the side, attempting to lighten up the situation. “As if you don’t see me enough already.”

Kouyou laughed, eyes abashedly looking down as he spoke. “I can’t help it. I’m always asking for more, when it comes to you. I’ll… never have enough of you.”

Yuu could hear how much he meant it in the silence.

Yuu answered back with a happy sigh. “I’ll never have enough of you, too.”

God, this was so corny. Too corny. But even as Yuu thought that, he was so grateful he had someone like Kouyou to be corny with.

Kouyou meant everything to him. And he hoped Kouyou realized that, too.

“This should be the time where you kiss me,” Yuu sulked cutely to the older man, blinking innocently to the blond.

Kouyou broke into several chuckles at the adorable sight of his younger lover. “Alright, princess. Anything for my little flower.”

And then he was leaning over, sealing their lips with a tender kiss, drawing out the perfect ending to their fairytale morning.

Chapter Text

“Text me when you get to work,” Yuu whispered, seeing his lover off at his apartment door, tipping slightly on his toes to peck a quick kiss on Kouyou’s cheek. Kouyou smiled warmly in return, patting Yuu’s head endearingly with his hand.
“I will, my beautiful wife,” Kouyou responded with a tease, chuckling to himself. Yuu folded his arms stubbornly and stared back up to him. Kouyou only countered with another laugh. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist – you’re acting just like a real housewife, sending me off to work.”
“Tease me any more and I will think twice about moving in with you,” Yuu sulked.
Kouyou grinned. “You wouldn’t do that, would you? You wouldn’t disappoint your husband like that.”
Yuu’s face only reddened. “You’re going to be late for work.”
“I own this company, Yuu,” Kouyou laughed. “I can’t be late. And no one’s going to say it to my face. Well, except Akira, but I pay him his salary, so.” The blond looked so cocky saying that, too.
“Stop making excuses and get to work already!” Yuu insisted, gently pushing at Kouyou’s shoulders to get him out the door. “I swear to god… I’m not marrying you if you’re penniless, you know!”
Yuu did enjoy Kouyou’s company, he really did. But he’d felt bad enough for worrying Kouyou with his breakdown earlier this morning, and having also made Kouyou come all the way down to Yuu’s apartment to simply comfort the raven made Yuu feel even worse about this whole thing. Kouyou wasn’t just some ordinary salaryman – he was a full-fledged CEO, and Yuu had been distracting him too much with his own personal problems. Yuu definitely didn’t want to compromise Kouyou’s position as a CEO just because Kouyou felt the need to personally meet Yuu each time the raven felt down or upset. Yuu couldn’t do that to his lover.
Kouyou let out an exasperated sigh, trying his hardest to contain his smile to himself. “Alright, I get it. I’ll go to work. I’ll do my best so I won’t become bankrupt and embarrass my wife.”
Yuu made a loud ‘tsk’ at his statement. Kouyou didn’t have to phrase it that way. It wasn’t like Yuu was being serious about leaving Kouyou if he was penniless, either. Yuu would love Kouyou no matter what happened.
“Just go already,” Yuu pouted, and then he was tipping on his toes again to kiss Kouyou one last time on the cheek. “There. Your final goodbye kiss.”
Kouyou’s grin only got wider at the kiss, and he enveloped Yuu into a tight hug. “God, I love you so much.”
“Okay, normally I wouldn’t intervene, but you guys have been standing at the door for ten minutes,” Yutaka’s voice from behind quickly cut them short. Yuu jumped at Yutaka’s sudden intrusion, and he turned his head back to see his brunet roommate leaning against the wall, his arms folded, an eyebrow raised up.
“I just wanted to know if anyone was actually planning on leaving or not,” Yutaka shrugged, eyes looking away.
Yuu then darted his eyes back to Kouyou, sending him an accusatory look. “It’s all Kouyou’s fault! He won’t step out the door.”
Kouyou feigned innocence. “But I – I couldn’t possibly, not… not when you look so cute giving me all these goodbye kisses… It’s your fault.”
Yuu squinted his eyes to him, in disbelief of what he was hearing. Was that even a legit reason why?! “It’s my fault… for being cute… That’s your reason?! Really, Kouyou?!”
Kouyou nodded furiously, as if firmly believing Yuu was the cause of the problem. “Mm-hmm. It’s your fault for seducing me like this. I feel like you’re rooting my body to the ground with your every kiss and word. You’re the one that’s making me stay instead.”
Yuu’s jaw fell open, outraged at the absurd (yet romantic) allegation; but then he shut his jaw again with annoyance. Then he was turning his back to Kouyou, deciding to seek help from Yutaka instead. “Yutaka! Make him go away!”
Yutaka looked amused by the sight before him, his eyes gazing over to the older blond rather disinterestedly. “Well, Kouyou, I’m not one to get involved in other people’s affairs, but I also don’t think CEOs turn up to work in the afternoon. Maybe you should listen to Yuu.”
Kouyou just shook his head with a chuckle, acknowledging he was way overdue in leaving. “Yutaka, take care of the princess, alright? Make sure he doesn’t cry himself to sleep.”
Yuu rushed to dispute that, embarrassed. “I do not do that!”
“I’ve always been taking care of him,” Yutaka said, his voice quieter this time.
Kouyou wasn’t sure how to respond to that; wasn’t sure if Yutaka was being assertive, or purely providing reassurance to Kouyou that Yuu would be in good hands with him. Either way, Kouyou took it as his cue to leave.
“I’ll text you, babe,” Kouyou reluctantly bade goodbye, gazing bittersweetly to his lover. “See you later this week.”
“I’m not giving you another goodbye kiss because I’ve given you so many already,” Yuu obstinately replied. “Bye-bye.”
Kouyou only laughed, nodding in understanding. And then he was finally leaving out the door, leaving Yuu in Yutaka’s presence.
Yutaka was the first to break the silence, his face looking more thoughtful and his voice sounding more gentle now that Kouyou was gone.
“What did he come over for?”
“I um,” Yuu averted Yutaka’s gaze. He didn’t want to have to bother Yutaka with his anxiety problems too, considering he’d already spent a good amount of time fretting about them to Yutaka yesterday. Yuu felt bad enough he’d bothered Kouyou, already.
“I kinda felt bad this morning so I texted Kouyou about it. He got worried so he came over and talked me out of my thoughts. I feel much better now.”
Yutaka reacted surprisingly calm about it, and didn’t pry further. “Oh. That’s good. I was afraid you both had a huge fight or something along those lines. I was shocked seeing him ringing the door so early in the morning.”
Yutaka paused for a moment in thought. “Come to think of it, he’s the first sugar daddy you’ve had that has come to our apartment. Or boyfriend, for that matter. It’s strange.”
Yuu smiled at the revelation. “It is, I guess. It’s like two worlds colliding. Aoi and Yuu’s world colliding. I never thought that would happen.”
Yutaka’s face gradually loosened up into a smile as well. “It’s just nice to see you happy. I’m glad he’s been treating you well.”
Yuu’s lips spread into a comforted smile at Yutaka’s words. The brunet was reacting way better than expected. Yuu was positive Yutaka still harboured feelings for him, but perhaps the brunet really was putting in effort to cast those feelings aside in a bid to feel happy for the raven. Yuu couldn’t be more thankful for such a best friend.
In fact, maybe this even meant that Yutaka wouldn’t be so opposed to the idea of Yuu moving in with Kouyou…
“There was something Kouyou asked me earlier,” Yuu asked, slightly hesitant, playing with his fingers nervously to himself. “I told him I’d talk to you about it first.” Yuu had thought he’d wait for awhile before broaching the matter with Yutaka, but now that the moment felt right…
“Hmm?” Yutaka frowned at how apprehensive Yuu was acting suddenly. “What is it?”
Yuu drew in a deep breath, looking down to his hands. “Um,” God, Yuu hoped he wouldn’t offend Yutaka by asking this. “Kouyou asked me if I’d like to move in with him.”
There was the expected silence. Yutaka didn’t what to say for a while, and Yuu didn’t dare look up to his roommate to analyze his face for a reaction. Yuu felt bad enough he was doing this to the brunet, and he didn’t need to witness Yutaka’s sadness to worsen his guilt.
“That’s very… sudden,” Yutaka finally answered, after a long second of pause. He swallowed his saliva thickly down his throat, shocked by the suddenness of it all. “So… what did you tell him?”
Did that mean Yutaka didn’t like the idea? Yuu’s heart pounded so fast he could barely string words together. “It’s… I… I didn’t want to make a decision until I knew you were okay about it. I mean, we've been living together for so long, and if I leave, you’d have to get another roommate. And I needed to know that you wouldn’t get hurt by me leaving… or anything like that,” Yuu replied, biting his lip. “I just want to know what you think about all of this.”
Yutaka looked conflicted, a mix of emotions splashed across his face. Yutaka wasn’t overly ecstatic by the news, Yuu could tell.
“Do you want to live with him?” Yutaka asked, and the dejectment in his voice made it clear Yutaka was assuming the worst about this situation – that Yuu couldn’t stand living with Yutaka anymore.
But as much as Yuu felt bad for the brunet, Yuu didn’t want to lie to him about wanting to move in with Kouyou either. “I do, Yutaka. I love him, but at the same time, I do have my qualms, too. I’ve gotten so used to your company, and I really enjoy living with you… I really do. I’ve only known Kouyou for so short a while, after all. It’s a relatively big decision to make. And I want to see him everyday, but…”
Yutaka seemed to reach an understanding, and his lips curved into a frown of their own accord. “Was Kouyou the one who suggested this? Asking you to move in with him?
“Wha–?” Yuu was shocked by the question. Yutaka sounded unexpectedly bitter – when Yuu thought Yutaka was starting to feel better about all of these. About Kouyou. About their relationship.
“You just don’t seem very ready to move out,” Yutaka shook his head. “Is he forcing you to make decisions you don’t want to make, Yuu? Because if you need me to step in and help you out, I will, Yuu. I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to.”
Yuu didn't know how to answer that. Was Yuu truly not ready? Or was Yutaka just being paranoid again? What if Yutaka was being biased in his opinion because he wanted Yuu to stay… or was Yutaka seeing right through Yuu’s heart again?
But Yuu always trusted Yutaka’s advice about everything that was going on in his life, and Yutaka always knew what to do.
“You’re still scared,” Yutaka continued. “Right? About this whole relationship with Kouyou. Afraid it won’t work out, that it’s moving too fast, that it’s not right. And Yuu, you're worried about how I feel about all of this, but I really think you should be more concerned about the way you feel. And I really want to make sure you’re comfortable with every decision you make about Kouyou.”
Yuu really did appreciate Yutaka’s concern; the brunet always looked out for Yuu way much more than Yuu did for his ownself. But as much as Yuu was doubtful of this new arrangement, there was a part of Yuu that wanted to try this, too. There was a part of Yuu that wanted to take his relationship with Kouyou a step further; there was a part of Yuu that longed to see Kouyou every second of the day, and moving in with him could solve half of that problem.
He just needed to convince Yutaka he would be okay.
“I think you’re misunderstanding me,” Yuu sighed. Did he accidentally give off the impression he wasn’t looking forward to such an idea? Perhaps his approach in wanting to reassure Yutaka just how much he enjoyed living with him was backfiring on him. “I really do trust Kouyou. And it’s true, Yutaka… I do think it’s too fast. But I love him so much, and… and he loves me back, too. And Kouyou has never treated me badly, so I know I can trust him. I’m not sure what will happen if I do decide to move in with him, because that could change things but – but you’re my best friend as well, and I want to make sure you’re okay with that decision, above anything else. So I won’t make my choice until you make yours.”
Yutaka looked more at peace, after hearing Yuu’s words. And maybe those were the things Yutaka needed to hear right from the start – to know that Yuu genuinely was affirmative of this decision.
“Yuu… I’m going to be honest with you. I’d definitely be sad if you moved out to stay with him. I’d be happy for you, but I’d still be sad, nonetheless. But maybe it’d be better this way, because it would help getting over my feelings for you so much faster. And maybe that’s what Kouyou’s thinking too – I would be worried about my lover being around a best friend who’s still in love with him, if I was in Kouyou’s place.
But listen – if you really want to move out and be with him, I can’t stop you. But I want you to know that I’m not going to look for a new roommate anytime soon, alright? I’m going to keep your room open for a while. It’s not like I need the extra cash, anyway. And I want you to know you can come back anytime you want, in case your moving situation with Kouyou doesn’t work out. Maybe he’s horrible to live with. Or he’s some god awful clean freak who doesn’t allow you to do anything to his place, at all.”
Yuu was immensely grateful to hear those words. “Kouyou really is very clean,” Yuu smiled softly to himself. “Maybe he does have an OCD after all.”
Yutaka emitted a low laugh. “And we’re college students, after all. I wonder how he’d react to pizza boxes and research papers strewn everywhere.”
Yuu laughed along with him, feeling a warm tingling in his heart. Yutaka and him had spent far too many nights like that, especially when it came to cramming for projects and tests.
“I’d miss you,” Yuu murmured, years of memories quickly washing over his head.
A forlorn smile tugged at Yutaka’s lips. “I’d miss you too, Yuu.”
And Yutaka meant it with his eyes, he really did.
Yuu sighed at the very thought of leaving Yutaka alone. “And who would be around to take care of you and your unhealthy eating habits once I’m gone? What if you study yourself to death?” Seriously, Yuu couldn’t trust Yutaka to eat and sleep properly on his own. Yutaka slept against the kitchen table half the time.
Yutaka chuckled. “Come on, Yuu, I’m not that bad.”
Yuu was skeptical. “Maybe I should come over every few days to check what happened to this apartment while I was gone.”
Yutaka laughed at the idea, not protesting it. “Maybe you should,” he agreed, smiling affectionately to the raven-haired.
Yuu found himself coming face to face with Yutaka’s sweet, dazed smile, and eyes so authentic and honest they almost made Yuu melt. Yuu realized at that moment that Yutaka had never so readily showed this soft side of him to anyone – not Tora, not Saga, not Kouyou – only Yuu.
Yuu’s heart squeezed at the reminder that Yutaka still liked him.
So much.
“Maybe I shouldn’t,” Yuu hurriedly said in a soft whisper, his eyes turning away. The reason he was moving out was partially to help Yutaka get over him, after all. It wouldn’t do good to return too often and be around Yutaka constantly if that was the primary reason he was looking to move out in the first place.
Yutaka seemed to understand what Yuu was getting at.
“Whatever makes you happy,” Yutaka’s smile tightened, realizing he’d given away his emotions too freely once again, and then he was taking a step back as well. “I have class in half an hour. I’ll go prepare.”
“Mmm,” Yuu said.
Yuu wished so badly things didn’t have to be this way.
Kouyou: At work. Boo.
Kouyou: Akira side-eyed me for staying out the whole morning, but hell, he knows if he says anything I’ll slam him right down. 
Kouyou: Miss you. <3 Text me back when you see these messages~
Yuu sat down against his bed, clutching his phone tightly in his hands. True to his word, Kouyou texted him immediately once he’d reached work, and though Yuu was the one that had been driving Kouyou out of the apartment to work earlier on, the raven was no doubt missing his lover already.
Yuu still felt churning dread in his stomach because of his talk with Yutaka, but Yuu thought he’d tell Kouyou about his decision to move in only when he saw Kouyou this Saturday. Yuu knew his answer meant a big deal to Kouyou, and he didn’t want to casually do it over text. Plus, Yuu wanted to see Kouyou all happy like a puppy, anyway. Kouyou always got overly excited when Yuu told him about such sentimental things, and Yuu wanted to be there to see it happen in person.
Yuu: akira has reason to be mad at you -__-
Kouyou: :( Aaw princess. You know it hurts when you aren’t on my side. </3
Yuu: i’m on your side!!!! i always am. idiot -__- go do your work
Kouyou: Ouch. You know I’m only teasing you… You sound all riled up. Did something happen?
Oh. Was Yuu being too rude in his texts? The raven just didn’t feel like he was in the mood to be too lovey-dovey to Kouyou. Besides, he still felt bad for having made Kouyou take time off work just to meet with him. Yuu knew Kouyou only had good intentions, but wasn’t Kouyou neglecting work a little too much?
…Maybe Yuu needed to sleep this off.
Yuu: nooo… i’m just worried, dummy. u keep texting me when u have work
Kouyou: Oh. If it makes you feel better about this, I’ll get back to work. Sorry
Yuu sighed. Kouyou was misunderstanding him again. He couldn’t deal with this – just not now.
Yuu: i promise i’ll text you later, ok? i think i’m going to take a nap.
Kouyou: Okay babe. I’ll talk to you later. Have a good rest.
Yuu really didn’t want to ruin Kouyou’s work in any way because of their relationship.
“I’m really excited for our double date,” Takanori said to Yuu, the next day when they were having lunch together during their break. “Akira took me out to lunch yesterday. The other time, it was only a small coffee date – but this time he brought me to a real restaurant. I couldn’t even believe the menu prices myself! I wonder if this is where these people eat on a daily basis. Not that I’m complaining… Though, I guess you’d be pretty used to it already, right? You’ve been with Kouyou for some time now.”
Yuu always found Takanori’s fawning over Akira’s wealthy lifestyle too reminiscent of the way he used to do so for Kouyou. It was strange how accustomed Yuu had gotten to being spoiled by Kouyou like this, when he hadn’t even known of the blond’s existence until recently.
“I made Kouyou eat at a fast food restaurant once,” Yuu fondfully smiled as he recounted the memory. “That was funny. He looked totally out of place.”
Takanori widened his eyes curiously. “I wonder how Kouyou’s like. You’ve described him briefly to me, and Akira mentioned a thing or two about him, but I still don’t know anything about him other than the fact that he’s… uh, hot and rich. And your boyfriend.”
Yuu was surprised by the sudden interest in his lover. “Well… What do you want to know?”
Takanori shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. What is he like? Why did you choose to get together with him? Other than the obvious reasons, of course. Good looks and wealth can only take him so far.”

Yuu picked at his food, chuckling a bit, caught off-guard by the question. “Well… I’m not really sure where I should start.” Yuu really didn’t. How could he even put Kouyou into words? “Kouyou’s pretty sweet… He texts me every morning to wish me a good start to my day, and he never takes too long to reply to my texts. He’s very busy as a CEO, but he always tells his secretary to make available slots in his schedule so he can use his free time to take me out. And he never gets mad at me no matter what… He can’t fault me for anything, even though I’m clearly the one that fucks up sometimes. Kouyou’s really…” Yuu smiled gently at the thought. “He’s really like a prince. I still can’t believe he’s real, sometimes.”
And suddenly Yuu felt like he’d fallen in love with Kouyou, all over again.
Takanori grinned at how lovestruck Yuu was acting. “You’re in deep.”
Yuu released a helpless sigh. “I guess I am, huh? But enough about me. How’s Akira?”
Takanori giggled at the mention of his new beau. “He’s so… dumb.” Yuu was surprised by the description. Takanori continued to elaborate. “I’m sorry, but, he’s so hot… and so dumb. He keeps trying to impress me with all these dumb jokes, and he keeps intentionally rolling up his sleeves whenever he knows I’m looking. I always laugh when I realize he’s doing something just to impress me again – I’m not exactly sure if this man knows how to date – but then the waiter comes and Akira’s totally professional. He’s speaking in all these French and whipping out his credit card, and I’m like… holy shit. And then I can’t decide which side of him I like better. Hot Akira or dumb Akira. Maybe both.”
Yuu laughed, imagining the hilarious sight painted by Takanori’s words in his head. He could never picture Akira so flustered, but then again this probably proved Yuu was never a potential love interest for him. Akira did look like the type that drew strict boundaries when it came to his best friends’ lovers, on the things he could do and things he couldn’t do. And to think Yuu had even been suspicious of Akira trying to hit on him at the start…
Still, it was funny how Akira – a man who looked like he had way too much pride most times – could go to such lengths of cracking lame jokes just to impress a date. Akira just looked too confident and assured of himself to have to dumb himself down for anyone. Yuu wondered if he would get to see this side of Akira during the double date.
“Akira’s a good person,” Yuu said, nodding. “He must be into you if he’s going to such lengths to impress you. I really do hope things work out between you two.”
“Thanks, Yuu,” Takanori smiled. “I’m trying to see how it goes. So far, he seems like a normal person, so no warning signs yet. Plus, if he’s best friends with your perfect prince charming, I’m going to go ahead and guess that they’re both on the same wavelength. So Akira should be a prince, too, right?”
Yuu laughed at Takanori’s conclusion. “I hadn’t thought of it that way… but you’re right!” To think Yuu and Takanori would become their princesses… Not a bad thought, actually.
“And you can’t go wrong with a prince,” Takanori snickered. “So I’m going to tease Akira a while longer. I think he thinks I’m bored by him, honestly.”
Yuu shook his head, smiling. “Is it because you’re playing your hard-to-get game with him? Aww, Taka, you’re teasing the poor man.” Yuu couldn’t blame Takanori for that, however. Yuu knew he had his fair share of teasing Kouyou on their first few dates, too.
“It’s just so amazing to be able to watch men like that crumble so easily when you have them wrapped around your fingertips,” Takanori grinned. “I won’t go too far, of course, but Akira gave me a bouquet of roses yesterday and I told him how much I loved them… and how much I loved lilies too. I had never seen someone’s face turn so white like his did. I seriously had to resist bursting into laughter right then and there.” Takanori cackled maniacally, then added as an afterthought: “I don’t even really like lilies.”
Yuu almost choked on his saliva from laughing. “Oh my god. Takanori, you’re cruel.”
“Hey! I did give him some credit for it,” Takanori pouted. “I wonder if he’ll turn up with a bouquet of lilies this Saturday.”
Yuu giggled. “I can’t believe you two. You guys are too cute. If I did something like that to Kouyou… I can’t even imagine what would happen. These guys really do all they can to impress, don’t they?”
“They’re older, silly,” Takanori pointed out. “They’re afraid of falling behind. We’re young and we have time to move on – they don’t. Men at their age take courtship pretty seriously.”
Yuu had heard the same things from Akira previously. Yuu’s age gap with Kouyou was definitely something Yuu noted, but never thought too much about. Sure, it did intimidate Yuu several times, on occasions like the gala event especially, but Yuu never thought about it like how the main reason Kouyou was taking this relationship so much more seriously was because of his age. Hadn’t Akira mentioned that men at their age were looking for more steady relationships, and he was afraid Yuu might have different priorities considering he was much younger?
Suddenly Yuu felt bad for getting mad at Kouyou yesterday because of how much attention Kouyou was devoting to him, instead of work. Kouyou was doing all he could to show Yuu he cared for him, and Yuu was getting mad at him for doing so.
“They really do take it seriously, huh,” Yuu murmured, thoughts drifting back worrisomely to Kouyou.
Before he knew it, he was picking up his phone and sending a cute text over to Kouyou, hoping he hadn’t hurt Kouyou in any way because of yesterday. Kouyou had sent the raven his usual morning text earlier today, but after a few texts back and forth, the conversation quickly died when Yuu said he had to get to class. Kouyou, probably afraid Yuu would be annoyed at him if he continued texting the raven, just wished Yuu well and said he’d get back to work.
Yuu hadn’t texted Kouyou yet since he was busy with Takanori, but Yuu did feel like Kouyou was starting to back off messaging Yuu too much in case it pissed Yuu off. And Yuu never meant for Kouyou to feel that way. He was only worried he’d been distracting Kouyou from work way too much.
Yuu: hey!!! busy afternoon at work? :) hope ur doing great <3
Yuu’s pulse wouldn’t stop racing until Kouyou replied – which was only less than a minute later. It was amazing how quick Kouyou was in his replies sometimes.
Kouyou: Hey princess :) Been busy clearing paperwork. It’s fine, just slow and boring. How about you? Is class over yet?
Yuu: mmhmm! having lunch with takanori now. we can’t wait for the double date. also he’s been telling me stories about his dates with akira kekeke. i can’t stop laughing!
Kouyou: Hahaha, they must be interesting. Tell me about them when I meet you. I really need blackmail against Akira, he has way too much dirt on me.
Kouyou: By the way, have you thought about what you want to do on Sat before dinner with them? 
Yuu frankly hadn’t thought about it yet, but there was something the both of them could always do if they really had no plans…
Yuu: …i wanna do you :)
Kouyou’s response was slightly delayed this time.
Yuu: wah? you disappeared~
Kouyou: I was busy spitting out my coffee… but that seems like an idea. You’re getting more daring, babydoll ;) 
Kouyou: ...Except I’m already planning to take you home after dinner, so I don’t think I want us to wear ourselves first. Plus, Akira has already walked in on us once. If we turn up to dinner with sex hair, I doubt he’d ever let me live this down.
Yuu laughed. Kouyou really was tired of giving Akira more blackmail material, wasn’t he?
Yuu: fiiiine. you know what? you always were talking about taking me lingerie shopping. wanna do that?
Kouyou’s answer barely took a second.
Kouyou: YES
Yuu rolled his eyes so bad. Men were all the same.
Yuu: -__- I see the enthusiasm.
Kouyou: :))))) You just made my day, babydoll. Hehehehehehehe
…Jesus Christ.

Chapter Text

The long awaited day finally came. By Saturday, Yuu had gone three whole days without seeing his CEO lover and he was dying to be held in Kouyou’s arms again. After making sure he’d packed enough clothes for the weekend (staying over at Kouyou’s place for the weekends was starting to be a thing) and dolled himself up nicely for the date, Yuu was well on his way out of the apartment, grinning ear-to-ear at the thought of seeing his handsome CEO once more and hearing his husky voice call Yuu his babydoll over and over again.
Kouyou was always early, so even as Yuu made his way down to the carpark below his block ten minutes before the agreed time, the blond’s sports car was already parked to the side, ready and waiting for Yuu’s arrival.
Yuu briefly remembered how Takanori was so fascinated by Akira’s car and lavish lifestyle, that it made Yuu pause to savour the moment before him for a bit. Yuu had gotten so used to the routine of getting picked up by Kouyou’s sports car and being treated so luxuriously by his lover, that the university student was afraid he was beginning to take Kouyou for granted.
Yuu was too excited to see Kouyou again to stop for too long, though. He hastened his steps to the Lamborghini, pulled the car door open and slipped in delightedly, waiting to be welcomed with a passionate kiss from Kouyou like usual.
The kiss never came. Kouyou appeared deeply engrossed in a phone conversation, and he barely even glanced to Yuu to acknowledge his arrival – only fleetingly gestured for Yuu to buckle on his seatbelt.
Yuu’s smile immediately evaporated off his face and he strapped the seatbelt over him rather indignantly, silently beginning to fume at the cold treatment. Was Kouyou way too busy for him now? And to think Yuu was so excited to see him, too…
“I understand what she wants, but tell her it’s impossible,” Kouyou’s tone was commanding and firm, and his forehead set in deep, unhappy creases. “Look, if it’s not enough, let’s raise it up to forty thousand. Would that be enough to appease her?” Oh, this looked bad. Yuu had never seen Kouyou so frustrated. The older man was practically boiling. Kouyou was never the type to raise his voice and shout, but it was the way in which he accentuated his words slowly and spoke in such an authoritative voice when he was angry that it truly displayed his wrath. It always chilled Yuu to the bone.
“No. I’m not conceding. I want this solved by Monday. Talk to her again and tell me what happens.” Kouyou snapped. Yuu tried to listen in and make out the words of the muffled speaking coming from the phone’s end, but to no avail.
“Ask her what she wants, but tell her my terms,” Kouyou growled, raking a hand up his hair in an aggravated manner. “Yes. We’ll have another discussion soon. Thanks.”
Yuu really shouldn’t find Kouyou so hot when he was angry like that, but god, the way the blond reacted so strongly to work matters, and took charge like a real boss whenever he had to, just made the raven… squirm a little in his pants at the sight. Kouyou was dressed in a tight black buttoned-up shirt this time – the shirt tight enough to show off how built his chest was – paired with light grey pants. Kouyou’s weekend outfits were always slightly more casual than the suits he wore to work, but they still radiated a sense of class and status around him. Kouyou never dressed anything less than how a proper gentleman would, and Yuu loved it.
…Though he was still upset Kouyou hadn’t greeted him since he entered the car yet. Yuu was so used to getting pampered with Kouyou’s kisses every second he was with him, that to be receiving no attention from the blond left Yuu feeling rather dry and unwanted. Ugh. Were these signs that Yuu was seriously turning into a spoilt princess? At first, he had only been playing along with Kouyou’s term of endearment, but it looked like Yuu really was shaping up to be a needy princess… what with his recent behavior of late.
After Kouyou finally ended the conversation and put down his phone, Yuu waited with bated breath for Kouyou’s next move.
He wasn’t disappointed. The older man was turning to face Yuu in an instant, his stoic and vexed face quickly spreading into a soft smile for his little flower.
“Hey,” Kouyou called gently, a hundred and eighty degree personality change from before, his eyes basking happily in the sight of his younger lover. Yuu beamed proudly underneath his gaze, glad that Kouyou was finally rewarding him with some proper attention. “I’m sorry I took so long on the phone. Some work issues cropped up last minute, and people are being useless and incompetent as usual.” Kouyou said it so casually and lethally that Yuu had to stifle a giggle. Kouyou really was a demanding boss.
Yuu cocked his head to the side and stared up cutely to the blond. “Was the matter really important? Even more important than meeee?”
Kouyou grinned, knowing exactly what the raven was doing. And Kouyou could never ever resist that behavior, no. In his eyes, Yuu was the most adorable thing in the universe. Kouyou was weak to those eyes and that voice.
“You know you’re the most important thing to me,” Kouyou’s voice lowered to a more serious whisper, and he raised his hand up to the side of Yuu’s face, thumbing the raven’s cheek. “I’m really sorry if you thought otherwise.” And then he was tilting his head and leaning over, slowly devouring Yuu’s lips into the long anticipated kiss Yuu had been waiting for.
Yuu fluttered his eyes shut to reciprocate, his lips parting open quickly to accommodate Kouyou’s tongue slipping in. Oh god… Yuu relished in the hot taste of Kouyou’s organ, his body trembling of its own accord as Kouyou spelled his apology out against Yuu’s tongue, kissing Yuu so sweetly and vehemently Yuu forgot what he was even mad at Kouyou for in the first place.
Kouyou always had this magic to make Yuu forget himself.
As the softness against his lips slowly pulled away, Yuu drew open his eyes to meet Kouyou’s dark brown ones, the blond’s gaze to him so intense and in love that it made Yuu smile. It was times like these that Yuu knew Kouyou would never abandon Yuu for anything. The man truthfully, earnestly, loved Yuu more than life.
And Yuu loved him the same too.
“I’m so happy to see you again,” Kouyou started off in a whisper, his hands still against Yuu’s face, his fingers caressing past Yuu’s skin gently, as if he were to be handling porcelain. “I know we always text, but nothing beats seeing you in the flesh. Plus, I get to see how you feel when I’m with you. I get anxious when I can’t decipher your thoughts over text.”
Yuu knew Kouyou was most probably referring to Yuu’s reluctance to reply to Kouyou’s texts as much as before. It wasn’t so much that Yuu was angry with Kouyou, but the more the raven-haired thought about it, the more he felt bad he was taking up so much of Kouyou’s time when the older man really should be working. As a college student, Yuu had more time to spare as compared to Kouyou, who had a company to run. And Yuu was trying to be a better lover, he really did. He wanted to be someone who could help Kouyou out, not only in terms of love, but hopefully in terms of his career as well.
Though Yuu hadn’t figured out how he could do that as of yet (he was an English major, for god’s sake) but the raven-haired didn’t feel good knowing he was always bothering Kouyou with his trivial personal problems, and he wanted to strive to be more independent and more thoughtful for the blond.
“I’m just worried I’m distracting you too much from your work,” Yuu admitted with a sigh, anxious eyes boring up into Kouyou’s ones. “I feel bad enough already that you’ve taken so much time out to meet me this week alone. I bet even Akira notices the difference. Because you are a workaholic, aren’t you? And I’ve been distracting you ever since you met me.”
Kouyou countered with a sigh of his own. “You’re worried about issues that don’t even exist again. Babydoll, I pride myself on being a good multi-tasker, so don’t worry. I do admit though, that sometimes when you text me, I do get too dazed and happy and I can’t think of anything else but you. Hmm… Now that I think about it, it does sound pretty detrimental,” the blond took a thoughtful pause. “Well… It doesn’t matter. Point is, when I’m away from you, texting is the next best thing I can do to curb my longing for you. So it would really make me sad if you stopped communication with me altogether.”
Yuu blushed slightly under Kouyou’s choice of words to describe how the older man felt when he was away from the raven. ‘Curb my longing for you’? Really? This man sounded as if he came right out of a romance novel at times…
“I’m not going to stop texting you, idiot,” Yuu huffed, folding his arms and looking away – albeit still with blushing cheeks. “I just…” Yuu couldn’t even find the right words to say.
“Of course, if you’re tired of texting me, we can always stop,” Kouyou wistfully looked away, sighing sadly to himself, putting on a dramatic act. “I guess I’ll just stare at photos of you in my spare time, or something.”
“The only photos you have of me are explicit looking ones!” Yuu replied, embarrassed at the thought.
Kouyou looked up regretfully. “I guess if I can’t have the real person to talk to, I’ll be left with no choice but to look at lewd photos of my naked lover over and over again…”
Yuu’s red cheeks swelled up so much he could burst. Trust Kouyou to come up with a threat like that. 
“Hmph. You’re so cunning!” The raven lamented, refusing to look at Kouyou.
Kouyou broke into low laughter, enjoying how much he could tease his younger lover.
“I even told Takanori how good of a boyfriend you were. I now take all of it back,” Yuu let slip, glaring heatedly to Kouyou.
Kouyou’s interest was perked. “Oh? You’ve been flaunting me off to your friends?” And for some reason, that fact delighted Kouyou, whose face was brightening up like a little child that had just been handed a piece of candy. Yuu wanted to smack that face so bad. How dare he look so pleased with himself!
“I have not! I… just told him because he wanted to know,” Yuu tried to explain himself. Then his tone lowered and the raven was bashfully looking down to his lap, shy and timid because of the words that were about to leave his lips. “And… You’ve been so good to me, it’s hard not to flaunt you off. You’ve been the perfect lover.” Being sweet and romantic was always Kouyou’s thing – Yuu wasn’t too used to it yet.
But Kouyou had begun to notice that Yuu had been growing more and more vocal of his feelings for Kouyou ever since the gala event happened, and Yuu’s displays and words of affection for the older man of late were driving Kouyou crazy. Kouyou always had to resist the urge to pin Yuu down right then and there and ravage his body to pieces because of how cute Yuu was acting. Seriously though – it was turning into an actual task by now. Kouyou really thought he should be awarded a medal for all the self-control he’d managed to get himself under so far.
“It means so much to me whenever you say these things,” Kouyou sighed, smiling, leaning his face in once more and pressing his forehead lovingly against Yuu’s own forehead. “You’ve been so perfect to me, too. I really wish we didn’t have a dinner appointment later on because I’m really in the mood to push you down in the back seat of the car right now.”
Yuu widened his eyes, caught off-guard by the statement, and turned his head away, flustered. “And you say these things so nonchalantly, too.”
Kouyou made a laugh. “Weren’t you the one begging me to take you in the backseat of my car the other time? Anyway, I won’t tease you anymore. We have a task to do, remember? I’m supposed to take you lingerie shopping.” And Kouyou’s eyes were gleaming so enthusiastically as he said that, Yuu found himself breaking into a laugh.
“You’re so excited about this, it’s annoying,” Yuu huffed, folding his arms. “I can’t believe I agreed to your perverse desires.”
“Hey, you were the one who enticed me first, wearing such sexy lingerie all the time,” Kouyou pouted. “You suggested this, too.”
Yuu just grumbled. “Anything to make you happy.” Kouyou’s grin got wider. Yuu was showing his thoughtfulness for the blond again.
“So, where should we head to first? Do you have a loyal lingerie store you frequent?” Kouyou asked casually, as if he was asking Yuu a simple question of where he wanted to eat. Though, in Kouyou’s case, he truly had plans of feasting on Yuu, so…
“Uun. I can’t believe I’m answering this,” Yuu whined.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to answer. I’m all for experimenting. I got my secretary to compile a list of S&M centric shops in the city.” Kouyou, once again, was casually remarking as he reached for his phone to scroll through his emails. “If I’m not wrong, we have one ten miles away from here.”
Yuu gawked at his lover, incredulous at what he’d just heard. “You got your secretary to compile a list of sex shops in the city?!” Jesus, Yuu had way underestimated Kouyou’s excitement for this. “I’m not exactly sure that’s what secretaries are hired to do.” And Yuu wasn’t sure he could ever face Kouyou’s secretary again.
“Mmhmm,” Kouyou wasn’t even listening to him at this point. Scrolling further down his phone, Kouyou appeared too preoccupied with choosing a shop for the both of them to head to. “Hey, this shop called Forbidden Pleasures sounds interesting.”
“Enough!” Yuu’s face paled at the name he’d just heard. “Fine. I’ll bring you to the shop I go to. No S&M shops. Okay?!”
Kouyou wasn’t about to argue – not when he was getting to see Yuu in more lingerie, for god’s sake.
Except that things didn’t exactly go according to his plan.
“We can’t try on panties in the dressing room,” Yuu’s sentence alone single-handedly dashed every bit of Kouyou’s hopes and dreams. Kouyou looked on, mortified, as Yuu stood before racks of pretty-looking undies – decorated with lace and ribbons and any fancy thing you could possibly think of – whilst unable to try any of them on.
In the end, Yuu navigated Kouyou to take him to a nearby mall, and they had entered a decent and reputable-looking lingerie shop that seemed empty for the day. The shop assistants appeared to recognize Yuu right off the bat and welcomed his patronage, though the sight of Kouyou standing next to him as well surprised them. It was the first time Yuu had brought anyone with him to the shop, and they hadn’t expected Yuu’s boyfriend to be so mature and… hot. Though it definitely explained Yuu’s taste in lingerie to them now...
Kouyou tagged along behind Yuu like an overly zealous puppy, while the raven flicked through the shop’s new arrivals and tried not to look embarrassed by Kouyou’s very obvious excitement.
So, when are you going to try them on? Kouyou had asked, after five minutes of browsing, growing slightly impatient Yuu hadn’t made any move to walk to the dressing room yet.
Yuu then snorted at his question, turned to him, a sly smile curving up on his face. “You know we can’t try panties in the dressing room, right? It’s not sanitary.” Yuu didn’t know why he hadn’t warned Kouyou of this fact before, but then again he always thought it to be common knowledge.
And listening to that very sentence was the moment Kouyou felt like his whole life was over.
“But…” Kouyou gaped, leering at the undergarments on display, trailing his eyes back to Yuu’s body longingly like it was forbidden fruit. “But… then how am I supposed to see these million pieces of lingerie on your body?” Kouyou’s face expression made Yuu felt like he’d just crushed a puppy’s lifelong dream.
The shop assistants standing around them broke into soft giggles at the blond’s blatant disappointment. It was plain as day to them why Yuu was such a frequent customer at their store, now.
“If you purchase them for your boyfriend, he can try them on for you in the dressing room,” One of the girls tipped Kouyou off. “We’re having a sale! 5 for $25.”
Kouyou’s face lit up once more at the wonderful suggestion. He didn’t think he’d ever paid underwear that cheap for his own briefs, even. Kouyou could easily afford all of them.
Regaining his cool composure now that Kouyou had found the solution to his problem, the older man turned to Yuu and confidently gestured to the underwear racks, saying in a rather commanding tone: “Choose 20.”
Yuu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Make that 40,” Kouyou coughed loudly as he spoke, hoping only Yuu – and not the shop assistants – caught that.
Yuu laughed. He’d been slightly embarrassed by Kouyou at first, but the blond was acting way too cute about simply buying lingerie now. Suddenly Yuu wasn’t regretting bringing Kouyou here anymore, not when he saw how happy it was making Kouyou. It was so rare that Yuu got to do things for his CEO lover, and to know that he could make Kouyou happy in such small, simple ways left the raven feeling very satisfied.
“Take your time,” Kouyou added, taking a step back to allow Yuu to have his space and take his picks. “But uh, not too long. If we’re going for 40. Actually, have you considered making it 60–”
“How about you choose some for me, too?” Yuu asked sweetly, blinking up rather innocently to the blond. Kouyou was bound to get bored if he stood around watching Yuu like this, and if Kouyou had some say in what lingerie Yuu was going to wear, it would definitely make their next love-making session more exciting. “I mean, my taste is getting kinda boring. I’d love to see what you choose.”
Kouyou inhaled in a deep breath upon hearing the invitation, like he just heard he’d hit the jackpot. “Really? Because, you know, I’ve had a couple of ideas, and I really want to see you in a couple of–”
“Just go choose them,” Yuu laughed, waving Kouyou off, who was quickly scurrying off eagerly to the back of the shop. God, Kouyou was such a pervert, and he was openly showing it too, in a public place no less. Yuu didn’t know how he was going to come back to this shop after this trip to face the shop assistants ever again.
Yuu thought Kouyou would take this seriously, he really did.
And maybe Kouyou took it a little too seriously. Because as Yuu stood in the middle of the spacious fitting room, with a couple dozen of racy costumes hanging off the racks, ranging from cheerleader costumes to sexy sailor costumes (all Kouyou’s picks), Yuu found himself staring blank-faced to his lover standing in front of him, who was currently looking all too pleased with himself.
“I thought we were only getting panties,” Yuu said in an accusatory tone, pointing to the multiple provocative-looking costumes hanging before him. “What are these?”
Kouyou didn’t even show any sign of remorse. “I personally really like the cheerleader one. I think the skirt’s short enough.”
Yuu narrowed his eyes to him. “Takashima Kouyou!” Jesus, this man…
“Okay, fine. I might have gone overboard. But it’s not like I can’t afford them,” Kouyou attempted to justify himself. “I’m prepared to buy everything for you, so… And didn’t we talk about roleplaying the other day? I’ve been wanting to see you in a skirt ever since we talked about you being my princess.”
Yuu sulked, seeing he had no choice in the matter in the first place. “If we’re prepared to buy everything, then why are we still in the dressing room?”
Kouyou looked incredulously to Yuu, like Yuu wasn’t seeing the obvious. “I thought it was mutually agreed upon that you would model them for me.”
Yuu sighed, acknowledging there was no changing Kouyou’s mind at this point. “Fine. I’ll wear the cheerleader one first since you like it so much. You so owe me.”
Kouyou’s eyes twinkled as his younger lover conceded to his wishes easily, and he watched like a hawk as Yuu undressed himself slowly with flaring cheeks. Kouyou was certain today would be one of the best days of his life. His shy and pretty lover was readily stripping himself of his clothing to put on lingerie Kouyou personally chose for him… and all for Kouyou’s eyes, only, too.
Actually, the more he thought about it, the more Kouyou was certain he would be going back against his word of not doing anything sexual to Yuu before their dinner date.
Of course, Kouyou was right.
The skirt really had been too short against Yuu’s thighs. It barely covered his butt, and it didn’t help that Yuu was wearing white lacey panties of his own underneath the yellow cheerleading skirt. Yuu looked too perfect in his role as the haughty, pretty little cheerleader Kouyou had to teach a lesson to, and the older man just couldn’t resist.
Not when he had Yuu pressed up against the mirror like this, Yuu’s cheerleading skirt all hiked up around his waist, his white panties pulled down and his ass cheeks parted open for Kouyou’s easy fondling. Yuu’s hair had been tied back into a high ponytail – Kouyou’s request – and the poor raven was trying his best to muffle his moans as Kouyou positioned his lubed tip right against Yuu’s entrance, ready to penetrate him.
“D…Daddy…” Yuu found himself begging, pushing back impatiently against the blond. Fuck. Yuu really hadn’t meant to give in to the blond like this, but he’d felt too aroused, dressing up so sluttily like this for the older man. And Kouyou hadn’t been able to hold back either, because when Yuu dressed himself up and teasingly bent over to allow Kouyou to take a look at how good the raven’s ass looked in this skirt, the man had ended up pinning Yuu against the mirror a second later, his rough palms smacking Yuu’s butt cheeks painfully.
And the rest was history.
Yuu jolted up from his thoughts when he felt Kouyou start to gently coax his cock in, the blond beginning to pant heavily as he pushed himself inside of Yuu deeper and deeper by the minute. Yuu couldn’t move much in his position; he only writhed agonizingly as Kouyou slid himself all the way in, occasionally groaning at how tight Yuu’s ass felt around his cock.
“You’ve been such a bad babydoll, fuck,” Kouyou cursed, calloused palms grabbing firm hold of Yuu’s ass cheeks. “Look at how round you are. So perfect, always ready to be fucked…”
“Uunn…” Yuu whimpered, his blushing face pressed right up the mirror, his eyes shrouded in a hazy daze of lust. “I just want Daddy to start teaching this cheerleader a lesson already…”
Kouyou exhaled loudly upon hearing that, a hand reaching up to grab tight hold of Yuu’s ponytail. Yuu moaned out delightedly in pain.
“Always saying such vulgar things, princess. I really think you should be taught a lesson. Especially after I caught you filming yourself fucking against a dildo because of me.”
Yuu giggled demurely at that memory. “That’s what happens if Daddy’s not at home~”
Kouyou was immediately hissing at the teasing statement, and he pulled his cock out without warning then thrust it back in swiftly. Yuu moaned with his mouth wide open, encouraging the man to go faster.
“So big, Daddy…” Yuu whimpered, feeling Kouyou’s thick cock fill him up to the brim.
“Fucking slut,” Kouyou answered, slapping Yuu’s ass crudely as he pulled himself back out and slammed right in, faster this time like how Yuu requested. Yuu bucked his hips up to meet Kouyou’s thrusts, moaning over and over again at how good the older man’s cock felt, and Kouyou watched as Yuu’s perky ass jiggled every single time Kouyou slammed back in furiously, skin slapping against skin.
“Uunn… So good… fuck…!” Yuu cried out loud, allowing his lithe body to be easily manhandled by the taller man. Kouyou didn’t ever slow down in his thrusting, not even when he was lifting one of Yuu’s legs up and placing it over his shoulder, giving him the opportunity to fuck Yuu in deep angles he hadn’t explored before.
“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck Kouyou! Right there! Yes!” Yuu was almost screaming, at the exact moment Kouyou was grazing his prostate, and the blond had to slap a hand right over Yuu’s mouth then so as to silence the quivering raven.
“We’ll get kicked out of here if they know we’re fucking in their dressing room,” Kouyou warned, though it secretly exhilarated him to get Yuu so worked up and then threaten him to keep silent like this. “So be a good babydoll and keep quiet, understood?”
“Mmmf,” was all Yuu could manage, nodding as obediently as he could. Kouyou loved exerting dominance over him like this, Yuu could tell, and he was too happy to oblige the blond and submit to his desires willingly.
Kouyou fucked his lover hard and rough, mindful of the fact that the longer they spent cooped up in here, the more suspicious it would look. Yuu couldn’t bother to even think about that aspect, his mind clouded with pleasure, his one hand gripping the wall for support while his other hand slipped under his skirt to grasp a good hold of his cock.
He jerked himself off to the pace of Kouyou’s thrusts, small whimpers and cries leaving Yuu’s dainty mouth still, and he was so lost in how good it felt each time Kouyou fucked roughly into him that he couldn’t do anything else but beg for more and more and more.
“Nnn… nngh… Daddy’s always so thick,” Yuu moaned, half-lidded eyes gazing to the mirror he was leaning against in a bid to catch Kouyou’s expression.
Oh, Kouyou always looked so hot like this, with his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his face sweaty and his sleeves all rolled up, showing off the defined veins on his arms. Kouyou always couldn’t hold back his pleasured expressions when he was fucking Yuu like this, his eyes shut and his lips parted in low satisfied groans. And he never stopped thrusting back and forth, his cock deliciously dragging in and out of Yuu’s slick asshole.
Yuu could cum just seeing Kouyou so concentrated on fucking him like this, as well as from hearing the delightful noises that left the blond’s mouth, fuck.
Then Kouyou was increasing his pace like never before and suddenly fucking Yuu so fast the raven’s eyes were falling to a close again, almost crying at how good and fast Kouyou was going. Kouyou was approaching his release, he was sure of it. Yuu soon felt warm liquid filling him up from behind, proving what he’d thought true.
“Oh Yuu… my sweet princess… you’re so great,” Kouyou panted incoherently, throwing his head back as he milked out every single drop he had left inside of Yuu. “So great, Yuu, mm… my babydoll… always so sexy for me…"
Yuu moaned as Kouyou filled him like this, and the knowledge he was acting like such a cheap whore made Yuu move his fingers against his cock faster. But then Kouyou, noticing Yuu hadn’t cum yet, hastily reached his own hand over and wrapped his own palm around Yuu’s cock, seizing it and expertly began stroking Yuu off.
“Uunn… Kou…” Yuu whined at the contact, urgently snapping his hips up and encouraging for Kouyou to go faster. Kouyou’s hand – so large and firm and so much friction – always felt better around his cock. “Please… I want…”
“Princess,” Kouyou silenced his pleas with a tender kiss upon the lips, sliding his tongue in and kissing Yuu harder and more merciless this time – a complete contrast from the gentle way he had kissed Yuu in the car. Yuu found himself going dizzy at the intensity of the kiss, and he soon felt himself short of breath. The lack of air, combined with Kouyou’s coarse and experienced hand around his cock, led the raven to feel a building pressure in his stomach in no time, quickly leading him up to his orgasm.
Yuu shuddered as he came right into Kouyou’s hand, his whole body shaking in pleasure. Everything became a mess after that. The raven was reduced to helpless moans and whimpers, and a cum-stained outfit. Yuu snuggled right up to Kouyou’s chest as per his usual after-sex routine, and mewled for plenty of kisses and cuddles. Of course, Kouyou wasn’t able to resist at first, not when Yuu stared up to him with those doe-looking eyes and blushing cheeks and held a pout so adorable Kouyou no longer knew what to do with himself.
But after giving in to Yuu’s tenth kiss, the blond was sighing and drawing his lips away, shaking his head to the raven.
“We’ve spent half an hour in here. They must know we’re fucking.”
Yuu was still sleepy and too happy basking in the aftereffects of his orgasm that he didn’t care. “But you’re buying so many things from theeemm. Just give them a big tip when we walk out or somethiiinggg.”
Kouyou sighed once more, fingers gently playing with Yuu’s hair. How was he supposed to not give in to Yuu like this? “Looks like I do. Well, it’s not like I didn’t expect this wouldn’t happen anyway. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to control myself once I saw you in those clothes.” He smiled fondfully to Yuu as he said that.
Yuu nuzzled right into Kouyou’s chest. “So, at the end of it all, I guess the blame goes to you.”
Kouyou didn’t even protest his argument. “I guess it does.”
Yuu pouted at the lack of resistance Kouyou was putting up. “You’re no fun.”
Kouyou just laughed, eyeing the raven thoughtfully. “We have to go out now, babydoll. I have to pay for these clothes and um… you have to clean yourself up.”
Oh… Right. Yuu had forgotten the cum on his stomach and thighs until Kouyou reminded him. That immediately woke the raven up.
“I don’t know why I’m always allowing you to dirty me when we’re out in public,” Yuu huffed, looking down to his wrecked self with a rather pitiful gaze.
“Maybe because we enjoy it,” Kouyou suggested as a matter-of-factly.
Yuu defiantly glared to him. “I wasn’t looking for an answer!”
“Well, I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be the last time I’m fucking you outside of home,” Kouyou smirked. “And I would like to point out that the previous time when I fucked you at my office, it had been your idea, too.”
“It totally was not!”
“Says the princess who’s covered in cum,” Kouyou teased.
“And whose damn fault is that!”
“But you’re very pretty when you’re like this. Speaking of, hold on, I need to get a picture of this…”
“Aah! Sexual harassment!”

Chapter Text

If Yuu could compile a list of top ten most embarrassing moments in his life, now would definitely be one of them. Yuu couldn’t hide his face enough when Kouyou was paying for all the lingerie at the cashier for the raven. Yuu had very thoughtfully chosen only ten new panties he thought were cute enough, but Kouyou had chosen a whole bunch of other kinky lingerie, so much so that Yuu was starting to wonder if he had spoiled Kouyou rotten, since he was the one that had introduced Kouyou to the idea of him wearing lingerie from the very beginning.
Yuu had been with some seriously pervertic men before, but Kouyou just sealed the deal for him. Was it really true then that the more powerful and handsome you were, the more fucked up your sexual desires were? Yuu silently began re-evaluating everything he knew about Kouyou… Kouyou should be grateful he was so hot for a pervert.
“It’s only a bunch of skirts and sheer babydoll dresses and thigh garters,” Kouyou defended himself, noticing the concerned look on Yuu’s face. “I just want to pamper my princess, that’s all.”
It wasn’t like Yuu minded, since he did find most of the lingerie Kouyou had chosen for him pretty cute, but Yuu didn’t feel like going down without a fight. Besides…
“I’m never going to finish wearing all of them.” Yuu folded his arms stubbornly, staring to the pile of lingerie that was currently having their price tags scanned by the cashier. And god, each of them didn’t come cheap, too, and Kouyou was so casually paying for all of them as if they cost nothing at all (in Kouyou’s defense, it probably really didn’t matter to him). Still, Yuu would never have thought of paying so much for lingerie before. In the past, when he shopped for lingerie on his own, buying five pairs of cute underwear was already considered a luxury to him. He couldn’t justify buying so much lingerie at one shot.
“If you feel like you can’t finish wearing all of them, then I guess we just have to have sex more often,” Kouyou answered in a rather indifferent tone, shrugging as if his idea was only the most natural course of action they should take to solve the problem.
The girl at the cashier giggled so much at Kouyou’s reply that Yuu wanted to dig himself a hole to bury himself in right then and there and never come out ever again.
“We have sex everytime we meet,” Yuu whispered, outraged at Kouyou’s blunt reply, his face hot from embarrassment. He elbowed Kouyou gently whilst keeping his head down, unable to even look at the girl at the cashier anymore.
Keeping his poker-face on, Kouyou tried his hardest not to laugh at his lover acting so shy.
“Maybe after every round of sex, you could change into a new costume, then,” Kouyou suggested once more.
…Yuu was going to die of humiliation at this rate.
Kouyou ended up tipping the shop staff a hundred dollars each for all their trouble, and they subsequently left the shop with two huge shopping bags. They’d spent so much time at the store that it was now the appointed time for their dinner date, which Yuu was thankful for since the sex had worn him out and he was now famished.
They were soon back in the car, en route to the restaurant Akira had made a dinner reservation at. Apparently Kouyou and Akira had discussed about it and settled on a famous Italian restaurant that the both of them hadn’t brought Yuu or Takanori to before.
“I’m looking forward to meeting Takanori,” Kouyou spoke as he drove on, casually glancing over to Yuu in the passenger seat. The raven had started re-applying eyeliner against his eyes, since the sex from before had messed up part of his make-up and Yuu was certain that Takanori, who was an ultimate beauty and fashion guru, would notice.
“Takanori’s very nice,” Yuu commented without thinking, still looking into the mirror installed inside the car, his hand firmly fixated on lining his eyes neatly. “He’s a very haughty and independent type of person. And he’s attractive, too.”
Kouyou smiled at the description, finding it all too familiar. “That sounds like you.”
“Wha–?” Yuu turned to look to him, surprised. “I’m haughty and independent?”
“Mmm,” Kouyou said. “You’re always stubborn and you don’t like me helping you. But you’ve been opening up to me lately, which is something I appreciate.”
Yuu was puzzled at Kouyou’s deduction. If Kouyou called him haughty he could understand – but independent? Yuu felt like he’d been too clingy and needy of late, so much so that it was even irritating himself.
“I don’t feel independent enough,” Yuu looked away, slightly ashamed. “I’m so weak. It’s… It’s been something that’s annoying me.”
Kouyou laughed. He’d long thought Yuu would feel that way. “Oh, princess. It’s okay to feel weak at times. It’s a human emotion.”
Yuu frowned to him. The blond sounded like he was lecturing him. “I still don’t see your point.”
The older man simply offered him a sweet smile. “You know, the only times when you feel weak are the times when you’re trying to make someone else happy, you realize that? You’re scared of hurting people you care about, but you always closet your own emotions away when it comes to yourself, and refuse to let anyone in. Yutaka told me you were fond of doing that.”
Yuu’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh… I didn’t know Yutaka said these things to you.” What else had Yutaka said to the blond? Was this why Kouyou had looked so affected after that one conversation with the brunet?
“He really cares for you,” Kouyou said, his voice quieter this time. “Yutaka. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t come into the picture, maybe you’d have gotten with him instead. He’s not a bad person, isn’t he? He’s just a man in love.”
Yuu’s heart sunk to his stomach at the mention. All the guilt for not being able to return Yutaka’s feelings were coming back to him again. The raven was shocked that Kouyou had come round his thoughts on Yutaka and no longer looked at him as a threat, too.
“He doesn’t deserve someone like me,” Yuu sighed, placing his eyeliner down. “I really hope Yutaka can find someone better.”
Kouyou’s eyes gazed lovingly to Yuu, his tone resolute and firm as he spoke. “He has to. Because you’re already mine, and I’m not letting you go.”
Yuu’s heart leaped within his chest, and he smiled bashfully to himself at what he’d just heard from the blond.
“I only hope you can continue opening yourself up to me like this,” Kouyou murmured, one of his hands leaving the wheel to reach for Yuu’s one. “Because I love you as a person, dependent or not. In fact, I’m rather fond of the idea of you depending on me entirely. So depend on me as much as you want. I’ll always be here to support you.”
Yuu’s smile widened, his heart fluttering again at such sincerely meant words. He allowed Kouyou to clutch at his hand warmly, their palms touching, their fingers interlacing. Kouyou had completely won him over.
He still couldn’t resist teasing Kouyou, though. “You know… Your words could come off as romantic, if I didn’t already know how much you were into S&M. You just want me to depend on you so much so you can manipulate me in bed. Pervert.”
Kouyou sighed, still smiling. “You know what I really mean, babydoll.”
Yuu beamed happily to him. “I do, Kouyou.” And then he was squeezing Kouyou’s palm.
I really do.
Once they had reached their destination, Kouyou was quick to look into the car mirror and give himself a glance-over.
“Does my hair look messy?” Kouyou asked, frowning as he brought a hand up insecurely to his hair. “Do I look like I’ve just had sex? If Akira notices, he’ll bring it up the whole time during dinner, I swear.”
Yuu giggled at how vain Kouyou was suddenly acting. Kouyou never acted narcissistic, despite how good he looked all the time. Yuu was starting to wonder if Kouyou even had to put in any effort at all when he dressed himself up on a daily basis. The man barely wore make-up, but his dark eyes were always so dazzling and his jaw so chiseled. It was amusing to see Kouyou so self-conscious like this.
“You look really handsome,” Yuu cooed, reaching his hand over to give a light brush at Kouyou’s hair. “And your hair doesn’t look messy at all. I don’t think Akira can tell.”
Takanori, on the other hand…
“Great,” Kouyou grinned, then leaned over to kiss Yuu swiftly on the lips. “We should get going now. Akira’s never late, and I have a feeling they’re already waiting in the restaurant. We’re overdue our appointed time by five minutes.”
Yuu had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at Kouyou’s remark. These businessmen really were uptight about punctuality. Granted, time probably meant everything to them, seeing as every minute of their time equated to money, but Yuu shuddered to think what would happen if a client turned up late at a meeting with them – even by five minutes. Yuu was certain Kouyou would be livid, since he treated his work so seriously. And although Yuu had never been late to a date with Kouyou before (Yuu was usually too excited to meet him to even fathom being late), Yuu wondered what would happen if he turned up to a date half an hour past their meeting time.
Would Kouyou get mad at Yuu? Or would he make an exception for the raven?
Then again, Kouyou had never flared up at Yuu before. Yuu was beginning to doubt there was anything in the world that Kouyou could ever get angry at Yuu for.
They left the car hastily after Kouyou had parked it, and afterwards entered the restaurant hand-in-hand; the older man anxious to get to their reserved table as soon as he can.
The Italian restaurant turned out to be a building on its own with two full stories, and seeing as how it was large enough to host a banquet, Yuu was sure it was another one of those first-rate restaurants that charged hundreds of dollars for a meal.
After giving Akira’s name at the front desk, the server led the both of them up the stairs, to a crowded floor full of elegantly attired guests dining around many round tables. Majority of the guests looked mature, in their late 30s or above, and Yuu was back to feeling like he stuck out like a sore thumb in such an environment, knowing he and Takanori would probably be the youngest – and poorest – here.
Yuu had thought they’d be dining around one of the many tables here, but the server before them appeared to be ziplining his way across the floor, manuveuring Yuu and Kouyou all around the many tables until he had led them out to the balcony, where a glass sliding door separated it from the rest of the floor.
Outside, it was serenely quiet. The glass door helped tune out the buzz and chatter from the inside, and provided exclusivity to those seated on the balcony. It also gave a splendid overview of the city, in all of its stunning bright lights and bustling nightlife. If you didn’t fancy that view, you had the option of gazing up into the nightsky and admiring the million twinkling stars and constellations, too.
It was the perfect romantic getaway for any couple in love.
Yuu was surprised to see no one else occupied on the balcony, only them. There was only one table filled up and Takanori and Akira were already seated there, engaged deep in hushed conversation. Akira was dressed in a casual white dress shirt, sunglasses hanging off from the front, matched with black pants; while Takanori complemented his boyfriend’s outfit with a long white printed shirt paired with tight jeans, finishing off his look with a fashionably sleek and black cardigan.
Akira appeared to be saying something funny to Takanori, for Takanori was immediately bursting into giggles afterwards, shaking his head disapprovingly at what he’d just heard. The both of them had a hand each placed against the tabletop, their fingers almost touching, their hands lying right next to each other.
But then the server led Yuu and Kouyou to the table, and it quickly silenced their discussion, their attention quickly being diverted to the couple standing before them. Akira looked disappointed at the interruption, silently hoping he could have had more time with Takanori alone.
“Hey!” Takanori waved up to his raven-haired friend, a friendly smile spreading across his face. “Yuu, you’re here! And…”
His eyes traveled interestedly to the taller blond standing next to Yuu. “Kouyou…. Right?” Wow.
Takanori didn’t have to say it aloud, but Yuu could already see it in his eyes. The man was definitely approving of Yuu’s taste in men.
“You did good,” Takanori whispered over to Yuu, giving him a thumbs-up sign. Kouyou obviously heard the exchange and was smiling amusedly to himself, but feigned ignorance so as not to embarrass Yuu further. Yuu had suffered enough for the day with the lingerie shopping and now this; even the blond was starting to pity Yuu a bit.
Yuu’s face flamed up at Takanori’s frank statement. “Kouyou can hear you,” the raven whispered furiously back, to which Takanori just grinned in response.
Kouyou made sure to pull Yuu’s chair out for him before the raven could do so himself, and Yuu found himself awkwardly thanking Kouyou for the gentlemanly gesture and seating himself down against the velvet chair, trying to ignore Takanori’s excitement at seeing such a romantic sight.
“Hey,” Kouyou started introducing himself, still standing, at the same time extending a hand out to Takanori for a handshake, a charming smile plastered against the blond’s face. “I’m Takashima Kouyou. Nice to meet you.”
Yuu himself gushed silently at seeing how formal and handsome Kouyou was being, knowing this was the Kouyou he had met on their first date, the british-accented CEO that had captivated him to bits.
“I’ve heard so much about you!” Takanori said, accepting Kouyou’s handshake eagerly. “And seen so many pictures, too. You look way better in real life.”
“Takanori saw photos of us at the gala,” Yuu added, explaining. “Uh… he was kind of the one who googled you.”
“I see,” Kouyou nodded, pulling his hand back and finally taking a seat himself after he’d finished his introduction. “I’m happy you’ve taken an interest in me, Takanori.”
“Ahem,” Akira cut in, glancing warily over to his best friend cum boss. “I would say Takanori has taken a bigger interest in me.”
Takanori laughed, his eyes fluttering sweetly back to Akira. “That’s a very bold statement to say, mister Suzuki.”
Oh, god. Were they flirting? They so were. Yuu laughed softly to himself, watching Takanori smile teasingly up to Akira, whose gaze was so clearly devoted to Takanori’s face.
I guess their relationship is advancing as quick as my one did with Kouyou.
“Want to take a look at the menu?” Kouyou abruptly asked Yuu, handing the raven a copy of the menu, distracting Yuu away from the couple. Kouyou looked unbothered by the loving display of affection before them. “I heard this restaurant’s pomodori col riso is good.”
Yuu made a face at his words. Kouyou always talked to him about the names of all these food as if Yuu knew any of them.
“I think you should just choose for me,” Yuu sighed, eyes skimming down the menu, trying to find a single dish he had at least heard of before. “You would know what’s good, right? I always like what you pick, anyway.”
“Akira likes the risotto,” Takanori offered, finally turning his attention back to them. “We’re both getting them. He says it’s good.”
Kouyou cocked an eyebrow up at his words, slyly smiling over to Akira who was sitting across him. “Oh, he did, didn’t he?” Yuu was suddenly interested as to why Kouyou was acting so coy.
“I don’t know why you’re staring at me like that,” Akira narrowed his eyes to the blond. “Stop being creepy. You’ll scare everyone around this table off.”
“Are you guys always like this?” Takanori asked with a laugh, having never expected the two men to act so hostile to each other.
“Usually Kouyou’s ten times angrier,” Akira joked, awaiting Kouyou’s oncoming glare. “Isn’t that right, Yuu?”
Yuu pouted. “Kouyou’s not a very angry person,” the raven hurriedly came to Kouyou’s defense, smiling tenderly up to his blond lover. “At least not to me. He’s always so sweet and charming.”
Kouyou’s eyes perked with surprise, his lips curling into a pleased smile at Yuu’s words. “See? Yuu doesn’t complain. Akira, stop trying to influence Takanori badly about me.”
“Oh, no, if Yuu says you’re a good person, I definitely believe him,” Takanori rushed to say. “Yuu calls you his prince charming.”
Kouyou’s smile got wider. “Did he?”
“Takanori, you didn’t have to say that,” Yuu looked away, embarrassed. “Anyway, Kouyou, you already know that, since I’ve called you that before. So stop acting like it’s news to you!”
“It’s different if you’re telling your friends about it, too,” Kouyou’s eyes gleamed happily, his lips leaning over to plant a soft kiss against the raven’s hair. “Such a shy little princess. Of course hearing these kind of things make me happy.” Yuu’s cheeks turned pink at the knowledge that Kouyou was being so intimate with him in front of their friends.
Takanori had to try his best to contain his squeals.
“Akiraaa, I want a kiss on my hair too,” Takanori mewled cutely, turning his attention back to his boyfriend. “Do it!”
Akira didn’t even hesitate. “Okay,” he said, then leaned over to give a small peck to Takanori against his hair. Takanori relished in the kiss, grinning once it was done. Akira didn’t instantly pull away from Takanori’s hair, however. “Oh, you smell good.”
“It’s a new shampoo I’m trying. Do you like it?” Takanori asked cheerfully.
“I love it,” Akira answered, smirking boyishly to the younger man.
“If I use it more often, will you kiss me on the hair more?” Takanori questioned, innocently blinking up to him.
“Mmhmm,” Akira chuckled, nodding along to Takanori’s request.
Yuu’s jaw almost fell at the sight of how whipped Akira was for Takanori. Takanori’s little game of playing hard-to-get was actually working?! Yuu turned to Kouyou with his jaw open, and realized his lover was staring back to him with a bemused smile as well, holding the same thoughts.
“Don’t say anything,” Kouyou hushed, reaching his hand over to Yuu’s head, gently running his fingers down Yuu’s hair. “You know I’m the same when it comes to you.”
Yuu laughed at the knowledge. Kouyou was right. The blond was whipped himself, constantly pampering Yuu to his every whim, and rushing to his side whenever Yuu so much as mentioned he was upset. Kouyou had even gotten Yuu a credit card for the raven to use whenever he so wished. Compared to Akira, who was still in the beginning stages of spoiling his lover, Kouyou was way worse.
Though Yuu could see Akira spiraling down quickly at this rate, as well…
These men were beyond incomprehensible. They had the world at the tip of their fingers, but at the end of the day, it was their lovers that controlled their hearts. Yuu sighed comfortingly at the thought.
“Hey, help me order food already,” Yuu whined to Kouyou, playing up his adorable side, not wanting to lose out to Takanori when it came to being pampered by his lover. “I’m so hungry. Do you want me to die from hunger?”
Kouyou frowned. “Of course not. I’ll order food for you immediately.” And then he was raising his hand up, impatiently calling for the server to head over.
Yuu had to stifle his giggle at the sight of Kouyou looking so concerned over his welfare.
Yuu then caught Takanori eyeing him approvingly, winking at him to acknowledge that he knew precisely what the raven was doing. Yuu just laughed.
“Yuu, I forgot to tell you,” Takanori suddenly said, in the midst of eating, bringing everyone’s attention to him quickly. “Akira bought me a bouquet of lilies today. He’s so thoughtful.”
Yuu almost choked on his food, laughter almost escaping him as he attempted to swallow his food down. Kouyou worriedly brought a hand over to stroke at Yuu’s back soothingly, while his other hand reached swiftly for a napkin to pass to Yuu.
Yuu wiped at his mouth delicately, thanking Kouyou sweetly for the gesture, though he was secretly holding his laughter in so much his cheeks were on the verge of exploding.
“Akira’s so thoughtful,” Yuu echoed, looking warmly up to Takanori’s date. “I hadn’t known of him being such a romantic until you began telling me all about it.”
Akira was looking so pleased with himself, having earned both Yuu and Takanori’s approval, that it was making Kouyou slightly jealous. Hearing Yuu’s words, Kouyou remembered he hadn’t been getting Yuu much flowers of late, and he wondered if this was Yuu’s way of hinting he wanted them again.
(Of course, that wasn’t Yuu’s intention at all. But Kouyou was being overly sensitive as usual.)
“I really appreciate the lilies, though,” Takanori laughed, looking up to Akira, a genuine smile spreading across his face. Yuu could tell Takanori was speaking honestly from the heart this time, none of that cute shtick he was using awhile ago. “It’s been such a long time since I felt so cared for like this. At first I only thought you were good-looking, but I didn’t know you were such a good person from within, too.”
Akira looked as if he was about to melt at Takanori’s words, but the man was too prideful to let it show. Akira merely smiled and waved it off.
“I’d do anything for someone with the likes of you,” Akira handsomely remarked, eyes glinting towards Takanori, and Yuu inadvertently smiled at the sight.
The raven felt relieved Akira and Takanori had found each other like this, since he was sure the both of them would be in good hands with one another. And looking at Takanori gaze up to Akira with such adoring eyes, Yuu was sure his friend would drop his stubborn act sooner or later and surrender to Akira’s advances. Akira was way too good of a catch to pass up – and Takanori clearly knew that, too.
The raven had been too immersed in his thoughts, a stupefied smile on his face, that he hadn’t noticed Kouyou’s arm making its way around his waist, securing Yuu possessively in Kouyou’s grasp.
“Hm?” Yuu asked, confused, turning his head to face his lover. Kouyou looked disheartened and miserable, and that was when Yuu realized he had unconsciously ignored Kouyou this whole time.
“Stop fawning over other people’s lovers,” Kouyou sulked, a dejected look in his eye. “I’m right here next to you.”
Yuu laughed, then moved his fingers to pinch at Kouyou’s cheeks.
“What an idiot,” Yuu teased. “You’re jealous because I’m happy for our friends?”
Kouyou sighed. “Don’t put it like that. You know what I mean again, Yuu.”
“Kouyou just wants your attention to be directed more towards him,” Takanori smiled, chipping in. “His eyes have been on you the whole dinner. Plus, he’s been offering you the good bits of his food, and making sure to ask the waiter to re-fill your water every fifteen minutes. He really is a prince charming.”
Kouyou smiled faintly at his words. “It’s nothing, really. It’s what I always do for Yuu, anyway.”
Yuu had been so used to Kouyou taking such initiative for him that he hadn’t even noticed anything out of ordinary this whole dinner.
God, he really was taking Kouyou for granted, wasn’t he? Even Takanori had noticed how naturally sweet and considerate Kouyou was.
“Did I neglect you a bit?” Yuu asked, gazing up anxiously to the older man. He leaned up to kiss the blond softly against the cheek. “Idiot. You know when we get home, I’ll be all yours anyway.”
Kouyou’s eyes gleamed at the thought. “You’re right. We also did lots of shopping earlier that could be put to good use, too.” Yuu groaned – he could almost see the pervertic thoughts forming in his head. Yuu gave a kick underneath the table to Kouyou’s leg at his words.
“Shopping?” Takanori asked, a bizzare look on his face. “You guys don’t look like you went out shopping earlier.”
Yuu’s heart stopped at his words. Fuck.
Takanori would notice, of course. Why exactly did Yuu think he could ever fool him? He had obviously underestimated Takanori too much.
“What do you mean?” Akira asked, suddenly interested, cockily raising an eyebrow to Kouyou. Kouyou’s face grew grim.
“Well, Yuu came in here with smudged make-up,” Takanori pointed out, slyly smirking. “It looked like it had been melted off by sweat, or something. Either way, I’m too familiar with how after-sex make-up looks. And even though Yuu probably touched-up his make-up after...
To the average person, they probably couldn’t tell the difference. But, see, I’m not average. Besides, Kouyou’s shirt and pants are wrinkled. And I’m pretty sure Kouyou’s not the type to go to a date with un-ironed clothing.”
With every word Takanori said, the smugness on Akira’s face grew. Kouyou was stunned to silence, having not expected Takanori’s detective skills.
“I can’t believe you figured it out so easily,” Akira laughed to his lover. “You’re so smart!”
Takanori cackled. “I didn’t mention it earlier because it was so obvious. I didn’t realize you didn’t know.”
“Kouyou, Kouyou…” Akira clucked his tongue, shaking his head towards his best friend. “What can I say? It’s not like I didn’t expect that. I’m just surprised Yuu can keep up with your vigour.”
Yuu’s cheeks reddened. Kouyou just sighed.
“Ah! Wait! I know!” Takanori’s eyes widened, after he’d pieced the bits and pieces together in his head. “Don’t tell me… You guys had sex in a mall? That’s where you did the shopping, right?”
Yuu was mortified Takanori was stating it so openly. Even if he made such a realization, was there really a need to reveal it like that?!
“Takanori!!! I thought you were my friend!”
“Oops,” Takanori laughed. “Was I not supposed to say it out loud? But I’m right, right? Hehe.”
“You should study to be an investigator,” Kouyou took it in good stride, calmly smiling. “You look like you have a real knack for picking up clues.”
“Takanori’s very smart,” Akira declared proudly. “He can do whatever he puts his mind to.”
“Of course I can,” Takanori agreed, sticking his nose up high. Akira couldn’t resist seeing Takanori so cocky like this, and ended up leaning over to peck a kiss against Takanori’s hair.
Meanwhile, Yuu was still dying from mortification.
“Today is one of the most embarrassing days in my life…” Yuu turned to his lover and buried his head sadly into Kouyou’s chest, his fingers gripping Kouyou’s shirt vexingly. The raven even let out a low moan of displeasure as he hid his face away from the couple before them. “Takashima Kouyou! I demand you to repay me for all this humiliation!”
Kouyou looked down with an endearing smile to his young lover, patting at his head rather delightedly. “Yuu, if you’re trying to be angry with me, it’s not exactly working. You look too cute.”
“Shut it!” Yuu hissed. He was embarrassed enough already, and in his one attempt to regain some sense of pride back, he was acting… too cute?!
Kouyou sighed, deciding to pacify Yuu a bit. “Fine, fine. I’ll listen to you, princess. When we get back home, I’ll definitely repay you with all my… might.”
But his last few words were so laced with connotation, it only elicited more laughter from Takanori and Akira. Kouyou smirked down to Yuu, knowing the raven would react even more violently to his teasing.
“I’m making you sleep on the couch! Bastard!” Yuu cursed, punching Kouyou’s chest angrily.
“Yuu, that’s my house…”
“Do I look like I care! You’re sleeping on the couch!”
“Okay, okay, I’ll sleep on the couch…”
Kouyou knew he was not sleeping on the couch. As long as he had Yuu’s body pinned down underneath him, the raven would give in to him too easily once Kouyou seduced him with his fluttery kisses. Kouyou could even hear Yuu whimpering his name desperately, already…
Yuu, meeting with Kouyou’s silence, had grown curious as to why the blond was no longer countering his remarks, and raised his head up.
Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased at the sight.
“Why do you have that sex-crazed grin on your face, Takashima Kouyou!!!!!!”
The rest of the dinner passed by in a fun blur. After making payment, the older men hastily escorted their younger lovers back down to their cars, eager to get the rest of the night started. Takanori and Yuu bade goodbye to each other, promising to set-up another double date like this again.
“I really enjoyed getting to know you and Kouyou,” Takanori said, smiling to the couple before him. “You really have good taste, Yuu.”
“I’m flattered you think so,” Kouyou thanked politely in return. “I apologize in advance if Akira annoys you in any way. He usually means well, but sometimes he gets on my nerves too.”
“Takashima!” Akira glared daggers to him. “If you weren’t my boss, I wouldn’t be giving you so much leeway, I swear. Takanori likes me too much to get annoyed by me!”
“Just ignore Kouyou,” Yuu huffed, still mad at his lover for before. Kouyou looked to him with puppy eyes. Yuu just turned away. “Anyway, Takanori, Akira, I really enjoyed tonight’s dinner. I hope you have a great night later.”
Takanori giggled, gazing up curiously to his lover. “I’m still not sure what plans Akira has for us.”
“It’s a surprise,” Akira snickered, smiling affectionately back to Takanori, slithering an arm down around the smaller man. Takanori leaned in and nestled his head against Akira’s shoulder. “Anyhow, we wish you a great night, too. Kouyou, I hope you enjoy the couch tonight.”
Kouyou narrowed his eyes to his best friend, a threatening look in his eyes. “Suzuki Akira…”
“What? Like he’s not speaking the truth,” Yuu stuck his tongue out. Kouyou sulked further.
They both returned to their respective cars after that. Once Yuu and Kouyou had slipped into their seats and Yuu was about to reach for his seatbelt, the first thing Kouyou did was to lean forth in his seat and capture Yuu’s face in his two hands, his lips greedily drawing Yuu into a rough, passionate kiss.
Yuu was surprised by the sudden enthusiasm, but he didn’t reject it. He kissed Kouyou back, trying his hardest to keep up with Kouyou’s hungry pace, his tongue gently entwining with Kouyou’s, his mouth letting slip soft moans from the back of his throat. Kouyou kissed Yuu until the both of them went breathless, with saliva slipping down past their mouths from the sloppy, hurried kissing – and only then was he finally satisfied.
Pulling back and wiping at his lips with the ends of his sleeve, Kouyou gazed to Yuu, eyes fondfully concentrated on Yuu’s face. Yuu felt like he was under sudden scrutiny.
“You worried me back there,” Kouyou started with a sorrowful sigh, his eyes downcast. “Did I really make you mad?”
Oh. Yuu understood why Kouyou was suddenly kissing him now, as if needing affirmation from the raven that Yuu wasn’t completely crossed with him.
Of course, Yuu never meant any of it. He had only been too embarrassed back there, realizing Takanori and Akira had found out details about their sex life, and needed to take some of that embarrassment out on Kouyou.
But since this was an opportunity to let Kouyou learn his lesson for teasing Yuu so much in public, Yuu decided he wouldn’t let Kouyou off the hook so easily this time.
“You did,” Yuu frowned, unwilling to even look Kouyou in the eye. “I’m so mad about that. I don’t want you to ever–”
The raven-haired was startled when he felt one of his hands carefully being lifted up to Kouyou’s lips, the blond kissing Yuu gently against his skin once again.
“I apologize,” Kouyou sincerely said, eyes shimmering up to Yuu in a regretful manner. “Please don’t get mad at me. You know I can’t handle it. I won’t say such things again if it makes you mad.”
A small smile uncontrollably blossomed upon Yuu’s face – Kouyou always knew the right things to say. And as Kouyou kissed Yuu’s hand a second time, this time even sweeter than before, Yuu found his heart gradually giving in.
What an idiot…
“Will you forgive me?” Kouyou asked, his voice stricken.
Looking at that handsome face of his, Yuu had no heart to say no.
“Fine. You don’t have to sleep on the couch,” Yuu finally said.
Kouyou’s anxious face dissolved into a relieved smile. “Well… I wasn’t going to, anyway.”
“Hey! I just forgave you!” Yuu countered, annoyed. “Don’t make me take it back!”
Kouyou grinned devilishly. “I knew you wouldn’t stay mad at me like this, babydoll. My princess isn’t so heartless.”
“Okay, I change my mind. You sleep on the couch tonight.”
“But babydoll…”

Yuu ended up giving in to Kouyou once they returned to the apartment, anyway.
Crumbling into nothing but a writhing body, along with plentiful whimpers and moans of Kouyou’s name; Yuu could barely remember anything else once he was pinned underneath Kouyou’s sheer strength, the older man heavily thrusting into him until the raven fully succumbed to the pleasure only Kouyou could bring to him.
“Nn, Kouyou…” Yuu moaned, his heavily-lidded eyes intoxicated in lust. Kouyou was so good in bed it was insane.
“Next time, don’t fawn over other men so much,” Kouyou breathed, planting soft kisses against the nape of Yuu’s neck, still urgently thrusting into the smaller raven. “It makes me jealous.”
“Un… nn… Unreasonableee… uunn…” Yuu managed to mewl out, his words barely audible to make out. Kouyou was going so fast it was driving him mad.
“I get jealous very easily,” Kouyou whispered, sinking his teeth deep into the side of Yuu’s neck, drawing a small cry from his younger lover.
Oh, Yuu was going to be so sore the next morning…

Chapter Text

Yuu stirred up from his sleep the next morning – or afternoon, Yuu wasn’t sure anymore – to Kouyou lightly snoring, still deep in slumber, his arms wrapped loosely around the raven’s waist. The curtains by the balcony were still drawn, allowing the bare minimum of sunlight in, enclosing the room in darkness. Yuu couldn’t tell what time it was, and he was too lazy to strain his head up to glance to the clock, but it felt like he had slept forever. And seeing that Kouyou was still fast asleep, clearly exhausted from last night, when Kouyou was usually the one to wake up before Yuu; the raven was sure last night had been more vigorous and extensive than the others.
It was so rare that Yuu woke up to Kouyou’s sleeping face, and Yuu wanted to take every moment to savour it. Kouyou always looked so fragile when he was sleeping that it was cute; considering how he was such a powerful and dominant figure in real life. Yuu took special care not to move in his position, fearful of waking his lover up, and smiled simply to himself at the sight of Kouyou resting like this.
The blond’s chest rose and fell with every staggered breath he took, and his lips were slightly parted. Kouyou hadn’t bothered to go to bed with a shirt on as usual, always preferring to clothe Yuu’s slim frame in his shirts instead, something that Yuu noticed only now. The raven made a face at the thought that this could be another kink of Kouyou’s that Kouyou hadn’t talked to him about, but Yuu decided to brush it off as a cute gesture anyway. Besides, he loved snuggling up in Kouyou’s clothes. It smelled like him and his distinct cologne and it made Yuu feel close and safe, surrounded by the blond like this.
As Kouyou turned a little in his sleep, a couple of blond hair strands fell down against Kouyou’s face, shielding his eyes. Yuu leaned his fingers over, gently tucking them back behind Kouyou’s ear.
Kouyou looked so beautiful like this, with his eyes closed, flaunting his long dark lashes. And his jaw, so masculine, and his lips, taking soft breaths in an adorable pout…
Yuu grinned hard to himself, heart galloping quickly at the knowledge that Kouyou was all his. How many people out there would kill to be in this position Yuu was in right now? To have landed himself such a handsome-looking CEO, who loved Yuu with all his life… Yuu was sure Kouyou must have had plenty of admirers, and many people who vied for his attention, and that mere thought made Yuu frown in jealousy. He would never share Kouyou with anyone else. And he was positive Kouyou held the same sentiment, too.
Yuu heard light rustling and turned his attention back to Kouyou, who was starting to slowly awaken from his sleep. Yuu had to hold back a laugh at how lost and confused Kouyou looked as his eyes flitted open, his blond hair in a mess. It was so nice to see Kouyou in his raw moments, capturing him in such vulnerability, proving he was really a human being, despite Yuu’s suspicion Kouyou was a character that had walked right out of a romance novel sometimes.
“Morning,” Yuu murmured cutely, smiling up to the taller man. Kouyou’s face immediately fell back into his usual happy grin, the one that he made whenever he was with the raven.
“Morning, princess,” Kouyou whispered back, albeit a little sleepily. His eyes were still straining to open as he yawned to himself, clearly reluctant to leave bed yet. “You’re up early.”
“You’re up late,” Yuu pointed out cheekily. Kouyou smiled faintly to him, shaking his head.
“I’m failing in my prince duties,” Kouyou teased, his hands reaching for the blanket currently over them that only covered up to their waist. He pulled it further up to their shoulders, almost engulfing Yuu’s small frame under the entire blanket. “I think I should compensate my princess with some early morning dessert…”
“Hey!” Yuu pouted, pushing the blanket off him. “I don’t even know how many rounds we went for last night. I can’t believe you’re still horny!”
Kouyou gave a dry laugh. “I’m always in the mood when I look at you,” he said, lecherous eyes roaming down Yuu’s figure. “If I don’t worship this body, who will?”
Yuu wanted to shrivel up right then underneath Kouyou’s lewd gaze. It was so maddening how Kouyou always said these things so frivolously and casually like it didn’t matter to him at all – the blond had no shame!
But Yuu couldn’t deny the fact that he did like Kouyou adoring him like this…
“Ah, it’s nearing one in the afternoon,” Kouyou noted, his eyes on the clock placed behind Yuu. “It’s been awhile since I slept in like this.”
No wonder it felt like Yuu had been sleeping forever. “Do you remember what time we went to bed?”
Kouyou pondered over that question for a bit. “Not really,” the blond shrugged. “I was too busy lavishing the body in front of me to care.”
Yuu smiled bashfully to himself. “You’re getting more daring,” the raven sulked, turning his face away.
“Too daring to what?” Kouyou grinned, rough fingers reaching up to grip gently at Yuu’s jaw, turning the raven to face him. “I love it when you’re shy with me.”
Yuu scrunched his blushing face up into – what he hoped was – a glare. “You’re getting so spoilt ever since the gala!”
Ever since Yuu had confessed his love for the blond, Yuu realized Kouyou had grown more confident when it came to matters regarding Yuu. Although Kouyou was still the gentle, patient lover Yuu had known him to be, Kouyou didn’t hold back in teasing Yuu, or ravaging him to pieces whenever he got the chance to. Although it was a good sign – Kouyou growing more comfortable around Yuu like this – but Yuu felt indignant at the thought that Kouyou was taking advantage of Yuu so readily now that the raven decided to open his heart up to him.
As much as Yuu retaliated against Kouyou’s advances, though, Yuu still felt glad knowing he could make Kouyou happy like this. Kouyou deserved everything in the world, for how much he had given to Yuu.
“I know you’re just acting like you hate all this attention from me,” Kouyou smirked, bending over to kiss Yuu softly against the head. “My little flower can’t refuse me like this. Or maybe I need to find Christine again to hear how much you love me…”
Yuu frowned instantly at that mention, jealousy beginning to seep into his heart. “You’re not allowed to speak of Christine in front of me!”
Kouyou had to hold back his laughter at how precious Yuu looked like this; his eyebrows raised in an angry scowl and his chubby cheeks so puffed up.
“Sweetheart, you know Christine is nothing to me anymore,” Kouyou coaxed, his arms falling down to Yuu’s waist, tightening around Yuu. “You know my heart better than anyone about this. So don’t look so upset, okay babydoll?”
Yuu just huffed childishly and lay his head against Kouyou’s chest. “Then stop talking about her. I don’t like the way her name sounds on your lips!”
Kouyou laughed softly to himself. Yuu looked so cute even when he was being petty that Kouyou couldn’t bring himself to get mad at him. “Alright, princess. At least you now understand me when I talk about how upset I get when I think of you with other men.”
Yuu nuzzled his head a little against Kouyou’s neck. “You don’t have to think of me with other men, silly. You might just be the first time I’ve ever loved someone like this.”
Yuu’s words – although said so nonchalantly – carried such weight and intensity that it surprised Kouyou, and even Yuu himself.
Yuu sighed at the relevation that he was revealing more of himself to the blond again. He really was doing things he hadn’t ever thought he would before; opening himself up, whole-heartedly, and allowing the blond to monopolize his very heart. And it was true, now that Yuu thought about it. It really was true about Yuu not having loved anyone like he did for Kouyou before. He was young, and the few serious relationships he had previously never mattered much to him. But then he met Kouyou, this tall, charming, perfect CEO, and he’d successfully sent Yuu’s heart in a downward spiral in the few weeks Yuu had known him.
It was almost like it was meant to be. And Yuu would like to think so, because he couldn’t imagine a life without Kouyou around anymore. Even just the thought of that made his heart wrench.
“Am I really the first?” Kouyou asked, his tone hopeful, his face in sweet disbelief. Yuu didn’t see any reason to lie, and he nodded hesitantly, bright eyes turning to look up to Kouyou.
“I’ve just never felt for anyone like this before,” Yuu sighed quietly, watching as Kouyou’s face beamed with every word he said. “And you always take care of me. I’ve never felt so safe and protected in anyone else’s arms before.”
Kouyou looked so happy at Yuu’s earnestly said words that the raven couldn’t bring himself to regret them one bit.
“Of course I’ll take care of you,” Kouyou murmured, bestowing kisses all the way down Yuu’s hair. “I’ll take care of you as long as you allow me to. Even if you had never fallen in love with me, even if you were adamant on this remaining a monetary arrangement, a sugar relationship… I would pay all the money in the world to have you safe in my arms. I wouldn’t ever let any other man have you.”
Yuu smiled shyly to himself. “You’re saying creepy things again.” It wasn’t creepy at all to Yuu, though, no. Yuu delighted in hearing Kouyou’s words, knowing that the older man would have done anything in his power to keep Yuu by his side. Because Yuu needed that reassurance, that nothing else was more important to Kouyou than the raven’s presence himself.
“Is it really creepy if they’re my true thoughts?” Kouyou asked, sighing, embracing Yuu closely to him. “Yuu, I’m just so happy you’re telling me all of this. That you love me, and that you’ve never done so for anyone else before. I may have had previous relationships too, but I’m not sure if I’ve fallen so hopelessly in love like this. I wake up every morning thinking of you. And I really hope you do, too.”
Yuu raised his head up to sneak a small kiss against Kouyou’s jaw. “Of course I do. I think of you all the time when I’m not with you.”
Kouyou broke into a cheerful laugh, relieved at Yuu’s words.
Yuu was certain this was the perfect time to break the news to Kouyou about his decision to move in.
“But you don’t have to think of me anymore,” Yuu’s heart hammered wildly in his chest as he spoke. “Not when you’ll be waking up to me by your side every morning.”
Kouyou went so silent at his words that Yuu thought he hadn’t understood what Yuu had implied. After a while, it was clear that Kouyou had gotten it, but he was second-guessing himself, unsure if Yuu was so outrightly agreeing to living together with him like this.
“Are you…?” Kouyou’s face looked so shocked that Yuu giggled uncontrollably before him.
“I am,” Yuu hurriedly answered, not even waiting for Kouyou to finish his question.
And then Kouyou’s eyes were glimmering again, his lips widening into an incredulous smile. “Really?!” He was smiling so crazedly to the raven that it made Yuu laugh.
“Don’t make me change my mind,” Yuu taunted, folding his arms.
“No!” Kouyou frowned. “You’re not allowed to change your mind! You’ve already agreed.”
Yuu squinted his eyes to him playfully. “If you’re already acting so assertive even before I’ve moved in, I might think twice about my decision to do so…”
“Not allowed,” Kouyou repeated, then lowered his head to bring Yuu’s lips urgently into a soft kiss.
“You’re not allowed to change your mind about this,” he whispered against Yuu’s mouth, biting erotically against the raven’s lower lip. “You’ve already made me so happy, you can’t take it back anymore.”
Yuu continued teasing the older man, seeing as how Kouyou was attempting to exert his authority over him. “But Daddy…”
“Daddy doesn’t like indecisive princesses,” Kouyou whispered, kissing Yuu as sweetly as possible. “So don’t make Daddy mad. Alright?”
Yuu nodded his head thoughtfully, fluttering his lashes as innocently as he could up to the blond. He was absolutely sure he would be squirming underneath Kouyou in no less than five minutes, once Kouyou had taken one look at his demeanour like this. He knew all of Kouyou’s weak points, and one of them definitely included acting like a spoilt princess to make Kouyou lose control.
True enough, Kouyou was sucking in a deep breath as he gazed upon Yuu’s countenance. Kouyou was always falling for it. Yuu had to hold in his giggles as he deliberately pecked a kiss cutely up against Kouyou’s cheek.
Whatever will and restrain Kouyou had left was completely slipping away by now, Yuu could tell, by that vacant look in Kouyou’s eyes.
Daddy,” Yuu called once more. Kouyou’s self-restrain always crumbled whenever Yuu used that term to affectionately call after him, since Yuu used it more often than not when they were in bed together.
“What do you need, princess?” Kouyou asked immediately, his voice almost in a growl, much huskier than before.
Yuu tipped his head to the side. “Nothing. Just wondering how you’ll handle me once you get to see me everyday. I think I need to lay a few ground rules first to protect my well-being.”
Kouyou grinned. “You know I wouldn’t pay attention to any of those rules, babydoll…” His hands were roaming down Yuu’s waist as he spoke, slowly to the raven’s ass, feeling up the younger man’s naked bum. Seeing as how Kouyou had clothed Yuu only in his shirt last night, the raven wasn’t wearing underneath, and it was easy for his hands to slip under Yuu’s shirt and cup his hands against Yuu’s round butt.
Yuu wiggled his ass a little in Kouyou’s grasp, teasing the blond further.
“I seriously can’t believe your sex drive sometimes,” Yuu whined, though he was obviously riling Kouyou even more with his sensual body movements. “You’re such a brute.”
Kouyou laughed, then slyly uttered: “You underestimate the appetite I have, my sweet little princess…”
Yuu thought they had woken up late enough, but they proceeded to spend the whole of their Sunday afternoon rolling around in bed, entangling their bodies together, their mouths never leaving each other’s skin.
And in the midst of it all, as Kouyou grasped Yuu’s hair and devoured him into a harsh kiss, Yuu thought to himself that he didn’t mind spending the rest of his life with Kouyou, like this, at all.
After many intense hours of heated pleasure, Yuu only managed to convince Kouyou they had to get out of bed because the raven had grown too hungry to go for any more rounds with the blond. Kouyou, of course, listened attentively to Yuu’s request, since he wasn’t about to subject Yuu to hunger just because of his selfish desires. They washed each other in the shower soon after, though that again took a while since Yuu had to constantly slap Kouyou’s hand away from his ass to prevent the blond from trying anything with him.
Once they were done and all dressed up, Kouyou informed Yuu he would be taking him out for dinner at a restaurant, seeing as how neither of them could be energized enough to cook, anyway. Yuu readily agreed, and quickly packed up his dirty clothes so Kouyou could easily drop him off back at his place after dinner.
On their way to the restaurant, they also began discussing the arrangements for Yuu’s move-in to Kouyou’s apartment.
“I’ll try to finish packing my stuff tomorrow after class, so I can move in on Tuesday,” Yuu told of his plan to Kouyou, once they were seated in the car. “I don’t have much, so it shouldn’t take long.”
“I’ll clear my schedule on Tuesday, then,” Kouyou said, without a second thought. “I’ll finish work a couple of hours early so I can help you with the move.”
“It’s fine! I can just take a cab,” Yuu protested, adamant on not taking any more work hours away from Kouyou’s schedule. “I don’t want you throwing your work aside for me again.”
Kouyou was firm on his decision. “I’ll drive you. I’m not about to let my lover move in without any help from me.”
Yuu sighed at how stubborn Kouyou was acting. Sometimes it was endearing how caring and romantic Kouyou was, but at the same time, he liked to make a lot of his decisions on his own, especially when it came to things that he thought would benefit Yuu. Kouyou always refused to back down from his decisions without a good reason, even if Yuu pleaded him to do so. Yuu understood that Kouyou always had his best interests in mind, but the raven didn’t always like to be the princess Kouyou always treated him to be. It was nice to have a lover that was so confident, so strong-willed, but at the same time, it sucked knowing that Kouyou had the final say in some things.
And Yuu just hated imposing on people so much, especially the people he loved.
“Is there really nothing I can do to make you change your mind?” Yuu asked, hoping if he sounded upset enough, the blond would give in to him. Kouyou rarely refused him, or used his authoritative and demanding tone with Yuu, and Yuu was counting on that part of Kouyou to agree with Yuu’s request.
“No.” Kouyou didn’t look like he wanted to discuss further on the topic, surprising Yuu, and it left the younger man feeling rather resentful. He’d thought Kouyou would always want to appease his wishes. The raven looked out the window and folded his arms, deciding to keep silent the rest of the car journey.
Kouyou could guess that he’d struck a nerve in his lover, for he was glancing over to him with a deep-etched frown.
“You’re mad,” Kouyou said.
Yuu didn’t answer.
Kouyou released a low sigh. “Yuu…”
Yuu just had to remain silent for a little longer, just a whee bit longer…
…And he was certain Kouyou wouldn’t be able to withstand the cold treatment from the raven, and would concede defeat. Yuu just knew Kouyou couldn’t stand being ignored by Yuu like this.
“I don’t understand why you won’t let me help you,” Kouyou lamented, his eyes looking concernedly over to Yuu. “If this is about my work again, you know I don’t mind.”
Yuu almost parted his lips to speak, trying to defend his stance, but decided against it. He was almost there, Yuu could feel it. Kouyou was going to give in to him any moment now.
“I know what game you’re playing at, Yuu,” Kouyou’s face was sullen. “But I’m going to fall for it anyway. You know I can’t bear the thought of you upset with me.”
And there it was.
“Fine, I won’t clear my schedule,” Kouyou finally said. Yuu’s face brightened up. “But if it happens that I finish my work earlier on that day, and I have no meetings scheduled, I’m rushing over to help you.”
Yuu glowered at Kouyou, hearing his added sentence. “Then how am I to know if you’re lying or not?”
Kouyou sighed. “Yuu, when have I ever lied to you?”
Yuu was satisfied enough with his answer. “If you lie to me, karma will bite you back in the ass. So don’t even try it!”
Kouyou smiled, seeing Yuu’s mood perk up so quickly already.
“I won’t lie to you, Yuu. You know I would never do that to you.”
Kouyou took him to a posh French restaurant this time, located only a short distance away from his apartment. Yuu realized the blond was being thoughtful again, for Kouyou made sure not to travel too far since Yuu had been complaining about his hunger. That didn’t mean Kouyou was settling on any casual dining restaurant, however. Kouyou still made sure he was bringing Yuu to a reputable, fine dining restaurant, one that served enough meal courses to ensure Yuu would be too full to even remember his hunger later.
Once they had been led to their table and were seated down comfortably, Kouyou hastened to place orders for the both of them, mindful of the fact that Yuu was starving.
“I would appreciate it if you hurried with our orders,” Kouyou added to the waiter, his tone rather impatient. As he spoke, he slipped a fifty-dollar bill into the waiter’s hand, a gesture that was done so smoothly no one else would have been able to notice it unless they were observing Kouyou closely like Yuu was.
“I would really appreciate it,” Kouyou emphasized, his eyes unwavering as he looked up to the waiter.
The waiter nodded his head frantically, pocketing the fifty-dollar bill into his pants. “Understood.”
Other than being stunned by the scene before him – didn’t that only happen in movies?! Apparently not, if you were in the world of the rich – Yuu was starting to feel bad that he had whined so much about feeling hungry to the blond, in a bid to convince Kouyou they had to get out of bed.
Yuu was of course hungry from a whole day of not eating, but Kouyou was beginning to make such a big deal out of it that Yuu wondered if he hadn’t needed to emphasize on it so much, by saying things like how he was going to faint or die any time soon if Kouyou didn’t allow him out of the bed to get some food to eat.
Kouyou really was hopeless when it came to pleasing Yuu. Perhaps this was just how all powerful men were; they could provide anything and everything in the world for their lover, and they wanted to make full use of their privilege to do just that. They couldn’t even contemplate not being able to spoil their lover. It probably hurt their manly pride if they weren’t able to do so.
While they were waiting for their food, Kouyou swiftly started up conversation with his lover again.
“So, I’m guessing you’ve talked to Yutaka about it? About moving in with me.”
“Ah? Yeah…” Yuu was disheartened at the reminder of the situation with his brunet best friend.
“He was supportive, and he said he understood why you would ask me to do so. But he also said he would welcome me back anytime if I wanted to go back. He said he wasn’t in any rush to find another roommate.”
Kouyou didn’t look too pleased with that idea – Yutaka seemingly waiting for any opportunity for Yuu to leave Kouyou and then return to his apartment – but Kouyou held back his tongue, knowing better than to voice out his thoughts. “Hmm… I see. Well, I’m just glad the both of you have worked it out. It’ll be better this way, right? Things can only get better from now on.”
“Mm-hmm,” Yuu nodded his head happily to Kouyou. “I can’t wait, already. Although it feels bittersweet to not be living with my best friend anymore, but it’s not so bad when I remember I’ll be living with my hot and rich CEO boyfriend from now on.”
Kouyou chuckled, his heart warming up at Yuu’s words of affection. “You’re so cute. I can’t believe I’ll get to see you everyday soon. Though… this also means that I’ll be extra reluctant to leave for work every morning.”
Yuu’s face paled at the memory of sending Kouyou off to work at his apartment’s front door. “You’re horrible! You’ll never leave for work. Also, I hate waking up early in the morning. So don’t even think about having me as a housewife to send you off at 8am everyday!” The raven stuck out his tongue.
Kouyou frowned. “Well, if my princess doesn’t wish to do so, it’s not like I can force you.” The blond sighed, looking longingly far-off into the distance. “I just thought it would be nice if I could have an energy-booster every morning, having my lover send me off to work with good luck kisses…”
Yuu folded his arms in a huff. Kouyou was at it again!
“Stop guilting me,” Yuu pouted. “Fine, I was only joking. Of course I’ll send you off to work!” The raven made sure to add quickly, “As long as I haven’t been tired out the night before because of your insatiable appetite. I fear for the state of my ass in the upcoming days ahead…”
Kouyou laughed at how serious Yuu sounded. Was that an actual problem Yuu was worried about?
“I think we need to reach a compromise,” Kouyou finally decided. “Let’s have sex five days a week.”
Yuu gaped at him in astonishment. Five?! “No! Three!”
“Okay, there is no compromise,” Kouyou concluded, resisting his smile. “So, as I was saying–”
“It’s not fair! Why is your word final?” Yuu objected, cutting Kouyou short. “We’re only having sex two days a week now, and I don’t even know if my ass can bear it…”
“That’s because I don’t see you five days a week, so all the pent-up sexual urges I have are brought forth when I see you during the weekends,” Kouyou pointed out. “If I see you everyday, it’ll be more tame, I swear.”
Yuu narrowed his eyes. “I don’t believe you.”
Kouyou’s lips curved up into a grin. “Actually, I’m not sure I believe myself very much either.”
Yuu thought Kouyou to be lucky for it was at this moment that their food arrived, and the raven had felt too hungry to bother continuing their argument any further.

Chapter Text

It had been midway through their dinner (and mindless bickering) when a waiter stopped by their table with a bottle of wine, presenting it to the raven. Yuu was surprised, considering he hadn’t heard Kouyou order for any wine earlier, but as his eyes flickered over to meet Kouyou’s eyes with a questioning look, Kouyou appeared equally confused by the sight of wine as well.
“The 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame for you,” the waiter introduced, a pleasant smile on his face. “Would you like to have a glass now?”
Yuu was too bewildered to speak. “Um…”
“We didn’t order for any wine,” Kouyou said, frowning. “You must have gotten the wrong table.”
The waiter’s smile was unfazed. “It is your table, correct. The mister in the back gifted this table a bottle of wine, specifically for the raven-haired mister.”
Yuu tensed up, realizing the waiter was referring to him. What? What? Who the hell was the mister in the back? Why were random people gifting him wine? Oh, this was definitely going to infuriate Kouyou. Kouyou was too possessive over him to be able to stand the idea of anyone else gifting Yuu expensive items right in front of Kouyou’s face. Plus, who in the right mind would flirt with Yuu when he was so evidently having dinner with his lover?
Yuu glanced to Kouyou with bated breath, watching as Kouyou’s perfectly calm face from before morphed angrily into an expression so enraged it frightened Yuu.
“Who gifted Yuu the bottle of wine?” Kouyou hissed, clearly provoked by the insulting gesture.
Having a man treat Yuu to expensive wine right in front of him meant that the man hadn’t even taken Kouyou into consideration; it meant that he hadn’t even thought Kouyou to be a threat; it meant that he hadn’t even thought Kouyou to be worthy of being Yuu’s partner.
Yuu could see all these thoughts running wild in Kouyou’s head, and Yuu knew any hopes of having a peaceful dinner would be dashed after that.
“The mister behind, seated in the corner,” The waiter answered, directing Kouyou’s attention to the aforementioned man.
Yuu turned his head to look as well, curious as to the person who would gift him such a thing, but as soon as Yuu’s eyes fell upon the man – who was presently raising a glass of wine up with a grin as he caught Yuu’s gaze – the raven found himself going numb with shock.
His name was Andou Daisuke, but he preferred to go by Die.
He wasn’t too old, unlike his other sugar daddies. Recently divorced and in his early forties, Die was one of the better ones that Yuu had an arrangement with, and he was someone that had been generous with his money, constantly splurging on Yuu whenever he got the chance. He had helped Yuu pay off at least half of his student loan, and Yuu had been certain if he hadn’t met Kouyou, Die would have been the one to pay off the other half for Yuu, too.
Yuu also wasn’t one to have frequent sex with every of his sugar daddies, unlike some sugar babies out there, but for Die he made an exception. Yuu had spent many nights with him, in exchange for Die’s generosity, and each time Yuu was nicely rewarded.
Yuu never held any feelings for Die romantically – only ones of gratitude – but Yuu had begun to suspect Die was beginning to harbor feelings for him of late, which also explained why Die had gotten so worked up when Yuu stopped replying to his messages.
Die was also the attorney.
Die had slipped in a vague threat about Kouyou’s career having to be destroyed once everyone found out about Yuu’s job as a sugar baby, but Yuu wasn’t sure if Die ever planned to act on it. Yuu wasn’t even sure if he was going to see Die ever again. Yuu had entirely forgotten about the man.
Who would have thought Yuu would be seeing him right here with Kouyou in tow?
Yuu suddenly felt so helpless he wasn’t sure what to do. This was not going to end well. No, this wouldn’t, at all. Kouyou was possessive enough as he was, and meeting another of Yuu’s sugar daddy wouldn’t help the situation at all. If Kouyou found out all the details about Yuu and Die… Yuu couldn’t even imagine how upset Kouyou would get.
Looking to Kouyou now, whose hands were clenched in fists and his face currently boiling with rage, Yuu tried to find a way to pacify the blond and convince the blond to leave the restaurant as soon as possible. He’d never thought he would meet Die so quickly this way. It did cross his mind he might cross paths with Die one day, but Yuu always thought that would happen again once Yuu and Kouyou had spent many happy years together as a couple, and had a relationship secure enough that trivial people like Die didn’t even matter anymore.
They could meet Die – sometime in the future, someday when Yuu had spilled out everything about his past to Kouyou – just not now. Not today. Not when Yuu and Kouyou had made plans to live together, and were taking a step further in their relationship. Not when things were already going so well. Not when Yuu was already beginning to imagine a future with Kouyou. Not when Kouyou looked so happy.
Not when Yuu had fallen so far in love for the very first time like this.
“Let’s just ignore him and go,” Yuu whispered, hoping desperately that this wouldn’t escalate into a confrontation. Kouyou could not meet Die under any circumstance. “Kouyou, please. You’re not going to cause a ruckus, are you?”
Kouyou was barely listening to his words, too blinded by his anger.
“This man has the fucking nerve to send you wine right in front of my face,” Kouyou spat, suddenly looking so fearsome Yuu cowered a little himself. “Yuu, I’m not going to take this lying down. I’m really sorry. I’m not going to allow this to happen without a word.” And then he was getting up from his seat, preparing to stride over to Die’s table.
“Kouyou, Kouyou, please,” Yuu pleaded, getting up from his seat himself, attempting to block Kouyou from walking any further. “This confrontation is unnecessary. We should just go.” Please. Please don’t hear things you don’t want to hear about me, and then leave me right after.
Yuu was suddenly so, so afraid.
“Yuu.” Kouyou’s voice was lethal. “Please get out of my way.”
“Kouyou…” Yuu had never seen Kouyou so angry like this; and so… so selfish, in a way that it was the first time Yuu had seen Kouyou caring about his desires over Yuu’s ones. Kouyou always listened to Yuu’s wishes, always did his best to fulfill every one of them, always placed Yuu’s happiness as his priority. But now, Kouyou wasn’t seeing anything else. Kouyou couldn’t even see Yuu.
Oh, god, what mess had he gotten himself into?
Yuu had no choice but to follow after the blond as he made his way over to Die’s table, the raven feeling absolutely miserable as he did so. He just hoped this was a small prank that Die was playing on him, and that this wasn’t going to end up in an ugly fight. Remembering how bitter Die had sounded through text, Yuu didn’t have much hopes for a ‘small prank’, though.
If the man had started cultivating feelings for Yuu, Yuu was positive Die wouldn’t let this go without hurting Kouyou back in the process. Die had never been much of a manipulative man in all the times that Yuu had spent with him, but Die wasn’t necessarily the greatest person around, either. As an attorney, it was Die’s job to twist and turn the evidence, to formulate truths that weren’t even there. It was exactly because of his occupation that Yuu always was extra precautious when it came to dealing with Die; this man knew how to lie to get what he wanted, and Yuu couldn’t ever trust someone like that.
Thinking about it now, Yuu should have broken things off with Die as soon as he could in the first place. He shouldn’t have dragged things out. Everything was all his fault… and now he was going to suffer the repercussions from it.
Die reclined in a relaxed manner in his seat, a smile resting on his face as he waited for Kouyou to come to a halt before him. Once Kouyou had stopped right next to his table, Die was eager to greet Kouyou with a hearty smile.
“Nice to meet you, Takashima,” Die didn’t bother standing up; he merely took another sip from his wine glass. “It’s an honour to finally meet you.” His lack of concern at Kouyou’s presence only insulted Kouyou further.
Kouyou didn’t even bother asking for his name, nor did he look surprised that Die knew of him. Words spewed forth Kouyou’s mouth in a tone that was laced with utter malice, sending Yuu shivering behind him.
“Listen up, I don’t know who you think you are, but you had no fucking right to send my lover a bottle of wine like that, as if you’re just buying him a drink in a cheap pub down the street!” Kouyou snapped, his fists clenching harder with every word he spoke. “You’re also completely disrespecting my presence as his partner. You better fucking apologize to my lover for such an act, or I’ll be forced to get physical with you.”
Kouyou was so, so angry. Yuu wanted so much to pull him into an embrace and shower him with kisses, hoping that would persuade the blond to finally go, but Yuu could only watch as the confrontation between the two men before him unfolded.
Die’s smile only widened at Kouyou’s words, much to Kouyou’s aggravation.
“Very strong words to say,” Die clucked his tongue, saying. His eyes lazily rolled across to Yuu. “Aoi, it’s so nice to see you again.”
Kouyou’s fists instantly went slack at that mention, appalled at the thought of Yuu knowing this man.
“Aoi?” Kouyou asked, momentarily confused at the sound of his lover’s nickname. He turned back to face the younger man. “Yuu… You know this man?”
Yuu’s heart was beating so fast in a mixture of panic and fear that Yuu hadn’t even realized he wasn’t breathing. Kouyou’s eyes were looking expectantly to him, a hint of confusion and betrayal underlying them, and Yuu didn’t know how to answer up to any of that.
“We used to have an arrangement,” Die answered plainly, a smile upon his lips as he looked to Yuu. “Right, Aoi? Or does Takashima Kouyou not know you even used to be a sugar baby?”
“Don’t talk to him like that,” Kouyou snarled, eyes burning ferociously with a glare towards the man. “You don’t have a right to speak to him like that!”
The sight of Kouyou promptly coming to Yuu’s defence like this made it even harder for Yuu to answer up to the blond. Kouyou would never think of hurting Yuu. Kouyou had mentioned several times it pained him to even imagine Yuu upset because of him.
So how could Yuu bear to hurt Kouyou like this?
“I know him, Kouyou,” Yuu admitted, quietly, anxiously chewing his lips over and over again as he spoke. “He’s Die. We really did have an arrangement together.” Revealing just this fact made him feel as if half the weight had already been lifted off his shoulders.
Kouyou’s rage was only fuelled further at that knowledge. “Is that so.”
“That’s right,” Die sighed, lustful eyes scanning up Yuu’s body, to his face. Kouyou was restraining himself so much right then and there not to deliver a punch to Die’s face, unable to stand the sight of another man checking out his lover so cheaply like that.
“Aoi, I thought we were having a pretty good time together. I just wanted to celebrate the end of our relationship with that gift of wine. Or is your lover too petty to even allow you to enjoy that small gift from me?”
He was mocking Kouyou right in front of his face.
“We didn’t even have a relationship!” Yuu yelled, afraid Kouyou would get the wrong idea after hearing Die’s words. “Stop trying to fool yourself! You and I both know I only ever stayed with you because of the money!”
Die looked disappointed by Yuu’s answer.
“I was considering taking you as a wife eventually, you know,” Die murmured, feigning sadness. “I really liked you as a companion. You’re so young and bubbly and god…” Die gave an approving whistle as he admired Yuu’s figure. “So hot. So, so hot. Your skills in bed are commendable, to say the least. Ha, Takashima, you would know, right? I especially love it when Aoi dons his lingerie… I really can’t resist him when he’s playful like that.”
That immediately set something off inside of Kouyou.
“You fucking bastard you dare to say that to my fucking face again–” Kouyou was almost hurling a fist over, had Yuu not pull Kouyou’s arm back in an attempt to restrain him.
“Kouyou, please, don’t,” Yuu begged, clutching Kouyou’s arm close to him. “Let’s just go, alright? He’s not worth our time.”
“I’m not leaving until he apologizes to the both of us,” Kouyou seethed angrily through his teeth. “I’m not leaving until he’s on his fucking knees!”
Yuu’s eyes widened at Kouyou’s words. He hadn’t known of Kouyou to be such a prideful person until now – he hadn’t known that a simple gesture of another man sending a gift to his lover would wound Kouyou’s ego so much. Yuu couldn’t fault Kouyou for feeling like that, however; the older man was a CEO who was so used to being in control, and any man in his position was bound to hold some form of arrogance. Yuu just didn’t expect it to be revealed now… in this sort of situation.
“You’re insane if you think I’m apologizing for my generosity,” Die was beginning to bark himself, growing increasingly pissed at Kouyou’s hostility. “You stole Aoi away from me. should be the one making you go on your fucking knees. I should have known something was wrong when Aoi stopped replying to my texts. But the greatest blow was when he told me he wanted a break-up last week. And after all I’ve done for him, too!”
He said it.
Yuu’s face drained its color all at once. Die had revealed the matter Yuu had been hoping he wouldn’t ever have had to inform Kouyou of.
Kouyou knows now.
In that one split second, Yuu watched as Kouyou turned to him, and eyes that were once so full with trust for the raven slowly faded into shock; and then disappeared into nothingness. Kouyou’s strong, sturdy shoulders sank down, his eyes falling to a close, his heart stilling in the silence.
I trusted you.
In that one split second, Yuu watched as Kouyou began to doubt everything he ever knew about Yuu.
And one split second after, it was almost gone.
“Tell me what he said isn’t true,” Kouyou asked softly, still taking care to be extra gentle when it came to speaking to the raven, the anger he had from before dissipating into the air. “Tell me it isn’t true, Yuu.”
Tell me you didn’t lie to me.
He was almost pleading, now. He was pleading for Yuu to tell him the truth, even though all he really wanted was the lie. Kouyou wanted nothing more to hear that Yuu hadn’t done what he’d thought of, because he’d never have believed Yuu would lie to him like this; Yuu out of anyone else, Yuu who had become the love of his life.
Yuu was almost in tears. Kouyou was so, so hurt, Yuu could see it. But Kouyou still didn’t want to believe what he’d just heard; he never wanted to. Because there was no way Yuu could have been cheating on him, right? There was no way his sweet princess could have been doing that to him. He couldn’t even fathom the thought of his babydoll lying straight to his face. Yuu couldn’t possibly be the kind of person he hated the most.
“It’s just a misunderstanding,” Yuu murmured, his hand reaching for Kouyou’s. Kouyou’s heart hardened at Yuu’s words, and he pulled away. Yuu only grew more uneasy – Kouyou was rejecting his touch. Yuu had never thought he would live to see this day; he’d never thought Kouyou would ever push him away like this, and he’d never imagine how it would feel if Kouyou ever did.
Yuu now knew it hurt like a thousand rose thorns had just pierced right through his heart.
“Kouyou… please, I swear, I haven’t been seeing him in weeks. He’s just saying all these things now to make you upset–”
“You broke up with him last week?!” Kouyou’s tone rose to a crescendo – the first time Kouyou had ever raised his voice at the raven – and all the anger from before was quickly flooding his face again. “Yuu, we’ve been together for a month. You told me from the start you weren’t seeing anybody else!”
Die, who had been confused by the unexpected tension between the couple, seemed to finally realize what was going on now, and it was with a smile that he relaxed in his seat, and watched the situation unravel before him slowly.
“I wasn’t seeing anyone else, I swear,” Yuu cried out, flinching at the harsh manner Kouyou was speaking to him in. Was this what Akira meant by the blond having anger issues? Was Kouyou usually this temperamental at work? It scared Yuu to bits. Yuu wasn’t sure how to handle the blond. This wasn’t the Kouyou Yuu knew. This wasn’t the Kouyou Yuu had fallen in love with, at all…
“Kouyou, please… You don’t understand. You’re not listening to me.”
“Answer me this one question,” Kouyou’s voice shook as he spoke, his face turned to the side. Yuu registered with a churning stomach that Kouyou couldn’t even look at him in the eye anymore. “Answer me if you’ve ever gone out with anyone else while you were going out with me.”
Yuu bit his lip, his face pained. He couldn’t answer that question. He couldn’t. Yuu had been so used to lying to all of his sugar daddies about his exclusivity that he hadn’t thought twice about doing the same to Kouyou when he’d first met him.
He hadn’t realized Kouyou would react so strongly to it. And if he had, he wouldn’t have…
“We weren’t even together back then,” Yuu argued, numbly choking upon his words, and he watched as Kouyou turned to him at his reply; the blond’s eyes widening as if he was startled by the raven’s open defiance at this time.
And in that second, any ounce of love Kouyou ever harboured for Yuu was gone.
Kouyou was humiliated. He’d had come to this table, expecting to confront a stranger who was trying to hit on his lover, only to find out that his lover had been keeping an endless amount of secrets from him. Only to find out that the real betrayal he would face lay right in front of him, all this time.
And Kouyou couldn’t stand it. He wouldn’t accept knowing that he had thought wrong about Yuu, he wouldn’t accept that it had been his fault. Kouyou had been humiliated, and Yuu had been the cause of it.
Yuu could tell, because Kouyou’s eyes were flashing to meet his eyes that very instant, the blond’s gaze completely soulless, entirely lifeless. All that warmth and love that Kouyou always reserved for Yuu was gone. Yuu briefly remembered the way Kouyou’s eyes always lit up whenever Yuu did or said something to make Kouyou happy – and he realized in that very second he might never get any of that back again. 
Kouyou looked to him so coldly, as if Yuu had turned into a stranger he’d never known. As if Yuu was no one. As if Yuu had turned into one of the many others that Kouyou had to deal with in his line of work; just puppets to be used, then thrown aside.
Yuu knew he had been cast out.
And Yuu could see it in Kouyou’s dark, inscrutable eyes. Yuu could see it so crystal clear, because Kouyou’s eyes had grown so empty. Yuu wanted to believe Kouyou was just masking all the hurt and anger to himself, but he wouldn’t know anymore, not when Kouyou was making it so clear now that he wasn’t going to let Yuu in anymore.
“I apologize for disrupting your dinner,” Kouyou abruptly said, turning to face Die. “We’ll take our leave now.”
It was almost a joke, how courteous he was being to Die, now that all of his anger was being directed towards Yuu.
“Leave,” Kouyou spoke roughly to the raven, barely glancing over to Yuu. He turned and made his way past their dinner table, making no move to sit down and continue their meal.
Devastated tears ran down Yuu’s face in streaks as the raven cried noiselessly to himself, following after Kouyou’s blurry figure. It was only after he stepped away from Die’s table that he saw the whole restaurant had their eyes on him. How long had everyone been watching Kouyou and him?
Oh, to think of how many people had witnessed Kouyou and Yuu’s first fight like this…
Yuu wrapped his arms around himself, trying to seek some form of comfort and solace as his heart shattered into a thousand fragments inside of him. He’d always thought Kouyou would always be the one to mend his heart. He’d never thought he’d be left alone by him.
And just when he had decided to give his entire heart to Kouyou, Kouyou took it into his hands and ripped it ruthlessly apart.
The walk back to the car was short, but it felt like ages to Yuu. After making payment at the restaurant, Kouyou had led the way back, always walking a few steps ahead of Yuu, refusing to align with Yuu’s pace. This Kouyou was so different and distant from Yuu, so much so that Yuu could hardly recognize the man in front of him. Kouyou was always so sweet, so nurturing, so gentle, and he always held Yuu’s hand or wrapped an arm around Yuu as they walked. Now Kouyou was avoiding any chance of contact with him, as if Yuu was sick with a contagious disease.
Yuu hadn’t felt this unwanted in a long, long time.
How could Kouyou have so easily forgotten about everything they had been through together to get to where they were now? How could Kouyou forget the million dates they had been on and the thousand kisses exchanged and the flirty texts and the I’ll miss you until I see you agains and the I’ll wait forever until you love me backs? How could any sane human being throw all of these aside in a snap without feeling a shred of regret? How could Kouyou give so much then take it all back?
They were only a few more steps to the car, when Yuu refused to endure the stifling silence anymore. It was funny, how hours before, Kouyou had been the one unable to sit in total silence with Yuu.
Now Yuu was the one on his knees, begging for Kouyou to hear him out.
“Won’t you even look at me?!” Yuu yelled at the blond, more desperate tears creeping out of his eyes as he tried to find his voice to speak. “Am I nothing to you anymore?!”
Please tell me I’m everything to you. Please tell me I’m not nothing.
Kouyou paused in his footsteps, still making no move to turn to him.
“It’s late. I’m sending you home.”
He didn’t sound like Kouyou anymore. He sounded foreign, and detached, and unfeeling. He didn’t even look like he wanted Yuu anymore.
He didn’t want Yuu anymore, Yuu sobbed as the crippling realization sunk down into him. This had been Yuu’s biggest fear from the very start; the only thing that had been stopping Yuu from giving his heart entirely to Kouyou. Kouyou had spent so much time convincing Yuu he wouldn’t ever hurt the raven, and Yuu had fallen for all of those lies.
And here Kouyou was, proving every one of Yuu’s fears right. Kouyou would dump him aside once he found no use of the raven. Kouyou would heartlessly do so without a second thought, because Kouyou had all the power – and Yuu had not. Yuu had nothing.
Yuu was just a twenty-one year old university student, ready to be used by Kouyou at his whim, ready to be discarded whenever Kouyou was sick of the raven.
“You didn’t even hear me out,” Yuu whimpered, rubbing at his red, blood-shot eyes, his throat closed tight, his voice strained. “You… you didn’t even let me explain!”
Kouyou seemed to be irritated by Yuu’s words, for he was turning to the younger man in a second, boilingly raising his voice once more.
“You want to explain? Fine, explain, then!” Kouyou growled, fiery anger returning to his lifeless eyes. “Explain! Explain how you could bring yourself to lie to me like this! Explain how I’ve spent all this fucking time trying to make you happy when you had no decency to be honest with me from the very start! Explain how I have thought of you to be everything I could ever wanted, only to hear from another man’s mouth you weren’t! Explain to me how you could hurt me like this, when I’ve never wanted much from you. All I wanted was to know your heart was true and faithful to me. That’s all I ever wanted, Yuu. I never asked for much,” Kouyou’s lips were trembling again, showing subtle signs of vulnerability; of the old Kouyou Yuu had once known of.
“I would give everything I ever had to you. I would have given you everything. I never asked for anything else,” Kouyou repeated, over and over again, and for a minute Yuu sincerely believed he was going to end up in tears. “I would have given everything to you. I really would. I never wanted much. I wanted to give you everything.”
Yuu was left speechless at the sight.
He still loved Yuu, the raven was sure of it. Kouyou couldn’t bear to hurt Yuu, too. But Kouyou couldn’t understand why Yuu had done this to him, and he couldn’t forgive something like this so easily. Yuu knew he had scarred Kouyou’s heart, Kouyou’s trust; and to have done that to someone who loved you with every inch of his soul was an act Yuu knew had broken Kouyou entirely.
Kouyou still loved him. He just wasn’t sure about Yuu anymore.
“Please don’t do this to us,” Yuu whispered, holding on to the small ounce of hope he had, holding on to the remains of the old Kouyou before him. “To me. Please. Kouyou, I’ve given my entire heart to you. You can’t do this to me. You can’t leave me like this. You can’t just make me fall in love and then cast me out. It’s not fair. You promised me things wouldn’t end up like this. You said you would never let me go. You’re not the type of person to abandon all your promises like this. I know you’re not.”
Kouyou said nothing for a while – that Yuu sincerely thought the blond was going to have a change of heart after hearing what Yuu had said. But then the older man gazed over to Yuu disinterestedly, all hints of the old Kouyou gone.
“You’re not explaining,” was the only thing Kouyou said, sounding as cold as he did before, opening the door to his car, slipping inside of his Lamborghini.
Yuu cupped a hand over his mouth then, muffling his pained sobs to himself, eyes fluttering shut as he attempted to nurse the worsening ache in his already broken heart.

All this time, he had wondered if there was anything in the world that could ever make Kouyou mad at him.

Now he knew.

Throughout the whole car ride, Kouyou made no move to look at Yuu. Yuu cried softly to himself, despite hating himself for doing so, unwilling to allow Kouyou witness him in such a pathetic state. Yuu couldn’t control the tears that kept flowing, though. They ran and they ran and they ran and Kouyou didn’t even blink twice.
If this had been under any other circumstance, Kouyou would be pacifying Yuu right now, sweet-talking him and kissing him into oblivion until Yuu wouldn’t cry anymore. Kouyou would do anything in his power to make Yuu smile again. And Yuu would eventually give in and allow himself to be pampered right under Kouyou’s care, snuggling right up to his kisses.
But this wasn’t any other circumstance. The Kouyou Yuu knew was no more. And those kisses were gone with the wind. The playful twinkle in Kouyou’s eyes had faded away. Those strong arms that always embraced him were now keeping their distance. The air was so tense between them it was choking the raven up.
Kouyou was just right here, but his heart was so far away.
Yuu didn’t know why there was a part of him that wouldn’t give up, though. He refused to believe Kouyou would leave him like this; he refused to believe Kouyou could forget every part of him so easily, when the both of them had memorized every inch of each other’s bodies since so long ago. Kouyou couldn’t abandon him like this. Kouyou couldn’t.
“Y…You wanted t-this relationship,” Yuu began softly, hiccupping uncontrollably in between his tears. Kouyou continued looking straight ahead, concentrating on the road before him. “K…Kouyou… This was your idea. Let me remind you that this was what you wanted. And now you’re leaving me j-just like t-this?”
Yuu’s glossy eyes looked to him expectantly, waiting for an answer, but Kouyou’s expression remained blank and emotionless. Dejected, Yuu looked back to his lap, wet hot tears leaking out his eyes once more.
He should have known.
“Maybe you’re right,” Kouyou answered quietly, his tone less domineering than before. Yuu’s heart pounded furiously at the unexpected sound of his voice, a small flutter of hope re-igniting inside of him.
“Yuu, you always said our relationship was going too fast. Maybe you’re right. It’s not a good sign. I always thought it meant everything was meant to be, but maybe you’re right. Maybe I was delusional. Overly sentimental. A hopeless romantic. I didn’t know better.”
That small spark of hope blew out as quickly as it had been lit – Yuu was completely disillusioned. How could Kouyou say that? All this time, Kouyou had been the one person to believe in everything they were supposed to be. Even if Yuu didn’t and couldn’t believe in anything else, Kouyou did. Kouyou’s love for Yuu was resolute. Steadfast. Unyielding. Kouyou never gave up.
“How could you say all of these to me?” Yuu choked out, each word pitched higher than the last. “You’re going back on all the things you ever said to me. Do you have no guilt?! What kind of man are you, to so easily discard every promise you’ve ever made to me?!”
Kouyou’s mouth twitched, vexed by Yuu’s words, but he didn’t respond. Coward, Yuu thought to himself, wiping at his damp eyes.
“I believed everything you said to me,” Yuu murmured, his heart squeezing in sadness, his head turning to the window, his vision clouding with tears once more.
“I believed every word. I thought you were crazy sometimes. But you made me happy. And safe. And loved. And you’re so perfect. And you made me love you like I haven’t for anyone before,” the raven’s throat was starting to ache, the emotion welling up inside of him too hard for him to take.
“And now you’re just throwing me away. You made me open up my heart and let you in but now you’re throwing me away. Don’t you know how this makes me feel? Don’t you care how used I feel?”
Kouyou still didn’t answer.
Yuu didn’t bother trying anymore after that.
They approached the carpark of Yuu’s block of apartments soon after, and once the car came to a halt, Yuu gave one last glance to Kouyou, his eyes absorbing every feature of his, every curve and every outline, every blemish and every imperfection, every place Yuu had ever kissed or his skin had once collided with.
Yuu might never see him again.
And Yuu found himself asking Kouyou just that, though he knew the answer already.
“Will I… never see you again?” Yuu asked hesitantly, his voice so faint and muted it was almost inaudible to hear.
Kouyou’s eyes gazed to him then, traces of tenderness and affection swirling in those dark orbs of his. You still love me, Yuu insisted in his heart, refusing to believe any otherwise. Tell me you still love me, Kouyou.
“Go home, Yuu,” Kouyou said, gently.
Yuu’s heart broke.
Yuu had planned to at least offer up one last smile to the blond, but the raven couldn’t bring himself to do so. Taking his bag with him, Yuu pushed open the car door and shielded his eyes with his bangs, resisting the urge to let out a loud sob until he was a distance away from Kouyou.
After Yuu had gotten out of the car and had slammed the door right shut behind him, Yuu knew right then it was over. They were done. They were separated, now. Back in their two different worlds. Back to the routine life Yuu had been so used to.
And it was taking all of Yuu right now to keep himself together, to not curl up against the floor and bawl his eyes out. Not in front of Kouyou. Not when he was still here.
Yuu hastened his steps to the lifts, never even offering one last glance back. Only one thought reverberated over and over again in his head, wounding his heart as it crossed his mind each time –
He doesn’t want me anymore. Kouyou doesn’t want me anymore.
Kouyou watched Yuu’s fading back from his car, making no move to leave until he had seen the raven disappear safely behind the lifts.
Then, ensuring no one else was in sight, Kouyou smiled bitterly to himself and reclined in his seat, finally allowing the warm dampness around his eyes to spill down his cheeks.
Don’t go.

Chapter Text

Raising up his shaky fist, Yuu knocked against the apartment door, eyes too foggy with tears to bother searching through his bag for his keys. He hoped to god that Yutaka was in, to receive him at the door, because Yuu didn’t fancy the idea of sitting himself right outside of their apartment, crying alone for the rest of the night.
Go home, Yuu.
Kouyou’s last words to him never left his mind. Yuu would no longer see him again. Yuu would no longer see those lifeless eyes brighten up at the sight of his presence; he would no longer be the reason for Kouyou’s happiness. Yuu would no longer feel those strong arms around him; he would no longer have shoulders to lean upon, or a chest to nuzzle his face up to. Yuu would no longer have those lips to kiss; he would no longer have a mouth to claim, nor heat to warm him up with.
Yuu would no longer have his heart; not this time, not anymore.
But who was really to blame?
A groggy-looking Yutaka, who looked as if he’d just pulled an all-nighter and had only gotten three hours of sleep so far, opened the door swiftly for Yuu. Once Yutaka’s eyes landed upon Yuu’s teary state, however, the brunet was jolted up awake, his eyes immediately, shocked by the heartbreaking sight of Yuu like this. Yutaka’s face scrunched up into anger quickly after that, all thoughts going to Kouyou, knowing no one other than the blond could have done this to Yuu. Yuu had always been so perky, so bubbly a person, no matter the circumstance; but ever since Takashima Kouyou had entered his life, things started changing. Things became different. And every of Yuu’s mood flunctuations could be pinpointed to the older man himself.
Yutaka never trusted that motherfucker.
To think that man had full control of Yuu’s heart was something that evoked jealousy from Yutaka, but those feelings Yutaka could subdue – only with the knowledge that Kouyou wasn’t mistreating Yuu.
But seeing Yuu now, with his swollen, puffy eyes, his tear-stained cheeks, his figure suddenly looking so small and hunched as he stood in front of the door, Yutaka knew Kouyou had fucked it all up, and abused the very heart he had been so fortunate to gain ownership to.
“It’s Kouyou, isn’t it,” Yutaka snapped, his heart aching at every new tear sliding down Yuu’s cheek. “He made you cry.”
Yuu said nothing; he only took a step forward, and weakly fell right into Yutaka’s arms. Yutaka was surprised by the sudden skinship, but he wasn’t complaining. Instinctively wrapping his arms around Yuu’s slim frame, Yutaka hushed the raven as gently as he could, heart sinking at the thought that he hadn’t ever seen Yuu so broken like this before. Yuu had been upset on several occasions, sure, but it had never been like this – Yuu’s eyes glassy and faraway, his entire body trembling non-stop in Yutaka’s grasp, Yuu’s white-washed face painted with dried tears.
“Kouyou doesn’t want me anymore,” Yuu murmured softly, confirming Yutaka’s suspicions, Yuu’s lips almost curved up in an agonized smile. His fingers desperately clung onto Yutaka’s shirt, his grip tightening with every word he uttered. “He just left. He just left me, Yutaka. He left, like…”
Yuu’s smile painfully widened, wet tears leaking out the corners of his eyes as he spoke. “Like I was nothing. Like I never mattered to him at all. He didn’t even give me a chance. Give us a chance. He left, cruelly, heartlessly, and now I can’t feel my heart anymore. I can’t feel it beating, and I can’t feel myself breathing,” Yuu’s voice was caught in his throat as he struggled to describe the excruciating pain in his heart.
“I feel like I’ve died inside out. Is this what heartbreak feels like? Is this how it feels to have thought you knew someone, only to realize you never knew them at all? Is this how it feels to be dumped aside by the very person you love? Is this how it feels like to watch them go, knowing you might just have lost them forever?”
It is.
But Yutaka didn’t want to answer that; didn’t want to take this moment away from Yuu. Yutaka knew every inch of heartbreak perfectly – the lonely, sleepless nights, the dashed hopes and crushed fantasies, the daily nightmares of losing Yuu all over again – because he had been through it all. He knew how it felt, to watch as the one you loved with your entire heart cast you aside, without a second thought; even if they had done it without any intention at all. He knew exactly how it felt, to have loved someone for so long, to envision a perfect future with them together, only to see them leave, knowing you might have lost your chance with them forever.
And Yuu had always been so oblivious to Yutaka’s feelings, always unaware of what he did to Yutaka; but the pretty raven would never know how his one small smile could make the rest of Yutaka’s day, nor would he ever know how his one word could so easily hold Yutaka’s heart right at his fingertips, ready to be crushed anytime Yuu so wished.
Yuu wouldn’t know – not until now, at least. And Yutaka could only watch as Yuu felt the same pain Yutaka had felt, to have known love so close only to have it taken away. Except Yuu had been luckier than him in that aspect, for his heart had been reciprocated by the one he loved; and Kouyou, too, for having the opportunity to embrace and kiss and take care of Yuu when he got the chance to.
The thought that Kouyou had been gifted Yuu’s heart, only to have hurt it so ruthlessly because he hadn’t understood how fragile Yuu would be, gripped Yutaka entirely with rage. Yutaka had warned him. Yutaka had warned Kouyou. Yutaka had instructed him to take special care of the raven, because Yuu was special, and he didn’t open up to anyone just so easily. And if Yuu decided you were worth it, you had better take good care of his heart.
But Kouyou had fucked it all up. And Yutaka could handle Yuu breaking his heart – but he could not handle Yuu having his heart broken so carelessly like that. Yuu was so beautiful, meant to be untouched and cherished just like porcelain, but now he was shattered beyond pieces, just because his owner hadn’t handled him with care. Just because Takashima fucking Kouyou was blind enough to have discarded something so priceless that other men would die to have.
And Yutaka would never do that to Yuu. Yutaka would have treasured Yuu, so much, more than life itself, beyond his own capable means.
“I’ll kill him, I swear,” Yutaka hissed, his arms tightening around Yuu, burying his lips into Yuu’s hair. “Yuu, I won’t let him get away with this. You have me. I’ll protect you. I’ll make him pay for this, I swear. If he’s still downstairs, I’ll go down right now. I’ll make sure he regrets ever doing this to you. I’ll definitely make sure of it, Yuu.”
Yuu squeezed his eyes shut, allowing the taller man to embrace him closer. It was strange how much comfort Yutaka’s touch could bring to him, and it was strange how calming it was, to know that even if Yuu had no one else, he had Yutaka to rely on, to know that Yutaka would never leave him and always defend him, no matter what.
But he wasn’t Kouyou.
“You won’t find him. He’s gone,” Yuu whispered, and the words tasted so bitter on his tongue as Yuu affirmed that very fact on his lips. He was gone. Kouyou was gone. Kouyou had left. There was no more Kouyou in his life. Yuu might never see him again.
Yutaka felt Yuu’s heavy sentiment in the silence, and Yutaka’s heart sank further to his stomach, weighing like stones. Yuu was destroyed by this, he could tell. Yuu had lost a part of himself to Kouyou, and Yutaka knew the feeling all too well.
He had long lost a part of himself to Yuu, too.
“Forget about him,” Yutaka persuaded, lowering his voice to a whisper, clutching Yuu tighter into his grasp. “Yuu. Don’t lose your mind over a man like this. He’s out of your life, now. It breaks my heart to see you like this. Please forget about him.”
Yutaka never wished for Yuu and Kouyou’s relationship to reach a bad end, but Yutaka had long promised himself that if Kouyou, or any other man, ever failed to appreciate Yuu for what he was worth, Yutaka would never give up on pursuing his love for the raven. If there was any one Yutaka could count on that wouldn’t ever hurt Yuu, it would be himself. Yutaka would never let anyone lay a hand on him. Yuu’s heart would be well-sheltered in his hands.
But forgetting about Kouyou was something that was easier said than done.
It was something Yuu couldn’t bring himself to do; at least not now, not when his heartbreak was still so fresh and his withering hopes were still not completely daunted. The very thought of having to forget Kouyou, just as easily as Kouyou would forget him, enabled more tears to furiously slip down Yuu’s cheeks, the little composure Yuu had kept together from before falling apart too quickly in just mere seconds.
Yuu couldn’t picture never seeing Kouyou anymore, he really couldn’t. Just yesterday, they had been only been rolling around in sheets, teasing each other with declarations of love, eyes sweetly gazing back into each other’s eyes. He could still feel Kouyou’s well-built arms around him, his lips against Yuu’s neck, the overpowering smell of his musky odor.
Now Kouyou was gone, leaving Yuu’s heart stranded in this mess.
The worst thing? Yuu couldn’t forget any of Kouyou’s promises to him. Every single one of them.
Yuu, I would never let anyone take priority over you, you have to believe me. I promise. With all my heart. I’ll never let you leave my side again. I’ll take you anywhere I go.
“I miss him so much,” Yuu finally choked out, hating himself for admitting this so readily, so weakly. “I miss him already, Yutaka. I miss him, and I want to see him again. I want him to come back and tell me he’s sorry for yelling at me. I would take him back in a heartbeat. I would tell him I would never make him mad again no matter what. I would be willing to pretend today’s fight didn’t happen. Just as long as Kouyou told me he still loved me and wanted me back. I would still love him just as much. I want him back so much. I love him so much and he left me just like this,” Pain welled up increasingly in Yuu’s chest as he spoke, and the raven cried harder into Yutaka’s shoulder, the smile on his face long gone.
Of course I’ll take care of you, Yuu. I’ll take care of you as long as you allow me to. Even if you had never fallen in love with me, I would pay all the money in the world to have you safe in my arms. 
“I want him back so much,” Yuu repeated, sobbing, memories flooding back to his head. So many promises made, so many heartfelt confessions exchanged, so many kisses and I’ll never leave yous all gone to waste. “I’ll never make him mad again, I promise. I just want him to know that I’ll do anything just to make him happy again. I don’t want him to hate me. I can’t have him hate me… I really can’t. He can’t hate me, when I still love him so much. Please tell him I’ll never make him mad again… Yutaka… I need him to know.”
I’ll keep you close to me, as long as you’re willing to give your heart to me, Yuu. I’ll never let you go.
 “Yuu…” Yutaka was shell-shocked by the sudden burst of emotion from the raven. He knew Yuu adored the man, yes, but he hadn’t realized the raven had fallen so deep for the blond like this. Yuu was practically begging now; he was begging for Kouyou to come back, he was begging for his thoughts to be heard, he was begging not to be left alone by him.
Yuu wasn’t going to get over Kouyou so easily.
“Tell me he’s not gone,” Yuu moaned, gasping for breath so harrowingly it felt as if air had been ripped straight out from his lungs. “Yutaka… Tell me I’ll see him again. Tell me I’m just dreaming. Tell me he still loves me. Tell me he’ll wake up tomorrow morning and see I’m not there and he’ll feel a burning sensation in his chest. And it’ll pain him so much he won’t be mad at me anymore. And he’ll forget everything and he’ll call me and tell me he forgives me. And I will take him back without a second thought,” Hot, salty tears flooded down Yuu’s face. “And then I will feel complete again, without this gaping hole in my chest.”
And it was then Yutaka knew he didn’t stand a single chance against Kouyou.
Kouyou meant too much to Yuu.
“I can’t promise you anything,” Yutaka answered quietly, slightly disheartened after hearing Yuu’s words. “I really can’t, Yuu. But I want to tell you this – if any man has ever had the opportunity to have loved you, and earned your love back, that man won’t be able to go by a day without thinking of your face. And I can’t promise you he will call you again, but I can promise you he will think of you the next morning when he sees you’re not there. His heart will ache and he will regret all the things he has ever said to you. And he will wish he were dead. Because I would, Yuu.
Kouyou will wish he were dead, to have broken your heart so violently like this. But he can’t take any of it back. I can’t promise he will call, but he will reach for his phone. And he will look at your name, and he will wish he hadn’t hurt you. And one day, when the hole in your chest has healed, and you have moved on to someone better, Kouyou still won’t forget you. He’ll have to live with the fact that he lost you. Forever.”
Yuu knew Yutaka wasn’t just saying this to comfort him; the brunet meant it from the inner depths of his heart. There was a tense, regretful expression on Yutaka’s face as he narrated his feelings aloud, and it made Yuu heave out a small sigh when he noticed.
“That’s how you feel,” Yuu fluttered his eyes up to the brunet, tears still shimmering around the corners of his lids.“About me. Is that how you feel? About losing me to Kouyou?”
Yutaka hadn’t realized it himself that he had been speaking from experience.
“That’s…” Yutaka bit back his tongue. “That’s not important.” Not as important as dealing with Yuu’s heartbreak right now. Not as important as putting Yuu’s needs first.
Yuu nestled his head against Yutaka’s chest, knowing what the brunet was doing.
“I just never want you to get hurt,” Yutaka rushed to say. “And I can’t bear to see you so upset like this over Takashima Kouyou. I never trusted him much in the first place. But I did, anyway, just to make you happy. And now things have ended up like this.”
Yuu’s eyelids fastened to a close. Why was Yutaka blaming himself for Yuu’s own heartbreak? Yutaka always had a habit of blaming himself for not protecting Yuu well enough when Yuu landed in unfortunate situations.
“It’s not your fault, Yutaka. It really isn’t. And I’m so, so lucky to have someone like you next to me. I really am. I just… I never expected things to end up this way.” Yuu never expected to fall so hard for Kouyou. He never expected Kouyou to ever think of doing this to him. He hadn’t expected their fairytale romance to ever reach this type of ending.
Yutaka gazed to him sadly. “Yuu… Even if he doesn’t call you, I can assure you he’s regretting his decision, right now. He’ll drive home to an empty apartment, an empty house, an empty bed. He’ll go to sleep tonight, wondering if he made the biggest mistake of his life. And he’ll know he did. And he’ll know he can’t change it.”
The image of Kouyou regretting everything he did tonight made Yuu feel better for a moment, and he stopped sniveling to himself, wondering if Kouyou was in pain as much as he was right now. He hoped Kouyou was. He hoped with all his heart Kouyou would change his mind.
Yutaka shook his head and sighed a little, noticing the slight perk in Yuu’s mood. “Oh, Yuu… You have no idea what you do to men who have had their hearts stolen by you. You’re always underestimating yourself. You’re always so naïve and oblivious.”
Yuu’s heart skipped a beat at his words. Yutaka was always saying this type of things about him, and it always helped Yuu regain his confidence and feel better about himself. Perhaps if Kouyou also felt the same way, then…
“I just want to see him again,” Yuu murmured, tone apologetic. “I want to tell him I’m sorry, and I’ll never do anything to hurt him again. I didn’t get the chance to do so earlier, and I just want…”
“Maybe you should sleep it off first,” Yutaka hurried to advise, silently disapproving of the idea.
If Takashima Kouyou had hurt Yuu so badly like this, Yutaka didn’t want to think of what he could do if Yuu ever saw him again. Yutaka didn’t like the thought of Yuu meeting Kouyou again, period. Even if Yuu was so desperate to do so. Simply put, Yutaka no longer trusted the CEO, and he would do whatever it took to prevent Yuu from getting hurt by that man again.
“Make your decision again after you’ve had time to think it over. It’s late, so we should head to bed soon.”
Yuu nodded his head obediently at Yuu’s words, bringing his hands up to his eyes, wiping his tears off. He was getting tired from all the crying, too.
“I’ll make your favorite pancake breakfast tomorrow, so you have that to look forward to,” Yutaka forced a smile to the raven. “So don’t cry anymore. Alright?”
Yutaka always knew what cheered him up the best.
“Okay,” Yuu answered, returning a grateful smile. “At least I’ll have that to look forward to.”
“Of course,” Yutaka gazed affectionately to the raven, liking it better when there was a smile on Yuu’s face. “Anything to make you happy, Yuu.”
…So forget about him, please.
Yuu placed his phone right next to him the whole night, in hopes that he would awaken to a text message or call from Kouyou. After the talk with Yutaka, Yuu had rejuvenated faith that Kouyou wouldn’t leave him like this, not when Kouyou had always been so upset for being the cause of Yuu’s tears before.
But morning arrived without a single notification at all, and Yuu soon found himself spending hour after hour staring at his phone with an empty heart, the painful realization dawning unto him that Kouyou might have really given up on their relationship without the least of regret at all.
In the end, Kouyou’s customary morning text failed to come in at its usual time, and Yuu had to swallow down his disappointed tears as he scrolled through his phone’s inbox over and over again, waiting for any hint that Kouyou might have missed him at all.
Was it even possible for Kouyou to be this heartless? Did he really not care for his princess anymore?
Yutaka eventually got him out of bed to have breakfast, but Yuu was back to his mourning state. The raven refused to speak much at the table, only played dejectedly with his food, worrying Yutaka further. The brunet was helpless when it came to the raven, though; he was afraid if he mentioned Kouyou too much, Yuu would end up in tears again, and he didn’t want to render Yuu back to that state.
“Maybe you shouldn’t go for class today,” Yutaka said to him, concerned over the raven’s welfare. “Tell Takanori to take notes for you, or something.”
Yuu’s crestfallen face grew even sadder at his words. “I wonder if Takanori knows about Kouyou and I. I wonder if Kouyou told Akira we’ve broken up, already…”
Yutaka grew even more reluctant to leave Yuu then, especially at the sight of the raven so weak and defenceless like this. But the brunet had his own classes to get to, and he promised Yuu he would come back as soon as he could, just so the raven wouldn’t need to spend too much time on his own, alone.
“Will you promise me you won’t do anything rash when I’m gone?” Yutaka had asked, slightly paranoid at the thought of Yuu doing anything of drastic consequence in his absence. He had never seen Yuu like this before, and he was afraid of what would happen if he left Yuu alone to his thoughts.
“I’m not going to kill myself, Yutaka,” Yuu answered him then with a frown. “Just go for your classes and don’t worry about me.”
“If you ever need anything, just call me, okay? I won’t hesitate to come back for you,” Yutaka said with a sigh.
“Just go already,” Yuu pestered him to leave, annoyed that Yutaka didn’t think of him capable enough to take care of himself.
Yuu later ended up spending the whole morning staring at his phone, his heart anxiously waiting for a message that would never come.
And that was the first morning – since Yuu had known Kouyou – that he hadn’t ever received a good morning text from the blond.
Yuu never knew how much missing little acts like this could hurt so much.
Yuu attempted to watch the television in the afternoon, something he seldom ever did, but was currently doing to take his mind off Kouyou; whilst holding his phone close to his heart as he sat on the sofa in the living room, still waiting for anything from Kouyou. Yuu didn’t know why he still wasn’t giving up, but after spending so much time with the blond, listening to his promises on a daily basis; listening to Kouyou’s assurances of how he would never leave Yuu of his own accord – Yuu still couldn’t fathom the thought of Kouyou being so mad to the point that he would leave him alone like this.
Maybe Yuu was slowly turning delusional himself. Maybe Yuu had gotten so caught up in this whirlwind of a romance that he was losing touch with reality. Maybe Yuu just couldn’t believe Kouyou to turn his back on the raven like this at all.
While flicking through the television channels, though, Yuu landed on a cooking program that caught his interest. It was clearly meant for domestic housewives who stayed at home all day and had nothing else to do, but Yuu was oddly riveted to the program. The theme for today’s episode had to do with housewives making regular bento sets as lunches for their husbands, and Yuu was completely fascinated by the idea. Kouyou had talked so much about Yuu being his little domestic housewife that Yuu was sure Kouyou would love it if Yuu prepared a home-made lunch for him. At the same time, Yuu could show how much he truly cared for the blond, and perhaps Kouyou could see how apologetic Yuu was for hurting him, if Yuu were to do this for him.
Perhaps Kouyou would even take him back.
The more Yuu thought about it, the more fixated he was upon the idea. Yuu hardly ever did anything for Kouyou, and it was always Kouyou who was splurging and doing romantic acts for him – but not this time. Not this time. This time, Yuu would be the one taking the initiative. Yuu would show that Kouyou wasn’t alone in his love, at all. Yuu would definitely make Kouyou’s heart melt with this gesture alone. Yuu had to. Because Yuu couldn’t lose Kouyou like this.
There was only one problem. Kouyou always took Yuu out to eat fancy meals at expensive restaurants, so much so that Yuu had never taken particular note of what foods Kouyou liked to eat. The older man wasn’t a picky eater, and they never ate at the same restaurant more than twice. Kouyou was always so considerate of what Yuu liked to eat as well, and he was always asking after the raven, allowing him to choose their meal for the day.
Which meant that Yuu had no idea what Kouyou liked at all.
And that lone fact shamed Yuu to bits. It was a simple task, to know of your lover’s likes and dislikes, but it was only now that Yuu realized he knew close to nothing about Kouyou at all. Kouyou was the one always caring about Yuu’s own likes and dislikes, and he adhered to every one of them, making sure Yuu was always happy in whatever they did on their dates. Kouyou never asked for anything else. Kouyou never asked Yuu to pay attention to what the blond wanted, at all.
Was this why Kouyou had flared up so much when Yuu disappointed him with his one mistake? Was it because Kouyou had never expected much, never wanted much from Yuu; only to get slapped in the face with Yuu’s betrayal?
Yuu quickly rid himself of such depressing thoughts. If he wanted to convince the blond that Yuu’s feelings were true for him, Yuu had to get off on a clean start. He would make a cute bento set for Kouyou, and surprise him at his office. He would shock Kouyou with his thoughtfulness, and then everything would fall back into place; Kouyou would finally see his sincerity, and Kouyou wouldn’t be mad at him anymore. Yuu could finally kiss and hug him again… Yuu could whine and snuggle up to him again. Yuu could do all the things he had once taken for granted with the blond, and he wouldn’t ever treat Kouyou so carelessly this time.
Yuu loved him far too much.
Yuu spent an hour racking his head, trying his hardest to come up with an idea for the ingredients to prepare Kouyou’s lunch, but he was stumped when it became clear he knew virtually nothing about what Kouyou fancied at all.
Thankfully for him, Yuu remembered then he had Akira’s name card in his possession, and he knew Kouyou’s best friend would definitely be able to tell him all these things that Yuu might have failed to notice.
Yuu never thought he would ever have a need to dial Akira’s number on his phone, but there was a first for everything – just like Yuu and Kouyou’s first big fight.
“Hello, Suzuki speaking,” were the first words that greeted Yuu when he dialed Akira’s number, the man picking up only after a few rings. Yuu wasn’t surprised by the speed and effiency, considering Akira worked in a position that he did.
Yuu was also so relieved to be hearing Akira’s voice again, for it lulled a sense of comfort in him. “Hey… Akira, it’s me, Yuu.”
The line went dead for a second. Yuu’s heart jumped in fear then, wondering if Akira had put down the phone when he realized he was speaking to Yuu.
Did he know?
“Ah, hi, Yuu. I was shocked to… hear your voice,” Akira cleared his throat, saying, the professional voice he was using before gradually slipping into the slightly more casual one he always used with Yuu. “So… What’s up?”
God, his friendly tone was so forced it was hard to bear through it.
“You know,” Yuu mumbled, embarrassed. “You know, don’t you?”
Akira sighed, seeing no point in lying to the raven. “I’m sorry, Yuu. Kouyou told me in the morning when he came in. Even if he didn’t tell me, I would have guessed it, anyway. Kouyou’s… very tense. He told me as a heads up in case I questioned him about it – which I would. I’m really sorry to hear about your relationship, Yuu. I don’t understand what happened.”
Yuu smiled bitterly to himself. At least it sounded as if Akira was on his side, and that the man wasn’t holding any grudge against the raven because of Kouyou. It didn’t sound like Kouyou revealed much information to Akira, either, which Yuu wasn’t, again, surprised about. Kouyou had always been a private person, and Yuu didn’t think Kouyou would reveal the details of their break-up to Akira so soon, not when the both of them were still fresh off their heartache.
“I miss him,” Yuu breathed out, his heart twinging in pain at the reminder of Kouyou. “I miss him, Akira. I’ve only seen him yesterday, but I miss him already. And I would do anything to make things right. I love him.”
Akira sounded astonished over the phone. “Wow. I’ve never heard such strong words coming from the princess before.”
Yuu gave a soft smile at Kouyou’s term of endearment for him. Akira had noticed. “I just can’t lose him, Akira. I know he’s mad at me, but I’ll do anything to make it right. And I know he has always been the one to do things for me, but I want to do something for him, this time. Will you help me?”
There was no hesitant over on Akira’s end. “Of course! Yuu, you know I trust you. You’re the first person to have made Kouyou so happy in ages, and I’d hate to see him spiral back into the person he once was before he met you. I want Kouyou to be happy again.”
Yuu let out a sigh of relief at Akira’s willingness to help him. “Well, then, if you would just tell me Kouyou’s favourite food, that would be of a lot of help to me…”
Akira was of amazing help to him. Although Akira emphasized hard on the fact that Kouyou generally hadn’t any preference at all, there was something that Kouyou couldn’t resist – Mentaiko. Who knew the marinated roe, a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine, would be something that the blond enjoyed the most?
Yuu had seen Kouyou eating it once or twice, in the few times they’d been out at Japanese restaurants, but Yuu never thought anything of it. Kouyou hadn’t mentioned it, either, and when Yuu pointed this out to Akira, the man just laughed and said it wasn’t Kouyou’s style to mention these kinds of things unless he was asked. Akira wouldn’t have realized it too, had Akira not already known the blond for so long, and picked up on the fact that it was something that Kouyou regularly ate whenever they had meals together.
As soon as Akira had given him a few more suggestions, Yuu thanked him and immediately got to work. He surfed the net for recipes, wrote down ideas and what he planned to include in the bento, then hurried out of the apartment to do his grocery shopping after, spending a substantial amount of time in the supermarket, choosing the freshest quality of food for Kouyou.
And when Yutaka got back later that evening, pleasantly surprised by the sudden change in Yuu’s mood and how excited he seemed, he had asked after Yuu, wondering what he’d been doing the entire day. Yuu daren’t tell him about his idea to surprise Kouyou at work, though; Yutaka would beyond a doubt object to it, unhappy at the thought of Yuu meeting Kouyou again. Yuu decided to this secret to himself for now, letting no one but Akira in onto this plan. No one would stop him from doing it.
The next day, Yuu woke up early in the morning to prepare lunch for Kouyou, head dreamy with thoughts of seeing Kouyou again. He didn’t think he would ever see the charming CEO again, not after Kouyou had so harshly indicated they wouldn’t, anymore; but now Yuu was taking things into his own hands, and going up to his office to surprise him. He was positive Kouyou would be so touched and delighted by Yuu’s romantic gesture that he would overlook what happened on Sunday. Besides, Kouyou must have missed him… Kouyou couldn’t not have. Kouyou still loved him, Yuu was sure of it.
Yuu wasn’t all that of a splendid cook, and that was why Yutaka usually did most of the cooking – but Yuu could still whip up single dishes, and a bento meal wasn’t too challenging for him to make. Yuu tirelessly poured his heart and sweat into making the food for Kouyou, and even bothered to cut seaweed up into tiny little slices, decorating them in smiley faces on the food in the cutest possible way for the blond. Yuu also had the carrots and broccoli sliced up in small hearts, and yellow egg cut up in the shapes of cartoon rubber duckies, hoping the sight of them would soften the blond’s heart. Kouyou wouldn’t be able to resist Yuu if Yuu made something this cute for him, right?
And for someone who had never made a bento lunch with anyone before, his first attempt was pretty good, if Yuu had to say so himself.
With one last final addition to the bento set itself, Yuu prepared a tiny paper scroll of words, spelling out ‘I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME?’, and fitted it right in the middle of the rice.
And then before Yutaka was even awake, Yuu was all dressed up and done, his eyes lined with his usual dark eyeliner, his neck wrapped up with the mint scarf Kouyou had gifted him. Holding the bento set in his hands – now bundled up in a blue, checkered cloth – Yuu swiftly left the apartment, heart brimming with anticipation of returning to Kouyou’s arms once again.

Chapter Text

Except Yuu hadn’t entirely thought his plan through enough.
“You’re here for the internship interview, right?” The lobby receptionist asked, staring blankly straight at Yuu.
Yuu fidgeted a little then, realizing he hadn’t thought of a way to get up to Kouyou’s floor, seeing as he had been so focused on the food preparation part. He was entering a large corporation, for god’s sake. Of course he would require a pass to get in. The other time he was here, Kouyou had been with him, and Kouyou had his pass on hand to bring Yuu up to his office.
Now Yuu was on his own, a lone university student standing in the midst of all these formally dressed middle-aged workers, all striding past him busily, holding documents and laptops and phones in their hands.
“Uh… Yeah. I’m here for the internship interview,” Yuu said, hoping the receptionist wouldn’t see through his lie. Yuu barely even looked ready for an interview. He was clad in his jeans and he wasn’t holding anything other than a wrapped up bento lunch in his hands; there was practically no purpose he could have other than to deliver it to someone here.
“Okay then. Take this pass and go up to level 28. Someone will meet you there,” The receptionist said, promptly handing over a pass to Yuu. Yuu almost gawked in shock at how easy that had been. Geez, Kouyou had to tighten up his security around here. He would mention that to the blond if he ever got a chance to…
Yuu grabbed the pass and made his way to the lifts, watching as everyone’s eyes slowly fell to him when they realized he was significantly younger, and more casually dressed, than the usual crowd. Yuu sheepishly looked down to his feet, hugging his lunch box shyly to himself, wishing Kouyou was right here next to him like before so he wouldn’t feel so intimidated by all these stares – when Yuu’s ears suddenly perked up at the mention of his name from the back.
“It’s him… Yuu, wasn’t it? That was his name…”
“Oh? The one that our CEO brought to Yoshizawa’s gala? Wow, I can’t believe how young he is… He looked older in the photos…”
“He looks like he’s holding a bento box, too. Hah, would that be for our CEO himself? I wonder... He is so lucky, to be able to make lunch for Takashima Kouyou, like this… It’s every woman’s dream to do so for our handsome CEO…”
Yuu’s face reddened when he realized people were beginning to recognize who he was. It really was true, then. Everyone was aware of Yoshizawa’s gala event, when Yuu hadn’t even known of how big a deal it would be, when he had agreed to go with Kouyou in the first place. Everyone knew of his identity as Kouyou’s date, now. And Yuu was soon aware that their stares were not those of contempt or disgust, but were of awe and admiration at Yuu’s presence. Not just anyone could get together with their CEO, and if someone like Yuu had managed to do it, it must mean Yuu had some star quality they weren’t aware of.
Everyone also assumed he was paying a visit to Takashima Kouyou. And when the lifts finally arrived, no one was surprised to see Yuu pressing for the top floor, where Kouyou’s sole office was located. Yuu was grateful no one was questioning him, since he had been afraid he would be stopped if anyone thought him suspicious enough to be ascending to the CEO’s office.
Little by little, each person in the lift got off at the lower levels of the building, none too many stopping at the higher floors. Yuu guessed that only higher-ranking people like Kouyou or Akira worked on those levels, and not many offices were situated there – considering Kouyou already had a whole level belonging to himself.
When Yuu finally reached Kouyou’s floor, he was thankful to find it relatively quiet and empty, only Kouyou’s private assistant in sight. Chiaki was seated at her desk typing away at her laptop, her face void of expression as usual, and she didn’t seem to notice Yuu’s arrival until the raven had made his way to her, stopping eagerly right before her desk.
Chiaki jolted up at the sight of Yuu, having not been alerted by Kouyou of Yuu’s arrival today.
“Ah! Yuu, right?” Chiaki asked, immediately straining her lips into a smile to greet the raven.
God, she really did look stressed out. Although she was dressed impeccably as a CEO’s secretary, in a proper blazer and pencil skirt, her hair neatly held up in a bun, Chiaki’s face was visibly worn out and her fatigued eyes had bags underneath them. Akira really wasn’t kidding at all when he said Kouyou was a demanding boss. Plus, if Kouyou had been as tense as Akira had described him to be yesterday, Yuu didn’t doubt Chiaki had been receiving a rough time so far from Kouyou.
“Yeah,” Yuu smiled cheerfully to Kouyou’s secretary, hoping that would at least brighten up Chiaki’s day. “You remember my name.”
Chiaki laughed shortly, appreciating Yuu’s friendliness towards her. “I have to. It’s my job as a PA to take note of every client or businessperson that comes in here to meet Kouyou. Besides, everyone knows who you are, especially now that Kouyou has brought you to Yoshizawa’s gala. It’s such a huge thing, annually, that everyone in this company is emailed a newsletter about Kouyou’s appearance at that gala. I’m sure that on your way here, you must have received quite a few stares.”
Yuu nodded his head enthusiastically. Chiaki had nailed it right on the dot! The newsletter explained how everyone in this building knew of him, too.
“I did! And it was so scary…”
“Well, if you’re coming here often, you’re going to have to get used to it,” Chiaki smiled to him, almost teasing. “Speaking of, Kouyou didn’t tell me you would be coming in today.”
“I came here as a surprise,” Yuu cheekily informed. “He doesn’t know I’m here.”
And Yuu really hoped Kouyou would be thrilled by his appearance.
“Oh, that explains it. He’s currently having a meeting in his office now,” Chiaki said. She looked relieved at the thought of her boss’s mood lightening up once he saw Yuu. “But he has nothing scheduled after that. You might have to sit here for a while until he’s done with the meeting.”
Yuu nodded again. “That’s fine with me! I’ll wait right here.”
Knowing that Kouyou was just right here, separated only by a wall and a door from him, made the raven’s heart trepidate in excitement. He was going to see Kouyou in the flesh again. He was going to see Kouyou again. Yuu was going to see that handsome face, along with his sturdy-built arms, clothed in his usual black business suit, looking perfectly suave and gentlemenly and every bit like the Kouyou Yuu had fallen in love with on their first date.
Kouyou’s eyes would light up once he saw Yuu, Yuu was sure of it. Kouyou would run over to him, and bring him into his arms, and kiss him once more. Kouyou would treat him with kindness, and tenderness, and apologize for having ever wounded Yuu’s feelings. Kouyou would beg for Yuu’s forgiveness and claim he hadn’t been in the right mind when he said those words to him, and he would promise Yuu he wouldn’t ever do that to him again.
And Yuu would take him back in a single heartbeat.
“But really, it’s so nice seeing you, after all this time…” Without warning, the door to Kouyou’s office was suddenly pushing open, and Kouyou’s voice was floating in, sounding warm and genuine, like the Kouyou Yuu had always known.
Yuu turned his head quickly to that direction, hands almost beginning to shudder at the nervousness he felt. He had thought it would still be a while until Kouyou ended his meeting, and hearing Kouyou’s voice again so soon numbed him right to the core. All he could remember was Kouyou’s last words to him in that voice – Go home, Yuu – and that disappointed look on his face, and Yuu didn’t know what to do if he ever faced that side of Kouyou again.
Oh, we really should do this more often! My father talks a lot about you, and he still holds you in high regard. I believe he mentioned he would like to invite you out to lunch one day…”
Yuu went silently still at the sound of those words. Hold on. A woman’s voice? Her… father?
The raven’s stomach flipped in dread as he realized there was only one person that could fit the bill.
What was she doing here? Why was she always ruining every one of Yuu’s plans? Yuu’s face paled as he tried to reason what business she could have by coming here. Why was she in Kouyou’s office? What had they been doing? Did Kouyou invite her here? Or had she caught wind of the news that they had broken up and was jumping at the opportunity to get back together with Kouyou?
“That sounds great, maybe you could tell him to ring me up later to make an appointment…” Kouyou laughed as he replied Christine, stepping out the door, his face finally coming into Yuu’s view.
Just like Yuu anticipated, Kouyou looked every bit flawless – as he always had been. Handsomely dressed in a tie, looking like the important head of a top business corporation, his smart suit sharp-looking and well-fitted around his broad shoulders.
And Yuu registered with a plummeting heart that there was that sweet smile on Kouyou’s face, the one that Kouyou had always reserved exclusively for Yuu.
Christine followed out of the room after Kouyou, her long dark hair trailing down her back in curls as usual, her small face thickly made up. Christine truly was beautiful. Kouyou definitely had exquisite taste when it came to choosing his dating partners. Dressed in a fitting dress, Yuu found himself admiring Christine’s figure as she trailed behind Kouyou, the smile on her face unwavering as she gazed up longingly to Kouyou.
If Yuu hadn’t known any better, he would have thought they were in love. And they matched, too. They matched, in their looks, in their status, in their wealth. They fit, like jigsaw puzzles that had been carved out to fit together from the very start. Christine had always looked so perfect, standing by Kouyou’s side, looking like she had always been born to be there. And Yuu had always known deep down inside he would never be able to live up to any of that.
If Yuu hadn’t known any better, he would even have thought Kouyou loved her again.
But Yuu really didn’t know any better, did he? He barely knew Kouyou anymore. Who was Yuu to say that Kouyou was still the same person he was two days ago?
And maybe this was why Kouyou hadn’t been texting him anymore. Not a single message, not a single call. Kouyou had no interest in Yuu anymore. Not after Yuu had made that one mistake of keeping his arrangements with the other men a secret. Kouyou simply didn’t want to deal with Yuu anymore. Kouyou didn’t love Yuu anymore. Yuu had ruined it all. Yuu was worthless, now.
He really doesn’t want me anymore, Yuu thought to himself, the sight before him shattering his heart into a million pieces all over again. Yuu had thought he could come here to make things right between him and Kouyou again – but things were falling apart all over again, right in front of him. Kouyou had already moved on to someone else. Kouyou hadn’t even been thinking of Yuu in Yuu’s absence. Yuu had been the only one tormented and agonized because of him; meanwhile Kouyou hadn’t even bothered to bat an eyelash.
And Yuu had patched his own heart back up with his hopes and dreams… But Kouyou had taken it easily into his hands once more, ripping it into pieces.
But how could you have forgotten me so easily?
“Sir, you’ve got a visitor,” Chiaki hastily informed, watching as the raven-haired stared brokenheartedly to the couple standing before him. Chiaki herself was confused by the situation, but didn’t dare question it.
“A visitor?”
It was only then did Kouyou pull his attention away from Christine, turning his head to scan the room, his eyes eventually landing upon Yuu’s small, quivering frame.
Yuu was not prepared for the cold disdain in Kouyou’s eyes once he took notice of Yuu.
Yuu choked back a sob at his reaction, realizing then and there his appearance was unwelcomed. Kouyou… Kouyou really didn’t want him anymore. Kouyou loathed to even see him. Kouyou wasn’t running to him to shower him with kisses, nor was he telling Yuu all the things he wanted to hear, no. What happened to the tearful reunion Yuu thought they would have? What happened to the apologies Yuu thought he would hear? What happened to everything Yuu had imagined would be happening, right here, right now?
Hadn’t Kouyou missed him at all? Because Yuu had missed him so much. Yuu had craved for his every touch, longed for his every kiss. Yuu had spent every waking moment thinking of him. Yuu had turned so pathetic, all for the man who had stolen his heart.
And that very man stood right in front of him, a stony look on his face, looking as if he hadn’t kissed Yuu’s lips just two days ago.
“Who is he?” Christine chirped then, barely glancing over to Yuu, her eyes focused exclusively on Kouyou.
Yuu had an inkling suspicion that Christine knew exactly who he was, since she couldn’t have possibly missed seeing him in the news with Kouyou – not when everyone in this goddamn building knew what Yuu’s status was to the CEO.
Christine was simply asking Kouyou this question to draw the words out from Kouyou’s lip